Saturday, January 13, 2018

Buzzfeed reports that one fifth of Trump's condominiums have been purchased through secretive cash only transactions, which hide the identity of the buyer. Can you say "money laundering?"

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:  

More than one-fifth of Donald Trump’s US condominiums have been purchased since the 1980s in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found. 

Records show that more than 1,300 Trump condominiums were bought not by people but by shell companies, and that the purchases were made without a mortgage, avoiding inquiries from lenders. 

Those two characteristics signal that a buyer may be laundering money, the Treasury Department has said in a series of statements since 2016. Treasury’s financial-crimes unit has, in recent years, launched investigations around the country into all-cash shell-company real-estate purchases amid concerns that some such sales may involve money laundering. The agency is considering requiring real-estate professionals to adopt anti-money-laundering programs.


Trump condo sales that match Treasury’s characteristics of possible money laundering totaled $1.5 billion, BuzzFeed News calculated. They accounted for 21% of the 6,400 Trump condos sold in the US. Those figures include condos that Trump developed as well as condos that others developed in his name under licensing deals that pay Trump a fee or a percentage of sales.

Some of the secretive sales date back more than three decades, long before recent worries that Russians tried to influence Trump by pouring millions of dollars into his businesses. 

But a months-long BuzzFeed News examination of every Trump condominium sale in the US shows that such sales surged in the late 2000s and early 2010s, when some Trump businesses were in financial trouble and when Donald Trump Jr. made his now-famous remark about the Trump Organization seeing “a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”  

Buzzfeed goes on to point out that this is not absolute proof of money laundering or criminal activity, but since this is Donald Trump, and he has already been accused of money laundering, then we can rest assured that something unscrupulous is taking place here.

Let's go ahead and throw this on the pile of currently still developing scandals concerning the 45th dude to occupy the White House, shall we?

But let's also make sure to leave room for the dozen or more that are still yet to be revealed as well.

Cause you know they are coming. 


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    "I love you!"

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    This is how you go from being in great financial debt to occupying the White House.

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    The old adage, follow the money, has been true from Day 1. This has always been the key to taking out the Gambino Crime Family.

  4. Anonymous7:01 AM

    ot White House Physician Declares Trump In 'Excellent Health' After Physical Exam “The President’s physical exam today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said in a statement. “The President is in excellent health and I look forward to briefing some of the details on Tuesday.”

    White House doctor suddenly forgot how to spell his own name

    Dr. Ronnie Jackson?

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      I don't believe a word of it. Did the doctor pay any attention to the way he slurs his speech, to his weight, to his problems with his hands, to his temperament issues, to his apparent inability to concentrate or to pay attention, to his nodding off at inappropriate times. The doctor's "statement" reeks of Trump's own word choice.

    2. Anonymous8:07 AM

      White House's claim that Trump is in 'excellent health' is under scrutiny

      So... Trump may just have released a fake doctor’s note.

    3. Anonymous8:18 AM

      We already know he takes statins and puts shit"food" in his piehole daily. Excellent helath my tuchus. Statins cause liver damage. You don't take them for shits and giggles.

    4. Anonymous8:23 AM

      The level of blatant and unrepentant criminal behavior from this administration is stunning, surpassed only by their total incompetence at being criminals!

      Here's the link to Rachel's twitter post, featured in the article.

      I imagine this would leave the REAL Dr. Jackson in somewhat of a legal bind if he actually does attend the promised press conference on Tuesday. On one hand, he can't confirm that the laughable and fraudulent statement released by the White House is an accurate summary of the exam. On the other hand, he is prevented by HIPAA laws from revealing a patient's medical information without that patient's permission.

      As for whomever prepared that statement, aren't there fairly strict laws against impersonating a medical doctor AND impersonating a military officer?

      "Oh, Mr. Mueller...are you taking notes???"

    5. Anonymous8:25 AM

      How would Trump have gotten the doctor to say what he did? Pay him off? Threaten harm would come to him or members of his family? Truly makes me wonder. Trump just doesn't seem healthy at all to me -

    6. Anonymous8:44 AM

      The doctor is Navy. How does the military (and retired) manage to abundantly lie so often? It is hard to trust anyone from the military anymore. They've been corrupt longer then Trump.

      Remember John McCain and his military service.

    7. Anonymous10:07 AM

      8:25 and 8:44 - It's becoming apparent that the statement is NOT from the doctor.

      The statement released yesterday seems to have been written by one of the incompetents in the White House, not the doctor. It was written in language that was clearly not standard medical terminology and included vague and effusive descriptions that are impossible to document. They misspelled his name and used the incorrect medical designation as well as no military designation at all. The same doctor performed the medical exam on President Obama in 2016 and here's the report he wrote then.

    8. Anonymous11:55 AM

      FAKE doctor letter, as far as I am concerned forging a doctor's letter is a CRIME !!!

    9. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Forging the doctor's signature and assigning the report to said doctor if Fraud. HIPAA is voerriddable in fraud AND even more pertinently, in cases of a national security risk. SOOO, if the good doctor found something amiss with Drumpfs cognitive state, and the White House lied with that little mini-report, the doctor does not have to worry about HIPAA.

    10. Anonymous5:24 PM


  5. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Tip of the iceberg.

    DJT is going to the Federal Pen, but at least he'll have plenty of company.

    Country over party.


    1. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Chelsea Manning's old cell at Leavenworth for life.

    2. Anonymous3:34 PM

      @8:09 How about this>


    3. Anonymous4:07 PM

      I hope whoever runs against her kicks her traitorous ass.

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Legal question. Could the Trump Crime Family claim ignorance of money laundering occurring at their properties? In other words, Donald can claim he didn’t know anything about who was purchasing his condos, and his legal staff didn’t alert him.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      After "Stable Genius" the jury would laugh at him.

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      They would have to prove that was not true,and with his fat mouth,it's not as hush hush as you would think,plus he has socialized with some of them,and continues to do so,even having business arrangements with some.

    3. Anonymous7:49 AM

      'rump, the future U.S. president,
      $igned the deed of $ale.'

    4. Anonymous8:19 AM

      This I beleive is absolutely true.

    5. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Don't think so. SIGINT + FVEY has him cold. Plus his children, plus a bunch of politicians, and a television magnate, along with some journalists. Sucks to be you if you were talking/doing business with the wrong people.

      True this:

      "John Schindler
      AGAIN: There is no Constitutional right to chat with foreign spies or terrorists without interception.

      InfoWars and FoxNews lied to you."


    6. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Ignorance of the law is never a defense !!!!!

    7. Anonymous4:26 PM

      "SIGINT + FVEY has him cold."

      lol. GP really likes her acronyms and her fantasy thoughts. Thinks she knows something big.

  7. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Sadly we are witnessing long standing criminal activity of all kinds. This crime day was planned many years ago. Republicans have aided and enabled a crime family to harm America and her families. It is HUGE as the evil dotard has stated. He warned us of this day coming and we were asleep. This evil crime family is desperate and Donald blew their cover wide open. It is over for them, all of them are going down. Identify and expose each of them and their activity. Lets roll...

  8. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Identify the enemy within our borders, within our government, within our employment, within our family and friends. They have enabled a huge crime mob either through ignorance, knowingly, bribe, extortion, or threat. If you know of someone that have aided and enabled this activity within your circle beware and remove them from your life. Check your internet, tv and all forms of communication that it is secure and not compromised. We will survive and be better when this is done. Our rules regulations and laws will be examined and corrected. This will end once we identify the enemies.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      or. or, you could see a doctor, the head kind, about your extreme paranoia.

    2. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Not paranoia if it's true

  9. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Donald trumps is now the face and king of the criminal mob family worldwide. His entire life was groomed to deceit people. To con, to cheat, to hate. He will go down for them. His life is over. His crimes over. His family over. He will go down in fire and the fury of the American Military and People. The world will watch and help America take down this evil empire of liars.

  10. Leland8:01 AM

    "...This will end once we identify the enemies."

    Su-u-u-u-r-e it will!

    A little secret. There will ALWAYS be greedy people who think they can outsmart everyone else.

  11. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Imagine presiding over an administration that is SO FUCKED UP that you need a distraction like paying off Stormy distract from Haiti to distract from DACA to distract from the Nuclear Button to distract from trump-Russia to distract from money laundering?


    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      "At least Trump finally paid one of his subcontractors."

  12. Anonymous8:12 AM

    “He’s a disgrace to the presidency.” Trump’s approval plummets in deep red Georgia

    “I think he’s a disgrace to the presidency. I’m so disgraced, ashamed and embarrassed,” Vicky Green, a 54-year-old small business owner, told the AJC. “With all the money he’s got, he’s never spent it on class. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.”

    Even residents who are politically conservative and approve of some of the policies that Trump has enacted are still appalled by his behavior.

    “We expect more” from the president of the US: Whole world reacts in horror to Trump

    "How America elected a narcissist, racist, white supremacist to be their president defies logic."

  13. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Here's a start on understanding who the Duvaliers were and T.Rump's connection to them, any connection is suspect. Follow the links in the article, too.

  14. Anonymous8:32 AM

    The most conservative congressmen are going all-out to fight for Trump against Mueller and the Russia probe

  15. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Donald Trump acts walks, talks, and acts like a mobster. He hooked up the Putin family in Russia, and probably has many ties with the corrupt world. That fat mobsters are all sitting back on their rich butts laughing as he says "shithole" and other disgusting things. We know he laughs about all this with the mobsters. And that includes the Republican party. That's why it is so easy for them to be petty and mean. Also, the evangelicals are mobsters. Biggest racket in America. Try to cross them and you will go down. The Mormons, the Scientologist, the Catholics. The list goes on, and Donald is their poster boy.

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      He is a mobster. Thats all he is. Low life.

  16. Anonymous9:18 AM

    H/T to the movie Little Caesar. Can this be the beginning of RICO?

  17. Anonymous9:44 AM

    "According to Lieu, Bannon is likely to join Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos in cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller and flip on the president"

  18. Anonymous9:51 AM

    'Beth Hart - A Change is Gonna Come (FRICKIN AWESOME!!!)
    @ the Echoplex'

    'This girl is from her very own planet.
    And God forbid, if she ever find herself chatting with St. Pete about available housing; he should absolutely let her have her own cloud and a few free harp lessons thrown in.
    She has made many folks so happy with her singing while down here.
    I'm one of them.
    Thanx Beth
    For whatever it is worth; my life is better and richer having heard you sing.'

  19. Anonymous11:30 AM

    "The documents didn't answer the key unanswered question: What motivated a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler to unleash gunfire from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort into an outdoor concert below. Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds more before killing himself."

  20. Well, now. Isn’t one of the things Mueller is looking in to money laundering? And since Trump committed this before he was elected, he can still be tried for it. But not impeached for it. Prosecuted AFTER he is no longer president.


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