Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The lipstick wearing pitbull bares her teeth at the Terminator. Gee I hope her face does not get stuck that way. Oops too late!

For those who missed it, (and how could you I just posted it yesterday, sheesh!), California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the following when asked about Sarah Palin and her resistance to agreeing that the dramatic climate change is caused mainly by human beings.

“You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish?” said Mr Schwarzenegger. “Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the [Republican] nomination [for president]? You have to take all these things with a grain of salt.”

Essentially Arnold is suggesting that Palin is pandering to a certain demographic (stupid people) to further her political agenda.

By a show of hands does anybody here disagree with that? Yeah I did not think so. I mean seriously you can spot sister Sarah's naked ambitions from space. No thinking person is fooled by her transparent attempts to ingratiate herself to the lunatic fringe. Except, of course, the lunatic fringe.

So now Sarah, never one to let a critical remark go unanswered, has fired up her ghostwriter and posted THIS response on the only venue that fits her adolescent personality, Facebook.

Why is Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for the same sorts of policies in Copenhagen that have helped drive his state into record deficits and unemployment? Perhaps he will recall that I live in our nation’s only Arctic state and that I was among the first governors to create a sub-cabinet to deal specifically with climate change. While I and all Alaskans witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand, I have repeatedly said that we can’t primarily blame man’s activities for those changes. And while I did look for practical responses to those changes, what I didn’t do was hamstring Alaska’s job creators with burdensome regulations so that I could act “greener than thou” when talking to reporters.

- Sarah Palin

So did you read that? What? You say it does not make sense? Well duh, it IS Sarah Palin after all! Okay here let me pare it down to the important points.

  • Ha! You broke you stupid state with all of your "save the planet" moose poop.
  • My state is colder than yours, so I can tell the globe is not warming!
  • I was TOTALLY for fighting climate change, before I was against it. (Different audience)
  • Stop blaming people! God made this place just for us, so of course we can do what we want with it. If we screw it up he will just make us a new one!
  • You are only pretending to care about the environment so all of your Hollywood friends, and the liberal media, and the science-y people will like you the most.
  • Besides your stupid speeches are even harder to understand than mine. So there!

Perhaps Shwarzenegger will take a moment to gently explain to sister Sarah that living in a place with weather does not make her an expert on climate, just like living in a place with oil did not make her an expert on energy.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    So Sarah - your WaPo op-ed was a bunch of crap?
    She is such a baby!!

    (btw - Arnold is in Copenhagen, not HI)

  2. Poor S'error, ranting incomprehensibly again.
    maybe she should pay the hairdresser she stiffed of payment instead of trying to comment on things she can't understand.

    Sarah, did you forget the commandment "thou shall not steal"?
    Taking of goods or services and not paying for them is theft. SARAH IS A THIEF!

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I say we take off and nuke her from orbit.

    It's the only way to be sure.


  4. emrysa7:14 PM

    gryphen, I believe it's "facelift book"

  5. And furthermore......she's gonna give Sambo an earful when he comes to her (the greatest expert in the whole wide world, just ask her) for energy and environmental advice in Hawaii.

    Yeah, wasn't that cagey of him to schedule being there the same time as GINO $'error?

  6. Wow Gryph, touche!

  7. Just when you think she couldn't get any more ridiculous- she has the gall to insult a republican governor who didn't quit when the governing got tough. And if she's refuting comments about the idiocy of her climate-change positions, then
    where's her rebuttal of Eugene Robinson's WaPo editorial evisceration of her anti-climate change hipocritical pandering to her base?

    The Governator is in Copenhagen- he gave a speech and held meetings about energy conservation at the local level earlier today.

  8. Forever Anonymous7:26 PM

    She is just "bitter than thou" all the time.

  9. Anonymous7:30 PM

    She is such an imbecile.

  10. Anonymous7:32 PM

    At least he talks to reporters. He does not hide behind facebook. Come out Sarah, wherever you are- there is a door out of facebook land; you really do have they key. We know you are shy, but you will have to talk to real people sometime. Grow up!

  11. $carah should get off her juvenile facebook rants and formally challenge the Governator to a debate on the issues. Then she should start appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows and demonstrate her true intellectual capacity without a teleprompter or ghostwriter's cover. What's she afraid of? Oh, yeah, the "perky" and infinitely more intelligent Katie Couric. And of being exposed for the fraud that she is.

  12. Anonymous7:35 PM

    How absolutely petty to respond to every single ill-perceived slight on facebook.

  13. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I know it is OT, but can anyone tell me where/when that frown photo was taken??

  14. BPOINT7:44 PM

    Could someone please remind the ghost writer.

    "...so that I could act “greener than thou” when talking to reporters."

    SP does not talk to reporters.

  15. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Palin is a damned idiot!

  16. Anonymous7:49 PM

    First of all, she is not capable of writing that crap, much less understanding it. What a Piece OS she is!

    Great comeback Gryph! I only hope Arnold comes back tomorrow with even more firepower. I wish he would challenge her to a face to face debate (without the ghost writer) with tv, press and Al Gore present.

    Check out her latest tweet. omg.....I have no words.

  17. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Palin's supporters are not all idiots but many of the intelligent ones don't own up to backing her right now. They will however, because she will say and do what the hard right want her to do and say. She has no intelligence of her own other than to know that if she does everything she can to destroy the middle class then that will appeal to the conservative right.

    Don't forget, the right wants to keep all of it's money and not pay in the least for the running of the country that enabled them to become wealthy. This is totally consistent with Palin's mindset and any mindset she hasn't developed yet will implanted in her brain. She obviously doesn't have a shred of intelligence that would make her question or resist the rightwing agenda. If she's ever elected your country could be set back 50 years.

  18. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Looks she she WILL be home for XMAS!!! Book signing in Anchorage 12/22 - start your signs, get ready - go directly to the book signing, wave your sign and pass right on by her and give her your backside!

  19. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Gryph...you forgot to include the Rapture and End Days aspect in your interpretation of what she said. The end is near and so who cares if the planet is heating up. Heck, that may be part of the beginning of the Rapture! I'm pretty sure that is part of her "reasoning".

  20. Anonymous8:20 PM

    OMG, CR46, thanks for the great "S'error" name. Gosh, that's perfect. It's the first time I've ever read it, and you just made my week. I can't stop chuckling over that.

    Palin has done another unbelievable thing: make Arnold look intelligent. I've never been a fan of his, but in contrast to her, gosh, he's looking almost intelligent. Let's not give him too much credit, though. I have family in CA, and from the press he gets in-state, he's done his own little number on people there. Still, like stated above, he hasn't quit.

    Mind you, he has higher ambitions, too, but is smart enough to know he can't afford to pull a Palin. Plus, as a former actor, he knows how to address the press (usually).

    Sarah never fails to prove her immaturity. If you wrote a novel about a politician patterned after her, no one would take it seriously because it is so incredibly difficult to think anyone striving for an office above automated street sweeper would act as childishly as she does.

    You know, this is the stuff nightmares are made of - Sister Sarah as President squawking about every little criticism made of her. I shudder to think of it.

  21. anon at 8:20
    Someone, I can't remember who, used it. So I'm "pulling a Palin" and grifting it for my own use :)
    I wish I could remember who used it and give them credit though.

  22. Palin thinks she's going to take on the Governator and win?

    I'm not Arnold fan, but he can govern rings around Palin. My Mayor is responsible for more people than Palin has in had in her state. And neither quit before their elected terms were over.

    Arnold can't be president so he isn't threatened by competition from Palin. He won't be seeking the nomination in 2012. We've got oil in California too. And fish. We've got more revenue and a bigger budget. We have a lot more problems than Alaska. If California were a separate country we'd rank a lot higher in the world than if Alaska became a sovereign nation.

    Bottom line? To Arnold Sarah is an annoying gnat. Not much to be bothered with. I think he's mostly concerned about how she effects the perception of the Republican party. He's concerned she is damaging the party.

    My feeling is she would do better to shut her mouth than to continue to remove all doubt.

  23. First time posting and just want to say I love your blog. The comments are GREAT! Smart and funny comments like emrysa said "facelift book" really makes me laugh. The more I learned of Sarah the more I disliked her and what really turned me off is when she was inciting hatred toward Obama during the campaign and her "real America" comments really hit a nerve.

  24. Anonymous8:36 PM

    New York is not too happy with Sister Sarsh - -

    State Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis swiped back at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and other deniers of man-made climate change during remarks at this week's international climate conference in Copenhagen.

    "Last week, Sarah Palin -- you all remember her -- put a new posting on her Facebook page challenging the severity of climate change and telling President Obama to boycott Copenhagen," Grannis told his audience Monday.

    He pointed out that in the last 50 years, temperatures in Alaska have increased 6 degrees, and some coastal villages are at risk of falling into the ocean because of melting permafrost.

    "Maybe instead of giving President Obama advice, (Palin) should be looking for a house further inland," Grannis said.

    Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=878598&category=STATE#ixzz0ZpL6ZnSr

  25. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Gov. Schwarzenegger has had to deal with issues far more complex than the beauty contestant ever had to deal with. AK has a population that is just a minute fraction of CA and Sarah could not handle even that. Gov Arnold did not up and quit. He is working hard at what he believe's is best (tho I do not always agree), one has to admire him for that.

  26. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Gryphen, see Bree's blog...

    You have an "in" with Van Flein, what's his name, her lawyer. Do you think you could ask him for help in getting the hairdresser in Salt Lake City paid and the bellcap in Florida? This could be a money maker for him... He can protect her backside so she doesn't end up in small claims courts all over the country and the working class Americans can get their Sarah bills paid. How about sending a little more Sarah business his way?

  27. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Quitter S'error -- you are a complete idiot that thinks and acts like a third-grader. Please stay in Hawaii this time as you are a total disgrace to us true Alaskans that understand the difference between weather and climate.

  28. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I don't think Sarah likes Alaska very much. After flying (um, busing) all over the lower 48, she jets off to Hawaii.

    Hey, Sarah, children learn about the importance of education in early elementary school. Taking your daughter out of school for weeks at a time teaches her a very poor lesson and only serves to illustrate how little you care about learning.

  29. Anonymous9:10 PM

    $carah's own mouth will be her undoing. She is too stupid to realize with all these fake facebook rants, at some point someone is going to challenge her to a debate. She pokes and pokes and pokes at people over anything. She just loves attention......good or bad...as long as her face is in the headlines everyday. Nothing like messing with her own Party. Hey Sarah......PLEASE cloth Trig properly....are you trying to make him really sick? Or worse?

  30. Squish her like the bug that she is. Step down hard and listen for cracking. Oh wait, that was her face.

  31. Hamstring? Who writes this stuff?

    Looks like Sarah has decided to get up in Arnold's face. Whoa. This could get interesting.

  32. Hey Sarah "haole" Palin...hope that the native Hawaiians and the Asian population freak you out enough again so that you are afraid to leave your hotel room :-)
    Aloha, and enjoy your stay in Hawai'i.

  33. emrysa... facelift book... I love it!

  34. Did she read Eugene Robinson's WaPo column (yesterday?) to learn about the sub-cabinet she created to deal with climate change? But why would she create such a sub-cabinet if climate change is a hoax and conspiracy? Very confusing. Help!

  35. SAH-rah, watch owwwt! Ahh-nold is going to rip off your pomped-up head with the air in it!

    Maybe she is uncomfortable with Ahh-nold because you know, he is one of those foreigners from the NotReal American mountains called Austria! (Geographically-challenged Sarah thinks that's where the kangaroos are.)

    Stick to sparring verbally with people on your own intellectual level, Sarah--like your kids.

    PS: Does trig have his glasses on today?

  36. Gryphen, this is a great line:

    ". . . living in a place with weather does not make her an expert on climate, just like living in a place with oil did not make her an expert on energy."

    We need to spread this far and wide!

  37. Sarah does herself no favors. I doubt Arnold will respond to her adolescent rant. He may not be my favorite politician, but he does have some dignity. I do give him credit for speaking up though. If more people would just tell the truth about Sarah, then she wouldn't get all the attention that she does NOT deserve.
    Sarah wants power as badly as she wants money. The only thing is, if she were to get some power and/or authority, she'd freak out. She would not know what to do with it. She would try but as soon as a few prominent people spoke out against her, she'd be concentrated only on revenge. If it ain't Sarah's way, then there is no way.
    That being said, are you Alaskans lucky enough to not have smog or air alerts? We have air alerts here all the time. They grade them, kinda like the airport security alerts. Sometimes I cannot go outside as the toxins in the air make it difficult just to breathe. You can see the smog floating above the city. It's nasty and unhealthy. I thought one of Sarah's mantras is that she is for the people? What about those of us with breathing problems that can't go outside in the spring, summer and fall because of all of the pollution caused by man?
    Keep on talking Sarah. You're just giving more ammunition for the rethug primaries. HAHA.

  38. Sarah The Wildlife Terminator said: "While I and all Alaskans witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand, I have repeatedly said that we can’t primarily blame man’s activities for those changes." (Gee, by Sarah's f-d up evangelical reasoning, wouldn't this be all-powerful God's fault anyway? What kind of incompetent is he?)

    "...while I did look for practical responses to those changes, what I didn’t do was hamstring Alaska’s job creators with burdensome regulations"

    Yeah, we remember how you fought against those pesky building codes which would have made Alaska more energy-efficient, so the wasteful building and deep contractor pockets can continue unhindered. We've noticed you like to yammer on and on about the natural beauty of the frostheaves, salmon and mountain ranges, but really you don't give a shit about the environment unless you can make a buck off of it somehow.

    By the way, we have adopted a family in Alaska again and are sending groceries--they're freezing, with the same unresolved issues you were ignoring last winter. Way to improve the state before ya quit!

  39. It just shows either her distain for others or her stupidity and lack of ability to educate herself.
    To compare her former state to California is ludicrous, each state has very different problems.
    Anybody with sense and knowledge would know that.
    But quitter/twitter queen does not have sense or respect for others, especially for those whose opinions differ from hers.
    Alaska does have severe Climate change problems that she is ignoring while pandering to her base.
    Go to www.climatechange.alaska.gov/Hartig
    I hope that gets you to the Power Point presentation given by Larry Hartig, the person PALIN chose to head the cabinet on climate change.
    Again, palin reacts, with no solutions, no knowledge on the subject, and word salad.

  40. "...living in a place with weather does not make her an expert on climate, just like living in a place with oil did not make her an expert on energy."

    I would add:

    living in Alaska does not make her an expert on Native Alaskans;

    Speaking on the phone to someone who is using a fake Pepe lePew accent does not make her an expert on France;

    Making her jiffy pop hair go higher does not make her an expert on thermodynamics;

    Shooting a wolf does not make her an expert on wildlife;

    grifting from Arctic Cat does not make her an expert on SNOW!machines;

    and, of course, faking a pregnancy does not make her an expert on special needs, basic child care, vision problems, hearing problems, feeding issues, hygiene in public places, and shoelessness.

  41. "Gryph...you forgot to include the Rapture and End Days aspect...The end is near and so who cares if the planet is heating up. Heck, that may be part of the beginning of the Rapture!"
    That way when Jesus comes back he won't be chilly walking around in his sandals.

  42. "Jiffy-Pop hair.....LOVE THAT!!

  43. Since Palin loves to say she looks to God for guidance, she needs to be made aware of what the Bible says about her and what she is doing.

    These passages are from Proverbs/Good News Bible/English Version:

    11:22--Beauty in a woman without good judgment is like a gold ring in a pig's snout.

    12:16--When a fool is annoyed, he quickly lets it be known; smart people will ignore an insult.

    IMHO, the first verse explains why listening to Palin is not a good idea. She uses her beauty to attract supporters, but there is no there there. The second verse relates to why she has a tendency to use FB to respond to what she considers insults. The poor thing can't help herself.

    As one poster mentioned previously, the guy Palin appointed to study climate change will be in Copenhagen to provide proof of the effects of climate change on Alaska. I looked at his material on yesterday, and it blows Palin's flip flop out of the water. He has data. Palin has FB. I'll take the data.

  44. Sarah, you can't keep claiming a successful governing record when you quit.

    Just cause you started something doesn't mean it is fleshed out or can be considered an accomplishment. You campaigned for, wanted that gubernatorial job so bad, but once you realized it was work and you had to be accountable - what did you do? Orchestrate an image that caught a desperate party's eye. A breath of fresh air? LOL. Give us all a break. You are as good old boy as the rest of em.

    But right, your resume is so flimsy; you need to keep bulking it up with your energy, climate and reproductive creds.

    Your new sweeping ethics reform isn't working out so well, your replacement AG is looking it over to improve or scrap.

    You can't brag about the State's fiscal fitness when you have nothing to do with it. Other than raising taxes on the oil companies, you have nothing to do with making the oil, improving the yields or getting it out of the ground.

    Where is AGIA? Where or where is that pipedream?

    The timber, seafood and tourism industry are the only other economic indicators in this state and there is nothing you can point to show your record of accomplishment there.

    So our State not being busted ass broke for reaping 85% of its budget from oil and taking care of only a little over half a million people (versus nearly 40 million) is nothing you can base your executive skills on. Besides, if you had your way and the oil prices were low (didn't you say that in an interview, you wish we didn't experience peak prices that made our State flush with cash? WTF kind of logic is that?) we'd love to see how you handle managing a State on a shoestring budget. Your executive style and policymaking record would expose you to be the fraud of a public servant you are.

    You also created the Rural Sub-Cabinet, we think they had one meeting. . .how's that working out for us? What's that, you are going to get America weaned off of foriegn oil for the sake of our economy and national security? Has your Cabinet revealed our own State's dependency on foriegn value-added petroleum products? Has it addressed archaic and rudimentary fuel deliveries via barge (or by air freight in emergent situations) to aging and inefficient diesel power plants at .80 to 1.10 a kW?

    Oh that's right, you announced the lofty goal of having half our power generated by alternative energy in what, 20 years? But that requires learned peoples, you know, educated elite folks. That also happen to be hard working Americans, or not.

    Until you have the balls to face a real interactive debate, STFU. Jerk.

  45. She has, once again, made a complete ass of herself. All the crazy comments from her adoring fans on Facebook is feeding her monstrous ego and she doesn't get that they represent a very narrow segment of our population.

    I just really wish people would stop comparing her to pit bull, it's extremely offensive to such a wonderful breed. She's more like a turkey buzzard, who shits on its feet to cool itself off.

  46. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Beginning to believe the stories about Todd sleeping on the sofa. This is one bitter woman filled with hatred. Doubt if she has had an orgasm. If so, it has been long time ago.

  47. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Ohhh Chris! I am laughing so hard and I needed that. Thanks for the turkey buzzard visual.

  48. CGinWI5:50 AM

    I would love to see you post specifically about stiffing the hairdresser, because I know SP defenders read this, and I really, really want to know how they are going to defend that.

  49. Anonymous5:51 AM

    S'error made a sub-cabinet then QUIT. No points for sub-cabinet unless you IMPLEMENT their suggestions.

    So, Gryphen, where is this sub-cabinet and what are they doing? How much are they being paid? Do the do actual work or just collect the salary?

  50. Anonymous5:55 AM

    When asked while on her 'book' tour where Copenhagen was, she replied "Why, it's right there in Toddy's back pocket. See the ring?"

  51. What's the point of creating a "sub-cabinet to deal specifically with climate change" if climate change isn't man-made? Is this Palin contradiction too subtle for the Palinbots?

  52. Anonymous6:31 AM

    hehehe, I just can't get enough of that picture. I just wish we knew what Cindy McCain said to her to get that reaction.
    I hope her days are numbered & she is exposed as a fraud, liar & cheater.

  53. CGinWI,
    You want to know how Sarah's fans will defend her theft of services from the hairdresser?

    Do you really expect them to not defend her in some manner?

    This is what they are saying:

    **I'm assuming that situation will be rectified and was an over site... bet it's happened to Barack Obama on a few occasions and is interesting that the media doesn't go crazy about it...**

    **Haven't heard about Salt Lake City but as someone who has walked out of a store with an umbrella because it had started raining and wasn't been stopped and then got home and realized what I did (yes, I did go back to the store and paid for it and apologized). Once I also went to the hairdresser and after I was finished was informed that they did not take, credit nor debit cards and again had to go to an ATM and come back and paid for it, I will give her the benefit of the doubt.**

    Those are the only two real responses to the subject which was brought up by "SandrainOregon" who posts on the Progressive/AK blogs under the name "Sandra", the rest of the comments (and there were a couple of pages of them) were more or less just attacks on Sandra for bringing it up, calling her a concern troll and then discussing the idea that she should be banned (this is from the Ocean of Urine site I should add).

    Of course they will defend Sarah and try to explain away her theft. They must defend her at all costs. That is what brainwashed people do.

  54. Gryphen: OT, but on your post Sunday evening regarding the book-signing at Elemendorf, did you not indicate you had milled about talking to Chuck, et al. and you would be posting more about this. Just wondering. And wondering if you had any insight into Willow's mood and the subsequent apparently quick flight out of AK by her mother and part of the family.

  55. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I wonder what they think about the "don't speak until spoken to" part. Let me guess:

    "Sarah is very busy."
    "I'm sure it was a misunderstanding. Sarah is one of us."
    "Sarah would never say that. I'm sure it was her handlers. They're steering her the wrong way OR they're just looking out for her."
    "That hairdresser is lucky to have met Sarah up close. She should stop complaining."

  56. OT and to the attention of Governor Schwarzenegger: Governor, Do you recall being at the 2008 meeting of the annual governors conference? You know, the one where you and all of the governors had their picture taken in a big group photo with then President Bush? You were standing directly behind this now quitter Governor from Alaska who said she was pregnant - about 28 weeks along, according to her. I'd like to know if you remember seeing any "pregnant" governor, especially this one.

    In case you don't remember that photo - here's a link. http://www.subnet.nga.org/centennial/2008Meeting.

  57. hdtracy6:52 AM

    To IC at 5:13AM ...

    Excellent post - very well articulated! I commend you!

  58. Anonymous7:14 AM

    "WHILE I AND ALL ALASKANS witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand,..."

    Gotta love that incorrect, but revealing, sentence structure--as usual she puts herself first! Very telling.

  59. lilly7:31 AM

    Perhaps everyone she has ever stiffed, and I think there are plenty, including all the lattes she walked away with withoug paying, should speak up now.

    Tiger Woods seemed to be a cheap skate, and it is only coming out now, courtesy of his former mistresses.

  60. Anonymous7:33 AM

    This is another perfect example of why she will never become a politician with any form of power. She thinks she must respond to any and all forms of critism or any words and thoughts that do not conform with hers. Can you even imagine what the MSM would look like if every politician, including the President, responded like she does? It would be back and forth nonsense every day. She should learn to shut up and pay the hairdresser in Utah that she walked out on.

  61. "where is this sub-cabinet? "

    tawd is fixin' it for ya ....

  62. Midnight Cajun7:34 AM

    Whatever you might say about Arnie, Sarah dear, at least he didn't quit when the going got tough. Just by sticking it out he has shown who has moral fiber and who doesn't.

    Sarah has become the voice of the forces of hatred, bigotry, discontent and fear in this country. She literally puts a pretty face on evil, so her devotees can fool themselves into thinking that they're about righteousness and purity rather than the vile ugliness that is their true character.

  63. Gasman7:41 AM

    Chris, I think you've about got it right suggesting that Palin is shitting on her Naughty Monkeys. I would love to hear her articulate (ha!) how she thinks (again, ha!) taking on everybody - liberals, moderates, others in the GOP, etc. - is going to play out to her advantage.

    She seems to be consciously aiming her defecatory nuggets straight at the people who are the people she ostensibly needs in any future quest for elected office. Why is Palin: trying to extort obscene speaking fees from GOP women at the Reagan Library - among others; blowing off 40% of the people who had purchased books in Noblesville, IN, leaving them standing in the cold rain; charging her sheeple $16 and beyond for a picture; stiffing "real" Americans who are foolish enough to do "business" with her? This propels her to the White House, how?

    Now, caught in her own escalating vanity, she thinks that her star has eclipsed Schwarzenegger's? Forget Icarus, it is Narcissus of the North who is flying too near the sun.

    Sarah, dear, listen up:
    Your wings are made of wax. They are already beginning to drip. You are going to have a spectacular crash. You need to realize that you are an incredibly vain goober who imagines herself important. Get off the bus (or plane), dress your child, go back home, repair your marriage, engage in some active parenting and make some kind of effort to see that your youngest two daughters don’t also get pregnant as unwed teens, and for God’s sake, STFU in perpetuity.

    You are a moron. And, also.

  64. You are right Arnie didn't quit Calif....but, if you lived here you would wish he had. We have some of the highest taxes in the country. Our state is in the toliet from all the "Greenies" not letting us grow crops and protecting little tiny insect, fish, etc. The tree huggers will not let us thin the forest so we have wild fires that destroy animals and property and then have mud slides when it rains because of the wild fires stripped the hills and mountains of growth. This state sucks because of the greenies. Arnie is a big blow hard. He says he is going to do something and never has the guts to do it. He talks big but does nothing!!!!

    He complained about pollution and still drove that big Hummer for months. He and his wife both have had tickets in the last month or so for parking in red zones. They don't think the rules apply to them. We have unemployment at 14% and yet Arnie and the Mayor of LA both go to that conference...geezzz. If Sarah was still Gov. in Ak. and went to that conference she wouild have had an ethics complaint filed against her.
    What will they get from it...NOTHING...EXCEPT SPENDING MONEY THE STATE DOESN'T HAVE. He needed a smack down by someone for most anything we are all sick of him here. We still thank you all for all the ethic complaints that caused Sarah to resign now she is free and say what you want...you can't hurt her at all....She is laughing all the way to the bank. We would have traded you in a minute Arnie for Sarah....You people didn't know how good you had it.

  65. Gasman8:15 AM

    I've got news for you. CA government sucked long before Ahnold became the Governator. It's not who is in office that is California's problem. The main difference between CA and most other states is the ease which the referendum process can be used and manipulated in the short term for nearly any political cause.

    Ahnold could never have become Governator without a mechanism to essentially override the ballot via the referendum process. Ya'll amend your Constitution on seemingly a monthly basis via referendum. Legislators cannot act like adults for fear of having every action overturned via referendum.

    I'd bet that you don't have any greater proportion of Greenies in CA than most other Western states - I live out West, too. You could get rid of all the Greenies and your problems would persist. You will be rid of Ahnold soon enough, yet your problems will continue. If you want change, get rid of the referendum process. The referendum allows anyone with sufficient cash to essentially buy an election on nearly any issue. Just ask Ahnold, for that is exactly how he became Governator.

  66. Daisydem, sadly Dennis called me and said that the video we shot did not have anything that he felt was newsworthy so it will not be completed. That is totally his call.

    I did talk to Chuck Heath a number of times, but he did not know much about anything. The only potentially newsworthy thing he said was that Billy Graham's plane DID fly them to a few of their book signing stops. But not up here, that was Harper Collins.

    And as for Willow, she was not observed with the family at the airport.

  67. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:27 AM

    Juju...eff off! Move if you don't like it in Cali!
    Arnold did not do this! Reagan and prop 13 started it years ago.
    Take your greenie talk and shove it where the sun don't shine, you know up Palin's ass!!!Move up to Alaska. You wouldn't last the year up there.
    Arnold didn't Quit like Palin, even though he was handed a pile of shit when he was elected.
    We don't get the mega federal funding that Alaska and other states get.

    And your SarahPac -o-lies is laughing all the way to the bank because of idiots like you feeding your kids rice so you can donate to her, and she can shit on the little people like the hairdresser she didn't pay in Utah!
    Hey Juju
    Where is RAM? Or VO? Why aren't you up in Ak with them? Left behind????
    Oh yeah Juju, you sayin' we here in Cali would of traded for Sarah, you are full of shit.
    None of us here would have that do nothing POS for gov.

  68. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:35 AM

    To the poster above re: pic...That pic came from the campaign trail...she is with Cindy. It is my fave b/c it shows exactly what the queen quitter is...a bitch!!!

  69. Anonymous8:38 AM

    juju, as a Californian, you make me ashamed with your willful ignorance. I'm sure you hated Gov. Gray Davis, too.

    I did not vote for Gov. Schwarzenegger (By the way, Gryphen, typo alert in your post on his name). But he is EINSTEIN compared to Palin. He has consistent personal and political policies; he doesn't flipflop on major issues (or if he does, he explains what changed his rationale), he doesn't quit his job, and he shows up to work.

    (Oh, and he really was an athlete, unlike shrimpy faker Barracuda.)

    juju, you have a female crush on an imaginary fantasy figure who doesn't really exist. Seek help. The real Sarah Palin is taking your money to Hawaii, stiffing hair dressers in Utah, neglecting to clothe and care for her "DS" child while paying someone to write immature Facebook rants. She can't even write her own "book." Thank God she quit her job.

  70. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Feliz Navidad, JuJu! When Arnold leaves office and you can once again grow all those crops the "greenies" wouldn't let you, will you be allowing our brown friends to the south come up and pick them? I bet you will as long as they remember to go home after they fill their need.

  71. Snowing in Alaska8:44 AM

    Just keep drinking your empty mochas and Red Bulls, Sarah. May I bring you a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell? Your health will be crap by 50 and with your stretched out face, middle age is going to be hell. You will only get snottier, and we will only laugh harder. Arnold on the other hand looks stupendous! Eat your heart out. Oh wait, you already did that.

  72. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Juju hates anyone who isn't Sarah Palin. Just remember, Juju, if you ever do get to meet Sarah, don't speak until you're spoken to.

  73. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Juju, Sarah and Arnold are more alike than you think.

    They both had plastic surgery.
    They both talk a little funny.
    They both smoked marijuana when they were younger.
    They both got where they are today by showing off their bodies and relying on silly tag lines.
    They both are unqualified to be POTUS (Arnold because he's was not born an American citizen, Sarah because she's a mindless wackjob).

  74. Anonymous9:50 AM

    That pic has one of those 'univerdsal micro-expression'..."Lie to Me" is based on a real scientist that figured this out and wrote a book about it and has been contracted by the govt...etc.

    Her expression in that photo is CONTEMPT and yes, it is the PERFECT representation of $carah Phalin': That pic is how SHE REALLY FEELS about the american people and the McCain campaign not letting her 'go rouge': C U Next Tuesday...

  75. Anonymous10:24 AM

    BTW: They actually used THAT pic in the latest episode of LTM...and have used that pic in other episodes as well...she is comtemtious of anyone who does not worship her.

  76. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:35 AM

    Anon@10:24 do you know the name of the episode? I would like to see if it is online, that is one episode I want to see!

  77. Anonymous10:36 AM

    That's my favorite picture of Ms. Palin.

  78. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Palin is now attacking working governors who stayed on through tough times to try and solve the problems of their respective states? She is attacking governors who didn't bail for profit? Wow!!!! That's all I can say....Wow.

    Other governors need to to grow a pair and start speaking out against the grifter.

  79. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I saw that Lie to Me episode too and thought it was hilarious that they used this photo as an example of "contempt".

    Does anyone remember what was going on at the time this photo was taken? I wonder what was taking place that she has that much contempt!!! Wow...I'm not sure I can even make my face do that.

  80. Hey JuJu why don't you do a big favor for the Bitter Twitter Quitter Queen and pay that nice hair dresser from Salt Lake for her. Do something useful for a change. And I too also think it would be a great idea for you to move to Alaska. No one is forcing you to stay in California. I think you have been following your leader so much that the nasty and negative are all you can see.

  81. Check out the post that is posted on Sarahs FB page that I "cut and pasted" below! I can't believe that it made it thru!

    WeslySarah "The Quitter from Twitter" Palin left the city of Wasilla in financial ruin, and her state with the highest rate of high-school dropouts, and the lowest rate of college graduates. Then again that's her main demographic of followers... Let's see this coward go on a Sunday morning show instead of spewing nonsense on issues she knows nothing about on Facebook. Women paying for their own rape kits... great Governor.
    2 minutes ago

  82. Juju,

    No wonder you would vote for Palin. "Highest taxes"? How disingenuous of you. CA has lowest property tax of any state. It is one reason why the budget is failing.

    When Arnie reduced the new care sales tax, Republicans rejoiced.

    I said, "How will we balance the budget?" No one had any answers for me.

    CA has LOW taxes on everything but sales tax. That is part of the problem. You "conservatives" want everything for FREE.

    The DMV has to be PAID for. See?

    And you use this as an example of how Palin is better? How confused you must be. Palin TAXED the oil companies until they didn't want to do business there anymore. She GAVE the money away to the people.

    My, my. This is what happens when you worship PEOPLE over principles. You have no principles.

    All you have is a Twilight level crush on a figment of your imagination.

    That said, I support your adulation of Palin. Please donate to her. Make sure she runs in 2012! And as a tip, you are doing her NO favors by posting the mean spirited, childish baloney you post here.

    Seriously -- you guys need to get your act together. You are RUINING her chances to win the primary. And it will be brutal.

    Get it together! Find something she stands for and stick to it!

    Run, Sarah, Run! Dick Cheney & Sarah Palin for "change" (LOL).

  83. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I mistakenly clicked the headline of this post and entered Sarah's facebook realm. Under her Hannukah entry, there was a comment from a woman who basically appologized for only being able to give SarahPac $25 this year, hoping that she can do more in 2010. So sad.

    How do you live with yourself, Sarah?

  84. It is my favorite photo of mrs todd too. I'm just wondering if she can still make that face after all "the work". I would be disappointed if she can't. It's really her best look. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with it I stood in front of the mirror & tried to make the same face. Not everyone's jaw & mouth can do this....mine can't.

  85. Anonymous12:00 PM

    There are pictures of Sarah and family in Hawaii on tmz.com

  86. O/T Scarah in Hawaii

    The failed Vice Presidential nominee took time off from shilling her book to vacation with her son Trig, daughter Piper and opposite sex spouse Todd, in President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii on Tuesday.

    But during beach time, Sarah chose to wear a visor from her campaign -- a visor that was emblazoned with the former presidential candidate's name ... that is, until Palin redacted McCain's name with a black marker

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0Zt7xQdSU

  87. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Interesting pick for a vacation spot. Did Palin think that she would upstage the President since he usually visits Hawaii for Christmas? Or, will she say he copied HER by going to Hawaii.

    She is an vain and evil woman.

    Also interesting that she is good for tabloid news on TMZ. Hey TMZ, you should start snooping around Palin's wild baby story.

  88. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I hate the Governator, he has ruined California but it's not because of his policy on the enviroment. It's been his stand on no taxes that put us in the crapper. The main reason California is hurting so bad has to do this crap that he had nothing to do with.
    The stupid fact that we need 2/3 of the state legislators to agree on the budget. That really hurts. Prop 13 is also a major problem. And finally the fact that any hairbrain idiot can put just about anything on the ballot if they get enough signatures. Most of which mandates spending without offering a way to pay for these projects. Almost 90% of our budget are mandated by stupid voters who didn't ask one simple question before checking yes, how are we going to pay for this. On top of it noone wants to reverse Prop. 13 and raise property taxes. So now we have to pay more taxes for just about everything except on our property.

  89. "where is this sub-cabinet?"

    Oh, dontcha know, it's right down the street from the Department of Law there! Close to where Sarkozy lives!

  90. MacAndCheeseWiz5:57 PM

    Gryphen, I never doubted your post for a second.
    That photo cracks me up everytime I see it. That's how she probably used to look (before the plastic surgery) when someone read her the news, and she felt the adolescent need to do a facebook rant with her ghostwriter.

    Caribotox Barbie, her unemployed secessionist husband, and her human shields deserve a vacation in Hawaii! A little "thaw time" will do them well, and maybe in a year or two, when those people she ripped off actually complete reading the book, she could debate them as well!
    She could put it on pay per view!

    The old hat with McCain's name sharpied out and the patriotic tee shirt show how much she cares!

  91. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Willow was in a sour mood because she found out a few minutes before the event, that Mommy dearest would be taking the props - er kids - to Hawaii, and she and Bristol and Track and Tripp were NOT invited. I'd be pissed too.

  92. ICstraightsSEAK10:15 PM


    Go to Hulu and Search "Lie to Me" Tractor Man

    @ 16:31 he uses that pic as an example to school kids contempt...funny!!!


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