Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump legal agreement, may not in fact be legal, because it was never signed by a notary.

Courtesy of TPM: 

The Texas Secretary of State’s office is investigating the notary who stamped her approval on an adult film star’s non-disclosure agreement regarding an alleged fair with President Donald Trump, the Dallas Morning News reported Monday. 

By now, that agreement is well known: Porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, received $130,000 to stay mum about the alleged sexual relationship. Clifford has argued forcefully in recent weeks that she has the right to tell her story because Trump didn’t sign the document, and she’s launched a publicity tour reportedly to include a “60 Minutes” appearance. 

But the News reported Monday on yet another complication with the agreement: According to a letter from the Texas Secretary of State’s office obtained by the paper, Erica Jackson, the notary public whose stamp appears on the non-disclosure agreement, did not sign or date it. Jackson also failed provide a required notarial certificate confirming that the people signing the document were who they claimed to be, the letter said.

So Donald Trump never signed this document, and it was never legally notarized.

Well now, I'm no lawyer, but that sounds like somewhat of a problem. 

It's kind of like there is a race on to see whether Robert Mueller, or Stormy Daniels will be the first to take Trump down.

And yes, I think there is something that Daniels knows which might very well accomplish that very thing.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    And, now it's not notarized? That is the biggy!
    Go get Trump, Stormy! There isn't a damn thing he can do to you! Nail his fat butt for all of America to see!

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      The notary could not complete the process because in Texas ALL parties must sign the document presented in front of said notary. Trump did not sign, thus the notary did not complete the notarizing process because she would then have been breaking the law.

    2. Anonymous2:38 PM

      The agreement does not have to be notarized, unless the agreement itself says that it does. (Some documents, like deeds for real estate, DO have to be notarized.) The notary seal and signature is usually just an extra precaution that the people signing are who they say they are. That's a bit difficult when the names are not real. But there is no law in this situation that the signatures be notarized, unless the agreement requires it. I looked at the agreement, and it just says it needs a "witness." I suspect the notary put her stamp on there as a "witness."

    3. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Why are they using a notary in Texas in the first place?

    4. Anonymous8:58 PM

      2:52 PM I'm guessing it was some kind of manipulation they were doing on Stormy Daniels. The notary was not necessary, so why bother?

  2. I predicted two days ago that we would have to remove the statue of Lafayette that is in the park across from the White House and replace it with a statue of Stormy. It will henceforth be known as Stormy Park. Lafeyette did a lot to get the country up and running but Stormy saved the nation.
    Go Stormy you are a helluva woman.

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I am rooting for Ms Daniels - but she has nothing that will destroy trump - his base does not care what he does or has done - nothing will turn them against him. Other then being embarrassed because he is so-so in the sack - nothing she says will upset him - only his ego - because she will not say he was the greatest.
    And lets face it - Melania had to know if not details at least that he would jump on any one who he thought was cute and who didn't get out of the way fast enough - she met him while he was on a date (while he was still married) - sooooo she knew what she was getting into and had made a fortune off her marriage.

    But all that being said hope she gets her story out there - after all she is a hard working woman, and if she can make a good buck selling her story - more power to her.

    1. Anonymous12:15 PM

      What's the saying? Whatever he'll do with you, he'll do to you?

      Remember that well young women.

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Trump being Trump, no doubt he didn’t want to pay the Notary fee at the time and figured it would never come up. He is not capable of playing checkers with a 5 year old.

    1. WA Skeptic12:49 PM

      Agreed. That makes his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un even scarier; he is such a fool, god only knows what he'll agree to.

  5. a. j. billings11:36 AM

    Stormy's attacks on Trump are coming at a very tense time for the Adminstration, as we Americans face the prospect of two of the WORST POSSIBLE appointees to the Trump cabinet.

    Mike Pompeo, is well known as a literal puppet of the Koch brothers, and a true sycophant to Trump. He will do serious damage, and has ZERO god damn experience in foreign policy or diplomacy, so North Korean negotiations will be a disaster.

    EVen worse news today from NYT Maggie Haberman, is that Trump is considering the reprehensible war mongering bastard JOHN BOLTON as National Security adviser to replace HR McMaster.

    These moves are seen as Trump getting rid of anyone who doesn't toe the line, and subscribe to chaos theory and war.

    If Trump hears that hard evidence is about to come out of the Mueller investigation, he might just start a war with Iran or even North Korea

    Once Trump fires John Kelly, only General Mattis is left to prevent World War 3

  6. Anonymous12:01 PM

    There is nothing he could do to lose the evangelicals. They are the biggest phonies out there. All holier than thou, except they are not. They are hypocritical poo poo heads wearing religious cloaks.

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Cults don't call themselves a cult.

      This is a must watch video on cults hidden in plain sight!

      They steal souls.

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Bristol is going to be Willow's maid of honor. Isn't this a pretty important thing for you to be covering?

    1. You saved us the effort. Thanks a bunch!

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Thanks but we've already seen this movie and we know how it ends.
      Another failed Palin marriage in the future.
      It will be everyone else's fault except for the one with the last name Palin.
      There will be cookie bakin',weddin' plannin' and fake happiness in abundance.
      We got it.

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Believe she is a matron of honor . Accurate reporting please!
      Honor. Heh heh.

    4. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Sounds pretty unimportant to me.

    5. Anonymous2:19 PM

      But the fact that Barstool's husband is divorcing her for whoring around is quite interesting.

    6. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Now THAT is important enough to be covering.
      Bristol the well known town bicycle got dumped for doing what she does best. Couldn't even be faithful to her MOH husband. What a pathetic little whore she is.

    7. Anonymous3:48 PM

      3:30 PM - anyone that remembers the whole MOH and D'OH saga has to realize how "arranged" that whole pairing was by Mommie Dearest.

      "Bristol's not a whore, she found herself a MAN!" Anyone with a right mind knew how long that was going to ast.

    8. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Stool is moron who can do nothing more than throw babies and try to sell poison tea.

      I suppose being Blow's "maid of honor" will be one of the highlights of her life, because face it, she's just that simple.

    9. Anonymous4:22 PM

      With Mommie her biggest mentor, her words, is it any wonder how fucked her life is.

    10. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Bristol loves her big brother and it is his time in the sun. He has an important date with the judge this month or when he completes some program. I can't believe she will forsake her brother when he needs her most of all.

      She loves the girls to be with their cousins. Charlie will be so cute. They are all close in age. Adorable. The dogs, adorable. Grannie Sarah will be so happy with all the kids and dogs she spawned.

      Where does Tripp go to school? Both Alaska and Texas? He must be happy with Willow getting hitched, he can spend time with Sunny, his blood dad and the most precious sisters.

    11. Anonymous6:29 PM

      @anon 5:15pm
      I have no clue where Tripped and landed on a penis is, but those girls aren't leaving Texas. Bicycle can fly to Allaaaaska as often as she wants but the girls are Texas residents and without their Dad's permission will not be leaving the state.

    12. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I thought Bristol wanted a career and she was studying for it. What happened? She needs to settle down if she is going to get serious about working. She will stay an airhead if she is flighty. Time to grow up 27 year old mother of three (three she will admit). Make that single mother of three. Tripp is in school during the day and she only has the babies every other week. She could study and have a job in no time if she doesn't keep flaking out.

      Conor Lamb is giving his victory speech. It pays to be true to your word and consistent. He did it without corporate money.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    The only thing that is going to save us is The Donald having a major heart attack or stroke or he is finally impeached (for treason) by the U.S. Congress. Vote out every Republican that is up for reelection (anywhere and everywhere throughout the country!) in 2018 and 2020. I can hardly wait to cast my votes!!!

  9. ibwilliamsi1:20 PM

    It will really come down to the judge in this case, and likely decided based upon intent of the parties. She took the money so clearly she intended to enter an agreement that does exactly what the papers say, and that's a strong argument.

    What makes it problematic is that we don't really know who the other party was - a corporation? Cohen? Trumputin? - so it's difficult to say what their intent was. If she breaks her end of the agreement, who has she broken an agreement with? Does Trumputin respond? The fake corporation? Cohen? That's where the rubber will meet the robe - who other than she has standing?

    Honestly, it was a shitty thing to do to take money to keep this kind of thing secret days before the Presidential election, so I don't hold her in very high esteem. But this is a legal tangle that won't be decided any time soon.

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      I do not hold her in high esteem either. She full well knew what she was doing, whether it was her profession or not.

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      She doesn't need esteem from a distant public right now. She needs to tell her story. People can decide what they think of the whole matter when they have all the information. Do you have all the details why she did settle for a mere $130,000? Was she theatened or bullied at all?

      It was some kind of business arrangement deal and she may have felt that was a good price at the time? I remember reading about old time black soul singers, they were bought out for what they later thought of as a ridiculously low price. Some went back to court and got their rights back.

      Stormy Daniels has her story, she is obstructed from telling it. Sex was only one part of the relationship with Donald Trump. They were also two adult business people in the entertainment business.

      He needed to lie and cover up sex and a relationship with porn because he wanted the evangelicals to like him and help him get elected. Now it doesn't matter if they know about his disloyalty to his pregnant wife. Evangelicals, like Donald and Melania, want to keep the false front of their marriage and he and wife as a Christian family. They are both frauds to sell themselves as what they are not. Evangelicals don't care what he and Melania do in the dark. They all just want to protect the lies they live.

      Stormy wants her First Amendment rights and to be able to work in her field. Entertainment. She writes and directs and is entitled to her story. She can do a book, a play or what she wants to create. It is her livelihood. It would be worse than a sin to take a man's livelihood from him, how would he support his family? Stormy may be sorry about getting involved in the cover up now but no one is going to jail for those crimes. She just needs to be released. They are two adults that made mistakes, the courts can help undo some of it now. If not, she can pay the fines and feel free with her First Amendment Rights. She is determined to tell her story. Pity the fools that try and block her.

    3. Anonymous4:17 PM

      re: 1:20- "where the rubber will meet the road"-?? Well, evidently not, according to Ms. Daniel's account of a bareback episode...

      Wild Tortoise

    4. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Trump doesn't give two shits what the evangelicals find out on him. They've already given him a pass on everything that they supposedly hold dear.

      Getting corn-holed by a porn star would slide by their questionable morals just like the rest of his antics.

      What part of "the evangelicals are awful people" don't you guys understand?

      They are pretty much the worst people in this country (and any other country where "jesus" has shown his face).

      Simply stated, they are what is wrong with this world, them and all of the rest of the braindead religious. Fucked up, dumb and killing society.

    5. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Trump and evangelicals say they are Evangelical Christians but that only means they are charlatans (swindlers, liars, perverts and worse). I think Melania claims to be Catholic. If Stormy Daniels has a religion, I haven't heard about it.

      She is more believable because she is not trying to cover up her sins, her past or who she is. She wants to get it out. If she tells her stories and is not lying she deserves respect for that. She deserves to have the chance to have her say. The Evangelicals and the Trumps will do what they do and that would be to lie. They should get what liars deserve.

      The Special Election in Pennsylvania is interesting. I wonder what it will say about what people are thinking about Trump now, compared to the previous election.

  10. Alex Jones is getting the defamation suit he deserves.


    "Alex Jones’ conspiracy playbook isn’t going to work anymore if a new lawsuit prevails.

    A defamation lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday against the Infowars mouthpiece and others, seeks to stop them from launching the kind of character assassinations against innocent people that have led to real-world harassment campaigns, death threats and other violent episodes.

    The plaintiff, Brennan Gilmore, recorded the vehicular attack that left a counter-protester dead during a far-right rally in Charlottesville last year. Jones branded him a “deep state shill” and “CIA asset” who supposedly helped organize the car attack in order to somehow defame President Donald Trump."

    "Gilmore is suing Jones, Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft, former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and others for “intentionally inflicting emotional distress” on him and his family members. His goal, he said, is to deter them from “repeating this dangerous pattern of defamation and intimidation.”

    What’s perhaps most important about this particular lawsuit is that Gilmore and his legal counsel, Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic, don’t plan to back down if Infowars offers a settlement, as others have done in the past.

    “There is no amount of money we would settle for,” Gilmore told HuffPost on Tuesday, noting that he hopes a judgment against Infowars will set a “legal precedent” for future suits.

    Both Gilmore and his attorney emphasize that the lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment or journalism.

    “The First Amendment does not and cannot protect deliberate lies designed to incite incessant harassment and violence against private citizens,” said Andrew Mendrala, supervising attorney at the Georgetown clinic and Gilmore’s lawyer. “This case is a simple defense of democracy. A well-informed public is essential to a healthy democracy. But a deliberately misinformed public is fatal to it.”"

  11. Anonymous2:17 PM

    The notary could NOT sign the paperwork. In Texas All parties have to sign in front of the notary, Trump did not sign so the notary could not legally complete her job.

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      I'm in Louisiana and we haven't been able to get a power of attorney signed for my 90 year old mom because she can't leave the nursing home to sign it,and no notaries will go there.I think this is a normal requirement everywhere.

    2. Anonymous5:36 PM

      I haven't heard that notaries can't go to a nursing home, hospital or your home. I swear I have heard of them going to the client. Check with other lawyers. Call your representative. Louisiana may have strange laws but that makes no sense.

      I have a case in Louisiana, the lawyers are in Tx and La. I am in another state. The notary documents are sent by fax. I was told I could use an X as long as it was registered in the book.

  12. Anonymous2:39 PM

    To me, it sounds almost like Cohen (or a helper to him) might have stolen the stamp for a short period of time and have used it w/o the notary public's knowledge, since she denies to even have seen that document, and she also does not have that requisite letter proving the real identity of the two signers on the ND letter...

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      I just did a notary in my state with a lawyer in another state. It was done correct, also I had to leave a thumbprint in a book. The people that were before me signed and thumbprint in the same book.
      The document notarized and sent electronically from one business to another. It would be easy for someone to payoff someone to do this alleged "notary". Dirty business is done in ways like that all the time.

      I am curious what did Daniels sign and thumbprint? I think the state is looking into this strange business with the notary. Mueller is interested in the ways the Trump gang does business. He may already know about several people he and his lawyers are secretly paying off to stay silent.

    2. If it's not in her book and she can't testify to witnessing it or authenticating the signatures, then that contract is null and void.

  13. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Poetic justice that a woman porn start takes him down.

  14. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I am a woman, and Stormy Danials is my hero. Go get 'im, Stormy.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      She does a lot of things that I'd never dream of; if you go to pornhub WOW I can't believe what this woman can put up her butt, and then I can't believe the size of the strap-ons that she screws her male "conquests" with in her "revenge/pain" porn movies that she is famous for.

      Gotta say, she certainly has no limits sexually. Seems dumb as a stump, but I guess some find their heroes in unlikely places.

    2. Anonymous5:50 PM

      She is not as dumb as Trump and look at all the people that think he is a leader and hero-like. From what I understand he liked her a lot and thought well of her and her business. He did not find her dumb, that is all that matters to him.

      I am sure Trump knew what he was bargaining for, he would have found someone with other services if she couldn't deliver for him. He picked her because she could do what he wants.

  15. Anonymous7:53 PM

    i'm sure many people have something on cadet bone spurs-they just haven't come forward. i feel there may be bodies somewhere. trump is a psychopath, and people get in his way. it's why he fires anyone who tells him he has to do something like being nice to kids who saw their friends being shot. the NRA must have dropped a few million to help trump decide that teachers need guns, not gun control.

    1. One can only hope that a lot of people are pulling out their copies of their own NDAs and looking for a way out so they can sell their stories for big bucks. I say, you go! Get a ghost writer and sell a book.


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