Monday, September 28, 2009

Sarah's 5-Day Pregnancy Solved!

How? How could anybody have been fooled by such a careless attempt to fake a pregnancy?

She was able to fake this pregnancy with the strategic use of SCARVES? How ignorant are people?

I think when all of this is said and done THAT is the question that must be asked of every Palin staff worker, every so called Alaskan reporter, and every person who swore up and down that they KNEW she was pregnant and MUST have had that baby.

The choices are simple. Either these people lied, or they were too stupid to realize that they were being punked.

Update: For those of you joining our little discussion late the first picture in the above montage is from about 4 seconds into this Fox News video. (H/T to Bree Palin)
(Updated to better quality video found by Patrick.)

And the last picture is from this photo dated April 13.


  1. Way to go, Gryphen!!! Now get your pal Shannyn on board and this bus can go somewhere! I'm tired of feeling like we're all bozos on this bus!

  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Great post, Gryphen!!!

  3. Hey Gryphen,

    Huffington Post is reporting the title of her book - "Going Rogue: An American Life". The release date has been pushed up to November 17th just in time for the Holidays. I am willing to bet you that she is trying to beat someone to the punch. She probably needs the money NOW. Sarah has so many people to keep quiet with payoffs that I would bet that she won't be able to keep much of this money for herself.

  4. Truth1:53 PM

    Sarah Palin is a liar.

    Sarah Palin is a hypocrite.

    Sarah Palin is a fraud.

    As simple as that.

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    The McCain campaign & the RNC ALSO needs to answer for this. I agree with the others who say that is the real story. Why all the official scrubbing of SOA digital photos when Palin was announced in Aug. '08? I think we know now.

  6. Holy Sheesh!

    NEW YORK — Sarah Palin (PAY'-lin) has finished her memoir just four months after the book deal was announced. Her publisher says the release date has been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17.

    Harper publisher Jonathan Burnham says the former Alaska governor invested herself deeply and passionately in the project. He says the book contains fascinating detail.

    The 400-page book is the first for Palin, who has been an object of fascination since Republican Sen. John McCain chose her as his running mate during his 2008 presidential bid. The book will be called "Going Rogue: An American Life."

    A huge first printing of 1.5 million copies has been commissioned by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins.

    Read more at:

  7. I wonder if she'll use any of these pictures in her new book??? ADN says it will be available on Nov. 17 instead of the spring. What's the hurry?

  8. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Wow! Murdoch now thinks Palin has a short shelf life! WHOA!

  9. Rogue with Rouge.

    (Is there no one from the McCain camp who will speak up and answer for this?)

  10. Good point about the date - she gets the big bucks upon acceptance by the publisher, right?

  11. Anonymous2:13 PM

    How ironic Palin's fake pregnancy was debunked, albeit inadvertsntly, by Fox News. Will be interesting how, if at all, this plays out in the MSM.

  12. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Under the pictures, you have "Trig born April 18"
    This is what continues to confuse people. Gryphen, could you at least put "allegedly born" instead of making a statement that sounds like you are reporting that Trig was born on 4-18-08.

    Trig's presentation was 4-18-08, but he was born in January 2008. If Trig was not born in January 2008, I will kiss Sarah Palin's ass. But I am not too worried I would have to do that!

  13. The hurry is that Murdoch is scared. This is announced today, after Bree posted this video this weekend. Either a huge coincidence or.... not.

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    not to get all graphic on ya but in the round belly photo even her boobs look rounded

    Palin has no boobs..

    but in this photo all of the sudden she has rounded mama boobies... fascinating
    a lot like that belly mold thing..

    Boobs get fuller and plumper when you are prego but they don't grow 3 cup sizes (maybe after when breastfeeding) ..

    And she just looks squattier .. round and dumpy vrs her typical statuesque .. high neck type look.. here she almost is no neck.. she really is doing the prego act

    It would be interesting to see how high up that thing rides.. the middle photo looks like it comes up high on your chest.. above your boobs

    She is wearing a high collar black shirt but you can still see some skin.. I wonder if it goes up to the neck or not.. or if it can be altered..

  15. Anonymous2:19 PM

    My guess is that the date was moved up to beat and indictments or any trig truther true tales.

  16. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Having her book come out sooner is GOOD! Means when this "Gate" blows.. she can't backtrack and rewrite what she was planning on going public in the Spring

    Her sad tale of woe will be in black and white/print.. then the truth will come out

    If this stuff came out before me she would be scratching and crossing things out .. rewording "But Oh what could I do? I had to not think about myself and be prepared to deal with whatever would come my way.. as that was a sacrifice I was willing to make"

    Now.. my dearies.. let it come out in November and let this story blow in December

  17. FEDUP!!!2:21 PM

    FOUR HUNDRED PAGES???? Written in FOUR MONTHS??? By $arah Palin???

    My head spins.

    I wonder what is pressing so urgently that she has to release the book in November.
    Is it that as a felon, you are not allowed to make money off a book if that book deals with things when you committed a crime?

    I soooo wish that the baby-gate story will hit MSM before that, and that McCain and the RNC and Faux Noise will be made accountable for the cover-up...

    Has anyone contacted McCain or his daughter yet for a comment?

  18. SoCalWolfGal2:21 PM

    Well, I guess when you are paying a many people hush money as $P is, timing is of the essence. I am sorry Mr. Burnham, the only thing Sarah could write about passionately is her incredible greed.

    Every one please do as someone one Bree's site recommended and email Rick Sanchez at CNN and maybe he'll pick this up. I hate to keep belaboring the point, but I just don't see why KO or Rachel has not grabbed this.

    Thanks again Gryphen, I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. Keep up the good work.

  19. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I was just watching the video and wondering if the women who praised Palin then would still do so now- or would they be embarrassed.

  20. I have just looked in the voluminous folders on my laptop, and I am ashamed to admit that I discovered that I had downloaded the whole Fox News "An American Woman" series long ago directly from the Fox News youtube channel - before it was scrubbed from there.

    So I have the footage from April 8, 2008 in the original size, without any distortions!

    What I have done now is the following:

    I uploaded several screenshots of it to my flickr - undistorted:

    I have also uploaded the video in it's original, undistorted size to youtube:

  21. Anonymous2:29 PM

    She must need the money for legal fees. The people she promised the payoffs to will be at the back of the line. I think they better hurry and get paid for what they know with someone who will actually pay and while the going rate is still good.

  22. and if you compare the "nail in the coffin pic"

    taken just 18 days before the gusty "big belly" pics it shows her breasts have substantially "moved up" her chest.

    i'm a woman, i know bras can do wonders, but in a really pregnant woman the expanding chest will appear larger and "lower" if anything. but putting on that "empathy belly" suit would "raise" its fake boobs on her frame......

    sorry SP, these pics are real, you weren't pregnant.

    does anyone think that the rift in her marriage was caused by todd disapproving of this massive deception?

  23. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Her popularity is dropping FAST is why I suspect they pushed up the publication. And, I'll betcha that Limbaugh, Beck and others purchase carloads to assure her being a #1 best seller. You think?

  24. You know what's so great? Palin's supporters have always pointed to that second photograph as proof she was really pregnant ( There had been a hubbub because some folks said the picture was probably doctored.

    So Gusty was very helpful to us when she made a little video (available on youtube at about how she was the reporter, and there was absolutely no way the photo was altered in any way.

    Thank you, Andrea Gusty!

  25. Anonymous2:43 PM

    OT, but have you seen the Huff Po article re: SP's book release date will be 11/17 instead of spring '10?

  26. Anyone who has a twitter account could please immediately post the following message:

    Palin story comes apart - this graphic proves that she faked her pregnancy. #sarahpalin #tcot

    Link to who ever you want Regina, Gryphen or Bree - it really doesn't matter.

    If you don't have a twitter please consider creating one now. It would be great to get messages out about the fake pregnancy at the same time as people are twittering about her god dammed book! Consider the impact if we can flood twitter with messages showing that video picture and graphic.

  27. get real2:50 PM

    A better book title would have been:
    "The Scarf Hangs Straight: An American Hoax"

  28. Jess Sayin'2:51 PM

    Luna1580 has a great point:

    "does anyone think that the rift in her marriage was caused by todd disapproving of this massive deception?"

    Might I add the widely circulated speculation that perhaps the rift in the marriage might have been due to Todd not knowing his wife was pregnant either? That's a deception worth pursuing.

  29. I think that everybody should twitter this message (with a link to Bree, as she deserves all the credit today):

    Sarah Palin unmasked - this video proves that she faked her pregnancy with Trig - #sarahpalin #tcot

  30. Anonymous2:53 PM

    check out her feet, dude. listen. i've had two kids and pregnancy does a lot to a woman's body. the feet tend to get "puffy" sometime cankles arrive late in pregnancy. and thighs. the thighs always get thick. black is slimming, but that's not looking too "late pregnancy" to me. maybe i'm a bit jealous. maybe. but i'm just sayin'...for having had 4 prior kids...things on her body would be used to stretching for baby.

  31. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Does anyone else think that the SP book will have her own version of babygate, finally explained, in her own words that will "trump" our versions and put this thing to rest re:MSM coverage?

    If there is going to be a move made by anyone as far as absolute proof regarding the Palin baby hoaxes, it must be made soon, prior to 11/17, or she will have the last word and her story will be the one that is once again propagated by the MSM and not the truth.

    Not that it matters as she will do herself in in other ways, but I'd still like to not see the many blogger's hard work go to waste and Sarah get the last word regarding her family deceptions.

  32. michelle2:59 PM

    I think that Murdoch is dumping Sarah as fast as possible and that's why the book is being released in November. The title tells you everything.

    The way she looked at the airport in Hong Kong leads me to believe that she had no help from a stylist. The text of her speech seems to indicate no professional speechwriter. Her rumpled jacket looked like it was pulled out of her suitcase with no pressing and her hair and makeup appeared not to be professionally done, unlike her appearances during the campaign. All of this adds up to a lack of professional support from Murdoch.

    If indeed he wanted to transform Sarah, ala Eliza Doolittle, into a viable candidate, he certainly would have made sure that she had a powerful speech to deliver that would not undermine her creditability and that she looked put-together at the airport with coherent talking points.

  33. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Wonkette weighs in on "Going Rogue":

  34. Patrick,

    In Fox News: An American Woman - there is a scene where Piper presses her head against Sarah's stomach. A real pregnant belly would not have allowed her scarf and jacket to give as it did. Please see if you can get a snap shot of this scene and add to your flickr account.

    It's at the 6:34/6:35 mark.

  35. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Perhaps I am late to the party and this video has been posted ad nauseum on other sites, but this Alaska Outdoors video, shot, I believe, at the tail end of FEBRUARY 2008 shows Palin hikin' around Juneau in high heeled boots, barely breaking a sweat or breathing heavily. . .she even has a waist line, although her sports jacket is, admittedly, somewhat roomier than most of her fashion habits. . .

    This was the best version I could find. . .during the election there was one that went farther into the interview in her office.

    It's easy to fake or interpret photographs one way or another. Far different to look at the woman in action, in 3-D from all sides.

    When I compared this with the humongous picture of her in a previous pregnancy, obviously taken in the last trimester. . .I mean she was out to THERE, just like the rest of us humanoids. . .that's what did it for me.

    Not the pictures, the video. I mean, she's got a waist and everything. . .at seven months?? Give me a break. (This was taken before she announced her pregnancy, which took place just a few weeks later.)

  36. Anonymous3:15 PM

    The best line in the video is at 4:21, when Miss Sarah describes herself as 'an old pregnant woman' . . . (just before extolling the virtues of 'sweating it out' at the gym, which apparently she did the day before -- April 7th).

  37. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Way to go Gryphen, Bree, Patrick, Regina and everyone else. This needs to be discussed all week and maybe even more.

    Also, check out Scarah at 6:34 when she leans against Piper, there is no bump there.

    Reesie in VA

  38. I would like to see both Sadie and Levi make a little something more then a pay off from all this.
    Their timing stinks but she must have made it all worth their while.

    I don't think the media will get around to this until it goes to court.

    How many crimes are involved? Alaska is use to corruption but wouldn't federal crimes be involved?
    Are we saying that anyone can be suspected of fraud, go through what all it takes to run for a high office and no matter what is revealed later there is never a review of what went on?

    Palin is small potatoes. What I care about are all the people that helped her cover up her fraud. Some may have been duped at first, there had to be a day they realized she has nothing to back up a birth she claimed.

    The entire way we put up a Vice Presidential candidate needs an overhaul. We must find out what happened in order to improve. I don't believe Palin had a baby in 2008 but that isn't my main concern. I want to know every last name of anyone that kept quiet or in any way allow this to happen to our country.

    Too bad about Sadie and Levi. There money will go fast and no one will believe them. They will lose everything except a little notoriety in Wasilla. What is coming out about Bristol is as sad as it gets. I knew a girl that made a similar deal with the devil. She had a nice place to live but died young of an over dose.

    Thank you people who stayed on this. You are a God send. However long it takes from now on, I know you won't give up.

  39. Anonymous3:37 PM

    freeze the video at 6:20. the scarf is in an absolutely straight line.

  40. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I know someone mentioned it somewhere else, but I think it bears repeating: What is UP with the SNEER and emphasis and terse lipped delivery of the line "special love" in the last seconds of this video? That is NOT love she's conveying there.

    Wish we could see what's happening in the box where Bristol was sitting at the moment she delivered this line. Could that be the moment Levi was smooching that sweet baby Trig? Makes ya wonder........

  41. Anonymous 2:57, I too think that it's very possible that Sarah will have her own version of babygate in her book. I really wonder if she will reveal the whole truth or if she will use this opportunity to prove us wrong by showing a (faux) birth certificate or pictures of her in the hospital with baby Trig. During the weeks she was missing she was probably somewhere staging pictures just as she did with the Gusty photos. This is what Murdoch and his team helped with IMO.

  42. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Has Bree Palin blog been taken down?

    that is the message I am getting

  43. Bree's blog is gone!

  44. Just moments ago, some unknown entity forcibly removed Bree Palin's blog, Gryphen. Time to bring out the investigators....

  45. Anonymous4:11 PM

    She is trying to get as much cold hard cash as she can before the shtf. She is so mental.

  46. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Do you suppose that she'll reveal exactly when she got pregnant with little Trigg Pax'son Van Palin?

  47. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Can someone tell me why Levi wouldn't fess up to this? With this dirty little tale, he would earn millions.

  48. Anonymous4:34 PM

    If I'm not mistaken these are the young guys from the still photo Eileen found and sent to PD. We assumed it was a caught-in-the-stairwell-without-her-belly situation for SP, and the video suggests that yesiree, that looks like just what happened. What a lying sack of crap she is. I don't think I can take the idea of her being on a book tour and selling her full of crap book in the coming months. Ruin my holiday, why don't you, you nasty thing that makes me puke. Liar! You will be unmasked for all to see, have no doubt. No one will drop babygate until it's blown wide open.

  49. The complete Fox series „An American Woman“ about Sarah Palin can be viewed in the original ratio without distortions here:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4 (Bree Palin!):

    Part 5:

  50. Anonymous4:56 PM

    That video doesn't prove a thing.

    Present that as evidence in a court a law and you'll be thrown out on your ear.

    It looks to me like it's been skewed a bit, the aspect ratio doesn't look right.

  51. Makes me wonder. When Sarah goes on her book tour will they screen and monitor her audiences to make sure that she's not asked a question that she doesn't want to or can't answer?

    When Sarah looks into the mirror I bet it says "The object is this mirror is dumber than it appears."

  52. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I see Bree's site. What happened?

  53. @ 2:23 PM

    Patrick said...

    ". . . So I have the footage from April 8, 2008 in the original size, without any distortions!

    What I have done now is the following:

    I uploaded several screenshots of it to my flickr - undistorted: . . ."


    Form Patrick's flickr account ===>

    And this from my post @ ===>

    This official photo from the Governors Conference ===>

    I ask you is the $hrieking Cow™ with child?

    ps . . .

    400 pages, you've got to be kidding -

    you are soooo right about when Piper is next to Sarah at 6:34/6:35 the scarf does go all the way into her body. There is no way she was pregnant. As a woman who's been there and during my first pregnancy I only gained 17 lbs(I had trouble putting on weight) my stomach(the baby) was still very pronounced at that stage(my daughter weighed 7lbs 12 oz too.
    Is this why the book is being so rushed?? Or is there another scandal about to break with the grifter family?
    How about eyes on the ground in Alaska, is T1 still with Bristol and T2? Is todd still living elsewhere with little P?

  55. Whatever happened earlier with Bree Palin IS back up as of now :)

  56. Anonymous8:21 PM

    In a court of law, Sarah Palin would have to prove that she was pregnant in 2008.

    Palin has threatened legal action for several other matters not related to her pregnancy.

    She has never carried out any of her legal threats. Never. And she never will.

    The reason is that she has no proof of any of her claims and pre-trial depositions and discovery would completely destroy her.

  57. the norwegian blue8:25 PM

    look at the footage from 7:00 to 7:35 - when she is talking about bringing baby Piper to the office she is speaking quickly and animatedly - telling the truth. Then she just slows WAY down, looks spacy, and goes into some la-la land talking about "her" next baby...maybe I've seen too many episodes of "Lie to Me" but her whole manner does change

  58. Congratulations to the Alaska Bloggers who would not let this story die. I have learned so much during the six months that I have been on your site.
    Since, I have seen the picture of Sarah who was pregnant with her first child, I have been sceptical of this supposed pregnancy. If this was the first,she would not have been so "toned" at the fifth. Have also been sceptical after reading about the wild plane ride to Alaska. How many women finding themselves in this predictament would have been searching for a bed in the maternity section of a hospital rather than searching for a seat in an airplane?Most sane women would not have undertaken the trip, at all.She had to undertake this trip even in the advanced state of pregnancy. Why? Most normal people would understand her reasoning for missing the trip to Texas. Just think, Sarah has missed all engagements with stupid excuses till Hong Kong. For this one, she was paid.
    Have to ask, why did the child have to be born in Wasilla?
    To the posters who mentioned the congrats....knew that there was something wrong with the called it.IT WAS STRAIGHT !
    Thank you.
    The MSM will not report this. To them, it may sound too similar to the "Birthers Movement". Could there be a reason for this movement?

    Re: The book: Thank her editors for the fast pace. She cannot write. She has nothing to say but rehased soundbites. This was a no brainer for the editors,since she probably did not write the book. I am sure that her book has all of the depth of Levi's Vanity Fair article. Am sorry if I offended anyone with the last sentence.
    have a question which I hope someone can answer...
    Many of you live in Alaska...Did you see SP during the time that she was supposedly pregant? Did she look it?

  59. get real8:34 PM

    It is fact that Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008 and did not give birth to Trig Palin.

    If it is not fact, Sarah Palin could have easily made the issue go away completely in minutes over a year ago.

    Meg Stapleton and others who work for Palin read this and other blogs and are absolutely aware of the 2008 "pregnancy" issue.

    To this day Palin has not disproved the issue once and for all because it is impossible for her to prove something that did not happen.

    It really is as simple as that.

  60. 8:25PM norweigan blue - that part of the video is super creepy.

    She does something similar in this clip from Zeigler's interview - Sarah Palin Unplugged. Listen from the beginning and note how her voice changes at 0:32-0:35 when she says "yeah, that Trig was really my son." She doesn't blink at all during those words but they're followed by rapid eye blinks and there are several long blinks several seconds prior. Wonder if it would be worthwhile to have an expert examine these 2 pieces of video.

  61. The bottom photo of Sarah Palin talking to the camera IS PHOTOSHOPPED. The original picture that was posted on the DailyKos post did not show a belly. It was after the DailyKos post that the Alaska Governor's office SCRUBBED THE WEBSITE CLEAN OVER THE COURSE OF TWO DAYS. Remember that? It was down for 2 days and when it came back online all photos of Sarah Palin around the time of Trig's birth were gone. Now, why would the Governor's office go to such lengths if Sarah Palin was really pregnant with Trig? Oh wait! It's because Sarah wasn't pregnant with Trig. Bristol was.

    The next time we saw the above photo....a bulge had appeared in the photo. It was this "new" photo that the SP supporters used as an example of how the "liberals were lying".

    Anyone can buy a pregnancy belly to make themselves look pregnant. Sarah did.

  62. This is also why there is no record of Trig being born at Mat-su Hospital. Bristol had a home birth with Trig and this is why Sarah was able to do her speech in Texas and then fly back to Alaska from Texas and then drove an hour and a half to "go to the hospital". She wasn't pregnant. Bristol was at Auntie & Uncle's house far away and Sarah drove there to be there for Bristol!


    It all makes sense. All Sarah has to do is release the REAL birth certificate showing when Trig was born and who he was born to. When the wingers were questioning President Obama's citizenship last year, HE ASKED SARAH PALIN'S FRIEND (the Governor of Hawaii!) TO RELEASE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE. But yet....Sarah allows this to continue to fester. Could all be solved just by releasing Trig's birth certificate. Why she doesn't? BECAUSE IT WOULD BE A FORGERY if it showed her being the mother and she knows this. She would be breaking the law and knows she's currently cornered because she can't release the REAL birth certificate because it would prove us liberals correct once again!

    Poor Sarah. She's in such a bind!

  63. emrysa5:44 AM

    that gusty photo.

    why is this the ONLY pic that shows a pregnant governor? a governor? if any other governor was pregnant there would be tons of photos throughout 9 months.

    and why is this only 1 of 2 pics where she did not wear a scarf?

    this photo is a set up. not saying gusty had anything to do with it, she was probably duped. but this was definitely a set up by sarah.

    bring her down, alaska.

  64. @ KayinMaine
    Where is the physician, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, that "delivered" the baby and reportedly gave shoddy advice for Palin to fly back to Alaska while leaking?

  65. Anonymous6:47 AM

    They have to get this book out fast while she still stands a chance of making the big bucks on it. You've gotta understand--this book is not about "setting the record straight"--it is about the making the bucks--and quickly!--before the goose that lays the golden eggs is publicly humiliated and dismissed. Someone (Rupert Murdoch and her new, powerful handlers) is keenly aware of the short shelf life this book will have (not to mention a great "stocking stuffer"!). IF (and it's a big IF, since people in the know seem to be sitting on important information) material that contradicts what is in SP's book comes out, it had better be after they milk this book for all it's worth! Folks, this book release has nothing to do with truth, or trying to say her side of it before anyone else does! It's just about making the most money ASAP.
    Any one who knows anything better hurry up and spit it out because Sarah will be rich soon! And then people will fear her threats even more.

  66. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I love listening to idiots chalk this up to aspect ratio.

    I work in video and film and have for 15 years.

    GO sell "aspect ratio" to someone else. Meanwhile, look at how the scarf goes straight down in the stairwell pics.

    Straight down.

    No aspect ratio issue would or could achieve that, unless the entire thing was shot through a fun house mirror.

    In which case, the stairs would not be straight. The people would not be straight. Etc.

    Aspect ratios do no change reality. They may squeeze an image or elongate it or widen it -- but none of that impacts the spatial relationship within the image from one object (stairway) to another (scarf).


  67. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Does anyone recognize the camera operator? These tapes will all have time date stamps on them, from the internal clock in the camera (if it's set correctly). and they are logged for the station by date as well.

  68. ginny8:46 AM

    Rationalist, what is it about the Gusty youtube video? Is there something there that I am missing? Fill me in!

  69. Anon @ 7:09 AM
    The dates on the camera which took the photos are screwed up. They did not either fix the internal date program on the camera, or intentionally screwed it up so one could not date the photos with accuracy.

    I'm beginning to think those Gutsy photos were NOT taken on April 13th, but sometime not long after the rumors of Bristol's pregnancy began to swirl during the presidential campaign. They were recreated to seem like they were taken in April. They were too convenient.

  70. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I am still wondering .. with all the Sarah Palin blogs ("shrines") With this baby story being the one that makes them retch the loudest.. Why none of her minions have made a counter web blog .. or post.. anything If he is her baby, yadda yadda Why couldn't one of them put up a posting to prove it is so? Only thing I can figure is someone did try but got a little knee deep in a bunch of crap and was like Geesh this is harder than I thought Gobs of articles/blogs saying why she faked the whole thing and zilch in the way of proving Trig is hers hrrrmmm?

  71. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:17 AM

    The Sarah "shrines" are forbidden to talk about "Trig truther" stuff. Anyway they don't want to hear the truth.
    Kalyn Marie: I remember Morgan (not from PD)said that was photoshopped the Gutsy photo. And that photo only appeared after all the Bristol/Trig talk.
    The fact that Gutsy herself said "oh we didn't take any pictures of her below the waist" why would they do a photograph then? Morgan said the whole pic was photoshopped. Her face put on another body. I wish someone had saved her info?

  72. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:23 AM

    I'm trying to find Morgan's site on
    The internet waybackmachine :) Does anyone remember the name? Its was like Palins picture truth or something similar. ??? anyone?

  73. actually i couldn't watch the complete video any way if something going wrong during the pregnancy then you must be connected with the Dr who have been treated you during the pregnancy...


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