Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean almost walks off of Larry King Live due to questions. Apparently she did not understand that an interview involved questions.

(I replaced the old video, which was removed, with a new longer YouTube video.)

It is pretty clear that Carrie has been coached to provide a few basic responses to questions, "We can't talk about mediation", "worst mistake of my life", "I was attacked for my beliefs", but when that does not work she simply flees.

Can you believe they let a gay man's phone call come through? Do they have NO respect for her deeply held anti-gay religious beliefs?

Be honest who else, just for a moment, thought she was about to respond with a "In what respect Charlie?"

I mean did she even complete the "Sarah Palin Interview Tips and Question Dodging Symposium"? If she had she could have simply responded with an "I'll try to find you some I'll bring em to ya!" But NO she clearly did not get through the final class "Show the camera your best side, smile pretty, and babble incoherently".

You never saw her hero Sarah Palin walk off of an interview did you? Sure she walked off of her job, but dammit not an interview!


  1. What a joke. The hypocrisy knows no end with this woman. She looked like a robot what with the head nodding and all. I'm sure she'll find a good Republican boy to marry. Her ex boyfriend had lots to say to TMZ. Mostly that she lies a lot, wanted him to say she was 17 at the time the tape was made ( yeah, right like he'd do THAT to himself, sheesh!!) and had sent him over 15 sex tapes. Isn't it funny how Repubs/conservatives are so-o-o- concerned with other peoples' sex and their lives that they just can't help but expose themselves for the hypocrites they truly have always been. Larry is a softy on interviews. Have you noticed how Carrie always tries the I was a teenager nonsense? Please.

  2. Anonymous5:53 AM

    How many authors would love to go on Larry King, who isn't known (except by Carrie Prejean) for hardball questions?? Did you see how many times she waved her book in front of the camera in that snippet of an appearance? What a dunce!

    Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

  3. I was highly amused by how she kept telling Larry King he was being "extremely inappropriate." Maybe Larry King should have started touching himself in front of her since that's the kind of behavior that she finds "appropriate."

    Do these people not realize that they are becoming parodies of themselves?

    I love it.

  4. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Her boyfriend is a hero. Most people would be intimidated by her religious mafia. Too bad no one will stand up to Palin like that.

  5. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Not only did she wear her frozen fake pageant smile through the "interview" -- but when "inappropriate" LK asked her who her "hero" was she replied, "Sarah Palin." It's true. She really did say that-- they are BFF.

    CP: Lalalala. I can't hear you!
    LK: You took off the microphone, stupid.
    (CP--fingers in ears, frozen smile) Lalalala..I can't hear you!

    And she bemoaned that "Conservative women" like Michelle B, Sarah, her a n d s u c h are not treated with the same respect as "Liberal women."

    She wouldn't discuss the "morals clause" in the contract she signed. Geezu Pete! The Promise Keepers, C Street and right wingnuts have really dredged the bottom of the IQ barrel--but, have a feeling that that is more a plan of action to discredit the female gender than to offer women a place in right wing politics.

  6. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Carrie Prejean is CRAZY. She looks crazy. Even when she's talking about Sarah Palin she looks crazy. I love that she's trying to link up to the crazy Palin brand as well.

  7. rotfl6:08 AM

    Morgan, We were rolling with the schoolmarm "inappropriate" remarks to the ancient and seasoned King. Come to think of it, she is an expert of inappropriate (see porn tape).

  8. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Carrie almost appeared to have been drinking or on drugs in the Larry King interview.

    Carrie stop being fake and please just do a Playboy spread, sell sex tapes and become a topless dancer. It is what you are cut out to do.

  9. Anonymous6:16 AM

    What passes for wingnut American values is a joke.

    That Prejean gets to 'write' and publish a book is as rediculous and useless as Sarah Palin. As senseless as Jessica Simpson writing about 'marriage' when she was still a newlywed and knew nothing about how much work that institution is. As foolish a notion that you are an expert at motherhood and/or child-rearing as Octomom. As insulting as a 'new' mother of a special needs baby claiming the platform for all families with SN children when she only just 'birthed' a DS baby - and to this day doesn't even appear to be a hands-on, therapeutic iconic mother of Trig. . .

    All these 'accomplishments' and credit granted by the fans of these posers are an insult to everyday real people with real challenges in their families and lives.

    Can't I just sit here and look pretty with the claim that the media and the majority of the public is mean to me?

    And this teenager defense, I doubt hot hands Carrie extends that sympathy / empathy to young Levi.

  10. Larry was inappropriate?? What about getting nekkid and "doing" yourself...sending the tape, ( and who knows how many more) to her boyfriend?

    Oh yeah..I forgot. She doesn't believe in "opposite marriage"...and she is a republican, so its all A-OK.


  11. sunnyjane6:31 AM

    No one ever accused these folks of being mental giants. How much can a person like this have to tell about "life" in a hardback book? Incredible!

    How PROUD her family must be over her "I'll do it myself" sex tapes. From what I understand about the guy she sent them to, he felt like she was stalking him.

    No wonder she and the Wasilla Wonder get along so well. They are both "victims." You betcha. Also. Too.

  12. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Did Joe the Plumber have a sex change?

    I hope dumb doesn't hurt as much to be, as it does to observe.

  13. Anonymous6:41 AM

    What a ... well, you know what I mean. I think she planned to make a scene if Larry asked something she didn't like. She did not get up out of that chair after dropping the mike on the floor. And she did it when Larry moved on and took a question from a caller. A drama queen, a snot, no doubt.

    I thought she should have been fired for lying on that pageant contract when those photos first popped up.

    Kudos to that ex-boyfriend who released a tape to prove what a hypocrite she is. She should not make money off a book of lies.

    Carrie would have never been outed as a hypocrite if it wasn't for that one question Hilton asked her. Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways, only she misread thinking He was making a martyr out of her.

  14. OT: Sarah's posted a link to a video about the evils of European style health care reform on her Facebook page.

  15. Anonymous7:08 AM

    6:08 AM
    Don't you think most of the loons are on meds of some type. Antidepressants, downers, uppers, combos. All legally prescribed, of course, by doctors recommended by church. You know, like a Dr. Baldwin-Johnson situation.

  16. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Ex-beau is hero. He is an example to follow. More like him and the world would be a safer place.

  17. b r d7:23 AM

    That might be the funniest interview ever. Will Oprah/Palin be as hilarious?

  18. "I mean did she even complete the "Sarah Palin Interview Tips and Question Dodging Symposium"?"

    Poor Little Carrie. She just didn't know what the word 'Symposium' meant.

  19. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Interesting that Palin also called King inappropriate for asking certain questions of Levi. I think she went in disgusted with King before he even opened his mouth. Listen to the way she gushes about SP. It was a 'nya nya nya to you Larry, Sarah warned me about you'

  20. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Prejean and the wingnuts think Palin is their hero. Palin appeals to the less educated. The last thing we need are these people running our country. Everyone please, vote, campaign, donate, talk to people to make sure this cancer does not creep into our system. Do not be silent or lethargic.

  21. Please don't go away, Carrie. Please, please, please, please don't go away. America needs you like we need Sarah. To remind us how bat-shit crazy and hypocritical you and your tea bagging movement are.

  22. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Sarah is all about Sarah and the heath care bill (anti-abortion only). She will run the show from her campaign bus next week. Obama is out of the country and it will be all Sarah, MSNBC reports.

    Levi is taken care of, she does not fear him.

  23. Anonymous7:52 AM

    From Hollywood Gossip.....

    It takes a lot to get on Donald Trump's bad side.

    In May, the real estate mogul referred to Carrie Prejean as "honorable" and defended the beauty queen's risque photos as "beautiful... and, in many cases, actually lovely."

    But Prejean throws her former supporter under the bus in her new memoir, writing that Trump divvied up Miss California contestants based on looks.

    In response, the Donald has joined the ever-growing line of critics that have finally realized how self-serving and hypocritical of a human being Prejean is.

    "Carrie should be ashamed of herself," Trump said." Certainly I would never do a thing like that because it would be too hurtful. I don't stand the ones that are less attractive to one side, and the beautiful ones on the other side. It was total nonsense... I don't even know how she came up with an idea like that."

    As for Prejean's sex tape, Trump has a proposal for the woman that claims to espouse wholesome values:

    "She's trying to act like she's a nun... so maybe she should release the sex tape and people would see whether or not she is a nun."

    Keith Lewis already has an answer to that question: she's not!

    The Miss California pageant director is considering legal action against his former employee because she spread lies about him in Still Standing. Reads Lewis' recent statement:

    "Her book is full of inaccuracies and outright lies. We are considering all legal options, but remain committed to the business of beauty. Ms. Prejean was fired because of breach of contract and her most recent admission is only further proof that our decision was not optional but mandatory.”

  24. Man is Carrie Prejean a bitch. I loved her pod type answers, she is clearly part of "The Movement". Love the way they want to use the media, plug their books & won't anwer any pertinent questions. At least Larry King did his part unlike what I think Oprah did. It is quite clear they are going to go on these shows & not answer questions they don't like so DON'T INVITE THEM.

  25. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Man, this fountain of journalistic integrity and excellence is slipping when I have to provide the footage.

    Oprah on her chat with Palin:

  26. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Give yourself a hand Carrie. Oh wait, you already did.

    BTW, you have a very bad case of "pageant hair."

  27. Anonymous9:32 AM

    What a dumb bimbo. But who's the puppetmaster getting her to spew on about Palin? What machine is behind making her and Palin the precious ultraconservative figureheads they so desparately want to be? Both of those tools will do anything for a buck. C'mon Playboy, figure out what Carrie's price is!

    LK: Carrie can you hear me?
    CP: No I can't hear you


  29. BTW she is in the ranking for Media Whore of Baable-On .... Look out Sarah !!!

  30. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I love how these people create their own morality codes. They explain away all of their mistakes & lie when things get tough. Why these people feel that they need to write a book about how wonderful they are & how mean people are to them, I will never know. Sarah's book is a love letter to herself as she critisizes all of her foes. Wasilla Libary, check. Falefel lady, check. Monegan, check. Trig Thruthers, check. Etc. Enough!

  31. Anonymous10:55 AM

    EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred to Carrie Prejean: "Sexting" Is A Crime

    Never one to shy away from a tough situation, powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred is taking on Carrie Prejean with an open letter to the former Miss America.

    In the letter, exclusively obtained by, Allred takes Prejean to task for her recent confessions regarding "sexting" with her then boyfriend when she was a teenager.

    Allred points out to Prejean that she was actually committing a crime, one that could even result in prison time upon conviction!

    Open Letter to Carrie Prejean
    Dear Carrie:

    Yesterday, I heard you admit on the Today Show that when you were a teenager you engaged in “sexting” to your boyfriend.

    While you did not discuss the specifics of what you sent, I think it is fair to assume that you know that “sexting” refers to sending sexually explicit photos via cell phone.

    Carrie, when you admitted that, did you realize that those who engage in sexting are at serious risk of severe legal consequences that include the possibility of being prosecuted for transmitting
    child pornography?

    Do you think that you should be prosecuted or that others should be prosecuted for distributing an inappropriate sexual image of a minor or should there be a “Carrie Prejean” exception to the law?

    Carrie, as you read this letter young people throughout this country are being prosecuted and have been prosecuted for “sexting” to their boyfriends (as you said you did) or to their girlfriends.

    Some may also argue that the photos of themselves that they sent were for private use (as you said your photo was).

    Carrie, it doesn’t matter. Please understand this, getting breast implants is not a crime, Sexting is!

    Upon conviction, some of those convicted of sexting have been sentenced to prison and were required to register as a sex offender.

    If you were prosecuted and convicted, do you think you should have to register as a sex offender and have that follow you the rest of your life on public records?

    How would you feel if your resume read: “Former Miss California, opponent of marriage equality and registered sex offender”? What kind of an example is that for young girls?

    Carrie, you said that conservative women are being attacked for their beliefs. Carrie, to be clear, I am not attacking you for your beliefs, but I am criticizing you for your behavior.

    I know you are out there trying to market yourself and your book and in many ways trying to profit from positioning yourself as a victim, but please think about what I have said.

    Those who are being prosecuted for crimes are being called “defendants” not “victims”, and when convicted “sex offenders” - not “conservatives” or “liberals”.

    It is time for you to take full responsibility for what you have done. Are you ready to strip away the excuses and do a “perp” walk instead of a walk on the runway in a bathing suit or are you hoping that the statute of limitations and your conservative buddies will be your “trump card” and prevent any prosecution of you?

    I look forward to your response.


  32. Anonymous11:17 AM

    A modest proposal.

    Slutty bimbos like Carrie Prejean who pose nude and make graphic sex tapes of themselves pose a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

    If allowed to breed, they are likely to produce degenerate children like themselves. Since the only purpose of marriage is procreation between a man and a woman, Carrie Prejean should never be allowed to marry lest she harm the institution of marriage and the wholesome values that we try to inculcate into our children.

  33. Gasman11:22 AM

    "I'll show you Larry King! If you ask me hard questions I'll just take off my mic and sit here like a moron! Won't you be embarrassed when I make myself look stupid!"

    Her meme that evil liberals are out to silence her right to free speech is laughable. If the liberals are so pernicious, how come she's been published and is doing the talk show circuit hyping her book? Who's infringing on her freedom of speech? She's published and she's on TV exercising her freedom!

    She makes solo sex tapes, does topless photo shoots and she is a upstanding moral Christian, but if you ask her why she dropped her lawsuit, THAT is inappropriate. When she signed that confidentiality agreement, didn't she voluntarily GIVE UP HER OWN RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH?

    Maybe she'll sue herself.

  34. Anonymous11:46 AM

    the video has been pulled. bummer!

  35. OMG so I went to youtube to watch it. It is really quite funny. She is also mentally ill. Delusional. CRAZZZZY. She is definitely impaired on some sort of mind altering drug.- She has a vapid smile on her face, holds up her book - like anyone gives a crap Carrie - like an idiot. She is truly unbelievable. She, also, too needs to go away and get a job at Hooters because I really thing the only thing vibrator Barbie has the brains to do is slog some beer. And my apologizes to beer sloggers everywhere!
    She too has narcissitic personality disorder.Only reasonable explanation. Or maybe a brain tumor in her frontal lobe.

  36. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Am I the only one that thinks Carry Pee is uglier than sin? Beauty comes from within, but she is ...

  37. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I know this is snarkily superficial but apparently that does not deter me... her teeth are reminiscent of a horse. There. Apologies to horses...on you dear fillies, mares and stallions, her dental mass and alignment would look beautiful and quite handsome. On her, not so much.

  38. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Yup, Espresso4me at 4:28 p.m., Carrie does have horse's teeth.

    There are dainty feminine teeth and there there are big horsey masculine teeth and Carrie got the masculine horsey teeth (and apparently the flat chest). Maybe that is why she hates gays - because she is so insecure in her own feminity.

  39. Carrie and Sarah have so much in common it's downright uncanny!

  40. From Wiki:

    Larry King Interview

    On November 11, 2009, Prejean had a heated interview with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live. King questioned Prejean as to why she settled her lawsuit settlement with the Miss California organization. Prejean refused to answer and said, "Larry, you're being inappropriate."

    Donald Trump was puzzled by Prejean's interaction with King. "'Inappropriate' is more of a sexual term, as far as I'm concerned," Trump said. "I mean—inappropriate? He asked a very, very easy question and I was surprised that she just didn't say, 'Hey, listen, I can't answer that question.' Instead she wants to walk off the stage? It was very surprising."

    Keith Lewis, executive director of Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA, also released a statement on the interview. "The public is finally getting a glimpse of the real Carrie Prejean who lives in her own delusional world," he said. "The childish behavior, her negative attitude, the sarcasm and condescending tone, the disrespect and continual lying she is demonstrating now is only a fraction of what we endured during her reign and after."

  41. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Is that a fly buzzing around the studio?

  42. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Did anybody hear her on LKL say "I am only 22 and I have already accomplished so much.." I almost fell out my chair..!! The ego of this young lady knows no bounds....!! This, in addition to her earlier comments on Today Show when she mentioned Keith O Sotomayor and the First Lady, and I was saying to myself 'does she really this she is anywhere near that sphere..! Talk about being delusional and narcissistic !!!

  43. I haven't seen Sarah interviewed in a while, but I think Carrie's crazier.

    Imagine that Sarah had become Miss Alaska back in '82, or whenever. Then, she could've been "prejeaned" way back then and we'd never have heard of her. AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!

  44. Anonymous5:45 AM


    Just discovered this blog and love it - that is a very good observation - the ex Miss California is not all that good looking! Teeth that could give a hicket to a rhinocerous. Flat as a board (until the wonders of silicone). And that delightfully wonky eye that makes her look comically cross eyed in some pics. That's beauty?!!


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