Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is TeamSarah FINALLY getting tired of being used?

As some of you are undoubtedly aware Palin has been invited to speak at the Iowa Policy Action Center next month. The group is a pro-life, pro-heterosexual marriage, pro-parental controlled education, anti-gambling, and anti-sexuality group, that is very, very excited to have Sarah Palin as the featured speaker at their fall fundraiser.

However there is a small glitch. Apparently Queen Ester is demanding, at a minimum, $75.000 to attend any of these functions.

Wow! $75,000 is a lot of scratch for a non-profit group, what are they to do?

Have no fear this is where TeamSarah, Palin's personal, bat-shit crazy fan club, can help. (H/T to Bree Palin)

Well there you go then, surely these most dedicated Palin-bots will gladly dig deep and put together the measly $41,000 that is still needed to purchase Sarah's valuable time. (Because we keep hearing that at least a THOUSAND organizations are asking her to speak!)

But wait! What is this from Palin spokespoodle Meg Stapleton?

1 of Iowa's leading social conservative groups remains hopeful former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will headline its annual meeting next month, but a Palin aide called such a visit "incredibly difficult."

The Iowa Family Policy Council asked Palin to speak at the Nov. 21 event and has booked a Des Moines arena in anticipation of a big turnout. But Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton didn't sound optimistic, noting more than 1,000
(Oh! That is where I got that number!) groups are seeking the former governor's time and that she needed to tour to promote an upcoming memoir, "Going Rogue."

What? Is this even possible? TeamSarah, the most ardent Palin supporters on the planet could, or would, not come up with the money for Palin to attend this fundraiser? Shocked! That is what I am, shocked!

Okay tell me if this is a silly question. If you are holding a "fundraiser", WHY would you be paying up to $75,000 to have somebody speak? Wouldn't a person who was really an advocate for your cause DONATE their time? Just how much do these people believe Palin can raise for them?

Well, it certainly could not be more than $41,000, because she just failed at that with HER VERY OWN FAN CLUB! I am just saying.

Update: According to Politico the GOP activists are not very happy with Palin's request for money either.

“If somebody tells me they want me to pay an appearance fee, it tells me they’re not very serious about running for president,” said Ed Failor, Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief and an influential GOP insider.

“I found it really, really odd,” Failor said.

Well isn't Meg awfully chatty today! This comes from Newsweek's Gaggler:

Meg Stapleton, Palin's spokeswoman, tells your Gaggler that Palin "has not requested anything" and that she "does not charge people to campaign for them." According to Stapleton, Palin would instead cover such travel costs through her political-action committee, SarahPAC. Of course, that doesn't mean she's going to Iowa. Palin's book, Going Rogue, is due out Nov. 17, and she's got a major publicity tour planned around that, including a Nov. 16 appearance on Oprah. "We don't believe she will be able to attend with her tightly scheduled book tour, and the group has been told that through formal and informal channels," Stapleton says in an e-mail this morning. "However, it appears that some enthusiastic members are willing to try anything to entice the governor as we look at her schedule."

So essentially Staplemouth is saying that Sarah DOES NOT have to be paid to show up, not that it matters BECAUSE SHE'S NOT GOING!


  1. So if they don't reach their goal for this fundraising, for Sarah to speak at this particular event, where will the money go??? Team Sarah members should ask themselves this question. I know!! I know!!! I know the answer!!!!

  2. basheert7:50 AM

    The PalinBot Flying Monkeys are SO incredibly DUMB. Stapletongue and SarahSlut are simply using them as a bank, with no payback.

    Let them keep tossing her money. And when they finally exhaust their giving capabilities, let's see what they get for their money? But the Witch gets a new compound.

    We haven't seen a Snake Oil Salesman like this since the Wild West in the 1880's. At least their snake oil gave then ALCOHOL for their purchase. When you "donate" to SarahSlut, you are simply a moronic chump and get nothing in return.

    Oh yes - the Flying Monkeys probably funded all that cosmetic surgery.

  3. has a great article about how the political parties have never paid to have a republican or democrat speak to them.

    It's worth a read.
    What a sleaze she is. Is she going to go to her pac every time she wants to speak so they can pay her?
    How palin defrauds the masses. When will they wake up to her abuse of them?.
    If she were really really interested in serving her country, she would speak to people and spread her message. She has no message and is riding on her fame.
    She has most likely smartened up and has decided to ride on the coat tails of beck and limbaugh, persons of self importance that get paid big bucks to rile up the masses and then laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. CrabbyPatty8:04 AM

    Poor Team Sarah. First the effort to block Sebelius' nomination with their phone calls, then their bone-headed phone blast on a HOLIDAY, and now this ..... tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, at least they know their money is going for a good cause - building Palin a castle. Praise Jebus!

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Great point Gryph~

    It is probably better anyway to simply DONATE the $75-100 grand to the fund raiser...but that's just how I view the grand scheme of things.

  6. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Um...How is this legal? Basically, she is asking Team Sarah to raise money to donate to a non-profit that will then give her the money -- 100 percent of it!!! -- so that she can speak so that she can, essentially, promote her book and campaign for president??? That's so unethical, and at the very least it's skirting FEC laws...and sounds like money laundering to me....I will be looking into this and making a complaint to the FEC...Team Sarah

  7. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I think it's worse than that Gryphen. They don't want her if she expects to be paid. They are offended that she expects to be paid saying that most candidates would be thrilled to speak at events like this for free.

  8. Anonymous8:40 AM

    "Pie scheme" is posted @ Huffington:

  9. SoCalWolfGal8:46 AM

    We all know Team Sarah are just a bunch of sheep. What I don't understand is the Iowa Policy Action whatever it is. People, get a clue, $arah Palin doesn't care about your pro-life choice efforts or anything else under the sun, except MONEY. What on earth will it take for this to sink in? People generally do fundraisers because they care about a cause, but then the only cause Palin cares about is her bank account.

  10. Maybe someone should forward this to an Iowa newpaper. Could it possibly open some eyes? I'm afraid ignorance is widespread, hence the palin worshippers.

  11. basheert8:55 AM

    oh well, $100K to listen to crickets chirp in that massively empty skull?

    More power to them if the Flying Monkeys have that much money to toss to their Media Whore Queen. And then, the next time she needs another $100K? Do they continue to fund her every time?????

    The PalinBots are the gift that keeps on giving. In todays economic climate, it really pays to be careful when you give money. Obviously the flying monkeys have a lot more money than brains because if they start this she will expect and DEMAND they continue to send her money.

    And obviously they are too dumb to see they are being played like a fiddle.

  12. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Chicago mom observes...

    Evil is like a box of never know what you're going to get....

    Chicago mom

  13. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Per Huffington Post and the letter shown in this article - it's $100,000 to visit - not 75,000. Note the letter states 51,000 raised, another 49,000 needed. So, instead of being 75,000 too much it's actually 100,000 too much.
    Otherwise great piece as always!

  14. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Seasons change and winter is coming.

    Come January, or so--by the time her bots have emptied their bank accounts buying Christmas presents, dumped the obligatory cash into the collection plates on Sundays--paid their winter heat and electric bills, and sent their checks off to their satellite or cable carrier (wouldn't want to miss Hannity and Beck), these folks won't have two nickles left jangling in their jeans. As the collective bots' coffers shrink, their eyes just might open--and SP's PIE IN THE SKY, I mean, SPY, world will probably find itself floundering in the melting waters of the polar icecap.

  15. Anonymous9:13 AM

    What happened to the "thousandS" of requests for SP to speak we earlier this year? Is it now down to "one thousand?"

    I was also surprised at her ebay dinner - there were only about five people bidding. (Of course, only one was a True Fan.)

    As far as I know, SP has never directly acknowledged her fan club.

  16. When do all of Sarah's speaking engagements dry up. Here again a group goes out and advertises she's coming; rents a big auditorium for the crowd; spends money to prepare, only to have her pull out.

  17. These "characters" are just plain fucking greedy, weird, and creepy also, too.

  18. Anonymous9:22 AM

    It's a good thing she decided to relieve the Alaskan's of her "milking" them for the rest of a lame-duck governorship.

    Why do that when she can MILK the entire nation!

  19. Anonymous9:33 AM

    It's really quite simple:

    Sarah Palin quit her job and responsibilities as governor of Alaska to make more money.

    Her true colors are exposed.

  20. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I will know what the word justice means when the Palin Camp has to return payment for all of the BOGUS legal fund pandering they have done throughout the entire country.

    I wonder if her followers will stampede back to the GOP when they realize she's spending all their hard earned money on herself. They are a little slow to catch on but I see more leaks in the mother ship because of this and that is a very good sign! What's your sign?

    AK Sisu

  21. Hey I'll send her some money if she promises never to speak again..:)

  22. FEDUP!!!10:02 AM

    That reminds me...
    She just released her financial statement for 2009, but I don't remember seeing the Runners World salary in it... I am pretty darn sure that she did nOT do that photospread for free... Same with all those TV interviews. Not one word or fees received...

    On the other hand, this is just ANOTHER instance of her saying yes (or maybe?) and the organization making plans for her appearance, just to find out almost at the last minute, that she will be a no-show.

  23. Thanks, Gryphen!

    There are two egregious things about this scheme: (1) The TS plea for money went out the exact same day her financial disclosure revealed that she cashed a check for $1.25 before she quit her job, and (2)the Iowa group is unwilling or unable to raise the necessary funds themselves to bring Sarah to their party so they go to the usual suspects at TS to send cash that will be funneled via Iowa DIRECTLY as they so crassly put it into Sarah's pocket. At this point the fools that send their dollars to Sarah deserve to have her spend it all on botox and beer.

  24. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:17 AM

    I love this part of the Polico article:
    If somebody tells me they want me to pay an appearance fee, it tells me they’re not very serious about running for president,” said Ed Failor, Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief and an influential GOP insider.

    “I found it really, really odd,” Failor said.

    He noted that his group had not and never would pay for a politician to speak—pointing out the obvious in-kind contribution any potential presidential hopeful receives by appearing in the state that kicks off the presidential nominating process.“They come and show up here because they want to be relevant in Iowa,” he said.

    Steve Scheffler, the president of the Iowa Christian Alliance and a longtime GOP activist, said his organization would also never ante up.

    “We certainly wouldn’t do it, even if we had the money,” Scheffler said, adding that he wanted to keep his group “impartial” in the caucus process and that paying money to one prospective candidate could raise questions about such neutrality.

    Tim Albrecht, spokesman for the conservative, Iowa-based American Future Fund, said his group “has a policy not to pay speakers to come to Iowa,” and, like Failor, hinted at what those guests get in return.

  25. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Folks cracks are starting to show. More people arestarting to come around to this grifter. She is going to get herself into a jam. When the feds call her in she will run to facebook and claim that Obama has put the goons out on her. Maybe they are holding back a little for just that reason. But now the rebugs are talking and soon the handcuffs may be taken off and put on Sarah the Grifter.

  26. Anonymous11:11 AM

    basheert...very funny

    I was thinking the whole money begging thing was written by a woman, a cheerleading type woman, so was surprised to see it was signed by a Bill Collier. Glad Bill put a general number(74,000) on how many of these nutcases are around. Doubt it's true probably half that & hey they coulldn't raise the money could they. Maybe some of themm are getting smart & saving their money for health care insurance. Would love to know just how many of her supporters have decent health insurance.

  27. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Let get something strait.
    Sarah is not going to run for president.

    Sarah can not even win her own party nomination for president.

    Sarah is in this for one thing only.


  28. I heard on MSNBC about 15 minutes ago (Contessa Brewer's hour) that "the Palin camp" is denying that Sarah Palin demands money to campaign for anyone!!

    They didn't bother pointing out that

    1) Palin wasn't invited to speak at the Iowa Policy Action Center by this conservative group to campaign for anyone.

    2) She'd signed up with the Washington Speakers Bureau, and set her fee rate with that representing/booking agency.

    3) Even if Palin volunteers to campaign for someone without demanding a fee to show up, she DOES ask for money to cover expenses for her entourage, which customarily includes her husband and one of her children plus her spokesperson, a bodyguard, and the family nanny. That could amount to $100,000 easily.

  29. Anonymous11:25 AM

    If some of the TS folks can no longer donate to "the cause" do to financial problems perhaps they can donate their first born.

  30. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Elizabeth said...
    When do all of Sarah's speaking engagements dry up. Here again a group goes out and advertises she's coming; rents a big auditorium for the crowd; spends money to prepare, only to have her pull out.

    I can't help it all I can hear is Wanda Sykes in my head " THAT'S NOT HOW ABSTINENCE WORKS"

  31. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Will the Palinbots ever wise up? No.

    I have compared Sarah to a grifter of nearly 100 years ago, Aimee Semple McPherson, the originator of the mega church, and of religious broadcasting on high power stations.

    Aimee faked a drowning in order to run off with a married guy (two people actually died trying to "save" her) She reappeared with a claim that she had been kidnapped and had to flee through the Mexican desert, a story somewhat cast in doubt by her spotless dress and perfect shoes.

    Most of her followers bought the story and continued to give her money. If you have a bit of time look up Aimee, and compare to Sarah.
    "There is a sucker born every minute" P.T. Barnum

  32. Gryphen,
    I think we can all agree that the palinbots of Sarah cult teamSarah are probably staunch evangelicals, but I'm guessing also too that they are low educated and low income persons. I personally think there are cracks showing, as someone stated above. She's to the point where they have been milked dry.

  33. Anonymous12:19 PM

    It is very apparent that Palin and Meg do not know how the political/celebrity (and I use that term loosely) scene works in Iowa! Are there people handling her? Doesn't appear so - or, she is not listening. Here we go again! The pending 'book tour' is going to prove interesting to say the least! This woman is full of scams from one end to the other.

  34. Anonymous12:26 PM

    3) Even if Palin volunteers to campaign for someone without demanding a fee to show up, she DOES ask for money to cover expenses for her entourage, which customarily includes her husband and one of her children plus her spokesperson, a bodyguard, and the family nanny. That could amount to $100,000 easily.

    I thought Todd was the house hub that took care of her children. They need a family nanny, also, too? Ivy frye is still on pay roll?

  35. This is just TOO FUNNY not to repeat (from an anonymous poster at Palingates):
    "I must have a very sick sense of humour. I came across this comment at Wonkette in regard to the whole Levi/Palin spat and I thought it was hilarious."
    Oh Blessed Little Angel! It’s time for breakfast! Get your mother, Glorious Gift, and her sisters, Joy-of-my-Life and Shining Heavenly Star, downstairs and to the table! Tell that deadbeat brother of yours, Saintly Harmony Song, to get his *ss out of bed already!

  36. Anonymous12:33 PM

    My advice to the SarahPlainandSimple PAC...

    keep your money, buy a flat screen TV and nestle into your living room for the winter.

    Lots of good stuff on and it's only $41 per month on Comcast.

  37. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Alert: Meg has denied that S"arah needs a fee to go to Iowa!!

    good times

  38. Palin is the latest version of an Aimee Semple McPherson.

    "Aimee's Castle," was built around 1935, during the depths of the Great Depression

  39. Anonymous12:40 PM

    The point is: No one who has never supported Palin before is going to start supporting her now. New folks are not signing on by the droves.

    Her missteps in and out of office indicate she's not presidential material. Everyone can see it. All the political strategists know it. Palin cannot be rehabilitated. Team St. Sarah can pray about it all they want, but her political career ended when she quit.

  40. phoebes-in-santa fe12:48 PM

    I tried to join "Team Sarah" the other day. I wanted to be able to read and comment on their site. I answered a whole lot of stupid questions and gave a fake name. I haven't heard yet whether I was "approved for membership", but I have a hunch I won't be.

    I said here the other day that charging for her Iowa speech meant that she isn't serious about running for futher political office because Republicans and Democrats will do ANYTHING to get face-time with a group of potential Iowa caucus-goers. No one who's serious about running would ever think about charging to give a speech there. Glad to see Politico agreed with me!

  41. Anonymous12:54 PM


    Everybodys is always picking on me. First Dave, then Levi, now Iowa.


    Don't these folks know I am a princess?
    I even have a castle! (well almost).


  42. It's always very funny when Bill Collier from Team Sarah starts ranting.

    In case any of you haven't listened to Bill Collier's classic rant from about 9 months ago (after the "troll invasion" at Team Sarah), here is the link for listening:

    This video of his brother Paul Collier, which was posted exclusively on Bill Collier's extremist website "" (now defunct) is also very revealing:

  43. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hopefully this will open a few eyes to those who have been blinded by Winky and her hooker boots.

    Sarah isn't willing to really work for what she wants, she wants it given to her. She feels she is "due" the 6 figure fee.

    This is not a good impression for her to leave an a rural state that prides itself on its preeminence in the Presidential primaries. They also feel they are "due" the respect of a freebee.

  44. Anonymous1:31 PM

    The symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant, and the elephant is supposed to have a great memory. "An elephant never forgets." I heard it somewhere.

    The next time someone in Iowa or anywhere else rents the hall, sells tickets, prints advertising and then discovers that "Whoops, she did it again," maybe it is time for them to check with the Republican Women of Simi Valley. How did that one turn out??

  45. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Actually, CR46, I would take issue with you, and so many others, in your characterization of TS supporters, and Palin supporters in general.

    Ignore this at your own peril, would be my plea:

    A lot of Palin supporters are neither low educated nor low income. This is a canard that lulls the Liberal breast to sleep, and encourages, forgive me, uneducated comments such as yours (I'm just using you as an example, I am sure you are as thoughtful as anyone else, sorry to call you out).

    There has been enough crappy commentary expended about how 'ignorant' Palin supporters are, to no real productive end. This just makes them dig their heels in deeper. (And wouldn't it you, if the same thing were said about you?)

    It's time to drop that baton and get real. Try treating these Americans with respect. . .seriously. There is a whole 'nother mother lode to mine regarding commentary to rebut their positions, that has nothing to do with calling them names.

    Calling them names simply drives them deeper into the cave and produces a knee-jerk reaction. . .allowing them to call you out on your own 'ignorance' as they would perceive it. (He/She says I'm dumb. . .I KNOW I'm not dumb. . .therefore nothing this person has to say to me is meaningful.)

    A lot of them, for instance, are disaffected Clinton supporters. A lot of them, for instance, LIKE some of the stuff that is UNDENIABLY attractive about Sarah, if you ignore or are unaware of the facts behind the facade.

    Yes, Virginia, there are some things that are deniably attractive about Palin, on the surface. Deal with it. Use your own mind, push yourself to imagine someone else's POV.

    I would urge all of you to try a new angle in your attempts to defeat the stranglehold Palin has on her supporters:

    Treat them like adults (because they are) and treat them like fellow Americans (because they are) who have a different (though extreme) take on what is best for this country.

    Did you vote for Obama? I did. In great part because he promised to talk to our enemies, and those that disagree with us, without preconditions. . .from an educated, thoughtful and yes, compassionate POV. . .why not try this ourselves with our fellow Americans who are as upset with the present administration as we all are with various factions in the Middle East?

    Or is that too hard for you, or does this require too much thought, and risk?

  46. Anonymous1:50 PM

    "Palin wasn't invited to speak at the Iowa Policy Action Center by this conservative group to campaign for anyone."

    The only person who has is Rick Perry and that is becasue he is very likely to lose reelection.

    If Kay Baily continues to hold steady or pass him, what is that going to do to Palin's apparent star power?

  47. What if...?

    ...Sarah's actually a flaming liberal, who only accepted the VP nomination to ensure that Obama won...and now she's doing all she can to discredit the Republicans in general...and she's shaking down all the right wingers in order to defund them.


    ...she doesn't give a crap about the Presidency anymore, she just wants to rake in some bucks before her 15 minutes of fame are up, so's she can stay home and take care of her kids. (That wouldn't be so bad. As a mom, I can relate.)
    ...just trying to look at the bright side...

  48. Anonymous1:55 PM

    OT: Orly Taitz had another case thrown out today.

  49. Gasman2:08 PM

    At the risk of saying "I told you so," I did. I have long suspected that Palin has been trying to shake down people that would ostensibly be her followers. I think all of her much publicized cancellations are because those groups would not pay her exorbitant fees. If she is bent on fleecing her own followers, who is going to support her?

    Palin is an idiot.

  50. Anonymous2:16 PM

    My aunt lives in Sioux City. I talked to her today and she said the money this group is raising is not for Palin but to rent the Wells Fargo arena (which is huge) and pay for security, sound, set-up, etc.

  51. Anon 11:42 - the Aimee Semple McPherson story is quite fascinating - if only in people's willingness/eagerness to be fooled.

  52. Anonymous2:38 PM

    @1:34 - You seem to have a head start on a plan. Please, go make inroads with the Palin supporters by giving them the great respect they've given President Obama. Please. Show us how it's done. We will learn from your example! Take a leadership role and tell us how you're doing it.

  53. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Anon 2:16. Would they need to raise this much money if Sarah wasn't on the menu? Are they going to be stuck with a half-empty arena if she doesn't show?

  54. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Wow, so let me get this straight. An Iowa group wanted SP to speak, but they can't fund her. So, TS stepped in to get its' members to donate for that Iowa group. But, SP never planned to travel to Iowa anyway. So, the donations should all end up at TS.

    Okay, but why would TS collect donations when SP never confirmed she would even attend? Seems like a fraudulent way to collect monies. Another fleecing of Americans, no doubt.

  55. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Not to mention, that $75,000 buys you what? A narcissistic, undereducated, n-droppin', quitter. I'll save them the trouble AND the money--here's what she'd have talked about:

    Special! Needs! and how she allegedly gave birth to a Special! Needs! Baby!

    The TROOPS, God bless 'em!

    Freedom! Just like wild Alaska, which she quit governing!

    The Evil Big Government!

    The Mean ol' Gotcha Media!

    She's not "politics as usual!" (she's waaaaaay dumber.)

  56. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Anonymous at 1:31 - You haven't spent much time around Alaska have you - if you had you would see that she is nothing but a pocket fleecing fraud. I think you need to grab some popcorn, put your feet up and wait for the Palin train wreck.

  57. gregory3:45 PM

    I, too, see no point in the name-calling re SP's supporters. Yes, they are an ignorant and nasty lot - but attacking them will not change their minds. They are not allowed to read dissent, and NO dissenting views are allowed on their sites.
    They are willfully ignorant, and riling them up merely serves to make them more rabid and dangerous. Just my opinion.

  58. Anonymous3:50 PM

    O.T. - FYI -- Levi is being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight (Thurs). Part 2 of the interview will be on Friday. One of the teaser questions they have just asked is: Whether Sarah and Todd will get divorced? Also whether there was an affair?

  59. Anonymous3:57 PM


    Are you sure you voted for Barack Obama? So far, most Americans are NOT upset with the current administraion, despite what the G.O.P. is trying to make people believe. There is ignorance on both sides. While some of $arah Palin's supporters may be pissed off Hillary Clinton supporters, it's only a teeny, teeny, tiny, minority. It is not "a lot" of them, like you said. Most Hillary Clinton supporters don't dig $arah Palin. Most of the ultra-conservative type of people that $arah Palin attracts hate the Clintons. And, I don't care how "attractive" $arah Palin is.

    I also don't give a crap what she looks like, where she came from, I don't care what her favorite color is, I don't care what her hobbies are, I don't care about moose-burgers, I don't care how many times she winks, I don't give a crap about any of it! That's so shallow. All Palin fans care about is the outer package. They don't care about substance. They just don't understand why we liberals can't see what they see!

    When I cast my vote for Barack Obama, I didn't give a crap about where he came from, or his family life, or playing basketball, or any such BS! I was originally a Hillary Clinton supporter. $arah Palin is what made me vote for Barack Obama! When it comes down to it, I don't like $arah Palin's politics, or her stinking attitude. I was disgusted by her incitement during the campaign. And, she was a biiiiitch at the RNC. She whines, she lies, she never takes responsibilty for her actions, and she is a hypocrite. She is ignorant, lazy, opportunistic, and divisive, and she's proud of it.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both at least have some class, and functioning brains! Conservatives are so out of touch. During the 2008 presidential campaign, one of the McCain campaign people said the election was not about issues! That's one of the many reasons republicans lost the election. Their logic is, during a bad economy, people should vote for the best looking candidate, who they want to have a beer with, and not the candidate with some actual ideas that might actually help the country! Some of Palin's supporters may not be low-income, or unducated, but they sure are dumb! They are just as dumb as Palin is. They can't tell dumb when they see it! They think Palin is intellectual giant! You are not fooling anyone, Palinbot.

  60. Anonymous4:00 PM

    anon 1:34 : Palin supporters are not disaffected clinton supporters. That meme was floated out by RNC GOP last fall. It wasn't true then and it's not true now.

    It's what the GOP hoped would happen, but statistics proved that Clinton supporters were looking for more than a pair of ovaries to vote for.

    Go figure.

  61. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I'm beginning to feel something akin to pity for those of you who are so blinded by contempt that you have little else to do but look for dirt in Palin's life.

    Do any of you know that in VIOLATION to General Assembly Rules of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, President Obama took down $16,500 in speaking funds as cited on his 2000 Schedule EZ?

    So, which debate do you want to have: should we discuss the ethics of a person not holding political office charging for public appearances or the ignorance or blatant indifference of a public servant to circumnavigating state statutes?

  62. Someone at TS had the nerve to ask WHY they were soliciting donations for Iowa group if SP was not even confirmed to speak - said person got kicked off and went to c4p to lick his wounds.
    Meg says SP does not charge $ to campaign for people - WTF - this is not even ABOUT her campaigning for anyone, it is about giving a speech for a RTL group, right? Nothing to do with the price of tea in China Meg.

  63. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Anybody here care that the Dems are almost certainly going to lose Virginia next week?

    Didn't think so. This is your "All-Palin-All-the Time" headquarters.

    Here's the reality. If McDonnell wins in Virginia other democrats up for reelection in 2010 are going to start thinking about what supporting Obama's domestic agenda might cost them.

    Do you think any would rather work for a living?

    And how about Judge Joan Orie Melvin in Pennsylvania? Obama carried the state by 10 points last year. Any guess what it means if Jack Panella
    goes down?

    Then there's the really big problem: two of Obama's biggest voting blocks--Black Americans and young voters could care less about the midterm elections.

    Go ahead. Have fun with Palin and Iowa while the lights in the White House are burning long after midnight because the party has major challenges to face: harsh political realities and millions of politically illiterate democrats who think the really important issues are Palin and her speaking fees.

  64. Anonymous4:39 PM

    @4:05 - NICE DEFLECTION MOVE! But you see, the topic of this thread is "Team Sarah," not your unsourced 2000 allegations about President Obama.

  65. Anonymous4:50 PM

    "Do any of you know that in VIOLATION to General Assembly Rules of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, President Obama took down $16,500 in speaking funds as cited on his 2000 Schedule EZ?"

    Did he fake a pregnancy? Use his daughter for an abstinence campaign she clearly didn't understand, as evidenced by two babies in two years? Wink and nod his way through the presidential campaign, yammering like a half-wit and unable to answer basic questions like "What do you read?"?

  66. Anon @ 4:05 PM, it would behoove you to not be so condescending to a huge number of Alaskans, Republican and Democrat alike, who don't have to look far to find dirt on Sarah Palin. She did a pretty poor job of burying the bones of all those skeletons in her closet.

    And why do you Palinistas ALWAYS bring President Obama into the discussion? (for that matter, why bring up an issue from 9 years ago?) He's not the topic of conversation here -- I suggest you go elsewhere if you want to vilify Pres. Obama.

    At the risk of repeating myself for THE THOUSANDTH TIME, Sarah Palin was only John McCain's running mate. She was his sidekick, his second fiddle.

    John McCain was the one running against Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin (although she probably thought she was, yeah, just that 72 year old cancer survivor step away from being Pres. -- if they'd won).

    As for which debate, how about joining in the one where we debate Sarah Palin's egregious side-stepping of Alaska state statutes for her entire 2-1/2 year attenuated reign as Governor, or the equally egregious corrupt actions she did both as state commissioner and as mayor of Wasilla?

    Oh, you put your hands over your ears and eyes when you heard about these or saw them in print? You don't believe them? Why, because you think the Alaska press is LIBRUL? It's not. It's pretty right-wing, as a matter of fact. But they HAVE reported a lot of her malfeasances.

    They're listed on the right margin at Palingates. All you have to do is go there and click on the links, in order to have an intelligent debate with any of us.

  67. Anonymous5:24 PM


    Cry me a river. Because $arah Palin's fans have been sooo respectful towards Barack Obama. You come here, and complain about people digging up dirt on $arah Palin, and then you turn around and start talking about something small Barack Obama did back in 2000. Hypocrite. Conservatives spend plenty of their time trying to dig up dirt on Barack Obama, too. It works both ways. Palin complains about pesky pajama clad bloggers filing ethics complaints, while people are actually bothering the courts, (and even the U.S. Supreme Court) about Barack Obama's birth certificate.

    Funny, you should bring up ethics. At least Barack Obama didn't violate ethics laws, and abuse the powers of his office to stalk and harass a state trooper, or, set up an illegal "fund trust," like Palin did. If she was the President of the U.S., she thinks the "Department of Law" is there to protect corrupt politicians like her from pesky constituents, who want their elected officials to be held accountable. That alone, proves that she lacks ethics. And, in case you didn't know: there is no "Department of Law."

    Palin and her supporters are the ones blinded by contempt. She is a sore loser. Palin accused Barack Obama of "Palling aound with terrorists," death panels, and sending black helicopters after her in Alaska. Palin accused Barack Obama of a political "hit job." In case you haven't noticed, $arah Palin herself is pitiful, because she can't STFU about Barack Obama. Palin can't stop attacking Barack Obama. She may not be digging up stuff, but she sure does make stuff up! Which is worse! Barack Obama doesn't even aknowledge her. He won't even say her name. She is irrelevent.

    How arrogant of $arah Palin to believe that the most powerful person in the world, is worried about her! She may even trash him in her "book." I pity the Palin fan club if they think if they whine enough, and tell us how mean we are, that we will feel bad, and stop. Wrong. If you don't like what we say, then beat it!

  68. On second thought, I think the troll of the past few days is now simply posting anonymously. Either that or there's another Palinista who indulges in the same circular repetitous talking points...

  69. Anonymous5:30 PM

    How do we say it? Sarah = Leech?

  70. Anonymous5:33 PM

    To the Anon troll: If your statement is true at least he listed it on his tax form and didn't try to scam his is not quite the same as charging $100,000.00 for a speech like the quitter is doing. I'm sure is PAC had all the ducks in a row, whereas her AFT is totally bogus and a fraud. Could you provide a link to your allegation?????

  71. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:35 PM

    Anon@3:57! Yeah, tell us what you really don't like, yeah!
    Anon@4:05 you wish to throw a red herring a typical bot thing to do about BO...
    I would think if there was something illegal it would of been delt with by now.
    The whole disscussion is whether a person campaingning, who STarts in Iowa Charges to speak there!! Of course stupid bot you are missing the point.
    Pretty soon the GOP won't even want her ass! :)

  72. Anonymous5:38 PM


    Don't act like there are not anti-Obama blogs on the internet, becuse there are.

    Who gives a damn about some dumb Virginia election? Virginia is a mostly conservative state, anyway. Barack Obama is the the first democratic presidential candidate to win that state since 1964.

    I'll laugh my ass off if Palin causes a democrat to win that congressional seat in NY, that has not been held by a democrat since the civil war. That would say a lot about Palin's "star power." It's 2012 I care about.

    Barack Obama has the advantage that he would be the incumbent president in 2012. It is rare, that the incumbent president does not win re-election. And you better hope the economy gets worse, and not better. It is normal for the majority party to lose seats in the mid-term elections. The same thing happedned to Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton was a two-term president. So, I wouldn't get to comfortable, if I was you.

  73. Anon @ 1:34 You raise some interesting points.
    Yes, I think we should all treat each other with respect, even if we disagree. But since you seem to be comfortable talking about deep psychological matters- I'll go there too. I will tell you that whether they are educated or not, affluent or not, anyone who still supports or admires Palin as a political leader does not think or discern clearly. Their vision is befogged -- by sexual attraction to SP, maybe, by other complex feelings, traumas--perhaps.
    After all that she has said and done, plenty of Republicans and Conservatives have disowned her--and for good reason. She is polarizing, dishonest and ignorant. Yet she is pretty and can read a script well. Quite frankly, I view those who still hold her in high esteem as not very aware. But they are probably dense about issues in their own lives and their delusions about her are simply the tip off. (I am not talking about the entrepreneurs who are milking this cash cow before the expiration date arrives-- they see through her quite clearly)

  74. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Did he fake a pregnancy?

    No. Just a Messiah.

  75. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Ah, the pathetic Sarah worshipers are out in droves tonight, I see. So sad to see these poor little drones so obsessed that they have to spend all their time seeking out blogs that speak the truth about their, never going to be anything but a grifter, idol. boo hoo

    Loved the Levi video. That boy KNOWS his has Palin by the monkey shoes. lol

  76. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Ah, yes, Levi.

    The annals of political history are swollen with tales of high school dropouts who through candor, guile, and a penchant for frontal nudity
    humbled aspiring presidents.

  77. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Anon @ 7:10

    Glad you agree that Palin probably did fake that pregnancy.

  78. Anonymous7:50 PM

    @7:30 - Palin is not an aspiring politician. She QUIT. End of story. Done.

  79. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Anon @ 4:05

    Thank you for giving us your opinion. It's always interesting to look into the mind of those who disagree.

    But, I'm very concerned about you, dear. You see, your pity is more than a little misplaced. There are (even as I write this) infants living in the Palin household whose primary caregiver is apparently a young woman who should, at this point in her life, be pursuing a college degree and a life of her own.

    How did this young woman find herself in this situation, you ask? Well, it seems that her mother discovered too late that expecting a teenager to rely upon abstinence as a form of birth control simply doesn't work--and, when you add to this a household in which abortions are unspeakable and education is undervalued--well, now you know.

    and Anon @ 4:34

    ..don't want to leave you out--might hurt your feelings--wouldn't want to do that.

    Thank you for your political insight. You might want to send your resume' to Fox News--they're always sniffing around for pundits for their 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. programming.

    Now, then, apparently you (two, or one times two comments) didn't notice that the general subject in this particular grouping of posted comments is: Sarah Palin's possible Iowa speech. It's okay, that you didn't recognize that fact--it really doesn't come as much of a surprise to most of us. In fact, we have come to expect it from time-to-time. You see, SP misses a lot of things, too. For example, she hasn't gotten the word--or perhaps hasn't realized, that the going rate for a Republican's speechifyin' is not $100,000.00, but can now be booked at the reduced rate of $19.95.

  80. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Come join me on Team Sarah

    Trailer Park Republicans

  81. poor s'arah, she's kinda confused. She heard that guy Clinton got like $50 million in speaking fees, plus Bush got 1st class airfare to Calgary. His dad got a pile of dough too, and ya know Reagan got $2 million for less than an hour in Japan. SO all S'arah has to do is put out her paw and she should get the same, right? I mean, so many people luv her!!

    The critical distinction that the aforementioned were presidents who had completed their terms, and were invited by deep-pocketed private entities willing to pay up for lobbying/contacts/access relevant to their issues, might well be lost on someone who has no political identity or network at all. She has alienated her party, burned her bridges in Alaska (ha), and is surrounded by less-than-professional management. What can she possibly provide that is worth any fee at all?

  82. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Anonymous 3:57:

    Dayum! You go! Telling it like it is.

    Well done!

  83. Anonymous4:25 AM

    (Anon 1:31 again, of 1:34 or whatever number I am. . .)

    I don't find justification in those that argue that we shouldn't exhibit better behavior than the Palinistas. I just don't. And I am telling you that a lot of the supporters, a good number of them, on Team Sarah, are exactly as I have described: disaffected Hillary supporters.

    And, apart from the rabid right-wingers, there are a fair number of moderate Republicans, who simply are exasperated with the choices given by the Dems or the Republicans. OK, maybe they are not the majority, but I still think it behooves us to ask Why people like this hang out on a site like that? What are they looking for from our American government that they find wanting?

    And as for the 'ignorance' issue. . .yeah, most of them don't bother to do research or question their beloved 'candidate' -- but let me ask you this: Whom among you who voted for Obama deeply researched him? Be honest, now.

    Are there not a lot of you who just 'liked' him from the get-go and really didn't dig into his background? Just like the Palinistas did Sarah? For instance, without looking anything up, try this trivia excercise:

    1) Name at least two bills he authored and got passed - or at least the issues involved.(You have a good handful to chose from BTW).

    2) Name his campaign finance director, who was the real 'alleged' nail bomber and pal of Bill Ayers. (Betcha don't know THAT one! Nya nya!)

    3) Do you know why the opposition calls him a 'babykiller' and what the Illinois legislative issue was that gave rise to this? And how he handled this?

    4) Did you ever bother to listen to tapes of Wright's sermons when the Goddamn America scandal broke?

    5) Did you ever bother to compare JFKs legislative experience as compared to Obama (I did and Obama accomplished worlds more than JFK who was a very lame duck in comparison.)

    I could go on and on, but I imagine at this point you are thinking I am a blowhard smarty pants. . .or that I am putting you down for being 'ignorant' about your candidate. . .get the point???

    In fact, I would posit that I most likely know a whole heck of a lot more about BOTH Palin and Obama than some of you on this site who are just as guilty of passing along rumor and innuendo without question.

    I researched Obama thoroughly before I voted for him and I don't regret my vote. Sorry that so many of you jump to the uneducated, knee jerk conclusion that I am a Palinbot.

    OK, that's about as snotty as I can conjure, I'm usually a rather polite person. I wish I could somehow recreate more effectively some of the voices on here that dismiss such a broad band of Americans as 'ignorant.' Is that not a kind of bigotry itself?

    Are you happy with how caustic the divide is in this country right now? And, I ask you, are you contributing to this, or are you interested in at least mitigating it somewhat, for the good of our country?

    BTW I excuse Gryph from the POV I am trying to make. He, and the rest of the bloggers who are trying to expose Sarah are to be commended for the unending personal fox-hole hours they sacrifice to bring her fraud to light, playing an important part in keeping this woman from ever stepping foot in the White House, or holding public office again.

    (Thanks for letting me ramble.)

  84. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Anon 3:05 Well spoken. And I agree very much with your POV.

  85. Anonymous6:42 AM

    @4:25 a.m. - what is your plan? Other than "treat them better than they have treated Pres. Obama," what specifically is your plan to help heal the divide? All you do is ask us to take a quiz. Not really helpful, unless you are saying the same thing in reverse on Team Sarah and other pro-Palin sites. Thanks.

  86. Anonymous1:18 PM

    To clarify, my point is that a lot of Obama supporters also have not vetted their candidate all that well, and voted for him on the same sort of gut level, atavistic basis that informs the passion of the Palinistas.

    There were some righteous charges leveled at Obama during the campaign (and many unrighteous) but I did not see my fellow Obama supporters doing all that much to investigate them. . .just like the so-called 'ignorant' Palin supporters.

    Different flavor, same KoolAid.

    For instance, all of those allegations that Obama lacked 'experience' - not true, he had loads and accomplished far more in office than JFK did when he took the helm. But most of the Obama supporters I talked to, didn't appear to have much grounding in these facts. . .they just 'liked' him, no different than the Palinistas. They just brushed the 'experience' factor under the rug, as if it were inconsequential and required no response. I think a lot of them actually believed that he did not have the experience he DID have, and voted for him anyway.

    A lot like Palin voters did. (Except her lack of experience was documented and astounding.)

    It's not just to 'heal' the divide that is my only concern, but to urge people when they strike back at Palin to drop the excessive use of 'ignorant' as a broad brush platform from which to make their point. . .it's like throwing the gun at the opponent after the bullets have run out.

    And simply calling your opponents 'stupid' entirely derails the argument, running it off into the bushes. Bad behavior then becomes the distractive issue, and non-productive insults the result.

    Although the temptation to give into this is undeniably sweet - yeah, it's fun to be snarky, that's why we do it. . .I think this strengthens the Palinistas, not weakens them.

    You wonder aloud as to why these 'sheep' keep supporting her as you charge they don't even bother to research her actual record.

    I am saying the same about a lot of Obama supporters. It's a problem in this country.

  87. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Another funny posting on Wonkette by "JohnnyMac":

    "The Iowa GOP was totally unprepared for the monetary request, as the usual 'speaking fee' for Republicans is to select a room companion from the local 4-H Club."

  88. Anonymous3:56 PM

    @1:18 - I don't know what Obama supporters you knew, but you seem to have completely erased the primaries from your memory. Where I come from, there were many people who DID vet Pres. Obama considerably--because we were not initially for him. You might remember, at one time, there were 7 candidates running on the Democratic plate. So your theory is lame. It was McCain who had the cakewalk. And by the way, I did not find your quiz hard at all.

    So are you going from web site to web site with this quiz or just targeting Gryphen's readership, for some reason? What is your plan?


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