Monday, March 23, 2009

Something Wicked (or good depending on your perspective) This Way Comes.

(Seriously who thought THAT t-shirt was a good idea?)

Well the dozens of Palin supporters out there are going to have yet another reason to dislike the Alaskan bloggers.

I have received word along the blogger grapevine that something big, and potentially very damaging to Sarah Palin is coming soon.

I am not yet at liberty to divulge what it is, but I will say that it is not "babygate" related.

However it WILL cause Caribou Barbie even more sleepless nights.

Bwa ha ha ha! (I am still working on my evil laugh.)

(Okay I REALLY cannot look at that shirt anymore!)


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Is it a new ethics complaint?

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Please remove that shirt.
    Not you lady but the pic!

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Well Gryphen, let's hope you aren't crying wolf like you did with that pudgy baby-weight-gain Bristol photo.

    We need something juicy this time to make amends.

  4. Hmmm, she has mounting legal bills, she has the same materials in her home as in the wasilla sports center, she spends more time thinking about her national aspirations than considering her Alaskan constituents, her husband is her "schoolyard bully" she's pallin' around with Scientologists, Neo-Cons, Crazy Fundies and (also too) Witch Doctors, her kids travel on the state dime when not appropriate, she left Wasilla millions in debt, she, oh crap, there are just too many scenarios in which she might play the guilty party so I eagerly await this newest news with baited breath!

    It probably doesn't even have anything to do with any of the above offenses as I'm sure that I've missed at least 75 percent of them as I was doing this off the top of my head.

    Thanks Gryphen, whoever you are, for always staying on top of things!

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I'm guessing it's about Religiongate.

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Really looking forward to your newest discoveries, let's hope the evil witch from the north gets chased out of town as soon as possible. And please, for the love of all that's holy, spare us with more pics like that, I had to adblock it instantly because it made my stomach nearly errupt.

  7. Whatever it is Gryphen, there is one outstanding issue that I believe needs to be chased down. That is Palin's tax return and the number of dependent kids. I'm still reading it as her having four kids including Track. I think we need a legal opinion on the question and definitely not someone on one of the blogs saying he/she is a lawyer and they interpret it as saying it doesn't include Track.

    I could be wrong and it may have already been done but I wouldn't want to see any stones unturned until we get that bitch in a bottle where she can't do any more harm.

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Ew, that shirt may give some people nightmares tonight.

    Love the wrinkled neck, though!

  9. That is just about the most gosh awful t-shirt I have ever seen in my life!!! Where oh where did you find that hideous picture??

  10. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Why would Track still be a dependant child? He's 19 or 20 and in the military. Shouldn't he be not a dependant anymore?

  11. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hint: If your eyes are burning, drag the comments box over the picture...I did and I feel much better.

    Sorry, Blogger isn't cooperating with me.

    the problem child

  12. I read the instructions on the tax form and it still looks to me that she would be compelled to include Track even though he's gone from the home now. Not to mention that his name is mentioned on the return in other places. This fact alone makes it clear that Track is a consideration of some kind on the tax return.

    But it's not objections such as yours that is going to put it to bed for me. I'll accept somebody like Gryphen Audrey from PD or someone else who can be trusted that Palin is out of the woods on this one. Like I said, I'm not sure but I will be before this gets put to bed.

  13. Oooh, I can hardly wait!

    Notice how we get at least one Palin-related treat a week? You think she does that deliberately?

  14. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Get a grip. I was in no way objecting. I was asking what is a legitimate question about why Track would still be considered a dependent given that he's of the age of majority and no longer in the house.

    Perhaps it's because he was still living at home for some portion of 2008 before he went to boot camp, but that would be my only guess.

  15. "HOUSE GATE" is huge! (Even bigger than what Stevens was convicted of with his house remodel.) It fits Palin's pattern-of-malfeasance, and using her position for personal, unethical gain. Surely, some entity has been investigating this, like the ADN and FBI. It stinks...Todd's "contractor buddies", materials same as Sport's Complex, timing, no building permits, etc. I see housegate in the horizon!

  16. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I think it would be hilarious if it was something this simple (and obvious) that brought her down. If she did list 5 children, and it was found later that Trig isn't hers (whether through birth, or adoption, in which case she could claim him), it would be tax fraud, so she couldn't take that risk, right? Lucky that she has Track to make people question how she meant it.

    Bring on the problems for Palin- it would be great if, along with Alaskans' cleanup of Mt. Redoubt, the Governor's mansion could have a little spring cleaning!

  17. Don--Palin's disclosure required by the State of Alaska was recently made public. I think that is the document that you called a tax form.

    A disclosure is made to "catch" or disclose any possible conflicts ("gifts $$") of interest that a public official might have with a lobbyist or other public officials, such as a member of the legislature "doing business with" or "making a gift to" someone in the executive branch.

    State laws and regulations govern these disclosures and determine what should be disclosed. State law determines what "child" means for purposes of the disclosure. This is a DIFFERENT definition from "dependents" in the Internal Revenue Code. These are two different documents with different rules for each.

    It is my understanding that Palin's federal tax returns are not generally not public. However, her return from 2007 was made public while she was a candidate for VP. So we likely won't see her 2008 federal tax return.

    Hope that helps a little.

  18. Please let it be an impeachment trial! lol

  19. There's an old Arnold Schwarznegger movie from 1990 called "Total Recall", where the protagonist (Arnold) comes in contact with a mutant rebel leader named Kuato.

    Coincidentally, Kuato is a tiny fetus-looking human mutant enclosed in the body cavity of his more human-appearing host, George, who merely pretends to be the rebel leader until someone needs to talk to the real thing.


    I wonder if whoever designed that t-shirt had this movie in mind, creating the t-shirt as an evil little inside joke....


    (p.s. you don't WANT to know my word verif -- it's the kind of word that's been banned in some places)

  20. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I get it. The Palin T is a materniTy shirt. Sarah's chin is where the baby bump sticks out! Very clever!

  21. Anonymous5:05 PM

    There is a petition (as it pertains to her "Jihad" on Arctic Wildlife) to impeach Sarah Palin here:

    There's also a new Facebook group: Alaskan's Against Sarah Palin, which seems to be a new gathering place for those who oppose her.

    We need to organize, if whatever this impending news is...doesn't do it.

  22. Anonymous5:06 PM

    On the filing of the papers, doesn't she have to file as long as she has Sarahpac? I think somwhere I read she had to.

  23. That shirt is the stuff nightmares are made of! Ewwww!

    I can't wait to see which of the multi-gates might finally do her in!

  24. How long is "soon?" This week? Hope, hope...

  25. It can't be Religiongate. I wrote it this morning, which was the middle of the night in the US...

    Whatever it is, the suspense here and at Mudflats is unbearable!

  26. Yeah you know the thing is I would probably spill the beans myself, but I have been sworn to silence until I get the go ahead from my friend.

    My understanding is that it won't be long.

  27. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Wow, just Wow! First Redoubt now this! Thar she blows! teehee!
    I can't wait!
    I just hope its so good it takes her
    DOWN! Out! Behind bars!

  28. Anonymous6:01 PM

    That shirt... disturbs me.

    As a devoted follower of this blog and Palingates, I look forward to this new damaging information about Palin. But I fear that Palin's followers will just ignore it entirely, and nobody will take any kind of legal action, and it will be another bridge to nowhere.

  29. I think the evil laugh sounds more like,

    "Bwhaaahahaa haah haaa haaaaah..."

    More sorta drawn out, doncha think?

  30. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I agree Emily. She could LITERALLY grow horns and a tail, and her followers would still ADORE her (and blame the bloggers and media for the new growths). Unless the Feds, IRS or her own Legislators are involved, it will likely blow over - like the MANY other "gates" that SHOULD have crushed her by now.

  31. Anonymous6:43 PM

    "Something Wicked This Way Comes" ...Hmm..,A Macbeth allusion....Could it be that Todd is going to dress up as Lady Macbeth and perform his new one-man show on FOX for Greta? Is it called "Out, Out, Damn John"?

  32. Thanks Lisan, and yeah, that's the thing I was referring to. I read the whole thing including the definition of what constitutes a child for purposes of the disclosure. But I still don't have a definitie answer on the issue. Must be a dead horse because somebody would have pounced on it with all four feet by now?

  33. Anonymous8:11 PM

    "Something Wicked This Way Comes..." I'm still working on this...Someone is officially declared...a witch???

  34. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Maybe she and the dud will be splitsville, just kidding. I think it will be something with her house.

  35. WTF, Gryphen? Some people are eating dinner when they visit your blog. This photo is SO uncalled for, dude! MAN, KoJo, the first thing I thought of when I saw this disaster was "Total Recall". No one who wants to have viable sperm or ovum should look at this photo for too long. Seriously. NO ONE.

    My word verification: ersoris

    definition: what happens to viable sperm and ovum when staring at Palin shirt too long. "I'm sorry Mrs. Jones. You're husband's sperm's swimming paterns show signs of ersoris; rather than seeking your ovum, they simply mount one another. It's quite odd."

  36. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I'm going to guess the Trans Canada Pipeline to Nowhere.

    But I wish it was for the funneling of funds to her Dairy buddies. And I'd like to see Kristen Cole go down with her.

    verif: subun contraction, as in; I'sabun in the oven.

  37. Anonymous1:50 AM

    It looks like orange Lindsey Lohan spray tanner...which seems appropriate, since Sarah is even more pushy and obnoxious about her kids than Dina Lohan.

  38. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Kajo...props for the Total Recall reference. I almost spit out my coffee when I read's the Evil Incubus of Sarah Palin.

    I wonder if this woman got this shirt made at one of those tacky mall carts where they airbrush people's pictures onto anything possible...this is just....wrong.

    This better be something good...I mean Alaska really is the land of corrupt politicians. If all these gates haven't brought her down yet, I don't know what will. Will we be seeing Sarah in a DC federal courtroom soon?

  39. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Is it Celtic Diva's press release?
    I need to know!!!

  40. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I'm filing a complaint with the fashion police. Wholly crap.

  41. Anonymous5:51 AM

    It is an ethics complaint filed by Celtic Diva re: Gov Palin's wearing clothes advertising Arctic Cat, Todd's Sponsor in the Iron Dog

  42. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Well, it is indefensible. Palin cannot deny she did it. What is the penalty? Will she just convene another Personnel Board to investigate her wardrobe?

    Palin has the most severe criminal wardrobe issues of any politician in history!

    Now I get the witch reference (from Macbeth) but isn't this just another "Lyin' Witch and Wardrobe" moment for Palin? (Shout out to AKM on Mudflats for those Palin posts last year; AKM deserves a Pulitzer)

  43. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Great... I wish you wouldn't tease with things like this. People think its going to be something huge and then we get a big fat nothing. Seriously this is a joke. The most that will happen is she'll pay a fine or something.

  44. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Gryphen you are SUCH a tease LOL

    Sudden thought: Todd has not been heard from since he was preparing for the snowmachine races. Now they are over and we are still not hearing from or about him.

    Bottom line: Mr. Todd has kept a very low profile for a very long time now. Is he perhaps tired of being Mr. Sara and watching her get so much attention ( most negative ) and maybe getting tired of the irritability and anger she must be expressing at home.

    She can NOT be happy with her house of card becoming so shakey and she has to vent to somebody !

    If I were Todd, I would be thinking about finding some comfort somewhere. Sarah probably isn't in a "cuddling" mood and her ability to give to others and think of their needs is not at the top of her To Do list !

    A lot of people really close to her could be becoming more and more unhappy and tired of supporting Ms. Narcissist.

    If any of them drop a dime on her, her entire record could be exposed.

    These people are in a scary position, I worry most about Levi, but Todd, Bristol, even Willow could be thrown under the bus ( or worse !) if Palin thinks she is losing their support/loyalty.

  45. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Why didn't anyone look into Housegate? It is much bigger than Jacketgate.

  46. I think the shirt looks much better when it is viewed through a truth-lens- Somthing Sleeping...


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