Friday, July 03, 2009

Senator Begich on Palin's resignation.

U.S. Senator Mark Begich released the following statement today after Governor Sarah Palin’s announcement that she is resigning:

“I’m as surprised as all Alaskans by Governor Palin’s decision to step down with nearly two years left in her term. There was speculation she would not seek re-election, but she gave no indication of a resignation when I met with her for 45 minutes in her Anchorage office two days ago.

“Alaska has a busy agenda ahead, and I look forward to working with Sean Parnell to accomplish the business of our state. Sean and I have a long working relationship that goes back more than 20 years. He and his wife, Sandy, were the co-chairs of my 1988 campaign for the Anchorage Assembly and we have known each other and worked together on a variety of issues ever since.

“I look forward to working with Sean as governor and the rest of the administration on the gas line, growing our economy, creating jobs for Alaskans and many other pressing issues facing our state.”

Sen. Begich said he hopes to meet with Parnell in August during the Senate recess.

She gave "no indication of resignation" only TWO days ago.

Interesting no?

And it does not exactly fit with her claim that this has been something she has been planning for some time.

NO this was a quick and dirty decision. Of that much I am positive.

Update: Megan Stapletongue claims that Palin is quitting because she can do more in the private sector than she can as Governor. Does that make any sense? Essentially Meg is bullshitting on Palin's behalf. No change there. But is interesting that Meg seems to be insinuating that Palin resigned because she simply could not take the pressure applied by the media, the ethics complaints, and the BLOGGERS!

And THAT is interesting because when I was visiting Shannyn an hour ago she felt that was what Palin was saying as well. Gee I hope I don't pull a muscle patting myself on the back.

(By the way just to add a little gossip to this post I have a source who claims to know that Sarah and Bristol had a HUGE fight a few days ago over Bristol NOT wanting to go on any more publicity junkets. I have absolutely no idea if this has anything to do with anything, but it is yet another interesting tidbit.)


  1. Sarah Palin, can't you get anything right? It was Lettermann who was supposed to resign, not you!!

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Ding dong the wingnut is gone ;)

  3. This is absolutely hilarious. Rick Sanchez speculates that the reason why Palin is quitting is because "she could be pregnant again".

    I swear that I could see Rick's lip start to curl up in a grin just after he said it. Must have been hard for him to keep it together on that one!

  4. To resign as Governor of any state this quickly smacks of something "up".

    What is provoking SP? She sounded goofy during her speech....which is saying something for her.

    The C4Peers are coming unglued. It's worth it, just to see them fall. This is what happens when you elevate a flawed mentally ill human to religious icon. The rest of society sees all those flaws and deeply resents the religion being stuffed in our face.

    Go find another idol to elevate. And count all that money you sent her way. You'll never see a dime of it.

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    And now, an Immoral Minority singalong is in order:
    "She's come undone. She didn't know what she was headed for.
    And when she found what she was headed for...IT WAS TOO LATE. "
    - Guess Who

  6. Maeve5:31 PM

    I hope you all are right and that this is the end to her political career. I think this is really a stepping stone to a book, a book tour and then a national campaign.

    There's some interesting reading on the topic here:

  7. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Funny how Bristol was NOT at the "presser".

    Did you see the pan of the "crowd" it was her family and 5 other people, one being the only camara-person.

    Great work Gryph! GREAT WORK!!!

  8. Sarah Palin resignation: Federal criminal indictment imminent!

    It looks like "housegate" will hit her hard.

    For more details about "housegate", see here:

    The poor folks over at charity4palin think that it's the most brilliant political move in history.

  9. Sarah Palin resignation: Federal criminal indictment imminent!

    It looks like "housegate" will hit her hard.

    For more details about "housegate", see here:

    The poor folks over at charity4palin think that it's the most brilliant political move in history.

  10. Gryph,

    I posted on PD that I found it strange yet again that Bristol was not at the press conference today. SP had one of the "look-a-like" cousins there as a fill-in for Bristol.

    Do you think it's possible that Bristol is wanting to come clean about Trig being her child? Something BIG made Sarah submit her resignation so suddenly and I have a funny feeling that it has something to do with babygate.

  11. Sarah Palin resignation: Federal criminal indictment imminent!

    It looks like "housegate" will hit her hard.

    For more details about "housegate", see here:

    The poor folks over at charity4palin think that it's the most brilliant political move in history.

  12. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Yep, somehow I still feel the real news is yet to come, and the resignation was a quit before fired tactic.

    Maybe Bristol wants her baby back.

  13. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hey Gryphen, say someting........I'm in shock, feel frigten, like something awful is going to happen...guess am really sorry for her kids.......She was talking as if she could see the guys in white approaching with the straight jackets in ther extended hands, they were among the audience, but only she could see's a miracle she didn't took off running. I'm saddened.


  14. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Old Meg can always put in a few sports analogies to give the impression she's tough and not the wimp she is showing us.

    Outside of gov't means church, I betcha.

    I hear Parnell goes to her church. Things may not change that much for Alaska.

    You mean Bristol didn't mean all that abstinence-only crap?

    At least, Levi can survive all this and hope he can get his baby or babies away from that whole family. Or the visit supervised by medical professionals.

  15. Can't take the complaints? The bad MSM? The bloggers?
    How the heck did she ever think that she could be POTUS?! I thought that she didn't bother with us pajama wearing bloggers?
    Even in defeat, she doesn't take responsibilty. Her need to blame others are appalling! Never knew anyone who wallowed in so much self pity before.
    A sad, sad woman.

  16. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I think the other two girls were the Parnell's children. She only had Tahd and Piper with her. The only child she could force to go... and she appeared very fidgety and not wanting to be there.

  17. Anonymous6:15 PM

    OMG - I'm listening to Anderson Cooper interview Meg Staplegun on CNN and Meg is retelling SP's basketball analogy and Anderson said he knows nothing about basketball so Meg is trying to go through SP's basketball thingy step by step and Anderson is completely flummoxed and is making a ton of funny facial expressions and saying he doesn't who the hoop is or who the block is and it is hilarious.

  18. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Hey, Bristol was not there........could it be that levy is about to sign a book contract and Sarah is really mad about all that mess?

  19. ratfish6:24 PM

    Palin loved being governor- as long as she got paid for living in her own house and got free family travel for personal trips.

    It was ther governing she had a problem with- after all, it's hard work.

    ps Has anyone ordered their "So Long Sarah" bumpersticker yet?

  20. Anonymous6:25 PM

    This is so obviously all Obama's fault. Just ask Rush -- BO is out to get all the Republican governors. First there was Sanford -- drove hime crazy by forcing him to deal with the stimulus and finally the poor man had no choice but to sneak off to Argentina for solace in the arms of his soulmate. But Sarah was too smart to allow herself to be used by Barack. She resigned BEFORE Obama drove her to commit some totally unspeakable act!

  21. Anonymous6:31 PM

    It doens't surpise me that Sarah was pimping Bristol's "sin" for cash.

    Politically, she's toast. She's proved today that she is irresponsible and a quiter. She'll never get beyond that kind of publicity if she runs.

    Oh, Sarah. Just one tiny point. Salmon swim upstream - to their deaths. Your an Alaskan you should know that.

  22. pacos_gal6:45 PM

    Palin is Not going to be running in 2012, when reports are that she has now told her largest Republican supporters that they either are free to or should find another another nominee to support in 2012.
    This is coming from Andrea Mitchell, who was told this by some of those people who are now looking for another nominee I guess on the QT.
    Yes, any campaign money collected by Palin can be used as legal defense.
    It seems to be in several places on the web now that the Feds have been going through the paperwork of SBS, gathering enough material for an indictment, which I guess they now have.
    While this information has been on blogs (palingates), I think the investigation itself has been going on a long time perhaps even before Palin was chosen as McCains VP, which makes McCain and his campaign look Really bad.
    So, this is criminal, jail time type of stuff. You can bet after the Stevens fiasco and the two other yahoos being let out of jail, this one will be air tight. The Feds need to redeem themselves in Alaska.
    I don't blame her for hyperventilating. Now it's all just damage control. Fox news Has to be aware of this. I'd say most of the conservatives pundits must know it too. It sucks to look stupid though, so damage control it is plus not wanting to lose a money maker for the party.

  23. Alright Gryphen...time for you to do a post on any information you have withheld for the the last few months...the jig is up, Palin quit, so it's time to spill...

  24. I just wanted to pass this along.
    Ennealogic had this on her Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps:
    Pictures of the interior of the Wasilla Sports Complex and the interior of Sarah and Todd's Wasilla house from the Ziegler interview if I remember correctly. Notice the same glass balcony railings and hanging lights? Never thought I would be grateful to a putz like Ziegler, but thanks JZ!

  25. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Palin's political career is "OVER". C4P is having a prayer vigil, and reading form the bible. They're all wet from jumping into some river with a guy named moses. Desperation plus. We deserve an apoligy from these idiots.

  26. Sarah Palin just twittered (no joke):

    "In Juneau- gorgeous & 82¤ on eve of Independence Day. Thinking of our vets who kept us free & our troops keeping us free today: THANK YOU!"

    Thank you too, Governor!!!


    I think the next tweet will be about how adorable Trig is...

  27. How does Sarah look in an orange jumpsuit?

    I wonder...

  28. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I meanst bible

  29. I got it!!! Willow is pregnant!

  30. What's with all these rumors of Sarah Palin or Bristol Palin being pregnant again???

    I'm a bit concerned about another one of the Palin girls after watching that resignation speech earlier today...I wasn't able to get a screen capture, but someone else saw the same thing I did.

    No joke. Unless it's a "con" by Palin herself.

  31. The pit bull turned out to be a quit bull!

    (thanks to some commenter on Wonkette)

  32.'s been in the works for a while...and she didn't mention it...

    yeap just like the 7-month preg...didn't mention it not event to hubby...

    you guys believe her...RIGHT?

  33. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Patrick said...
    How does Sarah look in an orange jumpsuit?

    I wonder...

    Well Patrick, she'll probably look pretty 'HOT'. Those prison guards and inmates will just love Sarah. She'll probably get sandwiched within 5 minuets.

  34. Anonymous9:03 PM

    KaJo said...
    What's with all these rumors of Sarah Palin or Bristol Palin being pregnant again???

    I'm a bit concerned about another one of the Palin girls after watching that resignation speech earlier today...I wasn't able to get a screen capture, but someone else saw the same thing I did.

    No joke. Unless it's a "con" by Palin herself.
    I noticed hat too, but I thought that she was wearing Sarah's old clothes.

  35. The crazies4palin are starting to loose their fricken minds...

    They put a new blog up, saying that Sarah has now "extended" her influence in Alaska...

    And "techno", one of the most hardcore supporters at C4P, just commented there:

    "Folks, just remember Sarah is prepared to go into the wilderness to save America from Obama's radical socialist agenda; the least we can do is to stand by her always and be prepared to fight to the death for her."

    These people are exactly the reason why I was active in the "anti-Palin movement".

  36. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I think its quite odd that two health officials resigned, or were ousted, "fired" by Palin in the past several days.

    From the front page of ADN I found this:

    "Beverly Wooley, who has worked more than 20 years in public health in Alaska, most of it with the municipality of Anchorage, ended her stint as state public health director on Wednesday."

    "She's the second top health official to leave within days."

    "The division has about 550 employees and a budget of $100 million. It includes nurses and epidemiologists, health facility inspectors and keepers of birth and death records."

    The Health Director says she was forced out..
    this hints of a bigger story... just sayin...

  37. Anonymous9:20 PM


    Oh My! That could be a rough one.

  38. in July is real?

  39. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Sorry Kajo, but thats disgusting. Its not even a funny joke. How beneath you and this blog. Gryphen I hope you delete that.

    Kajo you should resign for spreading that filth!

  40. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Kajo that has to be photoshopped! NO WAY!
    Where is that from? Please please tell us that is a not so funny joke. Otherwise there is a serious abuser and that is not funny one bit.

    The C for P people have seriously lost their minds! Are they delusional! I had to take a look and they seem convinced Palin needed to do this to bring TRUE change to our country! It's very odd behavior.

  41. Man, I love karma!

    Poor thing is about out of winks!

  42. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Why on earth would she chose to be in Juneau now? Hiding out? Packing up the tanning bed?

  43. Anonymous11:49 PM

    KaJo - that is Piper in your screenshot... She is a young, growing girl and I would hope that no one starts any stupid rumors about her... Bristol is fair game, but let's leave Piper alone.

  44. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Even Dan Fagan skewered her at the Alaska Standard. Wow! So they ARE eating themselves alive. How lovely.

  45. Anonymous5:39 AM

    That is a disturbing picture of poor Piper. She may be playing dress up and has her own empathy belly like her role model wears?

  46. lol@kajo...lets not take this too far...unless you are joking of course.

    It was windy by the lake...that pic is just the wind blowing piper's dress. She is only 8 I

  47. aftger watching that "speech" by Palin i wonder if took some of Michael Jackson's drugs...

    incoherent would be kind......

  48. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I wonder if we need to call child protecive services re Piper. Poor thing...that has to be a trick of th eye...

    It's heartbreaking when you think of all those poor kids have gone through.

    I don't live in Alaska -- but if anyone there thinks this picture is for real, what is the right thing to do?

    Happy Palin stepped worried about her kids

  49. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Re: The Piper photo:

    While it may be the unthinkable, it would make perfect sense out of everything Sarah & Todd said and did in the last several weeks including their outrage to accusing Letterman of making fun of the rape of their daughter, right down to resigning to focus on faith and family.

    Otherwise, nothing Sarah has said or done makes ANY sense.

  50. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Gryphen - I agree with some of the other commenters here. Those comments about 8 year old Piper should be deleted as they add nothing to the debate about Palin's resignation. In many ways the comments here about Piper are worse than the comments regarding RAM's identity that you deleted the other day.

    I'm really not trying to tell you how to run your blog just asking you to consider how appropriate those comments are.


  51. Whattaya mean Piper is only 8 years old. I saw with my own eyes the girl wearing high heel shoes which were her own and not her mommy's. I think Piper is really 12 years old and is...........

    Well, maybe we should just drop this......... Then on the other hand, she is a Palin hillbilly like her mom?

  52. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Grypen -- I agree with Kathleen. Not only are the comments about Piper not funny, they are totally inappropriate and should be deleted.

  53. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Before this line of thinking disappears: Piper is playing "dress up." She found this sort-of-pillow thing in the back of her mother's closet, and she remembers right before Trig was born that Mommy used to play "dress up," at least that's what she told Piper when Piper walked into the bedroom unexpectedly. Palin's Deceptions was right!

  54. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Please delete the comments regarding Piper. This is not a tabloid and there is not justification for insinuating anything sinister regarding this child. Pick on Sarah, Bristol, Todd, but leave this young child out of it.

  55. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Sarah Palin and her "pimp" husband are a joke. I hope that she doesn't go into politics on any level because, according to her speeches, no one really knows what this woman believes or will do. I feel sorry for the kids, but it looks like they don't have any structure, too.

    SP is too flattered by all of the attention and appears to be reliving her high school days of being "the most popular on campus";too bad that she wasn't the brainiest.


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