Saturday, July 08, 2017

Vladimir Putin seems pretty convinced that Trump bought his denials about interference in the 2016 election.

God you have soft hands.
Courtesy of the AP:  

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he thinks U.S. President Donald Trump believed his in-person denials of Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential vote. 

Putin spoke Saturday after the Group of 20 summit where he and Trump had their first face to face meeting. 

He said Trump asked him numerous questions about Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election during a lengthy discussion on the issue. 

Putin says he thinks his answers satisfied Trump, but added that Trump’s opinion would be better sought from the U.S. president himself. 

He says Moscow and Washington would be able to improve their ties if the two countries keep relating the way he and Trump did.

Sounds like Labrov's version of events was more accurate than Secretary of State Tillerson's.

Of course we would definitely know what was said if they had not kept the two hour meeting so hush hush. Now it is just a case of liar said vs other liar said.

Well at least the new leader of the free world knows how to respond to Putin's bullshit.
Well done, almost as appropriate as our last true leader's steely eyed glare.

Yes my friends, I am old enough to remember when America stood up to the Russians and did not allow them to set our agenda, choose our leaders, or poach our hard earned position as a dominant world power.


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    And I'm old enough to remember when 'propaganda' was the pablum fed to the Russian people. I felt sorry for them...

    The deplorables in the US have put us in the venue of propaganda, and screams of 'fake news' when truths are published.

    Sick at heart to see my country sink so low...

    1. Anonymous9:50 AM

      What a peach, and this is just one example of the world as we now know it.

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM


  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Yes of course and this is the problem, old don is in debt to Russia and organization unlike all previous USA Presidents. And Don being the great info commercial salesman trying to contain himself over investigations, lawsuits, evidence and the American people. Wow? The protesting in Germany named trump and putin as the problem.

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I too am old enough to remember the "Cold War".

    The Russian people overwhelmingly wanted peace with the USA then, as now. Implying that "the Russians" want to fuck USA over is a dangerous oversimplification. Some RUSSIAN LEADERS certainly want to see this nation fall, but not the Russian people as a whole. Do you think the activist ladies from Pussy Riot want USA to fall? Umm, no, those gals hate Pootie and the Russian establishment more than we do, with damn good reason.
    Ever hear the song "Moscow Nights"? It was composed (1955, by Sedoi and Matusovsky) and made popular during the worst of the Cold War, 1962 by the Chad Mitchell Trio. It's a beautiful song about a lover who misses his/her lover and remembers being together. It's totally apolitical, and made its point during that time period by being such an apolitical tune, when at any minute nuclear war was gonna blow us up.
    Do you think "the Russians" love their children too?
    Continue to gin up hatred against innocent Russian citizens who just want to get from point A to point B and live their lives just like we do. Continue to paint all Russian people with the same broad brush. That's stereotyping, and you're better than that, Jesse.

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Since when is Gryph lashing out at Russian citizens? Do you have problems with reading comprehension?

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      9:41 AM. We don't have problems with the Russian people. We have problems with Putin and his thugs. Only. Now go back to bed, and stop trolling.

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Yeah 1150. Hey Brat Pak, the Russian people will inherit what walked out on them a century ago. Don't worry. Those that left, taking money, investing it quietly will be deported back to Russia as well. Let them eat cake. Uglyarchs. Payback is a B I T C H. :-()....

  5. Anonymous9:44 AM

    That fat bastard Trump knows they "won" the election for him with their interference. He also knows damn well he colluded as did his cronies and his kids. I wish Mueller could file charges on that damned traitor now. Hopefully Schneiderman will file RICO charges soon in NY state. Everyone should watch Richard Engel's expose on Russian politics and Putin that ran last night on MSNBC and then idiot Trump supporters should explain how they support Putin.

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      That was an excellent story.Something like 49% of evangelicals like Putin.He hates gays and apparently that's enough for their support.Makes me want to puke.How can this happen in our country/

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Vlad is telling Donny to be nice because he still has the pee tape.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Vladdy also still has the IOUs from Trump Organization LLC. We're talking billions. Does the Russian Mafia break legs anymore when they don't get paid back or do they go straight to polonium?

  7. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I much prefer President Obama's mature and informed approach to Putin. Trump, unfortunately, is Putin's lap dog. I suspect that, upon arriving back in the US, Trump will do his utmost to force the Russian/hacking investigation to end. And the weak GOP Congress will go along with whatever Putin's lapdog wants. They're afraid of being nipped by their president.

  8. Anonymous10:38 AM

  9. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Gotta say I adore Merkel!
    That eye-roll says it all. For every woman who has ever had some asshole mansplain shit to her, Angela Merkel's eye roll is for YOU!

  10. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Just Like Trump, Fox Wants To Move On From Russia's Meddling In Our Election

    Now that Donald Trump has signaled he wants to let bygones be bygones over Russia's interference in our election, so does Fox News.

    Although Donald Trump wanted to make a big show of confronting Russia about its meddling, it's pretty clear that in reality he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin smoochies on the subject during their meeting today on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

    Yesterday, Trump gave verbal gifts to Putin with un-presidential attacks on Americans and American institutions while on foreign soil. He followed up with this pre-meeting gift to Putin today:

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Want in one hand shit in the other.

  11. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Putin 1, Trump 0

    At their first meeting, Trump bought Putin’s lies about Russian election meddling.

    President Trump’s top aides have been hemming and hawing for days about whether Trump would use today’s high-profile meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to hammer Moscow for its election meddling. It seems he did so — but in a way that makes the problem worse, not better.

    That’s because Trump appears to have accepted Putin’s denials of any election interference at face value, even though the entire US intelligence community believes the Kremlin mounted a sophisticated campaign to help him win the White House.

    And the damage doesn’t stop there: According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Trump told Putin that some in the United States were “exaggerating” how much Russia affected the election’s outcome — effectively dragging Moscow into Trump’s partisan wars here at home.

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Exxxagerated is what RACKET the USA and Russia set up a century ago.

      Exxxageated. Eye roll.

  12. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Eye rolls. Awkward handshakes. Uncomfortably close encounters with friendly world leaders.

    It’s been a hell of a day for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    1. linda1:17 PM

      I'm sure I'm one of many women who have had to endure being the only woman or nearly the only woman in a roomful of men who think they know more than any woman. Eyerolls work, walking away from them works, interrupting their monologues works, and just ignoring them works. Go Angela Merkel!! You rock!!

  13. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Mike Pence touched an off-limits piece of space equipment, and the internet is fuming

    1. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Troll would you get off this blog. And that's a ploy to get everyone's attention of Trump as he sells us out for himself. You know Putin told him how easy it was to steal from one's own country. We have to watch this thing. Pence is a distraction for the simple minded of us all. And so are comments from Trolls.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Guess he can't keep his hands off anything. Where's wifey?

  14. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Putin wants Trump to lift sanctions on Russia. Here's how that could actually happen.
    Trump could do it — at great cost.

    1. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Putin want, Putin wants. Between he and our spoiled fat baby in the White House, there ain't enough gettin'.
      And yet they both can't buy good hair. I guess money can buy you three thousand dollar workout suits and fembot wife but good head of hair just can't be got. Look at those shiny scalps. Pink and shiny.
      I know it's the least of their evil desires but I just felt as evil as them just now.

    2. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Ewww I am so scared. Eye roll.

  15. Anonymous11:48 AM

    'Oh my God, it is Obama': Alaska mom, her baby meet ex-president

  16. Anonymous5:51 PM

    For a meeting without notes, why did Putin bring pen and paper? Any bets that the pen was a recording device?

  17. Why is fucking Ivanka Trump sitting at a table with world leaders at the G-20 summit?

    I didn't vote for that bitch to represent me.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Handing out Bj's duh.

    2. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Trump is grooming her to be the next CEO of these United States. After all, America is not a country in Trump's eyes, it a business with minions. That's why Putin could heartlessly taken money from his people. It's just business.
      By the way Putin can be compated to Tony Montana and Trump can be compared to Frank the drug dealer Tony Montana screwed over.


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