Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah was "for the death panels, before she was against them". Hypocrisy thy name is Palin.

This comes to us courtesy of Think Progress, from a proclamation called "Healthcare Decisions Day" found on the state of Alaska website before it was scrubbed.

WHEREAS, Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for healthcare decisions, related to end of life care and medical decision-making whenever patients are unable to speak for themselves and to encourage the specific use of advance directives to communicate these important healthcare decisions. [...]

WHEREAS, one of the principal goals of Healthcare Decisions Day is to encourage hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and hospices to participate in a statewide effort to provide clear and consistent information to the public about advance directives, as well as to encourage medical professionals and lawyers to volunteer their time and efforts to improve public knowledge and increase the number of Alaska’s citizens with advance directives.

WHEREAS, the Foundation for End of Life Care in Juneau, Alaska, and other organizations throughout the United States have endorsed this event and are committed to educating the public about the importance of discussing healthcare choices and executing advance directives.

Those were Sarah Palins own words (Well words written for her by a ghost writer anyway) that appear to be in direct conflict with the message that she is trying to deliver to her followers today.

Is anybody surprised?


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Gryphen thanks for posting this.

    Reesie in VA

  2. The woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska is a complete idiot!
    Enough said.

  3. Look, Sarah is so schizophrenic batshit crazy she doesn't know her head from her a-hole. She has no clue about can clearly tell when she is speaking her own poorly written words (Palinese word salad) or those of her speechwriters. SHe has no clue about anything having to do with public and international policy except drill, baby, drill, and and Alaska being the chosen land.

    Once again, she is exposed to be the lying, hypocritical flip-flopping fraud we all know she is. But to her defense she probably had no clue what this Healthcare Proclamation actually meant when it was issued, and her ADD kicked in midway. Poor, ignorant Sarah

  4. Aptil 16 2008? Someone pointed out that was only 2 days before the immaculate birth of Trig. Just sayin'...

  5. the problem child1:07 PM

    Here is $P’s “death panel” proclamation for anyone google-challenged (yes, I’m talking to YOU $P).

  6. MadCity Chick1:12 PM

    Gryphen..............this is so unfair.........

    45 Gryphen Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 4:49 AM
    Remember AKM, I wear an extra large t-shirt.

    I cannot believe the number of times I wanted to call you or Shanny. You just wait until you come back, do I have a story for you!


    .....................You're killing us! ;)

    I know you have to do what you have to do, but man oh man I wish I was in the 'in'. Can't wait to see her carted off in her little yellow jumpsuit.

  7. Ratfish1:49 PM

    Yeah- but now she is telling Congress "thanks but no thanks."

    Sort of like....that bridge she campaigned for.

  8. The Bridge, Cap and Trade, and now this. It proves she will say whatever she thinks will gain her political points at any given moment.

  9. Oh my God, they're going to execute the advanced directives? Who are they going to execute next, the elderly and infirmed?

  10. Gryphen, this is just too pathetic. Michele Bachmann is now using Sarah Palin's stupidity as a fundraising tool, claiming the media is "Palinizing" her.

    Palinize is featured in the Urban Dictionary! It is so on point!

  11. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Was this before or after she killed all of those Alaskan Senior Citizens?

  12. Gryphen - and friends: I've figured it all out. I know what' wrong with her.

    Now that she's just a private citizen blogging in her jammies from her garage on Facebook, she hasn't realized that the garage door is shut and TAWD has left the motor running.

    It's the Todd Palin Health Care Plan.

  13. Anonymous2:30 PM

    This is just brilliant! Again, you just can't make this up. Sarah needs to go look in the mirror and say over & over - stop making stuff up, stop making stuff up, stop making stuff up.

    However, she adds so much humor for millions of us it wouldn't be good if she took this advice.


  14. She is such a f'ing hypocrite. She couldn't find a way out of a paper bag.

  15. Since Facebook is her primary means of communicatin', isnt she just another social networking blogger? Jammies?

  16. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I think that if we direct our thought waves in the right diredtion we can create a powerful force. Now that Michel Bachmann has said, "Don't Palinize me," meaning they are attacking me, give me money. The next step is for Palin to say something like, "I ain't no Bachmann," meaning I'm not crazy. Then Bachmann says, "No, you're the crazy one, you pulled a Palin "meaning quitting a good job for no reason. Then Palin responds, "At least I didn't put a Bachmann," meaning saying something as crazy as if you fill out the census form, they will put you in a camp. We can go back and forth: Mind Control Camp, Bridge to Nowhere, Michael Steele you be the man, my little hippy man is getting his hair cut. It is going to be hard to score this match, as crazy trumps crazy. But, the entertainment value is priceless!

  17. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I am trying to think of reasons for Sarah Palin saying the stuff that she says- like Death Panels when there are no death panels.
    1. They keep increasing her medication, but it wears off earlier and earlier each day.
    2. She heard that story about monkeys at a typewriter could eventually type something that made sense, and she is putting that urban myth to the test.
    3. She is trying to top the craziest thing said by Glenn Beck.
    4. She is trying to top the craziest thing said by Rush Limbaugh
    5. She is trying to top the craziest thing said by Bill OReilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, this is a very long list.
    6. She really really really needs to be in the spotlight everyday, no matter what she says.
    7. She keeps posting quotations from a book that she bought. She thought the book was a compilation of conservative quotes, but it really was a spoof book about conservatives.
    8. She will say anything as long as they put her name in the paper, magazine, on TV, in the internet.
    9. These are her audition tapes for Fox TV, there may be any opening soon.
    10. Ever since she quit her job as governor, nobody pays attention to her anymore.

  18. Hey KeithO is after her now. Why was she for "advanced directives" before she was against?

    Oops - hypocrisy alert!

  19. majii4:03 PM

    Any rational human being would know after experiencing several epic fails that he/she should bow out, but not Palin. She was okay as mayor of Wasilla and managed to get through a little more than half her term as governor, but now that she's trying to operate at the national level, she is rapidly revealing herself as the nut we always knew that she was. One of my senators, Saxby Chambliss(R), is not holding any townhalls , but he was in my city yesterday to give a speech on healthcare at the Chamber of Commerce (to him, we the citizens don't count) and the surprising thing is that he did not endorse Palin's "death panel" lie. Palin is out of her league and doesn't know it. She doesn't have the capacity to remember what went on last week, so no one should expect her to remember her support of the exact thing she is now railing so hard against. This woman is pitiful, but at least she reaches out to her base.

  20. Anonymous4:06 PM

    8:05 PM here on the East Coast and Keith Olberman is talking about this right now.

  21. Lisabeth4:23 PM

    They are slamming Palin on Olbermans show as they should. Her ghost writer made mistakes! Sarah is making a fool out of herself. You know how she's never wrong. She's going to keep trying to prove she's right about the death panel! Now we know very clearly why the McCain campaign kept her hidden during their campaign. Now we know why she didn't and won't do real interviews. I mean how phony to post things you didn't even write on Facebook! She believes her fans won't notice and they are so dumb, that they don't! How could anyone believe she wrote that

  22. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I am glad to hear KO is talking about it now!! I sent it to him in am email,I am sure thousands of others did too,but boy it still makes me feel good!!

    So I wonder how happy Sarah will be when she finds out that Bachman called peoples attention to the Urban Dictionary and its definitions of "Palinize" I'm sure lots of people will look it up and find all of the crazy definitions.

  23. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Yes, the hypocrisy, it burns, but now the Senate Finance Committee has fallen prey to the shouty people on parade:

  24. "found on the state of Alaska website before it was scrubbed'

    They must think we are all as dumb as that bank robber who gave the teller his picture ID and bank account number. We'll just remove anything that will make her look like a liar they'll never notice. How much energy and how many hours are people working on hiding picture and posts?

  25. FEDUP!!!4:56 PM

    Bree: All they had to do is change one little word: "shall" to 'should'... and all would have been fine. (...Shall talk to the patient/doctor, vs 'should' talk to...) :(

  26. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Don't forget that Bush signed his own death panel into law in 1999 when he was governor of Texas.

    Search: Advanced Directives Act of 1999.

    They are really shameless.

  27. You know she is not crazy. She is stupid, nasty and evil. And I don't mean it in a nice way. She will do anything and I mean anything to rise to the top, without doing the hard work that many others who serves us do.
    Her tenue as mayor left Wasilla millions of dollars in debt. She had to hire a city manager to run the city. What does that say, that she couldn't even run a city of 6,000.

    When Martinez of Florida said he was retiring early, they said he was pulling a Palin.
    It sounds like being like Palin is a liability these days.
    Sarah Palin has taken her marching orders from republicans and Fox news. Somebody is writing her face book page. There is no evidence whatsoever that SP can write like that. She never has and never will. She is a liar and a cheat. To pass others work off as your own is deceptive and cheating. That is also unethical. Her base must be marveling at the women who cannot put a sentence together can now wite semi intelligent crap.

  28. Anonymous5:12 PM

    She's so dumb that even Trig won't admit to her being his mom.

  29. Great find, Gryphen!

    Whose tactic is "downright evil", Sarah?

    Who preys on the most vulnerable, knowing "that there is both a lack of knowledge and considerable confusion in the public about Advance Directives"? Or do you claim to not know what you are talking about?

    I wonder how man AKns are now afraid to get ADs...the ones then-GINO said they needed.

  30. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I heard that and it is so sad my parents had to pay an attorney thousands to take care of the same thing that medicare could now take care of if it went thru.Seniors,no me but others are being taken advantage of by these shouters. weather they be republicans or people from the health care industry.As for drugs and the story I saw out there about them and the white house, better to get some discounts and get a bill passed than not. I know people buy from over seas or from Canada but I looked into it and I just don't feel safe doing that thru the mail.I saw stories where people were sent drugs that were not what was claimed or were out dated

  31. Snowing in Alaska6:03 PM

    Palinized was first used, as far as I know and I was a busy bee during pre-election days - by the website which showed Trooper Wooten stuffed into a panel on the backside of her desk! LOL! When you open the panel, you hear Sarah's witch voice "Palinized!"

  32. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Howard Dean was on Countdown with Keith Olberman and he stated that end-of-life counseling will be in the final bill.

    Reesie in VA

  33. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Sometimes I think I am living in an alternate universe! WTF! I am very worried about what this says about our educational system. Hopefully it is improved now - but I don't know. I don't have kids in school.

  34. Bear Woman8:27 PM

    The proclamation which $p issued in April 2008 is still on the State of Alaska website at, then click on Gov. Sean Parnell. Click on Press Room and Press Releases, go down to the bottom and click on News Archive, then click on view next 100 listings until you get to April 2008. It is listed there.

    Despite the proclamation still being available through archives, it does not change anything in how despicable & hypocritical $p's actions are!

  35. You have to see the proclamation as read by Rachel Maddow's Rod Blagojevitch impersonator. LOL!

    And I liked how KeithO reffered to her as an "unemployed Alaskan blogger." She always wants to be the thing she supposedly hates the most.

  36. For those of you who are still following this story you have got to see a clip that The Token Hippie (go to palindeception linked on this site & then The Token Hippie is a link on Audrey's site).

    It is an interview from MSNBC and it is priceless. The interviewer is interviewing a woman who was asking questions at a health care town hall meeting. You have got to listen to the woman's answers. She doesn't have a clue about why she was even there or anything about the health care bill/talks other than the fact that she is super aware that she wants a choice & wants to protect the constitution.

    So sad.......

  37. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Palin is the Queen of mixed messaging. The Advanced Care Directive vs "Death Panels," her twitter encouraging everyone to "Buy American" vs her VW Jetta, Nike/Asics running shoes, Italian shoes, and foreign designer clothes purchased with RNC funds, obtaining funding for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it and her fiscal responsibility vs leaving Wasilla wallowing in debt. She is now plagiarizing at facebook as Sarah did not write that entry and attempts to pass it off as her thoughts. I agree with Betty White's comment during the election when she said, "Palin is one crazy
    b---h." The old gal was 100% correct on her assessment!

  38. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Are you really this stupid? Do you know what an Advanced Directive is? It is otherwise known as a 'Living Will' and it instructs Dr's, etc. as to what exactly your wishes are, in the event that you are somehow permanently incapacitated (think Terri Schiavo) so the COURT (GOVT) DOES NOT DECIDE YOUR FATE.

    The so-called Death Panels that people are concerned about would be the Govt Bureaucrats that Obama's HealthCare takeover would empower to make 'cost effective' decisions regarding the treatment options for elderly or unlikely to survive patients. See actual case in Oregon where the 'state run health care denied a cancer treatment ( too expensive) that could have extended her life by several years, but did offer in the rejection letter to pay for assisted suicide.

    Truth has a funny way of messing up your agenda driven diatribes... sad

  39. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Know what else is sad? The CNN interview with a woman at a low cost clinic in Montana railing on about keeping govt out of healthcare. You know how independent they are in Montana and all. The irony of being in a govt/taxpayer supported clinic was lost on that fierce, poor, unemployed Republican woman.

  40. Anonymous12:38 PM

    anonymous 10:40-- We don't know how it feels when factcheck and politifact both say these folks' opinions are wrong...yet they continue to spout them.

    at what point does one admit that thier opinion has now been debunked, which makes it either a lie or indication of mental problem to keep espousing it?

    Do facts come into play for them at all? No. They are run on irrational fear, brought to them courtesy of the cowards gettng rich off of scaring old people -- the cowards at FOx. all of the Fox clonws will be responisble and are resonsible for the museum shooter, the gym shooter, the cop killer, the physician killer -- they played an obvious part on all of these terrorists lives.

    the right already has death panels- they stir up their unhinged, foaming at the mouth base and let them loose on us -- screaming fire in a crowded theater, followed by "Obama's comin fer yer guns!"

    So, naturally, these poop people believe. and they go off the deep end. kind of like that radio JOKE that went so wrong in the 30 and 40, only this time it's for real and being done on purpose.

  41. Anonymous1:15 PM

    This is so much different than Obama's plan to have government employed doctors to be monetarily compensated. Why we could even have "Dr Roxana Mayar" be the death panel Czar?
    You are on the wrong side of the argument.Step back and in 5 years ask yourself, What went wrong?

  42. Anonymous1:17 PM

    PS They dropped the 'death panel initiative'
    smells like victory to me.

  43. She seems to be a walking contradiction. She says one thing, then a week later takes it back, then a couple days after that decides she didn't mean it when she took it back and pretends she never did.

    This is totally unsurprising to me, although I am surprised that she has so many followers when she continually flip-flops.

    *sigh* If only she would use her powers for good...



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