Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What if you made a "Word Salad" and nobody came?

After quitting as governor of Alaska in July, Palin signed with the top-notch Washington Speakers Bureau, which also repsGeorge W. Bush, Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice, hero pilotChesley Sullenberger, LA Dodgers manager Joe Torre and magician David Blaine.

Palin's bookers are said to be asking for $100,000 per speech, but an industry expert tells Page Six: "The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot."

Many big lecture venues are subscription series, "and they don't want to tick people off," said our source. "Palin is polarizing, and some subscribers might cancel if she's on the lineup." Other lecture buyers are universities, which have a leftist slant, and corporations, which dislike controversy.

"Palin is so uninteresting to so many groups -- unless they are interested in moose hunting," said our insider. "What does she have to say? She can't even describe what she reads."

Oh God that is so funny it brought tears to my eyes!

She supposedly quit her job to make money and nobody wants to pay her.

Does it get any better than that? You know, I just bet it does.


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Love that Palin photo. Says it all. Palin, the plastic erratic.

    Murdoch is really throwing her under the bus in the NY Post today.

    Lynn Vincent, you crazy li'l "Christian": get ready for your close-up. Palin may quit her own book tour soon.

  2. L.A. in S.F.9:45 AM

    I hope it does keep getting better. And I hope you all have some tricks up your sleeves. I too believe that SM and AKM did very well on their respective shows. They are clear, concise and intelligent. However, I think that Monehgan (sp?) and Wooten are very, very old news. I don't think it does any good really to keep rehashing the old complaints and misdeeds. I think NEW information needs to come out about the house and the baby and the pacs. This story needs to move FORWARD! Everything "we" do is in response to what SP does.

    And while I'm at it and at the risk of pissing a bunch of commenters off...I agree with "Hank" who posted yesterday somewhere and who was vilified for his comments. SP doesn't owe anyone an answer about anything anymore. She is a private citizen. Celebrity, yes, but no longer governed by whatever rules she might have at one time been governed by (if you pardon the pun.) The new video, heck all the old stuff, was very damning evidence. But it is not "proof." Proof, to me, is someone coming forward or a document. Without those, there is nothing to make her answer for anything. Yes, she is a major league hoaxster, but I also too think she will get away with it if for no other reason than paying people off, but because people feel sorry for that baby who, coincidently, will probably never be able to cognitively understand what happened.

  3. SoCalWolfGal9:48 AM

    I loved this! I am glad the US Lecture buyers figured out the truth: "she is a blithering idiot", oh and she is uninteresting. I think you are right Gryphen, I bet it does get better. Boy, I am having a great day all of a sudden.

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    It looks like she has the "Botox shine" in that picture.

  5. Anonymous9:49 AM

    It is about time the press started calling a spade a spade... yes, Sarah is a blithering idiot.

    Sarah's star is falling fast.

    There are still a few shouting her praises. Pat Buchanan and his GOP water carrying sister Bay are fans of Sarah and many other bobble heads on Faux news.

    I think Pat Buchanan has "crowd envy" because he never got a crowd as big as Sarah. Then again it may be penis envy... he may think hers is bigger than his.

  6. Is that a booger in her nose?

  7. Notice the necklaces? A big ol' cross and a crown! It is being reported that she made 7 million on the book - well, good for her. Yet she still solicits those donations on sarahpac and akfundtrust - people sending their last dimes from their social security checks to the grifter. What a piece of work.

  8. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Her book is sitting at #2 on Amazon, #1 on B&N. Ykes. Of course, all the little Palinbots must have run over there and preordered. Many of the commenters even claim to have ordered multiple copies to give away. I didn't think her supporters had that much spare cash. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how long it STAYS up at the top once the first flush of fanatics fades.

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Apparently Botox prevents you from sensing and removing boogers- a side effect that should be noted on the bottle.

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    @L.A. in S.F. - The State of Alaska DOES owe its citizens the truth about a possible fraud or more. Faking a pregnancy is fraud. That potential fraud was committed while Palin was in state office. So, although you may find it "old news," everything to be proved about this is began in 2007-2008, when Palin was the sitting Governor of AK. All of it is in the past, but that does not absolve her from the ramifications now, just because Palin quit her job in 2009. She took an oath. She was the sitting governor of a state in the USA.

  11. Anonymous10:30 AM

    That she keeps Staplemouth around advising her speaks volumes as the advise is so bad. Staplemouth 'knows' and Palin can't afford to let her go.

  12. Describe what she reads, hell. She can't even list what she reads.

    The only reason that Babygate is still an issue, for me, is the fear that the republicans are, in fact, stupid enough to continue to promote her. Every single policy they enacted in the eight years of the previous administration was a disaster, so they can't really claim intelligence or good judgment. Sarah may yet be a threat.

    Then there is the fact that we don't really know that Trig's mother actually consented to Sarah co-opting him. Adopting a special needs baby is a good thing. It could be played as a prolife stance just as well as giving birth to one, and it would have been a heckuva lot easier. I keep thinking: if Bristol is Trig's mom (and I believe she is) and she didn't want her mom to adopt him- as we hear- then that is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard. It's not like abstinence-only-raised kids don't get pregnant more often than adequately educated ones; a smart politician would have let Bristol have the baby, keep it low-profile, acknowledge the sad mistake her daughter made, and let it be known that they are welcoming a special needs baby into their family because they are prolife. She would have come across as dealing with the same issues her base does: pregnant teenagers and bastard grandchildren. They would have loved it.

    I've said all along I'm not altruistic about this; I'm here for the schadenfreude. I hope Sarah is miserable and terrified. I wish I could run into her in the street; I would, at the very least, rudely point and jeer. And that would be a lot better than the things she was encouraging her followers to do.

  13. days ago I said Hong Kong would be her swan song as far as speeches go. What little old Repuplican Ladies Club will pay her that kind of money? She wont even campaign for anyone in person. She sends Daddy Chuck. I hope he doesnt lose his underwear in NV....

  14. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Soon Palin will probably be appearing at nightclub openings with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.


  15. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Sarah Palin really is a blithering idiot.

    ...and a liar, hypocrite, quitter and fraud.

  16. Yes, it is a booger, Gryphen did you pick (pun) it on purpose? This story explains why she was not active and probably made her seem more like she was in hiding than she really wanted to be.

  17. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Sarah Palin's booger is sickening.

    I hear private citizen Rod Blagojevich will have to answer questions.
    Any chance that private citizen Palin will be doing the same?

    @ Alaska Report Rumor Central Part 1&2 were added:
    Part 1: RICO Rendezvous
    Part 2 - Southeast Alaska Fish Rights Robbed

    Does anyone know more about KC Dochtermann?

    Any one know about the latest on Bitney|Richter|Hansen affairs?
    Who's wife is in thick with SP and electronic spying? The rumor?
    It is impossible to keep up with it all but is there anything to the rumor that a Palin baby before Trig was not fathered by Todd?

    Private citizen Dr. BaldwinJohnson needs to answer some critical questions in regard to wtf is going on with our political campaigns.

    SP may attract an audience but she is not what most of this is about.
    It is about getting all the fraudsters behind the scenes as well.

  18. GenieO - I think it is a booger! lol

  19. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Hey, Gryphen, did you see that HuffPost article about an article newsmax did Tuesday and took down regarding a military coup? Yep.

  20. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Levi better get his book out
    Sarah 15 minute of Fame is about over.

  21. Reepicheep11:16 AM

    I said "Thanks but no thanks to the book 'Going Rogue.'"

  22. Gryphen I just want to warn you and other bloggers. A palin fan made threats directly towards the POTUS this morning on huffpo, I did contact the secret service and they got on in time to see the threatening posts and were going to go pay him a visit(he had been dumb enough to list his myspace page earlier in the blog, so he was easy to reack for them) I am truly concerned for your safety and that of other bloggers, these palinistas are CRAZY. Please stay safe and warn others to also.
    We need bloggers like you to get the truth out on a variety of topics. So thank you for your hard work in continuing to bring us that truth.

  23. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Levi had his 15 min. He is useless now.

  24. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Sarah qualified to talk about moose hunting? I'm an Alaskan woman who uses my own moose tag, the only thing I needed my hubby for was to balance my rifle barrel on his shoulder while I took aim. To say Sarah knows anything about hunting in any way, shape or form is an insult to all Alaskan hunters - male or female. - Hedgewytch

  25. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Wow, she looks really hideous in that pic, booger or not (I zoomed in in photoshop and it doesn't look like it could be anything else).

    She really looks like she put her foundation on (which is too pale) with a putty knife then got caught in the heat. She does not know how to do the hairstyle either. Her version looks old ladyish. Ewww. She didn't look very good at her speech either. That pink jacket was a very poor choice for someone who wants to be taken seriously. Then it occured to me, she probably chose it because it has a "mandarin" collar. lol

    In a way I'm glad her book is coming out before any others because then she cannot revise her lies once the truths are told (and proven). I hope it's true what Gryphen says and that there's another book in the works she likely does not know about. Gryphen, do you know any timeline on that annoucement?

    Cheers, Susan in MD

  26. That booger is humongous! Yikes! Sarah has absolutely no self awareness. She's like a 5 year old..totally ignorant as to how she comes off. I know I've been watching her for over a year now, and her antics still never cease to amaze me.

    Of course no one wants to pay Sarah $100 g's to toss out her infamous word salad. What does she have to say that could be of interest to any corporation who could afford that fee? How to be a bitter twitter quitter? She's been a failure at everything. Failure as a mayor, failure as a governor, failure as a wife and mother. She's a circus sideshow, complete with tabloid family and witch doctor pastor.

    Please Gryphen, put this cow Sarah out to pasture once and for all

  27. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Levi is backing Sarah up, there is nothing to wait for on that front.

  28. Looks like there's a brand new second definition for "going rogue" -- I don't see London, I don't see France....

  29. ""The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot."


    OMG! That was the best laugh I've had in such a long, long time!
    Thank you.

  30. Anonymous12:07 PM

    This is not the first neocon book to be an instant "best seller."

    Will someone do an article about how they sell and promote these so-called "best sellers." It is a scam and a racket on it's own without Palin.

    She is just one more fake, nothing special.

  31. Anonymous12:15 PM

    i know this is bad and don't wanna offend!!!!Do you think the reason Palin showed the foto of Trig in Hong Kong was the same reason she made that reference to Todd being part Eskimo which means she likes Asian people because if you go back in time.. yadda yadda?Lil' Trig having DS .. the term Mongolian is often used (I believe it is in reference to facial features) .. and Mongolian has been used to depict those of Asian decent.. see?  In her warped brain, I could see her playing the race card trying to get pointsShe could of just showed a foto of all her kids.. why just TrigMy baby looks like you see I like Asian people.. she is "icy" enough to do that

  32. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Most of her book sales will be bulk sales. Something like SarahPac will buy 100000 copies for $100000, then give a "free" copy to anyone pledging $25. That's a $24 profit for SarahPac on each book. Too bad her devotees are paying retail when they could wait to buy it from some organization and actually funnel more money to her.

    This is how Ann Coulter operates. You can see when she has a book on the list that there is an asterisk beside it for the bulk sales.

    Sarah is the gift that keeps on giving ... pure comedic gold.

  33. Blooper12:18 PM

    It seems that $arah is in a race with Levi to get her life story out before Levi can publish his account, hence the hastening of her book release.

    Too bad Levi can't push up his release date sooner, I feel that whoever gets their version of the story out first will have the upper hand, no matter the truth. (Although Levi did get a nice head start with his VF article).

  34. Gasman12:19 PM

    The squeamishness that the Washington Speakers Bureau and others are feeling about paying Palin to speak confirms what I have suspected all along: that she is demanding far higher speaking fees than the market will support.

    The reason she went to Hong Kong and spoke - in a Communist country - was because they were the only ones who didn't balk at her ridiculous demands for $250,000+ to babble incoherently.

    What will Miss Sarah do when there are no more takers for her inflated speaking fees?

    As she is no longer a politician, she cannot be held to quite the same standards. However, she is a public figure and is making herself a target for those who seek to debunk her lies. She couldn't withstand the scrutiny of being a Governor or a Vice Presidential candidate. She won't be able to withstand the scrutiny of people dissecting her memoirs.

    She is a lightweight and a buffoon. She will do something incredibly stupid again in the near future.

  35. Dr. Who12:31 PM

    Sarah's book will only be that high for a short time. Her nutty psycho fans are buying it up but then wait and see what happens. And who knows how many are being purchased on purpose to make it look like it is popular. People are fascinated by her because it is like watching a train wreck.

    I am a retired doctor. In that photo you can tell very easily that Sarah has had work done. Part of her face looks frozen including her lips. The shinyness is characteristic of deep peels. She has had a lot of botox and other work done. They did not do a very good job. She was more attractive before.

    Also from a medical perspective, the first time I read the "wild ride" in Sarah's own words, I knew that the story could not possibly be true. If I was her physician, I would be furious that I was used like that. No decent physician would tell a 44 year old woman pregnant with a high risk infant who was coming prematurely with leaking fluid to go do a speech and then get on a plane. The patient would be told to go to an emergency room immediately, specifically a hospital with a NICU facilities.

  36. L.A. in S.F. said, in part, "SP doesn't owe anyone an answer about anything anymore. She is a private citizen. Celebrity, yes, but no longer governed by whatever rules she might have at one time been governed by (if you pardon the pun.)"

    I respectfully disagree, L.A. As long as she interjects her "private citizen" self into the discourse on national and international U.S. policy, and does NOT offer concrete and workable solutions but merely criticizes -- she owes answers. If MSM doesn't ask her the questions that should yield those answers, then we can ask them here on blogs.

    And if we must over and over again, for over a year, as we have already, then I'm sure we have the resolve to do just that.


    Anon @ 9:48 AM said, "It looks like she has the "Botox shine" in that picture."

    My newest theory about Palin's face is that she's gone back to her pre-campaign regimen of pancake makeup, tanning, and freebie Avon samples from her hairdresser -- unless she's fired the poor thing after that faux pas about Palin losing hair!!

  37. Anonymous12:35 PM

    maybe Levi is a smart cookie and has his book all ready to go but isnt going to put it "on the machine" until Sarah's is out..

    So if she goes into any flat out lies he can just adjust his a little to cover everything

    Like.. Levi says he stayed in my home, OVERNIGHT!! with my angelic Teenage daughter
    Well that is just not true? Who are you going to believe

    now Levi can add the snippet
    I stayed in the Palin home, lived there, from these dates.. my buddy "Frank" knew I was there.. I got phone calls there after 11pm.. I do not know why Sarah is spinning the truth on this one..

    I'd like to see them in a debate

  38. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Not only does she look dazed and confused in that photo, she looks like her face was formed out of silly puddy

  39. Anonymous12:49 PM

    ..."basically because they think she is a blithering idiot."

    As was perfectly obvious to anyone with a brain the first time they heard her speak.

  40. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I think her MOUTH looks different.

  41. Anonymous1:08 PM

    CR46 @11:21

    Palingates had one on a thread a couple of days ago. I saw the one you mentioned, thanks!

  42. She looks bad! What a life-less upper lip!

    She must be mortified. On several fronts.

  43. Anonymous1:19 PM

    The best I have seen is Philosopher Jay with his Ten More clues in the 'Who is Trigs Mother" Mystery.

    I only saw it today, and does it lay it all out there.

    I strongly recommend reading him.

    Maybe Philospher Jay, can be added to the side panel if he allows it.

  44. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Can Philosopher Jays. Ten more clues in the "Who is Trigs Mother" mystery be added to your side panel?

    He lays it all out clearly, from Sarah not taking Maternity leave to the photo shoot for People.

    Very fine, and I've been following this for a long time.

    Very clear, very concise.

  45. Anonymous1:25 PM

    The timing of Going Rouge is interesting. There is only a week or two before people take a mental break for Thanksgiving. If they are thinking to cash in on Christmas sales, there are an extra hefty amount of other books hoping for big holidays sales, too, coffee table photo books or special edition books. I just don't see this book getting that much attention when it is competing with holidays and holiday books. Hopefully, the book tour will be Sarah's Good Bye Tour, cue the hand wave, bye bye.

  46. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Another thing is that with the economy in the dump people spend more carefully. They'd rather get a calendar, puzzle, how-to book; something they can get some use out of for a while, rather than a vanity book that that's just a cheap thrill that won't last more than a day or two.

  47. Anonymous1:36 PM

    It's very telling that she's lost her pageant moves. No waving, standing with her hands behind her back. The pageant moves and smile were probably worth more to her male fans -- teen-age boys and old geezers -- than anything she thinks or says.

  48. @ Anon 1:36,
    One of the very first things I noticed about the newly revealed Sarah at CLSA, was that pic with her standing with her hands held behind her back. I don't think I have ever seen her do that before. Made her seem both less confident, and also made me think she had been told not to gesture so much.

    If she appears again in public any time soon it will be interesting to see if she starts up again with the winks and waves and double-barreled stabbing finger moves.

  49. That "booger nose" picture is the same one that HuffPo has on their front page right now -- it's the 5th picture in the middle of the page.


    As for her some B- cheap movies that go directly to video and are never seen in movie theaters, I'll bet Palin's book is printed on "pulp fiction" paper and it goes to paperback in 3 months.

    On reading comments from Palinistas, it's obvious they're feeling tingles in anticipation, fingers ready to dogear Palin's pages.

    "Going Rogue" = Viagra for Palin fans... /smirk

  50. So I think we are going to have ze leetle cash flow problem soon if the speaking gigs fizzle out.

    Let's do some math here: let's assume a $7M book deal, delivered 1/3 at a time:

    $2.3M = the first payment, at signing.
    -$.3M = subtract a 10% agent fee, plus incidentals
    -$.7M = subtract 33% taxes, more or less
    -$.3M = subtract living expenses for one year
    -$.4M = build the house next door for Bristol
    -$.4M? = four payoffs of $100K each to various folk
    $0.2M = what's left for the nest egg = $200K

    Next year, SP would get the next slug of money, another $2.3M, but again she has people to pay off, legal bills, another year of livng expenses without other income. Maybe her hotshot agent gets 15%, not 10%.

    Well, it sure is true: a million ain't what it used to be. Boo hoo. Anyway, life might get tough without those 1,000 speaking gigs. Modeling, anyone?

    Also, too: Old Papa Joe Kennedy bought up copies of JFK's Profiles in Courage so it would float along the top of the NYT's best-seller list for a respectable period, so why shouldn't Rupert do the same?

  51. Anonymous2:26 PM

    HuffPost now has an article from AP saying that she's a best seller. Trolls are out, hard at work for their highness. Ha!

  52. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Maybe we should do a balance sheet for Sarah, weighing the pro's and con's of quitting her job as governor.

    At first, the plus side was cashing in on all of those lucritive offers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech, thousands of offers to choose from. Millions of dollars for a book deal. Looking forward to the book tour, signing autographs for adoring fans, practicing that pageant wave.

    And now the negatives. According to Murdoch's own paper, there are not going to be thousands of dollars for speechs unless you count the few weird places that want to have some entertainment. Sarah in Hong Kong said it all.

    The book was rolled out early; the electronic version is being delayed. It may be number one right now, due to right wing websites driving the sales. We can't wait for the reviews, the fact-checking and William Shatner reading excerpts. Letterman will have the top ten things revealed in Sarah's book, whether she really wrote them or not.

    Cashing in big time? I hope that Bristol got her house-car-nanny deal in writing; I can see it turning into an apartment, a motor scooter and Piper will take care of the kids if she wants to go out. As for the possibility of hush money for Levi (just a rumor, just gossip), I hope that he is paid in cash; the check might bounce.

  53. Anonymous2:59 PM

    While all books like to compete for the Xmas business, the economy is in the dumps and if you have to make a decision on food, children's gifts or Sarah's book, her book will be far down the list. If I remember correctly, the early reports of her book deal indicated a fall release then they changed it to 2010 and now back to fall. This will make her book tour during November and December and she will be competing with Xmas specials etc. People are pretty busy during late November and all of December and may not be interested in lining up for her book signings. The only people not busy are those unemployed and they probably don't have the extra money to contribute to Sarah.

    Her little followers fail to realize Sarah has gotten her money from the book advance. They are only lining the pockets of Murdoch with the book purchases. When her poor Christian followers realize how Sarah is taking them at SarahPAC, Alaska Trust Fund and the book sales, they may decide to wait and buy the extra copies at the Dollar Store. I won't buy a copy, but I will stop by B&N and peek inside.

  54. Everybody seems to be using the same picture - priceless!

  55. Anonymous3:10 PM

    re: the big fat booger in her nose

    I don't know if it is a booger.. It looks more like a freshly waxed nostril

    After the hairy Newsweek cover I bet she has every hair on her face zapped, waxed..

    she is a hairy woman. I used to visit Team Sarah (for fun of course) and they had alot of photos from the campaign trail, user submissions

    Many of them would blow up in super hi-res
    Kindof scary seeing her face blown up that huge... every pore.. trust me

    And in one you could see exactly 5 whisker hairs over her lip
    Kindof strange since she seems to spend hours in front of the mirror slathering on the lip goo

    You would think she would of seen those hairs
    A quick swipe of the tweezers.. ?

  56. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:17 PM

    Anon@10:08 If you pre-order at Amazon they will send a email if you still want the books, so they can pre-order a bunch of books and refuse them later...wouldn't put it past them just to get the book up there...they are obsessed by polls and BS like that!

    CR46, Thank you for doing that, we all must be vigilant and if we see a threat against POTUS just screenshot & call the secret service.
    A very good screen shot is Pearl on firefox.

  57. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Don't forget that a lot of Palin's book numbers will be plumped by the opposition, who will buy it to jump on it. . .and a lot of birds in the general population who just get off looking at a snake.

    What Palin's supporters DO NOT GET is that a lot of people who 'show' for her are either against her, or belong to the population above described. . .who are there to see a Snake Charmer, in all her fascinations thereof.

    Like people who go to NASCAR races waiting for a wreck.

    She's a good show, you gotta give her that.

  58. She gave her highest paying "speech" the day she resigned. tick tock.....times a wasting and the turkey is basting, or just bleeding out...

  59. Please don't buy the book. We are requesting all libs to NOT buy the book. When you say with pride, "I wouldn't buy that book if someone paid me we love it." Because, when the book comes out and everyone is talking about you will not have read it your negative comments will mean very little and will not be believable because you won't know what you are talking about...REMEMBER...DON'T READ IT...

    Such hate is sick. Your negative comments sound a lot like green eyed jealousy. #1 at Barns and Noble and Amazon and not even published yet....unheard of. all think no one cares about her...LMAO

  60. Anonymous4:08 PM

    That announcement about limited speaking engagements is interesting to me. Wasn't it published by a Murdoch owned newspaper? Why? More attention to her even though negative press? Would it encourage more people to purchase her book? Something about it doesn't ring true to me.

  61. Anonymous4:23 PM

    juju, I never even considered buying that book putting money in SP's pocket. And I don't hate SP, but I do want her outed for the hoax she played on the American people for political gain.

    Sorry if you consider that hate.

  62. Blooper4:41 PM

    Anonymous @ 1:25: Well, I can think of one practical use for this book. It would make great firestarter/kindling for heating this winter, as up here in Anchorage we are being encouraged to conserve out natural gas for fear of shortages. :)

  63. Blooper4:46 PM

    juju: Don't worry, we will find ways to peruse the contents of this 'book' without contributing a dime to $arah or her publisher. And yes, it will be dissected and it will be ridiculed.

  64. juju, who is "we"? LMFAO...are you saying that she doesnt want my money? GOOD. she aint getting it. I'll make a donation to the Special Olympics.

    As for the content of her "memoirs", I'm sure it will not be closed to press as her "speech" was.

    It will be reviewed and laughed at. She'll make her money and you'll be part of enriching her and Levi for staying quiet about what he really knows.

    Now, go back to peee land and report your findings.

  65. emrysa5:06 PM

    lmao @ juju.

    why do you use someone else's picture as your avatar? that's pretty creepy. you might need some help.

  66. It's very encouraging to see that the mainstream blogs are finally taking notice of babygate!

    See here:

    It's still a long way, but we will get there in the end!

  67. As a green initiative the "book" should be published on toliet paper so it has a dual purpose...

  68. JuJu--Your right such hate is sick--so is the green eyed jealousy of the Obama's over on your favorite site, right? You all love to name call over there but you sure don't let any one who is not a Palin lover make any comments on your cult site do you??? A least Gryphen lets your comment stay!! I don't give a shiit if she sells a zillion books, more money for her out of your pocket not mine, Sarah and I will have something in common, we both won't read it!!
    Just because a pitbull has lipstick doesn't mean we have to love it.
    Now go sit in the corner and read the little fairytale your Queen had someone else write for her.

  69. I just can't get past that booger in her nose. This is one nasty lady. No self-awareness at all.

    MLK said it best:

    "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." --M. L. King

    Can't figure out if JuJu is sincerely ignorant or just conscientiously stupid. Probably both. LOL!

  70. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Please, everyone. juju and those crazy guys as C4P are addicts. They are addicted to a fantasy image of Sarah Palin, not the real thing.
    In terms of having them ever see the light, they will need to go through a cold turkey and then "rehab" process--but first they will have to have a reason.

    @juju, Palin is taking your money, and the money of your chums. If 1.5 million of the "base" want to part with their wallets, so that Bristol can have her own house, that's fine by me. But it won't be my money. Sarah's not going to run for President, by the way.

  71. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Is Juju not able to comprehend the way conservative book sales are a con?

    I'd be interested in a fact check on the book. There is always a library if you can't find it on the $1.00 table soon.

    Good for!
    "It was Fox’s Greta Von Sustern, after all, who did a moving documentary on Palin, 'An American Woman' (the right loves to co-opt 'American' as if only they are American…so cute), with tons of great footage of Palin even before she was “tapped” for VP. But when some of that footage (at about 4 seconds in) revealed a clearly flat belly one week before she gave birth to Trig, which didn’t go along with the “Pregnant with Down’s Syndrome Pro-Life” narrative the campaign was spinning for her and only fueled the rumors that had been spinning around Wasilla for months prior to Palin being tapped for VP, Fox pulled and scrubbed that video faster than you can say 'I’m goin’ rogue!'”

    It is not hate to keep on a fraud like Palin. It is necessary. She will need money for all the lawyers. Todd is involved as well.

  72. OMG! JuJu is using a picture of Sarah as her avatar. JuJu, you are completely gone. Please get help soon. I am serious, girlfriend. You are sitting in the fool's chair in a damn coma. You need medical attention NOW.

  73. Anonymous6:35 PM

    JuJu says:
    "...when the book comes out and everyone is talking about it..."

    Up to now I never considered that possibility that a significant percentage of the planetary population would ever even hear about Palin's book much less read it and talk about it. With luck, I won't encounter any, but if it should happen, I'll be able to say JuJu directed me to NOT read it.

  74. Is Bristol pursuing that college degree that Stapletongue kept announcing last Spring? I am sure she is not promoting or practicing abstinence but just wondered about attending college. I bet not.

  75. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Anon 6:28

    This is article you're referring to:

    But the past year has shone a harsh light through Palin’s self-labeled pitbull persona to her paper thin skin. Her relentless whining about the media has been a successful part of her campaigning strategy since she set her small heart on the mayorship of Wasilla, but it played poorly coming from a candidate too scared to do any real interviews and too terrified to allow the media to ask her even one question.

    It’s scorched into the psyches' of real Americans that while Palin hid from the media, she was inciting violence against Barack Obama and his family. She has, in fact, been blamed by the Secret Service for provoking a spike in death threats against US President-elect Barack Obama and refusing to tone it down, even after they begged her to do so.

    All the while, she cowered away from the media, insisting that they show her "deference" by not asking any questions, but simply serving as stenographers to her publicity seeking statements. She has been accused throughout her career of behaving as if she has been crowned instead of elected, a trait she shares with another phony cowboy type who just left this country in shambles. Apparently, arrogance based on incompetence and stupidity stands in for courage in the Republican party."

  76. Anonymous7:28 PM

    How long do you think you can keep re-hashing this old news - Wooten, Mongean, et al ?

    How long before you actually write something orginal instead of parroting Hufpo ?

    How long will you continue to tear down Sarah Palin and her family ?

    You, your blog, and your blogging buddies - Munger, Beagle, Moore, Devon and Zaki are a pathetic bunch.

    Oh yeah, how much is MSNBC paying Shannyn Moore these days ?

    Are they at least paying for her makeover ?

    God knows she needed one.

  77. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Anon 7:28,

    maybe you can have Sarah recommend her plastic surgeon for all of the liberal women that you "feminist" pukes think need a makeover so they can look like plastic blow up dolls, just the way you all like them.

    And gee, Monegan might seem like old news to you, but his life was ruined by Sarah's greed and vindictiveness.

    try to keep up.

  78. Anonymous7:56 PM

    @7:28 - Why so angry? :-(

  79. "You, your blog, and your blogging buddies - Munger, Beagle, Moore, Devon and Zaki are a pathetic bunch."

    Yeah. We're all so pathetic here. I tell you what. Why don't you just stomp off in a huff and slam the door behind you and never, ever return? That'll show us, all righty...

  80. I don't understand why no one wants to hear my message! I talk about abstinence (while my teenager is having sex and getting knocked up in our family home), and Christian values (while I break ethics laws right and left). I also talk about the importance of my kids (even though it's really All About Me). I have lots of education--5 colleges' worth!--and wear cute clothes. Plus as an extra bonus, I pretended to give birth to a special needs baby! [note: use Trig as prop here]. Plus, also too I am Pro-American for this great nation to progress itself! [wave flag, mention troops here]

  81. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:38 AM

    Here is a close up of "the" picture...
    Prepare your eyes!

    Juju might be surprise to know that when the grifters name is mentioned many people go "huh?"
    When you explain who she is, then they will say...
    "oh THAT woman" They are not impressed...
    Even if you give a BIG hint like "I can see Russia from my house" nada, zilch, nothing. Most people don't give a shiit about Queen Quitter. That's a fact juju.

  82. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Yikes--scary pic. Could one of the C4Pers lurking please send her some face powder?

    I don't think she had major plastic surgery, because she still has wrinkles under her eyes and by her mouth. If she did pay for any she should get her money this pic she looks 10 years older than she is in real life.

    She may have had her lips injected with collagen, though--they are lopsided.

  83. CrabbyPatty6:08 AM

    I think we need to investigate IF Palin has any speaking gigs. A few of the nuttier posters on HuffPo keep on mentioning that Palin's speaking calendar is full up for the next few months ...... although NO ONE has advertised or acknowledged that Palin is speaking to their group. And at $100K+ per speech, you'd think the group would have to sell tickets and advertise this.

    Next time you get a moment or two, do some Google searches to see if you can pull up any of these mystery speaking gigs. Thanks!

  84. "Another thing is that with the economy in the dump people spend more carefully. They'd rather get a calendar, puzzle, how-to book; something they can get some use out of for a while, rather than a vanity book that that's just a cheap thrill that won't last more than a day or two."

    I have a good use for Palin's book. I need some kindling for my fire place.

  85. Anonymous7:49 PM

    sarah @7:28

    THE i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t is constantly watching you


  86. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Page six?

    Of the New York Post?

    This is the new source of authority for "The Immoral Minority"?

    Here's a typical day at the office for these guys who are basically Rupert Murdoch's way of biting into Enquirer turf without having to lauch a tabloid.

    (BTW: Page Six's website lasted about six minutes):

    Recent retraction from page six:

    "Wow, who would have guessed??! It turns out Michelle Obama didn't order Iranian caviar, two whole lobsters, a lobster hors d'oeuvres and champagne from room service the other night, as the Post's Page Six claimed. The wife of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama ate an entirely different treasonous elitist meal (probably) somewhere else. In fact, she wasn't even staying at the Waldorf-Astoria, as Page Six had it. Whoops. The gossip section so did not see this coming, because why wouldn't you run with something so plausible? "We regret the mistake, and our former source is going to regret it, too," it said today."

    Any port in a storm right, kids. Levi goes Belly up; Sarah's book goes to the top of thew charts, next: Page Six.

    What happens next after its proven she is raking in big bucks on the rubber-chicken circuit?

    Are we going after Trig again or will the "imminent divorce" scoop be recycled.

    Gryphen, I don't know who you are but you either have the worst sources money can't buy or no sources at all.

    I'm guessing it's the latter. Even a blind pig can stumble on some corn but your guys get it wrong all the time:

    Todd and Sarah are Splitsville... .

    Levi is going to take out Palin in Vanity Fare--I'll have much more to tell you after the issue hits the stands.

    Palin will back out of the China talk.

    Palin will completely humiliate herself in China.

    The Amazon story is bogus.

    Keep'm coming. You're on pace to have the longest streak of wrong predictions since Jean Dixon between 1975 and 1989.

  87. Anonymous5:58 AM

    @7:07 - you are not living in reality. Palin DID humiliate herself in China. Did you not read Murdoch's own review in the South China News? Todd and Sarah are living in different towns: Palmer and Wasilla.

    When will you learn how to spell Vanity Fair and understand what the name refers to?

    You keep it coming. We find your posts lacking in merit, relevance and concision. You seem stuck in a bygone era--not someone who knows anything predicting about the future.


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