Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Guy takes a shot at Sarah Palin.

Tonight’s episode featured a “unique” story line where character Chris Griffin was dating a girl with Down’s Syndrome. A dangerous territory for comedy to be sure, that turned ugly, when Ellen (the character with Down’s Syndrome) revealed that her mother was the former governor of Alaska.

You know what makes this even more amazing is that this is a show on Fox. Do you think somebody is trying to send a message?


  1. kdusmdd7:13 PM

    OMG That is so funny...Palin will have a hissy fit when she see this...LOL

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    OMG!! That was too funny!

    It makes Sarah look like a bigger ass than she is. I can't wait to see her reaction to this one.

  3. Gasman7:24 PM

    I think the message is that regardless of how many cords of wood Palin delivers to Murdoch and Ailes, seemingly everybody else at FauxNews and the Fox network are not smitten with Palin. She is a posturing fraud who lacks the most basic knowledge concerning U. S. civics, world history, and general contemporary global politics. The folks at FauxNews who have to pamper her and carry her water are pissed that the Teabagger Sex Kitten is now the new Murdoch/Ailes starlet. Note how many FauxNews personalities have already taken public on-air shots at her.

    However, unlike Palin herself, I think that it is best to leave her minor children out of the fray. I don’t criticize or joke about them ever. They are innocent victims of her narcissistic quest for glory. They deserve much better.

    Somewhat OT but still Palin related, I thought you might like to see that our old friend Joe The Plumber now says of McCain, “I don’t owe him shit. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

    Since Palin is a supporter of McCain, JTP’s disdain is extended to her as well. Such a pity. They formed such a formidable political force.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Family Guy is a disgusting show with no boundarie. The premis that a hot woman would love a sire children with a stupid, gross, fat idiot husband pisses me off. But that's the point. The creators and writers of the show wants to push our buttons.

    It's a show plowing through doors progressing gutteral humor. It's an entirely free market capitalist way, tasteless and ugly yes, but what are we going to do, grow government and censure Fox? Tell The show to sit down and shut up?

    I'd like to see Sarah raise the red lantern for that campaign.

  5. Anonymous7:53 PM

    OMG that is so damn sick but funny

  6. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Does the media constantly mock Lyndon LaRouche? He's crazy, and wildly influential among the nuts. Does the media constantly mock Richard Hoagland? He's crazy, and wildly influential among the nuts. Only Sarah gets attacked every day in every media. It's disgusting behavior and it's hard to imagine why (or how!) this can be happening in a "free" society (where, presumably, there is not a propaganda czar coordinating these endless attacks). But here's something the Left should consider: All normal Americans respect an underdog. All normal Americans hate an unfair fight. And all Americans--normal and not--see the media ganging-up on Sarah and that makes her the underdog by default. Even Americans who don't out-right like her will start to support her just because these mindless attacks are so disgusting.

  7. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Johnston initially agreed to do frontal nudity when negotiations began for the autumn shoot, according to Nardicio.
    Johnston backed away from baring all after he was criticised for taking the job and some called Playgirl a magazine for gay men.
    Nardicio said he considers the magazine appealing to both men and women, although the audience is predominantly male.
    Ultimately, Johnston was strategically posed, revealing only his backside.
    “There are a lot of sexy and suggestive shots,” Nardicio said. Two rounds of photos have already run on the Playgirl website.
    At their peak, the photos were drawing hits from about 800 paying consumers daily. Nardicio said 70 percent of the consumers used male names.
    “Due to the popularity of that shoot, people wanted a print version” and helped fuel a decision to bring back the print version.
    Nardicio said 112 000 copies are being printed for the Johnston edition

  8. emrysa8:16 PM

    lmao - yeah, a millionaire who travels around giving paid screeches and also has a well-paid "gig" on a national network is a real underdog. you people keep getting funnier and funnier.

  9. Anonymous8:23 PM

    @anon 7:56 - All normal Americans hate liars, cheaters, frauds, grifters and hypocrites and I'm one of those normal Americans who hate Sarah Palin. She is by no means the "underdog" she plays the victim card every chance she gets.
    Oh let me not forget that she incites violence also, too.

  10. Gasman8:29 PM

    Anon @ 7:56,
    Yeah, it is absolutely horrible how the media pick on a defenseless victim like Palin. I mean, she was a former partial governor, a former candidate for VPOTUS, is a multimillionaire author of a "best selling" book, and a contributing on-air news analyst for FauxNews who charges six figures for mangling English during 30 minute speeches. How could she possibly defend herself?

    If she only had more TV coverage, she might be able to defend herself. How sad indeed.

  11. Anon @ 7:56 apparently got confused while typing. It's Palin who's mindless, not the "attacks."

    What Anon describes as "attacks" are critiques of Palin's demogoguery as demonstrated in horrifying detail in her recent appearances on Fox and in her paid speeches. As Andrew Sullivan (a politcal conservative) writes:

    "It was and is pure sophistry - a string of crowd-pleasing slogans with no content whatever, except for an endorsement of a global war on Islam, tax-cuts, populist attacks on Wall Street, a subtle but scary attempt to politicize the military as belonging to one party, cooptation of one religion in America, and, with the exception of nuclear power (I'm with her on that) a desire for more carbon energy, not less (as long as it's developed in the US). She has literally no serious plans commensurate with the health care crisis and no plans to cut spending in any serious way at all." ("Palin's Triumph")

    And the traditional media haven't even started on the analysis of Palin's diastrous reign as Half-Governor (or what Frank Rich calls her "furtive public service"). Palin's actions in Alaska did incalcuable damage to Alaska, its residents and its resources. While whales were disspearing, a tank farm sat in the path of a volcano, the elderly and disabled were dying, and hungry, freezing villagers were placated with cookies, Palin, vigilant only about her own interests, let her spouse govern behind the scenes and concentrated her energies on lining her own pockets and those of her family and friends.

  12. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hey, chill out! It's SATIRE!:) Just as funny as Rush!:)

  13. Since it's satire, how can she complain?

  14. Anonymous8:58 PM

    @anon 7:56
    What do you mean the media mocks Sarah Palin? When asked an easy question like what newspapers and magazines does she read she couldn't give a straight-forward answer. When Glen Beck asked her which of the founding fathers were her favorite she gave the same answer "All of them". Sarah mocks herself with her stupidity and the media just reports it...that's why she bans reporters from her speaking engagements. Sarah Palin is STUPID now is that the media's fault for reporting it?

  15. SARAH PALIN is a delusion. She is a fictional character - the straight talkin' hockey mom who was Alaska's Governor. This character is played by s.h.palin, a mentally unbalanced grifter. When s.h.palin can read a script from the teleprompter or her hand, she can play the role of SARAH PALIN. However,like a child acting in a school play, without a script, she is s.h. palin. The problem is that the fanbase of SARAH PALIN, which includes a decreasing cadre of MSM types, confuses the actress with the role. They think that Ben Kinsley is Ghandi. They cannot see past the wig, make-up and the phony, folksy script. BUT, the act is unraveling because s.h.palin is unable to sufficiently get into her character, like any really good professional method actor. Since she cannot function without the script, she cannot meet the needs of her producers and financial backers. Yet, as some members of the MSM insist upon yacking about
    the possibility of SARAH PALIN running for POTUS in 2012, they spread the confusion. It's like they are wondering if Martin Sheen will run for another term as president. To borrow a line from the great actress- Olympia Dukakis from the movie Moonstruck--(slaps Cher in the face)--Snap OUT OF IT you idiots! Stop expecting a fictional character to actually be our president !

  16. Anonymous9:04 PM

    The only unqualified, incompetent gas bags I see are morons, imbecilles, idots,and retards who don't know their backside from a hole in the ground.

  17. Anonymous9:13 PM

    An underdog??? Sarah?? That is hysterical! The media has made Sarah and she knows exactly how to play them! She puts her and her family no stop in the media light!! The media has been KIND to Sarah!!! No one has demanded that she do tough hard core political interviews and they should! The media has given her a free ride.The American public deserves to see her in serious debates, answering the tough questions, yet she has gotten away with not doing that!
    This whole whoa is me, poor me, underdog crap is created by Sarah! She thrives on playing the martyr and always has! If you disagree with Sarah about anything, then you are attacking her, demeaning her. Frankly most Americans do not see her as an underdog and this whining is getting old. She's an opportunist and plays all of you and the media! It's getting old and finally a FEW in the MSM are insisting Sarah be vetted properly. It should have haapened a long time ago! She wants to be president? Then it's time for her to grow up, stop this victim routine, LEARN and be able to articulate solutions because we are in a time of serous crisis. She has to be capable of intelligent substantive debate and discussion and not play victim when someone has a different viewpoint. If she can't do this, she has NO business in any national political office.

    Many of us know her history- and she has always cried about being attacked. It isn't going to work anymore sorry. Use your head for goodness sake!

  18. Mac And Cheese Wiz9:20 PM

    I absolutely loved this clip! I showed it to my whole family, and they got a kick out of it too! The dad is an accountant and the mom is the former Governor of Alaska! LOL!


    Didn't you get the memo?

    It's ok to make fun of people with developmental handicaps if it's satire. Especially if it's on any FOX channel. Sarah's cool with it because she excused Rush Limbaugh for using the term "Retard".

  19. All normal Americans hated to see how hateful and divisive Mrs. Palin was on the campaign trail. Normal Americans can't understand how anyone continues to support this stupid wretch.

  20. Ripley in CT9:30 PM

    This is hysterical! The part about the former governor is funny enough... but the canine dominatrix made me laugh out loud! But only dogs could hear it ;)

  21. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I hate Sarah Palin—but Family Guy is the most awful show on television—it's never found the line between cruelty and comedy. Despicable show.

  22. Anonymous10:56 PM


    I think you nailed it: Family Guy is dishing out some "satirical humor". SO IT'S OK, Sarah!!!

  23. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Seth is a genius. He mocks societies ugliness in "Satire" and does it better than anyone else.

    An accountant? Isn't that the guy Scar-ah had an affair with? Turds old partner?


  24. Anonymous11:48 PM

    If Sarah wasn't so rude, insulting, backstabbing, putting her children on display, saying things about her teens that no competent mother would broadcast, teach her kids to make fun of others and pull their hair, then maybe she wouldn't be treated like she is. She can give it out, but she sure can't take it. And, I believe the kids should be left out of all of this too, even if their mother chooses to use them, we don't need to do that.

  25. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I am not a fan of Family Guy. I think the show is vulgar, gross, and sophmoric. And for the same reasons, I am not a fan of Sarah Palin.

  26. sunnyjane12:48 AM

    Sarah is such a parody of herself that she doesn't need to be lampooned.

    But we love it anyway!

    An "underdog?" Nah. Just a "bitch." That works.

  27. Anonymous2:29 AM

    "Family Guy" is great stuff! They spare NO ONE and satirize everything. I have to admit my favorites characters are Stewie and Chris. Sure, it's not subtle, it hits you with a sledgehammer, but it never pussyfoots around the issues in a dysfunctional family who, in the end, still stick together and love each other, regardless of their perceived failures, and are allowed to "do their own thing."

    Something the Palins would never understand in their tightly scripted and controlled world.


  28. Anonymous2:41 AM

    All Americans don't like QUITTERS, which is exactly what Palin is. She's quit everything she has ever started, including being a parent.

  29. Anonymous3:46 AM


    Wait until Sarah sees this! She's going to be at war with a cartoon!


  30. Family Guy is comedic is a no holds barred, all out assault on everything and everyone who is out in the public airwaves. They have made endless fun of Bill Clinton, Micheal Moore, Al Gore, as well as Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh,at al. It is not for the easily offended, but then again, it has the warning at the beginning of the show, so you are free to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

    Please spare me the phony outrage because of any of you actually watched Family Guy before you would be wondering what took them so long to skewer Sarah Palin.

  31. Seth MacFarlane is a man who's brain has just a touch of comedic genius. He's controversial at his best, he's an outspoken atheist at his best, and he loves to push people's buttons *and* has made himself rich (AND ASSISTED FOX NETWORK, let's not forget this!) in the process.

    Seth's disdain for hypocrites such as $sarah knows no boundaries. And I applaud him for calling it as he sees it.

    Besides... it's 'satire', right??

    (something tells me she had to look up that word after that famous interview. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.")

  32. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "The only unqualified, incompetent gas bags I see are morons, imbecilles, idots,and retards who don't know their backside from a hole in the ground."

    I agree--a person would have to be all of the above to be following Sarah Palin anywhere!

  33. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Perhaps we have given the Anon Troll 7:56 too much feed, but I too, also have to pile on the underdog meme.

    LaRouche and Hoagland have always been identified as a fringe influence, of that there has been no confusion. Their appeal has never crossed over like that errant country singer with a pop feel that makes it onto the Top 40 play list.

    Sarah Palin, was introduced by a legitimate party establishment as a trusted leadership brand. The vetting of Sarah Palin by that powerful entity was an epic fail. Underdog bloggers and non-traditional media outlets revealed that they were responsible for unleashing an unstable, unpredictable and destructive populist do-nothing, say-nothing, quite-something (every few years) mentally and attitudinally challenged woman with delusions of grandeur well above her pay-grade.

    Anon, Palin says she can put the heels on and take the gloves off, she does it all the time while her victims are not afforded the same multi-million dollar, high visibility platform in which to skew her record, distort the truth and foment further hate.

    Underdog my A$$, she is a member of the established media, very few can compete with her exposure and influence.

    You don’t understand why highly visible people need to be mocked? Do you know anything about history? Want to understand satire? Humorous creative license has the power to dismantle or reveal the threat of a destructive political personality:

    From the movie Good Morning Vietnam:

    Lt. Steven Hauk: Sir, the man has got an irreverent tendency. He did a very off-color parody of former VP Nixon.

    General Taylor: I thought it was hilarious.

    Lt. Steven Hauk: Respectfully, sir, the former VP is a good man and a decent man.

    General Taylor: Bullshit! I know Nixon personally. He lugs a trainload of shit behind him that could fertilize the Sinai. Why, I wouldn't buy an apple from the son of a bitch and I consider him a good, close, personal friend.

    Adrian Cronauer: I can't even make fun of Richard Nixon, and there's a man who's screaming out to be made fun of.

  34. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Underdog? I thought she was a pitbull, pitbulls are never the underdog. Sister Sarah is more like Yorkie, cute but all bark and no bite.

  35. Anon.7:56 PM Stupidity coupled with complete disregard for others is certain to breed contempt.That's what we see in The Great Late Palin .Truth be known Bloggers exposed her for what she really is and she's finishing the job.The best is yet to come and doing a little research on Palin would lead anyone(With a little common sense) to see her mirror image,and it isn't pretty

  36. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Is Fox sending a message? Yes, that they will do anything that gets them an audience.

    Which makes Fox and Sarah perfect match.

    When Sarah's not live or being talked about by somebody, or hasn't found anything she can have a snit fit over, they will pimp her in cartoons.

  37. Anonymous6:10 AM

    "or how!) this can be happening in a "free" society (where, presumably, there is not a propaganda czar coordinating these endless attacks).'

    Well the Republicans do have a progaganda czar who has been in the news lately for createing their talking points, and they have Chaney.

    But if you are suggesting that there is a "czar" who forces Palin to go in front of the camera, or go on twit-ur and voluntarily make a fool of herself day after day, I think that would be hard to substantiate.
    Especially, since her current behaviour is consistent with her past behaviour.

  38. Anonymous6:12 AM

    The McCain campaign discussed whether Sarah Palin was "mentally unstable" and still continued her candidacy for VEEP.

    A good satirist would take aim at McCain, the real villian of this mess. Palin? TOO E A S Y.

  39. Anonymous6:15 AM

    I watched the whole episode with my husband last night. The storyline was that Chris was attracted to this girl, but she didn't treat him very well.

    Other people in his life thought she would be a good starter girlfriend because, as someone with DS, she must be desperate for a boyfriend. When she disses him for the last time, Chris tells her off, saying that everyone says you guys are special people, but you're no different from anybody else. I thought it was a great way to remind the public at large that political correctness can be harmful because it obscures the reality of the situation/behavior/person.

    It didn't occur to me until this morning that the character is a direct hit at Palin. She wears the same glasses, has her hair up, and is a complete narcissist unaware of her own personality flaws.

  40. @ conscious at last 8:59

    Exactly! Well put. And an effective argument to use with the diehard-$P-fan relatives: "Yes, I understand that you love the IDEA of Sarah Palin, but this poor woman is not living up to the role."

  41. Janet in Texas6:23 AM

    LeBIMBO has brought on all of this negative attention to Trig herself. And it will only get worse. I am happy to know that Trig will never know the difference but LeBIMBO will have to live with it.

  42. SP won't take the bait Seth put out there because she knows that FOX makes more money from Family Guy than from her. And money is what FOX is all about, whether for so-called news or entertainment.

    If the left provided a more profitable bias in new coverage, we'd see Rachel Maddow on FOX "News" instead of SP. But it doesn't because the right and tea-bagger loonies make the perfect gullible, reliable audience for continual reinforcement of bankrupt ideas, unsupported beliefs, and drowning out of cognitive dissonance. MSNBC would be just like FOX News is now, if FOX hadn't gotten there first.

    If you want the REAL news without the editorial bias toward a reliable audience, listen to NPR. It only seems left-leaning because its audience thinks and appreciates truth over dogma.

  43. LisaB7:06 AM

    This is what Family Guy does. Fox's TV shows really don't mirror Fox News's views. They're like apples and oranges.

    Good for them for calling Sarah out on her hypocrisy. Here's hoping she rants on Facebook about, thus making the circle of hypocrisy complete.

  44. espresso4me7:45 AM

    Sarah Palin *is* a satire that she alone has created for, as well as perpetrated and perpetuated upon the mindless minions who worship and adore her. Satire of a satire within a satire...or something like that. All she requires is adoration--and if you *really* adore her, then you will give, give, give and give some more of your money.

  45. Ginger8:24 AM

    This moronic show is bad enough without insulting Sarah Palin & her family. It just shows how low libs will go to make asses of themselves. The Obamaites overlook their leader's total dependancy on teleprompters & his pre-arranged press conferences etc. but make fun of a woman who has been a leader all her life. Go govern a State you brainless morons!

  46. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I didn't actually find that "joke" to be a stab at Palin, nor did I find any comedic value in it. At most it was a reference to the fact that Palin has a special-needs child. Now, the S&M dog whistle was quite funny.

    What did the sadist do to the masochist? Nothing!

  47. CrabbyPatty9:07 AM

    So, let's review. Family Guy is on Faux, and following Rush's lead, they are using low-brow satire to prove a point. So from Palin's viewpoint what's NOT to like?

    I thought the funniest part of the whole episode is that this girl is a total BITCH - mean spirited and a real piece of work. That, more than anything, is the true humor of the piece.

  48. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Some commentors here are soo full of vitriol & have no facts to back up their rude comments, I'm not sure they're talking about the same Sarh Palin I know. I have to surmise they are all blind followers of the "annointed one" Barack, 'never did anything, except make it ok to kill babies when they're about to be born', and teach Acorn how to cheat, Obama.

  49. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I don't think it is at all unusual that this ran on FOX. It is reinforcement of its “Fair and Balanced” type of journalism.

    However, FOX is not a journalistic news station. IT IS TABLOID journalism/opinion based station.

    Purportedly, FOX has the highest TV ratings (it beats CCN, MSNBC, etc.). However, how many people watch it to get a good laugh? Why are Sarah’s ratings so high? How many people watch FOX to see her screw up?

    She is a shtick…

    And Fox is laughing all the way to the bank.

  50. Gasman @ 7:24 said: . "She is a posturing fraud who lacks the most basic knowledge concerning U. S. civics, world history, and general contemporary global politics."

    I believe that is what we should be repeating far and wide.

  51. The writers of Family Guy, yet another inane American TV show, are brain dead scum just like all the Palin bashing commentators here who are still stupid enough to think Obama is a good guy rather than the marxist liar who is shoving the US down the tubes on purpose.

    Get real you Palin bashing inane drone twits.

  52. Anonymous11:01 AM

    "The premis that a hot woman would love a sire children with a stupid, gross, fat idiot husband pisses me off."

    Ever see "Everybody Loves Raymond", or "The Flintstones", or "The Addams Family" or "The Cosby Show", or...well, you get the idea.

  53. Eileen C. Tallon11:07 AM

    Will Sarah call out Fox...or will she give another Rush like's satire??

    Sarah Palin has exploited her son Trig since his birth. She is highly abusive. And it appears that Palin is getting away with her poor, non-existant parenting skills.

  54. I dont know what I hate more: The Family Guy or Sarah Palin (or Fox fr that matter) but thats hitting below the belt, for sure. It does make me glad that its a Fox show going after her. Her own party's media conglomerant doesn't even like her

  55. I've never watched Famiy Guy- was never interested or curious enough to check it out. Obviously enough people find it funny or it would'nt be on. Sarah really blew it with Rupert. As I said in an earlier post, his plans for her changed when she failed to live up to her own hype. He despises willful ignorance... to him, it's fine to pretend to "dumb down" if it serves your purpose but as he said, there's never a shortage of beautiful, mindless wannabees eager for their 15 min of fame. The role he intended for Sarah requires more than she can deliver. Rupert did'nt change his plan, just the "main character." He (actually Roger too) kinda live by "never mind what you did yesterday, what have you done for me today." Roger was frustrated that it took Rupert so long to admit that the very thing that made Sarah interesting was the first thing people would become bored with. She's a one-act show. A couple years ago Rupert said he has no problem "using a user."
    Sounds fair to me.

  56. Anonymous3:02 PM

    The episode showed a person with DS independently enjoying a night out, having a date, and having opinions - even a personality flaw. The only thing this mocks is the closed minds of others who think everyone with DS must be a certain way and be treated a certain way.

  57. Anonymous3:04 PM

    @ANONYMOUS 9:08 AM

    I'm always ready to hear more from people that can say "the Sarah Palin I know". What do you know about her? "Going Rogue" contained a lot of information about Palin. But if you have more facts (with proof) that you feel the need to share this is the place to do it.

    So let's get started. Why did Sarah Palin QUIT the governorship?

  58. icstraights6:26 PM

    hey trolls: go get some professional help. you are going to need it very soon. (aka pharmaceuticals)

  59. Anne NC10:50 PM

    Over at C4P, one of the more "imaginative" 'bots has ventured a guess that Rahm Emmanuel is behind this and the "Happy Palintine"s Day" article at Huffington Post. I know they are a bit off the wall, but what a leap that one is! Sure, Rahm Emmanuel called the Fox producer to get back at $P for the remarks he made in August and has repeatedly apologized for, yet he did this to get back at her. If they had a collective brain between all of them, they'd still be stupid.

    Somehow, in their twisted way of thinking, both things from FOX are "the left's fault"......can anyone even begin to understand their way of thinking? Nope, didn't think so!

    I asked this at another site and was hoping maybe someone here would know, does $P have trips overseas planned for this coming year? They are talking about how this will seal the nomination.

  60. Jonesy8:05 AM

    SArah Palin was forced to give up her position a sGov. of Alaska because of all the moronic lawsuits being brought against her by the Obama team of lawyers. She did it to save the State millions of tax payer dollars. The money she got at the TeaParty convention was given back to them or given to charity. She did NOT keep it. For those of you who think she wants your money, you don't seem to see that your socialist leader Obama is stealing you blind, and your children, & your grandchildren. Sarah is FOR the people, not trying to control the people like the dictator wannabe Barack. And, for those who haven't noticed, Fox News is the #1 news network.


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