Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bristol Palin files for custody!

Request for Oral Argument Thomas Van Flein (Attorney) on behalf of Bristol Palin (Plaintiff) Case Motion #1: Ex Parte Motions for (1) Closure of Custody Proceedings ((2) Motion for Protective Order (3) Substitution of Pseudonym's), Case Motion #2: Ex Parte Motions for( (1) Closure of Custody Proceedings) (2) Motion for Protective Order ((3) Substitution of Pseudonym's), Case Motion #3: Ex Parte Motions for ((1) Closure of Custody Proceedings (2) Motion for Protective Order) (3) Substitution of Pseudonym's (Click the title to read all of the motions made so far in this case. And if there are any legal eagles in the group feel free to enlighten as to what all of this jargon means.))

This is why Team Levi was putting Levi's book on hold.

My understanding is that they wanted to get this handled first.

I know a little more about this but cannot share it until I get the go ahead.

I will tell you this though. I believe that Van Flein was planning to use Sherry's conviction as an argument for not allowing Levi to have joint custody. You know, the idea of having a felon in the house as a potential danger to the baby. Van Flein is going to use every tool in his arsenal to smear this family and paint the Palin's as above reproach.

However Levi is NOT living with Sherry and Mercede right now, so at least that has been removed from Van Flein's arsenal.

Levi has been making money from his magazine work and interviews, so he has an income. And he has been making child support payments, so he is okay in that area as well.

It looks like Van Flein has made a request to keep the custody proceedings closed to the media. If that is successful it will mean that even if I hear something I will not be able to pass it on. It also looks like he made a request that the court allow the use of pseudonyms to keep it quiet but the judge ruled against that which is why we know it is happening. It looks like Van Flein is being very aggressive.

I have a friend who is an expert in child custody cases whose name I have passed on to Rex. Hopefully that will help.

Personally I do not think that there is any legitimate legal reason for not allowing Levi to have joint custody. I have been through a custody battle myself back in the nineties and I can tell you that unless you are a raving drug addict or a person with a violent history you are almost guaranteed joint custody in Alaska.

I feel very good about Levi's chances.


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    There is NO reason Levi should not receive joint custody of his child. Levi's mother should not have any bearing on this and neither should Bristol's mother. If Sarah stays out of it, like she should, then I believe Bristol and Levi will be able to work it out.

  2. Gryphen,

    Does the motion for the order of protection mean what I'm afraid it means? That they're claiming that somehow Tripp or Bristol are being threatened by or endangered by Levi?

    OMG, if that's true, (tell me it's not) then we'll be seeing the Wooten case all over again only even more vicious this time. Can anyone be more evil?

    Levi will need all our prayers & support. I'm sure sending him mine.

  3. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign11:07 PM

    Mommy Dearest probably dreamed up this one. Levi has been respectful of Bristol's privacy and if left to her own devices, Bristol would probably appreciate that and just leave well enough alone. I wouldn't be surprised if Mommy has threatened her financial security if she doesn't comply. Bristol is lost as well - there was a small glimmer of hope for her, but no longer.

    Since Sarah is all about brain washing, lying, whining and getting her own way - I think she was ultimately bummed that Levi's Playgirl spread was both tasteful and lucrative.

    This has been in the works all along no doubt. Sarah trying to punish and discredit Levi has been her agenda for quite some time. She has to since he is not one of her bots, and knows far too much about Sarah's Crunchwrap Supreme habit, among other things.

    Good luck twit - just keep spending that rogue-y money as fast as you can. Legal fees and body upgrades will be making their dent. There is no reason whatsoever for Levi to lose joint custody. My mother was a PD for juveniles in Anchorage and to her dismay, it was extremely difficult to remove children from crappy & abusive families.

    Another nail in Twitty's coffin. Another whine to go with her cheesy book. Hang in there, Levi - you are a good egg and your good intentions will prevail. Palin is just tearing out her hair (extensions) and foaming at the mouth because she can't control or intimidate you. Stay calm, be zen like and you will prevail!

    Van Flein is making his nest egg from this family - there will be no pulling him away from the train wreck, either. It wasn't by accident that Palin picked this scummy guy for her henchman.

  4. Gryphen - I'm assuming Andrew Sullivan didn't write you back yet about his interpretation of your post about Levi, as he's been covering the events in Iran all day.

    But I wonder if we can go back for a second to the discussion that was happening a couple of posts ago about Levi and the dates of the births of Trig and Tripp.

    Awhile ago, I posted here and at Palingates about a "three babies" theory I was forming. I had decided to look at the facts while operating under the assumption that Levi Johnston is telling the truth.

    If you read all Levi's remarks and assume them to be truthful, it leads you to the conclusion that there must be more than just two babies in this saga. The theory, then, was that Bristol was likely pregnant before Tripp, but not with Trig. Her baby may have died or may have been given up for adoption.

    We then debated where Trig came from. Theories were proposed: he came from a pregnant teenager at Palin's church; he was Bristol's but she was led to believe he'd died; he was procured from one of Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's patients at The Children's Place.

    We also debated the likelihood that Sarah Palin would fake a pregnancy for any reason other than covering for her own daughter. We wondered whether the political benefit of Trig as a prop was a a happy accident or a cynical scheme.

    So! I know you're not going to come out and tell us your theory, Gryphen, but I just thought I'd open the discussion again, as there are bound to be more facts coming out in the midst of Bristol and Levi's custody hearing.

  5. kdusmdd11:33 PM

    This is such good news..I am really pulling for Levi. What if Bristol comes up with a reason that Levi should not have joint custody? Like, for instance, "He may not be the father of Tripp". Wow, that would really be a bomb shell. Then the s*it would really hit the fan. I don't think that will happen, though. This will probably open the door to solving the whole mystery of the Palin Family. I wonder if Trigg will enter the picture at this point...just saying

  6. Almost being the operative word.

    If Palin can arrange a judge to her liking, you're going to see some really slimey maneuvering. It's her pattern.

    Look at how the ethics complaints have been handled. Wooten. Etc.

    It is going to be very difficult for Levi to get a fair hearing unless he stoops to her level and has something very, very damaging he can hold over her as blackmail.

    She wouldn't be trying this unless she thought she had the upper hand. I don't think Bristol is behind this, it's Sarah.

  7. Anonymous11:36 PM

    t runs backward.

    First this:

    11/04/2009 Petition for Custody Receipt: 502679 Date: 11/04/2009

    Then this:

    1/04/2009 Attorney Appointment, Information or Entry of Appearance Attorney Van Flein, Thomas representing Plaintiff(s) Doe, Jane as of 11/04/2009 Jane Doe (Plaintiff);

    Then this, two days later:

    11/06/2009 Summons and Notice to Both Parties of Judicial Assignment John Doe (Defendant);

    Van Flein filed for Bristol (seeking custody) on 11/4

  8. Here's to a successful outcome, a win/win conclusion for Bristol, Levi and Tripp.

  9. Anonymous11:43 PM

    So was Levi welcome for Thanksgiving at the Palins? Could be we now know why $P laughed when Oprah asked.

  10. Good luck to Levi.

    Gryphen- do you think (or have you heard anything about) Levi using his book as a bargaining tool in the custody dispute? Would he agree to shelve it and keep quiet in exchange for joint custody? Thanks.

  11. I can't imagine any legitimate reason to deny custody to Levi. He'd have to have done something outrageous for her to have total custody. I've even testified at cases for parents where the other spouse has been physically abusive and often joint custody is still awarded or at the very least, visitation with supervision. This is more than likely being done @ Sarah's urging.

    Do you think there are enough judges in Alaska that Sarah has any sway over to the point where they would risk their reputation for being impartial in order to win favor with her?

    I know this is not on topic but can someone tell me why we don't hear anything about her oldest son, Track?

    Gryphen, thanks, as always, for keeping us informed!

  12. Anonymous11:58 PM

    The more I read about this woman I just want to scream.....BRING HER DOWN! She is a pathelogical LIAR! Levi....we are behind you 100%. Tell what you know now to stop her.....she thinks she is headed to the Presidency. You can stop her with what you know.

  13. Everyone seems to assume that Bristol is the innocent victim of her mother's machinations. My experience is that Mean Girls grow up to have Mean Daughters. What do we know about Bristol other than her reputation as a party girl? It would be interesting to hear from people who went to school with her but aren't part of the charmed circle.

  14. Now why would a Christian family try and keep a father away from his child?

    AKRNC: You don't hear anything about Track because he will not allow his mother to use him as a prop. He wants nothing to do with her "public" life/persona.

  15. Logically, if Bristol and Levi are not ever going to be a couple, sorting out a custody arrangement for their child is the right thing to do. And the earlier the better so Tripp will have a routine to depend on with his parents.

    If Van Flein tries to demonize Levi, it's only going to reflect badly on Bristol in the end. Most judges in today's world who oversee family law cases show little patience toward the parent who misdirects focus on the actual case by turning it into a major drama.

    So for Bristol's sake, I hope Van Flein backs off. (I still have hope for her.)

  16. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I think this explains why Tripp was listed as a Palin on SarahPac's christmas card. I think Sarah wants Bristol to have sole custody so they can change Tripp's name.

  17. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Sarah is one sick puppy... she told Oprah Levi was welcome to come to Thanksgiving dinner on Nov 16th knowing full well that a retraining order had been filed and requested twelve days earlier against Levi by Bristol.

    Gryphen .. Van Flea forgot to mention all the motions he had been busy filing at your lunch.

    Levi...please unload and tell all you know about Sarah once the custody case is finished. The truth about Sarah is the one thing that will stop her.

    Levi please write the book and do not hold back...

  18. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Maybe the separate Bristol house at the Palin compound is designed to avoid Bristol losing custody due to her living with the sleezy, lying Sarah. This neutralizes Levi outing Sarah.

  19. I'm sure Grandma Sarah is behind this lame idea. It's just trashy enough for a drama queen to enjoy. Sure, drive away the child's father then complain he's an absentee/deadbeat dad.

  20. court? truth? testimony? birth certificate? do they REALLY want to go down that road, or do they finally have all of the proper docs lined up now?

  21. I'm surprised at the people who are saying "This is Sarah's doing" and then saying "he'd have to have done something terrible not to have joint custory or at least visitation rights."

    We know that Sarah is capable of doing everything she can to influence the outcome. I fully believe Sherry got such a severe penalty because Sarah involved herself. Why would she not involve herself now? I believe that whoever the judge is, Sarah feels comfortable that Bristol will win, or they wouldn't be going forward. I'm afraid that Levi is going to be disappointed.

    OTOH, Levi does apparently have some ammunition that he can use. I hope he uses it.


  22. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Lawyer here--nothing is strange about the effort to use pseudonyms. That's very typical in any case involving a child. I'm not licensed in Alaska so don't know what protective order might be.

    Gryphen--don't assume you can't say what you know. A gag order binds the parties to the proceedings. You would not have liability but might be subject to a deposition as to your sources (which, of course, are confidential under First Amendment). The more likely result is that your sources can't tell you more.

  23. Donna4:04 AM

    Is Van Flein a family law expert? If not, this is going to be quite something. In my state, the laws are complicated and the judges skeptical of lawyers who don't practice in the area suddenly trying to do so.

    What do we know about this judge?

  24. Even if Levi was the one who sold the Oxycontin he still should have parental rights. He has not record at all and is supporting the child. Unless there is something we don't know this makes no sense as there should be no way Bristol could win total custody. Unless as another commenter pointed out it turns out Levi is not the father. Since he is sure he is the father Bristol would have had to be seeing someone while seeing Levi. Also in Alaska there is always the crooked judge factor, but in a case that many people will be watching a judge would be stupid to think he or she could get away with anything.

  25. Of course Queen Esther is behind this--Bristol doesn't have the kind of money needed for a custody dispute.

    This might end up being to Levi's benefit. Right now I'm sure there's no type of visitation agreement in place, but whatever else comes out of this, Levi will at least end up with some type of schedule that guarantees him time with his child.

    She might be doing this to make it easier to move out of state. It's much more difficult to persuade a judge to allow you to move a child away from the non-custodial parent in a joint custody situation.

    I hope this backfires on the Palins, as it did with my husband's ex, who constantly denied him his court-ordered visitation with his daughter. It got to the point where he had no choice but to take his ex to court just to be able to see his daughter. He sued for, and won, custody of his 5 year old daughter. I'll never forget the judge's words:

    "This child's mother has failed her primary obligation as the custodial parent, and that is to foster the relationship between the child and her father. For that reason, I'm awarding custody of this child to her father."

    Everything else aside, it is Bristol's responsibility to make sure her son has an open and loving relationship with his father. It is crucial for Tripp's psychological development and family courts well recognize that. Bristol's custody suit smacks of parental alienation syndrome since there's a motion for protective order involved. They are creating an air of "danger" where none exists.

    Good luck, Levi! Keep us posted Grypen.

  26. HollyP4:41 AM

    Best of luck to Levi.

  27. Amazing how many people think Levi is a fit parent even though he has no job, no skills, no training, no income and his mother is a convicted drug dealer with no visible means of support.

    Where's the money coming from to pay Rex and the rest of the entourage?

    How is Sherry making the house payments, who is paying for Levi's truck and his apartment? How does Levi intend to provide for his child?

    Do you suppose a judge might ask the same questions?

  28. Oh and just in case Gryphen missed this:

    One of the events discussed in former Gov. Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue, " was a disturbing occurrence that affected the family: a vile threat made against Palin's daughter, Willow, while she was attending school in Juneau.

    The threat was made in a MySpace post.

    The family reported the threat to the governor's security detail and they investigated the matter, including interviewing the individual who made the threat at that person's home.

    Though no charges were brought, the Palin family remained very concerned. The matter involved minors and was likely not subject to public review. A reporter for the Juneau Empire was directed to talk with the governor's security detail. It is not clear whether he did so. Contrary to the implication of the report, the threat was real, the threat was serious and the threat was responded to.

    Meghan Stapleton

    Palin family spokesperson

  29. Anonymous4:53 AM

    The official start date of this drama was 11/04/09. Two weeks before Opral talkie and Levi's nude shot. (Did we miss a threat to Levi prior to the start date?)

    Bet'cha S'error wanted to try to keep it out of the public eye (pseydonym names) to stop him (welcome him back to the fold/cult and under her thumb/control). And (1) when that failed the demonic laugh and Ricky Hollywood smear was born. (2) Sherry was not released for Thanksgiving. (I beg the pardon of the ladys reading but the bi*ch is doing a number on him.) Gryphen if you have the desire do a timeline with events we know including your dinner with the Flea and of course this needs to go national.

  30. Stephanie5:04 AM

    A couple of observations from the docket entries:

    The initial motions were filed ex parte--that is, initially without prior notice or any opportunity to respond afforded to Levi.

    Before Levi's attorney even had a chance to enter an appearance on his behalf, Van Flein already had filed, and the Court had denied, a slew of motions seeking: (1) to have Levi held in contempt; (2) to have Levi pay Bristol's legal fees & costs; and (3) to shorten Levi's statutory time to responsd to the petition for custody. (See 11/09 entries.)

    On December 9, Rex Butler filed an answer to the petition for custody. That of course has not been ruled on, and will be the subject of the custody proceedings Van Flein unsuccessfully sought to close and keep from the public record by use of pseudonyms.

    Following that, on December 23, there was a flurry of filings: the Court received from Van Flein a reply to Butler's oppositions to the ex parte motions (and appears to have denied Van Flein's request for oral argument on those motions), but denied all of Van Flein's ex parte motions--not only the motions to substitute pseudonyms, but also the motions to close the proceedings and for protective orders.

    It is not entirely clear from the docket entry, but it appears that on December 23 Van Flein also applied for an extension of time in which to file his own reply to Butler's answer to the petition for custody. If so, it appears that Van Flein is asking for more time to respond to a (responsive) filing for which he unsuccessfully asked the Court to shorten the period of time granted to Levi to respond.

    Let's just say it's my impression that an extraordinary amount of lawyer hours are being devoted to generating a flood of procedural motions against a nineteen-year-old boy.

  31. Is it just standard procedure for lawyers to ask for things like for Levi to pay Bristol's legal fees, which seems ridiculous since she filed the first motions?

    How could Levi be held in contempt of motions that he didn't know had been filed?

    I know lawyers ask for the moon just to see if they can get it, but really, this is low.

  32. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Sarah has made public disparaging remarks against Levi. If Bristol and Tripp are living with her parents, this should be taken into consideration for any custody decision.

    I would guess there is parental alienation going on.

    Shame on Sarah (not that she feels any shame), shame on Todd, and shame on Bristol. She is either passively going along with this or she is deliberately trying to keep her son away from his father. Levi has never said one bad word against her in public. In fact, he has gone out of his way to defend her.

    If the Palins are going to use Sherry's drug problems against her, I'd say it's time to drop the bomb on Grandma Sarah. Her crimes are much, much worse.

  33. JohnDoeat30below is actually Van Flein. LMAO!

    Did he actually read Gryphen's post? Levi is actually making money and paying child support.

    So now the threats to Sarah's girls were made on Myspace. Yea right - sounds like someone is covering their ass in my opinion. No threats were made and Sarah lied again.

    But hey there is some very valid info that can be found on MySpace. Remember Bristol's myspace about getting drunk and having sex. Oh yea, that's right according to Bristol on MySpace, Sarah accused her of being pregnant in the Spring of 2007-long before her supposed pregnancy with Tripp. But according to Sarah in her interview in Nov. 2009 with Barbara Walters, she had no idea Bristol was sexually active until she announced her pregnancy in 2008. John Doe, you are just like Sarah, you lie!

    Yea now that they have brought up MySpace, let's make MySpace a vital part of this investigation. I think we have our on MySpace comments that we want answers to.

  34. lilly5:29 AM

    So "Bristol" wants Levi to pay Van Flees fees? And he isn't an attorney who handles custody cases usually.

    From here on in Levi should fight tooth and nail, and give no quarter.

    They are out to destroy him.

    It isn't merely custody.

  35. I am also 100% behind Levi in this, but one thing occurred to me from your blog. Somebody should really be encouraging Levi to look at his own future ability to meet his responsibilities to his son and himself, namely finishing his education and preparing for whatever field of work he wants to go into. Magazines, interviews, and the book-to-be won't last forever. I wish you the best, Levi. You are certainly the victim of some ugly stuff here. It's been repeatedly proven that revenge is a Palin priority.

  36. Stephanie, thanks for the clarification for those of us who are "leagally challanged"!

  37. One other thing - I've heard Palinbots say that Levi has no means of supporting a child but what about Bristol's means? Sarah keeps saying that Bristol is working and going to school. Where is she working? I have not heard one person other than Sarah mention that Bristol has a job.


    Do you know if Bristol is working? Is this another one of Sarah's BIG LIES?!

  38. I was thinking the same thing as Donna @ 4:04. Van Flein doesn't appear to have experience in family law, according to his bio. Neither does Rex Butler, and that's according to his practice's website. I guess that makes them even.

    Maybe it's different in Alaska, but in my state (Virginia) it's pretty much a given that you need an attorney that specializes in family law.

    Thanks to Stephanie at 5:04 above for translating the proceedings thus far! You've made it much easier to understand what's going on.

  39. Bristol has the AK Fake Trust at her disposal. Yes?

  40. Yeah I DON'T know whether Bristol is working or not. And as for Levi's employment, it will not make that much difference until they start talking about support payments.

    Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out that Van Flein definitely made a "flurry of filings" even before Rex had a chance to respond. It looks like the strategy is to bury Rex under a crush of paperwork and keep him off balance.

    Won't work.

  41. Anonymous5:57 AM

    The way I see it, Levi's means of support are the same as Sarah's. They are both earning money off their celebrity: interviews, appearances, book deals, etc.. If Levi doesn't deserve custody of Tripp, then Sarah doesn't deserve custody of Trig.

  42. Anonymous6:02 AM

    When a custody fight reaches the courts there is ALWAYS one outcome - the CHILD's relationship with parents and both extended families is harmed. Whatever the lawyering and judging that is coming up, the kid has already lost the battle.

    Good luck to you, Tripp.

  43. EllenS6:06 AM

    I would think that if we are looking to suitability as a parent, if Bristol wants to throw Parental Influence into the mix that Levi & Co has a whole slew of evidence regarding Sarah's fitness as a parent - i.e. the pictures of Trig during the book tour. Any unbiased judge seeing the mistreatment poor Trig went through would wrestle Tripp from the Palins ASAP (and Trig as well)

  44. sjk,

    I agree, I think that Bristol just might be getting an opportunity to dip into the Palin Alaska Fund Trust. Also, too, she is probably getting paid for her mommy/nanny services to Trig. I am sure Sarah has her on the payroll some kind of way to keep her quiet.

  45. ha, interesting observation about JohnDoeAt30Below! I bet you're right, NakedTruth!

    If that is you, Van Flein, listen up. I am living with two teenage stepchildren whose mother tried with every bone in her vicious body to separate and alienate the kids from their father. The psychological damage to children who are subjected to this is enormous and sometimes irreversible. As adults, these children often have such a skewed perception of the world they have trouble becoming mature and productive members of society.

    The ability to financially support a child has nothing to do with which parent is better equipped to raise an emotionally and psychologically healthy child. Children thrive on love, not designer clothes or fancy cars. I'm not saying the Palins don't love Tripp, I'm sure they do, but if they are trying to remove Levi from his life then they clearly are not thinking in terms of Tripp's best interests.


  46. emrysa6:47 AM

    so, what do you think the chances are that the documents submitted to show that bristol has a source of income say that she's employed by pie spy, llc?

    we all know she doesn't have a job outside the home.

  47. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Gryphen, do you know whether Rex is going to do this -- --
    As part of the discovery process in this custody litigation, there should be a demand for a certified copy of Tripp's birth certificate. It is relevant to the issue of parentage and would also show Tripp's actual birth date (Dec. 27th, 28th, or something else?). Put Sarah and Bristol on the spot and make them produce the certificate, or watch the fallout if they attempt to avoid the discovery request.

    Do you know if Levi and/or Rex already have a copy of Tripp's birth certificate?

  48. emrysa6:51 AM

    JohnDoeAt30Below said...

    "Amazing how many people think Levi is a fit parent even though he has no job, no skills, no training, no income"


    and SHE'S the one living under the same roof as a psycho. the same psycho that lied about the father of her firstborn, and the birth mother of her "lastborn." PSYCHO

  49. boy, the pee'ers are an escpcially NASTY bunch today.

  50. I know many have seen Bristol as a victim of Sarah's machinations, but the girl is 19 now (born Oct 1990, right?). I have a 20 year old, so I am very well aware of what a girl at that age is and is not capable of. My child has literally traveled around the world by herself. Bristol has child support from Levi; she could get herself a job and move into a small apartment with Tripp and be self-sufficient. It is her choice to live in Mommy's luxurious den of inequity.

    It is also her choice to launch an ugly, aggressive legal action against a young man who has been very protective of her, never saying anything against her. A young man who has kept the worst of her mother's ugly secrets. As far as I'm concerned, she's pond scum.

    I may be extra sensitive on this issue because I went through this with my husband's ex and their young daughter. Cost us a fortune in legal fees, just to guarantee he could keep seeing her. There are always better uses for money than throwing it in fistfuls at lawyers.

    And for JohnDoeat30Below, when it comes to dueling grandmas, Sarah defrauded the Alaskan taxpayers of tens of thousands of dollars. In comparison, Sherry looks good.

  51. emrysa7:01 AM

    speaking of the alaska fund trust, WHERE ARE THE QUARTERLY DISCLOSURES????

  52. The sales on Sarah's book are drying up. With the reports coming in from across the US regarding the number of stores preparing to return boxes and boxes of unsold books, it's possible Sarah could end up owing Harper Collins money back on her advance - then, of course,there's the issue of taxes owed and... well you get the idea :)

    Sarah cancels too many speaking engagements to count on lecturing as a lucrtive career - so it's going to be interesting to see how the family dynamics change once the well dries up and Levi's the *only* one with a sustainable income.

    Hope Van Flein got paid up front :)

  53. Yeah, Sherry looks great.

    Who's making her mortgage payments, how is she paying her lawyer?

    Like it or not, Bristol could get a job today working for one of mom's PACs and get paid $100K a year without leaving the house.

    What's Levi got, a book that won't sell?

    He's already fired his big guns, he doesn't have any bullets left.

    Sarah's not getting a divorce, there is no federal investigation, Levi has already said that Trig is her kid. What's left?

    Remember Sarah calmly telling Barbara Walters, "He's got nothing on me."

  54. 10catsinMD(formerlyforme)7:18 AM

    Lets bring up all the SP kids photos of drunken binges when Mom and Dad were/are not at home.

    Levi has always stated that Bristol was the mother in the household. Kids not in school, that's poor parenting.

    Just went through a custody battle in the state of Washington. Our judge here did not like any of the actions mentioned above. Too many issues filed at one time.

    Abusive use of conflict is the term. Sounds like SP is big on this. The Oprah Interview is national tv. That is a huge impact. My daughter's lawyer told me to stay out and shut up. Something SP is not too good at.

    I am serious about the legal fund for Levi. Gryphen, can you check into this please?

  55. This will get as ugly as possible.

    Bristol's 'employment'? No doubt, it's Pie Sky or whatever.

    Van Fleas.... Family Law not his area....what about the other partners in the firm--are any of them family practice lawyers?

    Good luck, Levi!

  56. Deb in WI7:30 AM,,20318930,00.html

    Gryphen, Remember the above article in People? The papers were asking Van Flea about Levi's custody battle on 10/30 -- interestingly enough that he filed on Bristol's behalf on 11/3. The article was published around 11/10.

    I think they got wind of this interview, and tried to file before Levi did.

  57. Anonymous7:36 AM

    There will be a major public backlash if Levi loses custody. I predict that it will be like nothing Sarah has ever seen.

  58. Basheert7:37 AM

    If it is true that most of these motions have been tossed out by the presiding judge, we can only hope that he is more wise and knowledgable than SARAH (because this is the driving force I believe) and he will see through this entire ploy.

    It is unfortunate because as someone said, no matter what happens, Levi has stated he wishes to be a father to his son. Sarah has NO RIGHT to interfere - but her daughter is aiding and abetting this.

    When will little Bristol grow balls?

  59. Anonymous7:40 AM

    No judge should allow S. Palin to have anything to do with this. It is between Bristol and Levi. It could be just a basic custody hearing. Their not married they establish who has full custody or joint custody . Who pays for medical etc . I am hoping this is all it is. Because Levi strikes me as a decent fellow and he has rights as the father. If you are reading this Sarah let your children be. That is part of growing up and she they did have a child together. Your the grandmother thats it!


  60. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Look folks. I have teens that are Bristol & Levi's age. Teens involved in the hockey community. Levi has just as many issues with partying as Bristol. Both these kids need to straighten up in all ways fast, and frankly, Levi needs to stay clothed and stop talking trash about the child's maternal family. Bad mouthing of family members in public will not bode well for either party in custody litigation. Both kids are foolish not to use attorneys versed in family law. We should be rooting for a safe, stable outcome for Tripp, not looking to punish either of these very young parents. Filing for custody is a necessary thing to do to resolve decision-making responsibilities, where Tripps primary residence will be and how parents will share time with him. Tripps legal last name should be Palin. The parents are unwed, and that is how it works under the law in most states unless the parents agree otherwise

  61. sunnyjane8:07 AM

    I don't know what happens in Alaska when joint custody is requested. However, in Virginia, it is the usual procedure for the judge to appoint a Guardian ad Litem who advocates for the child. In that role, he/she visits the respective homes of the parents to ensure that the child would have a safe and nurturing environment.

    As a rule, grandparents are not part of the equation, even as a "support system." It is very rare, indeed, for a parent to be denied joint custody. The fathers have rights in this era.

    Bristol's lawyer would have to prove that Levi is unfit to have his son half the time. I sincerely doubt that could be proven. It doesn't matter if Bristol lives in a castle and is supported by her mother. Van Flein would have to prove, beyond a doubt, that Levi could not give the child a safe environment.

    Van Flein is just trying to bury Butler in a mess of paperwork, which won't impress the judge, who I understand is someone named Kari Kristensen. (I may have misspelled that.)

    Anyhow, Sarah will probably not have anything to do with the proceedings (inside the court), whether or not she's directing the thing from afar.

    Oh, and Sarah? If you should be called as a witness (this is sometimes done), remember that you will be cross-examined by Levi's lawyer. It would be best if you didn't lie in court. Judges have a way of frowning on that sort of thing.

  62. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Perhaps that should be advise for the Palin perfect Klan as well? Palins are not perfect parents. Frankly, I'm grateful I don'tlive in AK and have to watch them pretend to love their kids. Unless they are in front of the camera, little trigger gets no love or socks or shoes... you get the drift.

    The best for this child is to put him up for adoption so a RESPONSIBLE married couple can raise him. Not A LAZY ASS kids with crazy ass parents.

  63. Anonymous8:11 AM

    There's a Palin worshipper by the name John Doe that posts on Celtic Diva's blog.

    The bottom line is... a child needs both parents. Let's hope Bristol and Levi can work through this in the best interest of their child.


  64. I'm going to start with Anon at 3:57 am. S/he is correct in stating that pseudonyms for children are not unusual in custody cases. Some states mandate the use of "john does" in custody matters. However, I am not aware of the adult parents being allowed to hide behind pseudonyms.

    Anon @ 3:57 is incorrect as to confidentiality in the identity of sources. First, G is not a bona fide member of the media therefore not subject to 1st Amendment protections. Alaska law might state otherwise. 2nd, if a gag order is present, even members of the media (I am not aware of any federal ruling which has allowed a blogger to piggyback as media) are not protected from identifying sources under a 1st Amendment claim.

    As to phrases, "ex parte" refers to meeting with a judge - either in conference or in a hearing - without the opposition being present. Motion #2 therefore reflects van flea's attempt to get favorable rulings without Levi being present to oppose said efforts. Fairly typical in custody and divorce matters as those tend to be very personal and very dirty.

    As for custody, my take is that Bristol is using Sherry's conviction as grounds for a protective order, but we don't know the specifics unless someone gets a copy of the file from the courthouse. Which is what should be done before more of us go off the deep end with the speculations.

    btw - what's the deal with The Dud's sister? She was arrested, yes? Did she plea out or go to trial? How much time does she spend at the Palin house or near the baby? Seems like prime ammo for Levi's own motion for protective order, non?

    Lastly, but not leastly, if van flea succeeds in getting the hearing(s) and file closed to the media (but not also the public??), then the rank speculations contained on this blog will surely be a prime reason for the back-and-forths in the case being kept out of the light of day. Think before you type so that we are not reduced to rumor and innuendo, please.

  65. Anon: us FOLKS know that Levi has said some things about Miss Wasilla and her "parenting" but he has not uttered one bad word about Bristol, NOT ONE.

    So, since this is not about the Grandmother, his feud with mom is irrelevant.

  66. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Hey folks, I really dont think a one of you really thinks a young boy is gonna do better parenting then a young girl, who lives with 2 parents in a stable home. I know you may argue with some points but I also have young men LJ age and seriously, they are still learning to take care of themselves, they are less capable of full time parenting. Young girls tend to mature faster. Its not a case of male vs female, its just they way it is. So putting personalities aside, I do hope for the best for all children. Hoping we can remember what really matters

  67. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Interesting enough, while Levi has been quite talkative in the past months, Bristol has been completely silent. Levi's own words could come back to haunt him.
    Bristol was named by Levi as a primary witness to some of the events in the Vanity Fair article. If that ever was brought up in court, all she would have to do is deny everything and it would throw into doubt his credibility.

  68. Anonymous8:33 AM

    The way I see it anonymous "folks" user, Levi has done a whole lot more growing up in the last year than Bristol has. He's taking care of himself, his son, his mother, and his sister.

    And, maybe you haven't been paying attention, but Sarah and Todd run a household filled with lies and unethical behavior where children are taken out of school for weeks at a time and are paraded underdressed for the public at all hours of the night.

  69. Anonymous8:34 AM

    It would be inadvisable for Bristol to lie under oath, although considering her mother is Sarah, perhaps she's learned it's no big deal to do so.

  70. This is very sad news. It means that Bristol and Levi were not allowed to work this out themselves without the courts. So...

    * is this Bristol's wish to shut out Levi?
    * Miss Wasilla is behind this?

    Why can't they work this out with lawyers in an office amicably? If not, I would have to say that Bristol is like her mother or has no power of her own since she is dependent on mom for money and a home.

  71. From the New York Review of Books:

    Volume 57, Number 1 · January 14, 2010

    Sarah and Her Tribe
    By Jonathan Raban

    Going Rogue: An American Life
    by Sarah Palin
    Harper, 413 pp., $28.99

    Sarah from Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar
    by Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe
    PublicAffairs, 301 pp., $26.95

    "When she was good,
    She was very good indeed,
    But when she was bad she was horrid."

  72. Bristol lives at home on mom's money. Levi lives at home as far as I know and he is making money on his own.

    Levi is NOT asking for full custody, but I guess he wants joint or at least generous visitation. So assuming that Bristol is a better parent than a young man is not to the point here. And she is not in a better home. Her mother is a target for the papparazzi and is never home anyway. Dad lives in Palmer I heard. Bristol is often alone or taking care of other children. Not ideal in her home either.

  73. "Remember Sarah calmly telling Barbara Walters, "He's got nothing on me."

    We also remember Sarah calmly telling people other things, like that she said no to the Bridge to Nowhere. Sarah calmly telling anyone anything is no guarantee of the truth of what she says!

    Levi and Sarah have badmouthed each other equally. I agree with EllenS that there is plenty of photographic evidence about Sarah's care of Trig to give a judge pause, if the judge is going to be considering how Tripp may be affected by his grandmothers.

  74. honestyinGov9:08 AM

    You know S'error and you KNOW S'error is behind all this.... maybe Tawd ( remember Tawds earlier comments about Levi-and trying to bribe her with a car )as well. They both have this PETTY vindictive gene in their bodies that make them want to go after people when " THEY " don't get their way.That's why you were part of the " Famous Four " Never forget.
    Until Levi gets this custody battle settled can I suggest something.Have a permanent running headline ( or text box with Levi's name in it.. etc ) or some pictures of Levi with Tripp posted on your blog page. Since we know S'error reads all Your posts ' religiously ' for motivation she will have to see those pics staring her in the face EVERY TIME she comes to the blog. Nothing puts a burr under her saddle than mentioning or seeing her ' cottage cheese thighs 'or something personal like Levi mentioned. It's personal, she gets mad and goes off the deep-end.
    Make Levi a permanent running story banner or streamer. Let her own Hate eat at her from within. Bad karma and such. She can't hide that hate no matter how much make-up she applies. It shows through all the time.

  75. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign9:12 AM

    I believe Levi will do whatever he needs to in order to retain joint custody of his son and be completely successful in his endeavors.

    Bristol's Mommy Dearest is trying to drain his bank account dry, pure and simple. As hers is also drained, she will appeal to her bots to send more 20 dollar bills and we all know it. They will arrive in her bank account, covered in their blood and spittle. Every single one stains her further as a demagogue and thief.

    She is also using this to try shut him up - it's screamingly obvious and she is pathetically predictable as usual. She's in a race against time, and losing. Remember that Mommy Dearest believes she is the center of the universe, and this is a fragile and short lived reality.

    Levi's mother's drug offense will not be considered for much - she was a first offender, serving her time, and unfortunately for Alaskans this is a common offense for many folks - teens through elderly adults. She is not the parent anyway. Alaska does not scrutinize the grandparents unless they are to be back up for iffy parents, which Levi is not.

    The courts are not "fixed" as many have worried. We have some great judges! My mother worked in law for many years, and yes, there are some whacked judges but many more great ones.

    The State of Alaska does not "believe" in removing parents from children's lives. Levi has youth, confidence, good counsel, and as Mommy Dearest tries to suck his money away they will deal with that successfully.

    More Granny Palin lies, drama and attempts to control. I think this is going to go very badly for her! Levi has his entire life ahead of him in which to find ways to support himself and his family, and her celebrity will not last forever as she ages and the mean lines set in around her face between surgeries.

    Sarah can not inject herself into this except as a sleazy background promoter of a dog fight - she is also a granny and not part of the equation unless Bristol is an iffy parent.

    To Van Flein, she is literally a cash cow. He has devoted much of his career to everything but family law, so will just continue to suck her dry.

    Have faith, be ready to offer words of support for Levi and family, and don't "make stuff up" about Alaska law and judges til more pans out. That reflects on us no better than it does on the Granny Palin herself.

    Yes, she's creepy. Yes, she is trashy. Yes, she's as nasty as they get. Yes, she is a whack job, but thank god she showed her true colors as the VP wannabe before she gained more support in AK and managed to sneak in under the radar. It was a blessing in disguise, although difficult to see that way until more time passes.

    Everyone should try to relax, and send Levi waves of support and good will for the next year.

    Remember, Levi's youthful vitality and good nature is very real. Bristol is a wimp without her mother behind her - she will never be allowed to bloom as her own person. And Sarah's energy comes all from Red Bull and NPD syndrome.

  76. Van Flein's actions speak louder than words (your post lunch with Van Flein).

    I fall on Levi's side, for sure.

  77. Ripley9:27 AM

    I wonder how much money Bristol is making for her Candies abstinence program contract....hmmmm wait... is that still valid?

    The only thing this has to do with Mrs. Todd Palin is that her daughter lives with her. She will have no standing in court. This is Bristol's issue... I wonder how she's paying the lawyer? Maybe that job at the coffee shop while she's raising a baby and going to school is enough.....

    Man, what a bunch of pathetic losers.

  78. TwoBlueJays9:32 AM

    This is incorrect: "The parents are unwed, and that is how it works under the law in most states unless the parents agree otherwise". The infant receives the father's last name, if known. If unknown, the child receives the last name of the birth mother and that is what is listed on the birth certificate. Please provide your source(s), Anon 'Folks' @ 7:49.

  79. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Don't fret folks, we are looking after the interests of Levi and his son Trig. All will work out fine in the end.

  80. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Sauerkraut--I believe you are incorrect that Gryphen wouldn't be considered the "media." One thing the courts do not do is distinguish between the small and large purveyors of information.

    And I believe you misunderstood me--the parties to a case that are subject to a gag order have no protection for their sources if they violate the order. However, typically, an order cannot extend beyond those parties.

  81. I hope Rex is smart enough to bring in the sharpest family law attorney he can hire.

    I think Van Flein's ego will induce him to go this alone. Good luck with that.

    But it's all going to come down to the judge. If he's in Sarah's pocket, nothing else is going to matter.

  82. Anonymous9:56 AM

    AKRNC-Track has had no relationship with Sarah for a few years now. Folks in Wasilla report he went to the Republican convention under duress. You noticed also that when he returned from his tour of duty, there was not one photo. There were photos of Sarah with other soldiers, but not Track.

    And now with the information that has come out on Palingates and the possibility of Curt Menard, Jr being Track's biological father, I can understand him not wanting anything to do with her.

    Don't you find it odd, as well that Meg Stapleton did not issue some sort of rebuttal to the Track/Menard story? I guess we will see one in 3-2-1.......

    Bloggers own Meg and Sarah now. We speak, they jump. Funny to watch how they react almost everytime with a "knee-jerk" reaction. This is "Spectator Sport" now! Weeeee!

  83. Anonymous9:57 AM

    As you pointed out, unless there is some profound reason, the natural parents would almost always share custody.

    It does make me wonder why Sarah wants this as another "family values" issue for the press and blogsphere to chew on for a couple of months. Van Flein is, after all, Sarah's lawyer, so the action is presumably being brought by Sarah, in Bristol's name as her guardian or parent, or as Trigg's, grandmother.

    Are the Palins claiming Bristol as a dependant?

    Lawyers usually do not want to represent two parties in a legal action where their legal status is different, grandmother and mother, as conflicts of interest may arise, and it is grounds for disbarment, if a lawyer represents both parties with opposing interests.

    Sarah is risking alienating a lot of men if she goes after Levi and tries to trash him.

    Can Bristol afford to support herself and her child? If not why would Bristol want to cut herself off from paternal support? Yeah, Sarah is rich now but if Bristol relies on her parents for support she is giving over her adulthood to them, probably for the rest of their lives.

    Are you sure it is Bristol who is asking the court to deny Levi joint custody, or is it Sarah and the Dud asking the court to give them joint or total custody

  84. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I never thought Bristol was an innocent. Remember, she gave/loaned Sherry her cell phone, and right after that calls came in on that phone setting Sherry up for her eventual drug arrest. My suspicion has always been that Bristol herself was using, the authorities were onto her, they gave her a deal - turn in some other users in exchange for no charges being filed against her (especially since she was the Gov's daughter.)

    This same scenario plays out all the time, even with people who have no political connections. One user is persuaded to bring in other users in exchange for a lightened/reduced/or even removed sentence. I personally saw this all happening in a distant family member's home town. Very common "sting" type operation in these prescription drug busts. Bristol just received extra gentle treatment because of who her mother was.

  85. Enjay in E MT10:31 AM

    So many times family members create issues for unwed parents - on both sides of the family. Everyone wanting their piece without the other.

    Having a fair & impartial (key words there) court decree is in the best interest of the child AND parents to determine visitation / holidays / birthdays etc. Jointly raising a child requires long term planning, unfortunately, many couples wait until bitter feelings before obtaining a stable resolution to custody.

    I feel that Levi will be fighting this battle for the next 18+ years. Since Palins seem to treat him as only a sperm donor - not a formerly engaged couple, with a fairly long term relationship.

    How sad to be raised with anger & disgust toward whichever person he is not with at the moment. The Court should protect this child by having every relative in that courtroom - and understand what effect their anger will have on that child. (Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc)

  86. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:35 AM

    This is a battle between Sarah (bitch of Wasilla) and Levi.
    Everytime, Tripp is out of her "grasp" is a loss of power & control and we all know how S'error loves power/control. But I think she is rattling the wrong cage and that's why vanflea wanted anon case Levi spills the beans! And I hope he does.This issue should be between Levi & Bristol but we all know it isn't. I hope Rex has a slew of people with stuff on her. He is a criminal lawyer after-all, and we never found out the issues surrounding Sherry's arrest, the mysterious cell phone given back from Bristol etc.
    Sarah must be sweating it also..too, b/c I think her grifter fund is frozen now b/c of two ethics complaints, one by Kim Chatman and one from Andree....!
    I hope Levi spills the beans about queen quitter bitch!!!
    Team Levi!!!!!

  87. Starting a legal fight over custody of Tripp is a way to punish and control Levi. Retaining access to his child will cost him a bundle of money, a bundle of time, and a bundle of worry.

    I've seen this kind of garbage before with my friends' exes. Their kids were pawns in the battle between their divorced parents.

  88. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I am guessing that Bristol has alleged or will allege things personal to Levi that, to her and Sarah, would defame him thoroughly, thus keeping him from being granted joint custody: allegations that he either uses drugs and/or is gay or bi-sexual is my guess – not saying it's true, but that in view of his non-judgmental remarks about gays, they might well stoop to using such comments and embellishing upon them. We can all hope that Van Flein, an officer of the court, does not file and has not filed any false affidavit, but madame's history with the truth leaves the door wide open. The difficulty for Levi is: how would he DISprove such allegations? I also think that Sarah, with her own book tour over with and income not nearly what she had dreamed, now wants her hands on Levi's future income. Still another aspect is that Sarah simply can not function without constant, ongoing drama, being dominant in the headlines, and manipulating the lives of others; this action serves all of those purposes. Moreover, it creates a perfect discovery tool to learn all of the details about any pending contracts that Levi may have, and then to interfere in them accordingly. Most important, it may be an effort to preclude Levi from ever getting any DNA test performed on this child. Don't just look at this in a vacuum: Sarah is already mind-playing the games that are 2 and 3 times removed from this one. I am not suggesting that Levi will lose the opportunity to visit his son, but I am saying that Sarah is quite inventive for dreaming up ways to make his life expensive and miserable.

  89. This topic is now being discussed on several of the blogs, with some making the assumption that Sarah/Bristol started the custody case when they did because Sarah thinks they are in a strong position and that all their "ducks are in a row".

    I have a different opinion. I think that Sarah/Bristol have DELAYED in starting this case because they fear what will come. They only started this case when Levi really started rumbling that he was going to file for custody. It has also become known that more books and information are coming out about Sarah and the family.

    To me, the timing suggests some desperation on the part of the Palins. If they had wanted to do this, they would have already done it. But Levi was showing he was ready to go up against Sarah, and I think Sarah realizes that as time goes on, the family situation at the Palins is only going to look worse, not better. Sarah hoped that Levi would go the Full Monty and that might influence the judge. He did not, and I think Sarah's hopes on that issue being conclusive in the case are ill founded. In actuality, he raised much needed funds.

    So, Sarah/Bristol acted when they hope their hand is least weak, as it was never strong. Levi has corrected much about his situation, and is clearly trying to make ready to have regular access to his son.

    Also, the P-Bots always complain about Levi talking bad about "his son's family". Actually, it is his ex-MIL to be that he has discussed. He's never said a bad word about Bristol. Contrast this to Sarah and how she's talked about baby Tripp's father: he's a liar, will do anything for attention, he's doing PORN, blah blah blah. Guess what, P-bots: judges care more about the alienation of affection against a parent: Sarah's influence over Tripp against Levi. Not so much about the child's view of the grandmother. It is the parents who are of primary concern here. The chuckleheads who support Sarah are so blinded by their idea that Sarah is a holy figure that they don't realize she's the one who talks trash about a parent.

  90. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Very interesting if it's true that Track and Sarah don't have much of a relationship any more. It would certainly explain the strange way she described in her book her reliance on his opinion.

    If it's true that Track has been lied to about the identity of his father, how extra sad is it that Sarah has done the same thing to Trig. Well, lied about the identity of his mother (I'm still not convinced that Todd isn't his father). Those poor kids, caught up in their parents' lies.

  91. If Andrew Sullivan offered to help Levi, he should jump at the chance.

    The situation in Iran trumps any dramas the Palins can cookup. Palin soap opera is small potatoes right now.

    Andrew Sullivan goes with the major national and international news stories.

    I talked with an AP correspondant to the Middle East for decades. Now retired, she follows it all closely, and she feels it has reached the boiling point. So do I.

  92. Anonymous11:26 AM

    10:42--I think you have it just right. Their plan is to bleed Levi dry of any money he has made and future book earnings. Sarah knows that at some point Levi's book will come out so they might as well stick it to him good. I have believed for months now that his book was one of the reasons that Sarah resigned. Levi was in NY the last week of June. He only did about one interview and stayed for 5 days. The next week in an interview, Rex Butler said that he was shopping a book. He came home about July 1. On July 3 Sarah made that wacked out resignation speech. Nervous as hell. Made Todd fly in from fishing at the last minute. I believe that Sarah was told from someone in the publishing world via Harper Collins what Levi was up to and she freaked. Plus she was sick of being the gov. and wanted money, of course. Levi shut up about a book after that until just recently. Oct. or Nov.? Maybe on the insider?

  93. ooh, Anon at 10:55, I've always thought the same thing, that Trig is Todd's child but not Sarah's. I cannot think of another reason why she'd go to such lengths to fake a pregnancy, especially knowing she was on McCain's shortlist.

  94. Anonymous11:31 AM

    We have yet to hear Bristol's side of the story, and it is likely we may never hear it until the trial is over with.

  95. Chris, I think you just may be right about Todd. This is only a guess, but based on actions and reactions of various parties, and on "who was where" at key times.

  96. I see Andrew Sullivan has posted a bit about the Levi vs Bristol court matter after 2P.M today. He asks that those who understand this issue from the legal standpoint contact the Daily Dish.

    At least that is my interpretation.

    Any sharp legal beagles in the room?

    Go to Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish and read what he writes.

  97. Levi needs to realize that Bristol is just like mom. She is being the victim. Levi is the bad person. I watched Bristol on Gretchen's when she gave her little interview. She doesn't like the media, either.

    I do believe that she helped to set up Levi's mom. Bristol is not innocent. She wants the freedom to do as she pleases. She doesn't want restraints or anyone saying what she can and can not do; just like mom. I'm sure that Bristol has a job that pays like mom without having to do much of anything.

    If you look at how Bristol's life has started out you can see how things begun for, Sarah. This is like mom like daughter.

  98. Re: Trig being Todd's but not Sarah's, biologically speaking.

    I can't imagine any woman who would willingly give her baby to the wife of the man she got pregnant by. Are you supposing that the bio mom, who had an affair with Todd, was paid off or what?

  99. Chris and ANON at 10:55,
    I too, have long felt (and stated) that Trig is Tawds born on the "wrong side of the blanket" and Sarah "had" to take him. Tawd probably figured, he took a couple in, so Sarah could too.
    As for Levi, I hope that he gets set custody and visitation times soon. That is in Tripp's best interest.
    And along with many others, I am not giving Bristol a pass on this. She'e probably as mentally ill as her mother.
    Gryphen I'm also too looking for an update on Diana Palin( Tawds sister) that took her child along on a burglary.

  100. Anonymous11:50 AM

    "Remember Sarah calmly telling Barbara Walters, "He's got nothing on me." .....

    Yeah, I remember Sarah Palin looking DOWN when she said it ... hundreds of people in the studio and she avoided looking a single one of them in the eye.

  101. FEDUP!!!11:51 AM

    Well, I guess they are implying that Tripp is NOT Levi's kid. - Otherwise, what reason could they possibly provide for denying him ANY custody at all?

    Whoever said above that the Palins could just give Bristol a job, paying $100.000/year, I guess is correct. That is probably what they are doing/planning on doing with that PieSpy business...

  102. Good Grief! Apparently we need DNA on pretty much all those kids!!

    Oh how I wish none of this were our business and if Miss Wasilla would not seek elective office again, I would love to let all this go.

    But since her accomplishments consist of having kids, oh, and being a socialist who taxes oil companies and REDISTRIBUTES the wealth, well, that's all we have.

  103. Despite its rather ominous ring, a "protective order" merely inhibits parties from liquidating asserts or leaving the court's jurisdiction. It is both pro forma and standard procedure.

    Van Flea is a tool, but, in this inhabit the realm of acceptability.

  104. I don't much care whose the father or the mother of any of those kids.

    My concern, get rid of $arah and her consort Toad.

    Let's get them out of national politics. That's it in a nutshell.

  105. daMamma12:22 PM

    I've seen a number of posters mention that "if Levi is not the dad..." then she could get sole custody.

    Not so fast. It does not matter if they were married or not when the child was born, does not matter what any DNA tests prove or disprove, if he is listed as the father on the birth certificate, then he is the father in the eyes of the law. Unless Alaska has different paternity laws, that is how it works.

    True also, that he'd have to be extremely bad to lose even joint custody and visitations. Sole custody is very rare indeed. I don't know much about Bristol, whether or not she's a carbon copy of mom or not, but this has Sarah written all over it.

    Van Fline/Van Flea or what ever his name is, is the wrong lawyer for them to be bringing into the court room for this case. It is my understanding he is not a family law practitioner. (what is he exactly? business law? criminal law?)

  106. Kristen--

    I could certainly not give my biological child to the wife of the man who got me pregnant (or anyone else, for that matter) but I could also envision a scenario where Trig's bio mother was "persuaded" that it was in the best interests of the child to let his father raise him. She would have known he had Down Syndrome early on in the pregnancy and may have believed that, from a financial perspective, he would have access to better care throughout his life, especially given the health problems associated with Down Syndrome. Or perhaps her life was such that she couldn't, or didn't want to, bear the responsibility of a special needs child.

    Women give their babies up for adoption for all sorts of reasons--for some it's a very painful decision, for others it's not.

    Whatever the real story may be, one thing is for sure--Sister Sarah did NOT give birth to that child.

  107. Charlie AK12:31 PM

    The Palins -Sarah AND Todd- are vindictive, nasty and mentally ill. They are terrible parents-anyone can see that- and this whole thing is disgusting.

    Sarah thinks she is queen, above the law, priviledged and that all judges will bow to her wishes. What she doesn't realize is there are a lot of people who are sick of her over inflated ego and her threats! Wait and see Sarah, this was a very bad decision.

    People in glass houses should NOT throw stones!

  108. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Trig is Bristol's child. Everything that goes into proving that he isn't is manufactured to make it look like he isn't.

    Start again at the beginning.

  109. Martha Unalaska Yardsign @ 9:12---

    Thanks for the common sense, calm comment. :)

    Speculation, without knowledge of the law, etc. is useless.

    We'll learn more soon.

  110. Anonymous12:47 PM


    Can you please explain the request for protective order identified twice. This isn't similar to a restraining order, is it?

  111. Update on Diana Palin's case:

    Preparations are being made for her sentencing. A presentence report was filed on Dec. 7, 2009. An addendum to the report was filed on Dec. 9, 2009. Both are CONFIDENTIAL. Do any AK attorneys know if this is normal or is this "special" treatment?

    The sentencing is set for Jan. 22, 2010 at the Palmer Courthouse. However, they pulled a quickie on the Change of Plea hearing last fall and might do so again. On July 22 they set that hearing for Sept. 3 but then at the last minute, on Aug. 31, the hearing was reset for a date before that 9/3 date--Sept. 1. In my experience in Texas, hearings are rarely reset earlier, most always they are set later.

    So right now, Diana's sentencing is set for Jan. 22nd, but check the records frequently, because it might change at the last minute.

    (oops, sorry you missed the hearing, reporters and cameras....)

  112. MUYS - great comment!

    Best wishes to Levi for a speedy and just resolution.

    Can the court bar Levi from speaking or writing about his son's maternal family?

  113. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Gryphen or any other in Alaska. you asked for a legal eagle to look at the docket. Well, husband is just that. He says he needs to see the pleadings and that they are public record until sealed so go get them ASAP.
    When you do, make a post and I will tell you how to get them to Steve.
    Livvy AKA Margot

  114. Anon at 12:35 - I would agree with you, except that if that's true, then either Levi is lying or Levi doesn't know Trig is Bristol's child. It is possible, I suppose, that Bristol had a baby in Anchorage that Levi didn't know about.

    I've looked at this from so many angles, and in any scenario there's some wrench in the works that frustrates.

    I will say this about Todd. The pictures of the young Menard and young Track at Palingates have convinced me that Track is a Menard. So I would say that in terms of marital blackmail, anything's possible. Sarah surely detests Trig - you can see it in the Greta "moose chili" interview and Levi's account and throughout the book tour. Still, adopting the offspring of your spouse and the woman he was strapping? That's a big stretch, even for Sarah.

    All I can really say right now is "argh."

  115. poop, meet propeller. Time is NOT on $'arah's side. DNA Levi. DNA first.

  116. hdtracy3:34 PM

    Stephanie @ 5:04am

    Thank you for eloquently deciperhing the legal mumbo jumbo.

  117. emrysa3:34 PM

    since the judge did not allow pseudonyms, it appears that the judge is not automatically in palin's pocket. this is a good thing.

    I really hope this backfires on bristol and sarah. they have no right to be doing what they're doing. they dragged him to the convention, he did what they wanted him to do, to make THEM look good. and they turn around and shit on him?



  118. To TrigmundFrued at 11:55:

    I can't speak for AK laws, but when it comes to family civil law in Texas, a Protective order certainly does NOT describe what you just said. In Tx, it's a temporary order of protection with a expiration date which has limited/supervised visitations between the parties, whether that be the child(ren) or the parent.

    Some have stipualations that the defendant is to appear at some sort of court mandated counseling and many award temporary child support to the primary parent with possession.

    If the child was born out of wedlock (which it appears he was!), there are no "assets" to be liquidated. And at least in Tx, no, they are *not* standard procedure with either an establishment of Paternity suit or a SAPCR (Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship). A motion has to be filed with the court along with testimony as to why an order of protection is to be granted.

    Please understand, I'm not trying to be obtuse, but can you show me any AK statues which you are referring to? I do believe we are on the same side of things and it would just clear things up a bit. And I repeat, I know a lot about Tx family laws, but not AK. (NOT an attorney, but I work for one specifically in family law.)

  119. It is absolutely digusting what Bristol (and by extension Sarah) are trying to do.

    Levi wants to be a part of his child's life. He isn't a drug addict, he isn't an alcoholic, he is not abusive, he is paying child support. The ONLY reason to file for sole custody is for vindictive reasons, which is NOT in the best interest of that child.

    It also shows just what kind of a person Bristol is. She cannot truly believe that Tripp should grow up without his father around. If she does truly believe that is in Tripp's best interest then she is delusional.

    The Palin family are some really sick people in my opinion.

    I am glad to see that Levi is going to fight for his son. He and his son deserve to have a relationship, and without interference from Sarah.

    It is even more disgusting that this all happened prior to Sarah's visit to Oprah, and makes her comments and behavior on that show with regards to Levi all the more nasty and shows what a HUGE POS she really is.

  120. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:53 PM

    Whomever commented the "the blogs own Sarah" you are totally correct!
    Gryphen...have you seen this?? you are actually in the PDF files that grifter bitch wants to keep secret!!!!
    Pg 33 guys really own her, lol

  121. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Just read some coverage of this from one of the Alaska papers--sounds like they have actual pleadings. Rex argued against sealing the case on the basis that Palin would be less likely to be completely abusive/destructive if the case was public. And the judge agreed!

  122. Anonymous4:55 PM

    When I was an unwed mom (in VA), living in my mom's dining room, NO job.. I spoke to a lawyer (one that was free thanks to a good friend).. I was scared my son's dad who was working at a good company, had his own place.. ect.. could get custody

    He said unless you are a drug user or a child abuser .. you will not have to worry about losing custody

    I would imagine, this would go both ways.

    It is ALWAYS in the best interest of the child to be reared by both parents.. unless one is .. like he said a drug abuser/child abuser

    Levi is neither of these.. either is Brisotl..


    What would make a parent want to keep their child away from the other parent? That little boy NEEDS his dad.
    It goes against everything Sarah P. yimmer yammers against.
    FAMILY.. the importance of FAMILY.

    She is denying little Tripp the much needed influence of a dad that truly loves him

    How low can this lady go.
    She truly is a fraud.
    .. and that grinning on Oprah about the TDAY invitation.. the kook knew she was eating gas station subs for TDAY

    S.P. I know you read these blogs but you are a fake.
    ..and I vote

  123. Follow up: Nevermind, I found the state statute myself:


    And just as I suspected, it's dealing with domestic violence (real or alleged!) issues. Just like in Texas courts. So it appears to me that Bristol/VF is alleging some sort of domestic violence. ?

  124. Sharon in Florida4:57 PM

    JohnDoe@30Below said

    "no one would buy Levi's book"

    Hey, I'll buy Levi's book in a heartbeat. I'd bet money Levi's book will sell 2 or 3 times as many copies as Sarah Palin's book did. I wouldn't read "Going Rogue" if somebody gave it to me. Palin is a pathological liar.

    You're under-estimating the intelligence of the American public and over-estimating what the public thinks about Sarah Palin. Having 1,200,000 fanatical, stupid followers on Facebook isn't a very big deal. Did she sell that many books? Bet she didn't. Think about it.

    As for Levi's mother -- I have 10 times more respect for Sherry Johnston than I do for Sarah Palin.

  125. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:01 PM

    Grphen on the above PDF they have copied right off the blog!!
    Page 58
    Nov 9 blog...
    I can't understand why they want it secret when they are copying from public blogs???

  126. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:04 PM

    Page 61 Bristol is attacking Levi!!!
    He has been nothing but nice to her...
    I hope he takes off the nice gloves...

  127. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:09 PM

    They are using the trip to NY against him
    playgirl shoot pg. 7
    They are assholes!!! And bristol is trying to say sarah bitch is not behind this...bullshit!!!!

  128. van flea tried to backdoor Butler and got locked out and had the door slammed in $'arah's face. it appears so far the Judge aint having none of it...

  129. emrysa5:12 PM

    alaskadispatch has the pdf's of the files submitted so far - interesting! you can see the "charges" that levi has responded to. one being that they tried to say he was using marijuana because of that tweet from a few months ago (which was a fraud), also trying to claim he is intent to disparage bristol, claiming he can't keep a regular schedule, can't provide childcare, etc - lots of details! pdf's here:

    <a href="</a>

    gryphen thanks for changing this comment format, now I can c&p links.

  130. Sharon in Florida5:15 PM

    Kristen @ 11:47 a.m. said

    "I can't imagine any woman who would willingly give her baby to the wife of the man she got pregnant by. Are you supposing that the bio mom, who had an affair with Todd, was paid off or what?"

    Weird as it is, I know a very pretty, very secure young woman who's husband had an affair w/ a 19 year old whom he got pregnant. His wife divorced him but ended up taking care of the baby, then the mother moved in with her too so she could be w/ her baby. The first wife eventually got custody of the baby (sort of out of necessity). Not something that I understand but it happened.

  131. emrysa5:17 PM

    eyeonyou @ 4:45 - I could not agree more with everything you said. my sentiments exactly. the fact that they are doing this shows just how sick they are.

  132. emrysa5:20 PM

    woops I didn't do such a good job on that link. try again:

    Palin daughter sues for custody

  133. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:22 PM

    They are actually using Levi's tweets...A account the is fake and not even really his!!!
    Pg 32
    God what liars they all are!!!

  134. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:53 PM

    They are truly evil!!! I wish I could cut and paste but they are sliming Sherry and Levi and painting the cheating dude and sarah the serial liar "as showing interest and active and regular interest in the care and custody of the baby" What a crock of shit!!!!!
    If I didn't hate lying grifting bitch before now I do!!!
    she is trying to steal Levi's baby!!!

  135. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Interesting that the filed court papers did not include the comments section after Gryphen's Nov 9th IM posting. The filed papers included comments from other sites.
    The comments from IM were generally supportive of Levi. They also included questions about paternity and birthdate for both Trig and Tripp.
    Anything there that the Palin camp might prefer that the court not read about?
    - Lila

  136. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:03 PM

    Want to bet a change of venue is next? They will want a judge to kiss Queen esters ass!

  137. Deb in WI6:11 PM

    OMG Gryphen, text of your IM blog was copied and pasted in one of their legal exhibits for one of their frivilous petitions -- they also included many articles about Levi. No wonder Sarah knows who you are! She does read your blog.

    (I'm reading the pdfs from the Alaska Dispatch.)

    Sarah seems worried about this publicity ruining her book sales --Get this -- notably present in another Exhibit, they happened to mention Sarah's book deal and the 1.5 million pre-orders -- why is the number of pre-orders even in there? This is between Bristol and Levi, Sarah. This isn't about your book sales, it's about your grandson.

    She's using Tripp to get back at Levi. What a wonderful Christian woman. She proved, with the mention of her book sales in her daughter's custody petition, what's most important to her.

  138. MacAndCheeseWiz6:21 PM

    While I'm no expert on this subject, I've seen that Levi has been looking for a home of his own, therefore taking Sherry out of the equation. If the housing arrangements pass muster, and the support payments are up to date, I see no reason why he can't get joint custody.
    And Levy has another good thing on his side- the level of dysfunction in the Palin household, as outlined in her book and public actions since quitting the governor job, along with her public statements about Levi and the imbicillic twits including Trip Johnston named as a Palin. You know, Sarah's poor impulse control won't allow her to sit down and shut up, and it won't give the judge a favorable impression at all.

  139. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:29 PM

    Bristol filed LATE about the filing...being secret and she filed on 12/ had already been ruled against and infavor of Levi...
    anyone notice in the affidavit Bristol writes that Tripp
    name is Trip E Johnson-Palin and his b-day is 12/27/08?
    Now is it possible Levi doesn't know of the deception?
    Levi claims they broke up in Mar 09...Van flea says they broke up right before Trip was born.
    Also remember GVS interview with Bristol and mama griz says Bristol and levi are "hands on parents" that was irondog weekend.
    Notice how Bristols writing resembles Sarahs on those pesky handwritten APOC filing? Just sayin'... Everything, them trying to keep stuff secret is so WE don't connect the dots!!!
    Sherry was busted I think 12/18/08?
    The more I see it was sarah's way to gain control and get Levi and bristol separated. Also...too, someone posted a vetting of sarah, where, if Murkowski ran either she would get a Alaska 5 star tattooed on her ankle or Todd would get a wedding ring tattoo on his ring finger...? Sound familiar anyone???
    Maybe sarah whispered in Levi's ear to get a wedding band tatoo'd on his finger????
    What a fucked up family. And now Bristol is throwing Levi under the bus...shameful! Just like her mom.

  140. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I posted earlier about unwed mothers having the right under state law and case law to give the child their last name. Someone questioned me on it, so here's the cite: AS 18.50.160. Birth Registration.
    (e) If the mother was not married at conception, during the pregnancy, or at birth, the name of the father may not be entered on the certificate of birth unless
    (1) paternity has been lawfully determined by a tribunal, in which case the name of the father, if determined by the tribunal, shall be entered;
    (2) both the mother and the man to be named as the father have executed affidavits attesting that that man is the father, so long as the affidavits meet the requirements of (g) of this section and AS 18.50.165; or
    (3) otherwise specified by statute.

    I commented that I felt it was important to consider the safety and stability of the child rather than the parents needs and wants. I am one of the posters that used the word "folks", and it appears that some here think I am a Palin troll and are treating my comments as hostile. I'm not, but I am an advocate for children. Custody cases often become about parents rights to the public, which is not the legal standard. Lets all just keep in mind we are still talking about a child of only 1 year of age. His needs will vary over time. Dividing the baby in half might serve the parents, but it doesn't serve him best.

  141. emrysa6:42 PM

    crystalwolf - and did you see in levi's response he noted that the palins KNEW the twitter account was a fake but they put it in there anyway?

    wtf is wrong with these people??

    bristol it's time for you to grow a pair! did you know that your aunt molly was pressured by your family to file for a Domestic Violence Protective Order against wooten? this is a PATTERN bristol! break free, or else your children are going to repeat the pattern just like you are currently doing.

    "In front of Judge Suddock, Molly testified that Wooten never hit her or never physically abused her or ever touched the children. She told the judge she was feeling pressure from her family to file the order. Suddock immediately dissolved the order because there was no proof of any domestic violence and called the order an abuse of the legal system. He then scolded Palin's sister for keeping Wooten's kids away from him."

  142. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Regarding Bristol getting (or already having) a job as one of her mother's minions and getting paid lots of $$$, that won't carry any weight in deciding custody issues. In fact, Levi could end up be just as deserving of child support from Bristol as the other way around.

    That said, I believe that Bristol and Levi both love Tripp. Ideally I wish they could work out legal custody issues between just the two of them and then abide by their agreement, for Tripp's sake. Probably not realistic given the family dynamics surrounding the Palin clan, but it would still be the preferred outcome.

  143. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Is it possible that Sarah believes (or has proof) that Levi is not the biological father of Tripp?

  144. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Anon at 833pm said "...Sarah and Todd run a household...where children are taken out of school for weeks at a time and are paraded underdressed for the public at all hours of the night."

    Not only that, but the severely disabled child Sarah allegedly gave birth to is rarely seen in the glasses he requires to see clearly, and the hearing aids he needs to hear the world around him.

    That is neglect and abuse. Period.

  145. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Chris said "I've always thought the same thing, that Trig is Todd's child but not Sarah's."

    So if Todd is the father, then the mother is.....?

  146. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:28 PM

    @emrysa: I didn't see the part where they KNEW that wasn't Levi's twitter...Why did they post it then?
    That's lying if they knew it wasn't his?

    To the anon about the Palin name. Its on the record, Tripp name is Tripp Easton Johnson and on the latest court papers its Johnson-Palin. A woman can put whomever name she wants on a birth cert?
    Her name, joe blow, her husband even if it isn't her husbands anyones!!!!
    Look at Grifter...its highly suspect that one and maybe her first born are not hers, yet they have the "Palin" name.

  147. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Kristen,1147am: "Re: Trig being Todd's but not Sarah's, biologically speaking.--I can't imagine any woman who would willingly give her baby to the wife of the man she got pregnant by. Are you supposing that the bio mom, who had an affair with Todd, was paid off or what?"

    Consider this possibility.....maybe Trig's biological mother is a member of the family who still gets to see the little boy regularly. :-)

  148. Anonymous7:57 PM

    As a lawyer, I love it. Why do I love it? Well, let me count the ways.

    First, the fact that Van Flein and his minions spend their days reading the tabs and the blogs and billing Sarah for it (we lawyers bill by the hour) -- well, I just love it. I wish some client would pay me my hourly rate for the recreational time I spend on blogs! Much more fun than combing through dull contracts. Apply for a job at Van Flein's law firm and get paid to read The Immorality Majority. Love it.

    Also, love the fact that Van Flein is on his way to billing Sarah at least $300k for the custody proceedings (or maybe they don't charge as much in Alaska as we big city lawyers charge in the unreal America). I would say with the pleadings that I have seen up at Alaska Dispatch, Van Flein has already billed at least $40,000 for the custody matter. I certainly can't begruge a fellow member of the bar from earning a rich living. Go Van Flein!

    Also love Bristol's mean girl affidavit. Complaining about Mercedes - oh yeah, it's so middle school. Also love that the baby's name is now "Tripp Johnston-Palin." Who knew that the abstinence loving Bristol was such a feminist - relegating Johnston to the baby's middle name.

  149. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I know someone who adopted 2 kids from a woman who did not want to raise them but she liked being pregnant. Go figure.

    Anyways, they "know" this woman and they also know the father who happens to be a local cop. It was all arranged by a lawyer in an "open adoption". These kids also have a biological older brother who was being raised by the birth mother. It's been 16 years now.

    So yes, I do think it possible that that little guy could be adopted also too.

  150. I've quickly read over the documents filed in the case and here are some impressions---

    Van Flein lost on his motions for using pseudonyms and to close the proceedings. Rex files an opposition to these motions. Van Flein wants an extension of time to reply to Rex's opposition and his legal assistant gets the extension. But then they fail to file a notice of the extension with the court. The time frame for filing the reply passes. VF realizes his epic fail and files the reply anyway (what an ego). He asks for oral argument on his motions even though time has passed.

    On December 24, the judge denied VF's request to reconsider the earlier rulings on his motions. Merry Christmas VF!

    VF's Reply Brief Regarding Opposition to Close Proceedings is incredibly disdainful, haughty, pompous and arrogant. He even tries to bully the court at a couple of points (on pages 2 of 5 and 4 of 5). He is not very professional by relying on tweets and radio interviews as reasons supporting his motions. He did not take the time to substantiate the veracity of these before attempting to use them as facts.

    He comes off as a major a$$hole and he's not off to a good start in his attempt at family law.

    It's going to be a wild ride, costing Mrs. Palin mucho dinero and causing her alot of headaches. (my observations as an attorney)

  151. Sharon in Florida, you are dreaming.

    Palin's book continues to top the charts and its success is unprecedented. Sales are already close to 2 million and climbing.

    If there were a market for Levi's book, it would be on the shelves.

  152. Anon. lawyer at 7:57, did you notice that most of Bristol's affidavit is hearsay, factual conclusions, legal conclusions, etc. ? It was very poorly drafted by Van Flein.

    His pleadings are not written very well. Oh well, it will make for lots of fun watching the spectacle.

  153. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Even Van Flein can not be stupid enough to use a tweet from a faked twitter account as an item in a filing to a court. Van Flein had to given in to the insistence of a (very) stupid client. And will pay the usual price.

  154. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:51 PM

    LisanTX & anon Lawyer Yes!!!
    thanks for your insights on this legal BS palin is trying to pull over on Levi!!!
    I will await you guys take on the legal proceedings...does this mean now anyone can go to the court site and get the PDF? Or did Alaska dispatch have to file something to get them?
    I mean it would be very interesting for a lawyer to write up what is going on as it happens or a law student....
    I myself don't see if grifter queen claims all the blogs are makin' stuff up about her, why her and her lawyers spend so much time and actually include said blogs in legal documents????

  155. emrysa8:54 PM

    crystalwolf sez:

    "I didn't see the part where they KNEW that wasn't Levi's twitter...Why did they post it then?
    That's lying if they knew it wasn't his?"

    it's in this pdf, page 17, item #4.

    that is one.lame.crew.

  156. Anonymous9:10 PM

    LisanTX, I imagine the court found VF quite obnoxious, too. I also noticed that Tripp is referred to variously as "Johnston-Palin" and "Palin-Johnston" in the documents.

    Others should note a statement in the documents that Tripp's paternity is not in dispute.

    As far as I remember reading early this year, the surname on his birth certificate is simply "Johnston". Bristol can call him "Johnston-Obama" if she wants, but his legal name is Johnston and VF knows it perfectly well. That he would employ whatever confused alias the Palins have created says so much about who is in charge.

  157. emrysa9:13 PM

    page 16, crystalwolf. reading my pages wrong.

  158. anon at 9:10--you're absolutely right about *who* is in charge. Van Flein needs to consult with Bill Eddy, an attorney with expertise in High Conflict Personalities.

    Of course, he won't, so he will be having *fun* dealing with his client--the one paying his fees. Rock on, VF, the worse mood you're in, the more mistakes you'll make.

  159. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Some comments from my vantage point as a trial lawyer.

    First, we have all had ass...e opposing counsel like Van Flein who are obnoxious and pompous and who waste their client's money with spurious pleadings. It's part of the reason so many litigators are miserable and warn their children not to become lawyers. So, having experienced it, it is amusing to watch the pompous young Van Flein in action.

    Second, Van Flein really did his client a disservice by accepting the case. He's not a family law specialist. Plus, Rex was able to make hay with the fact that Sarah claims she is not involved, but yet who is representing Bristol but Mommy's lawyer who does not practice in this area of law. Oh yeah, mommy's lawyer who likes to tell everyone he is representing "Governor Palin" even though she hasn't been Governor for about half a year now. Oh yeah, mommy isn't behind this.

    Love, love it. Thanks for the laughs Van Flien. Hope all your corporate clients flee you and your firm. First, you have bad judgment for taking a case outside of your area of expertise. Second, corporate clients usually don't like "controversial" political hacks and that is what you have become.

    But, hey as a lawyer, I'm all for raking in the bucks. Bill the hell out of the case, Van Flein. It takes a long time to read through all the comments in the tabs and on the blogs, and Sarah should be billed for every .10 hour (or do you bill with the more generous .25 of an hour?). Go get 'em.

  160. Anonymous2:35 AM

    ok, here's what happened:

    Bristol aborted baby 1, but to cover it up they kept her hidden letting the rumours fly she was preg. while Sarah found a baby to ''fake a pregnancy'' over. The baby came early and Bristol took care of it while mommy ''faked it''. Therefore Bristol's attachment to the kid as evidenced by her looks on the campaign trail. Sarah's wild ride story was b.s. she arrived in Alaska as scheduled and tired of the ''fake'' presented Trig a month early so she could quit being pregnant.

    Sarah was able to cover for Bristol's abortion and look good at the same time for having a Trig of her own.

    Then Bristol got preg, again, much to momma's chagrin and was outed during the campain as five months when she was actually just 3.

    The whole adopt a baby story referred to the baby susbsequently aborted by Bristol.

    The End - Send my Super Sleuth Prize now, please.

  161. crystalwolf aka caligrl4:54 AM

    emrysa: Thanks I found it...WoW!
    They KNEW it wasn't his but used it anyway????
    That's some kind of stupid! No wonder they wanted it secret so everyone couldn't see how lame team sarah is!!!!
    Somebody mentioned on palingates that Levi said "He could provide a home free of domestic violence" I missed that too,, What does he mean? Sarah beats toad up or what? I can see her getting mad and throwing stuff around at everyone...!
    Levi...unload, don't reload, JUST UNLOAD on this wacko family!!!!

  162. Here's an interesting article posted over at BP regarding the two judges that have ruled on this case thus far:

    It was written by Thomas Lamb and he sounds just a little bitter about both those judges...

  163. soapydog,

    In the interest of brevity, perhaps my language was imprecise. You're right, while a protective order is a tool in the civil court arsenal that may be employed in cases of real or imagined danger, it's also used pro forma in any divorce/custody petition as a formal housekeeping measure.

    Because the orders include jurisdictional and financial provisions, they prevent either party from making significant changes on behalf of the child while the action is being adjudicated. Hence the ominous tone. Per my reading, though, it's anticipatory, daddy-can't-take-minor-child-across-state-lines, not daddy-hit-mommy.

    Admittedly, I hope that's the case. Regardless, though, we are on the same team.

  164. Anon, 10:04 -

    What kind of lawyer is Rex Butler?

  165. Anon 2:35 (aka Super Sleuth)--

    Interesting does seem to fit. Who do you think is the father of the baby that was aborted? And where would Sarah find another baby to adopt, one that happens to resemble members of the family in terms of hair color, skin tone, etc.?

    Scarah does what it takes to keep up that facade she's got going. Whoever the bio mom is, the announcement of the pregnancy would have been very damaging to Sarah's reputation as Ms. Christian Conservative Perfect Parent Holier Than Thou Hockey Mom.

  166. Donna6:33 AM

    No competent lawyer who represents the grandmother would accept representation of the daughter. Too much potential for conflicts, particularly since grandma's interests will not be served by a whole lot of stuff that may come out in this proceeding. My lawfirm would refer this out in a New York minute.

  167. Deb in WI7:02 AM

    If they knew the twitter account was a fake and still used it to smear Levi in an actual Court Exhibit, can't that be grounds for Levi to sue the Palins on grounds of libel? Or is a court document not considered a "publication." Even Conan was forced to retract his error on the twitter account.

  168. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:15 AM

    Chris...who is Thomas Lamb and why do we care???
    I saw this earlier and it struck me as a palinbot mad b/c things weren't going the grifter's way? I'm not surprised...
    And I don't care.
    I'm glad two Judges are not drinking the kool-aid up there finally!!!!

  169. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Coming late to this, and my computer won't let me read the pdf files. But I did read the Alaska Dispatch article linked by Emrysa above. I noticed that it's dated December 28 and refers to Tripp. "On Nov. 4, Palin filed for sole custody of Tripp Johnston-Palin, the former couple's son, who celebrates his first birthday today."

    And I thought what a non-denial statement that was of Tripp's birthday. He didn't turn one on the 28th, but he celebrates his first birthday. You can celebrate any day. My husband and I are healthcare workers who work for a hospital, and my kids grew up knowing their birthdays would be celebrated on the nearest weekend off to their actual birthdays, and Thanksgiving and Christmas would be celebrated on the first weekend off after the holiday. I wonder if an actual birth certificate is going to have to go to the court as part of the documentation? Because I still don't think we're clear on when Tripp was born.


  170. Deb in WI7:29 AM

    This whole thing is Sarah pissed at Levi for what he said about her and what he COULD say about her, so she's trying to take Tripp away from him to keep him from talking.

    Levi never seems to say anything bad about Bristol. Levi had a right to say the truth about Sarah after Sarah and Chuck Heath said all those nasty things and lies about Levi. The road goes both ways.

    I hope he copies all those interviews with Chuck and Sarah badmouthing him in his documents.

    I think they purposely didn't allow Levi to see the baby, knowing all along they would use that time away from Tripp against him. It's an old custody battle trick.

    Also, (too), couldn't someone raise the point of Sarah's psychotic and vendictiv behavior (and tons of stuff that won't fit in this post) as grounds to keep Sarah from unsupervised visits?

  171. emrysa7:35 AM

    why would sarah adopt a child to cover for her daughter's abortion?

    I just don't see that scenario happening. that selfish psycho is not going to take on another dependent for the rest of her life to cover for her daughter having an abortion.

  172. emrysa8:11 AM

    Deb in WI said...

    "I think they purposely didn't allow Levi to see the baby, knowing all along they would use that time away from Tripp against him."

    makes you wonder, doesn't it. I'm also starting to wonder about that fake twitter account.

  173. A stunning lack of critical thinking here.

    Doesn't anyone realize that what all this means is that Levi has nothing left, we've heard it all - and it ain't much.

    If Levi had anything of any substance, anything that could do any damage, the Palins wouldn't go anywhere near a courtroom.

  174. Anonymous9:05 AM

    well, that might be the case UNLESS they assumed that they could seal the records. Which is exactly what they tried to do.

  175. Let's say you are correct, JohnDoe.

    But didn't Bristol say the action was just about her, not about multiples palins?

  176. Anonymous10:32 AM

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