Monday, February 12, 2018

In what has to be the least shocking revelation of all, we now learn that Donald Trump deplores the #MeToo movement.

Courtesy of Axios:  

Trump tells friends that he deplores the #MeToo movement and believes it unfairly exposes CEOs to lawsuits from their female employees. The fact that women frequently face sexual predation in the workplace doesn’t impact his view on this.

This is the strongest indicator yet that Trump will reflexively defend his male allies from any and all accusations, even when he thinks those accusations are true.

Well of course Trump hates the #MeToo movement.

They were formed specifically because of him, and clearly he is at the top of their list of targets.

And according to Steve Bannon the movement will likely take Trump down.

Damn, one can only hope.


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    OT? SLATE "News Corp and 21st Century Fox baron Rupert Murdoch has been breathing down Mark Zuckerberg’s neck for a lot longer than we previously knew, according to Wired’s recent cover story about Facebook’s last two years, during which time the social network has come under heavy scrutiny for some of the less desirable consequences of its centrality in how many people get their news and other information.

    Murdoch, whose American media holdings include Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, has not been shy about sniping at Facebook in public. Last month he released a statement chiding the company for not compensating publishers whose content is posted onto the site (in the same way that cable companies pay networks carriage fees to host a channel) and for propping up “scurrilous news sources”—arguments that made Murdoch a rare bedfellow of other media organizations whose revenues have taken a hit from Facebook’s primacy in online advertising. But this war of words, we now know, hasn’t only taken place in public.

    According to one of Wired’s sources, skirmishes between Facebook and the Murdoch empire go back more than a decade to 2007, when according to an anonymous Facebook executive, News Corp. employees allegedly engineered a scandal to bruise the social media company. After discovering evidence of sexual predators roaming the platform, parents and state attorney generals assailed the company for not adequately protecting children. In one of the more explosive details in the Wired piece, the executive claims that Facebook employees were able to trace the predatory accounts to IP addresses in an Apple store located a block away from the offices of MySpace, which News Corp owned at the time. (Slate has asked News Corp for a response to these allegations, and we will update this post with any response.)

    Years later, in July 2016, Murdoch reportedly gathered News Corp CEO Robert Thomson and Zuckerberg for a meeting in his Sun Valley, Idaho, villa. The two News Corp executives assailed Facebook for stiffing the news industry for abruptly changing its news feed algorithm without conferring with media partners, essentially giving Zuckerberg the power to capriciously and radically impact an outlet’s traffic. Thomson and Murdoch allegedly threatened to pummel Facebook through their lobbyists and public communications efforts unless the company did more to appease the news media.

    While News Corp claims to Wired that it only threatened to unleash its executives, people at Facebook reportedly feared that Murdoch would direct his lobbyists to push for a government antitrust investigation and use his newspapers and TV stations to pillory the social media company.

    Zuckerberg, though, tried to bury the hatchet with Murdoch late last year when he raised a toast to Murdoch at a tony restaurant in Manhattan. Wired describes the scene:

    [Zuckerberg] spoke charmingly about reading a biography of the older man and of admiring his accomplishments. Then he described a game of tennis he’d once played against Murdoch. At first he had thought it would be easy to hit the ball with a man more than 50 years his senior.

    To judge by Murdoch’s recent comments, Zuckerberg’s flattery apparently didn’t do the trick."

    There’s a WAR for your attention. And you’re probably losing ~IT~.

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I am not a psychic but I can almost feel that Trump will be bought down by a woman. He is trying to start targeting the movement because he knows Karma is a bitch and she's coming for him.

    1. Anonymous2:00 PM

      "Here's a commercial for Chiffon Soft Stick Margarine - one of the memorable ads with "Mother Nature" uttering her famous line, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" This one has her swinging on a vine while doing the Tarzan yell and then later commanding a charging elephant."

    2. Anonymous11:37 PM

      and we are fooling with mother nature and paying the price.

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    He has such an evil looking face these days. He's not a happy camper in his new position. God, but I hope the jerk resigns!

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    " I have awakened in mid-life to find the label as frequently associated with the political as the spiritual. It started with a seemingly innocent commingling of the two in the 1980s. The idea was to mobilize conservative Christians in order to have our values better heard and represented in Washington."
    ". Truth is no longer what we pursue at all costs--power is, because we believe we can't live without it." "we're no longer leading. We are being led. Such is the relationship between Evangelicals and the GOP." "Evangelicals are a large, loosely assembled collection of independent denominations and churches, and lack any sort of real governance." "If you only watch conservative media sources, you'd think it was people like Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas, or Liberty University's Jerry Falwell, Jr., who've both decided that God's standard is whatever it takes to advance and protect this president."

  5. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Trump ceo buddies can blame him for the stir up from me too, blm, and everyone else he has insulted. He is a basket case of deplorable. MeToo was long over due. It is about time some men are called out for their abusive behavior, ESPECIALLY TRUMP, he is a gross old man that got away with way too much. Until now. He will not proceed to act like a shithole towards anyone.

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    "1. It's spoken word, not rap.
    2. She's a feminist, yes, but not crazy. "

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      'Missy Elliott - Work It'

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I've known some seriously sick misogynists but Trump is probably one of the worst.

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Trump on Mike Tyson: “Tyson was railroaded..."
    Trump on Ailes: "It's very sad because he's a very good person.
    Trump on his accusers: "These people are horrible people."
    Trump on Moore: “He denies it.”
    Trump on Porter: "We hope he has a wonderful career.”

    1. Anonymous11:35 PM

      it the women folk causing all this trouble. didn't i say it was wrong to educate a woman??

  9. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Trump also wants to remove federal funds from Alaska because of the PFD. I'd love to see the look on Lisa Murkowski's twisted sandshoe face while Ohio Dan stands their with his dick in his hand and Yon Dung farts.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      'Alaska GOP senator: Trump's massive infrastructure plan may help underserved rural states like MINE'

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      They should get rid of the pfd especially if Alaska stays red.

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I'm more and more convinced that there is so much that's crooked about Trump- and he has so few friends because he's such an asshole- that sooner or later he'll save America the trouble and bring himself down. He has zero business skills because he's nothing more than a wealthy heir playing power games- like his idiot military parade.

    But in any case, he can be disposed of by voters if the will is there. A Democratic majority can get rid of Trump for his crimes- and probably Pence, too.

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

  11. if only being unhappy at your job was enough to.....make him ill

  12. Anonymous3:15 PM

    there wouldn't be a Me Too movement without trump, without that tape. time to fear the reaper cadet bone spurs.

  13. Anonymous3:45 PM

    This entire family are lousy actors and drama queens. I would not be surprise if they sent that letter and powder to themselves. It appears too staged. They are all "real" liars. All pathetic losers.

  14. Anonymous3:47 PM

    "The #MeToo Movement Is Coming to the Ballot Box This Month
    There are eight upcoming special elections to replace disgraced men. Many of the candidates are women."

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Yup,Hop a Long is retiring in Idaho.Hes the piece of crud that could never keep his Married dick in his pants. Married now to his mistress Lori.Used to pursue 13 yr old rodeo princesses. Raoooool Labrador thinks the seat is his. Gotta news flash for him. Theres going to be a new sheriff in town and its a Dem. Woman. Dont forget to vote,ladies.

  15. Anonymous3:50 PM

  16. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Yet another example of President Obama acting exactly as a president should, asking exactly the right questions, and putting America's interests ahead of his own. It's sad that we've come to the point at which exemplary conduct of this sort is the subject of an oversight inquiry.

    Sens. Grassley and Graham ask Obama natsec adviser @AmbassadorRice about an email she sent herself on the day of Trump's inauguration, memorializing an Oval Office meeting with Obama on Russian hacking.

    There was a NYT article about this about a year ago, where that said that right after Trump got elected, they went out of their way to leave a paper trail, so that it would be impossible for the Trump administration to bury the Russia Investigation.

    This seems to confirm it.

    Here’s the GOP’s latest attempt to prove Obama acted improperly in the Trump-Russia probe — and why it falls flat

  17. Anonymous3:55 PM

    his baldness is so underLYing NOW

  18. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Can we see trumps security Clarence and vetting application? How about his tax returns and college transcripts? and how about his juvenile record? And all lawsuits against him and those he filed against others? Let the people see who stole the election and what kind of person he is.

    1. Leland4:50 AM

      Sorry, but none of that will have any bearing on anything until he is tried. And even then some of it is totally useless. Like your question about HIS vetting and security clearance. Totally NOT required by the Constitution!

      Beyond that, even if legally verified PROOF was made available to the public, there will ALWAYS be that 30 or so per cent of the population who will ALWAYS deny any and all of it!

  19. Anonymous4:04 PM

    "He's dangerous" Jesus Christ $$

  20. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Trump wants $2.2 billion for new FBI headquarters. I say hold off. Once all the Trump assets are sold off for his money laundering scheme, we can build one for free. We can even put his name on the door.

    1. Anonymous5:05 PM

      And the inauguration dollars

  21. Anonymous6:37 PM

    An officer was fired after he chose not to shoot a distraught suspect. Now he's getting a $175,000 settlement @CNN

  22. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Omarosa warns America of 'scary' Pence

  23. Anonymous11:32 PM

    they are coming to get you, cadet bone spurs!!!!


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