Friday, July 14, 2017

SNL has most successful season in decades, receives 22 Emmy nominations.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Following its most successful season in more than two decades, “Saturday Night Live” secured 22 Emmy nominations on Thursday, the most in its decades-long history.

The NBC variety show transformed into something more over the course of its 42nd season, as millions of liberal-minded people across the country looked to Lorne Michaels and his cast to help make sense of the country’s election of President Donald Trump. 

That interest was reflected in its ratings ― it was the most watched season in more than two decades ― and now in its Emmy nominations, as the show bested its previous nomination record of 16, which it set in 2011 and tied last year.

Of course Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon were nominates, for Best Comedy Supporting Actor and Best Comedy Supporting Actress.

And that was well deserved indeed.

This season was the best one I have seen in quite a long time, and those two made it a joy.

I really think that SNL did a real public service with the skits showing Trump as Putin's puppet. It's just too bad that those in the heartland thing this is all left wing propaganda.

I had a lot of favorite sketches this last season, but I think the following was my all time favorites.

Hey, it made me appreciate Hillary Clinton a lot more.


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Republicans live by CONscious Values.
    Democrats live by unconscious values> Reason

    Brain power

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    8 of 8

    Your last 8 posts were about Trump.

    Can you do 9?

    How about 10?

    Do you have a life that doesn't include Trump?

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Hey 9:42 AM! Gryphen is doing outstanding coverage on his blog. Leave him alone or stop coming over and reading if you don't like it!

    2. Anonymous11:33 AM

      News times are lean in AK. No new assaults by Track, No news of Willow or Piper being knocked up and Mama Grifter headed to a local street corner begging for cash because Botox treatments ain't cheap. Btw, Trump is a menace to not only the US, but the planet.

    3. His last 8 posts were about trump. And here you are. Do you have a life that doesn't include hanging around on blogs whose subject matter bores you?

      There's a bazillion blogs out there. I'll bet some don't mention trump at all. You could probably find some if you weren't here critiquing what someone chooses to post on their own blog.

    4. Anonymous6:15 PM

      What do you care? Idiot!

  3. DZ Bill10:23 AM

    John Stewart picked the wrong election to retire.......

    1. He's been on Colbert a few times since. I think Stephen would let him on whenever he felt the need.

      It must have been pretty toxic having to live in the recent swill of politics. Much as we needed him, I understand his need for more time with his family and to get his head in a healthier place.

      I've got Stephen, John, Seth, Samantha and Bill to take up the slack. It takes them all to fill Jon's shoes. And he is still working, just on a more quiet level.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    When I heard that Alec was thinking about quitting the Trump role on SNL I wrote him a letter (e-mail). I told him that you never know when/how you will be called to serve your country and he has been called to serve now. He is making people laugh when politics are so depressing and perhaps he is planting a seed about what an incompetent buffoon Trump is. Now, apparently he plans to keep going doing Trump. Maybe he read my latter, lol!

  5. I read the list of nominees. All fine and deserving.

    But I feel Kate and Alec far and away should be the winners.

    BTW I read somewhere about Fallon being snubbed. Sorry, Fallon doesn't come close to those that were nominated. He chooses to be neutral, milquetoast, middle of the road, head in the sand, inoffensive and that's what it gets you.

    And congrats to SAMANTHA BEE!

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      I find Kimmel to be way more entertaining and funny than Fallon!

    2. Fallon is bland. The only thing I like is when his barbershop quartet is on. Most of the other stuff tries so hard to be inoffensive it is just boring. Oh, I like the puppies too. But neither the puppies nor the barbershop are on that often. So the show just isn't very interesting. Not when I can watch Colbert rip Trump a new one every night. Even Kimmel gets his licks in.

      Fallon deserved to be left out of the nominations.

      And Samantha Bee so deserved to be included.

  6. Anonymous12:33 PM

    i miss Hillary almost as much as i miss Pres. Obama. i love SNL takes on trump and Hillary. i hope to see more because all we have now is the right to laugh at the orange idiot. can't he afford a better fake tan?

  7. Anonymous1:59 PM

    That was hilarious! I think there were a couple of ad-libbed lines.

  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    And Cheetolini will take credit for the SNL nominations (as well as any subsequent wins) in 3, 2, 1.....

  9. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Wow, just bring back the song by Cher, halfbreed.


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