Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yesterday a bunch of pro-gun advocates showed up at state capitols to protest gun control measures. And yes, they were armed.

Must have been a buy one get one free sale at the flag store.
Courtesy of the AP: 

Gun rights supporters — many carrying rifles and ammunition — gathered at state capitols across the U.S. on Saturday to push back against efforts to pass stricter gun-control laws that they fear threaten their constitutional right to bear arms. 

From Delaware to Wyoming, hundreds gathered at peaceful protests to listen to speakers who warned that any restrictions on gun ownership or use eventually could lead to a ban on gun ownership, which is guaranteed under the Second Amendment. 

“If you have a building and you take a brick out every so often, after a while you’re not going to have a building,” said Westley Williams, who carried an AR-15 rifle as he joined about 100 people braving blustery weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for a pro-gun-rights rally in front of the state supreme court building. 

Dave Gulya, one of the organizers of a rally in Augusta, Maine, said about 800 people showed up at the statehouse — a gun-free zone — to make the point that “we are law-abiding.” 

Saturday’s protests were planned in dozens of state capitols less than three weeks after hundreds of thousands marched in Washington, New York and elsewhere to demand tougher gun laws after the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17. Organizers of those protests demanded a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and called for universal background checks on potential gun owners.

You know here's the thing.

If you want people to believe that gun owners are relatively harmless, perhaps you DON'T show up to a rally looking like this:

That is using your weapons in an attempt to appear intimidating, not to appear safe and protective of others.

As for these rallies, well Ammosexuals why don't you get back to us when you can actually demonstrate strength in numbers.
Because as of right now it appears you are greatly outnumbered.


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    “If you have a building and you take a brick out every so often, after a while you’re not going to have a building,” yet "law abiding."

    If they ONLY knew how stupid they look and sound. Isn't this the Schaffer Cox defense trying to get out of prison?

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      The bullies are empowered by the stench of trump. Bad behavior is their norm. They are a silent stinky fart and they look like it. Smelly garbage from the swamp. Turds floating in the sewer waiting to be flushed.

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Thank you, G for highlighting something positive here in Idaho. I am keeping the faith that positive change is coming to this state and our country. Yes, the youth are showing us the way.

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Sandy Hook $arah: I bought Todd a rifle because I could.

    I don't care WHO you are, you flash one and/or pose with your stockpile, pose your kids with them, YOU are a COWARD and, as far as I'm concerned, trash of the earth like plastic floating in our oceans.

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    They invariably look like sloppy overweight unkempt losers hiding behind shades, beards, and hats. Big 'Little' boys.

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Yes, deplorable slobs.

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Anyone that must show their guns to appear to be a law abiding peaceful usa citizen is a nut. Legal law abiding decent gun owners, hunters, target shooters do not do that. The people that I have known all my life that hunt, target shoot, and collect do not wave them around or intimidate anyone with their guns. These people are bullies, they are nuts, they are pathetic examples and they do nothing but cause harm to society. Our children are begging adults to behave and care about their safety. These freaks have caused harm to children. It is gross and their guns should be taken away.

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    This is nothing more than allowing bullies to bully. Shame on our elected and appointed representatives for continuing this scam and con job on America. Overturn citizen united. Hold the NRA liable.

  7. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Old days, showing my age, it used to be "my way or the highway." Now it's "my way or you're dead."

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    boycotting starbucks.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      I've boycotted Starbucks ever since they opened :-)

      Kind of like facebook, twitter, instagram, anything that draws people in like sheep is a turnoff to me.

      They are so omnipresent, believe it or not we have 4 starbucks in Wasilla Alaska in a half mile radius; stand alone store in the Target parking lot, one in the Target store, one in the Fred Meyer across the street and one in Carrs/Safeway a half mile up the highway. That's just ridiculous and I can't believe anyone supports it, plus a friend brought me one of the lattes once and it tasted bitter and burned.

      I've always been a coffee snob though and there isn't a single retail stand that can match what I do at home so it would just be a waste of $6 each morning.

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Overpriced garbage coffee. Time to pull the plug on BS coffee scams.

    3. Anonymous7:51 PM

      @6:40 ~

      I bet your coffee is delicious!

      I wish you could try G7 coffee from Vietnam. It's instant, has creamer and real sugar already in it, and i liberally sprinkle cinnamon on top. One stick makes 5 ounces of coffee (150 mls); two sticks for to make 10 oz of delicious coffee (put it in a 12 oz cup) at of cost of about 20 cents per stick. A bag of 100 sticks is about $19 on Amazon.

      Back when everyone was pulling together and donating to a food drive, i sent a bunch of G7 to the Alaskan natives when their Bay was iced in and food was in short supply.

      I wanted them to have some comfort and i felt instant coffee would help them not waste water (an ordeal to obtain) by not drinking all they brewed.

      And $arah must have felt the same way about comfort; she had Frank Graham fly her to them so she could photo op a plate of cookies.

      (Those boys bullied at Starbucks hired themselves a smart lady lawyer, whom i bet will not let Starbucks get off with giving those guys cards for a lifetime supply of latte along with a public apology.)

    4. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Buy a can of coffee for 7 bucks. Make it last a month. Fuck *bucks and their earth destroying bullshit. They waste sooooo much product INTENTIONALLY just to maintain their stupid formulas. Earth terrorists. All of their customers are supporting terrorism. Anyone who is even friends with people who buy *bucks is turning a blind eye to terrorism, and therefore silently enabling.

  9. Anonymous6:59 PM

    No one want to take your guns away. But there should be rules. If we don't have rules we have anarchy. Not assault weapons sold to crazy people. And why would you want to own an assault weapon. Unless you're trying to take down the enemy. I know there's no honor in killing animals with assault weapons. The founding fathers would have puked had they known crazies would use the 2nd amendment to their own use.
    Just stop acting crazy. Let's make some laws where kids don't kill kids. And assholes can just stay home with their potbellies and pride and not show off their guns.
    What an asshole country we have become.

  10. Anonymous9:20 PM



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