Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Donald Trump attacks (And misspells the name of) his Attorney General while ranting about "Dem crimes."

So did you notice that Trump left the final "s" off of Jeff Sessions' name?

Well so did he, about ten minutes later, so he simply removed it and then reposted the same unhinged tweet with a correction. 
Yeah, nothing seems insane about that.

So if I understand this correctly Trump wants to know why the Justice Department is not investigating the Obama Administration, who started these investigations in the first place, for not doing more to stop the interference that helped him to win the White House?

Well, perhaps he should ask Mitch McConnell that last question.

Courtesy of Politico:  

Joe Biden said Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped the Obama administration from speaking out about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign by refusing to sign on to a bipartisan statement of condemnation. 

That moment, the former Democratic vice president said, made him think “the die had been cast ... this was all about the political play.”

Now if Trump thinks the Justice Department should investigate why Mitch McConnell obstructed Obama's efforts to warn the American people, well I think we are all on board with that. 


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    What is he really worried about now? Twitter took his russian bots away?

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Because the only crimes were commited by trump et al,dumbass

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      I am looking forward to Ivanka's time in the sun.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Secretary of State?


  4. Chenagrrl9:23 AM

    Um, I think you mean Attorney General. Oilboy Rex Tillerson is Sec of State.

  5. Oops I mistyped something in the headline.

    Early morning, lack of coffee.

    Fixed now.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Took you long enough.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      10:35AM, who are you, his fucking boss?

    3. Anonymous 10:35 AM wrote: Took you long enough.
      Anonymous 11:16 AM wrote: 10:35AM, who are you, …

      Perhaps just someone who doesn't really understand time zones, and wishes to exhibit their ignorance.

    4. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Good point, Ted.

  6. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Trump needs his awful mouth sewn shut! He's pure evil.

    It drives him fucking nuts that President Obama is regarded well throughout the country. Plus, he's a racist pig!

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Wait until he reads today's polling. He is now the WORST President in history, and Obama is #8.

  7. Anonymous9:40 AM

    'It's Bullsh*t!': Trump Supporter Refuses To Believe She Unwittingly Worked With Russians

    No, it's not Sarah. She knows what she does.

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM

    (THREAD) I've not done a thread about Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians this week, as I'm oddly—for a Trump-Russia analyst—ambivalent about it. I'd like to explain how—while important—it's caused more confusion than clarity in Trump-Russia reporting. Hope you'll read and share.

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Florida shooting: 276 lawmakers who 'take NRA money and block gun control' named in massive advert
    Double-page New York Times ad lists 276 members of Congress, their telephone numbers and how much they are thought to have received from the NRA, alongside a quote from Florida school shooting survivor: 'We're the children. You guys are the adults …

    Two gun control groups have spent $230,000 on a massive New York Times advert listing the names and telephone numbers of 276 members of Congress who “take NRA money but refuse to take action to pass gun safety legislation.”

    The two-page ad, paid for by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, also details how much money each Congress member is alleged to have received from the NRA during their career. The list appears beside a photo of students leaving Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during last week’s shooting, with the words of 17-year-old survivor David Hogg: “We are the children. You guys are the adults … Get something done.”

    Above and below the list of Congress members and their telephone numbers, the advert urges: "Tell your member of Congress that your vote is going elsewhere unless they act ... If they won't act, it's up to us to elect leaders who will."

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      US gun owners destroy rifles in #OneLess response to Florida school shooting

      NRA Usually Shuts Up After Mass Shootings. Not This Time.

      The NRA may be quiet in public in the days following the latest mass school shooting—but its online TV outlet has not missed a beat.

      ...But not everyone under the NRA umbrella stayed silent. In the hours after Parkland, NRA TV, the television channel run by the gun rights lobby, continued producing content. At first, its anchors struck a conciliatory tone, noting that they shared the objective of making schools a safe place for children. Then they began pushing the company line: that school resource officers needed to be tactically trained and armed to prevent such shootings from being more gruesome.

      Then, it turned aggressive.

      Over the past two days, NRA TV has gone after both law enforcement for bungling the shooting and media outlets for calling for more expansive gun laws. Host Dan Bongino accused the New York Daily News of being both “pure filth” and “not worthy of collecting dog excrement”—aka actual filth. Host Dana Loesch called for protesters to march “to the FBI offices” for its failure to act on the numerous reports it received that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was dangerous and potentially unstable. Grant Stinchfield, another NRA TV host, added his thoughts on the Fourth Estate on Monday, suggesting reporters were eager for another shooting to push a gun control agenda.

    2. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Some Teens Behind March for Our Lives Aren’t So Sure They Want Celebrity Help
      “The minute they don’t see our faces anymore and they just see the Hollywood elite, they’re going to stop taking it seriously.”

  10. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Most Republicans in Congress need to lose their seats and be replaced with new young blood.

    Alaska has Republican majority in our Legislature and we are in a mess. The state is in the red due to the Republican lack of management and nothing is being done!

    Screw them and vote them out of office next chance you get. Lisa Murkowski and the Alaska representative that is really from Ohio and not Alaskan most need to lose their positions!

    They do nothing! A United States Congress that doesn't work and we pay for the idiots and the Alaska Legislature that follows the same path.
    To Hell with them!

  11. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Sean Hannity And Laura Ingraham Spread Disinformation From A Russian Troll Farm During 2016 Campaign

  12. Anonymous11:02 AM

    OMG, this c*nt is about as bad as it gets.

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    So, *All* the meddling took place during the Obama Administration? Right up until January 20th?

    Of course NO meddling has occurred since then. Isn't that right, Donald?

    Is that because you don't call it "meddling" after the meddlers have won and the coup is complete? I mean wouldn't the continuing interference just be Russia meddling in it's own business? Right, Donald?

    Seems like an admission to ongoing collusion to me!

  14. I want to know why he allowed Russian spymasters back into the country.

    "Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is defending a controversial secret visit to the United States by Russian spy chiefs — including one under U.S. sanctions imposed in 2014 to punish Russia for its annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea.

    Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had raised questions about late January meetings between U.S. officials and the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergy Naryshkin, and Alexander Bortnikov, head of the domestic Federal Security Bureau (FSB), the successor to the Soviet Union’s KGB. Naryshkin would have needed special approval from the Trump administration to gain entry to U.S. soil.

    The visit came days before the executive branch missed a deadline to impose new sanctions on Russia because of its alleged interference in the 2016 elections."

    Coincidence? Again?


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