Friday, March 05, 2010

Palin the Swag Hag part deux.

Following news that S.P. had a bad case of the gimmes at the Silver Spoon Oscar Suite in Hollywood earlier this week, known jokester George Clooney savored the opportunity to take a shot at the questionably witted soccer mom. At the Publicists Guild Awards luncheon in L.A. this afternoon, George schlepped about 10 overflowing gift bags onstage while presenting his longtime flack Stan Rosenfeld with the Les Mason Award. Once at the mic, Clooney kindly apologized for his baggage, claiming he'd run into the former Alaskan governor in the gifting lounge. (Now THAT is funny! Somebody needs to tell Palin to take notes.)

Sarah may need a drink after that jab. Well, she's in luck!

Turns out Palin wasn't just interested in clothes and beauty products during her swag spree, but also asked that a box of Bota Box Wine be sent to her home in Alaska.

A source at the suite tells us Palin did not sample the wine there, but a member of her entourage did try the Pinot. When asked if she would like to take a box for later, our suite source says Palin asked them to ship it to her home because she couldn't take the liquid on the plane.

And Palin didn't stop with wine—how could she when there were far more freebies for her to snatch up? Palin and her daughters Willow and Piper also picked up some personalized stationery from the Card Store.

Lorna Khoo, spokesperson for the Card Store, tells us they came by her stand and sat down with the brand reps to design their own cards. Palin chose the Avocado Fleur Note with "Sarah" written on the front.

"I know there was some negative feedback about the Palin's taking advantage of the event, but they were totally gracious and kind," says Khoo.

"Sarah was decisive about making her card choice. She even spelled out her name for me as if I didn't know there was an H at the end," Khoo explains. "Lots of celebrities gave P.O. boxes or their publicist's office address, but the Palins gave their home address."

Makes total sense—she'd hate for all her free stuff to get lost in the mail.

Silver Spoon released a statement claiming Palin would be donating all the free swag she nabbed, but with her name plastered across the front of the stationary, it may be a little hard to donate to charity!

We've repeatedly requested a comment on all the freebies she received, but a rep for Palin declined. Palin's rep also refused to confirm, deny or provide proof that Palin donated more than $1,700 to the Red Cross in connection to her suite appearance.

All Palin's rep would say is: "We strongly stand by and support the host's [Silver Spoon] request for a retraction and apology from E! and will not comment further until that happens."

Of course! We'll apologize about the same time Palin takes a break from sipping her gratis wine and writing avocado-green thank-you notes to the vendors who gifted her so luxuriously!

Now several times today I have received e-mails, or comments, which say that Silver Spoon co-founder Melissa Lemer has issued a statement, which can be found here, claiming that Palin and her entourage did NOT ransack the shops for free swag. However as you can see the only place this statement shows up is on the C4P site.

I have checked all over the internet and most of the original stories about the Palin locust assault are still up with no retractions. With one notable exception. Over on The Ministry of Gossip they did indeed post a retraction.

However, and this is the interesting part, they also link to the statement found only on the C4P blog. I went to the Silver Spoon website for confirmation, but there was no mention of a statement or a link to the one posted on C4P.

Now if indeed the Silver Spoon people wanted to correct this misconception you would think they would have more sense than to send only one statement out to a rabidly pro-Palin website. I mean of course the rest of us MUST take such a thing with a grain of salt. (Or in my case dismiss it out of hand.) However as of yet the only people claiming that the original story of Palin's aggressive "swag grab" was false are the other rabidly pro-Palin sites and the one site I mentioned above.

Now I tried to independently get to the bottom of this myself by sending e-mails to ALL of the Silver Spoon contacts. So far? No response. (However a woman claiming to be an ardent follower of my site, and other anti-Palin blogs, sent me information to suggest that SHE had received confirmation via e-mail that Melissa Lemer wrote the statement. Which I thought was odd, since the company has still not, after over ten hours, answered my e-mail, or issued an actual public statement.)

If this is all a mistake, or even a purposeful fabrication, I will gladly post the information that proves that. But that information has to come from a far more credible source than C4P or other Palin suck ups. Especially since it appears that C4P is filling in until a replacement can be found to replace the recenlty departed Meg Stapleton. (Meg, call me! We have so much to discuss!)

Besides let's not forget, I KNOW Sarah Palin! And the actions described in the original reports by the vendors sound just like the same woman who would only attend functions in which the state would pay for her whole family to fly with her, and who charged the state of Alaska a per diem to stay in her own damn house!

Update: There has been a lot of scrambling by the Palin-bots to provide cover for their fearless leader's less than stellar performances. Including the ones that attacked Michael Stinson who wrote about the fact that Palin's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno had a little bit of extra help from a laugh track. If you are so inclined you can hear Mr. Stinson relate the story of his time in the "belly of the beast" himself in this excerpt from today's Shannyn Moore radio show. (His portion starts around the 15:00 mark. And if you are interested I do believe some "pajama clad blogger" also called in at around the 34:30 mark.)

Update 2: One Palin-bot did not get the memo from RAM and admitted that Palin robbed the place blind: A spy said, "She picked up a ton of gifts, but she gave all of them to the Red Cross, along with a cash donation. The only thing she took for herself was a bottle of Ty Ku sake."

What seems to escape this poor soul is that even if it is true that Palin donated her loot to the Red Cross, it was NOT HERS TO DONATE! Those gifts were donated by the vendors as a reward for the people who showed up to help Haiti, NOT for Palin to use as a tax write off!

If Palin took more than her share of the gifts, and the evidence is mounting that she did, then she cheated other potential donors from receiving their swag, and kept the vendors from getting their items into the hands of as many influential people as possible.


  1. Great post Gryphen. Lawrence ODonnell joked about her need for enhancemnents from a laugh track on Keith O. Hope that you see Bill Maher, he nailed her in his opening and closing comments. They were right on, the greedy lying grifter.

    RAM, you get HBO, do you know Bill Maher? Well you need to send him a retraction demand. I am sure he will be more responsive than the rest of us.

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    This is the same woman who signed a multi-million dollar book deal and is charging $100K for speaking engagements...and she takes all that free stuff?!? Like she can't afford the BUY personalized stationary??

    Just goes to can take the girl out of the valley, but she's still just WHITE TRASH!! No one with an ounce of class would freeload like that.

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I think John McCain needs to come out and admit he made a big mistake and put her away for good

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    You won't post a retraction, Gryphen. You won't post anything of the sort. You hate Palin that much.

    Just because your emails go unanswered doesn't mean anything, except that the people you are trying to contact don't want to talk to you. I don't blame them.

    And yeah, there are a few websites that clarify this story:

  5. This is all very interesting and odd. Only people who supposedly got any sort of letter from Silver Spoon was C4P? Curiouser and curiouser.....
    I'd love to be a fly on the wall if you and Meg ever "do lunch"! Heck I'll pay for the lunch.

  6. Anonymous7:45 PM

    RAM! it is RAM sucking up and trying to scoop up this turd!!!!
    look at her twitter:
    she also has the notorious liar Andrew Brietbart "Alpaca retracto" on the case!
    I looked on the creepers site last night and saw mention of van flea. I think its safe to say van flea and RAM cooked up this fake email.
    The fact that the only reference is c4p is highly suspect!
    RAM is so busy polishing a turd now that Meggie is gone. Watch out RAM a brown nose is not attractive!

  7. honestyinGov8:15 PM

    Gryphen !!!
    You left of one of the best ' nuggets ' in the whole story... the last sentence. I loved THAT part !!
    Their Quote " This woman doesn't still plan to run for political office again—does she?"

    My Answer : HELL NO!!!

  8. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Gryphen, I have four questions:
    1. What's the latest word on Willow?
    2. What did Michael Stinson have to say on Shannon's show? Are you going to post it?
    3. What happened to Bree?

  9. nswfm8:24 PM

    Please finish this off before THAT happens. Please come forward, people.

  10. Sharon - FL8:30 PM

    I get a kick out of Palin's recent public remarks given at her gigs that she "will give the fee back". She gets the speaking engagements through Washington Speaker's Bureau, you know they charge a commission that's deducted from her fee and everyone's supposed to believe that she gives what's left back? What would be the point in doing that? "You pay me $100,000, furnish a jet plane, etc., and I'll pay you back 90%? 85% of the fee". Wow what a deal. Who could turn that down?

  11. Gasman8:34 PM

    If the Silver Spoon statement were real, why wouldn’t it be on their own site? We all know the morons at Ocean of Piss are simply congenital lying bastards. Why should we take anything on their site seriously? It looks like one of the members of the Palin tribe simply glommed onto the Silver Spoon logo from their website and concocted a phony press statement. Why would Melissa Lerner of Silver Spoon be demanding a retraction on behalf of the partial former governor? Doesn’t Princess Palin have a feckless goober posse that takes care of stuff like that?

    The nouveau riche trailer trash chic swag grab sounds sooooo totally Palinistic. It is precisely like Princess Sarah cleaning out whole Dillard’s stores, including the set of gem studded alligator luggage for second cousin Bubba’s ex-fiancee’s girlfriend’s niece. The Palin’s are the Wasilla Hillbillies. The frostbitten Clampetts have come to town.

    “Boy howdy, did you see that ceement pond over yonder!? They’s a given’ out whole bags o’ stuff for FREE! Just like manna from heaven! We got us some a da’ headphones an it didn’t cost us a dime! These folks in Caleeforneeya sure’n knows how to live! We’s now livin’ in da’ high cotton with the pretty folk for sure! We even got us some free WINE! An no cheap glass bottles neither, we got us wine in a BOX! Yessir, we’s uptown now!”

    Hey Alaskans, I’ll bet you’re just burstin’ with pride at the exploits of your former partial governor. That’s what you get for smokin’ a big ole doobie right before you vote. It kind of makes our moron politicians in the lower 48 look not so bad by comparison. You can have her back now. We are soooo tired of her already.

  12. Anonymous8:37 PM

    anonymous at 7:36 is so's the bleats being tossed out everywhere in the intertubes.


    And in that same spirit, I will post myself as ANONYMOUS!

  13. Anonymous8:41 PM

    The Silver Spoons release is a fraud. A really bad representation of a cut and paste job on the logo, and dark type... Kind of like Dr. Baldwin Johnson's 11th hour medical letter for Swag Hag before the election.

  14. Good Lord, Gryph,
    You must get so tired of the troll who seems to always be one of the first responders to your new threads. I know I am but sometimes I do get a chuckle from what he/she types. Anyhoo, I'm so glad you haven't backed off of the farce that is SARAH PALIN. Although I am entertained to see her attempt at worming her way into Hollywood Elitism, you know, to help Alaska, I don't think her attention span can support the hours it would take to actually finish a reality-docu-drama-money-machine (or whatever) that Burnette has perfected. That guy works alot.
    $arah, not so much.
    Keep puttin' it to 'em (and her). It is very much appreciated!

  15. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Clueless and sooo classless.

    Sarah shows us what the truly ugly side of Greed looks like.

    If we weren't barfing before, this has got to do it.

  16. Anonymous9:01 PM

    The money sign on the palm of Palin's hand was a reminder that she did not want to forget to challenge the audience to dig deep in their pockets to support the Ohio Right to Life. Not only was she determined to encourage supporters, she decided to lead by example. After a last minute call home today to make sure her family was in agreement, she stunned the Ohio Right to Life, and the audience, by explaining that she was returning her speaking fee to the cause of the voiceless unborn children.

  17. Hey Gryph--- got a title for the "reality show" she's "shopping" 'round!

    Quid pro quo--Alaska Style

  18. Anne NC9:25 PM

    For all those Crazies4Palin, your attempt at phony letters regarding griftin' $arah are so blatantly obvious. Here's the problem for you, we all remember $arah leaving her hairdresser without paying her or for her parking when on her book tour, we also recall the admonishment to the same hairdresser to not talk to $arah, Queen of the Quitters, unless spoken to. Her constituents in Alaska haven't forgotten her grabbing all the freebies she could, whether it was flowers or latte, she didn't pay up. So who the hell would believe she'd act any differently when faced with a room filled with freebies? There is a picture of her leaving with bags in hand. And yet you expect us to believe she has donated the same gifts back to be auctioned? We're not the ones who are the
    braindead, clueless, emptyheaded followers of the QQ.

    It's so stupid on your part to post a letter that doesn't link back to its alleged source, especially since they don't have it posted on their website.

    By the way, RAM, I thought the Palins' didn't need no stinkin' spokesperson?! Remember how she said they could speak for themselves? Or did her bombing out on the Leno show finally prove to her that she can't and shouldn't speak in public?

    Whatever will all you C4P'ers do when she finally fills you in on what has been her plan from day one? Ya know, the one where she grabs as much $$$$$ as she can from the clueless & braindead prior to letting everyone know that she just can't run for President? Don't worry, maybe you can all find a discount therapy group!

  19. Anonymous9:25 PM

    That pdf file is such an obvious cut and paste job. The Silver Spoon logo as it appears on the supposed statement is both pixelated and distorted in relation to the logo on the SS web site. That is strange. Why would the statement not have been printed on a piece of genuine SS letterhead, if it was the real thing, before being converted to a pdf file?

    No true PR professional would have issued this unprofessional, juvenile sounding, defensive statement that is apparently addressed to the entire planet. Celebrities get slammed all the time by gossip web sites, including for making pigs of themselves in gifting suites. I've never seen anybody defend them before. It only draws more attention to their boorish behavior.


  20. Anonymous9:25 PM

    After her greed-fest, she had to make headlines by giving her speaking fee to a Right to Life group. What a phony!!!

  21. sandipants9:32 PM

    Psst, Anon 9:01pm -breaking news - the Swag Hag lies all the time. Sure she "says" she's donating the money...anyone who has followed this grifter family knows that not one nickel is donated from their greasy paws, unless it's "other people's" money (i.e. the PAC donation). You've been punk'd!

  22. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Don't forget that MSM operates from a tacky little apartment in Hollywood breathing in the gas fumes from the freeway. Wonder if she was one of the locust going for the swag?

  23. Polly9:41 PM

    OT- more on Palin's pitch on her television show. What makes me sick is she wants to call it "Palin's Alaska"... For those Alaskans who have been around, doesn't that make you sick!!!?? She's trying to copy former Governor Hammond's show. The GOOD governor of all time.

  24. re: '. . . hear Mr. Stinson relate the story of his time in the "belly of the beast" himself' from today's Shannyn Moore radio show."

    Thanks so much, Gryph, for sharing this excerpt from Shannyn's Radio show.

    I have spent the past hour of so listening & enjoying it all - the fun, good, & very interesting conversations --and loved hearing you join in!!

    :o) Mr Stinson & Shannyn make a great team, and really complement each other -- very knowledgable, and each with a fun sense of humor.

    Appreciate all you do for us!

  25. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I knew Bree had said Bye.
    Bree has pulled her is all gone.

  26. Anonymous10:05 PM

    You better watch out Alaskans, she's going to come in and pull the wool over your eyes again. Using Alaska to make herself more money. Better start making those signs and show up when they start filming her little reality show, someone needs to stop her and I think it's time for Alaskans to stand up and tell her NO.

  27. Anonymous10:16 PM

    This is off topic but what happened to "Bree Palin"? Did they retire?

  28. Ferry Fey10:26 PM

    What makes me sick is she wants to call it "Palin's Alaska"

    Maybe she thinks the Alaskans gave the state to her, no backsies!

  29. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Does not make sense for Sarah to insist that everybody in her posse grab stuff and then turn around and give it to the Red Cross! Why take it in the first place? Does Sarah think she is Robin Hood? Sarah eyes got big when she seen the loot in the room and “F’d up” . Now everybody is trying to cover up for her. Something in her brain is wrong, it is as if Sarah’s brain is wired to take anything and everything she can get her hands on. Sarah has history doing that kind of stuff, my guess is she was brought up that way by her parents. The sad part is now Sarah is bringing up her kids the same way. Maybe that is why Meg left Sarah, Meg does not want to cover for Sarah anymore?

  30. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Ok, if only one person was claiming that she was a locust, then I could believe that it was possibly made up. But, clearly, there were several people at the Silver Spoon event who made this type of comment. I read the L.A. Times article. One of the comments states that the author of the retraction is a Palin fan who comments often on the C4P site. Surprised? If this was real outrage, then they would have placed it on the Silver Spoon site and formally issued a release to the press. I live in L.A. and my husband works in advertising and marketing in the entertainment industry. It seems more like this was just a way to pull back and kiss ass. Did you read the E! gossip posting by Ted (the gossip blogger)? He gives more details of what happened and states E! will not issue a retraction. I doubt his bosses would have let him post that unless they stood behind him. The fact that a Palin-bot stated that she gave the merchandise to the Red Cross does not run true. If that really happened, they would have made a point of putting that in the retraction letter. Silver Spoon would have made a major point of highlighting it since the entire criticism of her was the fact that she was greedy for merchandise. In this day and age of blogging, there is nothing you can hide or spin anymore. Too many witnesses and too many ways to get the information out there. And for the record, gifting suites are to give items to celebrities so they will use it in public and generate publicity for the company. It is not to provide free stuff for every single member of a celebrity's family and friends. That's just greed. Plain and simple.

  31. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Oops, sorry. I saw that you already quoted from the E! site.

  32. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Imagine if McCain won the election and was POTUS, it would be embarrassing for the United States if VP Sarah and her family had to submit to pat searches every time they left the White House!

  33. honestyinGov11:40 PM

    The good thing about this story...
    The Bots and the Palin-apoligists have come out in force on the E-online story in the comments. They are attacking the writer of the story in a big way and saying all kinds of VILE things about him. It just reflects back onto Sarah and shows the National readers what they are like just like when You or Celtic Diva might write something they don't like.It shows ' what kind ' of people support her.... merely a reflection of her. THAT's is her image. Her FANS make her look worse... IF that is possible. It's Karma baby.

  34. honestyinGov11:53 PM

    Just saw this story on the Huffpo about Katthy Griffins Show tonight. They are sort of short on details... hope you have some ' boots on the ground 'reports to come in.

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Comedian Kathy Griffin brought her "Life on the D-List" show to Sarah Palin's home state Friday, skewering the former Alaska governor at a raucous show in Anchorage. ( more at the link )
    Maybe more details will get posted later.

  35. Anonymous11:53 PM got 'er figgered out fo show. Say, is she a starlit yet? When's she gonna be a starlit?

  36. Anonymous11:55 PM

    While most stars were loading up on swag from the Oscar gifting suites, Sarah Palin left one of them with less than when she arrived. The former vice-presidential candidate made a $1,700 donation to the Red Cross for Haiti and Chile at a swag suite at LA's Interior Illusion store Wednesday. A spy said, "She picked up a ton of gifts, but she gave the lot to the Red Cross, along with a cash donation. The only thing she took for herself was a bottle of Ty Ku sake." Palin attended an "American Idol" show and appeared on Jay Leno's "Tonight" before heading back east to pitch a reality-TV show.

    Read more:

  37. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Lootie, did you trade 'em some dried grunions?

  38. Anonymous12:49 AM

    One tweet from RAMrod's twitter page:

    "@PopEater, @nydailynews, @eonline, correct your bogus lying stories! Have you pathetic dumpster divers no shame? "

    Isn't that the way to get co-operation!! NOT.

    RAMrod is a total asshole like Meg. Palin has traded one idiot off for another. What a joke.

  39. Anonymous12:57 AM

    RAMrod putting out tweets on Twitter page to the Bots to help her:

    "Join me in calling out the yellow journalism of @nydailynews, @eonline, @PopEater See their lies exposed:"

    Here's another:
    "Need your help here @retracto and @BigJournalism. Eonline is doubling down on the lies: "

    Seems RAMrod over her head and unqualified to handle things!! My sides are splitting laughing at this total AssHat's stupidity. Shows how she had not a clue. No business sense. Truthfully -- No Brain. She keeps it up, she'll have Palin locked out of Hollywood before she even starts. Burnett will tell her to F...Off. He's got megbucks and doesn't need this crap from lowlifes.

  40. Anonymous2:21 AM

    There seems to be a lot of alcohol involved. What happened to 'lips that touch liquor...'?

  41. HELLO?


    WTF is the matter with these idiots?

  42. Anonymous3:13 AM

    McCain & Palin WERE & ARE soulmates. Both have b*llsh*tted their way through life, so don't look for McCain to admit (s)he is/was a mistake.

  43. Anonymous3:18 AM

    "The stories currently circulating about Governor Palin’s attendance at our event are total fabrications," partner Melissa Lemer said in a statement from Silver Spoon (read it here). [Updated at 11:11 a.m.: Lemer has confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that she issued the statement.]

    "We would like an immediate retraction and an apology to The Silver Spoon, its vendors, and
    especially to Governor Sarah Palin."

    Don't be delusional, Truthers. It has already been confirmed that the statement is real. Don't like the truth? Too bad.

  44. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:36 AM

    I'm sure if the retraction was genuine, it would appear on the Silver Spoon website, and they would have a standard email reply ready to send out to the media. Makes sense to me as a small business owner! Nice try though, Spinmeister RAM!

    BTW, Sarah's laugh track story was also mentioned on Mike Malloy's show last night--spouse thought it was a hoot!

  45. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Keep on Keeping on! You're doing a great job uncovering the liar!

    What happened to Bree?

  46. I believe this "retraction" is a fake.

    Just read the thing. The entire thing is in **defense** of SP, not a retraction stating a neutral fact.

    It's too long, too IN defense of SP, and unprofessional.

  47. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Palin has a dollar sign written on her palm at the Ohio Right to Life. lol. Real classy Palin. NOT


  48. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Great follow up Gryphen! The bots get so pissy when we don't blindly believe whatever they say. The problem is we have brains of our own that we actually use to verify and fact check. We know that is not OPalin's strong suit, nor that of her followers. Stick to yer guns!

    Susan in MD

  49. In my morning paper, there was an article about Palin's gift grab. Although it did not use inflammatory words, it strongly implied that she looted the place! I guess Silver Spoons little letter to c4P didn't do the trick. She can't undo this latest. Too funny.

  50. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Last post on Bree Palin's blog, as cached by Google:

    "As I'm sure you can tell, I am hopelessly distracted with real life which at this very moment is banging very loudly on my door. And, as I cannot give this blog my full attention, I am afraid I am going to have to say Adieu.

    "To my readers and commenters, I cannot thank you enough!

    "(Catfood: Please, please, please get a blog, a tumblr, or a twitter account!)
    "Posted by Bree Palin at 10:26 AM"


    Public-spirited lurker

  51. Things just do not add up or make sense about this situation. Why would anyone first go to C4P, folowed by other pro Palin groups including Palin4President then at the end of the day the LA times post an update they confirmed with Lemar she issued the statement? The story was carried by the AP. The logical course of action for retraction would be for Silverspoon to contact E and the AP to issue their statement. "If" and this is a big "if" someone fabricated a story then rational people go directly to the source and not fan clubs.

    It is obvious Palin fans reject truth about Palin and are struggling to reconcile the Walmart/consisgnment mom with the reality of the one making book deals, out in LA on a mission to have a tv show, the unwed teen mom doing a photo shoot and appearing in a tv show about teens and their sexuality. Denial is not a river in Egypt but it is alive for Palin is a con artist and it is difficult for people to cope with reality she conned them. So they are reverting to defending she is who she conned them.

    A guest on the Ed show suggested Palin's tv show be named "Who Wants to Make Me a Millionaire?"

    The Palin conned base so need to believe she's selfless and all her earnings go to causes and charity. Palin is a predator and this situation demonstrates the fans were used to defend her. Whenever Palin lies, is greedy/opportunistic and exploitive she lables projecting everyone else is a liar. Palin exemplifies a pathalogical narcissist. They do things then lie it is the opposite, black is white and white is black and get off on pitting people against people.

    I feels sorry for the Silverspoon they invited her for Palin is trouble for others. Their reputation got damaged by whatever the hell went on and Palin is elevated to sainthood again by those who can't accept what she is.

  52. Anonymous6:30 AM

    She is like Midas. For herself.

    For everyone else, what she touches turns to turds.

  53. Gryphen, thank you for posting your follow up to seek truth.

  54. 10catsinMD7:00 AM

    Keep it up Gryphen. Do not stop blogging. I just finished listening to Shannyn Moore and Mike Stinson. Really great show and Shannyn and Mike mixed so well together. I enjoyed his stories about Alaska.

    Everyone keeps talking about Palin's charisma. But I wonder about that. Her kind of charisma is a siloed shell that she uses. I am tempted to go into more analysis, but will not do that. I think Mike's intention of wanting to see her in person first hand was a very good idea. His wife's impression that Palin gave her the creeps is a good one.

    I tried to see her in person at one of her book signings, but I was not willing to buy the book just for that. I met her mother and aunt outside with Trig. They were pleasant enough, but they threw a statement out that seemed very inappropriate and flip: inviting me and everyone to Thanksgiving dinner. On second thoughts, I would have expected something better from older, "wiser" women, but their statement was just as "catty" as what Sarah would say. Those women are her teachers. Adolescent, flip, and catty.

    All the pictures, videos, and articles that the bloggers, like you, Palingates, and Bree, and the numerous others present a true enough picture to those of us who keep watching her. All this attention, I think ultimately breaks through the shell. That she continously puts out to the public and tries to defend.

    So I say to you all, don't stop blogging, keep up the pressure. Day by day, by day, she's showing more of who she really is. I think she will end up hanging self in public.

    I like Shannyn's comment. "You become who you most dislike." I think that will be her downfall because that's what she least wants to be, but Palin can't help herself.

    I would love to visit Alaska someday. I have been wanting to do this for a long, long, time.
    Mike Stinson made some great statements about the state.

  55. padoreva7:03 AM

    I'm so tired of you folks comparing the Palins to the Beverly Hillbillies. The Beverly Hillbillies had integrity, were honest to a fault, exemplified Christian values, and were kind and helpful to others at all times.

    I cannot think of a more appropriate comparison of the Palins, but the movie, "The Grifters" with Angelica Huston and John Cusak comes to mind. Where the analogy falls apart is that those characters were highly intelligent and still had honor among theives.

  56. Anonymous7:05 AM

    That RAM at c4p sounds more bitter than 'Staples.' A litle common sense on the part of Miss Man-eater or Mad-as-a-hatter or whatever her name is, ought to make her question why it is that whenever Palin is involved in anything the results always call for'clarification,''an appology to Sarah,' & a flurry of palin-bot spin. Get a clue, Miss M., it's EX-governor Palin's own behavior that generates criticism. When do the people that Palin misused or mischaracterized get a retraction or 'sorry' from her?? What a dizzying sphere these cookoo-bots must inhabit.

    Sharon TN

  57. Sue Woodward from Winona MN7:11 AM

    Was Piper in LA with Sarah? I read no, then I read yes.

  58. Anonymous7:17 AM

    So she only took a bottle of Sake? Though she had a box( or case of wine) sent on the Alaska as she couldn't take it on the plane.

    Well she doesn't drink, so who is it for? Willow?

  59. hmmm...these Silver Spoon folks are in the publicity business, in HOLLYWOOD, yet they dont use normal channels of distribution for this "retraction"? Instead of going right to the LA Times, they go to paylin "fan" sites with a clunky looking PDF "document"?
    Not buying it ram. nice try.

  60. Anonymous8:07 AM

    George Clooney and his family is from the Cincinnati area...his aunt Rosemary was one of those targeted by the John Birch Society...


    I'm feel certain that immediately upon the wine being delivered to the Palin compound, Todd will bundle Trigg up, tie him to the snow machine and the two of them will zip on over to the nearest Red Cross make sure it gets "donated."

    The personalized stationery? No doubt Sarah has a cousin who can sell this special little item on ebay...then she can donate the proceeds to Red Cross.

    No doubt these helpful hints will be included in Sarah Palin's third book:

    An Idiot's Guide to Exploits and, too, can multiply by zero.

    Chapter 1
    Robin Hood had it all wrong.
    Chapter 2
    Thank God he saved the halibut from the flood.
    Chapter 3
    Isis/Horus, Mary/Jesus, Me and Baby Trigg. How immaculate conception works, bwahaha.
    Chapter 4
    The son of Cain. Biblical truth, or a journey to the land of Nod.
    Chapter 5
    How to double cross the Jesusy crossy folks.
    Chapter 6
    Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. Well, just hand me that fuzzy purple thing and call me Daniella!
    Chapter 7
    "S" is for sssss sarah. Cover yourself with animal skins and take a day trip to the Garden of Eden.
    Chapter 8
    Ididarod, or two, in my day. How to keep wedding expenses to a minimum.
    Chapter 9
    Go west, butt thunder and keep an eye out for the manna...wink, wink.
    Chapter 10
    And Sarah laughed--and laughed and laughed and laughed and...

    Oh, oh, is that you Jesus?

  61. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Isn't George fabulous? My son says he's the "luckiest man in the world".


  62. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I believe that Silver Spoon did issue that statement and I also believe that Sarah and her entourage did blow through the place like locusts as originally described. Silver Spoon is doing damage control. As an accountant and form trade show vendor, I’m guessing at the Silver Spoon business model. They rent a suite and charge vendors large fees to rent a table and display and give away their wares to celebrities. Then they have to deliver the celebrities to come to the event. Vendors would love to have a celebrity on the cover of OK! wearing their stuff. This is why I had to shell out bucks to buy my daughter Ugg boots. She saw the boots on enough celebrities in the gossip magazines. If Silver Spoon can’t get the warm celebrity bodies into the suite they won’t be able to sell the trade show booths to the venders, which is why they don’t want the attendees to be criticized or to feel guilty about participating. The models manning the booths, I think told it like it was. This story worked out even better for the vendors than they could have imagined. Who ever heard about those headphones, that wine or jeggings before this story broke.

    People who are sympathetic to Palin and can imagine themselves doing the same thing at a gifting suite are missing the point. This is the woman who could very well have been POTUS! Susan Eisenhower (granddaughter of Dwight D. and as of 2008 an independent and no longer republican) was able to put her finger on what was wrong with Palin and the $150k shopping spree (recently estimated at $250.) It’s a common theme that she likes to spend other people’s money which is crass and not conservative. See the youtube video here . Sarah Palin is now a caricature celebrity. She’s infamous. She’s in the same category as Octomom and Kate Goselin. Palin’s behavior at the gifting suite was consistent with her new role as a caricature celebrity. The American people dodged a bullet in 2008 because clearly she doesn’t have the character or values to be a stateman.

  63. laprofesora8:23 AM

    "Swag Hag"...I LOVE it!!! And George Clooney, you are the best! Call me :)

  64. Anonymous8:23 AM

    So was there plenty free lipstick there for the Swag Swine?
    Hope her first tv show highlights her transformation of Wasilla.

  65. laprofesora8:40 AM

    To the "Anonymous" -bot who continues to defend the "press release" as true: Okay, let's say that $P didn't loot the place. Can you concede that she is a hypocrite for calling Levi "Ricky Hollywood" then shopping her own show to Hollywood? How about her own daughter filming a segment on a TV show? How do you reconcile these (and many other) inconsistencies? I really am interested to know.

  66. smells like Palin moosenug8:40 AM

    It makes no sense for the owner of the Silver Spoon, Melissa Lemer, to do a paste up to the Palin fan base site and ignore E and the AP... unless... RAM has a friend, or a friend of a friend, who hooked up the Palin gang with the Silver Spoon Oscar gift suite escort, held inside a swanky furniture store on Santa Monica Boulevard called Interior Illusions. We all know how these things can work. Palin's bachelor brother was even there, Willow skipped Hawaii, but not this time. I think they were all dreaming about this Oscar gift suite several weeks or months before the scheduled trip. Whoever did the letter to fans is doing damage control, like the alleged check for $1,700 is for Palin to try and save face. Is it a coincidence that $1,700 is near the amount that is asked for in the custody matter? Is $1,700 stuck in someone's brain? That check is an after thought, in Wasilla, dreams of the elite Oscar gift grab have been going on for quiet some time, I betcha.

    I've worked with celeb 'Charity' events. Not all is what it appears, some of the biggest acts don't do or give much more than to loan a name and get millions in free 'good' publicity. It is not a new scam.

    When Lemer can directly deal with AP and Casablanca she will have more credibility. She has tarnished the Silver Spoon, but I don't know that is any loss.

    Thank you, Gryphen. You are right on target, keep up the good work. Your instincts are superb.

  67. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Swag Hag - yikes does THAT fit.... good new Nickname...

    I'm sure Meg is proud...

  68. IF and that is a huge IF, the hag donated her bag o'swag to the Red Cross, she had previously passed on all the good stuff to any of the other 19 in her entourage to carry for her.

    Can't you see them back at the hotel. The Swag Hag making them all dump their bags o'swag out on the big bed, and she whines, bullies, threatens and plows her way through all the loot, taking everything she wants, then making sure Bristo, Willow and Piper get the stuff left. If there were any remains, the entourage got to fight over it.

    After all, she (SarahPAC) paid for the trip, so the swag was rightfully hers.

    This is how I see it happening.

    No retractions bit*h.

  69. "padoreva said...
    I'm so tired of you folks comparing the Palins to the Beverly Hillbillies."

    ME TOO! you are spot on.

  70. Anonymous9:52 AM

    The palinbot theme song...
    "Turd on the Run"

  71. smells like Palin moosenug9:54 AM

    I agree that the disparaging of the Beverly Hillbillies must stop! In comparison they smell good and are a ritzy clan. They do not deserve to have their name in the same sentence or article as a Palin.

  72. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Even if Sarah does donate $1700 she'll take it off her taxes and keep the goodies.

    Its called having your cake and eating it too, also.

  73. Just to be clear, the endearing term 'swag hag' came from one of the first entertainment bloggers or writers to share the story. Unfortunately, I have since read so many variations I can't go back to give credit where it is due. I suspect this endearment is pretty common in LA.

  74. mxm is absolutely right. I am not the person who coined the term "Swag hag" but I also could not remember where I read it.

    If anybody knows please stick the link in the comments section.

  75. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Thanks Anon8:16 - "she doesn't have the character or values to be a statesman" - and most of America KNOWS IT! You are right - SP is now approaching the same level as Octomom, widely read about, but not respected.

  76. hauksdottir1:14 PM

    But this Silver Spoon (cocaine) gifting suite is NOT the only place looted by the Palins.

    Bristol went to another event... a pre-Oscar Pool Party.

    But what really got people talking was her daughter Bristol Palin’s appearance at a pre-Oscar party. Bristol, who is in Los Angeles to tape her guest spot on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” stopped by Wednesday night’s party at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons.

    While there, she got a touch-up at one of the complimentary makeup booths. “It’s one thing to stop by something fun if you happen to be in town anyway. It’s another thing to always take advantage of the free stuff,” said one eyewitness.

    Once there, she bee-lined for the beauty cabana. Pics show her clearly out of her depth, in the same room as Jane Fonda and other Hollywood pros.

    So, while Bristol was trying to party hearty... where was the rest of her family? And, did Bristol make any kind of donation at all?

  77. Anonymous1:32 PM

    laprofesora said...
    To the "Anonymous" -bot who continues to defend the "press release" as true: Okay, let's say that $P didn't loot the place. Can you concede that she is a hypocrite for calling Levi "Ricky Hollywood" then shopping her own show to Hollywood? How about her own daughter filming a segment on a TV show? How do you reconcile these (and many other) inconsistencies? I really am interested to know.

    How does that make Palin hypocritical? Your argument is nonsensical.

  78. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I don't believe for a minute that The Silver Spoon only posted a retraction on the P'bot site. The first site it would have gone to issue a retraction/clarification would be the E! Online site that broke the story. Sorry, 'bots....wishing it so doesn't make it so.

    Knowing the grifter, the initial interviews with the vendors were correct. Once the swag grab hit the media, Palin screamed at her PR people to "FIX IT!!"

    Hahaha....If there's one thing that is consistent about Palin throughout her sketchy career, it's the multiplicity of times she's been caught with her hand in a swag bag of some kind. Those many ethics complaints that her "personal" Personnel Board FIXED for her attests to that fact. If it walks like a duck....well you know the rest.

  79. Anonymous4:32 PM

    The very notion that she turned around and donated all the swag to the Red Cross is just insensible.

    The Red Cross would not accept 'swag' as a donation. . .what would they do with it??? Clearly she wrote a SarahPAC check, per usual, and was done with it.

    I see that apparently NBC stated that there was no doctoring of the laugh track for Palin on the Leno show. . .yet I am having a hard time finding attribution for this. Nonetheless, even before the story broke, I listened to the video and it immediately seemed to me that something simply was not right with the laugh track. It was off kilter. I never occurred to me that it was dubbed. . .I just figured the laugh track and clapping cheerleaders that all those shows have were whipping up the crowd to drag response out of them. . .and that there was some sort of small delay inherent in a crowd unsympathetic to Palin. . .it just seemed very, very forced and fakey to me. (And I do try to listen and read dispassionately.)

    So, maybe NBC did make that statement, within the bounds of truth. . .yet the audience track was unnaturally beefed up with the usual cheerleading?

    Still, hard to believe that a Hollywood crowd would bend that far to produce a fake reaction.

    I tend to believe the Daily Kos reporter. . .and I am always skeptical of what is posted on there.

    And I also do not believe that Sarah would willingly go into the territory of the Enemy without some sort of assurance regarding recorded crowd reaction. . .even to the point of insisting on a redaction of any negative reaction.

    Frankly, she would have been foolish not to.

  80. Anonymous4:36 PM

    One of the articles regarding the Swag Hag included the story about how she had one of the vendors sent a whole case of wine to her home. Several of the gifts were sent to her home not just carried out of the suite.

  81. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Heard the ticket sales for the Ohio Right to Life had stalled several weeks ago with Palin's speech at the Tea Party. Sure the return of the fee was to prevent the event from losing money on the dinner. It would have been publicity for them to pay her $100,000 and then show a loss on the event....even worse than her looting of the swag.

  82. I got this in support of something I posted at Huff Po....seems that it rings true about one of the Silver Spoon's owners being a Palin "fan"....:


    1) Melissa Lemer is a Palin fan.

    2) Melissa Lemer is partner in a hosting business for vendors in Hollywood who wish to advertise their products by donating them to gift bags intended for A and B list Hollywood celebrities, who in turn allow themselves to be photographed and interviewed for the gossip columns and tabloids.

    3) Melissa Lemer violated the trust implicit in the mission statement of her business by inviting an outsider, Sarah Palin, and her horde of hangers-on and family members to partake of the donated gifts.

    4) Melissa Lemer further violated that trust by not allowing photographs of Sarah Palin or her entourage with the donated items, or allowing statements by Palin about the products, thus depriving all the vendors of much-needed publicity.

    5) The cheated vendors were incensed, and told E!Online so.

    6) The AP picked up on the "swag grab" story and reported it.

    7) People who abhor Palin's pathological lying and grifting spread the story virally throughout the blogosphere.

    8) Pro-Palin blogs were horrified at the negative publicity, and Palin's new henchman Rebecca Mansour prepared a "demand for retraction and apology" statement that the beleaguered Melissa Lemer approved.

    9) Rebecca Mansour's mistake was releasing the statement only to FoxNews and to her own blog C4P, from which it spread to other pro-Palin blogs and other right-wing web sites.

    10) Unlike the original "swag grab" story, the subsequent missive was not a press release directly from the two Silver Spoon partners to the Associated Press.

    11) Sarah Palin, her family, Rebecca Mansour, Melissa Lemer, and anyone who still believes the Wasilla Mafia aren't simply out to line their own pockets are appalling in their stupidity. That includes Mark Burnett and Jay Leno, too.

  83. laprofesora said...
    To the "Anonymous" -bot who continues to defend the "press release" as true: Okay, let's say that $P didn't loot the place. Can you concede that she is a hypocrite for calling Levi "Ricky Hollywood" then shopping her own show to Hollywood? How about her own daughter filming a segment on a TV show? How do you reconcile these (and many other) inconsistencies? I really am interested to know.

    Anonymous said: How does that make Palin hypocritical? Your argument is nonsensical.

    Wow, Anon. Are you one of those people from C4P who is amazed at how the wondrous and saintly Mrs. Palin can churn out all these books and TV treatments and speeches and Facebook lectures and raise her children and still look so pretty?

    Here's the deal: Palin panders to her base by constantly complaining about "elites" and "liberals," never passing up a chance to whine about how mean the media is to her as she takes full advantage of her faux celebrity to take potshots at people who are actually try to solve difficult problems. She is masterful at whipping up the resentments and fears of "real Americans" and positioning herself as some kind of ordinary, common sense gal.

    Yet there she and her children are, slurping up publicity and goodies at the same trough as all the Ricky Hollywoods and those "tiny celebrities" she loved mocking. And we're supposed to take her seriously?

    I could give a rat's ass except she continues pretending that she quit her job because it was better for Alaska, and that somehow she is contributing to our state. This TV show idea is boring and idiotic, and if they really do call it "Palin's Alaska," there's going to be a major protest, because every Alaskan I know (and I grew up here) is truly sick of the way she exploits her connection here for her own gain.

    For the first time in my life, I'm embarrassed to say I'm from Alaska.

    What's amazing is that only 114,000 people made her governor, but the whole country has to pay for it.

  84. heidi11:14 AM

    Bluedog @5:50 -
    Only 114,000 Alaskans, who voted for this "thing", have (obviously, unwittingly) foisted $$P upon us? That's all it took to cause this utter turmoil, even rage among family members, in the whole United States? Well, that and John McCain's reckless decision...

    Stunning. The small town I live in here in Calif. has a population of twice 114,000. Our little valley has a couple million.

    It's impossible to comprehend the person-hours and brainpower, tears, guts, and emotion which has been poured into to the SP topic. I wish I could say that it was all wasted effort, once she disintegrates and blows away.

    But I think not. If anything at all, SP has given us a united ability to recognize and stand up against everything that is self-serving and evil when we see such blatant hypocricy. She is no Christian.


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