Saturday, January 03, 2009

Canadian television personality George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Sarah Palin on New Years eve.

If you were to turn this into a drinking game where you took a drink everytime Sarah Palin "fudged the truth" you would be hammered well before part one of this interview ended.

She was "vetted"? Really?

Palin is "wired to make other people's lives better"? I think some of those wires may be crossed. Perhaps she can get newly minted, but completely unqualified, apprentice electrician Levi Johnston to help her get rewired. Just a suggestion.

Sorry Trig, apparently "energy" is Sarah Palin's baby. And she treats it with the same cavalier attitude that she used slinging baby Trig all over the stage at those campaign rallies.

"Did I ever feel I was unqualified? No." Surprised? Anyone?

Example of a hypothetical question: "What books do you read? Hypothetically."

And we also learn that Sarah Palin does not close doors, which must run up HUGE energy bills for her to pay while living in Wasilla, and that if she sees a door in front of her she is going to "plow right through it", so we also know she cannot work a doorknob.

Just for shits and giggles go ahead and watch the Obama address right below this and then force yourself to watch BOTH parts of this interview and then just take a moment to feel the relief wash over you that our election went the way that it went. Because I know, that I know, that I know we would have been truly fucked if John McCain and this woman had been elected.


  1. And she isn't anxiously waiting for her 1st grandchild either. And let me tell a grandmother I was as excited maybe more excited and nervous and scared about my daughter having her 1st child as I was about mine. So for her to not mention that just rings false to me. Something is off with this woman. Well I guess we knew that didn't

    She is still campaigning... If I didn't know better I would think she was still up for election of something.

  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Good stuff, huh! I had the same thought as Annette when I watched this yesterday. If this interview was given on New Years Eve, baby Tripp was supposedly already born on the 28th. She makes no mention of it, none, zip, nada...but the same day rants and raves to People Mag.


  3. omg....
    she really is the gift that keeps on giving..and giving and giving...

    and the shit that falls out of her mouth...whoa...

    About the "grandchild " issue that Annette so true....

    I was thinking her Turkey Interview was horrendous...but this one gets an honorable mention.....atleast....

    ( thanks for posting Obama what a difference...)

  4. I have been fascinated by Sarah Palin ever since she made the national political scene--fascinated in the sense of watching a train wreck. She couldn't give a straight answer to a question if her life depended on it. Not mentioning Bristol's baby really makes me think even more that there IS no baby--yet. She spouts so many lies she can't keep them straight.

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Sorry I could only watch until she said maverick and that was all for me

  6. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Gryphen, I don't know you, but I know, that I know, that I know I really enjoy your commentary, snark and all!

    "Immoral Minority fan in Oregon"

  7. catdance5:55 PM

    The woman is a pathological liar and a complete narcissist. Lying for her is ingrained and effortless so long as it gets her what she wants.

    Did you see how she turned the question about how death threats against Obama increased after she stirred up the crowds? Suddenly it became all about offensive t-shirts at Obama rallies.

    How in God's name do you equate a t-shirt with a death threat? Pretty easily, if you're a sociopath.

  8. Anonymous5:26 AM

    I'm with you bookworm...and have felt that way since she has graced the lower 48 with her omnipresence. She is Britney Spears without the meds and daddy Jamie to keep her in control.

    Sarah should have a competent PR person to be her Jamie Spears, but she obviously doesn't. If she did, she wouldn't be leaving crazy ass voice mails to People Mag, possible endangering her future son-in-laws sweet job. Ironic, she leaves a message about not endangering Bristol & Levi's "job opportunities" with the dropout label, but the message itself could now get him fired or demoted.

    Karma's a bitch, huh?

    I now believe every nasty rumour about SP that came from McCain's people post campaign. They were absolutely right to keep a muzzle on her as long as they could.


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