Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sarah Palin's perpetual problem with planes.

I recently sat down in a local coffee shop with a source close to an ex-staff member of Governor Palin's. I had heard that this person had some very interesting information concerning Sarah Palin and the challenges air travel seemed to present for her. And they did indeed.

When Governor Palin came into office there were three planes available for her to use. Two King Air's and, of course, the jet Governor Murkowski had purchased and that Palin had used as an example of extravagance during her battle for the Republican nomination.

Since Sarah had used the jet as an example of overspending by the previous administration, she obviously could not be seen flying around in it during her term. This was, of course, before she ultimately sold it, not on E-bay like she claimed, but instead to the owner of a sporting goods company. However to cut costs she also did away with one of the two remaining King Air's.

Which left the Governor with only one plane to use for flying around Alaska. A plane that she also had to share with the state troopers, who used it to transport prisoners back and forth across the state.

Often the Governor would request the plane only to learn that it was not available. This caused Sarah to form a conspiracy theory in which she suspected that she was purposefully being denied access to the plane, as punishment for getting rid of the other two planes. In fact it was simply that the single plane did not adequately meet the needs of both the governor and the state troopers.

So this meant that when Governor Palin did fly she would often have to fly on a commercial airline.

Now the state will pay to fly the governor just about anywhere on state business, but that entitlement does not extend to the rest of the family. The state will pay to fly the whole family to Juneau at beginning of the legislative session, and then back home at the end, but all other family travel expenses come out of the Governor's pocket. This was something that Sarah Palin did not fully understand.

When Sarah was finally confronted with a bill for her family's transportation expense she was, according to my source, "livid"! You see even in the early days of her administration Sarah took Piper with her just about everywhere, including on plane trips for official business. After she received the bill Palin decided that if the event did not specifically invite her children, or at least Piper, than she was simply not going. And she didn't. As matter of fact, Palin flew less than any other governor before her.

And another thing that set her apart from her predecessors was what she DID while flying. Both Tony Knowles and Frank Murkowski always carried huge briefcases stuffed with work in need of attention. But Sarah flew almost completely unencumbered with such distractions, and instead spent her time reading US magazine or some other gossip filled rag. (Too bad Katie Couric did not ask Sarah about the goings on with "Brangelina" THAT might have been a topic in which she was conversant.)

Since I was talking to somebody who had access to such interesting and intimate details of Palin's air travels, I realized I needed to ask about the most famous Palin flight of all. The Wild Ride.

And this is what I learned.

There was a lot of concern expressed by the Governor's staff concerning her flying to Texas for that energy conference so late in her “pregnancy”, but the governor ignored them. (No surprise there.)

Before departure from the Anchorage airport she, and Todd, were met by her security detail who cleared her so she did not have to go through the regular airport screenings and escorted her right onto the airplane. No one from her security detail flew to Texas, which was highly unusual, but they did arrange for her to be met by somebody at the airport. When she was ready to return from Texas she was again allowed to bypass security and simply board the plane. (Remember how everybody wondered over at Palin's Deceptions how Sarah could have manged to get through airport security if she was wearing an Empathy Belly? And why she would have risked discovery? Well now we learn that she did NOT have to go through the security checkpoints like everybody else. And of course she knew that, now didn't she?)

When she arrived back in town there is no record of any security detail meeting her, as is common, and she and Todd drove from the airport all the way to the Mat-Su hospital without escort. Now WHY would anybody, who had felt “a strange sensation” low in their belly and told the Anchorage Daily News they were leaking amniotic fluid, NOT have asked for a security detail to meet them at the airport and help them to get to a hospital all the way in the Valley in a timely manner?

Even considering how bizarre Sarah's thinking may have been, what husband whose wife was about to give birth would pass up the opportunity to have a security detail escort them to the hospital? Personally I would have jumped on that in a heart beat.

All of this information fits very well with other things we have heard from those who were once close to Palin's administration, and are now talking. She is consistently described as somebody who was never ready for the job, and had no idea how to do it.

It is just crazy that ANYBODY would consider this person equipped for the job of President of the United States.


  1. Does/did Piper ever go to school?

  2. Great stuff Gryphen.. Security detail hell.. Any other sitting Governor would have had an ambulance waiting! I mean, did Todd have any hot water with him? Towels? A blanket? It's just preposterous

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    "And this is the person that so many people have chosen s to pin their presidential hops on?"

    Hops is right! They are loaded with hops! :)

    I hope you all keep digging until the whole morbid story comes out. Palin is certifiably batshit crazy.

    Thanks for keeping us up to speed.

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Hey--interesting story about the Wasilla book signing/Toad purge list on ADN:

  5. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Babygate is clearly about to blown wide open...and sink the SS Palin.

  6. Off topic; I just read that Palin is on Hannity tonight.
    Just wondering if this is true,do you know Gryphen?

  7. Anonymous4:19 PM

    It really is insane that anyone would vote for this woman for anything. But President!!! You'd have to be in la la land or stupid. And I hold John McCain responsible. What a sell out, and he will never admit he made a mistake. Never.

    Palin is a very disturbed person. Her goal now seems to be achieving titles. Forget what the job is! This is about winning since she lost the big beauty title.

  8. onejrkitty4:22 PM

    Psychology has a term called, "idea of reference" closely related to "Idea of delusion."

    This is when someone erronously thinks an event, or even just a casual remark by someone, is directed at them.

    Please google these terms.

    This is what Palin did when she accused Couric of "gotcha questions."

    You see, there are actually terms that are used by doctors for the mentally disturbed behavior exhibited by our ex-governor.

    Often the Governor would request the plane only to learn that it was not available. This caused Sarah to form a conspiracy theory in which she suspected that she was purposefully being denied access to the plane, as punishment for getting rid of the other two planes. In fact it was simply that the single plane did not adequately meet the needs of both the governor and the state troopers.

  9. tick tock. babygate, housegate, e-mail gate...They wont go away. $'arah will.

    When religion/tradition/fear/ dictates law and public policy, then we're not in Kansas anymore.

  10. kdusmdd4:28 PM

    Yep Mooselini is quickly meeting her"Waterloo"

  11. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Sarah is SUCH an IDIOT. She just had to show how fiscally conservative she is and sell two planes. Then she found out that there's actually a reason why she would need more than one. And she gets all cranky and unethical about it. She was/is simply incompetent.

  12. The last time I flew out of ANC Lisa Murkowski and her entourage were entering security when I was standing in line. The went thru a special "no check" corridor to the left of the regular security check and joshed and joke w/the security officers and were let thru w/no screening or shoes off.

    That's how Sarah did it.

    We all know that she wasn't pregnant, but whose baby is it?

    Remember the "Who's your Daddy, Lisa" bumper stickers up here after Frank gave his daughter his job?

    Well, Trig, who's your mother and who is your father?

  13. Anonymous4:35 PM

    like i said on huffington. Sarah goes after people when it is about bullcrap. But you guys have come out, and she knows you you are and not sue you over babygate, and now Trackgate. Toad must hve really done some dirt to not stand up to that. I don't know any woman, wife included that would not have some explaining to do with the evidence provided. She has been accused of faking a pregnancy by people that gave their name. No lawsuit. The average person with money would have the best lawyers in the country on your asses. It must be true. She does not want to be deposed in a court of law. Keep going guys. She will try to destract, but you guys stay locked in. It won't be long

  14. Anonymous4:36 PM

    "Now WHY would anybody, who had felt “a strange sensation” low in their belly and told the Anchorage Daily News they were leaking amniotic fluid, NOT have asked for a security detail to meet them at the airport and help them to get to a hospital all the way in the Valley in a timely manner?"

    Well, Gryphen, because, you bet'cha, it never happened.

    Another piece of the puzzle unearthed. Good job!!

    P.S. sorry to be a grammar nazi (but I'm an English teacher), but the following should be "whose" not "who's" in the paragraph beginning "Even considering...". Please feel free to delete the P.S. part of my post, no one likes grammar nazis.

  15. indylindy4:37 PM

    Reading gossip magazines, huh? That fits perfectly with Levi's description of her coming home and watching bridal shows every day.

    It is great to hear more and more people are talking now. I think the floodgates are going to open this year!

    GO GRYPHEN GO!! Keep digging up all of these little details about the quitter queen.

  16. Forever Anonymous4:38 PM

    It is good news Gryphen, in so many levels.

  17. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Poor Todd doesn't even know his wife is pregnant until month seven. Ok all you married/shacking up men tell me this is possible

  18. Anonymous4:49 PM

    And if she really is on Hannity tonight, she will just say something crazy to deflect from this again...

  19. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Gryphen, pls carry a copy of the April 13 "Gusty interview" photo with you.

    When did the big belly make its appearance? It was clearly after the March 3 Newseek interview video (where Palin has no belly).

    It would be interesting to get the reaction of people who witnessed the explosive growth of the belly.

  20. Anonymous4:57 PM

    She's also notorious with Alaska Airlines staff for being an arrogant PITA.

  21. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen! Keep up the good work!

  22. I guess Todd never looked at his wife in the first several months of the "pregnancy. Either that or he is the most un-observant husband in history. How can you live with someone, sleep with them, watch them undress, and never notice there is a bun in the oven? I know she has tight abs, but come on...there are other physical changes going on in places that shall remain nameless. Women know what I'm talking about. Breasts get larger and more sensitive, too. Guess Todd didn't wonder about that stuff. Unless of course Levi is right and they never shared a bed...
    Naa, she was never preggers.

  23. Anonymous4:59 PM

    It has been a while since my children were born, so I went on-line to see what the current thinking is about pregnant women and flying in the last trimester.
    (In my day, we were told to avoid long auto trips and airplane rides in the last two months).

    Opinions varied, cautioning women not to fly anywhere from 28 to 36 weeks. (A normal period of gestation is 40 weeks). When Sarah announced her trip, followed by the sudden birth of Trig, she claimed that he was born a month premature, which would fit the 36 week limit.

    Among the precautions listed for women flying while pregnancy were to get up and exercise frequently, and to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Sarah simply had a nice cup of tea. We are all amazed that despite seat belt checks, no one noticed that Sarah was pregnant. That would be some super-sized seat belt to fit a pregnant Sarah.

    It is interesting that Sarah and Todd were hustled through a VIP line, avoiding security. Even pilots, flight attendants and people who work in the airport have to go through security. I fly frequently, and I have never seen anyone allowed to bypass security. Even the guy in a wheel chair with his portable oxygen was inspected. Something doesn't smell right.

  24. honestyinGov5:04 PM

    Yes Gryphen,
    You do get a clearer picture of the puzzle once more of the pieces are in place.
    BTW:In addition to the Jena Elfman Letterman clip go to
    to get some VERY good standing pics of a REAL pregnant woman for comparison.
    At 7 months no less.... how convenient.
    And No magic scarf on Jenna.

  25. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Why in the world would the governor of the state give birth at the community hospital instead of the hospital in Anchorage that is equipped to handle high-risk obstetrics and that has a full NICU? So ridiculous.

  26. oh, but there are those who are crazy enough to consider her equipped for the job of President, my friend. I was wading over at the sea of pee--here are a couple of comments that caused me to bang my head on the wall:

    "Before I leave for the day, wouldn't it be great to know the ACTUAL NUMBER of LSM and White House Personnel who stopped what they were doing this afternoon once they heard that Palin was going to be on Hannity's show and sat with their ears perked high to see what she was going to say? Especially in light of the latest Facebook post.

    Does any other politician on either side of the aisle carry this must interest, clout, power, and influence?

    Obama wished he would be half as interesting as Governor Palin."

    Here's another:

    "I [have] no problem with her being called polarizing, the numbers are going in her favor and it will continue to do so particularly after she gives that speech at in Nashville [teabag convention]. And the way that fool squatting in the WH is bringing the country down it will be a landslide in '12 if Barry doesnt try to declare martial law then it will get ugly and she will be brought in anyway as POTUS."

    What fools!

  27. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Thanks for digging up the dirt on queen scarah. . ! Love you, Griff!

  28. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Blow the bitch up. Someone please drop the bomb.Figuratively of course....

  29. FormerRepublican5:14 PM

    Excellent post. Thank you and thanks to your source!

  30. Fascinating insight. She really handled the role of Gov sort of like a combination high school class president / Miss Alaska.

  31. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Following the suggestion of anon 4:05, I went to the Anchorage Daily News to read about the Sports Complex affair.

    I do not live in Alaska, and I find it ridiculous that the paper spotlights Sarah Palin with a special section devoted to her. Sarah left her job as governor before her term of office was up. She was not elected as Vice President of the United States. Yet, the paper has dedicated a big block in the on-line edition to Sarah. It reads like her fan magazine.

    I live in Illinois. Our senator was elected President of the United States, which out-ranks a failed vice presidential candidate. Obama has written (by himself, no ghost writer) two books. Local papers do not run a special section like the Sarah fan-site.

    Hillary Clinton also comes from Illinois. She was the First Lady of the United States for eight years, a senator from the state of New York and currently serves as Secretary of State. All of this outranks a person who left halfway through her term of office. No, there is no fan-site for Hillary, either, and she is also an author.

    I am frankly surprised that ADN doesn't provide electronic links to SarahPAC, Sarah's face book and twitter. They should also be selling discounted copies of her book with a subscription, autographed photos of Sarah, mugs, umbrellas, mousepads all imprinted with her name and signature. They are missing the marketing opportunity of a lifetime; they are already in her pocket. Living in Illinois, I can smell rotten politics a mile away, and this is just too chummy for comfort.

  32. kdusmdd5:23 PM

    Gryphen..I know that you'll be at the "tial of the century" tomorrow....but, is there some way that you can post and let us in on what's going on????

  33. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Yes, the fact that she does not sue over Trig-gate or Track/Menard -gate is telling. she jumps on every other little thing....I mean EVERY thing. To remain silent on these two topics tells me we have hit the truth. She knows it, we know it. MSM will not carry the water so us bloggers will. In the end, the case will be cracked wide open by those of us who have been on duty for the last 18 months. The truth will prevail sooner or later. She really has no clue what is happening behind the scene. ONWARD!

  34. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Great work, Gryphen ! on the night of the wild ride , how late was it when the Palins arrived from Texas? What were the weather and road conditions ? Are there any places along the way from the airport to the hospital where an emergency deliver could have been accomodated ?

    I'm just wondering about the circumstances of a hypothetical woman -
    mid-40s, history includes 2 miscarriages, expecting her 5th child

    Her baby seems to be trying to come early, he has a heart problem and DS

    this woman felt a strange sensation in her abdomen hours before beginning a very long 2 flight trip, so that means 2 takeoffs and 2 landings

    She and her husband arrive at night and set out to drive how many hours to a hospital ?

    From the time she felt that sensation no medical personnel actually examined her.

    Then she and her husband drive to a hospital in another town ?

    She is entitled to a security detail who could probably turn on some flashing lights and exceed the speed limits if needed. But she doesn't take security with her ?

    Yup, makes perfect sense ! if it's opposites day ;-)

  35. honestyinGov5:31 PM

    I hit send before I remembered something. Just this week Andrew Sullivan linked to 3 of the blogs here as he was reporting about Bristols LLC.
    Would he be willing to post something on his blog linking to both You and Bree Palin who is running the photo comparisons..? The stories are linked. He can let his readers decide without making a statement himself.
    Has he been emailed/notified?

  36. tawd was on the slope while someone else was on the slop.

  37. Just saw this on the ADN:

    *******Grrrphyen wrote on 01/06/2010 04:17:15 PM:
    This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
    What the reporter omits is that Dennis Zaki and Jesse Griffin made threats against the Palins. They are red flagged for safety reasons. McLeod is mentally ill and cannot be trusted not to harm herself or others. Shannyn Moore has an odd and perhaps dangerous fixation on the Palins. These are safety concerns. Just like someone who threatens the president can't go to a presidential event, these people have proven themselves **********

    Just thought you should know.

  38. CGinWI5:47 PM

    Good wrk, Gryph!

  39. hdtracy5:57 PM

    WTG Gryphen! Take your revealing post - add the backslap from Shannyn's recent masterpiece - then add some butt-kicking from AKM's impressive piece on the judicial harassment - what a cocktail!

    Let's not forget to add the custody battle in the mix. The timing between you three is priceless - it almost seems coordinated! You got yourself a cork about ready to blow.

  40. Ripley in CT5:59 PM

    Archivist, that's interesting. And here I thought that Hastings said officially, they were banned for THEIR OWN safety. Hmmmm

  41. Eileen C. Tallon6:03 PM

    Gryphen..not only was Palin totally unqualified for VP job..Palin also was not ready or a suitable person to fulfill the job as Mayor of Wasilla.

    A Canadian who is rooting for the Good and beautiful people of Alaska.

  42. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Onward through the storm....I do believe that you know what is at stake & this shit is getting pretty silly......after all it's only our country.

  43. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Nah, Sarah Palin would be perfect for President. She fits right in with the tabloid reality show culture.

    Turn the White House into a reality show. Perfect, just perfect.

    Luckily, even if Babygate doesn't break, Sarah's fortunes will continue to fall with her face (sorry, sister, look for a better plastic surgeon next time).

    Sarah's starting to get that middle aged hag look (despite the best effort of her big city plastic surgeon) and no one is going to be seeing starbursts any more. Aging is a bitch. Couldn't happen to a better bitch.

  44. Moseyon--I saw at the sea of pee (I'll never get that hour of my life back) that she was on Hannity, but from the comments I am under the impression he has a radio show. Some of the bots were upset that she did not appear until the 3rd hour. There were a few that could not believe he would disrespect Serror by promoting another upcoming guest--Nicole Wallace--within the same air space.

    According to the running commentary while she was on, she brought up her death panels again.

    It's a fascinating glimpse in the world of madness.

  45. icstraights6:11 PM

    Scarah & Toad: U R SO BUSTED! Haha...

    Gryph: You are my new superhero, after John Stewart & Steven Colbert! Beat those snakes outta the grass...

  46. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn6:19 PM

    So . . . if $arah didn't have to pass through airport security like the rest of America's weary travelers, can we call this AirportgateGate? I'll be here all week . . .

    Seriously, sounds like some puzzle pieces are magically starting to assemble themselves. Thanks Gryph for staying on this--getting closer, I can feel it in my bones!

  47. Gasman6:27 PM

    If Palin's pregnancy was indeed faked, what would be the response of the teabagger sheeple who worship her if the truth emerged?

    For those who know what a lying sack of shit Palin is, why would you want this incompetent moron to succeed?

  48. Hey Gryph...Great post..
    Sarah~ I know your reading this..your going bad, so sad..

  49. Anonymous6:41 PM

    AKPetMom said...
    The last time I flew out of ANC Lisa Murkowski and her entourage were entering security when I was standing in line. The went thru a special "no check" corridor to the left of the regular security check and joshed and joke w/the security officers and were let thru w/no screening or shoes off.

    That's how Sarah did it.

    We all know that she wasn't pregnant, but whose baby is it?

    Remember the "Who's your Daddy, Lisa" bumper stickers up here after Frank gave his daughter his job?

    Well, Trig, who's your mother and who is your father?

    I am skeptical about this. Perhaps you could tell me how we can know this for certain? Thank you for your time.

  50. Sarah is such a professional.
    A professional actress.

  51. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Anonymous @ 5:29 -

    Since Palin's zealots seem to take her word as gospel, I will, for just a moment, assume that all the the details you listed are, in fact, the true story of the Wild Ride.

    Is this REALLY the kind of judgement anyone wants to have in the White House? If she can make these kinds of reckless decisions with her life and that of her baby, what kind of decisions would she make regarding Iran, the economy, nuclear arms, etc. The thought of her having that kind of power gives me nightmares.

    And just HOW do those who support her for POTUS (and believe every word of the tale of Trig's birth)reconcile the insane decisions made before, during and after her Texas trip with the responsibilities of the President????

  52. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Speaking of Sarah being like a tabloid, reality show contestant, I wonder if the rumors about Track really being the son of Curtis Menard, Jr. are true.

    Track has a well-documented anger management problem. I wonder if his anger could stem from a feeling of not really fitting in with his family because he subliminaly felt he didn't fit in with is family and with Todd. I don't know if these strange rumors are true, but you would think if they weren't, Todd would bring a libel suit to establish his paternity of Track.

  53. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Gryphen, I appreciate your latest item as much as anyone else here, but only because I like gossip. And this is gossip. Did you try to corroborate anything your source told you over coffee? Did your source choose to remain anonymous? Why? Is there anything you can tell us at least about the staff position the person had? What makes you believe this person?

    I don't really doubt that all of this is true, and I realize that blogging is not reporting in the traditional sense. But I have no reason to believe your source. Can you give one?

  54. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I have often thought about Piper's education, or lack of education. Is anyone checking to see if this child attends school?

  55. Hmmm. If Sarah's staff arranged in advance for special security checks for her return from Texas, did they then change those arrangements when she and Todd changed to earlier flights because she was going into labor? Or had she planned from the beginning to return when she did so that she could sneak into Mat-Su hospital privately in the middle of the night for the handoff of TriG?

  56. Anonymous7:27 PM

    After by-passing NICUs (and doctors) then boarding a plane in Texas, crazy is established. No security detail, more missed NICUs (and doctors) and the drive out to the valley are just more of the same.

  57. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Sarah has perpetual problems - not just with planes - but with everything. Period.

    I think there is a very good possibility that Track is Curtis Menard Jr.'s son. Sarah had a bad case of the hots for Curtis in high school. After all, she was already pregnant with Track when she married Todd. Who knows what went on before they married. And then there's that whole miscarriage/abortion/wite-out saga, which sounds about as true as the rest of Sarah's stories. But the interesting part is that Sarah was living near Curtis Jr. at that time and Todd was away on the Slope, so who knows?

  58. Anonymous 6:55, surely you are joking. Do I trust my source? Yes. Did my source ask to remain anonymous? Yes, people have careers to protect.

    And are you seriously asking for more information that might be used to identify this person? Since you signed in anonymously perhaps you understand how important it is to protect the identity of certain people.

    If you really appreciated what I do, you would appreciate how important it is for people to know that they can trust me. If I outed my source, that trust would disappear. That should not have to be explained.

  59. Hmmm.....
    I don't know what would be worse

    1) a faked pregnancy

    2) a high risk pregnancy and the mother flying across the country in labor
    a)over 35
    b)para-pregnancies (multiple--over 3)
    c)history of multiple "miscarriages"
    d)carrying a fetus diagnosed with DS/high risk fetus
    e)premature labor/leaking amniotic fluid

  60. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Anon 6:55:
    Scarah, Toad, Bristol? Is that ya'll trying to be clever ;-) ?

  61. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Anon 6:55 sounds like he or SHE would like to know who is telling Gryphen secrets.

    Say it ain't so! Sarah's reading the blogs tonight!

  62. MacAndCheeseWiz7:50 PM

    Good Job, Gryphen!

    As I began reading, "The wild ride" came to mind, but I honestly didn't think you were going there.

    This was always something I wondered about, how they got through security, now knowing she abused her clout as "Governor", it just puts one more piece of the puzzle together.

    On a tangental note, I knew my ex was pregnant before the home test and the doctor's confirmation a week later that she was about ten weeks on. There's no way a man can't tell past the fifth month.

  63. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Anonymous 6:55pm said...
    Is there anything you can tell us at least about the staff position the person had?


    Hi Sarah! (* wave *)

  64. who me?8:17 PM


    1)the faked pregnancy shows that she is a liar and a fraud

    2)the wild ride shows that she:
    a--has horrible judgment,
    b--is a terrible mother,
    c--is batshit crazy

    Which is worse? At this point, I don't really know.

  65. Anonymous8:18 PM

    A Menard / Palin family discussion took place 2 weeks ago on Palingates.

    If you are interested in a summary that will blow you away, it is here:

    Sorry, I don't know how to set up a tiny URL. Browse through Vera City's blog, you won't be sorry.

  66. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Todd Palin is the biological father of Trig, but with an outside woman. Because she threatened to expose all, and to avoid scandal, $arah agreed to fake the pregancy, and claim the baby as her own.

    Trig's real mother was paid off and made to sign a confidentiality agreement...


  67. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Why does a grown woman need her child with her at state functions?
    Is she that insecure? The kid should be in school and hanging out with kids her own age not acting like her mommy's bodyguard.
    She is demented, absolutely demented. If she were POTUS would that mean that Toad would be with her in all briefings and the rest of her clan? I could just picture Sarah's mother checking to make sure that whatever papers are placed before her reflect her values and if they don't, it gets tossed in the trash. Chucky, Sarah's dad frisking anybody who came to see her and Toad checking his list to make sure people banned didn't get in to see her. As for Trig to be close enough for any photo-op. Piper would be speaking to the press about her mommy and Bristol making all the P.R. schedules. What a pathetic joke she is.

  68. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Well, since you like gossip so much, just hush, and be satisfied with what's being offered here. Fact or Fiction.

    To the owner of this blog..
    AS SOON AS I GET MY PAYCHECK(not as financially able as that con woman)I WILL SEND IN A TIP.

    I appreciate your work. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
    I love this site..

  69. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign8:48 PM

    OK folks who are asking for more information - get it through your heads that Alaska is a small town.

    Over the holidays while traveling, I spoke at length with a person who worked during Sarah's badly executed and aborted tenure, and learned that this person began to hate the job they held, and found that working for this governor and surrounding staff was a complete joke. None of the details would put Stupid Sarah in jail, but it's a general consensus among intelligent staff that she was ineffective and a farce at the very least.

    I realized that I can't even use the gender of this person, much less age or position because I did not get their permission to do so and the identity would be nailed pretty quickly if I did.

    It is up to these people to speak out publicly, and I wish they would, but it's not our place to tell them what to do.

    As The Bumpit will all come out in time.

  70. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Anonymous asking about your source?
    Sounds pretty fishy to me.

    Sarah being "livid" sounds about right to me when she found out she had to pay airfare for her family. She stiffed the hair stylist and never pays for her lattes claiming she has no money.

    Sounds like a tightwad to me. Sarah's God is the Almighty Dollar!

  71. Gryphen
    I found a book online that you and everyone that follows your blog might like to read. It will give you a very good insight into Sarah and her followers. Name of the book is
    The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer. This is a safe site according to Norton.

  72. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Hello SP
    Just who was that guy in Vegas years back who was not Todd?

  73. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Sounds like anonymous is worried about your source --Meg- oops, no, I mean.....

    ha ha, just kidding Sarah. Meg would never do that.

  74. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Anon 6:55/Sarah:

    We know how much you love gossip. There must be a copy of US Magazine somewhere among your pile of paperwork that you can reread. Maybe it's under Bristol and Levi's child custody court papers. You know, the court case which you have absolutely nothing to do with.

  75. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Sarah showed herself in the beginning when she wanted to see Ivana Trump at JC Penny's. That's all she is and for some small town reason was promoted/elected beyond her ability. Just call her Sarah Ivana wanna be.

  76. sunnyjane12:49 AM

    OK, it's officially Thursday now, even in Alaska. Isn't this the big "Harass the Judges" day?

    I'm of two minds here: one part hopes that nobody bothers to take up that stupid crusade. On the other hand, if people do try such a thing, it will show the judges what a bunch of loonies these Sarah followers are.

    Will you keep us informed? Please???

  77. The reason Levi was at the hospital the morning of Trig birth. He was delivering Trig to Sarah
    She never had this child.
    This was Bristol and Levi first child.


  78. Sharon in Florida2:05 AM

    Here's my story of my over-35 pregnancy - just for comparison.

    Had my first child when I was 21. Had my second child, 16 years later. I was 37. Wasn't supposed to be able to have any more children so when I got pregnant, didn't enter my mind that I was pregnant. Personally I thought that I had discovered a phenomenal new exercise to increase the bust size. LOLOL (I'm serious - I was envisioning marketing my "discovery").

    My husband and friends kept telling me I was pregnant. I didn't agree & even began to get angry at the suggestion...since we welcomed another baby and had been disappointed to never be able to have another one. Did I have super-abs? You betcha. I'm 67 right now and I'd still beat out a whole bunch of 40 year old's any day - in the abs department at least. I've had a life-long habit of working out every other day so having in-shape abs is to be expected. Wasn't a marathon runner (like SP) but swam 1/2 mile, 3 times a week and walked 2 miles every day plus the every other day short, efficient workout routine. But I digress...

    My husband KNEW that I was pregnant before I did. He went to the store, got a EPT & demanded I do it. Sure 'nuf. I went to an OB-GYN and I was 4 months along. I was also the joke of the neighborhood. lol (Stupid of me for sure but still...). My doctor demanded aminiocentisis - told me the risks of DS baby since I was over 35. I said NO. (We were comfortable, I had a full-time maid. We welcomed the baby. I said we'd love it and take care of it no matter what. That I wasn't going to risk the aminiocentisis because at that time, there was a risk to the baby when amnio was done).

    By the way, I'm not a fundie, I'm a progressive so see it's not just the fundies who don't have abortions. Anyway...

    By the end of the 5th month, it was apparent to all that I was pregnant. I'm slender, petite frame. Ain't NO magic scarf that would have hidden that pregnancy.
    By 7 months, I was waddling. Went full term but by the end of 7 months, I looked like a blimp. The baby was 7# 2 oz. Perfectly healthy.

    Labor: I awoke at 1:30 am w/ the first labor pain. Had only 8 more pains before the birth at 10:30 a.m. Had a bunch of false labor pains in the previous 2 weeks. Lived 5 minutes from my hospital - 4 houses from my doctor. At 8:30 a.m. my husband said "we're going to the damn hospital NOW if I have to pick you up and carry you!" My doctor had a fit...WHY hadn't I come in earlier? Only had 2 pains after I got to the hospital. The pains were sporadic, I thought it was more false labor.

    Half way to the hospital, I began saying "OK. You better hurry! He did.

    Do I buy the Wild Ride story? Ain't no way. It's BS from start to finish. Either that or Sarah Palin is incredibly insensitive and stupid and could care less about that baby. And TAWDry...if the story is true, then he's an idiot who cared neither for his wife or child's safety. IMO...

    Incidentally, my doctor told me at the beginning that "it would be like a first pregnancy since it had been so many years". Not so. 9 total labor pains with the second baby compared to 22 hours of labor w/ the first. But I'm just a normal woman from TX. I'm not SUPER SARAH from the wilds of ALASKA.

  79. B @ 7:14. Palin's Deceptions anlayzed Grandma Grifter's travel vouchers and and schedule and found nothing that supported her claim that she and Todd left early.

    However, vouchers for other trips did show add'l charges for changing flights.

  80. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:16 AM

    Hey, Gryphen, checking back in again from the East Coast. Haven't had the chance to read everything, much as I'd like to, but a few bits jumped out at me.

    Don't let anyone throw you. We KNOW you're careful about your sources and what you post here.

    A whole bunch of jangled nerves do seem to be surfacing in some of the comments over the past couple of weeks. Hmmm . . .

  81. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Barb Dwyer said...
    "...did Todd have any hot water with him? Towels? A blanket?"

    No, he didn't need any of those things....because he knew Sarah wasn't pregnant.

  82. Good job, Gryphen!
    Keep it up and you'll hit the jackpot.

    I cannot wait for $carah to be exposed for who and what se really is.

    HuffPo has an article up about $carah not backing off of her death panels meme. That must be what she talked about with Hannity.
    Keep talking, $carah! The more lies you tell (everytimeyou talk) the easier it will be to pin you down. That's why you won't talk to any legitimate media, we know. That money is about to run out pretty quickly, too. If you had half a brain, you'd start to tell the truth and keep your mouth shut about policy you know nothing about. Keep it up!

  83. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Gryphen, nice job putting in place another piece of the puzzle -- thank you! It occurs to me that this time last year, a number of Sarah's core staff resigned. It always struck me as curious, especially because it coincided with the strange press release out of her office about Tripp's birth. I wonder if you could shed any light on these resignations? Thanks.

  84. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Somebody way at the top of this thread has it right: Whatever is NOT being answered by SP or her lawyer is what is TRUE! She picks fights over insignificant things, but all stuff about Babygate and Track is ignored. Every other issue, Bristol's LLC, possibly even the custody case, is pure distraction. Keep it up!

  85. GhostbusterTX6:09 AM

    Information from anonymous sources should *always* be taken with a grain of salt - if not with a heaping teaspoonful. One reason being that the reader cannot accurately judge what biases, motivations, or interests might be at play.

    The traditional standard for journalists has been to either credit the source explicitly or to get at least two independent sources for any information that is published. Why? Well, look at what happened during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq - Dick Cheney and his minions garnered the trust of the reporter Judith Miller, offering "access" in exchange for her publishing anonymously sourced "facts" about Iraq and its ability to threaten our national security, "facts" that are now known to be misleading at best, and outright lies at worst. That disinformation, published in the respected NYT and then repeated in every news outlet, became "fact" and played a very large role in our nation being led into the quagmire of the Iraq war.

    Gryphen very clearly states that he has a single anonymous source for this story, and that's ok by me, because he is clear about that (and because this blog is not the New York Times). I file it it under "probably at least mostly true", and would be most interested in learning how common and under what circumstances this security by-pass happens. But we don't need to jump on the anonymous poster above who is reminding us to remain skeptical of any information that relies on the word of a single anonymous source whose reliability we cannot judge for ourselves.

  86. GhostbusterTX6:17 AM

    Just wanted to add a note to Gryphen - great job on these investigations. You are doing important work. I didn't want to leave anyone with the impression that I'm not supportive of what you are doing - quite the contrary!

  87. Sharon in Florida6:44 AM

    Anon. @10:54 said
    Hello SP
    Just who was that guy in Vegas years back who was not Todd?

    Wow! Sarah's ship is springing leaks! Somebody knows something out there.

  88. I worked for a major airline for over ten years, and I have seen many a VIP (bypass the pee-on)treatment. This even went so far as having a limo drive rampside so no one was none the wiser as to who this person was, getting this special treatment. Granted this was pre. 9/11 but, I bet it still goes on.

  89. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:04 AM

    Love the Anon who said "Gossip" lol.
    No its not "Gossip"! We know Grifter had to fly on AA around Alaska....and her excuse for not getting out to the Bush last year was she couldn't get a gov plane although Jay Ramras did get one :)
    She had to wait and grandstand with a plane from Sam's purse to the WRONG village!!!
    And although we didn't see her, I'm pretty much guessing when she lost the ethics complaint and had to pay back the SOA 10K, she was so mad you could fry a egg on her face!!! How is that gossip?
    Yes Sarah, Bristol, Van Flea, Ram, VO, we know you scan the blogs...
    All I can say is...Dear Quitter Queen Grifter, 2010 is not going to be your year! :)

  90. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Anonymous at 8:18 thanks for the link.

    Very good insights.

    I hope this blog makes it into the sidebar list.

  91. Wow.....Anonymous at6:55 is SURELY one of Stupid Sarah's minions. Back on Palin's Deceptions, over a year ago, i also thought it was pretty obvious that she or one of her lackeys were unsuccessfully trying to post comments under a fake name. You KNOW she reads this site regularly and has to be shaking in her shoes!

  92. Gasman10:44 AM

    If indeed Palin's "pregnancy" was faked and Trig's biological mom has been silenced by a confidentiality agreement, the real mother needs to realize that no matter what Palin paid her to be quiet, she could make MUCH more if she speaks out and reveals the truth.

    TMZ, the Enquirer, et al., would gladly pay a king's ransom to get exclusive rights to break that story. They will simply back the money truck up to your front door. You will be rich AND have the satisfaction of exposing that lying fraud that is using YOUR CHILD as a money making prop.

  93. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Also Gasman, the real mother of Trig would have a real case against Pay-lin for continual child abuse, given the extensive video and photo evidence that is publically availably just from this recent book tour alone. No socks, dressed inappropriately, no eyeglasses or hearing aids, and if he was born with a heart problem he was exposed to unneccessary stimuli that could have made his health worse, let alone rampant exposure to germs, let alone being used as a public relations football, etc. I WISH the real mom would go to the National Inquirer or maybe Radar Online which paid big bucks to Octomom last year - they'd help her out and make her a rich woman, to boot!

  94. Anne NC2:51 PM

    No woman who has ever been pregnant would buy the Wild Ride Fairytale! Is there any known video from her speech in Texas? I can't imagine how bad I'd feel at that stage of pregnancy flying for so many hours. I'm sure all of you ladies remember how your feet swell when sitting for any extended length of time, combine that with the effects of air travel for 8 plus hours and it's not a pretty picture.

    The reason the flight attendants don't remember her is that even if she had padding on, she could still use a regular seatbelt by pushing the padding to the side. I'm 5'6" and on the slender side, when I was six months pregnant, I needed a seatbelt extender. Trig may have been premature but his size if consistent with the date of birth would have led to him being an average size baby if she had gone full term, with the emphasis on IF being that Sarah was ever pregnant with Trig. After seeing that pic of her in the grey suit with the pink scarf, sometimes it looks black depending on the lighting, I'd like to try to find another pic of her in that suit prior to her pregnancy announcement. If she was seen wearing it when she wasn't pregnant, it's just one more hole in the story. I have never seen a pregnant woman tuck in a shirt at the waist at 7 plus months and not look pregnant just like her in that pic.

    I did go through all the pics on the ADN website and didn't see the suit anywhere else. Also, where are all those people who actually saw her pregnant and buying maternity clothes, how come they didn't come forward? Or the nurses in the delivery room or even the ones on the OB floor who took care of her? They could do it anonymously but even that hasn't been seen to my knowledge. The silence of all these potential witnesses speaks volumes!

  95. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I don't understand WHY the wild ride? Why did Scarah have to travel from Texas to Alaska that morning, in such a rush? Why did she have to make up such a tale? Why couldn't she just leave after the conference, go back to Matsu and "deliver" a baby? Why the hype? Did she want to have a wild ride story? Was she in a hurry to get back to Matsu, because someone else was having a baby, or being released from the hospital? or what? I'm uessing there is a lot more to she story than we have speculated.

  96. Anonymous5:12 PM

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