Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mooch is out!

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

President Trump has decided to remove Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director, three people close to the decision said Monday, relieving him just days after Mr. Scaramucci unloaded a crude verbal tirade against other senior members of the president’s senior staff.

Mr. Scaramucci’s abrupt removal came just 10 days after the wealthy New York financier was brought on to the West Wing staff, a move that convulsed an already chaotic White House and led to the departures of Sean Spicer, the former press secretary, and Reince Priebus, the president’s first chief of staff. 

The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci, who had boasted about reporting directly to the president not the chief of staff, John F. Kelly, came at Mr. Kelly’s request, the people said. Mr. Kelly made clear to members of the White House staff at a meeting Monday morning that he is in charge.

Okay so I think currently Scaramucci holds the record for the shortest White House tenure in history.  Especially considering the fact that the Mooch did not officially have the job because his business affairs were not yet settled.

Is there a such thing as a negative number tenure at the White House.

Right now somewhere Reince Priebus is bent over with laughter.

By the way keep in mind that the hunt is now on for a THIRD White House Communications director, and this presidency is only seven months old. 


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Guess Smooch and his shine box were not enough to polish Trump's knob after all.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    PICK ME !!!

    ... i'd last maybe 5 mins ...

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Paging Sarah ... White House has a perfect opening for you.

    1. And she even has a degree in communications. Maybe. Sorta.

      She'd fit right in but I doubt she would want to lower herself to such a classless position after being a Governor and former VP candidate and all.

    2. Leland11:41 AM


    3. Anonymous12:33 PM

      HAH! Can you imagine, after all this, they roll in word salad $arah??? The world press would have a field day deservedly so!

    4. Anonymous1:23 PM

      If she kinda sorta has a degree in communications, mlaiuppa, it's more than obvious that she never showed up for class and cheated off someone else's paper.

    5. Anonymous2:04 PM

      After the Mooch, the Palin would seem calm and pleasant.


      Trump’s opioid epidemic commission wants the president to declare a state of emergency
      The panel wants Trump and Congress to act quickly to address the deadliest drug overdose crisis in US history.

    6. Anonymous5:24 PM

      Sarah would be the ideal Trump communication director and press secretary. Not only all her 5 degrees in journalism, covering the Glen Rice games, she also ran the state of Alaska and was the commander in chief when Putin was lurking.

      Trump loves people that are military. Sarah has the military crud. She is a gold star mother and has fiercely worked to help Veterans with PTSD. No one knows the military like Sarah. She has all the attributes Trump loves and she would be the best example to run his communications. You know who she is?

    7. Anonymous8:12 PM

      We know EXACTLY who she is. Do you??

    8. Anonymous8:43 PM

      "The military crud."
      Nice snark!

    9. 1:23.

      My personal opinion is that she slept her way to that degree, if she has one. Why else move from school to school to school?

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    It wasn’t enough that Anthony Scaramucci was able to get White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus fired this week; now someone close to him is dishonestly targeting Priebus’ marriage. Scaramucci’s pal Arthur Schwartz – who was recently described as his “rep” – publicly accused Priebus of having a mistress before admitting he had made the entire thing up, in a sign of just how startlingly out of control the Scaramucci show has become.

  5. abbafan11:24 AM

    The Marines have landed!! Mr. Kelly just took control of the White House! He does not suffer fools gladly; it's HIS way, or the highway! Dumb-ass Mooch just got his balls handed to him, as well as the divorce papers! GOOD!! Now if he can rein in that little piss-ant girly-boy kushner, that would be sweet! I would pay big money to see that snot-nosed punk bitch-slapped by a real man!!

    1. Leland11:44 AM

      Unfortunately, I see this only as a way the White House will have Humpty Trumpty occupying it longer.

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      July 31, 2017 WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump awarded James McCloughan of west Michigan the Medal of Honor this afternoon for bravery displayed on a battlefield in Vietnam 48 years ago when he repeatedly risked his own life to save others.

      Soldier who survived 48 hours of terror in Vietnam receives Medal of Honor
      West Michigan man awarded Medal of Honor for Vietnam War bravery

    3. Anonymous3:45 PM

      July 31, 2017 WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump awarded James McCloughan of west Michigan the Medal of Honor this afternoon for bravery displayed on a battlefield in Vietnam 48 years ago

      I am sure the Prez commiserated over his personal Viet Nam experience dogging the crafty VD via a field of gullible babes looking to bed a bone spur, draft dodging, cad about town.

    4. Anonymous4:02 PM

      McCloughan appears to be deserving of the medal. Not likely he will write a fantasy book and lie to his co-author. I doubt he has any wives he has to hide. He actually made Trump look good. Trump was able to stay with his script.

    5. Trump was so itching to give someone a medal, any medal for anything, they had to go back all the way to the Vietnam war? The war Mr. Bonespurs ditched to fight the battle against VD?

      He must be driving the babysitters nuts.

      "Medal! I want to give out a medal! Find me a medal to give! Do it now or you're all FIRED."

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    It isn’t a coincidence that the same day Gen. John Kelly takes over as Chief of Staff, the Mooch is told to hit the bricks. To say that Scaramucci was the prototypical Trump hire would be an understatement. The White House will try to sell this as Kelly getting control over an out of control West Wing, but the reality is that Trump has now fired two communications directors and one chief of staff in less than two weeks.

    1. Well, Spicey was only acting communications director until they found a new one.

      I'll bet he's laughing his ass off too. A "told you so" moment since he resigned over Trump's hiring of The Mooch and now has been vindicated as knowing more than the president about who is right for the job.

      Now the question is who can Trump find to replace him?

      Anyone that knows enough to do the job isn't stupid enough to take the job.

      Oh, wait. SARAH PALIN! Didn't she study communications in, like, six or seven colleges?

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      And the McCain campaign tried to gussy her all up and claim she had a degree. No proof was ever provided (just like Trig's parentage). The tiny simple mean girl struggles to think her way through even basic ideas (and never figures it out). Dan Quayle was a Rhodes Scholar in comparison. She will never be asked. Even Trump isn't that stupid. The avalanche of ridicule would be astounding.

  7. Anonymous11:32 AM

    ‘What if a tanning bed was a person?‘: John Oliver hilariously thumps Anthony Scaramucci’s first week

    1. I thought if a tanning bed was a person it would be John Boehner.

  8. Anonymous11:33 AM

    While Trump and ‘Mooch’ were creating diversions — lawmakers heard explosive testimony in Russia probe

    ...Bill Browder — once the biggest portfolio investor in Russia but now a leading critic of Vladimir Putin — told the Senate Judiciary Committee how the Russian president needs to lift U.S. sanctions to deliver what he promised to corrupt oligarchs who support his rule, reported Huffington Post.

    “There are approximately 10,000 officials in Russia working for Putin who are given instructions to kill, torture, kidnap, extort money from people and seize their property,” Browder testified.

    Browder and his attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, blew the whistle on a scam by corrupt Russian officials to steal one of his companies and then illegally claimed back $230 million taxes he’d paid.

    U.S. imposed sanctions in 2012 against some Putin cronies involved in the attorney’s death, which a Russian attorney asked Donald Trump to lift in exchange for campaign assistance offered to his son and other top campaign officials.

    “Before the Magnitsky Act, Putin could guarantee them impunity and this system of illegal wealth accumulation worked smoothly,” Browder testified. “However, after the passage of the Magnitsky Act, Putin’s guarantee disappeared.”

  9. Anonymous11:34 AM


  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Schoochi Mooch was the perfect reflection of the Donald. In that way he will be missed. The Donald has to go, it is better to have someone that can cover and hopefully discipline who he is, but he should not be getting credit for the good things others do.

    While Trump and ‘Mooch’ were creating diversions — lawmakers heard explosive testimony in Russia probe

  11. Anonymous11:37 AM

    As President Trump drops increasingly broad hints that he believes he is above the law, Congress and the public face an impending crisis that will test whether the Republican Party is more loyal to Trump or to the rule of law. The crisis is all but certain, and the outcome is very much in doubt.

    In talking up his “complete power” of pardon, humiliating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and denigrating special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Trump has made clear that he doesn’t believe any investigation of his campaign’s contacts with the Russian government is legitimate. “A special counsel should never have been appointed in this case,” Trump told the New York Times.

    With investigators closing in on his friends and family, time is not on Trump’s side. But the weakness of the rule of law is.

  12. LOL.

    10 days. He didn't even last the 6 weeks I generously gave him.

    And he did it to himself!

    Kelly replaced Priebus and Kelly got Scaramucci fired.


    Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

    I hope his wife still divorces him and takes him for everything she can.

    The putz didn't visit his newborn son for FOUR DAYS. He was with Trump and the Boy Scouts while his wife was in the hospital giving birth.

    Fuck him. Loser like his ex-boss Drumpf.

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      It may have been bittersweet for the wife. Sometimes we learn the person we thought we were marrying was not real.

    2. Might be a "be careful what you wish for" moment.

      She supposedly wanted a divorce because of his political ambitions, she didn't want to move to D.C. wanted to stay in Long Island and liked her Wall St. life.

      Well, she got what she wanted. The Mooch is free to return to Long Island and continue his career on Wall St.

      The question now is, how does she feel about that?

      "Honey, I'm home."

  13. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Check out some of the best reactions to the Mooch ouster below.

  14. Luckily, I hadn't put all that much work into learning how to pronounce his name yet. Bye!

  15. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Anthony Scaramucci Paid $100k to Appear in Film Wall Street 2, For 15 Seconds

    1. That was probably for ad placement for his Skyshit to be shown prominently in the film. He got to be in the film as a bonus. Taking a job away from some struggling starving extra who could have used the money.

      That kinda makes The Mooch a scab.

  16. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I mean how terrible of a person do you have to be for your wife to file for divorce when she about to give birth to your child? Just sayin.

    1. Well, she has probably listened to this 'wipe scream and blubber about how he should have that job in the White House and that cocksucker Priebus is blocking him. 7 months of that. Probably from the time she found out she was pregnant she had to listen to that shit.

      And she was proved right since she went into labor two weeks early and while she was giving birth Moochie was at the Boy Scout Jamboree. He didn't come to see the baby for FOUR FUCKING DAYS.

      Oh, but he did send her a tweet that his prayers were with her and the baby.

      What a dickhead. I hope the judge gives her everything she's asking and MORE. Plus gives him a public dressing down in court, on the record.

  17. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci became public as Mr. Kelly, who replaced Mr. Priebus as the top adviser in the White House, began his first day in charge of the White House staff. He told aides gathered in early-morning staff meetings that he intended to impose a new sense of order and operational discipline that had been absent under his predecessor.
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    Mr. Scaramucci had boasted about reporting directly to the president, not the chief of staff. But the decision to remove him came at Mr. Kelly’s request, the people said.

  18. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Trump is a child who is trying to act like an adult. He has no idea what an adult actually is. He is emotionally retarded. The ignorati who elected him and still support him do not have the ability to see what has been obvious to the rest of us for a long time.

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Perfectly summarized.

  19. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Let's not rejoice too much over the ousting of Scaramucci. It was apparently requested by the new COS Kelly. We should be concerned that this guy manages to reign in Dump & make him start to appear to be "normal". That could be very dangerous.

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      There is a rumor that Jared and Ivanka used Scaramucci as a tool to be rid of Preibus.

    2. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Mooch still wants to work at the White House. Yes, Jared and Ivanka were for him before they were against him. Remember they are all family. If they can work out a deal to make him happy that would satisfy him and keep his mouth shut. He has all the stress coming up with a divorce and child support issues. He likes to run his mouth. It can't be that difficult to find him work so he doesn't lose the White House, too.

    3. We'll see how long that lasts.

      It will be Kelly against Bannon. A power struggle as to who is in charge and who Trump should listen to and trust.

      I.E. which one is going to be the shadow president?

      What attacks start against Kelly in 3....2...

  20. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Bill Browder's Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee

    “I hope that my story will help you understand the methods of Russian operatives in Washington and how they use U.S. enablers to achieve major foreign policy goals without disclosing those interests,” Browder writes.

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Bill Browder’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Could Explain Anthony Scaramucci’s Bizarre Behaviour

  21. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Yes, it really is this huge!

  22. Leland12:08 PM

    Is there any way we could get him to get rid of that lying piece of garbage Kellyanne Conway, too?

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Yes, Kellyanne Conway forced to resign would be good.

    2. That would depend on how CofS Kelly feels about a lying bitch that has no credibility and damages the integrity (what little is left) of the White House.

  23. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Donald Trump's Favorite Poll Found His Approval Rating Plunged to an All-Time Low

    1. If elections were held today, Trump would get 99 electoral votes.

      "There’s still several ways Trump could win. For example, the economy could go recession-free for the next 3.5 years, having ended its last one in 2009. Democrats could renominate Hillary Clinton, whose approval rating is as low at Donald Trump’s (39 percent). Public opinion could swoon over a triumphant Trump victory over North Korea. And maybe Trump manages to get through a slew of scandals over Russia, conflicts of interest, with the public giving the president a pass if he pardons himself.

      So far, the Republican Party has to decide whether to continue to vigorously defend President Trump, or seek to distance themselves from the chief executive. If you’re in the GOP and represent one of the 33 states that gives Trump less than a 50 percent approval rating, you may not be exactly hitching your wagon to a star. It may be time to look to one’s own fortunes, rather than a president who has been more than willing to throw fellow Republicans, whether they are conservative, moderate or liberal, under a bus."

  24. Anonymous12:22 PM

  25. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Scara-mooch Scara-mooch
    Scaramucci is fye-erd!

    I agree with 11:53 AM above. Walk softly and carry a big stick? I've got my stick will NOT walk softly. I've never seen anything like this in my life, and I still have a voice.

  26. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Stomach churning

  27. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Trump's favorite pollster reports 61% disapproval rating

  28. Anonymous12:38 PM

    New York Post updates its Trump 'Survivor' cover: 'The tribe has spoken again'

  29. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The elite reactionary administration! The stupid bastards cannot lead. So they react ,like the fools they are. Don't understand do it right the first time concept! Imbeciles.
    Fools voting for fools .Must be in the genes?

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Yes. It is in the genes. This country has a large population of dumb folks. It goes back generations. They think Trump is their savoir. It's hard to get stupider than that. It's as if they were born lobotomized. The end result is similar.

    2. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Thank you both! Agreed.

  30. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Does Jill Stein Have Russia Ties? Why Twitter Is Calling Her "Putin’s Puppet"

    1. Anonymous2:24 PM

      "Jill Stein gave an interview on MSNBC in which she defended the North Korean government, criticized U.S. sanctions on Russia, and defended Russia against accusations of election interference."
      "Stein's remarks on Sunday, and several of her comments — specifically those in which she defended North Korea, a Russian ally, and criticized American sanctions against Russia — suggested to some viewers that, wittingly or unwittingly, Stein was being used by the Russian government to swing the 2016 election to Trump."
      FEEL the Bern!

    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Well, she sure seemed to during the 2016 campaign.


    This is too funny. Hillary-ous.

  32. Anonymous1:42 PM

    A little more than a year after the Russian effort to interfere in the American presidential election came to light, the diplomatic fallout — an unraveling of the relationship between Moscow and Washington on a scale not seen in decades — is taking its toll.

    President Vladimir V. Putin bet that Donald J. Trump, who had spoken fondly of Russia and its authoritarian leader for years, would treat his nation as Mr. Putin has longed to have it treated by the West. That is, as the superpower it once was, or at least a major force to be reckoned with, from Syria to Europe, and boasting a military revived after two decades of neglect.

    That bet has now backfired, spectacularly. If the sanctions overwhelmingly passed by Congress last week sent any message to Moscow, it was that Mr. Trump’s hands are now tied in dealing with Moscow, probably for years to come.

    ...“One of Putin’s greatest goals is to assure Russia is treated as if it was still the Soviet Union, a nuclear power that has to be respected and feared,” said Angela Stent, the director of Eurasian, Russian and East European studies at Georgetown University. “And he thought he might get that from Trump,” said Ms. Stent, who was the national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia during the administration of George W. Bush.

    But now, she added, the Russians look at the chaos in the White House “and see a level of unpredictability there, which makes them nervous.” The reaction, she said, was to retreat to old habits — and the expulsion of diplomats is, of course, one of the oldest.

    ...“The Russians would have preferred not to head down this path, but Putin didn’t feel he had a choice but to respond in the classic tit-for-tat manner,” said Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, who has served in a number of senior intelligence roles for the United States, including in Russia. “We’ve been in a new Cold War for some time now. Any hope for a short-term improvement in relations is gone.”

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Neither Putin nor Trump has any idea how the US government works. Neither of them has ever read the US Constitution nor had it explained to them. "Separate but equal" branches of government mean nothing to dictators or bullies.

  33. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Spicer: I’d ‘proudly’ work for Pence if he runs for president

    He's part of the lineup after the crash happens. It's all in the works now.

  34. Susie Ethel1:48 PM

    Great news. Now maybe I can get rid my ear worm, "I see a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango"

  35. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The pro-Trump news bubble hasn’t burst, but it is losing air

    ...It is too strong to say that Trump has “lost” Limbaugh, Drudge or Breitbart — or others like Ann Coulter. But it is notable that those voices are increasingly willing to criticize the president they cheered to victory.

    1. Trump will always have Alex Jones.

  36. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Trump’s Really Weak Week

    ...But after all his bragging about being a great negotiator and closer, it is President Trump who can’t get it done. He couldn’t even close the deal on a pathetic, bare-bones health care bill, ineffectually bullying Lisa Murkowski, a Republican senator from Alaska, and failing to win over John McCain, who gleefully had his revenge for Trump’s mockery of him as being a loser because he was captured in war.

    Trump can’t get it done for his pal, Putin, either. In fact, the biggest legislative accomplishment before Congress leaves for August will have been passing new sanctions on Russia because lawmakers don’t trust their own president. Talk about weak.

    Congressional Republicans are losing their fear of Trump, making ever more snarky comments about him. North Korea is shooting off missiles and the White House is flustered. The generals are resisting Trump’s tweet edicts. The mortified leader of the Boy Scouts had to apologize for the president’s suggestive and partisan speech.

    And what could be weaker than that?

  37. Anonymous2:14 PM

    FB"The Mooch is out.
    Anthony Scaramucci has gone down in flames over enemy territory. Reports are he didn't survive his first mission.
    Ten days. He lasted ten days. Ten days -- and four hours into the tenure of the new Chief of Staff.
    Which is a damned shame, given that his nine-month pregnant wife left him over his love of Trump. Ironic, really.
    Oh, Tony, we barely knew you."

    Jim Wright

  38. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Things to remember:
    Mooch's sale of his company to Chinese may not be complete.
    Sale to Chinese was based on an inflated value (direct line to tRump).
    Line to tRump gone.
    How long til sale is a) canceled or b) done at drastic fire sale price?


  39. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Scaramucci was escorted out of the White House, a source told CBS News.

    1. Ooooo. Escorted. Perp walk.

      Is there film?

      Did they count the silver? Pat him down?

  40. Apparently Mooch never read Kelly's book: "The Art of the Asschewing."

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM


      Still don't trust him; he's there for a reason we will never know.

  41. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Week before ouster, Anthony Scaramucci was with Trump, not wife, when she gave birth

  42. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The mooch lasted longer than I thought that he would.

  43. Anonymous5:56 PM

    While you're at it, Kelly, can you oust "I gnaw my pearls off camera" dumbass Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Betcha you won't no matter HOW stupid she comes across! Daddy would be so sad, and hell to pay.

    1. Gee, Sarah is the last one standing. Maybe she'll get promoted to Communications Director. Bet she'd love that.

  44. Caroline in San Jose, soon moving back to Mobile11:52 PM

    And we never even got to see him do the fandango!

  45. I think this is my favorite tweet:

    "Between being canned this week & his wife filing for divorce last week, #Scaramucci is one dead dog away from becoming a country music song."

  46. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Fuckin the help?

  47. Anonymous8:58 AM

  48. Harvard's alumni directory just came out and listed Mooch as deceased. They promised they'd correct it in the next printing.

    Next printing is due out in 4 years.

    LOL. Gives a new meaning to "You're dead to me."


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