Monday, October 19, 2009

The people who pre-ordered Sarah Palin's book are now just trying to give the damn thing away!

"Look we clearly got caught up in all of the hype! Now we have a truckload of these damn things coming and nowhere in the warehouse to store them! If you buy a subscription to our crappy magazine we will just GIVE you a copy! How is that for a deal?"

"Wait, wait if you order from US we will give you TWO different options. You can get the book for just $8.95 (plus $5.95 shipping and handling) plus a book to explain her book, and 4 months of OUR crappy magazine, or you can pay $49.95 for a year of our crappy magazine and Sarah Palin's free(?) book!"

"What? You don't think that sounds like much of a deal? Well then you need to read our sycophantic description of the greatest book since the New Testament!"

Why You Need to Read Going Rogue

Sarah Palin is one of the most controversial and exciting figures on the political stage.

She is hated and feared by her liberal detractors. Conservatives love her.

Her story has never really been fully told — until now.

From her humble beginnings to her time in the spotlight as the first female Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has led an extraordinary life. ("Just got back from China, don'tcha know.")

Going Rogue will recount her shocking rise from housewife to governor of the state of Alaska — and how she took on a corrupt political establishment to win the state's highest office. ("Yep took on the corrupt leaders of the Republican party and replaced them with corrupt leaders of my own.")

Going Rogue will tell for the first time why John McCain selected her and what really happened during the 2008 campaign.

In Going Rogue, Sarah Palin holds nothing back and even gives her stunning assessment of Barack Obama. ("Terrorist loving Muslim, who reminds REAL Americans of Adolph Hitler.)

She also reveals her thoughts about a 2012 presidential run. ("Without that old fossil holding me back I will win it without even breaking a sweat. Just got to keep that bitch Katie Couric as far away from me as possible!")

And in Going Rogue, you will discover the personal side of one of America's most fascinating women. (Wal-Mart pajama wearing, Crunchwrap Supreme eating, rogue ex-Governor, that's me!)

Sarah shares how faith has led her throughout her life and offers her insights into the personal challenges she's faced — including balancing her time as a working mother, recognizing the war's impact with her son serving combat in Iraq, having a child with a disability, and supporting her teenage daughter through an unplanned pregnancy. ("Yep only fake pregnancies are planned in THIS family.")

The media have gone out of their way to distort and twist the real Sarah Palin. ("Yep the truth is only a distortion of the story that I want people to believe. Damn bloggers!")

In Going Rogue you will get to see her close up and real — and find out what the media simply don't want you to know. ("Yeah like did you know my favorite color is hot pink? Nope. And that is just ONE of the things the media did not want you to know about me.")

Palin has received much attention through the media, but never before has her complete story been told in her own words.

Well damn it, I am convinced!

I guess I WILL have to read through page after page of crazy and see if I can't discover the REAL Sarah Palin as well. Do you think the REAL Sarah Palin is scary as the "not real" Sarah Palin? Hmm maybe this book comes with a night light?


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    This book could start a new fad-- Get the book, get a big bunch of balloons, tie the book to the balloons and watch the balloons carry away Sarah. Tape it and post the YouTube video. It will be like cool New Age affirmation ritual. Letting the wind carry away the world's Sarah Palin problem...

  2. a hallucination from peeee land:

    Retailers Pin Hopes on Palin Book
    By Doug Brady
    From Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg and Michael M. Phillips of the Wall Street Journal:

    Sarah Palin's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life" will likely be a mega-seller when it hits bookshelves next month, a shot in the arm for the book business and perhaps also for the former Alaska governor's unorthodox political career.

    they are kidding right? A shot in the arm for the book business??? Perhaps for the hampster cage lining business.

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Even if you only accept the free trial subscription to either Newsmax (which sent me the George W. Bush "action" figure that's still MIB--"mint in box," as they say on eBay), or Townhall, they will NEVER take you off their listserv. Caveat!

    Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

  4. Anonymous9:10 AM

    "having a child with a disability"......which child are they referring to? Gee I hope they expound on that a bit. I hope she's not talking about poor Piper falling behind on her studies during the campaign. :)

    "supporting her teenage daughter through an unplanned pregnancy".....does this mean that one of them was PLANNED? LOL

    "In Going Rogue you will get to see her close up and real".......yeah, I think Levi already has this covered.

    "The media have gone out of their way to distort and twist the real Sarah Palin. ".....wait, wait, wait, you just said we hadn't yet MET the real Sarah which is it? We were twisting the real Sarah we haven't met yet or the fake Sarah we all know? Or, maybe she's already twisted, so it just APPEARS as though the media has done so, when REALLY, the media is just reportin' the facts of her fakeness, which is the real Sarah? Also, isn't "media" more correctly singular grammatically? The media has, rather than the media have? I suppose that one could go either way, much like the media, which we all know is super-duper liberal and probably bisexual as well.

  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I wonder what it feels like to have your magnum opus caught in a price war between literary giants like WalMart and Amazon.
    And to have your %of sales tank faster than Dubya's populartiy polls of last his year.

    So sad.

  6. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I wonder if there will be a book signing tour?
    I mean, the thing isn't even out yet and its tanking already.

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    one more....

    "She also reveals her thoughts about a 2012 presidential run."

    Oh please run please run please run. I suppose she'll say if GOD tells her to do it, she will, even if she really really thinks it's a bad idea.
    Maybe Muthee could cast a spell on her again guarding against witches and evil stuff. Apparently, though, it didn't really "take" the last time he did it, cause BOY did she get attacked by evildoers--from left and right!!

    Aside--saw "Bewitched" episode yesterday wherein Esmerelda and Samantha are explaining that all the Salem "witches" burned during that era weren't real witches. And you would think that people nowadays would all agree that all those people accused and burned or stoned or drowned or crushed were falsely accused, but I bet you ANY money that some of these crazy birthers/Obama haters think otherwise. I can bet you ANY money too that some of them think Senator Joe McCarthy was an American Hero rather than a despicable demogogue. And that the Vietnam War was lost because we didn't bomb enough. But I digress.

  8. Anonymous9:46 AM

    You will need a way more powerful light to keep the darkness at bay, Gryphen. Maybe a couple of search lights to find a grain of truth in her spewage.

  9. The intro tells her readers to put the book down and rest their lips at regular intervals.

  10. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Gryphen, will you please, please explain this claim we're always hearing: "she took on a corrupt political establishment to win the state's highest office."

    I want to know what she really did and HOW she did it. How could these rich, solidly entrenched thugs be such stupid, easy pushovers that an uneducated nitwit from the MatSu Valley could knock them over and get away with it, yet no one had the ability or balls take on this lipsticked pitbull and her highschool friends? What's the real story here? Please!

  11. Gryphen, At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

    Why waste time preaching to the choir?

    GET IT DONE! Surely you have more to do than keep beating this dead horse. Give it the coup de gras and lets get on with life.

  12. The "real" Sarah Palin is as scary as any other Sarah Palin; She is ALL SCARY ALL THE TIME! I think the Sarah fans are enamored with an idea of a sweet honest down to earth person, and confuse that idea with the actual person of Sarah Palin. They see what they want her to be when they see her, and don't see what's actually there.

  13. This book will be in the dollar bins within two weeks of release.

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Medium = singular

    Media = plural

    Correct usage: The media are lazy and corrupt.

  15. Gasman11:15 AM

    There's some great material above like: "She is hated and feared by her liberal detractors."

    Really? Name a single liberal that fears her. We don't fear her, we know her to be a feckless buffoon and we constantly laugh at her. Because of her clueless imbecility coupled with her insatiable vanity, she is endlessly hilarious.

    I guess when she was pretending to be the Governor there was reason to fear her; she could totally screw up state government, torpedo the budget, and make Alaska look silly simply because she was in Alaskan airspace. However, since she spectacularly augered in as potential VP, and post abdication as Gov. 0.5, she does not inspire fear, only scorn, ridicule, and fits of spasmodic, gut wrenching laughter.

    Politically, socially, and intellectually, she is utterly toothless. Nobody fears Palin.

  16. Anonymous11:41 AM

    they are so easy to manipulate. Basically they like Sarah becasue the media hates her and the left fears her.

    Neither of the above is true, but Sarah says it's true (just like every conservative for the past 40 years) and the base froths at the mouth like the cave people they are.

    Liberals don't fear her-- but shhh, don't tell them. Gryphen, we should really start writing pieces where we are terrified of her greatness, so as to ensure they get forced into running her in their primaries. whenever Sarah is involved, chaos and blood follow: They could run Raygun against her, and he would lose in the end because if you lay down with pigs....

    Oh, noes!!! Sarah is so GREAT!!! Don't let her run!!!

  17. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Fear her? That's hilarious. I kept offering to debate her during the election. I am just a normal American citizen, and I knew I could out-debate her without any prep!

  18. Anonymous11:49 AM

    to 11:15, I do fear her because she brought out some major ugliness last Fall. Opinions that people used to hide, they're now proud of (and even think that being prejudiced and ignorant is patriotic). We should all fear the Queen of the dumbasses. She would be a dream puppet for Cheney's gang. Very scary.

  19. Anonymous11:53 AM

    A new book called "Sarah From Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar" by Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe is coming out about two weeks before "Going Rogue". It can be found on Amazon.

  20. I would never, ever pay one penny for this book. I hope the book publisher goes down in flames for trying to put this over on a gullible public. If I feel curious I will read parts at the bookstore. That, of course, is risky behavior due to the nausea it will induce. I would, also, never check it out of the library since I don't want to encourage sales in any way.
    In fact when I go to the book store to peek at the book I will be sure not to buy anything else on that visit. Feel free to follow my example!!

  21. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Anon @ 9:10 AM said “Also, isn't "media" more correctly singular grammatically? The media has, rather than the media have?”

    Thanks for saying that; you are correct. I see that same grammatical error all over the tubes written by professional writers, and on all of the news and talk shows by the super-educated “professionals,” and it always raises my blood pressure a little. I guess it’s not such a big deal as problems of the world go, but shouldn’t a professional writer or talking head know the difference whether a verb should be singular or plural?

    I’m an uneducated dummy with a GED who took a few college courses many years ago, including English, but even I know this “professionally accepted” manner of sentence construction is incorrect. I guess it’s just another example of the dumbing down of our society. If you keep on doing something wrong long enough, it becomes right, and right becomes wrong.

    Example: When you use the term “media,” as a group, although you are talking about countless numbers of people within that group, you are still talking about one group, not many groups. You would say the media “is” (many people, but still one group).

    If you were to say “members of the media” instead of “the media,” then you are no loner talking about a group. You are talking about “members” within a group, and so you would say “members of the media are,” and not “members of the media is.”

    Another example: The Palin family (a single group, not individual members) “is” in Wasilla. But, if you said the Palins’ (no longer talking about them as a group, but as individuals within that group), you would say the Palins’ “are,” and not the Palins’ “is.”
    Or, you could say the Palin family members “are” (still talking about individuals within the group, and not the group as an entity).


    The media is,
    Members of the media are,
    The media has,
    Members of the media have,
    Cable news is,
    Cable news shows are,
    The extreme right-wing of the Republican Party is,
    Members of the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party are,
    The Palin family is,
    The Palins’ are,
    The Palin family members are,
    Sarah’s new tooth is (for Bree Palin),
    Sarah’s new teeth are,

    "Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?"
    GWB—Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

  22. Anonymous12:53 PM

    bull shit floats... they may do better selling this book as a life preserver.

  23. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I wonder when Sarah will get around to reading it. If ever, that is.

  24. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Anon at 11:49 AM, those thugs she brought out are now in the open and we know who they are. Using wit, humor, irony, and sarcasm we can bring them down easily. Just look at how foolish they are behaving towards their own supposed party members. They go after their own senators now on a regular basis and leave the rest alone. They are out, proud, and everyone can see how sstupid and ignorant they are.
    Sarah throwing open the closet to the slimy underbelly of the GOP machine was the only decent thing she has ever done. She just had no idea at the time.

  25. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I look forward to seeing some reviews of "Sarah from Alaska" on Amazon. Conroy and Walshe focus on the behind the scenes events of McCain's presidential campaign. If these two are actual investigative journalists, and not GOP operatives trying to put a positive spin on the one of the most poorly run campaigns of the last fifty years, their book should be interesting.

    They have kind of a goofy picture of Quittypants on the cover, so I'm guessing she won't be portrayed as a nice christian woman who only asked for an occassional soft drink and someone to hold hands and pray with during those two months.

    I very much hope they were able to get the inside story of how Team Quittypants swindled the RNC into paying for their shopping sprees.

    Levi said not all of those clothes were returned. Again, I hope Conroy and Walshe were able to talk to the lawyer the RNC sent to Alaska, and get some frank comments about what inventory was really sent back in those plastic garbage bags.

  26. Even the Conroy/Walshe book on Sarah Palin that Anon @ 11:53 AM mentioned above is discounted at Amazon (from $26.95 down to $17.79) but not nearly as much as Palin's own book.

    And it's already available in a Kindle edition. can find the title and more information on "Sarah From Alaska:" on Facebook!

  27. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I thank you for reading this POS.

    This will be interesting as you notate the lies on page after page after page. We know that even her photos lie!

    This book may open some mouths, as people who were quiet don't like what is said about them or what she claims credit for or how her story is embellished beyond what normal people can take!

    and the baby story will be amusing and may open her to questions about this from the MSM.

  28. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Uh oh....she's talking again right to life again, this time in Milwaukee.

    Just up on Mat Su Frontiersman/AP reporting.

  29. Hard to say which direction that Conroy/Walshe book is going to go, after listening to an interview of Conroy on CBS (he was a CBS reporter at the time) right after Palin's resignation speech in late July...

    It could be another paean to her wonderfulness.

  30. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I posted this yesterday on MF's open thread. I was actually thinking thoughts of you and hoping that you might follow up with the "Conservative" Party's pleas for Sarah's attention:

    Calling Sarah Palin: A Good Time to STAND UP for a Conservative Candidate
    "If you think Gov. Palin should support the conservative candidate over the republican candidate, please comment and pass it on to others so she can see our concern. This is a great opportunity to start taking a stand."


    "This would good time for Sarah to show her conservative roots and that she is NOT part of the good ole’ boy club."


    NY23 UPDATE: Conservatives Ask, ‘What Will Sarah Palin Do?’ (Robert Stacy McCain, 10.18.09)

    "Supporters of Conservative Party congressional candidate Doug Hoffman —... have begun to wonder why former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hasn’t endorsed Hoffman."

    #44 CG Says:
    October 18th, 2009 at 1:59 PM
    Newsmax magazine: Why You Need to Read Going Rogue

  31. Anonymous3:30 PM

    It is absolutely not true that Levi and Sarah were practicing unsafe sex together and Sarah got knocked up!

  32. Anonymous3:34 PM

    One thing Sarah did that she promised to do was to get rid of dishonest politicians. When she resigned, she did get rid of at least one dishonest politician.

  33. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Will she or won't she appear at this event? Even the Sea of Urine can't tell for sure if Sarah will show up at Wisconsin Right to Life in Milwaukee Nov.6. They say that it ain't so until Meg says so.

  34. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Since there is a discussion of grammar in this thread, I'm wondering why so many people put apostrophes on plural nouns? Apostrophes indicate possession or a contraction, NOT a plural. Even Gryphen has been making this mistake a lot lately. And it's all over the comments too. Plural of Palin is Palins. Not Palin's or Palins'.

    But... keep up the good work Truthers!

  35. Anonymous4:20 PM

    to KAJO at 2:46. I watched that interview with Scott Conroy with CBS. Towards the end he said something to the effect; "Sarah came to the back of the plane and touched me on the shoulder and I came in my pants"

    I don't think it's going to be a hard hitting book.

  36. Anonymous4:28 PM

    "It is absolutely not true that Levi and Sarah were practicing unsafe sex together and Sarah got knocked up!"

    Thank you for writing that. ;-)

  37. Anonymous4:48 PM

    My husband, quoting the Wall Street Journal, says that "Going Rogue" is going to be a mega-seller. I have had to remind him just who owns the WSJ.

    One person quoted in the article suggests that Sarah is doing it for the money. Surprise!

  38. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I think that Sarah Palin, the dumb bitch is done but Fukkkk, I wish I could feel more confident on that. Better not letup yet Gryphen.

    Luv from Canada!

  39. Anonymous5:04 PM

    and the girl who wroted that book worked for Fox.
    Nuff said.

  40. "'Sarah Palin's memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, will likely be a mega-seller when it hits bookshelves...a shot in the arm for the book business....' (they are kidding right? A shot in the arm for the book business???)"

    At $9 a book? I don't think so. It's going to take a loooong time to fix up Bristol's Bribe/House at that rate!

  41. Anonymous5:13 PM

    CR46 said...
    "This book will be in the dollar bins within two weeks of release."

    This book may be in the dollar bins BEFORE its release at the rate it's going!!!

  42. Anonymous5:27 PM

    A four hundred page book about my left testicle would make more entertaining and informative reading. Just sayin'.

  43. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Sadly SP will still be considered a best-selling author regardless of how many people bother to read it.

  44. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Massive purchases of right wing books by GOP think tanks is nothing new. In fact, that's how books like Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" make it on the best seller list; bulk purchases...then the booms are given away...

  45. Anon 3:34...say it ain't so!!! Milwaukee!!...geez that's pretty dang close to me. I may have to make myself a sign and do some protesting ;D

  46. I especially like the offer on one site where you get a free pair of "Sarah Palin Eyeglasses" if you buy the book.

  47. mommom9:30 PM

    Usage Note: The etymologically plural form media is often used as a singular to refer to a particular means of communication, as in The Internet is the most exciting new media since television. Many people regard this usage as incorrect, preferring medium in such contexts. · People also use media with the definite article as a collective term to refer not to the forms of communication themselves so much as the communities and institutions behind them. In this sense, the media means something like "the press." Like other collective nouns, it may take a singular or plural verb depending on the intended meaning. If the point is to emphasize the multifaceted nature of the press, a plural verb may be more appropriate: The media have covered the trial in a variety of formats. Frequently, however, media stands as a singular noun for the aggregate of journalists and broadcasters: The media has not shown much interest in covering the trial. This development of a singular media parallels that of more established words such as data and agenda, which are also Latin plurals that have acquired a singular meaning. · The singular medium cannot be used as a collective noun for the press. The sentence No medium has shown much interest in covering the issue, would suggest that the lack of interest is in the means of communication itself rather than in its practitioners.

  48. Anonymous6:00 AM

    As a Latin major, I concur with 9:30, who was correcting over-simplified rules posted above.

    Can we drop the grammar lessons now? It's always seemed rather petty to me to lecture anyone on grammar. Not everyone has the opportunity to study grammar for years, nor the inclination -- but their ideas and contributions are important.

    The only time I enjoy bringing up grammar is to wingnuts that come here to call us stupid, while they inevitably misspell easy words and mangle the English language to the point of absurdity.

    Anyone who throws stones shouldn't live in a glass house...


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