Sunday, December 14, 2008

Does anybody else find Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan hot?

Okay so before anybody decides that I am a disgusting guy who only thinks with his penis even while watching this incredibly dramatic political scandal unfold, I just have this to say......"Yeah, so?"

Everytime I see her on television talking about impeaching Rod Blagojevich I find myself completely smitten with her buttoned down sexiness, her passionate speaking style, and her intellectual prowess.

Now this is what Sarah Palin tried to pull off, and failed miserably!

Just wearing glasses, putting your hair up, and wearing business suits, does not make you the hot librarian type that men go gaga over. You have to actually have something going on behind the glasses as well.

And damn, does Ms. Madigan have a lot going on behind those glasses!

Don't believe me? Then check out her interview with Larry King. And listen to that deep smoky voice of hers! Rroowwrr!!!

Wow! Now THAT is a woman!


  1. Heh! Lisa Madigan is my partner's cousin ... and there's a strong family resemblance, both physically and in terms of brains behind the glasses. Lucky me, huh!?

    We'd admire Lisa even if she weren't a relative, but because she is a relative we take personal pride in seeing her get some well-deserved positive national attention.

    She really is the anti-Palin, isn't she? : )

  2. Well fuck it. To hell with political correctness. She is everything you say she is and then some. And she's so attractive for all the right reasons: her smarts, her demeanor, her political gravitas. I'm seeing a bright future there.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    You know what? Even comparing this intelligent woman to Silly Sarah Palin is an insult.

  4. She is hot! She reminds me of Demi Moore.

  5. Well, I forgive you Gryphen....and all the others too. I think it is the entire package. She has it all, brains and beauty. That's something Palin will never have and never understand.

    Did you by chance hear McCain on This Week?? He refused to say he would back her if she ran for Pres in 2012. Talk about throwing someone under the Said there were too many equally qualified people out there now. From what they were saying in that meeting at Harvard, Rick Davis admitted Palin was just a Hail Mary, lets hope she gives us enough to put us over the top. Purely political pick and it back fired on them.

  6. All I can say is, besides the fact you are attracted to her intellect as well, thank GOD the voice makes a difference to you!

    Listening to Sarah makes me want to stick needles in my ears...same with most of the other musicians I know!

    You have risen high in my esteem, Sir! (Even if your Progressive attraction is dominated by your penis! **wink**)


  7. She's pretty attractive. Her voice wasn't that exciting to me, though I'm glad that somebody who mostly just sounded familiar to me (I'm also a midwesterner originally) is sounding intellectual to lots of other people.

  8. Yes.
    I had spent several weeks thinking about this, and couldn't take it any more. So I just now google the terms "Lisa Madigan hot" and found this site. My very long experience in life tells me that she would not be as fun as I wished she were.

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  12. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Do you find Patti Blagojevich hot too? I do.


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