Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama calls on ex-rival John McCain during fiscal meeting and McCain takes opportunity to jealously attack Obama over new helicopter fleet.

Does anybody really believe that John McCain would not be giddy with excitement about his new helicopter if HE had been elected President?

Hell Cindy McCain probably would have asked that it be painted pink and taken the Bedazzler to it.

And of course Sarah Palin would have asked that it be outfitted with machine gun turrets to help with "predator control" in Alaska.

But you have to admire how easily Obama handled his clearly disgruntled ex-Presidential rival. The guy is smooth.


  1. I'm surprised that President Obama (it feels so good to write that!) could even keep a straight face. The country is going to hell in a hand basket, and the only concern McCain can bring up is the cost of the President's helicopter. WTF?

  2. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:49 AM

    McCain is a sore loser and Judas! PO has been trying to extend the "olive branch" to these fools and they have stupidly taken it as weakness on his part....I am reading PO's "Audicity of hope" and
    I cannot wait until tonight when he rips them all a new one!
    They are fools, and they will fall...here's a article from HuffPo

  3. Bitter much, McLame? This from a man who's wife thought everyone in corporate America had their own private jet.

  4. McCain, how many homes do you have? I am not sure we ever found that out.

    The helicopter was ordered 4 years ago. I mean, you don't just go to Amazon and pay for two-day shipping!!

  5. Rumor is, the helicopters (plural) that BUSH ordered from Italy, was payback for Italy's help in forging the yellowcake uranium letter. Yeah, the one that helped BUSH et al lie us into war with Iraq.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-klein-and-paolo-pontoniere/helicopters-cover-ups-and_b_167568.html in case you haven't seen this.

  6. This is hilarious mainly for the fact that Obama wasn't even the one who ordered them. As of today, I read an article that claimed Obama was actually canceling the order. I find John McCain preposterous! Thank goodness he didn't win the office.

  7. This isn't McCain being jealous. If you look at the context, it's pretty obvious that the question and response was more or less planned. Also, McCain was pointing to the helicopter as an example of a broader issue with cost overruns in the Defense Department, as he said. This is an example of McCain and Obama demonstrating for the cameras that they can play the role of leader and opposition in a constructive manner. Too bad everybody missed that.

  8. Obama is so cool. He deflated the faux outrage by agreeing with McCain, he made people laugh with a bit of self-deprecating humor, and he wound up saying the problem needs to be addressed. I also loved how he put the onus of fixing it back on McCain and other senators.
    McCain looked like a stammering, whiney loser.

  9. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I am anti-McCain, but it totally seemed like a staged exchange to me. Of course, as ever, Pres. Obama handled it well!

  10. Anonymous11:37 AM

    It's obvious that McCain had it planned. It was so scripted.

    Clearly, Mc is still reeling from his loss, and knows that he had that one chance to be prez and he blew it. Maybe if he didn't choose Palin, that would have helped. He chose a walking fool and it's the biggest mistake of his life. You had your chance John and you blew it. It's time to let it go.


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