Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Palin's new book is a total hit job on Levi Johnston according to the National Enquirer.

Ex Alaska Gov Sarah Palin's new memoir is nothing more than a vitriolic attack on Levi Johnston, the estranged baby mamma dada of teen Bristol's child!

Sarah Palin's soon-to-be published book is a "self-serving press release" - aimed largely at destroying her daughter Bristol's ex-fiance, says a publishing insider with knowledge of the manuscript.

Due to be published in mid-November, Palin's "tell-little" book whitewashes her controversial background and family life, according to the publishing source.

"If you think you're going to learn the down-and-dirty details of her rumored messy marriage, think again because you're wrong.

"Sarah got a ton of dough from her advance, but the book appears to be nothing more than a self-serving press release touting what she calls her 'happy marriage.'

"It's also a renewed attack on Levi Johnston, 19, calling him 'a liar' once again for all the claims he's made against her after breaking up with Bristol and for saying he's going to battle for custody of baby Tripp."

In her upcoming book, angry Sarah fires back, says the publishing insider.

"She defends her marriage to Todd, saying they are happy together. She also shoots down Levi's claims that they constantly bickered and slept in separate bedrooms. She insists they're just as in love as they were in high school.

"Sarah unleashes a blistering attack on Levi.

"She writes that he is a 'bald-face liar.' She says he's bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with her daughter, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor's expense."

Some of you might think this is a bad thing, but trust me it is not.

She is doing exactly what I predicted and when the "babygate" information comes out it will demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that Sarah Palin is a compulsive liar and a complete fraud.

As for "babygate" I guess now is as good of a time as any to tell you that I did manage to get my contacts together with another media outlet. I cannot identify which one, for obvious reasons, but you can count on the fact that ALL will be revealed in the near future.

When I am able, I will do a few sneak peeks for you, my loyal readers. I made you a promise, and I have every intention of keeping it. Those of you who come here really WILL get the scoop before anybody else.

So just get your popcorn ready because this is going to be ginormous!


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Thanks for the insider gossip, Gryph!

    What a huge waste of energy Sarah is involved in. She has this amazing opportunity - the attention fo the whole world - with this book. But instead of crafting a new image for herself and correcting her perceived flaws (lack of preparation, knowledge, wisdom, tact, sophistication, grace under pressure, etc.) she just does an emotional hit piece on Levi?

    I think if she took an IQ test it would result in a negative number result. Really.

    Thanks again, Gryph, for your hard work, wonderful posts on far ranging subjects (Not just the Babygate stuff), and dedication!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    i believe in you my friend!
    Just so you know.. as I have been following this blog for the past, more than, a year

    I have let snippets out to people around me, but the moment I do they roll their eyes

    So "mute" I would go as I just found sanity in this and other "palin" blogs..

    I have to tell you, what has helped me know that we aren't a bunch of weirdos, was seeing Shannon Moore on Keith O. She and you are in cahoots and she is in cahoots with a "real life source - K.O."

    Those I give little snippets to that roll their eyes.. I was able to say "Oh that lady right there is always featured on that "blog" "..

    anyhoos.. thank you

  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    how near is the near future?!?

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I, for one, can't wait, Gryph. This woman is making me sicker by the day.

    And, to Levi - for heaven's sake stop hawking pistachios, stop baring your front parts and/or backside for Playgirl and write your book!! You have the information to be taken seriously. It seems so strange to me that Rex Butler wouldn't advise you not to do these silly things when you have the ammunition that I think you have. She's going after you in a vicious way. It's time to stand up on your hind legs and fight back.

  5. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Can you hear me smiling?

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM

    started posting bree photos in craigslist missed connections around the country

  7. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Wow. I hope my excitement is warranted. Btw, anyone who's surprised that her book is "fiction" is deluded. Thanks, Gryphen.

  8. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I can hardly stand it! Time frame, pleeeeeeeeease?

  9. Thanks Gryphen. I have been a faithful daily reader of your blog since September 08, ever since McCain unleashed this Wicked Witch of Wasilla on the rest of us. I have every confidence you will do the right thing at the right time.

  10. Anonymous11:55 AM

    If it turns out, Levi is the father of Trig and Tripp, Sarah could wind up paying child support for the rest of her days! There are some recent legal precedents for someone determined not to be the parent of a child still having to continue to pay child support.

  11. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Well, I must head off to the store for a case or two of popcorn. I don't want to miss a thing!

    Thanks, Gryphen!

  12. phoebes-in-santa fe11:59 AM

    Does she only go after Levi or is any of her vitriol aimed at McCain and his advisers?

    I'd be surprised if her publishers felt that blasting a 19 year old is worth $7,000,000 or whatever sum she was paid.

  13. Boy, I hope you're right! It would be wonderful to lay this thing to rest.

  14. Anonymous12:06 PM

    "at the ex-governor's expense."

    Oh, she's the victim again!
    I guess she forgot that She dragged Levi into this.

    Her deposition for a custody hearing would be most interesting.

  15. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Count me in.... I am ready for a big heaping plate of ginormous.

    When Sarah told Andrea Mitchell..."Todd built the boat", she lied just for the sake of lying. She had the option to say nothing, but choose to lie.

    Sarah is a liar...

    at least she did not say Todd built the arc also

  16. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Republican Sayonara

    E = Ensign is being investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee

    S = Sanford is being investigated by the State Ethics Commission

    P = Palin What does her future hold? So many unanswered questions from her half-term as governor. Babygate is only the beginning.

    My popcorn is definitely ready!

  17. I'm not surprised a bit that she would try to discredit Levi. Isn't that the way things are always done in cases such as these?

    Can you please give us a hint as to approximately how long we'll have to wait?

  18. Thanks Gryph..Have a lot of faith in you...
    Typical $arah...Turn it around and blame Levi.
    Hope Levi has all his ducks in a row..This is goona be sooo fun to watch

  19. Gryphen, wondered if you could answer a question that might indicate the ginormity of the forthcoming news... Do you worry at all about a future national campaign by Sarah Palin? Thanks in advance for answering!

  20. I can't wait to hear from you. I won't read her book, of course, unless I find it next winter for a dollar at a thrift shop. I suspect there will be new copies available at your local book outlet or flea market soon after the release.

  21. Anonymous12:30 PM


    Maybe you should give SNL the inside skinny or at least prep them on who the players are. Just imagine how they could hone in and perfect the characters for maximum ginormous impact!

    Tina Fey isn't done playing Sarah Palin!
    October 07, 2009 Jarett Wieselman

  22. Say NO to Palin in Politics12:32 PM

    Totally cool Gryphen! Thank you! Can't wait to hear your news.

  23. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I cannot wait to find out what the story is behind this mystery - Thank you, Gryphen!

  24. This is great!! I cannot wait. Palin attacking Levi defeats the purpose of paying him off to be quiet doesn't it?
    Will Levi rescind their agreement once the book comes out? I never heard of paying someone off to keep quiet and then attacking them. I am glad Levi has a good attorney, this mudfight will be terrific!!

  25. CrabbyPatty12:36 PM

    Yeah, because nothin' says "take me seriously as a political force" than attacking a teenager who happens to be the father of your grandchild. Idiot.

  26. Gasman12:41 PM

    Silly me. I thought that with Murdoch's millions and a ghost writer Palin would try and burnish her image on things like foreign policy, domestic policy, hell, ANY policy at all. If I were advising her I would have said that a prolonged attack on Johnston was just about the worst thing that she could possibly do for her image. It just confirms that she is a petty and vindictive ignoramus who tilts at the tiniest of windmills at the merest perceived slight.

    She is amazingly shallow. Even now. after getting hammered by several prominent Republicans, she still thinks that she is in high school and is trying to get back at those who aren't in her clique. How anyone can still drive around with McCain/Palin bumper stickers is beyond me. I would be embarrassed to admit to ever having supported her.

  27. Irishgirl12:46 PM

    I'll be watching and waiting Gryphen. Keep up the good fight!

  28. emrysa12:48 PM

    well I hope you're right gryphen. I remember how surprised and disappointed you were at levi's vanity fair interview.

    hope your sources aren't taking you for a ride.

  29. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Boy if this is all her book is about she needs some better ghostwriters.
    I'd a thought she'd have talked about her career, her political ideas (or her handlers political ideas, or her church's political ideas), etc, etc...but then all I've read is the Nat'l Enquirer article and of course I haven't read the book.
    I'm one of those readers who still believes Trig is Sarah's kid, but it's pretty telling if she spends her whole memoir just dissing her daughter's boyfriend. Either he touched a nerve really bad or she's afraid of what he'll say next.
    That just makes me more interested in what Levi has to say!

  30. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I agree with CrabbyPatty. If this book is nothing more than a personal vendetta against everyone she feels has wronged "her", then she is done in politics forever, and I will be forever thankful should that be the case.

    Somehow I doubt that she will ever be taken seriously again by anyone with at least two working brain cells (& I am not including her fans here because you will notice that I did say anyone with two working brain cells).

    Oddly enough I am not one who likes to watch others self destruct as I feel it is a total waste, but watching her go down in flames will be glorious.

    She has proven that she is incapable of giving an interview and offering her own opinions on matters with any form of clarity, and she shows how lacking she is when it comes to knowledge of anything concerning history or world affairs and the issues facing the world at large which is why she rents out her facebook page for others to give opinions under her name.

    We have always known she is simple and without depth but if this book relates even half of what the Enquirer claims, it will simply prove (yet again) how childish, vindictive and downright self serving this woman is.


  31. Anonymous12:58 PM

    There is a old saying 'he who angers you controls you". Levi owns her !!


  32. CrabbyPatty, LOL, I agree!

  33. Excellent news, Gryphen! Thank you, and can't wait to find out more :-)

  34. Explains why she stopped facebooking and twittering for a while. She would have had nothing new to say her in her book.
    As far as claiming that Levi is trying to make a fast buck at the ex gov's expense, isn't SHE trying to make a fast buck at the expense of being McCain's running mate?

  35. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I have been following Levi twitters page, as of today in doesn't exist anymore. Strange

  36. Anonymous1:19 PM

    If the book is full of Levi bashing will there still be room for her basketball memories? Gyphen, thank you so much. And remember to be nice to people on the way up because you will need them on the way down. I don't think Biblespice ever heard that.
    I've been depressed lately but the thought of her finally getting her "crash and burn" moment has given me hope.
    Please be careful Gyphen, way to go.

  37. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Let's put everything together. Murdoch paid Sarah a whopping big lot of money with hopes that the new conservative star of the Republican Party would relate stories of selfless sacrifice in raising a Down Syndrome child, juggling family, government and love of Alaska while progressing the conservative political agenda.

    Sarah had a chance to show that she had grown and learned from the campaign, her short time in office and, of course, from raising a disabled child in a loving family. But, Noooooooo, she would rather take swipes at Levi again. I guess that it's been hard keeping her mouth shut.

    Surprise! It turned out that after a month of checking her high school basketball scores and talking to Lynn Vincent, Sarah was after revenge and getting back at Levi Johnston. Reminds me of the tireless way that Sarah and Todd tried to hound former brother-in-law Wooten from his job. Sarah seems to be a very spiteful person.

    Another surpise! Sarah and Lynn did turn in a manuscript as per a contract. Murdoch realized that would not advance a conservative political agenda, and it might not sell well either. There is a good article in Time about how the publisher would cut corners here and there in rushing the book into production. And, the book is being released in November instead of next spring.

    And now we know why the Christian version that was cancelled, spoke or mis-spoke, cancelled. A true Christian would be interested in forgiveness, not vengence. There is no Christian market here.

    There is good news. New York Daily News is reporting that Tina Fey, who had promised to "never play that woman again," may be bringing the Palin wig out of retirement, to coincide with the launch of "Going Rogue." I hope that she and William Shatner do a joint reading; their ratings will be sky high!

  38. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Once again, for the record...

    Sarah Palin is a LIAR.

    Sarah Palin is a HYPOCRITE.

    Sarah Palin is an IGNORAMUS.

    Sarah Palin is a FRAUD.

    ...and God will judge her accordingly.

  39. Gryphen:

    what wonderful news!! I've also been a daily visitor for a very long time and am so looking forward to her crashing and burning. But I am mostly looking forward to her being locked away so she cannot hurt or throw anyone under the bus anymore. With all the "gates" Regina posts so eloquently about I hope it is only a matter of time before she becomes somebody's bitch!!

    Pedestrian of me, I know, but she really does bring it out in me.

    Feel better now, thanks again, Gryph.

    And, as I always add ... Thank you, McCain, for your treasonous behaviour, I hope your career ends in disgrace.

  40. Reepicheep1:36 PM

    I hope Levi and his team has set a fine trap for SP. I think he has let SP believe that he is afraid of her and the fury. Pretending to play along so that his mother is sentenced lightly, and his son is available him, all the while knowing she will respond to virtually any and all rumors except the most damning.

    Levi has waited very patiently for SP to tell her story first, so that when he rights his book, he can take each piece her "story" apart with precision and detail and then lay the facts next to her tale.

    I do not think we will hear much about his book until after his mother is sentenced in January.

  41. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I wonder if Murdock realizes he picked a cheap bear rug(made in China) and not a real Alaskan mama bear.

    But hey, Rupe joins a long list of men tossed under that bus of crazy.

    United We Stand Bloggers - Blog until the cows come home...giddy up now!
    Alaskan Sisu

  42. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Gryphen, I am wondering if you would like to give us just a few little clues. For example, can you tell us whether or not Sarah gave birth to Trig?

  43. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I hope you a right Gryphen. There have been too many "block buster" revelations and photos and "he said's". You're going to have to come up with something really concrete. The longer this drags out, the less credible it becomes.

  44. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Don't know if this is authentic or not.

  45. awesome. an ex gov trashing a teenage kid who happend to knock up her daughter.....STAY CLASSY BITCH!

  46. Anonymous2:12 PM

    "Georgia Mountain Man :

    like he ever had a clue... what rock do you live under????

  47. Eagerly awaiting the revelation of your efforts, Gryph!

    Just for fun...some anagrams for 'Going Rogue':

    Gouge Groin
    Ego Rouging
    Ore Gouging
    Rue Gig Goon

  48. I am amazed at how truly stupid Sarah is. If this is true... geeze. She actually had a strong opportunity to present herelf well to the world, to develop some gravitas, to build for her future, and then she spectacularly blows it by dumping on a teenager? A teenager who lived in her home? Who fathered at least one of her grandsons? Gods, this is wonderful. I've said it all along: I want Sarah crushed, humiliated and disgraced. She'll be disgraced all right, but evidently, she's too stupid to be crushed and humiliated. Nothing is too low... look out for Willow! She's going to want what her sister got, and now her mother's going to have the money to pay for it- if Babygate doesn't break through Levi, I bet it will through Willow.

  49. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Click through to the National Enquirer article to see which pic of $P they used; it reflects what a wild-eyed delusional wacko she truly is!

    Gasman @ 12:41pm says:
    It just confirms that she is a petty and vindictive ignoramus....
    She is amazingly shallow...she still thinks that she is in high school and is trying to get back at those who aren't in her clique.

    I agree with Gasman almost completely: Actually, I think she behaves more at a junior-high level. Most high-school kids I know display more emotional maturity and intellectual curiosity than she does. And I'm not kidding.

    Oh well, she is what she is...but what excuse do her supporters have?!?

  50. To anon 1:21, did the Christian version get cancelled?! I hadn't heard that.

  51. SoCalWolfGal2:35 PM

    Thanks Gryphen!!! You just made my day. Rupert Murdoch is going to look like an idiot; I don't care how much money he has. As much as I despise Palin, I thought he would make sure it was a "reasonable" attempt to be a book, not an "everybody especially Levi is against me, it's not fair" whiney high school girl attempt to win people over to her side. Just when you think Palin cannot get anymore pathetic, guess what?!

  52. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Sure will be interesting to see if now that the National Enquirer article is out, Palin's book release mysteriously gets pushed back!

  53. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Gryphen wrote: "As for "babygate" I guess now is as good of a time as any to tell you that I did manage to get my contacts together with another media outlet. I cannot identify which one, for obvious reasons, but you can count on the fact that ALL will be revealed in the near future."

    No Gryphen, the fucking reasons aren't obvious. This is just another attempt to hook people in to your tedious promises which never materialize.

    Gryphen wrote: "When I am able, I will do a few sneak peeks for you, my loyal readers. I made you a promise, and I have every intention of keeping it. Those of you who come here really WILL get the scoop before anybody else."

    No Gryphen, you've never been first with any information and never will be. You're trying to con people into visiting your blog so they will click on the advertising. You despicable lying piece of shit.

    And any more of this bullshit and you will move higher up on my list of the biggest assholes, above Palin.

    Sarah Q.

  54. Anonymous2:47 PM

    It makes sense that her book would not have anything of substance. It's Palin talking to a ghost writer who knows nothing more than Palin about domestic and international issues. Nothing meaningful could possible be written by these two.

  55. Daisydem walks to freezer; puts one champagne flute in; checks bottle of champagne in bottom of fridge .. yep, still there. It has been a long year.

  56. Anonymous2:56 PM

    It is annoying when people keep prodding Gryphen to spill all he knows because they are curious.

    I'm curious too, but I don't have any lawyers and a bitch breathing down my neck. Why don't you impatient souls realize he doesn't owe YOU or me anything.

    She'll get hers soon enough.

  57. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Going Rogue by Sarah Palin:
    Chapter 1: All about me.
    I was born. I was a kid for a while. I got saved, once. I played basketball for a while.
    I was Miss Wasilla for a while. I was a Mayor for a while. I was a Governor for a while. I was a VP candidate for a while.
    Chapter 2: Me and my family
    I go to church sometimes. I have several children. My husband, Todd, has children too.
    I love Todd as much as I did in high school--in love, in lust, is there really a difference?
    Anyway, I love my children as much as I love Todd
    --Sometimes my children are useful. Sometimes they dive me nuts. Mine did. I am. Buy my book.
    Chapter 3 Me in 2012
    I would make a very good Presidential candidate.
    I think I will run.
    I think I -- Levi! Get your butt back to Wasilla and shut your damn mouth. Now!
    As I was saying-- I think a lot of people will vote for me. I can think of at least three already: Glenn, Rush and Reverend Prevo.
    I can never lose. The end.

  58. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Sweet! On all fronts :)

    Pat in Texas

  59. She wants to discredit as many as she can who know the truth. She wants her followers to believe her story that Levi and others are telling lies about her. When the truth about babygate and perhaps other gates actually comes out her loyal fans may believe the truth is a lie. There are those who are going to believe her no matter what the evidence is. This strategy in her book could be an indication of fear of something being revealed in the near future. It is not the sign of brilliant thinking either. It would seem the stance of saying a young man is immature and dismissing him would make her sound more believable than an all out attack. She is a "mature" woman at war with her teenage daughter's ex-boyfriend. Even if he was lying why engage him?

  60. Lisabeth3:30 PM

    Great news about your contacts!! I can't wait and if I drank, I'd be chilling champagne. I hope this is soon!!

    Sarah is so incredibly stupid. I hate to say this in a way, but she is white trash. I mean how dumb of her to trash Levi in her book. I guess it's hardly a book that is designed to help people take her seriously. It's just more tabloid trash!
    And I read yesterday that now there will be NO Christian version of the book.

    Don't you all wonder what that is about? I wonder when that change was made and why..

    Her Facebook postings make her look like a petty, jealous juvenile! Whoever is advising her is making her look like a psycho fool!! I mean who gives a damn what Sarah thinks about the war on in Afghanistan! She is delusional about her level of importance and/or her advisors are trying to make her look nuts. No one takes her seriously excot her nutty base.
    She has no credibility on issues like this with intelligent people and this makes it worse not better. As if anyone cares about her opinion, especially the president.!

  61. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The MSM certainly ran with the Swiftboat and Max Cleland stories with little regard to the facts getting in the way of a "good" story! What is the holdback about here? Why burn all the pics from every public view...THAT is suspect.

  62. This opens the door for sequels to the book! She can take notes when anyone (MSM, Levi, her "handlers," McCain's staff, and mean bloggers) - save them up for two months, then attack them all and call them "liars." It can be a never-ending soap opera of feuds. And the pee'ers - will they keep ordering the books and gushing? Time will tell. What a career, huh?

  63. Aussie Blue Sky3:44 PM

    For so long they've made $arah hold her tongue while Levi has been talking; by now she would have bitten it in two. Of course she is going to attack Levi - it's her true nature, after all. All that suppressed fury has to blow up sooner or later.

    What's going to be interesting is the extent to which she will libel Levi and his family. Because you know she will.

  64. Anonymous3:46 PM


  65. this has to be a preemptive strike in an effort to derail Levis book. Any takers on that bet?...


  66. Appreciative Longtime Reader Who Has Previously Donated3:59 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen. Thanks very much!

  67. Anonymous said...

    "The MSM certainly ran with the Swiftboat and Max Cleland stories with little regard to the facts getting in the way of a "good" story! What is the holdback about here? Why burn all the pics from every public view...THAT is suspect."

    Swiftboat and Max Cleland were Democratic scandals involving men. Babygate is a Republican scandal involving a woman with a possibility of minor children being involved at the time. But even with this I just can't believe that the MSM hasn't at least questioned the "wild ride" or the fact that public pictures were scrubbed. So strange indeed.

  68. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I never expected any thing of substance from her book. She obviously lied to her ghost writer.
    Something isn't quite right here....why is she so viciously attacking Levi? Is she trying to discredit him? Levi apparently knows a whole lot more than he's saying at the moment. I'm wondering if Levi and Scarah had an affair? Did you see their interaction at the convention? Stranger things have happened....she sure is trying hard to make him look bad. She's scared, otherwise noone would devote so much time and energy to this situation. I don't believe for one minute that she and Todd are happily married. Anyone else have the same thoughts?
    Kallie in Texas

  69. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hey Gyphen if we guess correctly will you tell us if we right. Remember when we were kids that game you are getting warmer,warmer,hot.
    I can't wait.

  70. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Credibility does matter. The recent use of our Wasilla Celebrities to pitch a product and/or message sure does tell oodles about who’s telling the truth here. The contrast of the two advertizing campaigns says it all. What industry does the best job getting the message out regarding teen pregnancy? It’s ironic in my humble opinion.



  71. Anonymous4:27 PM

    sjk from the belly of the plane

    I can't believe it. You used the very title I used for my article on this!!!

    "Palin Uses Book to Strike Preemptive Blow at 19 Year Old Levi" (on Politiucsusa)

    Great minds think alike, apparently. I think that is EXACTLY what she's doing.

  72. I'm sure she shreds the McCain folks too since they have shredded her this last week several times..they must know what is coming.

    But this is really all about Sarah Palins vagina!

    There. I said it.

  73. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I detest Sarah Palin just as much as the rest of you around here, but I gotta tell you, this whole "very soon it will all be revealed" schtick is getting kind of old. I'm afraid you're negatively affecting your own credibility. Don't get me wrong--I for one want to see the fraud that is Sarah Palin brought down once and for all. But your modus operandi is wearing thin.

  74. not that sarah4:29 PM

    PS sorry- SJK Belly of the Plane-- I didn't sign my post by accident.

    Here's to thinking alike...Not that Sarah

  75. Bayan4:35 PM

    Sheeesh...that phrase, "You're crazier than Sarah Palin," is going to have a whole other meaning, isn't it Gryphen?

  76. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Anon 1:21, Murdoch cutting the budget is certainly consistent with the book cover which was released. From the fake blue skies to the tacky track suit she's wearing, it looks like it was photographed at Walmart for $10.99 (with apologies to the fine people taking portraits at Walmart.)

  77. It sounds like SP to used the platform of her new book to trash all those who she feels have "done her wrong." I shouldn't be surprised that she focused a lot of that on Levi, but as a young uneducated kid, perhaps she feels superior and entitled in some sick way to pick on him. I bet the rest of the book is putting down a lot of the McCain campaign people, since a lot of not-so-nice comments have come out from that camp. I hope that very few of these books get sold and even fewer of them actually get read.

  78. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Her and Todd are very much in love??? If he is living in Palmer with the two girls and two is that working? She has to "play" the happy wife until after the book is released. This is like watching a play. They are quite the actors. S.H.

  79. The fact that Palin endorsed her daughter to do pr for candies it absolutely outrageous. In my opinion, their ads are soft porn. They use our teenage daughters to promote abstinence all the while flaunting their sexuality. It's absolutely incredulous and bizarre!

  80. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Agreed have a credibility problem

  81. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hey Gryphen, did you see Andrew Sullivan's post today about the vile and vulgar attacks he has received from the Sarah lovers - one of whom refers to Sarah as a "fertility goddess."

    Please, please, I hope judgment day is coming soon.

  82. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Palin should understand Levi Johnston enabled her to get the VP nomination from John McCain. Had Bristol not got pregnant with Trig, she would have never got the spotlight shined on her.
    It's time for Levi to spill the beans once and for all so we never again place persons like Sarah Palin in high political office ever again.

  83. Basheert5:05 PM

    Hang tight Gryphen.

    It really doesn't surprise me that SillyStupidSarah would actually write something similar to what a 5 year old would write in a yearbook.

    She obviously has an extremely low I.Q. and has been "getting by" using whatever little winkwinky she can hock on a streetcorner. Then again, we all get older and even with massive amounts of plastic surgery, we will not see 16 or 17 again.

    Unfortunately when you are ScarySarah you have no fallback. You have no intellect. You have no "record". You have NOTHING.

    Many people have commented that her base is NOT getting bigger, in fact it is shrinking.

    At some point, MotorMouth will have to speak and that's it for her. She'll open those flapping collagen lips and "crickets" will be heard.

    Dumb - she's dumb. And she knows everyone knows it.

    I wish her ... the absolute worst future you could imagine.

  84. are really starting to sound arrogant now. If you are so disgusted by this blog...then stay the hell away. I think you just like stoking the fire....pissing people off.

    Those of us who come to Gryphen's blog trust him..and obviously you do not. A couple of months ago, you were a tad acerbic...but not quite so nasty. Not that you have asked me to, but I have come to your defense a couple of times, as you mentioned you were Canadian, as am I, seemed to feel similar to most readers here.

    Now, I am starting to be embarrassed by your behaviour while you are visiting someone else's home. Please stop it.

  85. ICstraightsSEAK5:22 PM

    Hey keep it up! I want the biggest con/joke of Alaskan history to go down in flames once and for all.
    PLEASE if you have a chance: I think all readers would appreciate it if you make a quick spreadsheet of all the BS she has created since becoming mayor of Wasilla to current (starting with throwing her predecessor under the bus for the mayor's seat,after he helped her get on to the city council)! Then the Wasilla librarian, etc. yadayadayada...
    Everyone has such a short attention span these days: We Alaskan's will never forget but let's remind the rest of the world of who she really is!
    P.S. I am donating to your cause today! Bring it!!!

  86. Sarah Q-Was that you over at Bree's blog yelling about Gryphen? Keep the pressure up, I think thing are getting pretty hot in Sarah's kitchen and I don't mean cooking. I think the truth is just around the corner, that's why the quick release on the book, to divert attention, tell more lies and grab all money she can before the shit hits the fan.

  87. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Had this thought today: Could officer Wooten be somehow involved in BabyGate? That would be really funny in an ironic sort of way!

  88. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hey winkwinkWA I think that was Sarah Q over at Bree's blog too. Bree handled her though.

    Sarah just prompted me to make another donation to Gryphen's efforts. The truth will prevail. I for one will have a little bubbly (and popcorn) when it does!!

    Thanks Gryphen for your pursuit of the truth! Keep up the great work!

  89. Anonymous6:11 PM

    annie be good 2:28 The US News & World Report story is "No Septarate Christian Verson of Sarah Palin Memoir Planned" Oct. 6, 2009

  90. 5:56 anon--I've had the same thoughts, was the trooper case about the same time as the rumors about Bristol? Or $arah and the trooper? or Levi? WHAT A CRAZY DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY!!!This could be a lot uglier than any one could imagine.

  91. She is just a piece of work isn't the bumpit Barbie. I wonder if she realizes that every attack on Levi makes her daughter look worse to most of us. I hope Todd and Sarah are paying Bristol off big time because she is setting herself up for a long and lonely life.
    I too belive levi is waiting until Bumpit Barbies book comes out before coming out with his, getting the last word in--not a bad plan of attack at all.
    Gryphen, I am waiting to hear "the rest of the story" like many others, kudos for you for not backing down from the Palin attack machine!

  92. Dr Who7:06 PM

    The nut cases are out on this post!! Sarah Q go away!!! You sound absolutelyboff your rocker BONKERS on your notes to Gryphen! If you dont like his blog and his style, why are you here every day? Do you feed on negative energy?? Then get some help!!!!
    And the same to the rest of you who come here for no other reason then to put Gryphen down, get a life!!! Only people with miserable personal lives use the Internet as a way to take their anger out on strangers. This is Gryphens blog, he can say and do what he wants! If he doesn't have credibility, why are you reading here?
    God there are so many angry screwed up people in the world and psychopaths like Sarah attract them like flies. Hypocritical nasty liars.
    Leave if you don't like it!
    I believe Gryphen has worked on this and will bring us more as he can. Sarah is dumber than a big bag of rocks, and do are her followers.

  93. MadCityKaren7:23 PM

    I'm patient. I would much rather have Babygate presented in an iron-clad fashion than to be slipped out shoddily or with loose-ends that could be unraveled. (A similar strategy was employed by an attorney I had worked for as a paralegal: we would develop our case, collecting the needed information, BEFORE applying for a hearing [this was in an Administrative Law setting]. We simply didn't want any surprises from opposing counsel or for them to discover something that could be discredited/picked apart.)

    While I'm always excited to hear that the iceberg is getting closer, I'm still content to wait until the time is right to make the most devastating impact. I don't think that any of us wants to see Teflon Sarah getting out of another bind.

    Keep up the great work, Gryphen!

  94. Hey Curiouser!
    I've got an anagram

    ego ruin gog

    Remember George Bush and his Gog and Magog?

  95. another anagram:

    Ruin egg goo

  96. Ok, this is the last anagram"

    gog in rouge

  97. Anonymous8:25 PM

    From the New Republic website:

    Since her earliest days in the spotlight, McCaughey has presented herself as a just-the-facts-please, above-the-fray political outsider. In reality, she has proved devastatingly adept at manipulating charts and stats to suit her ideological (and personal) ambitions. It is this proud piety concerning her own straight-shooting integrity combined with her willingness to peddle outrageous fictions--and her complete inability to recognize, much less be shamed by, this behavior--that makes McCaughey so infuriating. In this way, perhaps most of all, she resembles the tell-it-like-it-is good ol' girl Palin, whose scorching self-regard and ostentatious disdain for politics-as-usual infuse even her most self-serving fabulisms. Palin, of course, hawks homespun wisdom, faith, and common sense, in contrast to McCaughey's figures and footnotes. But both women have an uncanny ability to shovel their toxic nonsense with nary a blink, tremor, or break in those dazzling smiles. People of goodwill and honest counsel don't stand a chance.

  98. I'm in total agreement with you, Dr Who. The behavior of some commenters boggles the mind and begs the question of why come onto a blog and leave ugly comments about the owner of the blog? I don't feel sorry for people like that because they know exactly what they are doing. As for Palin, I've come to expect nothing positive from her, ever. She's based her life on trying to make people think she's something that she is not, and all it took for me to find out what a lowlife she was was to observe how low she would allow herself to sink into the slime pit in order to end up in the WH. I didn't like what I saw then, and I like it even less now.

    aka majii

  99. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Couldn't help but notice that Van Flea has also been 'muted'...

  100. Getting out my recipe for chili cheese popcorn, and for dessert? Maple honey coated popcorn.

  101. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Sarah Q., and like-minded souls:

    Some people mistakenly think the world revolves around them and want what they want NOW!

    Unfortunately for them and their low threshold of waiting for someone else's information that is dependent upon someone else's timeframe, the answers are not immediately available--until they are.

    Two-year olds operate on immediate gratification --and right NOW! Fully-realized adults may want the information now, but understand there are circumstances dependent upon other people that preclude sharing specifics right NOW!

    Of course we all are riddled with curiosity and would love to know whatever "it" is; however, "it" is not the over-riding, be-all, end-all part of living.

    Whatever the reasons are, I trust they are honest and necessary. Whatever is waiting will be revealed when it can be.

    If you don't trust that option, then save the wear and tear on your emotions and find another outlet that won't upset you so much.

    The choice is always yours, nobody else has power over you unless you relinquish it. Good luck.


  102. Anonymous9:53 PM

    This back and forth between Sarah and Levi will go on until the truth comes out.

    To me, it all seems contrived. Her camp works with his camp and they coordinate what they are going to say. This has been going on since January of this year.

    Also, I don't think Levi is going to write a book...he's probably already been paid not to. And, Tank stays close by to make sure he keeps his mouth shut.


  103. Hey All - the National Enquirer link doesn't work. Neither do any similar links in a Google search.


    Did someone save the NE article?

  104. Anonymous10:15 PM

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  105. I can't believe the raging dipshits who are attacking gryph all around the 'sphere.

    Ummm, HELLO?

    Gryphen told us there was a huge bombshell/iceberg...he specifically said that it was NOT RELATED to BabyGate, but that it would be completely, utterly, HUGE.

    And weeks later, a breathless, tweaked-looking Sarah Palin shocks the entire world by resigning mid-term. Nobody alluded to this major event with the specificity that Gryphen did.

    He has withstood personal attacks, threats, and intrusive "outing" at the hands of those who want babygate to stay shut tightly. He has been the victim of rage and vitriol at the hands of thes idiots who come and insult him on his own home turf.

    And still, he keeps climbing this mountain- glacial in size and in speed. He does it because WE want and need and deserve the truth.

    Not only does Gryph have Alaska-sized credibility...the man is a freaking HERO.

  106. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I bet you Levi's lawyer (Rex Butler?) is going to be pouring over that book to see if she says anything that constitutes libel or slander about him.

    Sue, baby, sue!

  107. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Excuse me, Sarah. If you are so obsessed with attacking Levi, are you a woman scorned? Her obsession with Levi makes me think there was a closer relationship Levi had with the Mama Grizzly. She wants to discredit Levi, before he can discredit her.

    Sarah has always been competitive and it would not have surprised me one bit she was competitive with daughter’s boyfriend. Remember, Levi knew all about Sarah having every color of pajamas from WalMart. What “hottest gov” mother walks around in her nightwear in front of a teenage boy? Levi had to be living at the house or Levi had to be in the master bedroom. Maybe the master bed would not hold all three so Todd was relegated to the sofa.

  108. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I think there is more to it than just the faked birth of Trig -- I think she did a little "Mrs. Robinson" style seduction of young Levi when he was living there. I think that is what led to his and Bristol's breakup and the further disintigration of her and Todd's marriage.

    She want to get her version of things out first and basically call him a liar before he says anything.

  109. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Responding to some loose ends:

    Lawyer Van Flea has been unusually silent because there is no money in it for him anymore. Isn't that legal defense fund supposed to be frozen???

    I see Sarah's attacks on Levi as one of her controlling issues. He is not falling in line the way he was supposed to, even when they went to work on his mother.

    Look at the history. He didn't want to go to the convention. They took him away from a hunting trip, dressed him up in a suit (thank you Republican National Committee, did you get the suit back?). The point at which we realized that Levi would not play ball was when we heard that Todd had pulled a gun on him. They bribed Bristol to break up with him.

    Control issues? Do we have to revisit Troopergate and the people who would not fire Wooten? Every thing that Sarah does is the equivilant of a little kids saying, "I'll get even with you, no matter what."

    Control issues? Sarah went "rogue" ignoring the McCain campaign's suggestions. That turned out well. She loaded her own speech into the teleprompter on the night that McCain conceeded the election. I think that it's a very long list.

    As for Sarah parading around in front of Levi in pajamas, we have that report that she greeted reporters during the campaign while wrapped in a towel, fresh from the shower.

    The good news here is that Sarah is her own worst enemy. She is not willing to study and learn from mistakes. She has no idea how all of this plays beyond the narrow fringe base that she hears cheering for her. One minute she has a thousand offers to speak and the next minute she is looking for some lipstick to endorse.

    We could compare her to a shooting star, bright for a brief moment when we catch a glimpse of her in the sky, and as she falls, she burns out.

  110. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Levi - no pain, no gain

  111. Basheert8:25 AM

    Here is another link to the Nat'l Enq article which I hope works.

  112. Another thought about the aggressive "Sara Q" types here and around the blogosphere "demanding" to get the scoop on babygate now---PERHAPS we are actually hearing from some of the principal players involved who are trying to get ahead of the story. They think that they can use the macho scare tactics/tantrums that work so well with their followers. They haven't learned that their toxic energy has no power over us.

  113. Anonymous9:07 AM

    What do you think of Levi Johnstone? KTUU wants your opinion.

  114. I think that the Enquirer may have seen the transcript of Sarah's contribution to the book.
    I do NOT think the Enquirer saw the complete contents of the final product. There would be no reason for her ghost writers to refrain from adding their propaganda re Afghanistan, health care, world view and various other weighty issues (issues that SP cannot possibly write about). If "they" can write articles for the WSJ and her faux facebook, I see no reason that these contributors would not finish the book.
    Just my 2 cents.

  115. Yahoo news entertainment has an article up that says 'Father of Palin's Grandson to pose for Playgirl".

    When I first clicked on it, it had only vague references to 'the baby' and 'bristol's pregnancy'...which of course could be interpreted as any 'baby' or either 'pregnancy'...

    NOW...the article contains Tripp-specific details.

    Yet another oddity in the world of Palin-related media.

  116. Anonymous11:26 AM

    If someone said I do not have a job..and I did

    That gorged on burritos before bed.. and I didn't

    If they said my hair was black .. and it is obviously red

    I would find them silly. OK a "liar" but I wouldn't waste a waking moment trying to defend myself. Only hit dogs holler.

    And I am an average citizen.. Palin has opportunities up to yin yang.. yet she choses to use her opportunities to say, "that's a lie" .. "that's a lie, too" .. "he's a liar" .."that's not the truth" ..

    One of two things
    She has zero brains .. can't be true because somehow the old crazy lady made it to V.P. "despite all"...

    or two
    Levi is a deadly threat. She can't even move forward in life, in her career, in her aspirations.. until she has used every last breat clearing her good (ahem) name

    Which makes me believe Levi all the more

  117. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I still remember comedian Betty White's comment about Palin, "That is one crazy bitch." Old Betty was 100% correct!

  118. CC 10:49 AM

    When you think of what Levi is up against in the media what he is doing is miraculous.

  119. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Descrediting a young man from Wasilla, no matter who he is, is a total waste of a book writing opportunity.

    I'm sure there is more in the 400 pages than Levi digs. White-washing her family life will have her fans drooling with glee, but everyone else will know what it is.

  120. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I second MadCityKaren regarding patience. The "gate" that brings her down must be triple air-tight. SP has been a dirty girl for a long, long time and she has become a master at slipping out of the most damming events.

    Go back, and listen again at how she dances around how Mr. Ross was caught, on tape, lying and she refused to apologize for her bad judgment in picking him or even that he did anything wrong. This woman is stone-cold, and will lie to anyone, about anything, under oath, on a stack of bibles.

    As for her behavior towards Levi, her over-the-top vengeance-quest has a definite "woman scorned" vibe to it. Todd, as a young man, had a striking resemblance to Levi. I can certainly imagine her being coquettish and flirty, just to see if she could still turn boyish heads.

    How it must sting her pride, to have him slip away, and publish unflattering facts about her.

    I no longer look to Levi to blow the whistle on her. He may hint, but I think she has managed to buy him off, and he has his kid(s) to think of, as SP still has great influence over Bristol.

  121. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I read the cited TMZ link about Levi Johnston buffing up in the gym for his upcoming Playgirl spread.

    Either his advisers are incredibly stupid or he truly has nothing to say and therefore his handlers must accept whatever lowlife gigs are sent Levi's way.

  122. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Gasman said: " she still thinks that she is in high school and is trying to get back at those who aren't in her clique. "

    That's the whole thing in a nutshell. You really capture her mentality.

  123. Um, keep in mind, it's the National Enquirer. Also, I find it hard to believe that "much" of the book is dedicated to this, since the deal was in the works back in July, if not before.

  124. Correction - I meant January. (sigh) Time to hit the hay.


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