Friday, July 21, 2017

The president who promised to "put Americans back to work" is hiring dozens of foreign nationals to work at his private clubs.

This interview by the way took place in July of last year, but if anybody thought Trump was going to change tactics once he became president they simply don't know Donald Trump.

Courtesy of NPR: 

The Trump Organization is asking the federal government for special visas to hire scores of foreign workers for two of President Trump's private clubs in Florida — the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach and the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter. 

The requests for H-2B visas, posted on the Department of Labor website, are for 26 cooks, nearly 50 waiters and waitresses, plus housekeepers, a hostess and a bartender. The jobs range in pay from just under $12 to less than $14 an hour. Mar-a-Lago and the Jupiter club have relied on foreign workers in past years for staffing during their peak seasons, which run October through May.

This year, the request for foreign workers comes in the middle of "Made in America" week at the White House. 

Trump, who has had his own line of ties manufactured overseas, says he wants U.S. companies to focus this week on ways to create more opportunities for American labor. The Trump Organization hasn't responded to questions about the visa requests.

The thing that gets me about this is that it will MAKE NO DIFFERENCE.

The Trumpsters are unable to accept the reality of any negative information about Trump period, the rest of us are so exhausted from the overwhelming amount of hypocrisy that is coming from the White House that we can barely muster any more outrage.  

It is like our ethical nerve endings have been numbed down to the point of abject indifference.

And that is fucking dangerous, because it is EXACTLY what Trump and his administration are counting on.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Perfect analogy, Gryph!

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Gsh darn, I thought those jobs would go to out of work coal miners.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Little donnie is using the excuse that these are seasonal jobs and Americans don’t want them. LOL he hires visa holders so they can pay low wages and keep the unions out.

    By the way, I saw on CBC news that donnie is going on vacation from Aug 3 to Aug 20. Add in all his golf weekend get aways and I guess he has worked what 2-3 days in 6 months.

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      He is not doing his job - goes on vacation (golf) way too much (and more than previous POTUS!) and has proven himself to be ineffective, angry, a liar, war monger and not bright. Plus, it's become very apparent that he cannot handle the stress of the position - he has to run and hide every so many days!

      He requires impeachment more than any potus I've seen in my life and I am an older senior.

    2. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Also they can threaten to deport them if they report any health violations, not that foreigners would know what the local laws are anyway.

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Are they really looking for waitresses, plus housekeepers, and a hostess?

    Are the waitresses and housekeepers really escorts? What about the hostess, is that what they call madames nowadays?

    Did any of Trump's wives arrived in America using H-2B visas? 

    1. I would wager a guess that these folks have things like room & board, meals, misc. taken out of their paychecks and no recourse. Trump is a cheap MF.

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      They absolutely have room and board taken out of their pay, often at exhorbitant rates depending on the generosity of the person that hires them.

      Here in AK there are many places that treat the J-1 seasonal workers very well, and others that basically house them in terrible and crowded conditions and charge them over 50% of their earnings for it.j

      There is very little regulation of our "guest worker" programs and they are often abused, not by the workers but by overly greedy employers.


    "From the hard-right point of view, the answer is simple: Trump’s regime, no matter how chaotic or personality-based, is the best chance they have ever had to push their fiercely tribal and anti-government agenda."

    "In larger terms, that means hard-right forces in and out of the administration will press ahead, without interference, on:

    ― nominating young, aggressively conservative judges who can serve extraordinarily long tenures, most of them vetted and put forward by the Federalist Society, a self-described conservative and libertarian law group with thousands of members, including judges.

    ― dismantling the structures of business regulation as much as they can (without the need for legislation). Structures, which in many cases, were first erected or designed by Republicans in the GOP’s Theodore Roosevelt era.

    ― removing civil rights-based procedural protections built up over the years to guard against racism, overzealous prosecutions and incarceration.

    ― undermining the role of science and environmental concerns in the oversight of energy, manufacturing and transportation industries.

    ― clamping down administratively on immigration, and, to the extent possible without legislation, abolishing the idea that immigrants have any kind of moral purchase on the American conscience.

    ― restricting, if not strangling, hard-won protections for voting rights enacted since the 1960s (the hard-right’s most foundational goal)."

    "“But is the Federalist Society happy? Yes. They are getting the people they wanted,” he added.

    In fact, Trump has all but offloaded the judge-picking duties to the group, and they have responded not only by suggesting now-Justice Neil Gorsuch, but dozens of other nominees for federal district and appellate courts."

    "“Trump is on pace to more than double the number of federal judges nominated by any president in his first year,” writes Washington Post columnist Ron Klain, who served as an adviser on the judiciary in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

    The new judges are the key in good part because they will be called on to accept ― or reject ― the wholesale dismantling of government regulation or to consider legal challenges from the outside. "

    "This is their time, and they are not going to let a little thing like a president bother them."

    He's farmed out his nominations to the alt-right, fundies and the hard core conservatives. The dregs of the Death Party. He doesn't give a shit who they nominate. Someone gives him a list with a name and it's a done deal. Trump is lazy and loves to take credit for the work of others as long as he's praised for it and it makes him look good.

    That's how we got assholes like Gorsucks and this turd:

    "The Senate voted Thursday to put judge John Bush on a seat on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, despite Bush’s questionable past statements about abortion, slavery, climate change, health care and Nancy Pelosi."

    Lifetime appointment, just like Gorsucks.

    "Bush’s confirmation is just the beginning for President Donald Trump, who is unbelievably well-positioned to revamp the nation’s federal courts. He inherited a whopping 108 court vacancies when he became president ― double what President Barack Obama inherited when he took office ― and, despite his knack for sabotaging his party’s agenda, has been quietly plowing ahead with sending conservative judicial nominees to the Senate.

    With Republicans in control of the Senate, Trump’s court picks will have a relatively easy time getting confirmed, too."

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I pray Trump doesn't become like Sarah Palin.

    After Palin quit on Alaskans she still referred to herself as Governor Sarah Palin on her Facebook, op eds, and so on. Also the media referred to her as Governor Sarah Palin, no she's not a governor, Sarah Palin is a grifting quitter.

    Sarah Palin quit on Alaska.

    After Trump quits on Ametica, no he will not President Trump.

    He should lose his Secret Service protection.

    No health insurance.

    No pension.

    No nothing.

    No presidential funeral when he croaks.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Alaska must prepare for possible nuclear attack from North Korea
      They have a responsibility to plan for all hazards

    2. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Doesn't become like?
      He's JUST like!

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Like the last and current wife perhaps?

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      FYI>"Firearms were used in nearly 54 percent of female homicides, and in 55 percent of those cases the perpetrator is someone with whom the victim has been intimately involved, the CDC found by reviewing homicide data from the National Violent Death Reporting System. Past studies have demonstrated that a woman’s risk of homicide increases greatly if her male abuser owns a gun."

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      "$220,000 in attorney fees for the couples"

  9. Anonymous3:27 PM

    How few Americans jobs does the Trump gang provide? They're either employing slaves in Asian sweatshops or they're importing indentured servants.

    They are the most immoral family in America.

    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

  10. Anonymous3:36 PM


    Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence intercepts show

    BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner discloses dozens more assets in revised disclosure forms. 77 assets forgotten? Kushner must plead early onset Alzheimer's disease.


    Why Jared Kushner Will Be Able to Keep His Security Clearance

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      BUSTED: Kushners ‘inadvertently omitted’ almost 80 assets in initial government ethics financial filing

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      Gee these rich folks seem to have a hard time remembering where all their money is.

  11. Anonymous3:46 PM

    2" considering most candidates don't make it: Seventy-three percent of aspiring SEALs and 63% of SWCC candidates fail to make the cut," Outstanding! Go Navy!

  12. Anonymous4:02 PM

    How in the hell did we get here ? How the hell do we get out of Here ?
    Trump is a monster and must be stopped.
    Stupid fucking ignorant trump supporters!!!!or are they?

    1. They are either stupid or deplorable

  13. What makes me sick is that no one is picking up on the fact that T is NOT BUYING AMERICAN. There was an article from last year where his former butler talked about the two UK-Made Bentleys at Mir a Lago that T would take out for drives himself. And also there are companies in North Carolina that make sheets and draperies made with US grown cotton in America. There are also a couple of companies in North Carolina that sell these USA Made products to the hospitality industry. You can tell me that the Trump organization couldn't produce design and quality specs to these companies and they could not come up with products to be sold to his hotels and golf courses. If I was Michigan and North Carolina I would be really offended.

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      We have picked up on it, it is his ignorant supporters that are blind. Like when he went to the window factory and told the workers he buys all the windows for his buildings from China because they are cheaper-they still applauded him.

  14. Anonymous5:28 PM

    The Republicans have always been like this. Donald is their front man. They worship him, and the way he's getting away with shit.
    There have been people saying, is there anything that Donald would be viewed as wrong in his supporter's eyes? They always answer "no".
    Hitler was the same way. He got away with shit time and again.
    Don't forget aside from being Putin's puppet, Donald is also well schooled on Hitler book which they say was and is by his bedside.
    Hitler was also in the occults, and it was hinted that Steven Bannon is also. Wonder if they have nightly seances in the White House basement. Wonder also, who Putin worships? Or is he his own best God?

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      All they needed were enough idiots to believe what they were peddling to get their foot in.

  15. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Where will Trump get these foreigners to work for peanuts? Slovenia?

  16. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Gosh trump is a very ugly Grinch that stole the American presidential election in who ville.


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