Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trump Administration bringing back abstinence only education in public schools. Man the hits just keep on coming.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Abstinence-only education — encouraging adolescents to wait until marriage for sex — is making a comeback under President Trump. 

In a marked departure from the previous administration, conservatives at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are putting an emphasis on abstinence to reduce teen pregnancy rates. 

“We definitely are seeing a shift,” said Kelly Marcum, a government affairs legislative assistant at the Family Research Council in Washington, which supports abstinence-only education. 

“We’re really excited to see that the administration is giving some tools back to us to keep pushing that fight.” 

So far, the administration has encouraged organizations applying for Title X federal family planning funds to include in their programs a “meaningful emphasis” on “the benefits of avoiding sex” when communicating with adolescents and to use programs that don’t “normalize sexual risk behaviors.” 

The Trump administration also plans to release its first report early this summer as part of a $10 million research project looking at ways to improve sex education programs, with a focus on the impact of “sexual delay.”

Yeah because that whole "wait until marriage" thing worked out so well in the past.

Telling kids that they cannot do something only makes that something even more desirable.

Anybody who has ever had, or ever been, a teenager knows that.

And if this approach is at all similar to past approaches it will focus mostly on shaming the girls, and give the guys a pass because they are not considered the gatekeepers of abstinence.

But hey if they are looking for an effective deterrent to sexual activity just show that image of Trump at the top of the page to the students.

One look at that and NOBODY is horny anymore.


  1. Anonymous4:08 AM

    It sure worked for Bristol, now didn’t it? Look at her now, and she even said that abstinence was unrealistic to GVS until Mommie Dearest swooped in and corrected what she “really meant.”

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      The point is abstinence works until it doesn't. Bristol Palin is a great example.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Ha! From the dump, who can't be faithful to any wife?

  3. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Sex amongst teens has already been decreasing since 06-07. Each new generation sees a decrease according To stats. Then you have teen fathers saying “everyone has sex in high school.” His kids will love throwing that in his face as justification.

  4. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Even though Bristol wasn’t on Bc in school (no need) even she made always said contraceptives are needed.

    1. Anonymous6:19 AM

      You moron,Bristol has already said she was on BC at 15 to regulate her periods.

    2. Anonymous6:27 AM

      6:19 AM - bullshit.

    3. Anonymous6:58 AM

      "'I was using birth control when I got pregnant': Bristol Palin tells Barbara Walters about accident that led to birth of her son
      By Daily Mail Reporter
      UPDATED: 11:06 EDT, 8 July 2011

      View comments
      Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol has admitted she was using birth control when she became pregnant by accident.

      She told TV chat show host Barbara Walters how the mistake led to the birth of her son Tripp, now three years old.

      Bristol, 20, said: 'I was on birth control when I got pregnant yeah, but it obviously was not used effectively.'

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    4. Anonymous6:59 AM

      "Bristol Palin is opening up about her ex-fiance Levi Johnston, losing her virginity and her mother Sarah Palin’s vice presidential run in her new memoir "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far."

      Among the most personal details Palin reveals is the story of losing her virginity: The 20-year-old writes that she was on a camping trip with Johnston and drank too many wine coolers. She later woke up in the tent alone and could hear Johnston talking with friends outside. She had no memory of what happened.

      They both vowed to wait until marriage to have sex again, but that didn't hold. When she got pregnant with their son Tripp, it took eight at-home pregnancy tests to convince her it was really happening, she said. She had been on birth control for cramps and never expected to conceive."

    5. Anonymous7:00 AM

      But, Palin writes, they became intimate again shortly after. When she learned she was pregnant in 2008, Palin was on birth control pills prescribed to treat her cramps; it took eight home pregnancy tests to convince her that she was expecting.

    6. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Learn to Google

    7. Anonymous7:23 AM

      7:00 AM - I can write that I'm a perfect 36-24-36, too. Doesn't make it so. Who believes one word out of a Palin maw?

    8. Anonymous9:35 AM

      I don't believe anything Bristol or her script writers say. She may or may not have been on birth control.

      I know for sure they lie.

    9. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Bristol can't write or talk for herself. They need to not only write the Bristol Levi fiction. They need to write about the other known knock ups when she was not married. They claim it was Dakota Meyer, that is questionable. They can still write about the birth control she did not use while unmarried and pretending she would not have sex outside of marriage.

      She probably does not know who the father's are. Lucky for her that no one will come forward and contradict her story. Dakota is going to claim he is the father of the 2 girls and leave it at that. What matters is the Abstinence Princess and her experiencing and teaching about birth control.

    10. Anonymous10:34 AM

      @6:27 AM Tri-Gger!

    11. Anonymous11:29 AM

      So I know a relative of Levi and a friend of the Heaths. At the time, they both said that Bristol and Levi actually planned the pregnancy. Stunningly dumb idea, and hard for most of us to believe, but when the Palin's are involved, no amount of stupidity is to be disbelieved.

    12. Anonymous12:25 PM

      That could be or not. At what point either Bristol or Levi were making up stories to rationalize that pregnancy and a bastard's birth, I have no way of knowing. I have heard that "planned the pregnancy" one before.

      I don't buy it.

      They may have wanted Tripp to read that his parents wanted him when he got older. Or they thought it made them look better to plan a unwed teen pregnancy and have a bastard. Bristol and her religion and all, of course, she would plan to have bastards. She and Sally must have prayed about it. Who knows?

      Their relatives and friends have been hearing lies for years and I doubt they know if some have a morsel of truth. The friends could sincerely believe in lies as if they are true.

      It is the kind of people they are and they have no interest in clearing up things, even for Tripp's sake.

      He is a public person and they want his life story to be a mess of lies. What parents!

      I have know doubt they both tell him lies to his face about his life and his family. Why not allow all the lies to go on throughout his life?

      I am so thankful I did not end up with parents and family like that.

    13. Anonymous6:05 PM

      You can take it to the bank that any time that family opens it mouth, it’s a lie. If $arah is even offered the DOE job, she’ll go down in flames. That’s what happens to the likes of them.

  5. Anonymous4:23 AM

    It is important though that people hear the fact that abstinence is the only way to absolutely prevent pregnancy. That must be drilled into brains because to date there is no reliant birth control. I conceived twins with an IUD.

    These days though more than half homes aren’t traditional. I’d even say probably 80% of homes aren’t “traditional.”

    1. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Does your pea brain think that "traditional" homes don't result in teen pregnancies? It's funny how the teen pregnancy rate dropped under President Obama,with so many non-traditional homes.

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Pre-teens and teens that are sexually awakening and choose a partner and want to experience are one thing.

      Girls are raped by family and others starting in infancy. When they are raped after their cycles start, they can end up pregnant at ages like ten. It doesn't matter how hard you drill Abstinence-only into the brain of a child who was raped and ends up pregnant.

      Sex education needs to include what happens to these children also. Are they taught they are damned if they "murder" an embryo? Ten year olds are not stupid, they need facts and the ability to have a say in their fate after a traumatic event.

    3. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Yeah. Let's stick a dick in a four year olds mouth. Sarah.
      Why did you kill his brother?

  6. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I disagree that it is a waste to also teach abstinence and the advantages of abstinence as an option. I think that the costs of an unintended pregnancy to provide and care for a child should be part of the curriculum including the likelihood of reduced earnings statistically.

    As a female more knowledge and expectations to not be an unwed mother certainly deterred me from acting on impulse a lot.

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      I don't think they mean "option," 4:38 AM, they mean ONLY.

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      They do mean ONLY. I am fine with teaching as long as they teach the facts of abstinence. I wouldn't want to call it an option since it is has been taken over by a narrow minded religious cult.

      People can be abstinent for a variety of reasons throughout their lives. It is disgusting that it has been co-opted by fanatics of a dying cult with too much power in government.

  7. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Trump is an even bigger moron, then I thought possible.
    Clean your own dirty house!

    Go away you stupid, hateful,racist!

    You do not get to tell us what to do! no mas!!!

  8. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I would comment but, unfortunately, I feel like vomiting right now. Maybe later.

  9. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Stephen Hawking has died :(

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      When I think of all that Stephen Hawking accomplished and always with good cheer, I find myself also recalling Sarah Palin's cruel comments about Hawking's "appearance" when she ignorantly thought he was Richard Dawkins.

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      he's free now.

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Add this

      "Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently took a similar tack on her Facebook page, writing that the sick and elderly would have to stand before “Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.”

      The New York Times’s Robert Pear and David Herszenhorn have found that those “concerns appear to be unfounded,” noting that the AARP said “the rumors out there are flat-out lies.”

      What the House bill would do, according to Mr. Pear and Mr. Herszenhorn, is “provide Medicare coverage for optional consultations with doctors who advise patients on life-sustaining treatment and ‘end-of-life services,’ including hospice care.”, The St. Petersburg Times’s truth-squadding team, has also looked into statements of Ms. McCaughey, including this one: “Congress would make it mandatory — absolutely require — that every five years people in Medicare have a required counseling session that will tell them how to end their life sooner.”

      The group said that Ms. McCaughey was “spreading a ridiculous falsehood.”"

  10. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Oh now that is BRILLANT!!! And so who would be the spokesperson for that? Let me guess, sarah and Bristol. Yep on Friday at marslardo sarah will give the screech of her lifetime with her daughter to the poor marlardo residence. Peddling holier than thou dung to confused empty souls paying don trump to live at his dump. Oh Baby is that good.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      i don't see a whole lot of people coming to see $arah.

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Republicans are DUMB AS FUCK, Dont under estimate the stupidity of them. After all they gave us Lord t-RUMP. All hail HERR ORANGE FLATULENCE.

    3. Anonymous12:30 PM

      8:12 AM
      The fundraiser isn't happening yet. How could you see who will be there? I doubt she is the only 'celebrity', people will go that want to be at Trump's place. It is not only about Sarah Palin.

    4. Anonymous1:52 PM

      A sellout crowd of 700 is expected... "Sarah Palin will keynote the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner on Friday at Mar-a-Lago, the party announced today. There’s no word yet on whether the venue’s owner, President Donald Trump, will be in town this weekend to possibly drop in on the dinner. “Surprise guests are always welcome,” says a county GOP advisory. Trump spoke at the county GOP’s dinner at Mar-a-Lago as a candidate in 2016 and used the occasion to make news, pledging to publicly list potential Supreme Court nominees to assuage conservative concerns. Trump also attended the 2014 dinner at Mar-a-Lago, introducing keynote speaker Ted Cruz. Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, will be joined Friday by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who faces term limits and has been urged by Trump to run for Senate this year against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson."

      "Will the translator being translating from Palinese to Trumpese? HAHAHAHAHA"

    5. Anonymous8:50 PM

      Paid actors. $100. Each. $7000 for a "fake" crowd.
      Cheap illusion. Trumpian.

    6. Anonymous11:08 PM

      Florida Gov. Rick Scott now has the gun bill -- what will he do? Attend the GOP fundraising dinner at Trump's Mar-a-Lago with teabag Palin.

  11. Anonymous5:37 AM

    This is kinda personal. It is a matter of choice. Unless you have raised your child in a tight controlled environment with deep communication and that child accepts this type of morals and desire to wait until marriage. It will not work. First thought is don't give it away. Second understand human nature. third people rape kids. Maybe don can work on that.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      You want "don" to work on raping kids?

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      cadet bone spurs is not working on anything but that stupid wall and his parade both of of which is costing us millions that could be put to use saving this country.

    3. Anonymous9:52 AM

      We all know that Don would never prematurely sexulaize a child or young person.

      Or rape his wife

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM

      There is an article on internet regarding trump and his friend Epstein raping a 13yr old virgin girl at a location off the coast of California a few years ago. They tied her down and both raped her. Trump and him got into a argument about who got to go first. Its out there and trump must be held accountable. Epstein has already been charged for other issues and labeled a sex predator. But trump? not yet. The young girl was scared silent by trump...

    5. Anonymous12:30 PM

      @11:46 AM

      "As of now, all of the information about this lawsuit comes solely from the complaint filed by “Katie Johnson,” and no one has as yet located, identified, or interviewed her. She was scheduled to appear at a press conference on 2 November 2016 but didn’t show up, claiming that threats to her life kept her away. She reportedly dropped the lawsuit again on 4 November 2016 for the same reason.

      A status conference for the lawsuit was scheduled to be held on 16 December 2016."

    6. Anonymous8:51 PM

      Holy crap! I hope you didn't breed. If so, get fixed fast!

  12. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Trump looks like Mr. Limpet - the cartoon fish version.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      'The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964) Official Trailer - Don Knotts' "rump looks like Mr. Limpet -
      the cartoon fish" Incredible!

  13. Anonymous6:19 AM

    $hit like this is why fundamentalist xtians still support DJT.

    Almost Mueller Time.


  14. Anonymous6:42 AM

    You know you’re a fuckup when your most recent fuck ups are being covered more extensively than the death of Stephen Hawking.

  15. Anonymous7:44 AM

    'hits keep on coming'?

  16. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Ga$lighting USa."I was drawn to it at first because I was told that the character was originally written as a man, and that the creators had gender-swapped it. I thought, oh, I like that idea, so I read it. And I was surprised that it was their first film, because the writing was so good. It explored the subject from a different angle that I felt I hadn’t seen before, and represented abuse in a way that I felt was more honest than most because it wasn’t just from one perspective—it was multiple perspectives—and it showed the intimate nature of abuse, and how it’s a virus that spreads from person-to-person in one way or another. "

  17. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Oh, that’s rich!

    The “grab ‘em by the pussy” administration is advocating abstinence only?!

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      May be realized he was grabbing someone's dick.
      Dude looks like a lady. ;)

  18. Anonymous8:08 AM

    trump is such a great role model for our kids!!! the bastard has tried to fuck every woman on the planet and he wants kids to wait?!??

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Trump is the supreme example for impulse control. Lucky for Barron, he is about the right age when his teacher father will be there for him to share his wisdom.

      Also, too, it's a good time for Stormy Daniels to share her wisdom and experience.

    2. Anonymous11:11 AM

      #1 I$$ue Abortion = Labor Force

  19. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Massive hypocrites with tiny flaccid little balls trying to tell others what to do? huh.

  20. Anonymous8:48 AM



  21. Anonymous8:53 AM


    "I think his Father is a very wise man!
    Beautiful song."

  22. Anonymous9:21 AM

    How you gonna preach about abstinence when the president is on video bragging about grabbing them by the pussy? How you gonna tell young people how to not fuck when the religious right has given the biggest fucker of them all a mulligan?
    Didn't the Parkland students teach us anything? That kids see right through the hypocrisy of adults.
    Before adults try to impose bullshit on younger people then they better start being the example. And Trump Dump is not a good example. And neither is his wife with her half hearted effort to confront bullying with the biggest bully right next to her.

  23. Anonymous9:28 AM

    What will the teaching material consist of - a picture of Bristol with a giant red "X" across her pussy zone?

    1. Anonymous9:50 AM

      "In June 1642, in a Puritan Boston, Massachusetts, a crowd gathers to witness the punishment of Hester Prynne, a young woman who has given birth to a baby of unknown parentage.
      She is required to wear a scarlet "A"{ colorRED }

    2. Anonymous10:05 AM

      @ Anonymous9:28 AM: Dead from laughter.

  24. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Mrs. Palin's daughter, Bristol Meyer, is studying for a career. Anyone with half a brain cell left knows she could never handle the Real Estate business, even with others doing all the work for her.

    Resurrecting Abstinence-only is made to order for her ghostwriter. They will be able to step right in and be leaders in an educational crusade like never before seen.

    They have Trump's back on this. Bristol has the experience, she needs a career and Sarah is ready for the White House now that Track is almost free. Who better to represent family values for the Trump Administration?

    1. Anonymous8:56 PM

      This is what happens when you open your legs.

  25. Anonymous10:12 AM


    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

  26. Abstinence only from a Serial Adulterer and admitted Sexual Predator.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Bet the political cartoonists at Der Spiegel are having a field day.

  27. Trump...the poster boy for abstinence. Just ask all his wives.

  28. Anonymous10:25 AM

    a RaT$ Ne$T

  29. Anonymous10:40 AM

    OT:"Carson needs to resign over this. CNN:

    Newly released emails cast doubt on claims by Secretary Ben Carson and his spokesman that he had little or no involvement in the purchase of a $31,000 furniture set for his Department of Housing and Urban Development dining room.

    Emails show Carson and his wife selected the furniture themselves.

    An August email from a career administration staffer, with the subject line "Secretary's dining room set needed," to Carson's assistant refers to "printouts of the furniture the Secretary and Mrs. Carson picked out."

    In any other administration....But yeah yeah lying is normal now." C&L

  30. Anonymous11:24 AM

    "Parrott stood on a box outside the trailer and watched Heimbach and Jessica have sex inside, according to a police report. When the box broke under Parrott’s weight, he entered the trailer to confront them. Heimbach allegedly choked him and chased him into a house, where Parrott threw a chair at him. Heimbach hit back, choking him into unconsciousness, according to the police report."
    "Heimbach’s wife accused him of becoming violent when she refused to dismiss the police. “He kicked the wall, and then grabbed my cheeks, making them bleed, and threw me with the and on my face onto the bed,” she wrote to police. “I have a recording of this.”

    Police arrested Heimbach on the spot and charged him with battery, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery committed in the physical presence of a child. (The Heimbachs’ two young children were present when he allegedly assaulted his wife.) The police report lists Heimbach’s occupation as “white nationalist.”"

  31. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Trump is one ugly sob pos. That wig plugs he wears is gross. Bleached out hair looks like his daughters.

  32. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Sly & the Family Stone - Babies makin' Babies
    "This IS the original's just not the original RELEASED version. For unknown reasons, Sly got cold feet and replaced it at the last minute with a far less groovy take for the 1973 "Fresh". THIS version was first available on the 1990's CD release of "Fresh", which, without explanation, had radically different mixes or performances on each song except "In Time." The currently available CD contains the most radically different mixes as bonus tracks, including this one."

  33. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Is that a walrus or Big Bird?

    1. Anonymous8:24 PM

      No, its a pelican with a big fish in its gill.

  34. Anonymous1:03 PM

    As always: "Do as I say, not as I DO..."

    And truer than ever with *preznidint Feltersnatch.

    Mr. "Grab them by the pussy..."

    Mr. "STD's were my own personal Vietnam..."

    Mr. "I moved on her like a Bitch..."

    Mr. "I am going to be dating her [a prepubescent girl] in ten years, can you believe it?..."

    Mr. "I just start kissing them...I don't even wait..."

    Mr. "I did try to fuck her; she was married..."


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