Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin resigns!

This is breaking news!

Sarah Palin just announced that she is resigning and that Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will take over the job of Governor!

I will update this post as more information comes in.

Update: Apparently this is effective in about two weeks.

Update2: MSNBC is reporting a statement from Palin saying "at this time faith and family are more important then the state of Alaska". What in the hell does that mean?

I am watching a video of her announcement now. She is absolutely unbelievable! Mentioning the troops in Kosovo, and saying this announcement has been in the works for some time. That is bullshit. Oh my God she is quoting General MacArthur!

I will post this video as soon as it becomes available. This is absolutely surreal!

Update3: Here is MSNBC's video of her full announcement.

Not to gloat or anything but the C4Pers are losing their freaking minds! Aren't you guys glad you helped to raise all of that money? Sorry I could not resist.


  1. CorningNY11:24 AM


    The iceberg has hit!

  2. Ripley in CT11:25 AM

    OMG!!! I'm laughing I"m so happy! HOLY Mackerel!

    WTG everyone!!! PARTY!!!!

    what a gift to the universe!!! Especially you Alaskans, I"m so proud for you.

  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Resigning is much more than not seeking re-election. MSNBC & Fox seem to have it wrong so far...

  4. The iceberg must have hit. Exciting news!!!!

  5. Penelope11:27 AM

    haha. and FOX is saying she is not running for Gov. again so she can prepare for Presidential bid in 2012. Nothing about resigning. Are we sure this is true? If so, I suspect the big iceberg arrives next week or so and it will be a doozie - IRS gate?

  6. If this is true, my prayers are answered and I truely wish her all the best as a private citizen. As a wife and mom, she deserves that. Just stay out of politic Sarah, and most of us will leave you alone.

  7. onejrkitty11:29 AM

    Something MUST have happened. With her forcing two top health dept people out just days ago, something must have forced her hand.


  8. Oh my God!! I am happy for you Alaskans but does this mean she will be back in 2012???

    And the resignation ... anything to do with the iceberg???

    I still hope she pays for all the lies and horrible things she has done while parading as a governor.

    Gosh, I sound so bitter ... haha

  9. Could it be she sees the ICEBERG!!! YAY for us!!! My kids think I'm a lunatic, because I just did my CELEBRATION DANCE!!! C4P is going crazy, they want to know about their money......

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Seeing this on Twitter and CNN now. hmmmmmm makes one wonder what else will come out that is damaging enough to make her quit?

  11. Holy Crap...What the ????omg ...there must be something BIG about to hit the fan...

  12. Bonsai-Jay11:36 AM

    She gave two weeks warning? Too Funny!

  13. WTF? Is she really starting a run this early? Is she in such deep sh*t that she backing off? Stunning, either way.

  14. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Wow, I heard only that the annoucement was to be that she wouldn't be seeking a 2nd term. I guess both are great news for Alaskans! Glad to be the first to congratulate you all!

    Hmmm...a resignation from office cannot look good for her future political career can it?

    Susan in MD

  15. onejrkitty11:42 AM

    I hope the ADN is as ashamed of themselves as I am for them. Did they not notice as Palin threw all friends, associates, menotors, supporters under the bus? Did they not notice that everything Palin touched turned to crap?

    Not only did they sell their journalistic integrity to the devil, they did it with no real benefit in sight.

    They did it out of fear.

    What Limp Dicks.

  16. Bristol is preggers again? The truth is going to come out about Trig? The Feds are arresting her? Whatever it is, I think it just crashed Mudflats' server. The Pee Zoo is crying and praying. If I were a nicer person I'd feel sorry for them, but I'm one of those mean ole libs.

  17. onejrkitty11:45 AM

    KTUU said Parnell will not run for reelection ( and of course Palin will not either.)


    No, something is about to hit the fan and she wants to be able to say she "resigned' and she was "not forced out."



  18. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Finally, justice prevails.

  19. Anonymous11:51 AM

    She resigns so she can gear up for her "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" tour throughout the nation looking for sympathy for all of the malicious desecration she has had to endure. Then she will be hosting a new Faux news show with religion, fashion, health & hunting tips for the conservative set.

  20. There is a JUST GOD, after all!

  21. She's still planning to run for Prez. Everything she says points to that- in her own mind. Unless the scandals come out. Please O' Please let them come. "Just takin' it in a different direction - from the outside." All commentators saying the resignation is the kiss of death.

  22. Greta is freaking out on Fox. What is going on???
    What is the iceberg?

  23. Anonymous11:54 AM

    OMG - She mentioned the 'shopped Trig photo as a reason! She is throwing a tantrum!

  24. Is she definitely resigning? What is the source for that, or is it just speculation because she is supposed to make an announcement? Aauugghh. Laughing at her was my therapy. I hate to see her disappear!

  25. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Did you see the 9 people in the audience at the "press conference" 5 of them were family! WTF???

    Oh, and she mentioned the MILLIONS it was costing...

  26. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I predict she's going to link up with some big time evangelical groups.

  27. Anonymous11:55 AM

    from Kyle at ADN, says she is resigning, announcement at 11:00 at her Wasilla house......and I can't get onto Mudflats!

  28. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Sara must be really busy right now....... re-arranging deck chairs.

  29. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Iceberg is coming. She has no political future. Faux news is having trouble adjusting, but they are good with the excuses! dern fools.

  30. BearWoman11:57 AM

    Hold on folks....
    It is the 4th of July tomorrow. "Faith and family" are more important can mean two things: (1) Track is hurt or killed in Iraq; or (2) she is announcing tomorrow that it is her patriotic duty to save this country tomorrow and the "Laura WV" video was just a pre-view of what is to come..... What is happening with Sen. Cornyn or Gov. Perry from Texas? That might give us a clue as to what is happening with GINO.

  31. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Be careful what we wish for, she has absolutely nothing (not the citizens of Alaska) to hold her 'accountable' not that that was an effective measure in the first place. Sarah unleashed. . .mixed feelings here. Also.

  32. It will be interesting to see what all comes in with the Iceberg! WOW!

    Happy dancin here, for Alaskans, and the rest of America!

  33. Penelope11:59 AM

    Many at sea of pee are crying, throwing up, and praying at same time. Lots of bibles will need to be cleaned up of vomit. Watch for spin - Sarah had to resign because the Country needs her NOW - she has to save the day, and cannot do it while Governor. pluheezzee.

  34. Anonymous12:00 PM

    i'm here GRyphen!!!!!!

    michael was hogging the news for too long, she couldn't hold any longer.

    Forever Annonymous.

  35. Anonymous12:00 PM



    I HEART U ALL!!!

  36. Anonymous12:01 PM

    All that comes to mind is "Holy Crap"

  37. Hmmmm wonder what she is trying to distract and avoid??? Something big and she is obviously hoping that resigning will distract everyone from the real story. She sounded very panicky giving her Suzy salad resignation speech.

  38. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I just hope that nothing bad has happened to any of her family. Sarah, would use something like that to evoke sympathy and further her aspirations, sadly.

  39. Anyone else think it's Linda K.'s email request?

  40. Anonymous12:03 PM

    HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. the norwegian blue12:04 PM

    ok who were those two teenage girls to her right -- that was NOT Bristol & Willow but lined up as if they were???-- and clueless CNN: "This is not Anchorage, this raw video is coming from Wasilla, seems to be next to a lake..." Uh, can they really not know that's her house??

  42. womanwithsardinecan12:04 PM

    I KNEW it! When I saw that she was going to make an announcement from her home, my brain said resignation. Oh happy day!!

  43. Sorry if I'm putting a damper on the celebration, but I'm inclined to suspect she just wants more time to run for President... We haven't seen the last of her, that's for sure.

  44. Sorry if I'm putting a damper on the celebration, but I'm inclined to suspect she just wants more time to run for President... We haven't seen the last of her, that's for sure.

  45. Anonymous12:05 PM

    The reasons she gave for resigning as Gov. seem to be reasons that she will never be able to handle it as Pres. She'll get pounded a lot harder as Pres. Alaska was small time compared to that position. Something is popping open big time up there..

  46. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I wish she had used the standard reason for leaving office, "I want to spend more time with my family." And, we have to wonder why Gov.Sanford still hangs on by his fingernails.

  47. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Doing the Happy Dance! But a question already. Parnell becomes Gov and the AG becomes Lt. Gov. The current AG is only acting because he hasn't been approved by the legislature yet. Can he be sworn in as lt. Gov if he has yet to be approved by the legislature for AG?

  48. Anonymous12:15 PM

    If Sarah couldn't hold up to some criticism in a magazine article or some late night jokes, how in the world could she run for president? In fact, how does she run for president when she didn't complete her term of office?? She won't last past the first debate; those other candidates will have a field day. Talk about think skin.

  49. There is way more to this story...a power hungry megalomaniac like Sarah doe NOT RESIGN for no reason...just look at Sanford. There is something big here, and this is just the start.

  50. womanwithsardinecan12:19 PM

    I'm already cracking up about the spin. Pat Buchanan is talking out his butt, about her bogus comments concerning how she doesn't want to be a tax-wasting lame duck flying around the world on trade missions. First, for you, Sarah, just don't do that. And Pat, to say she comes off as refreshingly authentic for refusing to fly around on trade missions, not by refusing to do it, but by resigning, just makes you look stupid. jeez.

  51. Ripley in CT12:21 PM

    She won't run for political office. She called politics a "bloodsport" and cited it as one of the reason's she couldn't get anything done. She'll NEVER run for office again.

    I'm thinking TV. I wonder what the C4P'ers are saying about their precious money now!!

  52. I am watching her speech now, vocal stress off the scale, quick loud breaths. Her words are gibberish. She does this on a news holiday. $2 million for ethics complaints? Fake,tight smile. She is going to build up the state by resigning?
    I'm sorry, her speech makes no sense. ADN comments are about 95% against her!

  53. Anonymous12:22 PM

    When do they start shooting the ducks on the lake?

  54. Anonymous12:23 PM

    related to the Linda emails? They are still public info, right? What about her yahoo account? if she resigns, does that mean none of those emails can be requested, even though she used them to conduct state business?

    Y'all better look everywhere for the silverware before Sarah leaves! she's up to something!!

  55. A lot can happen in two weeks. She could change her mind, then change it again, then still resign. Remember the dinners?

    I do find the timing very interesting. Celtic Diva just raised the money to pay for the e-mails. I think she already submitted the check. Could that have anything to do with it.

    Family and Faith? Babygate hitting the fan?

    I want to know *what* the iceberg is.

  56. All of u worried about a Prez run from her forget it - she just killed her career by resigning. YAY!

  57. finally12:26 PM

    Nixon resigned.

    Palin resigned.

    Enough said.

  58. WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a GREAT 4th of July weekend this is. God bless Alaska and the USA and, Sarah, don't let the door hit you in the ass!!! Kisses-not.

  59. If Palin can't stand up to David Letterman and pajama-clad bloggers(!) how can she stand up to North Korea and Iran?

  60. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Link to the speech anyone?????

  61. She was talking so fast and breathing so shallowly that I swore she was totally drugged up while behind the microphone.

    And she's basically just jumped the shark here. There is no way in hell she can ever ever be a national political candidate after bailing out on not one but two AK state postions: remember she quit her Oil and Gas commission job because those durn republicans were just too unethical for her. HAHAHA! and now, she's quitting the governorship because people made fun of Trig and she doesn't want to cost the state any more money. Oh REALLY?

    The crap is about to hit the fan, folks. Wait for it...

  62. Anonymous12:32 PM

    From Rural Alaska!!!!!!!

  63. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

    Sarah Palin goes down.

    Her cult followers go down.

    Right-wingers have suffered a massive defeat.

    Democracy and decency has prevailed.

    Sarah Palin is toast and will never seek a political position again, I am absolutely certain.

    Her departure speech was terrible, that was truly the last nail in the coffin.

    I am sure that she had very, very good reasons.

    VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I'm sorry but I have to believe she is resigning before she is forced to resign.

    Sarah Palin isn't a quitter and the only reason she would quit is because not quitting would be worse for her.

    There are been rumblings for awhile now and the things that are coming out of the McCain campaign could have been warning shots across the bow.

    After the breathless excitement dies down let's start anaylzing how many lies she just reguritated in her crazy quitter speech.

    But intersting is that 'ethics charges' was a recurring theme. And now they cost the taxpayers 2 million dollars. Must be more of them...

    So long Sarah. Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.

    I'd like to say we hardly knew ye - unfortunately we knew you too well.

  65. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Andrea Mitchell is saying she has told her people and supporters that she is bailing out of politics altogether - not running POTUS in 2012.

  66. WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW...Look at what happens when I leave the house for an hour to take my 92 year old Dad out for pancakes!!!

    I was just watching the mumbo/jumbo word salad on MSNBC - A well kown pundit (of course I can't remember his name) said that there has to be more to this story and that he is waiting for the other shoe to drop (paraphased)...

    And she has the sheer stupidity to insist that people were making fun of her poor little Trig -who needs her and she needs him...vomitous...

    So I too, along with many of you I am sure, will patiently await the collapse of the volumnous shoe rack...

    Peace, Alaskans

  67. Anonymous12:37 PM

    the vocals say it all. she was desparately gasping. you could guess she's on speed or her mental disorder has kicked in big time.

    her lies are all catching up with her.

    can you let us know when the news about what this is really about could hit? next week? next month?

  68. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Inside sources are saying she will not seek office of president. Per MSNBC Andree Mitchell

  69. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Per Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC the Gov. told close personal friends that she was "done with politics" last week.

    Now, how does Andrea have this info????
    I heard via a post that Greta was freaking out.

  70. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Dear God - I hope she does not change her mind.

    I think this move is preemptive damage control for a big ole' iceberg! I am visualizing her in an orange jumpsuit, being led away by the Feds.

    As the skeletons fall out of her closet, we will continue to see her name in the news.

  71. Andrea Mitchell reporting that Palin "out of politics"!! What is this iceberg? Levi said he was writing a book because 'there is alot that people do not know about the Palins'. Oh wow. This is sudden, something happened and it is big.

  72. Anonymous12:40 PM

    MSNBC reporting that Palin has told her biggest backers to support other candidates and that she will not be running for POTUS!!! She told them she is done with politics.

    I think its a win/win

    Palin can ride off into the sunset and be happy, and the libs can be free of the threat that her radical ideologies will ever have an effect on America.

    Can't wait to find out what the 3 new ethics complaints would have been.

  73. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Don't you think "blinking" and passing the ball are the same fluffing thing? She should have passed the ball when McCain "tapped" her.


  74. Wow wow wow...happy day for Alaskans...and all Americans.

    Look folks...resigning before her first term is up has ruined her chances for future political office. I don't care how itss spun...she is finished.

    I think something else is coming down the pike, and she wants to be as far aways as possible. As a private citizen, she has more chance to avoid nosy reporters and such. This woman would not resign unless she was afraid...very afraid.

    I dont feel sorry for C4p ers...not one bit. They are praying...crying and puking over there..and still convinced that she will be potus. How can one be sympathetic to that mind set.

    You around juju? Nothing to say on this score? I thought not.

  75. Anonymous12:47 PM

    She is forever a celebrity.

    Everyone visualize the orange jumpsuit. It could happen.

    Doesn't she need SarahPac and a tease about 2012?
    You can almost pity the Fox, they need to focus and the fund raising scams and the poor suckers she'll leave behind.

  76. Anonymous12:47 PM

    C'mon, folks. Careful now. She's NOT done. We should all know that by now. She's not a quitter and public opinion doesn't give her even the tiniest moment of pause, when there's something in it for her.

    Playing governor has stopped being fun and rewarding for her and something bigger and better has been promised, that would be incompatible with being governor.
    a.) A gig in the entertainment biz
    b.) A run for senator against Lisa
    c.) Staging for presidency in 2012. A real campaign, not 60 days at the end of someone else's.

    Altoid, anyone...

  77. Anonymous12:50 PM

    MSNBC is reporting that her book deal is worth $7 million dollars!!! WTF Dick Cheney only got $2 million advance for his. She'll be able to go on her book tour, not answer questions, build her celebrity.

  78. Anonymous12:50 PM


  79. Aha! The 3 new ethics complaints have got to be the reason why. Can anyone find out if they made it in yet and if this resig follows that?

    I agree with many comments I'm reading that this doesn't make sense for her except in the case of REALITY finally knocking on her door and staring her in the face.

  80. Anonymous12:52 PM

    People will continue to want to know how and why McCain and fools let this happen. It's a new chapter for Palin, not necessarily less scrutiny.

    Interesting Bristol and Willow opted out. Does this mean Bristol didn't actually care about helping teens to be abstinent? She is a quitter like her mother?

  81. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Plus, this way she can keep all the funds raised from all the sources, without scrutiny and conflict - unopened checks in the mail, the Fund Trust, SarahPac, etc.

    Works for me - I would, too. Also.

  82. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Here's the deal. I'm the anon who posted recently about the various media evidence of Sarah's "dalliances" - in her early pageant contestant/seeking a journalism job days as well as video evidence of her affair while married to Todd. This was always in the hands of BOTH parties and I couldn't figure out why it was being kept quiet.

    The whispers I'm getting as someone who knows people MUCH more connected to the inner circle of decision makers surrounding everything the Repubnicans do (and no, I'm not fond of them after the stuff I've seen) - is that after the Sanford scandal the Repubs are cutting their losses. They worry that the media/sex stuff will come out soon on Sarah if they don't take her off the playing field for a while, and because she's such an evangelical/right wing heroine, again it's going to make them look VERY bad. (Family values party is already taking a major beating.)

    Karl Rove has been schooling Sarah quietly all along. Hence teaching her hate speech, how to always attack the other guy, etc. etc. instead of what sane politicians do which is to work for unity, functionality, etc. All the divisiveness that Karl is famous for.

    Problem is, Sarah isn't a very good pupil. She's too rogue, too nuts to be useful in the political arena anymore. And with various media icebergs about to potentially hit, (she's been blackmailed about this stuff for a while I'm told, hence the extreme weight loss, etc.) they need her to pull the old "I'm resigning to spend more time with my family" speech (code: I'm resigning before a new scandal destroys my career.)

    She's been promised that if she's a good girl all that bad media info will magically "go away" (deals being quietly made in the background to make it disappear.) And she will get about two years of schooling and then be allowed to be a talking head at one of the right wing news organizations, possibly radio, possibly TV if she comes along really well and can get over her word salad problem. And she'll make a helluva lot more money that way, anyway, plus she can rant about the family values stuff she's so fond of since apparently her "people" are going to be directly responsible for the next coming of Jesus, etc. It's very useful to have someone like her work as a paid propogandist. She was never really cut out for political office but will reinvent herself as a media talking head and also make up to $25,000 a speech on the speaker's circuit. That's what they'll have her do first - lots of small speaking engagements out of the major cities to get her training, gradually working up to the big venues if she can handle it.

    Right now her handlers aren't sure if she's up for any of it, but they are making promises to her that if she goes along with their agenda she will resurface and resurrect herself within two years as an important "voice" for that segment of the party that loves the conservative hristian, right wing, point of view.

    The interesting thing is this - the Democrats have full knowledge of the media material that is so damaging on her. They've been holding onto it for a year or so. I've never been sure why they never leaked it. So will they wait until she establishes herself as a conservative Faux family values talking head, give her a year or so, and THEN leak the stuff? Or are the Repugs going to be able to make a deal and get them ot back off? I'm not sure what their strategy is but my intel says that at this point they are not going forward with leaking the material - unfortunately!

  83. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Sarah's brother is on Fox - blaming the ethics complaints. He sounded like he in tears.

  84. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Wow, the Mudflats server guy in Japan has to be working overtime!

    My sister asked me what am I going to be doing now that I won't have to obsess over her in national politics again. She's toast. And hope her new home is in the GREYBAR Hotel.

  85. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Wow -- This hasn't really sunk in yet. I keep wondering if this is just another attempt to get herself in the news and pull the headlines away from Michael Jackson and Mark Sanford. Or is she really facing the iceberg? I'm not sure I even want to put myself in that woman's head.
    Keep up the good work, Gryphen and all you pajama-clad bloggers! The truth will set us all free!
    Check out this quote from the Washington Post:
    "We've seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months, but this one is at the top of that," said John Weaver, a longtime friend and confidant of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the party's presidential nominee in 2008 whose of selection of Palin catapulted the first-term Alaska governor to national prominence.
    From MaineMom

  86. GreetingsFromTheJerseyShore said...
    WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW...Look at what happens when I leave the house for an hour to take my 92 year old Dad out for pancakes!!!

    You'll never eat pancakes again without thinking of Palincakes! I abandoned the computer to run some errands, returned, and was anointing the butterflied leg of lamb with minced garlic, olive oil, and fresh thyme when one of my sons dashed in with the news of SP's abandonment of the ship of state... got a name I can dub THAT dinner? "Leg of Lame"?

  87. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I am THRILLED this WOLF KILLER will be out of office SOON.
    We must fight against her running in our next presidential election.

    She is an evil person. I don't know how she has been allowed to do so much damage in such little time.

    Thank God she is resigning!

  88. andrea mitchell saying that her contacts are saying she is done with politics...DONE...ouch...

    Rumors swirling at the Internet cafe down the street:::
    (1) on cspan this am- they showed the Western Governor's meeting (BIG energy meeting) - NO reps from AK- NONE...BLM, Dept of Interior and Canada there and NO AK reps- and none from her office....

    (2) Did she make some kind of state dept Blunder when she was in Kosovo this week- anyone have video, or Press reports of things she said or did there ?

    (3) IS it because the the Purdum article ?

    (4) people joked- was she a "friend" of Sanford ????

    I have watched Her Diahrea Resignation speech three she nuts ??????

  89. listening to the full speech, I noticed several things. She talks about quitting so that "WE can effect change outside of government." Is this the royal "we"?! She also made several mentions of the millions of dollars that would be spent defending her against ethics charges; that suggests something COMING, not those in the past.

    I also find it hilarious that she says she's quitting because she doesn't want to be a lame duck governor flying around the world spending taxpayers money, but she just spent a lot of money flying to Kosovo despite the fact she says she's been planning to quit for "a long time."

    And while she says she's stepping down now because she doesn't want to be a lame duck since she's not running for re-election, she doesn't say why she's not running for re-election. Are we to assume it's because she's running for potus? That was my impression, although I can't imagine what political advisor would have suggested she leave office like this.

    Lastly, on the family front, that's the cousin standing next to Willow, not Bristol. Once again we see the interchangeable dark-haired teens. And Piper was very fidgety, drawing attention to her totally inappropriate flipflops. She's usually unnaturally well behaved (I shudder at the thought of having had to stand one of my 7 year olds up in front of the press for that long!); perhaps there's been a lot of shouting going on in the Palin household lately? Oh, to know the truth!

  90. Anonymous1:03 PM

    From Alaska Report

    "Big dirty scandal about to hit the Palin universe
    Evidenced by Palin's announcement that she's stepping down today. Stay tuned..."

  91. July 27. Lt. Gov to take oath during governor's picnic or something. If she doesn't "take it back" in the meantime and stick it out. I can just hear her "not a quitter", best interests of Alaska if I finish term, finish what I started".

    Interesting timing.

    Celtic Diva has her check for the Eddie Burke e-mails.

    Schmidt and Scheunemann are talking about the campaign now. And they're credible.

    CNN's Rick Sanchez has the best theory: she's pregnant again. Would certainly explain the hormonal rants and bizarre behavior. Of course, she's been pregnant before. Trig was born while she was Governor. Why not a second baby?

    Could an IRS audit be waiting in the wings?

    Or, it could be the simplest of reasons. She can't take the media attacks (never could) and they are exacerbating her mental condition, making it much more apparent. Twitter hasn't helped. They staff can't control her twitter account and some of those tweets were both biblical and bizarre.

    All in all, Sarah can kiss the White House goodbye. And the world heaves a sigh of relief.

  92. Palin is a fool among fellow GOPer fools. Hahahahaha!

  93. and now, zeeee iceberg coming very very soon,IMHO....awsome way to celebrate the 4th of July, in the America that toad loves so much.

    Fuck off sarah and see of peee and dont let the door smack you in your runners ass on the way to jail...

  94. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Listened to the speech. Yep, she's staging for the next adventure. Something's been offered to her, she polled her kids who unanimously backed her and "...someday she'll talk about the details of THAT."

    "Some will question the timing of this." Oooohhh, it's something cool! Uh huh, something exciting has happened for Sarah! I can't wait to see what it is!

    Oh yeah, there's that stupid majestic plural, 'we'. I SOOO hate.

  95. In her resignation speech she quoted...a refrigerator magnet. 'nuff said.

  96. Anonymous1:22 PM


    Okay, I don’t want to engage in schadenfreude, but considering her long history of vindictiveness and total disregard for the wellbeing of those who don’t serve her purpose—not to mention her astounding ignorance and arrogance—Palin deserves this:

    Ding-dong--the witch is dead!
    The wicked witch is dead!

    (Figuratively speaking, of course….)

    Happy 4th of July, everyone!
    I think our great country is safer (and smarter and kinder) already.

  97. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Quick! Alaska State Legislature - Ramras, McGuire, French, Hawker...
    Is it too late to get the energy stimulus funding?
    Please, could you check right away?

  98. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Meghan Stapelton on Fox

  99. Thank you, Gryphon, for your tenacity in exposing the real Sarah Palin; and congratulations, Alaska, for getting rid of her. All of you have done a patriotic duty to protect America from an unscrupulous, unstable, and delusional politician.

  100. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Meghan - whine whine whine

  101. MSNBC is about to Re-Air the Entire Statement at 5:30 PM EST, watch and see what you think...

    ( meanwhile Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC said contacts said she is politcally DONE...toast...and Greta over on FOX looked totally shellshocked and clueless..( guess her hubby did not advise her good enuf ???)


  102. One thing is for certain that we all know now. She certainly would do a much better job then this bozo that is in the WH now.

  103. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Meg Stapleton on faux news just stated "i bet they don't even realize that she just passed them all and went in for the easy lay up.. she saw their block and she went around it.. she will not be stopped"... she's just unreal

  104. Anonymous1:36 PM

    If Sarah resigns, do the ethics complaints go away? Or, is she still responsible for any wrong doing when she WAS in office? Just quitting shouldn't make the charges go away. When Richard Nixon resigned, he wasn't out of the woods until he received a pardon from Ford. Gov.Blagojevich was tossed out, but he is still facing federal charges. Come on, Alaska, do the right thing!

  105. One Hour ago from SP's Twitterberry::
    "We'll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election... this is in Alaska's best interest, my family's happy... it is good, stay tuned
    about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry"

    ( in her speech she says she visited Lansdall -Germany ? did anyone know that she went there ?)

  106. Anonymous1:42 PM

    The timing -
    Todd was out in Bristol Bay. July 4 is the traditional peak of that fishery. The first week of July is the volume of the salmon run.
    He's missing a fishing period, as we speak. They were already in-progress; it was extended, with another extension likely for tomorrow. It's clear from the numbers that the fish are moving.

    He flew in last night, but she says that this was planned for awhile. Naw.
    I missed my grandmother's funeral because we were fishing. My dad missed my brother's birth.
    Todd wouldn't be missing fishing today, if it wasn't some REALLY HUGE UNPLANNED thing.

    Westside Salmon Announcement 25
    This is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Dillingham with an announcement regarding commercial fishing in the Nushagak District. This is Westside salmon announcement number 25 issued Thursday, July 2 at 12:00 p.m.
    Commercial fishing with set gillnets in the Nushagak and Igushik Sections is extended 25 hours until 10:00 p.m. July 3.
    Commercial fishing with drift gillnets in the Nushagak and Igushik Sections of the Nushagak District will be allowed for 8 hours from 1:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. July 3, and again in the Nushagak and Igushik Sections of the Nushagak District for 8 hours, from 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. July 3.
    The escapement in the Wood River yesterday was 43,000 and 45,000 this morning, for a cumulative of 548,000. The Nushagak sockeye escapement was 33,000 yesterday, for a cumulative of 272,000, and the Nushagak king escapement was 2,100, for a cumulative of 64,300. The unapportioned counts at 6:00 a.m. are 8,600. The Igushik River escapement yesterday was 14,800 sockeye and 6,600 so far this morning, for a total of 57,700.

  107. FEDUP!!!1:42 PM

    LOL! YIPPPIIIEEEE!!!... Now what?
    Very interesting to see 'the family' - NO Bristol, NO Trig, NO Tripp.
    If she thinks she can get back into politics after a year or two, I guess she will have a rude awakening! People do not take nicely to two-times-quitters!

    So... My questions: All those new ethics complaints that were in the making - will they have any standing if she is gone? How about the emails? Will she still have to hand them over?
    All the other potential investigations: What will be the difference between her as SP, Private Citizen, vs. SP, GINO?

  108. I don't think she's going to be "out of politics" in Alaska. I think she's going to be Sean Parnell's closest/closet advisor, which makes her slipperier than ever.

    If I were a progressive Alaskan, blogger or just plain ordinary citizen, I'd continue just as before, guiding that iceberg to the SS Palin's bow, investigating e-mails, posting your blog entries at national blogs.

    Don't relax and think everything's A-OK just because of this announcement. There's a lot more work that needs to be done to clean up Alaska politics, from what I've seen in my oh-so-brief acquaintance with you all these last 10 months.

  109. Whoah. I don't know what to say. Had to read this headline twice to make sure I read it correctly. I do hope her family is fine, happy and healthy. I can only think that is a good decision for her personally. She needs time to spend with her family.

    So....Can you spill the beans, yet about the big 'iceburg' that was in the way, or will this remain quite forever, now...?

  110. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Her brother was at the speech, he said he was surprised by resignation part. He sounded almost in tears. Blamed Letterman or something ridiculous.

    Please, Gryph, give us a time frame for the first big one to hit.

  111. Call me a cynic, but I don't buy what Andrea Mitchell is saying about sp getting out of politics. She's been so wrong with her predictions about Palin in the past, she lacks credibility. Almost always takes Palin's side. Dang - Keith & Rachel sure picked a bad time to vacation.

    Scarah sounded and looked like she was on speed. Excited, hyper, erratic breathing, rambling. (like usual) Started by praising all her accomplishments when in office. Asked followers to have faith in her. Sounded like she was reassuring them she'd soon be President. Basketball analogy - keeping eye on the basket, knowing when to pass the ball for victory. She's definitely goin' for the prize.

    Asked kids if they wanted to see her bring change for the country from outside. Not if they wanted her to give up and stay home.

    Quoted Douglas McArthur & said "We're not retreating, we're advancing in a different direction. No, she's not quitting!!!

    Yah, I know, I'm rambling. I'm happy, but can't help thinking this is just another beginning on the Crackpot Express. I think we've still got work to do.

    She'll blame admin failures on Parnell. He should run away.
    Latest report said that he WILL run for re-election.

  112. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Just listened to her press conference. Is it just me, or is she having a psychotic break?

    She sounded liked she was hyped up on speed or some other drug. Very scary how close she came to national office.

  113. Haha!!!

    My partner Kathleen left a comment on crazies4palin, and her word verification was:


    Best word verification ever!


  114. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Unbelievable! I agree with those who assume that the crap is going to hit the fan. I think though that she is somewhat like Sanford (feel sorry for me I met my true soulmate, but I will TRY to fall in love with my wife again) - poor poor me!

    I sure wish I lived up there with you guys. I KNOW you are going to have a huge celebration!! Just too bad she is leaving Alaska in such bad shape (which they are actually admitting on CNN).

    Congratulations to you & all the other pajama clad people who weren't afraid to get the real information out here! You guys have done us all a favor;)

  115. Even Joe Scarborough doesn't believe what she had to say.

  116. Maeve1:53 PM

    I love all the comments, but I think you are all too optimistic.

    Sarah Palin is running for President. Brace yourselves, if you think it was bad with McCain, you ain't seen nothin yet...

    I was just listening to some talking head on MSNBC spinning this resignation as a smart move - too many 'lame duck' junkets, spending too much money doing nothing, isn't she smart, what a maverick think of making this radical money saving move! blah, blah, blah...

    She'll come out of this smelling like a rose; and if the media dumps on her, calls her irresponsible for not finishing her term, she'll climb up on her poor-little-old-me crucifix and look like the martyr...Re-read your Orwell; pick up a book called American Fascists by Chris Hedges: This is where we're heading.

    Sorry to be such a downer, but I don't believe egos like hers disappear for anyone else's good. This is just the beginning of a new phase.

  117. OK, some snark about this has set in, for me, after reading Anon's comment @ 12:10 PM ("I wish she had used the standard reason for leaving office, "I want to spend more time with my family." And, we have to wonder why Gov.Sanford still hangs on by his fingernails."

    I don't mean to start a rumor that turns out to be not true, but Palin's been to a number of Governors' Conferences already, in her 2-1/2 years in office.

    Wouldn't it be an Ack! moment if it turned out SHE was one of those other women Gov. Sanford was having dalliances with?


  118. FEDUP!!!1:54 PM

    Interesting take from

    He also cannot believe that she is "just" quitting.

    She is running from something, and hoping it does not catch up with her - at least not while she is in public office... (So: Whoever has something on her: GET IT OUT NOW - WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!

  119. Happy 3rd of July everyone! And congratulations especially to all Alaskans!

  120. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Stapletongue is on Pox News all but saying sarah did this so she can run in 2012. The P-Nuts are drying their tears and cheering that, yes, this was a brilliant more for Sarah to make, since she now will be free to travel around and draw in more money. Oh, and she's so selfless, doing this for the good of Alaska.

    Come on, iceberg; let's see what you're made of!

  121. See of Pee'ers are now saying this is a brilliant move on her part, and they will follow her into the wilderness and keep donating to her funds.

    And they are now on the ball deleting any comments that cast any doubt on the real reasons for Sarah's "bombshell." Unfortunately for them, every mainstream media outlet I've checked -- every pundit, right or left (except for Pat Robertson so far) is saying she's just cut the cord for good... no more national ambitions for her.

    I'm not yet satisfied. I want to see her convicted. I can hope, can't I?

  122. THis is as nutty as her presser:

    So unprofessional, exclamation points, weird CAPS.

    The GOP sure does know how to throw their women under the bus once they've outlasted their usefulness (see: KAtherine Harris).

    She probably can't take all the negative attention anymore.

    I'm so glad she's gone.

  123. Uh Oh!2:08 PM

    Lisa Derrick Friday July 3, 2009 2:08 pm:

    "Leah Burton–the author of the book TheoPalinism: The Face of Failed Extremism and creator of the blog whose testimony about Wayne Anthony Ross led to him being passed over as Alaksa attorney general has a good take on Palin’s resignation, based on her perspective as a Palin watchdog. We spoke a right after Palin’s speech. Says Burton:"
    “She is prepping to start a “full court press” nationally to whip up her base into a frenzy! This is going to get ugly… Anybody who thinks she going away is crazy.”

  124. Sarah Palin:

    "Away We Go"


  125. Anonymous2:13 PM

    We are all Alaskans on this, the brightest day in Alaska's future.

    Congratulations Alaskans!

  126. Anonymous2:16 PM



    THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!


  127. I forgot about the recent resignations of the Health Dept. doctors.

    Hmm. Do you think they have access to documents about Trig's birth that corroborate both date and parents? Could it be they are other than what Sarah has been spewing all along?

    Something tells me it's not the affair she had and the GOP isn't having her resign. They wouldn't care if she served out the rest of her term. And they'd have plenty of time to fix any affair alá Sanford that was in Palin's past so she could be a talking head in a few years.

    It's something else. Something bigger. Really big. Like a political career killer.

  128. Anonymous2:22 PM

    sounds like she has something up her sleeve. Anyone want to bet it's a higher paying job? or at least a job that lets her mild the system without anyone holding...or trying to hold her accountable?

  129. Interesting day for sure.
    I am curious as to what examples of evil and harmful things she has done. Really folks, ya'll keep spouting the same rhetoric, but no specifics.
    I guess I should feel grateful for all lower 48'ers being so concerned for our political safety. NOT.
    In other words go pick on another states legislature for a change.
    Gryphen, you know I respect your opinions and writing, but don't you get tired of all these folks from the lesser 48 gloating, ridiculing, and making money off Alaska's black eyes?
    This will seem like a major victory for some, defeat for others, and confusion for the rest. I respect everyones right to an opinion, I am just getting tired of hearing it.
    Perhaps our govenor is to, perhaps she is tired of watching her children be dragged into the arena. I do not know. The truth will out.
    I do agree this will not be the end of the Palinator, so standby for the sequel.
    As for the political do gooders from down south; PULEEZE try tending your own garden for a change.

  130. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Don't rule out housegate as the cause of this.

    As Tucker Bounds would say..."this is GREAT news for John McCain".

    I hope you go to jail Sarah....

  131. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Amazing how you horse-toothed jackass 'Dems' forget Kennedy and Monroe, Clinton and Lewinski...and don't forget, don't EVER go for a ride with Teddy.

  132. Sarah it seems GOD just slammed the door shut!

  133. womanwithsardinecan2:36 PM

    ~~Ding Dong, the b*tch is dead!!~~

  134. Anonymous2:40 PM

    OOkkkkaayyyy, tell me that isn't one of the outfits from her campaign days!!!!! LOL, I didn't believe she sent 'em back.

  135. SwissGuy2:44 PM

    Congratulations on getting rid of the witch, let's just hope the iceberg will hit the ugly old hag soon enough, sinking her to the ground where those regressive people belong.

  136. anon 12:54, Andrea Mitchell has also heard from her sources that Palin is out of all poltics now and future and has plans to become a pundit.

    I'm thinking they are giving her something with Fox, maybe in a couple years as you've suggested time wise. If she is still a personality and depending on anything else that might slip in through the cracks.

    I don't think the shallow breaths signify drugs, more like a very bad case of nerves. I don't think she had plans to do this, but I do think it interesting that Parnell also said he won't run for election and maybe that is why a Washington insider and Alaskan came into the AG position, which is now going to be Lt. Gov position. Look for him to run for Governor.
    Alaska is still tops in the Most Interesting Politics category.

    What is Parnells stand on the villages and fishing rights? This needs to be sorted out pronto, winter is coming.

    Does Palin think that anything heading her way will either go away or not be an issue if she isn't Governor?

    If everything is swept under the rug then look for her to be a very loud personality in a couple years in Conservative Evangelical circles. (if they can forgive her for dropping out of politics, which I'm willing to be they will do in a heart beat, after all, it's more about being a part of her circle, than anything else) *sigh*

  137. womanwithsardinecan2:48 PM

    I normally wouldn't be caught dead checking in on see for pee, but I had to take a quick peek. Glad I did. I saw the funniest comment, obviously from the usual not from Alaska pee-er. The poster said Sarah resigned (to run for potus) so that Sean Parnell could be guaranteed to win the governor's race in 2010. hahahahahahahahahaahaaaaa!

  138. Parnell said he found out Wednesday night.

  139. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Here is an idea that popped in my head (being a Chicago native): If she resigns, she can use her campaign contributions for her legal defense. It is a problem we had with our governor.

  140. crystalwolf aka caligrl2:53 PM

    Congradulations Alaska! It is truly a great day!
    She has resigned before "Thor's hammer" comes down!
    MSNBC- Shannyn Moore... is reporting about a rumor of Criminal investigation!!! The woman says she is doing damage control for what is going to come.
    Rumors going around about Criminal or unsavory activities going on. The woman speaking says she can not imagine anything personal that would cause her to leave.

  141. oops sorry I thought it was the Sullivan to become Lt. Gov, but it's Campbell. (my mistake :))

  142. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Ok, so this does not change things. We are still "Haters."

    I knew all this, about her resigning from what MSM was reporting, but I made the mistake of watching her footage and got lost in her word salad.

    Her "dignified" exit was lost in her trademark nonsense speak. What the hell does she mean? Does she know what Lame Duck means as it pertains to an impotent transitional administration? What does she think Parnell is going to encounter?

    I'll keep saying it, this person is way above her head no matter what position she is in.

    The only people I feel sorry for are her children. I believe they could find peace if she would just stay at home, but we all know that isn't going to happen. Their lives aren't going to get easier having gotten out from under the Governor's umbrella. - Bethel rez

  143. Maybe Sarah is one of Gov. Sanford's handful of girlfriends (as pointed out by Clif on my blog)? Could be! Oh man! Or Bristol is pregnant again? Or maybe someone is going to spill the beans about who is really Trig's mother....and it ain't Sarah!

  144. Sean Parnell is stunned: "Does that mean I can have two blackberries now?"

  145. I thought that she sounded angry in her news conference. Something has come up that is forcing her to step down, but she gets to 'resign' instead. But will we find out what it is or is there a backroom deal here... "step down or we'll tell". Celtic Diva, if you're reading here PLEASE go ahead with getting those emails! If she's doing some bizarre strategic move (like leaving Alaska to be in D.C. and work the national scene), then we still need expose whatever she has been hiding. I don't trust her. If someone can lie small, they can certainly lie big. If someone can lie on national TV not caring that one only has to search for info and get facts so easily, then they have no shame. They are, over at C4P, patting her on the back, at least pretending to be excited that she is making some bold move, yet at the same time, they can't figure out why she would do this. Not once do they consider that MAYBE, MAYBE there is some more negative reason she is quitting. That maybe there is a flaw in their Sarah. I just want people to wake up. To learn, to read and to have opinions based on facts, not just emotions.

  146. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Gryph, you're being awfully quiet. Hopefully you'll be working on a new post, chock full of explanations.

  147. oh good, I think she'll be with us long enough to ensure Obama's reelection!

  148. Anonymous3:46 PM

    After listening to the speech(?), what anon said sure rings true. I don't believe for a second that she came up with the McArthur quote, or even the sports analogies, on her own. Someone fed her those lines and she repeated them less with convinction than by way of convincing herself. No way does a narcissist like SP step out of the limelight, or away from power, without a major shove in the back.

  149. Anonymous3:46 PM

    re: Faith and Family---Christians put God first, family second, and everything else comes after those two. Sarah Palin, of course, has never in her life put anyone but herself first. She sounds manic in her announcement; she may be about to fall apart. I believe, though, that the REAL REASON she is resigning is because something HUGE is about to be revealed.

  150. kerryann633:48 PM

    Basketball? What is she, the female Al Bundy? Always bringing up a high school sport, something she hasn't played in almost 30 years? WTF? Watching MSNBC's replay and I've got to add manic to her list of possible mental issues.

  151. The Stapled Tongue has responded, using some of Palin's talking points.

    Do you think she doesn't know she'll be unemployed soon?

    And you can find AKM at the old mudflats wordpress blog.

  152. Snowing in Alaska3:56 PM

    She's gonna work "outside the gov't". She's goin' into religion folks - probably to start her own! Her zealots are following her, just like that's any surprise.

    Then she can forgive herself in the eyes of her god for all of her wrong doings and work on ruling the world in a different manner. Rapture grounds are in Alaska - and so is Palin!

    Just joking... sort of. Couldn't be happier that she fired herself - we can still fight her where ever she ends up, but at least Alaska won't fall apart in the meantime! Hip Hip Hurray!

  153. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Palin's reference to being a "lame duck" governor is bullsh!t. Politically speaking, a lame duck is a politician who is in his/her final term in office and is ineligible to run for another one.

    I do think that Palin has plans to re-emerge in time for the 2012 presidential race, but I don't think she'll be ready. She doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the package, plus she has a lot of catching up to do.

    Her speech today was to cover up something that she doesn't want the public to know.

    I strolled over to C4P, read their comments, and wondered what world they live in. They are so sure that Palin made the perfect speech and are talking about beginning the fundraising for 2012. They have forgotten that they must help Palin pay off the half million first.

    Pathetic, gullible, delusional, and over-reaching are the first adjectives that came into my mind as I read those comments.


  154. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I;m so thrilled that this announcement came while I was at home. As the only non-Repug in the office, not sure how I'd have explained my happy dancing on my desk.

  155. tealwomin4:05 PM

    ...the iceberg has been hit...gonna take a while for it to sink...

    meanwhile back at the house by the lake, GiNO wonders if she looks good in orange w/ a tan...

  156. Anonymous4:07 PM

    listen to Chuck Todd on the Resignation can open doors for Palin.....

    I "think" the unknown advisers convinced her if she can't take the heat it's "okay" to step down or it's not in her best interest for the heat to continue and this is a good way to snuff it out.

    I'm sure taking a break and not having to "work" seems like heaven to her right now, she can "legally make lots of money" (thanks to the state of AK for electing her) and if she wants she can come back next Jan or move on.

    She's the winner here, she has choices, with no ethics complaints.

  157. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Could it be that there are substantive IRS problems? From 6 months ago... Palin and the IRS... I blogged about it.

  158. The birds on the lake in the background weren't ducks, they were "Rednecked Grebes". Very common in the lakes around here; very loud and very appropriate background for our fair Governor and her family :-)

  159. Gryphen, along with celebrations a poll is in order now. I'll start with saying that the reason why is a divorce on the horizon. Even though it's very tempting to say that Bristol got herself knocked up again, so that's my second choice.

    Infidelity on the part of dear Sarah has just come home to roost.

    Place your bets ladies and germs!

  160. finally4:58 PM

    One battle has been won but the war is not over.

    Sarah Palin can still make millions of dollars. We must not let her. She is a fraud and has defrauded the public's trust many times over with her countless lies.

    Keep the pressure on her. She must not get away with this.

  161. Penelope5:03 PM

    I wade into the sea of pee so you won't have to.
    They have stopped puking finally. They have re-grouped and convinced this is SP's brilliant move so she can become President in 2012. Of all the hilarious posts, this one cracked me up the most: Melanie said... "One thing that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere (though, sorry I have read through all the comments!) is that she's been 'offered' something . . . in the way of a Think Tank position, or something like that."

  162. Anonymous5:06 PM

    This is so great. The GOP opposition research crew is elated. Palin's quitter profile is complete. She quits colleges, she quits Oil and Gas Commission position, she flakes on speech invitations, and now she quits being the Governor.

    Romney & Huckabee have actual governing records; so do Pawlenty and Jindal. Palin now is confirmed Flake City.

  163. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Seriously, who were those two girls in the picture, and where was Bristol?

  164. i believe the four on Sarah's right are the Parnell family. Neither Bristol nor Willow was there.

  165. Anonymous5:40 PM

    So, on other sites they are talking about a crimnal indictment awaiting autorization by a grand jury. Spenard Builders supposedly has had the FEDS in looking at papaerwork over the Wasilla Sports Complex and the Palin's house. Housegate=Iceberg.

  166. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Why are you people all so concerned about Sarah Palin? She is the governor of Alaska - how many of you live there? I think this is very admirable and honorable. You all think she should have stayed? This decision makes me like her more. I think you all should all be concerned about your own jobs.

  167. Anonymous5:52 PM

    There is plan... and it is not 2012. She (we) can't wait for Obama and the other socialist dem's to destroy America. It is too important... stay tuned

  168. This could be about her Wasilla home, you know, the one that we all believe was built with the funds of the Wasilla Sports Complex she lobbied for!...

  169. Forget Palin/Please give these insurance-whipped Dem Senators a piece of your mind.
    Today at 6:27pm | Edit Note | Delete
    We all need health care! Here's the link. Click Click Click and write to these lollygaggers to tell them we want a public option or single-payer health care. At the the links are embedded in the names.

    Here are the culprits who are holding up our root canals and mammograms:-)

    It only takes a few minutes, and you will FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AFTERWARD! Sara Palin is trying to distract us from getting healthcare!

    Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

    Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)

    Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

    Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

    Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

    Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

    Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)

    Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

    These names are reported by The Hill

  170. Anonymous6:18 PM

    @Anon 5:52, are the spaceships coming for you all yet? I hope they hurry!

  171. Palin is not going to be anyone's advisor. She can't advise her way out of a paper bag.

  172. This time God opened an *exit* door for her and she plowed right through.

  173. God is telling Sarah Palin that she has been a bad mother and now is the time to take care of her kids. Finally.

  174. Anonymous7:14 PM

    The bozo blinked.

  175. I really, really hope she's not pursuing election 2012... oh god I think I'm going to be sick...

  176. She never really says in any concrete way why she is stepping down, but she does make it clear that she is a liability to the 'team' and has to step aside so that the team can win. So this indicates Republican pressure to be rid of her.

    Mostly, she rambles as usual, but I do take umbrage that she says, and in front of Piper, that mean-spirited people made fun of Trig. Not so, no one has ever done that.

  177. Helen9:11 PM



    But there's a part of me that can't quite believe it. Is it really true?

  178. An interesting observation. The First Dude was mentioned just once:

    "Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight."

    Did she discuss her resignation with him at all before reaching this decision?

    "In fact, this decision comes after much consideration, and finally polling the most important people in my life - my children"

    So her husband is not the most important person in her life?

    And please note that it's the children who won't allow the status quo.

    "Some Alaskans don’t mind wasting public dollars and state time. I do. I cannot stand here as your Governor and allow millions upon millions of our dollars go to waste just so I can hold the title of Governor. And my children won’t allow it either."

    Ah yes... millions of dollars?

    And was it Trig (she is including him as a child, not a grandchild, right?) that answered "hell yeah!"?

    "It was four "yes's" and one "hell yeah!" "

    What's up with all of that?

  179. Okay. This is completely off the wall and I will be chastised for my warped and twisted sense of humor but...

    What if after that big hooha she raised over Letterman....Willow was pregnant?

  180. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Sarah Palin is resigning as Governor because she will have a big piece of money from the book deal which will allow her to travel the country so that she can gain experience in world affairs. Remember when Hillary said that she had traveled the country and was caught in a lie? Well the Wasila Hillbilly is going to make sure that she is not caught up on that question. Also, Sarah will tag along with Bill Kristol to gain some insight on politics and take a public speaking class to learn to articulate to an audience. Along with the book deal, Sarah can pay off Levi so that he won't have to write a book and tell the real story about the babies. And, Levi is so simple minded (since he would rather be hunting in Alaska) the he (Levi) will take the small change that Sarah throws his way and forego all the money that he can make on selling the Real Sarah story. And low and behold Sarah will be on the circuit running for President of the USA. All I can say is "Take a strong drink and point your hand towards the sky and pray".

  181. Top Ten Reasons Why Palin Really REALLY Quit! ; )

    C'mon by, have a glass of virtual champagne, and add yours in comments.

  182. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Congratulations Alaska from Sweden.

    I watched that resgination speech. Psychotic? Drunk? Falling apart?

    Completely wierd.

    She needs extended time off and an long (permanent?) stay in a sanitarium with good counselling.

    What was her childhood like? Who or what deranged this woman? How many gnerations does it go back and, apparently, forward?


  183. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Kudos to Palin for not behaving as a "career politician." It's time to rid our government of those who seek their own agendas rather than serving in the best interest of this country. I just hope more couragous individuals step up to the plate to finally cleanse Washington of those who believe that Big Brother can do a better job of deciding what's best for us. There is no greater country in the world than the United States of America. We didn't get here because of big government; we're a notion that was born out of individual sacrifice and hardship for the sake of freedom from government opression. So you go Sarah...good for you for having the courage to be an your own person. For those of you who disagree and find pleasure in slamming people who are running with the herd, all I can say is good luck when you finally reach the cliff!

  184. zee house boss, zee house...I dont know how many times I have posted "hey lady who built your house"...guesss we'll be a findin' out real soon, eh?

  185. Anonymous6:07 AM

    @10:39 p.m., Palin can study with Rove. She can study with Kristol. Whatever. This we know: she's a bad student. She got a D in Econ. She quit several colleges. She wouldn't even take pointers from Steve Schmidt during the Presidential campaign!

    Palin has not changed--never grown or learned. She cannot "govern." She will never "rehabilitate" her brand after this. She's actually been toast for a long time in terms of a brand.

    And now, on top of it all, "the Iceman Cometh."

  186. Palin’s move puts yet more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to.

    This week Helen Thomas, Colin Powell, and Warren Buffet all turned on him. Polls are looking droopy for The One lately.

    Obama’s porkulus program is a train wreck, all it’s done is bump interest rates and tank the dollar. We are being laughed at by bad guys like Tehran, Pyongyang, and Al Qaida who amazingly turned-down Barack’s friend-requests.

    Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in drones- while begging for lower taxes, free enterpise, and a defense posture with some backbone- and an end to the radical, anti-American agenda of the kook we've got now.

    Go get ‘em Sarah-

  187. Anonymous6:24 AM

    @Reaganite, 6:08, please get some mental health help. Palin's move has NOTHING to do with Pres. Obama. Nothing.

    Are you one of the 20 members of Crazies4Palin and you just can't accept reality? PALIN IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

    There is no "plan." SHE QUIT POLITICS.

    It has nothing to do with President Obama. Nothing. You folks are sad. I know you are in mourning, but still....

  188. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Sorry, Reaganite, but you are maligning Ronald Reagan by comparing him to Palin. Reagan was no quitter. Sarah Palin is a quitter. Quitters don't become President, even "in heels."

    Too many Rich Lowry starbusts for ya? Too much viagra?

  189. Reaganite, do you need a hug?

  190. FEDUP!!!7:34 AM

    She wants to run the GOP, I guess...

  191. i betcha though she'll be runnin for somethin even more national though, you betcha

  192. Anonymous10:11 AM

    @Bowler, I think she's running FROM something even more national (the IRS).

  193. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I'm surprised the dumb skank didn't pull out a rifle and slaughter the last two ducks left on that lake in front of the house she built out of embezzled funds.

    Maybe "abstinent" daughter is preggers again.

    Maybe she can't shake off the IRS and the FBI the way she did all the weenies and cult followers in AK....poor Alaskans! Everyone on the "outside" thinks they're a bunch of uneducated cretins to vote in a brain-dead "it" like palin!

    Yup. Palin's going down, just like the Titantic when it hit the iceberg. How sad for all the victims the sinister skank left in her wake.

    3 more ethic charges coming out? Is that all?

    I also wonder why they have such a large legal bills.....I thought the governor's legal bills would be paid for by Alaskan taxpayers?

    I pray to God she goes to prison for the rest of her sorry skank-assed life. Cut off her right arm and pay ten bucks to whoever turns it in.....just like she paid people for the right legs of wolves and wolf pups. What a sorry heartless evil scumwad. She won't get half of the pain she deserves, no matter what happens.

    Her real name must be ADOPH PAINLIN.

  194. The reasons of Palin resignation are controversial. What could be the real cause of her decision? Vote on the most possible one -

  195. ghost of micheal jackson


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