Friday, July 28, 2017

Trey Gowdy served as unofficial lawyer for Jared Kushner during closed door questioning about possible collusion with Russia.

Courtesy of Bloomberg:

Republican Trey Gowdy acted behind closed doors like a lawyer for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, during questioning Tuesday by the House Intelligence Committee, said the top Democrat on the panel. 

"Mr. Gowdy took the role as a second attorney for Mr. Kushner," Adam Schiff of California told reporters. 

Gowdy declined to comment Wednesday on Schiff’s remarks. But he said a day earlier that Democrats on the Intelligence panel, which is looking into potential connections between Russia and the Trump campaign, uncovered "zero" new or revelatory information in more than three hours of questioning. Gowdy of South Carolina said in an interview that Democrats "even ran out of questions."

Schiff said the information obtained in questioning Kushner left Democrats on the committee with "a number of things to follow up" but didn’t elaborate. Schiff said he and other Democrats also were hampered because they didn’t have a number of documents they had wanted to see prior to the interview. 

Later Gowdy responded to Schiff's accusation during an interview on CNN:  

“I think that’s Adam’s frustration that Jared Kushner didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear from a political ambitions standpoint. This investigation has been very good for the Adam Schiff for Senate campaign, but yesterday was not good for him.” 

He then slammed his Democratic colleagues. 

“What I was tired of, Erin, were the Democrats asking non-relevant questions,” he continued. “The Democrats ran out of good questions, but they didn’t run out of questions.”

I would like to remind everybody that Gowdy hounded Hillary Clinton for years over the Benghazi nothing burger, and continued asking the same questions repeatedly, in different ways, when he did not like the responses he received.

So for him to ding Adam Schiff on something like this is laughable on its face.

And by no means surprised to learn that Gowdy is running interference for the Trump Administration in this Russia probe.

He is a particularly pungent POS whose allegiance is to his party and those willing to pay for it.


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    "FBI agents, Scaramucci said, may have committed a crime on HIS behalf."
    “This is going to get cleaned up very shortly, O.K.?” Scaramucci said. “Because I nailed these guys. I’ve got digital fingerprints on everything they’ve done through the F.B.I. and the fucking Department of Justice.”if Scaramucci was being truthful, he disclosed that FBI agents had violated the agency’s protocols and maybe broken the law."
    "“It could be illegal. It could be a felony depending on the nature of the evidence and how it was acquired. It would certainly be a flagrant breach of FBI protocol.”

    1. Or, the FBI could have refused Scaramucci's request on the grounds it is illegal and Scaramucci is simply lying about it and blowing smoke out of his ass hoping to intimidate the "leakers." Isn't that exactly what Trump does? "I have tapes." They threaten and intimidate through lies and bluffs.

      I give Mooch six weeks and he's already used up one.

    2. Anonymous4:09 PM

      I give Mooch six weeks and he's already used up one.

      Who would want his job?

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Peckerwood Gowdy!
    Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi!

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    >>>Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy III /ˈɡaʊdi/ (born August 22, 1964) is an American attorney, politician and former prosecutor. <<<

    >>>Before his election to Congress, Gowdy was the solicitor (district attorney) for the state's Seventh Judicial Circuit, comprising Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties. From 1994 to 2000, he was a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina. <<<

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    2. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Is Gowdy behind what I saw yesterday on the internet about plans to by the House Intelligence Committee to investigate President Obama and Hillary Clinton? He wants his face on television day after day again.

    3. Anonymous8:18 AM

      @ beaglemom

      It's probably really our silly Sarah who is the rill behind the scenes BATCHAIN PULLER!

  4. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Wow, he really needs to get his hair done somewhere else than Great Clips, or does his wife do it with "peanut" clippers? I know it's hard to hide that pointy head... but c'mon, a good stylist can at least minimize it. Wait until this guy goes bald.

    1. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Lol, thank you for that!

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      The glasses do not make him look smarter.

  5. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Banjo Boy from Deliverance. I bet HE squeals like a piggy.

  6. Anonymous7:25 AM

    THIS>"The victims are forced into slavery as sex workers, beggars and child soldiers, or as domestic workers, factory workers and laborers in manufacturing, construction, mining, commercial fishing and other industries."
    "In fact, it’s one of the largest sources of profit for global organized crime, second only to illicit drugs."
    " Traffickers leave a data trail, however faint or broken, despite their efforts to operate off the grid and in the shadows."Interrupting the flow of people, money and other components of trafficking is critical to identifying trafficking networks, disrupting their infrastructure at the source and eliminating them."Social network analysis could also help to determine which contacts have a critical influence over others. This may enable early identification of either a victim or trafficking transaction."
    {CRIMEa Port$ acce$$}

  7. Anonymous7:26 AM

    How John McCain fooled us all – and Lindsey Graham helped him pull it off

    ...Not only that, McCain must have known that he was tricking his own Republican Party into a false sense of security just by showing up. McConnell was overconfident enough to go ahead and schedule a late night vote under the assumption that he’d be able to slip the widely despised legislation through while the nation was sleeping. Mike Pence came over to the Capitol in the middle of the night to break a tie that he only thought would exist. It’s not that McCain lied to them; they just assumed that he wouldn’t have bothered showing up if he were going to ultimately vote no.

    And then there was Lindsey Graham...

  8. Anonymous7:28 AM

    "So for him to ding Adam Schiff on something like this is laughable on its face."

    Well, it IS laughable, but it is also SOP for republicans. There is nothing they do that they won't project onto someone else and then attack them for it. They are all amoral sociopaths.

  9. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Could Republican Trey Gowdy get findings about the Russian investigation from a fellow committee Republican on the Russian case and pass it on to President Trump and get President Trump's brownie points?

    Basically Trump is looking for a committee leaker through Trow Gowdy.

    This investigation looking into Trump, Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka is getting too serious and Trump is a self and family preservation survivor.

    Rules do not count for Trumps

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      The Mooch will be able to control the media better. Don Jr. and Ivanka will be behind closed doors and forgotten. Also Jared.

  10. Anonymous7:58 AM

    So Hillary sleeps 14 hrs a day

  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Trump Administration 'may be investigated' after threatening the whole of Alaska

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      From FB>"Here's the irony. It wasn't ushered in by an army of millennials, though they may come to occupy the space. It wasn't driven by an insurgency of hobnail boots-wearing fascistas, though they will be here as well.
      This quake was wrought by three people who allowed the power of the human heart to break through bedrock of rules and deals.
      I am overjoyed and drained from this amazing moment.
      Thank you Senator McCain, Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski.
      And thanks to the Democrats for staying unified.
      The People Won."

  12. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Yes I remember when trey hammered Hillary. He sounded like an idiot. I cant imagine voting for someone like trey to represent decent people. The guy is total Nazi type.

  13. Anonymous4:49 AM

    These guys are Jokes, you realise your talking about the "Communist Parties Wiretap?" not the FBI wire-tap or the CIA wire-tap or the NSA wire-tap or the GCHQ wire-tap... But the wire-tap of the fucking "communist party!" used by CITIBANK to perform Mirror Trading and Tax Evasion and all you can do when you find it's ring leader is get Tray Gawdy to lick his ass and give him a slap on the wrist and a £200 bucks fine for his illegal money laundering. Your a fucking Joke Tray!


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