Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sarah Palin talk show?

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Five chapters?

No index?

Are they sure this is not just a coloring book for her fans?

So there is "score settling with certain McCain aides"and "bashing of the national media" all delivered in a "warm personal tone"? Well it is nice to see that she is not going to leave out the crazy!

Well I am shocked! Shocked I say, that there is not a chapter dedicated to the Alaskan bloggers! Are we simply to be lumped with the other media? Will she dare to skip us altogether? Oh I doubt it, I just heard again today that she was FIXATED on us.

P.S. By the way it looks like Harper Collins Sarah Palin gamble may not pay off for them. Color me unsurprised.


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    It's six chapters with an epilogue.

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen, for the post and the link! It was very informative!


  3. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Its in her best interest to ignore the bloggers. I cant imagine her mentioning them at all. If she is getting good council now she wont ever mention them again.

    And with some of the bloggers keeping quiet and people wanting to write books being undermined, I say Palin is in a pretty good spot right now.

    If no one wants to out babygate she will skate through this book tour with not a soul asking a single question about it.

    I think she might have grown a brain cell or two, and that is quite scary.

  4. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Sarah sinks everything she touches.

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    the talk show tease hurts my ears. i would watch dobbs before enduring that torture.

  6. Anonymous8:00 PM

    She will skate through the Christmas season and New Year. After that she will be so confident and pumped nothing will stop her.

  7. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Sounds like they're not even going to make enough to buy gas for the whirlwind bus tour--guess they will have to pack sack lunches for everyone, or maybe even take turns standing at the exits hold a sign: WILL "GO ROGUE" FOR FOOD.

  8. trishSWFL8:16 PM

    No way can I even imagine a Sarah talk show, with her screeching word salad and venom for an hour at a time!


  9. Anonymous8:30 PM

    What a wonderful thought, coming soon to Fox News, another Rupert Murdoch News Corp. Production: Sarah Palin and Lou Dobbs, two of your favorite rogue commentators, willing to say anything for ratings. They don't need to prepare or study the issues to speak their minds. You loved her shrill voice in Alaska; now the whole country can welcome Sarah Palin (and Lou Dobbs) into their homes every day. (Be sure to wrap china and crystal carefully and store in a padded carton to avoid breakage. That voice can break glass).

  10. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Will she wear Sally Jesse Raphael's Red glasses? Inquiring Mimes want to know!

  11. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I hope Sarah gets a talk show on FOX, as that will be the end of FOX. PLEASE, for Christmas, Santa. Give Sarah Palin a talk show on FOX and sink the FOX NETWORK further. Let her co-host with Lou Dobbs. PLEASE!

  12. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Now that is progress! Last fall, Sarah Palin couldn't name a single newspaper or publication in the entire country.

    This fall, she feels qualified to bash the national media.

    Sit down and shut-up, you thunderously stupid loser.

  13. Anonymous10:22 PM

    @Anonymous 8:00p.m.

    Are you trying to be funny? She will have more weird fuck-ups on the way. As usual.

  14. ICstraightsSEAK11:17 PM

    She is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...

    I CAN wait but this ship IS going all the way DOWN and when it does, SouthEast Alaska is going to PARTY like it's 1999...

  15. Anonymous1:07 AM

    An Op-Ed piece that very aptly describes and sums up both Palin and her supporters:

    It's worth reading.

  16. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Be aware,... she has a following. Do NOT write her off. There are crazier people in this country than Sarah Palin.

    She needs to have EVERY LIE outed. EVERY LIE !

    That is the only way to stop people like her.

  17. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Farenheit 451.

  18. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Since she doesn't go to church very often, the Sarah show could be on Sunday morning. She could explain her absence from the gutsy political shows normally airing on Sunday morning by saying I have my own show.

  19. I'm pissed at Oprah for having her on & it sounds like she wussed out. Why give her tv time to promote her book & possibly a talk show. Looks like they were using each other. Opera's becoming a little like Maury. Won't watch either. Sarah goes where she can promote herself & make money, why give her the platform . Saw where Willow & Piper went along, shouldn't they be in school.

  20. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Sarah is too dumb and LAZY to ever do a talk show.

    She was delusional to think she was qualified to be VP and even more delusional to think she could do a talk show.

    All the facts about Sarah need to be exposed... it is time to end her fantasies.

  21. I heard a blurb/promo with Oprah's BFF, Gayle, who said Levi should just stop talking!

    I'm thinking the interview taped yesterday, will be nothing but softballs.


  22. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Sarah Palin couldn't hack a talk show. Sorry. As anyone in the industry will tell you, it's a ton of hard work. It's a real grind. It's not a picnic like being a "part-time" governor where you can hide in your bedroom watching reality shows and eating Taco Bell food instead of working.

  23. Say NO to Palin in Politics5:57 AM

    She's still sticking her nose in politics. Until she stops trying to influence the direction the GOP should take we need to follow her like a hawk.

    How is she progressing Alaska?

    Malek is in the thick of this too.

    "Palin said she was going to focus on her book tour through December, but planned to turn to politics and helping party candidates starting in January. Her aide, Jason Recher, another former Bush aide, asked Walker what kind of help he would like from Palin. Walker pointed out that the state's late primary and the likelihood that the White House would raise a lot of campaign cash for its side meant he needed help as soon as possible next year. Walker urged Palin to come on board and do an event with him in the state's Fox Valley area."

  24. ManxMamma6:01 AM

    Wow. The comments on DailyFinance are rapid. Those fans of hers scare me to death.

  25. Deb in WI6:18 AM

    "...paid her a $1.25 million "retainer" sometime between January 1 and July 26, the day she stepped down as Alaska governor."

    I thought she couldn't accept the money while being governer, so she did accept the money before she stepped down? I'm confused.

  26. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I can just see it now - Palin, Prejean, and Hasselbeck. Can you imagine a talk show with those three screeching their religious views?
    Now that Barbara Walters is planning a series on Palin, does that mean she won't have to appear on "The View"?

    Agree with the poster who said to not discount Palin yet - she does have an ever-growing, rabid group of followers who won't sit quietly by if she decides to pull a Bachmann and get them to move on DC or something like that.


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