Thursday, August 06, 2009

Palin sightings in New York.

More about Palin's night of romantic dining at Michael's restaurant in New York city. (She was really there with her agent, possibly Robert Barnett, but Dud was allowed to eat at the big kids table as well)

According to Jon Elliot, Sarah PURPOSEFULLY made sure that they had a window seat so that her adoring fans could see her as they passed by on the street.

"Yes it is really me. Try not to get too overcome with emotion. Psst don't let them photograph my bald spot!"

"Of course I am still with, Todd sit your ass up straight in that chair, you know our deal, him. Just look at him!"

" We simply could not be, stop looking at her boobs you bastard, happier."

My sources also tell me that our little wayward Wasilla princess was spotted scurrying into the FOX News building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas.

Hmm, inquiring minds want to know, just what kind of secret plots are being hatched behind those ominous doors?

Could it be a new television show?

Well there are definitely "RUMORS" to that effect.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


  1. womanwithsardinecan6:01 PM

    "Higher calling" my ass.

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Wayward Wasilla princess? Love it.

    Let's have an alliteration contest.

    Wayward, watchful (for Russians), wrathful (get out of my way), wrinkly (as in those hands look scary and better start getting work on your face because you are quickly losing your one asset), witchy-bitchy Wasilla princess.

  3. Oh barf is all I have to say! I truly think some of the shows on Fox news are detrimental to our country. Only empty headed masochists would subject themselves to listening to her screachy ranting about nothing. It's hard to imagine that she has anything to talk about but freedoms(?), low taxes, the troops and her other empty buzzwords!! What do people see in her ? I just don't get it. She's such a mean petty narcissist! Maybe before all this, she was nice, but I haven't seen any sign of it.

  4. "Adoring fans"? In NYC? The delusions of her self importance will soon become clear to everyone except Sarah.

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

    She'll find that the big Apple doesn't give a S#1t.

    Been there, done that....

  6. Ok, she's exploring her options, so where did she get her "higher calling" come from since she clearly had no idea what she was going to do once she stepped down as governor? I would think a "higher calling" would be a clear mandate from whatever authority would be chosing her for that calling. I guess what she really meant was that anything would be better than being governor of Alaska. She's a disgrace and a horrible joke perpetrated on the Alaskans first, the USA second.

  7. My ears would bleed, if I ever have to listen to her screechyness more than a few seconds!

  8. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Sarah is just your typical scam artist. She tells everyone that the media is so mean to her then calls one of those big meanies up wanting to know whether they want to ask just two questions of her. How sadly pathetic she has become to call media members looking to be interviewed.

    She has also harped incessantly about "those elites" that she would sell her soul to become one of, as is obvious by her continued actions.

    She claims not not need a title, but she'll be damned to hell before she stops using the term "Governor Sarah Palin". It was on the letter from her lawyer to Gryphen, it is still on her face book page, it is still on her begger/paymybillsforme fund, and her PAC. She doesn't want to be an ordinary citizen, she sees herself as much more than that, and demands others view her that way as well.

    This pretense of being "just Sarah" is a ruse to profit in as many ways as possible.


  9. Wink Wink nudge nudge, indeed.

  10. Yuck! The Palins suck! S. Palin and the Fox fascists? You sure about that? Ha.

  11. If ANYONE is buying the "higher calling" and/or
    "leaving my title to work better for Alaskans," then they are clearly, hopelessly, BRAIN DEAD.
    The 15 Palinistas are likely on their way to Chicago to try to put that restaurant owner out of business for putting a Palin joke on his tip jar. SHOO!

  12. She's in a New York state of mind. Hmmm.


  13. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Advancing Alaska, no doubt.....

    Did anyone for a moment think she'd spend 5 minutes advancing Alaska?

  14. She frequents New York City more than the damn Yankees!

  15. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I think that I know the reason that Sarah called Mike Allen of Politico. She needed to let some one in the media that she was there in New York City. After dinner at Michael's Restaurant, Michael Allen was the only name that she could think of after drinking a bottle of champagne.

  16. Anonymous8:11 PM

    If Sarah Palin gets a show on FOX, doesn't she become part of the media? So she won't be able to complain about the media anymore, right?

  17. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Hehe, thanks for providing my best laugh of the day.

    Gryphen, I read at another Blog (one of those nasty ones) that you will be taking legal action against Eddie Burke? Please say YES!

    You will win. I heard the telecast, it was pure defamation.

    I will very very happily donate to a legal fund, sure many others will too, that man is an absolute PIG and a cancer on Alaskan airwaves.

  18. Anon 8:11 , Sarah will be part of the "real media" you know that one that calls itself fair and balanced while fritcakes Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly spew lies and hatred about our President. They have zero respect for him and all of them Palin included treat him like dirt. So in her twisted mind she is telling the truth and isn't part of that elite media. And of course can you imagine her show??? That plain talkin (i.e. Makes no sense) crap she spouts? A full hour of word salad? I'm still hoping it's not true and she was visiting there. I think she will bomb if she has a show. What will she talk about?

  19. Okay, okay this sounds wacky but hang with me here people. What if $P is the new judge for American Idol? She was seen sneaking into FOX. Now that Paula Abdul is no longer a judge, I read today Aug 6 was the first day of Auditions. Wouldn't that be right up the Quitter's alley?

  20. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Rumor has it that the first dud was lunching with John Gossling. comparing notes?

  21. Anonymous12:33 AM

    She doesn't want to be an ordinary citizen, she sees herself as much more than that

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  22. Anonymous1:11 AM

    I think the real reason that QuittyPants is in New York is to attend to her upcoming cosmetic surgery After all, once you have seen the big city and the RNC has bought you $150,000 worth of clothes, I don't think you'll be having your face lift with some podunk Anchorage plastic surgeon. (I mean are there an actual Board-certified plastic surgeons in Anchorage?) I mean a non-certified specialist like Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is good enough to deliver the Governor For Life's known special needs baby (since God forbid he be delivered by a specialist in foregin territory such as Texas), but now when it comes to the Gov's face, only the best will do.

    Sarah will disappear for awhile and we will all think, thank God, the national nightmare is over. But no, she's just a hidin' waitin' for the facial swelling to go down. Not sure exactly what they can do about those ugly wrinkly hands that truly give away Sarah's I'm menopausal status - together with her hair loss - but I know the media elitist New York plastic suregons will give it the old college try.

  23. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Methinks she is in New York for her plastic surgery consults. I checked and Anchorage does have four board certified plastic surgeons, Fairbanks ahs one and Juneau has one, but now that Sarah has been provided with a designer $150,000 wardrobe from the big cities, you can't keep her down on the tundra.

    The tension is thick. Can the big city surgeons give her a few more year's mileage on her face. Can they make the breats perky enough to the Conservative writers will continue to see stars. And what, oh God, can they do about the wrinkly hands (the first to give away one's age).

    Will there be hair transplants for the bald spots, or a bunch of wigs.

    Sarah Palin will disappear. You will think the long national nightmare is over. But, nah, she is just recovering from her big city plastic surgery. A girl's gotta work her assets.

  24. Anonymous2:16 AM

    "Palin was eating dinner at Michael’s restaurant with her husband; her adviser, Meg Stapleton; and Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, her book agent." Politico

    Bob Barnett is not a Harper Collins agent. He's managing partner at the law firm of Williams & Connolly - a very very big deal attorney who specializes in representing politicians in book deals - at $750 to $1,000 per hour.

    Start at $150,000 for a book deal. There's no way a "modest" Wasilla couple can afford this man's services. And "Mom" just quit her job. Even with inflated per diems and a nice unemployment check, Todd's BP wages and a contract with Arctic Cat, they _still_ can't. Oh, and don't forget the $600,000 debt to Thomas Van Flein. Will he be suing them for payment anytime soon?
    Van Flein, don't you feel a little annoyed that they're contracting more legal services when they haven't paid you yet?

    Something is bankrolling this. The Palins have come into a great deal of disposable income. What are they spending?

    If what's reported is true (and who knows or cares?) it went like this. Barnett was already AT this prestigious restaurant. He left, returning with Sarah and Todd. He went and got them. That sounds to me like it wasn't a planned occasion, but more spur of the moment.

  25. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Whatever happened to Todd just wanting to go back to his job on the North slope. That died very rapidly. Oh please get Eddie burke to send one of his red T shirts to Mr. Riehl. I'm sure his fortune 500 company will love to see him walking around the office in that on casual Friday. Especially in NJ or NY? Apparently he may also (just a rumor now) have a real 8 hour job.

    This is so funny, but so disgusting also. That woman should pee in her own side of the woods.

  26. Hahaha!! Why did I have to think about "the Palin's" when I watched this clip?

  27. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Sarah is just progressing her bank account.

    She has a servants heart with a Queen's taste in food and fashion. Champagne and lobster, Saks, Nieman Marcus..... as those at C4P say, "she is JUST LIKE ME!"

    Did she order baked Alaska for desert?

  28. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Nothing would make me happier than knowing the Palin's and Faux News just disappeared.
    It bothers me that there are so many idiots that still follow their bs.

  29. Only 10 days left before Sarah has to report on all that unopened mail and grifts, oops, gifts. Shouldn't she be home slicing open all those envelopes instead of gallivanting in NYC? Tick tock tick tock.

    What is the status of the Tennessee case? Has the judge ruled on what documents have to be provided in response to the subpoena for documents and when? You just know there are some juicy emails that will expose that she faked her pregnancy. I would also bet there would be some very racist emails. Tick tock tick tock.

  30. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:54 AM

    Did I just hear a another naughty monkey fuck me shoe hit the ground???
    I think I did :)
    Dan I dare you to report this!!!
    Palin accused of attempted bribery
    Motion to amend says new evidence shows bribery

    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who left office in disgrace July 26th under a cloud of ethics charges, is now being accused of a federal claim of attemped bribery.


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