Monday, December 28, 2009

Acccording to the Meg Stapleton, Palin family DID report gang rape threats made against daughter. Does this pass the smell test?

One of the events discussed in former Gov. Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue, " was a disturbing occurrence that affected the family: a vile threat made against Palin's daughter, Willow, while she was attending school in Juneau.

The threat was made in a MySpace post.

The family reported the threat to the governor's security detail and they investigated the matter, including interviewing the individual who made the threat at that person's home.

Though no charges were brought, the Palin family remained very concerned. The matter involved minors and was likely not subject to public review. A reporter for the Juneau Empire was directed to talk with the governor's security detail. It is not clear whether he did so. (He did so.)

Contrary to the implication of the report, the threat was real, the threat was serious and the threat was responded to.

Meghan Stapleton
Palin family spokesperson

Whoa, whoa, back the bus up. Let me get this straight. NOBODY knew about this threat in Juneau? Not School District Superintendent Peggy Cowan? Not Juneau Police Chief Greg Browning? And according to State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters, the people in charge of the Governor's security detail, they had NEVER been notified of this either?

So just WHO is Juneau Empire reporter Pat Forgey supposed to talk to? It looks to me that he did his job quite thoroughly.

Sorry Sarah you are going to have to do better than this. "Not subject to public review" my ass!

On the other hand I just have to give a big shout out to Meg Stapletongue! "Hey girl, where you been! So nice to see that you are back in action. Hey, did you know your boss is probably lying again? Just thought you should know."

And speaking of "shout outs". "Hey Sarah, do you know who I have been talking to lately? Well it just so happens they will know all about whether this incident was reported or not. What do you think they will tell me when I ask them? You have yourself a very nice day."


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Poor Meg. She's relying on another " told by Sarah Palin" fictionalized accounts of the truth. Unless Meg was in the room as SP was actually talking with any of those individuals to whom SP supposedly reported this, I'm going with SP never reported it and made the whole damn thing up.


  2. Anonymous6:03 AM

    It's amazing how bloggers can pull their strings, making puppets outta them all.

    Sarah, certainly you must know that one lie breeds another, and surely you are well acquainted with the Father of Lies...

  3. Anonymous6:05 AM

    This statement by Stapleton REEKS of spin.

  4. Anonymous6:08 AM

    So, there was a vile threat of sexual violence against an underaged daughter of the Governor of Alaska made over the internet, the governor's security detail were told of the threat and actually interviewed the person in his or her home. And no charges were brought?

    I call bullshit.

  5. After the endless Letterman rape accusations, I'm inclined to suspect that if there's anything to this incident at all, then it probably was some kid saying he wanted to "do" Willow. As far as the Palins are concerned, sex with their daughters is rape, consenual or not.

  6. Anonymous6:23 AM

    It's mind-boggling considering the fact that this alleged threat was made to a young girl (actually two young girls if one is to believe the narrative) in a school filled with minors who could also theoretically be subjected to such threats and the whole matter just went under the wire. Not a moment's concern or consideration for any of the other children in that school or any consideration for the feelings and concerns of the other parents of the children in that school. The threat of rape is extremely serious and not something to be swept under the rug. This whole story smells to high heaven and personally I believe it was an excuse to get out of Juneau. JMO

  7. "The Alaska State Troopers provide a security detail for Palin, but trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said the first they heard about the allegation was from Palin's book."

    -- Juneau Empire


    Was the security detail notified?

    Wouldn't the sensible, logical thing for the security detail to have done would be to have spoken with the very people who have said they hadn't heard anything until they read of it in Going Rogue?

    Was the security detail brought up to strength in response to the threats against the children? (Branchflower said that Palin had reduced the detail's strength earlier (which, by the way, Branchflower said was inconsistent with the claim that Palin felt threatened by trooper Wooten)).

  8. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Good work on all the reporting. What I find really interesting is that she chooses this to comment on and not the allegations that Track is not Todd's son. That seems a lot more damaging than an erronous report that her children had been threatened. Now why do you think she has not responded to that rumor? And I also find it very interesting that her ghost writer has said nothing. I am not sure that any of the work was written by Lynn. I think they just used Lynn's name to give "credibility" to the book. Oh boy, that was a waste of money.

    Keep up the good work, always a read.

    Go Levi and all the Johnstons. You have a tremendous amount of support. Pam from Sunny CO

  9. Forever Anonymous6:51 AM

    Who cares what Meghan says. After the facts, she always appears with shovel in hands to bury the stench.

  10. Once again, Mag/Sarah doesn't address the whole issue and fails to understand that that further makes people suspicious of what she has to say.

    1) Meg addresses the Willow incident only, not the alleged Bristol incident (on Mudflats AKM reported that the book said something about someone threatening to shoot Bristol from a helicopter).
    2) Any threats like that made on a public forum such as a MySpace page should be reported immediately to all kinds of agencies. To not have notified the MySpace administrators, the school administration, and local law enforcement is WRONG, unless after their little private investigation they determined it was really not a threat, but ...
    3) she said it was still making them wary enough to pull the girls out of their school, so I guess it was a threat, but ...
    4) it's OK for the Palin's to pull their kids out a school full of bullies but not help other parents of kids in same schools ensure that they have a safe and unintimidating environment in which to learn.

    So why don't we believe you Sarah? Because we come smack up against this little problem (I believe I am making whats called a syllogism here?)

    IF the gang rape threat thing on MySpace was true



    Q.E.D. the story is either untrue or you have to admit you did not handle the situation in the proper manner. If the threat was real, real reported action should have taken place, and it did not.

    It was irresponsible of you, Sarah, not to inform the school principals of what their students were doing on social websites. Unless your private investigation concluded that it was all just "harmless fun" and you wanted to save the reputation of the student/s and the parents of the student/s making the threats (presumably in jest).

    But that's not what you imply in the book and that's certainly not what Meg says.

    IF the threat was real, THEN authorities should have been informed.

    Given the evidence that you did NOT report it to the school or local authorities, then it's simply easier to believe you made the whole thing up (or that Willow or Bristol made it up which is possible as well)

  11. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Wow! She's really truly blown it this time. This is great!
    Thanks Gryphen! Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Probably the only part Lynn Vincent played in getting the manuscript out for publication was to type from Sarah's dictation, and possibly organize the material into sections and chapters. Other than that, it is obviously *Palin-speak*.

    I also find it puzzling that Palin is so quick to jump on anyone or anything for the smallest slight to her or her family, yet these MAJOR incidences don't get addressed? Lying, evading, omitting = Sarah Palin

    Any plans for a legal fund for Levi? Although he has brought in a bit of money recently, I doubt it will be enough to last through a lengthy and expensive legal custody battle. I would gladly make a donation and I expect many others would also.

  13. Anonymous6:59 AM

    When (or IF) someone posts a sexual note on Facebook, Willow is threatened with RAPE. When Letterman makes a tasteless joke about a Palin girl getting "knocked up at a Yankee game," it translates to the RAPE of Willow Toad and Scarah obsessed with the meme "Willow" and "RAPE." WHY?
    Think on this folks.
    I am starting to think that there IS a story that "will make your blood run cold."
    And a reason no one in Wasilla wants to talk.

  14. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hey, Meg: Now let's hear what happened with "the same thing later happened to Bristol." Did everyone miss that official report, too?

  15. Anonymous7:04 AM

    You know, the high school principal said she hadn't heard a thing about it. I can't imagine an investigation and the high school principal not knowing. Because she, and the teachers, should have known at least enough to make sure the two had no classes together and that the person making the threats was kept under observation. A person who would make such a threat wouldn't have any hesitation threatening other students. I served on a school board for 11 years, and we had a case where literally, a student was walked to all his classes by a teacher because there was a restraining order on him. I call shenanigans.

    Plus? Yes, very suspicious that THIS is the story that she chooses to deny. Hey, Sarah- I don't think Track is Todd's kid! I think you aborted your second pregnancy- or at least, the pregnancy right after Track was born. Nice to know I'm right!


  16. Basheert7:05 AM

    Agreed - way too much this whole story.

    Another way to gain attention by proxy, but placing her "child" in harms way and "rescuing her" then taking credit.

    Complete and utter BullSh*t - then again, Meg hasn't swallowed so much over the last few weeks. She must be hungry to eat her some lies.

  17. CGinWI7:07 AM

    So is the Juneau Empire going to defend it's story? Seems to me they owe it to themselves and to their readers to poke a few holes in Meg's story.

  18. ....according to State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters ....

    Maybe, just maybe, the press gal isn't told about every detail of every investigation.

  19. Seems like $P's life is one long desperate improvisation (lie) to cover up a previous desperate improvisation (lie) that was, most likely, used to cover up yet another earlier desperate improvisation (lie), and on and on and on.

    This crazy bitch leaves nothing but rubble in her sociopathic, narcissistic wake.

  20. WakeUpAmerica7:24 AM

    I call bullshit too. Any others?

  21. Basheert7:28 AM

    WakeUp: Sure sounds like most of us.

    This NPD sociopath allows her pathology to affect everyone. The fact that she is lying and saying her children were threatened to bring attention to herself is such a symptom of how incredibly mentally deranged she really is.

    I call HUGE PILES of BullSh*t - major majorly BS.

  22. Anonymous7:28 AM

    So, I guess this means that Palin lied to Barbara Walters when she said she had no idea that Bristol was sexually active...Clearly, Sarah Palin read MySpace entries, especially as related to her kids. Right? Isn't that what Stapleton confirms here?

  23. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Why should Sarah care about other children? Only she Only Sarah matters, only her children matter! No one can expect her to react the way every other parent in the country would react.
    All these very real and dangerous people around yet she fails to behave like anyone who feels endangered. The truth is there were too many people who expected her to do "government stuff" in Juneau. They expeced her to show up for work and know something. This is just part of her justification for moving back to wasilla. Once she got back there she also got rid of her security detail so they couldn't rat her out about how little she actually worked.

  24. Sharon in Florida7:31 AM

    If I had a daughter or granddaughter in the Juneau schools, I'd be wanting to know if whoever posted that "note" on MySpace was still attending the school or schools. I'd be raising hell about WHO did it and WHAT was done about it. If someone did "...go to the home of the kid...and talk to them..." etc., then that person or persons should still be around to answer as to why reports weren't filed and why the appropriate officials weren't notified.

    I'd also be raising hell about a governor who was that callous and unconcerned about protecting youngsters in Alaska schools. Talk about a violation of public trust!

    The whole world had weeks of outrage from the Palins about Letterman's stupid remark but a very low-keyed response to a note posted on MySpace threatening gang rape? Federal charges filed against a young man who hacked into Momma Palin's emails but nothing done to someone threatening gang rape? Bullshit.

    Either way you look at it, Palin made another mistake in mentioning it in her book. If it actually happened, then shame on her for her reaction. If it didn't Wow.

  25. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Maybe JohnDoe thinks everyone operates like Sarah and Meg (where the spokesperson isn't told the truth).

    And, "press gal", JohnDoe? Are we living in the 1950s?

    Most of us go through life not needed people to provide excuse after excuse for us. I wonder why Sarah is always playing defense.

  26. Anonymous7:35 AM

    JohnDoeAt30Below said...

    ....according to State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters ....

    Maybe, just maybe, the press gal isn't told about every detail of every investigation.
    Um, John, this alleged investigation concerned the GOVERNOR's DAUGHTERS who are not just your average run-of-the-mill John and/or Jane Doe. To imagine that the State Troopers who are charged with the safety of the Alaska Administration as part of their duties to NOT be a party to every detail of this NOT insignificant allegation is fallacious in the extreme. And, further, as a parent, I would be up in arms to learn such "threats" had been made to someone in my childrens' schools. The world does not solely revolve around this woman and her family!

  27. It is interesting that prior to the Stapleton press release regarding this situation and their attempts to now claim it was reported that the Security Detail had no knowledge of threats made to the Governor's children. One would think that would be a well known investigation, after all it is not one but supposedly two investigations.

    Naturally this was put into the book to explain the reason for not living in the Govenor's mansion and collecting money to live in her own home, and another attempt to play victim, although it is digusting to use your children in such a manner, but then again, that is not an unusual thing for Sarah Palin to do.

  28. JohnDoeAt30Below said...
    ....according to State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters ....Maybe, just maybe, the press gal isn't told about every detail of every investigation.

    If this is the best Stapletongue & Co can come up with, Gawd help them.

    And to think, this mucked up mentality could have been a multiple cancer, 70-something heartbeat away from the Presidency.


  29. Obviously, JohnDoeat30Below, a spokesperson doesn't keep abreast of the details of every investigation that takes place. HOWEVER, before they make a public statement, they look an incident up and make sure they have the facts. Sorry, but you'll have to look for another way to explain away Sarah's lie.

  30. Hmm, JohnDoe. It totally makes sense that the State Troopers asked their spokesperson to issue a statement they knew to be inaccurate.

  31. Yep---the good ol BS detector is going off big time!

  32. Just one more thing....

    JohnDoeAt30Below said...
    ....according to State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters ....Maybe, just maybe, the press gal isn't told about every detail of every investigation.

    Speaking of desperate improvisations.....and the beat goes on.

  33. Anonymous said...
    "When (or IF) someone posts a sexual note on Facebook, Willow is threatened with RAPE. When Letterman makes a tasteless joke about a Palin girl getting "knocked up at a Yankee game," it translates to the RAPE of Willow Toad and Scarah obsessed with the meme "Willow" and "RAPE." WHY?
    Think on this folks.
    I am starting to think that there IS a story that "will make your blood run cold."
    And a reason no one in Wasilla wants to talk."

    Sounds like some "Dangerous" talk to me.

  34. lilly7:44 AM

    As a mother I would call this baloney. I know what I would have done.

    We know $arah and Toad are a vindictive pair.

    I'm beginning to think those two have one of those crazy symbiotic relationships, where two together are far nuttier than the one alone

    So lets see the fallout, and there will be fallout now.

  35. Gyph,

    The Empire reporter is Pat Forgey, not Pat Forge.

  36. "...the governor's security detail and they investigated the matter, including interviewing the individual who made the threat at that person's home..."

    I'll bet the "security detail" that allegedly investigated this alleged threat was headed up by Palin's main enforcer, The First Dude, and his posse of Wasilla Mafia.

    Probably scared the shit out of a kid who never mentioned gang rape or any kind of rape in his Myspace message -- like midnightcajun said, the kid was probably fantasizing about Willow, using coarse language in his fantasy scenario.

    In a similar incident, as midnightcajun also mentioned, the Palins blew Letterman's joke up out of all proportion, with The Toad being the first to mention rape then, too, and SP running with that made-up threat in her John Ziegler interview.

    (and one other thing: don't be surprised that if the names of Palin's state trooper security detail are ever revealed, there are Mat-Su Valley names on it, maybe Wasilla names of guys Palin got acquainted with in her mayoral days)

  37. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Get paid for verfiyable and/or first hand news stories!

    Alaska, politics, Palin, Johnston... what do you KNOW?


  38. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Oh the tangle web we weave......

    She has told so many whoppers, she can't even keep them straight!

  39. Anonymous7:58 AM

    If a threat had actually been made on My Space, it would have been a simple matter to turn it over to the police. They would have been able to subpoena user name and information, learn the identity of the person issuing the threats and take action.

    Of course Sarah had some one capture the on-line threats so that she produce them as evidence of the danger that her girls were in. She will not have any trouble offering proof of her story being real, LOL. (She can print up a fake threat when she is also printing up the fake birth certificates).

    Returning to the previous topic, Bristol sues for custody, remember how Sarah and Todd injected themselves in Sarah's sister's divorce-- to the point that the judge told them to "sit down and shut up" (or words to that effect). The judge called the Palins' statements abusive. Whether or not the parents remained married; Wooten was still the father, and the Palins had no right to insult him in front of his children.

    I am sure that Alaska Fund Trust so-called legal defense fund is also meant to cover any one in Palin's family, so Bristol has relatively unlimited resources at her disposal in going after Levi. (And, make no mistake, this is a way to settle the score with Levi for the statements that he has made about Sarah).

    Levi needs to have a creative fan website like Sarah's, and collect money for his defense fund. Anyone who contributes could get a handsome reprint from the Playgirl shoot, for example.

    Levi also needs to go into court and have his lawyers demand a court supervised DNA test. While he is at it, we need some lawyers or people with experience in this area to figure out how Levi can get them to do a DNA test involving Trig. If he thinks that Trig is actually his child, all of the pictures of Sarah parading the kid around undressed at 11 PM should go a long way towards making his case and undoing anything he may have been forced to sign. (If Levi was under 18, and if he signed away custody of Trig, he might have a case. I assume from that photo of the convention kiss that Levi may think he is Trig's father???) While we're at it, maybe Rex can demand to see the original birth certificates for Tripp and Trig.

    Seeing how Sarah handled what should have been a simple book signing at the Menard Center, we know that Levi is up against a formidable foe. Sarah is still on the basketball court, stealing the ball and trying to win at all costs. Here's hoping that levi gets some expert help and can knock the ball out of her grubby little hands.

  40. Anonymous at 7:35a writes, "The world does not solely revolve around this woman and her family!"

    Boy, do you have a lot to learn! -:)

  41. Deb in WI8:06 AM

    So evidently, David Letterman making a joke about “raping” one of her daughters is ten times worse than making up a false rape threat accusation for the purpose of explaining the Per Diems and not staying in Juneau.

    How is that better, by the way Sarah?

    Interesting that this issue with Letterman happened just before she started writing her book. Now I know where she gets her lies from. First Desperate Housewives, now stealing an idea from David Letterman.

    Stop making things up, Sarah, or at least come up with your own material.

  42. Thanks Phil I fixed it.

  43. Anonymous8:07 AM

    It was a matter of time before Sarah would need her attention fix. It seems true, according to some posters, that she can't go 3 days without any kind of public attention. It's the holidays. Sarah should be home enjoying the holidays with family.

    Why would she decide 3 days after Christmas to open this can of worms about her daughter again. It's not a pleasant subject to be displaying to the press and media at this time. Can't she leave her children alone? Ever? Has the woman no peace in her heart?

    I hope she had some time to dwell on the Prince of Peace.

  44. Another lie that Sarah and her minions will be caught in. But people with Personality Disorders will do this, when caught in a lie right to their face , they will just continue to lie. If ANYONE had ever threatened our daughter, my husband and I would have called the school, called the police and called them every day until someone was arrested!

  45. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Re: Pat Forgey’s article “Claims by Palin in memoir raise local questions”, in Juneau Empire dated December 22.
    Quote from Palin’s book - “In the first year I was alerted to THREATS against Willow by students at her Juneau school, one particularly disturbing.” It then goes on to detail the internet gang rape threat.
    My take is that there were multiple threats against Willow (and Bristol?). Is Palin on record reporting these threats to the appropriate school authorities? Perhaps if she (and Todd also too!) had acted like responsible parents and adults, the threats would not have escalated. In addition, as a former PTA member, I’m sure she is familiar with the reporting process……

  46. Anonymous8:19 AM

    @hrh 8:04

    LOL. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

  47. This is just an excuse to cover for being paid to live at home.

  48. Say NO to Palin in Politics8:45 AM

    Scarah wouldn't DARE respond to our implying Toad is not Tracks father. Doing that would be pulling the Mernard family into the public lime light. She's not going to do that. She'd be thrown under the Wasilla community and Mernard bus.

    They pull more clout than she does. They may be friends, but there's a world of difference in social class. Heaths are commoners, Mernards are Alaska wealthy elites. Things are complicated, like she wrote, 40 yrs of intertwined vines.

    Nope, she won't touch that one with a ten foot pole.

    But personally, I think there is a huge probability that hanky panky occurred between Scarah and Curtis Jr.

    Scarah and Toad only met their senior year, then off to college she goes. That's really not much time to get to know each other. Lots of room for playing the field. Going away to a college atmosphere, especially far far away doesn't do much for relationships. It's very tough on the one left behind. I can imagine lots of spats, one may have driven Scarah into the comforting arms of old flame Curtis Jr.

    Anger, jealousy, time apart, questioning faithfulness, questioning futures, questioning where relationships are going, mistakes can be made.

    I can totally see Scarah graduating college, coming back home, having a fight with Toad, perhaps even 4th of July night, she got prego early July, turning to Curtis Jr, pheromones do their magic. She may have even slept with Toad around that time.

    So when she realizes she's prego, she and Toad elope, she hopes and prays it's his kid. Curtis and Scarah are the only ones who know anything ever happened. As Track grows up, Curtis realizes he's the father. Thus the talk in 2001.

    Surely Scarah would not have messed with his plane, nothing could be that bad. But it could explain her mental illness developing to where it is today 8 yrs later. Or even the just the grief and guilt hiding a lie for 19 yrs can make ya this squirrely.

    Just speculating. And no disrespect meant to Track.

  49. After the truth squad with Meg Stapletongue and Ed O'Callihan, I believe NOTHING that comes from Her!

    As I have stated before Sarah as Governor and Van Flea as an officer of the court have an obligation to report to the authorities!

  50. Anonymous8:59 AM

    "OK Meg-aphone, we'll let you back into the fold if you can come up with a plausible cover for us on the Willow rape threat."

    "It's good to see you've been successfully re-indoctrinated and are believing again in all the BS I'm peddling."

    "That lobotomy didn't hurt a bit now did it?"

  51. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Lies, lies and more lies.

  52. If the matter is not available for public view, it's not simply because a minor is involved. Newspapers routinely publish violent acts committed by and against minors but with the names of the minors not given. What would make these things different? Did the Palin family request the matter not be made public? Or does Alaska law make the matter public only if certain paperwork is filled out by the parents of the alleged victim?

    Perhaps someone could file a written document request with both local and state police? Still does not mean the alleged act did not occur, only that it technically was not reported.

  53. Was this alleged incident made by a school mate? Was the alleged threat worded in such a manner that any person reading the alleged threat would gain the impression that the act which was to come would happen on school grounds? If so, the school district should have been notified immediately and the school district should have included the alleged threat on their annual safe schools report which gets filed with the federal DOE. Was the alleged incident included on the school district's annual filing for the relevant time period??

  54. Anonymous9:07 AM

    The year 2008 was the year that I became rather skeptical of $P's version of things in general.

    So, for me, just putting something out there in print is pretty meaningless. Up to this point, Sarah has gotten away w/ this technique and people "assuming" because it was stated in print or on camera that all of a sudden it becomes a fact.

    My facts at the moment are that the local school district, local police dept. and the agency who provides security for the governor of AK have all stated they have no knowledge of this. Maybe this will now change? If so, why?

    I do understand that if this occurred, it involves minors. But, there are ways of verifying this while protecting the minors.

    By including this in her fictional tome, I do not believe that $P protected her own minor daughters.

    Whether true or not, I would think that her two eldest daughters would have preferred that this particular story never made it to the light of day.

  55. Debin WI - Dave Letterman never made a joke about "raping." Let's stay real instead of using s'error's spins.

  56. Anonymous9:08 AM

    @ 8:13
    In addition, Palin's father - Chuck Heath - is a former teacher. He should have strongly encouraged $arah and/or Todd to do the right thing and report all and any threats that may have escalated into the horrible gang rape threat. If they were not going to report them then Chuck should have taken action - he knows the rules and regulations around the education system - and these are his grand-daughters! How does any parent or close family member let these threats slide? What does that tell Willow and the other children of their 'worth'? No wonder their family dynamics are a mess!

  57. Anonymous9:26 AM

    On top of her other mental maladies, me thinks SP suffers from a form of
    M√ľnchausen Syndrome by Proxy, however rather than harming her own child she instead infers harm. The result is the same...sympathy for poor Sarah.

    Me no doctor, BTW.

  58. Anonymous9:30 AM

    As someone who had a family member attacked by the Palin's unjustly I can say, IF these threats against the daughters really happened, she would have dug in like a pitbull until the suspects were in jail for a very long time. This is pure fabrication. Sarah....we really are not that stupid. And Meg, cut your loses and rid yourself of these people. They will wreck you in the end and leave you unemployable, if you aren't already. These lies are despicable. Why do you go along with them?

  59. Even if this bs were true, to include it in a book is an invasion of her daughters privacy.

  60. Meg, I had hoped that your absence recently meant that you had finally come to your senses and realized that your boss and the FORMER Governor of Alaska would not know the truth if it stood up and saluted her. Once again, this is total bullshit that no one believes.

  61. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I could not open the Juneau Empire article. Just me or is it the same for everyone? The stench rises.

  62. Anonymous10:06 AM

    If any of you have looked at the kinds of things kids say on myspace, you can see that any time a parent wants an issue like Sarah needed to move her family, they could find it on myspace. Any time a kid who wanted to go back home wanted an issue in order to get reactive parents worked up, they could find it on myspace. Most of the comments the kids make are crude and suggestive and I would hope that a lot of it is just talk. Since the authorities that should have been alerted were not, by their own admission, then I think this was a convenient tempest in a teapot to excuse the move back to Wasilla. Tempest in a teapot is a pretty good metaphor for Teabaggers, eh?

  63. I believe that the difference between Sarah's "real America" and the rest of us is that the "real Americans" are the ONLY ONES who believe Ex-GINO Twinky Brains
    bullshit, where as the rest of us patriots know how to use our "Palin-speak" decoder rings.

    Give it up Sarah - fewer people take you seriously each day.

  64. Anonymous at 9:49, clicking on the link, "truly reprehensible threats," in the "The Woefully Wacky World of Willow" thread, brought up the Empire article immediately.

  65. Gryphen,
    I think you and every other Alaskan should contact the state troopers headquarters and DEMAND an internal review and an investigation of this threat against Spalins girls, that according to Meg Stapleton, was swept under the rug. If your governors families are not safe in the capital city of Alaska, then that NEEDS to be investigated and people need to DEMAND an investigation. While I think the story is untrue, if a sitting governor admits to moving her family over threats the state troopers need to be fully investigated. A full investigation WILL bring out the truth :)

  66. icstraights11:37 AM

    Yes Staplegun stands behind $P and shovels her horse shit that flows continuously out of her ass. Meg:STFU and get out now before she kicks you in the head and end up a drooling brain dead vegetable or just plain dead. RUN!
    My guess is that it was NOT reported b/c Willow may have been a contributor to these MS 'rape' conversations: Being from Juneau, all I heard was what party heads these girls were, esp. Willow...

  67. I do believe that SP made the statement to shed a black spot on the city of Juneau. She never gave me the impression that she cared for the city or its residents.

    She is hoping that no one would visit the city. Unfortunately,we still have those who look at the thought of 2 white young innocent girls being attacked as the crime of the century; as oppose to rape against ANYONE is a crime. SP is playing to her supporters. Wasilla good; Juneau bad.

    It is up to Juneau to restore its reputation.

  68. Aussie Blue Sky12:08 PM

    We've already heard that some parents in Juneau didn't want their daughters mixing with the Palin girls .... we've seen some of Bristol's MySpace activity .... could it be that Mama Grizz simply caught a whiff of Willow's MySpace activities and hit the roof? That could explain someone else being "spoken to" (which was the sum of the outcome).

    Ha! Sarah Palin could spin that out in her sleep.

  69. Stonie
    Not only is this story damaging to Juneau (which I have visited in the past) but to the whole state trooper organization of your state!

  70. Basheert12:51 PM

    Question; Is JohnDoe really JesseC??? Sounds like him - kinda stupid/dumb...still defending his princess that doesn't know he is alive?

    There is so much BS coming from the Palin Camp and Stapletongue that it's getting difficult to breathe without a respirator.

  71. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Dang , Can someone push that first domino ?? Or drop the fuckin' BOMB ??

  72. Anonymous1:08 PM


    You and the other brave truth-telling bloggers are in a very powerful position. Thanks to you, people around the globe are learning more and more about Sarah's many lies and misdeeds. And the only thing Sarah can do is react whenever you expose her a little more.

    There's a pattern here that she can't break because of who she is -- you have her wrapped around your journalistic pinkie!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  73. Anonymous1:24 PM

    If Meg is right, and the threats were serious, then the current governor has a family living in Juneau also at risk. The same threat exists for any future governor who wants to bring his/her family to Juneau. For those reasons, there has to be an investigation. On the other hand, I have seen how Alaska handles investigations (Troopergate, Ethics Violations), so I can save you all a big waste of money. No wonder Sarah can issue any statement that she wants.

  74. Hmmm...which spokesperson should I believe: the Palins' or the state troopers'?

  75. Deb in WI2:58 PM

    Saurkraut, yes, I was being sarcastic about Sarah's spin on the situation when I said that about David. I should clarify:

    I only meant that she borrowed her own evil spin to what David said, and used that same dispicable falsehood against her own daughter AGAIN simply for her own selfish reasons. (probably hoping to get the same sympathy from her supporters as she did from the whole David ordeal)

    Since it worked for her the first time, she figured she could use it again. She's running out of things to victimize her family. She needs some new ideas.

    The "knocked up" comment in his joke, to me anyway, did not imply rape, but she made it up anyway and was "horrified" by it. So she should also be horrified by her own lie in her book.

  76. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Hmmm...I believe the state troopers, they have no reason to lie and Ms. QuittyPants has every reason to lie. Lying is as natural as breathing to her.

  77. emrysa3:52 PM

    eyeonyou sez:

    "Naturally this was put into the book to explain the reason for not living in the Govenor's mansion and collecting money to live in her own home, and another attempt to play victim,"

    that's exactly what it is.

  78. Anonymous4:14 PM

    If it was on MySpace then would it be archived somewhere?

    If it was on MySpace then surely the Palins would have archived it to have as evidence for the police, so why are they not showing that video as proof?

  79. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Wonder why this did not come up in her "handling" of the Letterman comment?

    Seems like it would have considering her need for myrterdom.

  80. "The family reported the threat to the governor's security detail and they investigated the matter, including interviewing the individual who made the threat at that person's home."

    Well, since Sarah was a government employee at the time, of course there will be a public record of the investigation. Gryphen? Shannyn? Sounds like time for another freedom of info request from the State of Alaska. Even if the names of the minors are covered with white-out or Sharpie(!), the report of the threat itself should be part of the public record...that is, IF it ever happened the way Sarah claims, and IF Sarah had the threat handled ethically...anyone remember the Harrassment of Trooper Wooten?

    PS--I don't believe any records exist, because I don't believe the threat ever happened. Narcissists often use their own children to create drama and keep themselves in the limelight. This has all the stench of a story Sarah made up for more sympathy. get out your tiny violins!!!

    I believe the only person poor Bristol has been a victim of is her delusional liar of a mother. For a teenager, bristol sure has already spent a lot of time under the proverbial bus to satisfy her mother's need for attention.

  81. Anonymous4:55 PM

    @anon 4:14, Since the threat was on My Space, the police could have easily discovered who was behind the threat, even arrested the person. It would have been quite a dramatic entry in "Going Rogue" to describe the threat against her daughters, and then how Sarah bravely thwarted the threat...oh, no, it didn't happen that way.

  82. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Ask yourself, why does Palin cry "rape" over and over in regard to Bristol and Willow? I am betting that behind whatever lie she's spinning this week there is probably a very sordid story, but it's not one that would reflect well on the Palin family.

    The reality is, any parents I have ever known whose teens were threatened the way Palin is claiming her girls were would have gone ballistic. If it was my 14-year-old daughter in that situation, it would be in the city newspaper and in court, not hushed up and swept under the rug....(ya know, like incest, good friends across the hall you get knocked up by while your husband's away, switched babies or a fake pregnancy).

    Sarah likes to make herself out to be a real tough gal, but ask yourself, what kind of parent would do the kind of f'd up things she's done to her kids, yet not bother follow up on these alleged threats? For rugged, outdoorsy, fishin', trappin' and huntin', hardworkin' Alaskans, she and Todd sure look like a couple of freakin' wimps.

    So this is essentially what Delusional Barbie expects everyone to believe: it was just fine and dandy to parade a pregnant &/or just-delivered teenager and her babydaddy onto a podium in front of the nation as some sort of ass-backwards reverse family values campaign....but Sarah and Todd somehow forgot to let other parents of young teens know when Sarah was Governor that her daughters were threatened with gang rape by a student in the Juneau public school system.


    The more she talks, the further she digs herself into the hole without any means of escape. We all know the skeletons are down there, it's just a question of putting the bones in the right order.




  83. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Sarah seems to be obsessed with "rape". I can't imagine even putting my daughters in the same sentence as that word. Her daughters have to be embarassed and angered by their mothers stupid need for drama at their expense.

  84. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Say NO to Palin said:
    "Surely Scarah would not have messed with his plane, nothing could be that bad."

    Oh, I agree, I don't see Sarah doing anything nasty like that herself. Why should she? Even when she wanted Trooper Wooten harrassed half to death, she never got her own hands dirty with it, someone else got the crap work.

    Sarah would have stuck out like a sore thumb infiltrating an airfield to put water in an airplane gas tank. However, that does not mean that someone else might not have been willing to sabotage Menard Jr's plane FOR her and could have done it without anyone looking twice.

    So the question is, who in Alaska would have been in a position to receive favorable treatment from the Governor by helping her out with a potential Track paternity PR disaster? Who had the *most* to gain by killing that story?

  85. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Deb in WI said...
    "So evidently, David Letterman making a joke about “raping” one of her daughters"

    Actually, Letterman used the term "knocked up" not rape. Rape was a concept introduced by the Palins.

  86. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I just looked up Track Palin, and Curtis Menard on Google images.

    The nose and the smile are the same as grandad's.

    Maybe that is why Track is being kept under cover.

  87. MacAndCheeseWiz6:06 PM

    HA HA HA Sarah and Mini Me fell for it! Love to see them try to undo this lie! Keep using your kids, invading their privacy, and making stuff up to fill pages.

    What parent, in their right mind, with the power and connections of a Governor would NOT have vile threats on My Space thoroughly investigated and tried in a court of law?

    sniff sniff sniff - no truth here-
    next topic: Track's paternity.

  88. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You know, at some point, doesn't Meg feel embarrassed having to spread yet another layer of lies to help Sarah cover her tracks? Listening to these two is like observing the construction of a ten-layer sht sandwich. Maybe she is as delusional as Sarah, seriously believing that everyone will go, "Oh! Okay!! THAT explains it!" and move along.

    I mean, even if she ever did have any intelligence or integrity, by this time Meg is living full-time in the Land Of Denial with Sarah. There is no way that a sane and fully rational person could pass along these BS stories otherwise.

    Boy, Meg, I hope you have a retirement set up with Quittypants and are raking in the cash in salary. Also too don't get careless and end up under the bus! If you blow this job, for the rest of your life you will be known as that idiot who kept makin' stuff up to cover when Sarah Palin was caught makin' stuff up. That's tough to spin on a resume!

  89. Now that you've put up a post about the quittypants hoping out of the car and going to a party (with kids still in car), when did she dismiss her security detail? Or is that another self-made palin myth? If she dismissed the security detail, then how could she have reported the alleged threats against her daughter(s)?? And if there was concern on the part of the parents, why did they dismiss the security detail?

  90. ....Actually, Letterman used the term "knocked up" not rape. Rape was a concept introduced by the Palins.....

    Sex with a 14 year old girl is, by legal definition, rape.

  91. emrysa9:11 PM


    apparently some people are so brain dead they think that making a joke about a minor getting "knocked up" is the exact same thing as making a joke about a minor being raped.


  92. Anonymous6:38 AM

    JohnDoe@: Dear Jesse - go away. Your comments are inane.

    Letterman is a COMEDIAN on LATE NIGHT. He says outrageous things many in bad taste.

    Straighten out your knickers and go back to giving your beloved Sarah her daily bag of crack.

  93. Keep repeating that old lie, johnDoe, but it will still be a lie.

    Letterman's joke wasn't about any 14-y.o. (unless Bristol also had a baby 4 years ago) but about the then 18-y.o. Bristol. Neither girl, as you know, was at that baseball game.

    But you go on... keep repeating the same lie. Some day, when you get your head out of s'error palin's backside, you'll see things as they are, not as she tells you they are.

  94. Anonymous7:23 AM

    " For rugged, outdoorsy, fishin', trappin' and huntin', hardworkin' Alaskans, she and Todd sure look like a couple of freakin' wimps."

    Yeah, they do, don't they? They get pissed off, and they have their lawyer write a letter. I've said that one of Sarah's salient characteristics is cowardice. Gutless, wimpy, dishonest, unable to face real life. I suppose we ought to be grateful the worst we can get is a letter from her attorney.


  95. I am starting to think that there IS a story that "will make your blood run cold."
    And a reason no one in Wasilla wants to talk."

    Sounds like some "Dangerous" talk to me.

    This was most certainly NOT me. First, I sign my posts. Second, I have a life and have been out of town busy working for several days.

    If the theory I've proposed turns out to be correct, I hope for everyone's sake that there is not a chilly story behind it. But what matters is the Truth, and if and when it comes out, it will be Sarah Palin's fault for pursuing her personal ambition at the expense of reasonable family privacy, and attempting a cover-up (i.e. faking a pregnancy) to maintain her personal ambitions.

    Nobody should speculate that I wrote something anonymously. I don't do that. Also, other people's minds are open so anyone who independently, or by virtue of arguments and evidence I've put forward, decides that Willow could be Trig's mother, has done so using their own ability to reason.

    We might be right or we might be wrong. Are those of you convinced that Bristol has to be Trig's mother willing to concede the same?



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