Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sarah Palin Pregnancy. What are the odds?

One of the arguments that I hear all of the time against the idea that Sarah faked her pregnancy is this one, "What are the odds that she could have pulled such a thing off without anybody discovering the truth?"

That is a question all right. And not a bad one.

I believe the same question was probably posed to the National Enquirer reporter who started to unravel the lies about John Edwards love child.  And I believe that a number of reporters also heard that same argument concerning Bernie Madoff's ability to swindle so many intelligent people without getting caught. And don't you wonder how many reporters heard rumors of Tiger Woods having affairs, and just figured it was idle talk because "what are the odds that he wouldn't get caught?"

So let's use that same line of logic to examine Sarah Palin's pregnancy.

No not the idea that she faked it. No let's discuss the odds that HER version of the story is accurate.  You know, the one that ALL of her followers and the mainstream media just accept as fact.  That one.

Let's start at the very beginning.

What are the odds that Sarah Palin would tell reporter Bill McAllister that her daughter Bristol was not pregnant, and then not much later announce that instead SHE was the one that was "pregnant"?

What are the odds? What do you think, a thousand to one maybe?

And what are the odds that she would not announce her pregnancy until she was seven months along? And that when she did so NOT ONE person suspected that she was with child?  Not one!

What are the odds? According to more than one doctor I have talked to the idea of a middle aged woman, on her fifth pregnancy (not to mention two miscarriages), being seven months pregnant, with NO co-worker or family member being the wiser, is a virtual impossibility.

And what are the odds that this same woman, after her big announcement,  would continue to look relatively slim and trim:

Eight days later

20 days later

 23 days later

Before finally exploding out and really appearing fully pregnant just five days before the birth of darling little Trig Palin?  Come on ladies, I am asking you specifically, what are the odds?  A thousand to one?  Ten thousand to one?

And speaking of odds, what are the odds that at around eight months into her pregnancy Sarah Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, would have allowed her patient to fly 4,500 miles to Texas to give a speech to a room full of governors? A hundred thousand to one perhaps?

And having awakened in Texas on the morning of the speech with a "strange sensation" low in her belly, and leaking amniotic fluid, what are the odds that after calling her doctor (which Palin claims to have done in her book "Going Rogue"), that the doctor would NOT have insisted that Sarah rush to a nearby hospital and get checked out immediately?

Nope didn't happen.  Instead Sarah got up, wiped the amniotic dribble off of her leg, got dressed, and around eight hours later gave a speech.

And what about that room full of governors?  What are the odds that not ONE of them apparently knew that their fellow governor was in any distress? From her book on page 195:

"I know you're pregnant," Rick (Perry) said, joking into the mic. "But don't tell me you're going to have the baby right now!'

The audience laughed. I smiled and waved good-bye.  I thought, if only you knew!

After the speech Sarah claims to have boarded a plane to fly the 4,500 miles back to Alaska. But what are the odds of her doctor supporting THAT decision?

Well I asked a doctor that very question and this what I was told.

No 44 year old woman, pregnant for the fifth time with a special-needs child would make the decisions she made, and no doctor would support them.

She traveled out of state during the 35th week of her pregnancy. After experiencing premature rupture of membranes and some contractions, she waited nearly ten hours to give a speech then traveled nearly twelve hours more, taking two separate flights both of which had flight times of around four hours, with a layover of approximately two hours in between.

Expected duration of labor for someone with Gov. Palin's history (four previous vaginal births) would be 6 hours +/- 3.6 hours. It was not only "possible" that she would give birth long before she arrived back in Alaska, it was probable. And, while it's just barely believable that she would remain at a conference and wait to give a speech she was "determined to give" (since a modern hospital was only minutes away), there's no way one can apply this same reasoning to her subsequently getting on an airplane for two separate four-hour flights.

However in Sarah Palin's reality she DID board that plane and took off to give birth to her baby in Alaska, because as the ever eloquent Todd Palin said, "You can't have a fish picker from Texas!"

And just like everything in this fairy tale, the flight went swimmingly.  According to Alaska Airlines spokesperson,Caroline Boren: "The stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation. She did not show any signs of distress," Boren said. Really?

And according to an e-mail obtained by MSNBC the Governor did not appear distressed in the Alaska Airlines Boardroom in Seattle either:

It seemed as though you were engrossed in a book so I spoke mostly with Todd and tried not to intrude on your opportunity to relax. Little did I know that your were in labor at the time.

Have you ever SEEN a woman eight months pregnant on a plane?  Did they seem a little distressed?  Could you at least vaguely determine by observation the stage of their pregnancy? Yeah I thought so.

And again just what are the odds that over twenty hours after waking up leaking amniotic fluid Sarah Palin would not only NOT have given birth on that plane but then decide once arriving in Anchorage, that she and Todd would drive right past the only hospital in the state (Providence) with a neonatal intensive care unit, where her doctor had privileges, and instead drive the sixty miles to a tiny hospital ill equipped to handle a pregnancy in crisis even though she met at least five high-risk obstetric criteria:

*she was 44 (anything above 40(some sources say 37 or 39) is considered high-risk due to maternal age;

* she was carrying a known high-risk infant;

*she was considered "grand multiparous" (five or more viable pregnancies);

* she was in labor at 35-36 weeks (anything before 37 weeks is considered pre term);

* her amniotic sac had been ruptured nearly 24 hours.

Go ahead my friends imagine what the odds would be that her doctor, who she must have contacted at some point because we know she met her at the Mat-Su Hospital, would not have DEMANDED that Palin immediately check in at Providence Hospital.  A million to one shot?  Five million to one?  How about a ZERO shot?  Simply put, NO doctor would have allowed their patient to continue on such a reckless course.

However this is Sarah Palin's story so we must sit tight as she takes on this "wild ride".
According to the Palin mythology they arrive at Mat-Su Hospital where CBJ meets them, induces labor and, according to Chuck Heath who claims to have been there, little Trig just "pops out".
Later KTUU interviews the Heaths holding the newborn in the hallway.
Which of course brings up another question about odds. 

What are the odds that a baby born a month premature, and which had its amniotic sack ruptured over twenty hours earlier, would not be in crisis?  I mean what are the odds that the Heaths could simply stand in the hallway holding what appears to be a perfectly healthy newborn, instead of viewing him through the plastic covering of an incubator?

But not only was the birth a rollicking success, but Palin was able to return to her duties as Governor only three days later.  What are the odds?

Now take minute to read this post carefully.  Even if you are not a conspiracy theorist and don't take much stock in the whole "fake pregnancy" controversy you have to admit that this is an amazing collection of unbelievable circumstances.

Now imagine that you are hearing this story for the first time and it is NOT about the ex-governor of Alaska.  Are you still able to suspend your disbelief?

Even if you allow that, against the odds, at least SOME of these incidents may have happened just the way they have been portrayed, it is extraordinarily difficult to swallow more than a few, and impossible to accept the whole lot.  Isn't it?

I encourage you to have your friends read this as well.  See what their take is on the information provided.  I have a feeling you will find many of them looking at you with wide eyes and saying "I had no idea!"

Add to this these pictures of a slim Sarah Palin standing next to Mercede holding a baby identified as Trig Palin only two weeks his birth...
..and the fact that when asked by the McCain campaign to provide proof of Trig's parentage Palin refused to produce a birth certificate, choosing instead to hide behind her daughter, and I am pretty convinced that most intelligent people will reach much the same conclusion that the majority of us have.

P.S. I have been asked several times by my visitors to lay out the timeline of Palin's pregnancy controversy for those who may be new to the issue.  I hope this satisfies that request.

P.S.S Okay by popular demand let me include the most recent piece of this convoluted story.

What are the odds that a baby born with badly malformed ears would transform into a baby with almost perfect ears only five months later?

How are those odds now?
Never let it be said I am not responsive to my visitors. You know, within reason.


  1. honestyinGov3:17 PM

    Why did you leave out the ' ruffled ear ' photos as part of the story..? A picture is worth a 1000 words ... and seeing is believing. It doesn't speak to the ' odds ' part of the storyline but it is relevant.

    Or.. how about " What are the ODDS that a deformed ear could heal itself on it's own ?"... when Medical professionals say this is impossible.

  2. Well...she was blessed by God! She trusted God and it was a miracle!

    (I feel dirty now, just pretending to be a Palin supporter. Gotta go shower.)

    1. Same of the miraculous conception of her eldest. I keep pointing out to people that she could not have had Track ( I can't remember his name and the only reason I know about this is my daughter's birthday is also April 20) palin eloped in may 30th supposedly a virgin and rather than have trolls attack me because I know how doctors calcculate but rather than argue check out this site and placing her son's conception on her wedding night, her son would be due May http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator?year=2016&month=7&day=30&lmp=false

      Besides my mom woulda had my ass in a sling after the asskicking I would get for all of the deposits and dress etc. were already done.

      BTW I don't know how to post as an individual so sorry....

  3. I am sure glad to see you are picking up the mantle. When Bree left I was a bit discouraged. This makes me feel better.

  4. Stephani3:28 PM

    I wouldn't take a rabbit to give birth at Mat-Su Regional. I've never believed that Palin delivered a baby there.

    Most likely, Palin found out that a friend's daughter was giving birth to a baby with Down's and she said, "Wouldn't it be cool if I adopted it?" I don't believe SP could keep a secret that long. (What are the odds. . .)

    Is CBJ even practicing any more? I can see pregnant women flocking to her and demanding all kinds of unsafe treatments. It's hard enough for new moms to understand that when they feel labor pains, they need to get their bumps to the maternity center PRONTO regardless of feeling stupid in case they just passed urine.

    For the sake of pregnant women the world over, even if this was true, I think that CBJ should have from the very beginning said, "I will not comment on this story or even admit that the governor was my patient."

    Sarah Palin tries to be a comic book hero, a charicature of an Alaskan. We are not more rugged than anyone else, or any more stupid.

    Years ago, a family member was dying. I had to fly south at the last minute to be there and I (sped over by a sibling) got to his bedside and he died ten minutes later. When I think of Palin on a plane in labor if she really was, and she went into labor and we had to land early and a sibling and I missed something so important, I would find a way to sue the thoughtless idiot. If what she did has any truth to it, she really showed a lack of concern for other passengers just so SHE could have a story.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM


    Well put together synopsis of the chronological events, how they interface with each other and ultimately how absurd the entire package is.

    Whenever I share the 'story' to people who had no clue about this, they are completely incredulous...and this is without even seeing the collated visual evidence that you and others have put together over the past year and a half. The 'wild ride' story a part from the rest of the story is enough to make people sit up and think through how completely insane and dangerous that would have been. The fact is that story alone, without the speculation that she was lying about being pregnant, should be enough to cause anyone to worry about her capacity to make sound decisions. If she can't consider the life of her unborn or for that matter her own health (the possibility of hemorraging during a delivery in the middle of a plane mid-air) how would she care about the well-being of her constituents?

  6. johnie2xs3:31 PM

    Gryphen...buddy...pal...You had me at the "Wild Ride". Not just you, but actually, also what little I got from the MSM, and all your other top notch bloggers up there in Alaska. I'm with you, on this. I'm a believer. Every time anyone sees Clearwater Florida on your up to the minute guest log,I can almost guarantee you it is me. But honestly, my friend, enough is enough. You and your friends in Alaska need to get this DONE!!
    Whether it's getting that doctor from the Mat-Su clinic to come forward and tell that which she can, (the exceptions being patient privilege crap), in other words times, dates, pressures placed on the Doctors and Staff,whatever..!
    Sister Sarah needs to be discredited to the Nth degree, and we need it done yesterday.
    I don't mean to put too much pressure on you, but I'm sure you understand my feelings. There are so many dots, out there, can they not be connected???
    Please, Gryph; I have Faith in you.

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    This, sir, is a masterpiece. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Brilliant presentation.

  8. Thank you, Gryphen.

    Is there video footage of the KTUU interview with the Heaths? I would like to see that baby moving and opening his eyes. I think Trig-1 at the hospital and at Sarah's office with her and Todd could be a so-called reborn doll. He doesn't look like Ruffles either.

  9. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Add the two previous miscarriages (if it wasn't another lie) that she mentioned in her book

    That is being pregnant 7 times

    That is doing the whole risky wild ride without a blink
    after having 2 previous miscarriages.

    The watermelon "proof" photo was her "state of pregnancy" when she went on the wild ride.
    Noone on the plane noticed she was pregnant?
    How can you hide that whopper of a belly?

    And photos of her at the Governor's thing was after the watermelon belly photo.
    Yet she doesn't have the watermelon belly in those photos.

    Photo at the Governor's conference

    You can't hide that behind a frilly scarf.

  10. Anonymous3:54 PM

    A baby born at 35-36 weeks is nowhere near as fat as the baby pictured; those last 4-5 weeks in utero are when he would plump up. A 35-weeker looks more like a baby doll (smaller head, thin body).

    1. Sorry but sometimes babies that are premature are larger bc of diabetes ( major cause for LGA or just genetics) My son was 5 weeks premature. He was 9 lbs. 22.5 inches and hard 16.5 inch shoulders.He measured LGA at 14 weeks gestation when I had my amnio. Poor doc called and asked me if I was sure on my dates bc my son was over an inch longer than he was supposed to be . he is now 6'8", 270lbs and still growing. You ever looked for a size 17 shoe?

  11. eva marie3:54 PM

    I know your post is about the pregnancy but I want to add to the odds making. The odds on a 45 year old woman getting pregnant is slim to none. Especially if the couple is not trying to have a baby (using birth control).

  12. OK Gryphen, thanks for again bringing this "story" to the front. Now add this to the mix: NOT 5 pregnancies and this latest one being high-risk : in her own words in her book, this would have been her 7th pregnancy, with one miscarriage and with one fetus being "aborted" because it was not living. If this is true, that could make any successive pregnancies "high risk." That discounts earlier comments made by her that she had never had any problems with her pregnancies/deliveries (justifying her decision to fly all the way home). She also has contradicted herself on various occasions with "I wasn't in labor" then "big laughs, big contractions" ... or more contractions (forget her actual wording). Which was it Sarah? Were you in labor or not? Did you rush from that podium nearly knocking Rick Perry down in the process, or was it ho hum, ok to fly home because well, you know what labor is like (as you said in your interview 3 days later) and you weren't really in labor.

    RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT! if you were. And Sarah, you could have died as a result too, not just the fetus. And finally, Dr. CBJ needs to be held accountable totally for any advice given to you that it was okay for you to board that plane for home and/or for allowing her name to remain on a letter regarding your medical records when the record is false. I believe Sarah that you have contradicted yourself on this too. Did you talk to your doctor or not? Did she indicate you could go through with the speech (without getting checked out at the hospital so close to you in Texas) or not? Did she say it was okay to fly or not? Because if she did any of those things she is not deserving of her license, even if the results were not catastrophic.

  13. Every time I read the sequence of events of the "wild ride" and look at the pictures, I shake my head in disgust. Personally, I don't think she was pregnant. If she was, her decisions were beyond reckless. Why doesn't the news media pick up on this? The only reason I can come up with is they are squeamish when it comes to childbirth and pregnancy. BTW, love the part where you wrote "Instead Sarah got up, wiped the amniotic dribble off of her leg". Any woman who has ever experienced a dribble of amniotic fluid dripping down her leg knows you just don't get dressed and go about your business. It's messy. It ruins clothing. Maybe she sent Toad out for some Depends. Ya right.

  14. I can't seem to paste anything from the main text onto this form, so I'll try to ask my question without doing so.

    In the text you write about a comment Big Hair Perry asks Palin about, "I know your pregnant...".
    My question is did you copy the exact spelling of the word "your"? Was it really spelled "your" and not "you're"? Because if so, Palin had pretty bad copy editing in her book.

    Anyway, you ask some good questions. I've been pregnant twice and there's no way that at 8 months I would travel anywhere or would an airline countenance my on a plane. I don't believe her tale, but on the other hand, is she clever enough to concoct such a convoluted scheme? She's dumb as a box of rocks, and this takes some thinkging.

  15. Sarah's story about her pregnancy and labor with Trig is certainly filled with discrepancies, but so are any of the tales that she tells. Why would this one be different? That she kept the pregnancy a secret and did not show is not so surprising to me since I've known others who have done the same. I announced my fifth pregnancy to a shocked crowd about two months before I had the baby. No one guessed that I was pregnant. I did not show much in any of my pregnancy, and could have hidden any of them.

    As for her trip to Texas, it was a bad decision, but typical Sarah Palin. Doubt she consulted with her doctor aobut it. Just did it. She didn't show much, so she just didn't say anything. As for the amniotic fluid leaking, I don't know how she could tell it was amniotic fluid. It has to be medically tested. She could have leaked urine. Happens all of the time. I think she thought by telling the tale that she did, she would gain points for how strong she was and able to do her job, pregnant right to the end even in the face of adversity. She mistook the type of reaction she got from people. There are a lot of women who are not careful while pregnant putting their babies and themselves at risk; they usually are not someone in a position such as the governor of a state. That is the incredulous part of the story; that someone with means and wherewithal would take such risks.

    I have no idea about the ear situation. I know that babies often have odd shaped heads and other issues right after birth that straighten out thereafter, but I don't know anything about crinkled ears. Don't know how to check up on something like that either.

    Still, going through your list, I think Sarah had this baby and was reckless about the pregnancy and delivery.

  16. Anne NC4:20 PM

    Just to add to the whole unbelievable situation, how many women could sit on an airplane for four to five hours at 8 months pregnant and not have to get up to use the rest room at least twice? So she wants us to believe that her 8 month pregnancy was not noticeable to the flight attendants even though she would have had to use the rest room during the flight...that can only mean that she wasn't showing as she did in the "gusty" photo. What happened to that pregnancy? She would have needed a seatbelt extender but nobody recalls her asking for one for her advanced state of pregnancy. Did she pack her pregnancy pillow away for the ride? I'd also like to see what her feet looked like because as any woman who has been pregnant would attest to, they not only spread and swell with pregnancy but add a long flight to it and they will still be puffy a day later. She should have been waddling on and off the stage to give that speech. I'd love to see a videotape of that part.

    There are so many ways to poke holes in the story!

  17. indylindy4:26 PM

    Great job Gryphen! This post is a great summary of Sarah's Wild Ride story. I am going to share this with friends/family and try to post a reference to it at HuffPost.

    It is time for the Wild Alaskan Dingbat to be exposed for the fraud that she is.

  18. Anonymous4:29 PM

    And what are the odds that a woman with a wildly improbable pregnancy tale would be chosen for VEEP candidate? Because without the VEEP factor, Sarah Palin's absurd story would be a curious footnote in the history of Alaska's governors.

    It is clear from the MSNBC obtained e-mails that Sarah Palin was showing interest in the VEEP spot in the spring of 2008. Sarah Palin CHOOSE to lie about her pregnancy AND choose to expose herself to the scrutiny of the American electorate. This is the combination that truly underscores Sarah Palin's "mentality unstable" personality.

  19. Anonymous4:32 PM

    "She could have leaked urine"


    ...but, she did NOT bother to get it tested so

    "She could have leaked amniotic fluid"

    is also true and DANGEROUS to a fetus.

  20. JustMe4:39 PM

    When I was 31 weeks pregnant with my first child I travelled to visit my parents for Christmas. My husband and I split up the 7 hour drive into two days in order to play it safe. Several days later at exactly 32 weeks my water broke. We went immediately to the hospital. I spent 6 days in the hospital flat on my back trying to prevent labor as long as possible. On the sixth day my doctor gave me permission to fly home since the flight was less than 2 hours and if I went into labor he could have an ambulance at the airport and have me at the hospital (which had a level three neonatal intensive care unit) within 20 minutes. When I arrived at the airport I was put into a wheelchair and taken directly to the plane. Even though I was a day shy of 33 weeks, the stage of my pregancy was quite obvious. At 5'3" I weighted 125lbs that day and it was December and I was wearing a bulky coat. The woman next to me could definitely tell...with less than the normal amount of amniotic fluid every movement of the baby made my belly move. At my destination, again there was a wheelchair and upon doctors orders I went home and back to bed. My daughter was born 8 days later at exactly 34 weeks, weighing 4'3" and everyone was pleased that she weighed so much. She spent 17 days in the hospital, the first 14 in that wonderful neonatal intensive care unit.

    I was young and healthy and pregnant with my first child, the odds were all in my favor.

    After 8+ hours of labor I had to have a c-section. Three years later when I had my second child, again my water broke first (a day past my due date) and my baby was born 3 hours and 46 minutes later. I always joked that I didn't dare have another baby or it would be born on the way to the hospital. lol

    So based on my experience, there is 0% chance that Sarah Palin's story is true.

  21. Imagine you know a 45 year old woman. She's just discovered she is pregnant for a 7th time. She's had 5 children and 2 miscarriages. Soon, she discovers that the child she's pregnant with has down's syndrome. She waits 7 months to tell anyone in her family hoping God will make everything work out. When she finally does inform her family and friends, no one can believe it since she looks as trim as she always has.

    In her 8th month of pregnancy, she leaves on a business trip. One night, she wakes up to eary labor sensations and is leaking amniotic fluid. She decides not to call her doctor because she doesn't want to wake them at this hour. She finishes her day of business presentations and calls her doctor to see if it would be alright if she flew home to have her baby. Even though she's been in labor for almost 10 hours, her doctor gives her the go-ahead to plane hop for another 10 hours and then drive almost and hour to a small hospital in her hometown instead of the facility which was closest to the airport and was the only one in the state equipt for a special needs birth.

    Once there her delivery goes quickly and smoothly and a few hours later, her parents take pictures with their brand new grandchild in the hallway outside her hospital room. Even though he was born prematurely, he looks healthy and robust with glowing, chubby cheeks. A few weeks later, you go to a baby shower. In pictures taken at that party, her previously bouncing boy is now small and frail looking and looks to have a problem with the formation of his ears. Several months later, she goes on vacation with her son and in those vacation pictures she have a very healthy looking baby once more who no longer has this ear deformity.

    Would you say this story is plausible?

    Ask yourself as a rational, intelligent, thinking indivindual if this story makes sense.
    It doesn't.

    But because the story is about Sarah Palin, it must be true right?


    If a woman is lying about the pregnancy and birth of her child (and given the absurdity of her own story), what else might she lie about...

  22. emrysa4:46 PM

    gryphen you forgot my favorite:

    what are the odds that a hospital in america is going to let a 5-week preemie baby with jaundice and a heart condition leave the hospital 2 days after he was born??????

    this story is such a crock of shit. amazing that anyone would believe it.

  23. Why was labor "induced" by CBJ if she was in labor already??????????

  24. Anonymous4:56 PM

    An excellent summary, Gryphen ! I read on another blog that in Going Rogue Palin says that she dressed up as a pregnant Jane Fonda a few years ago. Maybe she kept the costume and the fake pregnancy pillow ?

  25. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Good post Gryphen! One thing also has to be asked: During the Wild Ride, if the baby Sarah Palin was supposedly carrying was stillborn, what on earth would Sarah say in the days following and would we be discussing this today? Hell NO!There was no Sarah Palin pergnancy #5 in 2007. There was no distress in Texas at all because anything less than a birth in Wasilla would be questioned and found a fraud!

  26. "Why was labor "induced" by CBJ if she was in labor already??????????"

    yeah...why? if she was in labor why induce, if she wasnt why induce?
    too many details $arah. too many details. the DEVIL is in the details.

  27. Anonymous5:10 PM


    That was an awesome post. I cannot believe that if she was 8+ months pregnant that she looked like that. She is such a fraud and I hope that you get to the bottom of this fantasy.


  28. @themom, If Palin's fluid began leaking early one morning, the baby would need to be delivered within 24 hours, so a doctor would have induced to hasten labor even if labor had begun.

    Of course the truth is that Palin needed to say that her return trip was not in active labor and needed to come up with a baby in the middle of the night when the press wasn't looking. Only claiming inducing or a C-sect can do that.

  29. I find the picture and account in GRogue of Sarah trying to hasten Willow's birth by strenuous canoeing quite odd. She admits that she put her body under physical stress and went out in the middle of a lake, with no thought of risk to the pregnancy or the baby, just because she thought a 4th of July baby would be a neat thing? (Kind of like the fish-picker excuse for TriG.)

    The only reason I can think of for including this anecdote is that she was trying to say the Wild Ride is true, that she has pulled last minute stunts in previous pregnancies and all was well so she knew this time would be too.

    Also curious that Curt Jr. is in the canoe with her. He was a doctor (dentist), so if she was really hauling ass to jump start Willow'a delivery, I bet he would have stopped her.

    She was in a canoe. The rest is made up.

  30. Slighly off topic, but still all things Palin... Judge rules that Levi must pay 1750 per month to Bristol.


  31. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Either way the story happenned, a thinking person realizes that it reflects poorly on her. She is either reckless with her health and the health of her child, or she lied about something big which didn't need to be lied about.

  32. Olivia5:27 PM

    The one thing that comes to my mind about the wild ride and her weird demeanor if she was actually pregnant at the time, is that she was hoping to lose the baby. That is the only reason that I can think of for a pregnant woman to behave so recklessly. Any woman who is looking forward to the birth of a child would do everything she could to ensure the safety of the baby. Clearly this woman was either NOT pregnant or hoping(or planning?)for the demise of the baby.

  33. The problem with most liars like Sarah Palin is that they lie at the drop of a hat about things that would normally not be problematic--until they lie
    about it.

    Do I think Palin would fake a pregnancy? Well, Levi claims she annoyed him and Bristol to do just that with Trig. Do I think Sarah Palin would throw anyone under the bus to protect herself? Well,--she did just that with Bristol during the election. Would Sarah use a baby as a shield to hide something unseemly? Sure, she did this repeatedly with Trig (which she's basically stopped after EVERYONE started calling her on it). And now she's using poor unschooled Piper.

    I think Sarah Palin is a hate filled, divisive, ignoramus with incredible survival skills but
    Gryph, you make many good points about how incredibly ridiculous the wild ride is. Whatever this truth is—Sarah will NEVER tell it, because she is
    so tangled up in bullshit I don't think she can tell truth from fantasy at this point.

  34. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Unfortunately, I agree with Catherine. No story seems to be untouched by a little embellishment when told by Sarah. I do think she expected to gain "tough" points for making up the leaking amniotic fluid story, and hadn't imagined people would think she was wreckless.

    I started off believing she did not give birth at all, but after really, really researching it, I haven't REALLY seen any evidence contrary to it. There are a couple of interesting photos, but even those don't make me go, "off course she wasn't pregnant!" The made me stop, and think...for several months.

    Then eargate broke and the treatment I received for even suggesting any rational explainations to it, made me examine my own thinking about this situation.

  35. ManxMamma5:31 PM

    Well done Gryph. Thanks for your hard work.

  36. Anonymous5:31 PM

    You may say all these events are unlikely, however unlikely events happen all the time. Either these events occur as they did with Trig's birth or they don't. If the pregnancy was more noticeable in its earlier stages then we wouldn't be discussing this right now. However, since things turned out differently, we talk about they altered outcome. An example: it is highly unlikely a black man raised only by his mother would ascend to the most powerful position in the world where racism was once prevalent not all then long ago. It is unlikely we would overcome his circumstances to achieve so much. Yet it happened with Obama.

  37. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Some more odds in relation to eargate. Approximately 10,000 babies were born in Alaska in 2008. Approximately 1 in 900 will have DS. Half of those will be a boy, maybe 70% will be caucasion and have brown hair. When all is said and done it narrows it down to about 50 babies in Alaska with DS Sarah could have used for her evil plot, and she had access to one (or two as some have suggested) of these babies without anyone singing like bird about it?

  38. Anonymous5:33 PM

    ""From her book on page 195:
    "I know you're pregnant," Rick (Perry) said, joking into the mic. "But don't tell me you're going to have the baby right now!'""

    Perry has been in on this gag all along. Ive believed that since reading his sppsd comment way back when.
    He is a tool..they are a pair.

  39. Anonymous5:45 PM

    What are the odds that no one in Alaska is ever going to prove it.

  40. Yup, Sarah Palin was full of something on April 17, 2008--and still is...but it wasn't and isn't "baby."

  41. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Oh, good. The sad arguing ear troll is back.
    Same OLD defenses from OLD Palin defenders:
    1) ""My pregnancy was just like hers, and no one could tell I was pregnant either." LIE. So, you recklessly endangered an unborn child at the age of 44 on your 7th pregnancy?
    2) "I must bring Obama into this argument. Obama, Obama, Obama." IRRELEVANT
    3) "But, um, malformed infant ears do TOO heal themselves. I don't know HOW they do but they do, they do, and I'm so rational and scientific." NOT. You have no proof and you never did.

    The gig is UP, Palinistas.

  42. Anonymous5:53 PM


  43. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Some additional thoughts to back up what already is a completely unbelievable story (The Wild Ride):

    Airplanes are not pressurized at sea level; they are pressurized more like 8,000-10,000 feet altitude. It does a number on my sinuses. When my daughter flew a week after having a wisdom tooth pull, her jaw swelled up. The lack of pressure and lower oxygen would have increased labor, given Sarah's story that she was already experiencing labor pains.

    Add to the story that Just Me told about a two hour flight. Sarah had two four-hour flights with a layover between. All of that would have had an effect on a true pregnancy.

    Let us also remember that Sarah was no ordinary citizen, she was a sitting governor. If Just Me could get a wheel chair and an ambulance in her condition, imagine what a governor would command, if she really was in labor. There was no police escort to the airport in Texas, no police escort from the airport during the hour plus ride from Anchorage airport to Wasilla. (Sarah is in labor. Did Todd really stop at each stop sign and red light?) There was no escort and no ambulance waiting for someone who could have had them waiting for her.

    (And, did we even think to ask Sarah if they had carry on luggage, or did they wait in Anchorage for their luggage in baggage claim? With Sarah in labor, Todd would have to do all the heaving lifting, right?)

    Great description and timeline, Grypen! Now, let's follow up on the two babies, and what happened to the little baby in the Mercede-pictures who had the ruffled ear. It didn't heal magically. The big fat baby that the Heaths are posing with was not born 5 weeks prematurely.

  44. honestyinGov6:08 PM

    I sent an email to Cong. Grayson the other night saying " Thank You ' for speaking up and standing up to the GOP with a LOUD voice. And also for his Smackdown after The Grifters remarks toward him in her speech. I included some links to CabinGate so he could call her a Tax Cheat as well next time.
    I think I will forward your Story to his Office as well. Maybe he doesn't know the Facts of the story. He is certainly NOT afraid to speak about Grifter Granny. Happy reading Congressman Grayson.

  45. Good job! Many thanks.

    A couple of things, though: her two 'miscarriages' were, despite her preference for the lay term, actually (assuming of course that she told the truth on those) a missed abortion and a spontaneous abortion, whether she likes the terms or not.

    Not sure about hospital policy up there but here no high-risk, premature infant would be allowed into the hallway, held by grandparents, immediately after birth, no matter how badly they wanted to go on walkabout with new kiddo. Especially not a Down baby; their immune systems aren't up to par to begin with. More than likely it would be in the nursery under observation, even if all appeared normal. Infants with Down syndrome, even at full term, often don't handle secretions well (poor sucking/swallow reflexes) and need frequent suctioning in the first 24 hours or so. Out roaming the halls? I don't think so.

    Another thing that makes absolutely no sense is the amniocentesis. We've had plenty of evangelical Christians in our office and not one of them ever consented to an amnio on the grounds that 1) it slightly increases risk and 2) they aren't about to consider abortion anyway. So if this doctor and she both go to the same church, how was it that she even had an amnio to begin with? Surely one of them didn't have the idea, it being that they are such good Christians and all....

    Very fuzzy, she is.

  46. Forgot to say...great job, Gryph.

    What are the odds that a baby came sliding down SP's baby shoot on April 18, 2008?

    Oh, slim to none.

    Anon @ 5:33
    While I have seen it suggested that it is possible that Bristol is the biological mother of T1, I have seen nothing which demands that that baby was actually born in Alaska.

    It seems to me that he could have been funneled through the Wasilla church's adoption contacts and flown in from just about anywhere.
    And, just for the record, SP never seems to have a problem with procuring the service of private jets...if ya get my drift.

  47. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Really nice post . i emailed it to a friend who has doubts. Hope this does the trick.
    I'd like to add to the odds question:
    What are the odds that Sarah unintentionally named her child with Down Syndrome another name for Down Syndrome? TRI-G???
    The odds are astronomical.Sarah is a walking breathing odds anomaly.

  48. Did you hear she is planning another "pregnancy" for her 2012 Presidential run?


  49. While I think her whole story is crock, I would like to say that you can't judge by the baby's size. My son was 5 weeks early and was 8lbs 3oz.
    Also, as regards the odds of two DS boys with brown hair, caucasian, etc., the stand-in baby doesn't have to be a boy. Dress a girl baby in boy clothes...no one will ever know in the pictures.

  50. Good approach to use statistics. You have encouraged me to play the lottery.

    ps. to figure the odds, multiply each of the steps.

  51. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Catherine, YOUR pregnancies didn't show much, but Palin's did. Even when she had her first child, she showed dramatically. And, of course, women usually show MORE with each successive pregnancy.

    Also, anonymous 3:47 had a link to Sarah at the Governors' Convention, but it didn't work. I went to the newspaper and searched again for the article. Here's the picture:


  52. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Gryphen, Did the Palins release their tax records for 2008 when she was Governor? If they were declaring Trig as a dependent, they must have provided a social security number on tax forms. If they declared him and they're lying, that is tax fraud.

  53. Mac And Cheese Wiz6:35 PM

    I;ve seen the wild ride story explained so very many ways, but Gryphen's post puts it in a very different light. It has always defied logic, but I never actually thought of the odds, and you're right. The odds are so stacked against every aspect of this fairy tale, it's impossible to have happened to one person soley by coincidence.

    We were discussing the reason why she "hid" the "pregnancy" a few weeks back, and my sister in law said something that really made me think. When women are in their late stages of pregnancy, they're excited and willing to share "milestones" like a foot jabbing a rib, or the baby turning and kicking. She avoided all that.
    And people act like asshats, wanting to rub the belly, feel it kick etc. She dodged being found out by faking the pregnancy and "keeping it secret"

    I'm also in disbelief that her doctor ok'ed this whole thing. Seven pregancies, two misscarriages, and allowing a late term pregnant woman in a pressurized jet with leaking amniotic fluid, in close quarters and without confirmed medical clearance from a doctor who physically examined and assessed her before hand.

    What are the odds it's all true?

  54. Anonymous6:40 PM

    @anonymous 3:40-47
    Link takes me to 'page not found' - would love to see thisphoto - got a better link? thanks :)

    @Gryph - I wrote about the unlikelyhood of Sarah getting in and out of taxicabs, airport shuttles, airplane styles and airline seats without anyone offering assistance between Texas and Anchorage. How did she fasten her seatbelt? How did she lift her legs up the steps? How did she get down?

    Remember the campaign photos of the metal airplane style leaning against the plane in anchorage while the plins all descended? How on earth did a woman whose baby has dropped into the birth canal, in 5 degree weather, unboard that final plane without an army of strong arms helping her down those treacherous steps?

    Could you repost that photo for us in conjunction to this article? Beause for me, this was the nail in the coffin. That no one came forward to tell their little 'side story' of helping Sarah in or out of a taxi, in and out of chairs in restaurants, up or down stairs, putting seatbelts on or taking them off - tipped the scale from plausible to complete bollux. thanks - Oz

  55. wakeUpAmerica6:42 PM

    Excellent article, Gryphen! You put all the ducks in a row.

  56. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Oh man Gry! What a great post. Great question too.
    What does it take to get THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER'S attention???!!!!

    (you found it here and at Gates, FIRST 1st time visitors!)

  57. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I wonder what the odds are that nobody else who witnessed the events surrounding this miraculous birth has come forward (then or now) with stories from the hospital. I had 2 doctors, 2 nurses and an assortment of other folks in and out of the room when I birthed a baby. The front desk clerk sent me a card. I don't buy the privacy laws excuse either - it would have been right up Sarah's alley to have a slew of admirers gushing about this moment in time. Nada, except her creepy dad.

  58. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Don't forget that I recall reading somewhere that she bypassed the usual security at the airport. Got whisked through some side door. So, maybe she did put her belly away for the flight, but couldn't risk being seen without it while going through security the way everyone else does.

  59. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I agree with Emrysa. My grandson was born premature and he certainly was not taken to work by my daughter in law several days after his birth. He was still in the hospital and so was the mother. That woman did not give birth. More of her lies. She is owned by the old guys who took a cruise to Alaska and made up this story. Even if her story was true it appears she was hoping for a miscarrage. Either way she could claim she chose life to her cult. Again, I do not believe for a moment she gave birth. OT, how did she afford the expensive homes on her aborted gov income. All purchased before the old boys made their trip and $ stared flowing her way? So many lies. As I have said a number of times, she is bought and paid for. And certainly not a Christain.

  60. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What are the odds that Sarah would have announced her pregnancy the day after the republican nomination was clinched if Mike Huckabee had won instead of John McCain?

  61. Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant in 2008 and did NOT give birth to Trig


  62. Anonymous7:01 PM

    As a woman who's had 2 pregnancies, I know what it's like to "leak". Hubby rushed me (Fred Mertz and Ricky Ricardo-style) to the hospital where I had a pillow handy for the floodgates to open. The worry of not knowing if the floodgates of biblical proportions would open in front of strangers would send any woman directly to a hospital immediately. What woman would want to suffer the humiliation of having "it" happen on an airplane. Don't want to be graphic, but other passengers would be affected by it. Airline would need to send a cleaning bill at the least.

    I don't buy this story at all. This story seems to be a call for "help" from a very disturbed woman who feeds on shock and awe, feeds on people believing the biggest fish story she can tell. The most shocking part of this is that the media never picked up on this fictional tale.

  63. The Daily Kos diary on "Palin's faked pregnancy" is no longer available. I'd sure like to read that diary. Does anyone know how to access it via way back or whatever?

  64. honestyinGov7:03 PM

    Sorry to be OT Gryphen, but FYI.. I thought you would want to know.

    CNN has hired Erik Erikson of the ' Red State Blog " as a commentator. Wasn't Erik also Friends with Dan Riehl and ' the other Mccain ' as well..?

    CNN is desperate... AND Sick.Being in 4th place on Cable with 4 channels is bad. They might come in 5th with this move. Dig a Hole CNN. Bury yourself.


  65. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Great post. Thanks for the interesting context "what are the odds?"

  66. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Why doesn't someone talk to Steve Schmidt? He was on 60 minutes a while back and emphatically stated that Sarah Palin did not tell the campaign that Bristol was pregnant!

    He was telling the truth! SP did not tell him, or the RNC, Bristol was PG, because she "wasn't!"

    Just like the story that Todd didn't belong to the AIP, Schmidt wasn't buying the story she gave birth to Trig. Sarah thought the RNC would believe her! No one in Alaska questioned the story!

    It was so sad! Sarah had to throw Bristol under the bus because the rumors in Alaska and on the internet, were so overwhelming. Hence, the announcement, Bristol is five-months PG! Boy, did that ever work!

    The biggest hoax ever perpetrated in the history of politics, and nobody wants to talk about it!

    Tsk, tsk!


  67. There was no mention about the odds of Bristol missing 5 months of school from "mono" the EXACT same 5 months as her mother's last 5 months of pregnancy. PS - No one misses 5 mo of school from mono. I know several people over the years who had "mono" and then surprise - turns out they went away to have a baby. Too many holes Sarah... Good article G. Now will SOMEONE in the media call her out on this and force her to tell the truth?? I am guessing though that if the truth comes out it won't be because of her - it will be someone else who is tired of living with the lies. I will admit this - I do want to see her exposed and I would love to be the one who wipes that smug, cocky, "I think I know it all" smile right off her face.

  68. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Gryphen you have given us the same info we have had for months, nothing new. We need that nail in the coffin and it doesn't look to exist. This is just going to be another conspiracy that never goes anywhere

  69. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Excellent, all in one place recap Gryph.

  70. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Agreed. Nice recap. Lets get it over with, alright? Her 15 minutes were up years ago.

  71. emrysa8:30 PM

    great post gryphen. 'what are the odds' is a great angle.

    I wonder if granny & gramps are having a fun time in az right now.

  72. Enjay in E MT8:31 PM

    As one who (hopefully) asked nicely for a time-line ....


    Very well laid out, lots of those hmmmmm moments --- excellent job!
    I really appreciate the time and effort in compiling the information.

    As it has been said before by a number of comments - either the failed VP candidate & former half term gov. was NOT pregnant (my vote)


    this was a failed attempt at a fundie pregnancy termination

    I know there were quite a few comments when the emails came out about "the new dog being ready" .... is it "possible" that meant - not that the baby was being born - but was finally ready to leave the hospital. Which would account for the Heaths being able to hold the baby in the hallway and SP took the baby to public workplace just a couple days later?

    Again -- big thank you !

  73. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Great post dude. I'm saving it to my hard drive and whenever the need arises, I'm going to pull it up and shove it in faces.

  74. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Anonymous at 7:42


    Coming to get ya Toad!

  75. Anonymous said at 4:32 PM
    "She could have leaked urine"
    ...but, she did NOT bother to get it tested so
    "She could have leaked amniotic fluid" is also true and DANGEROUS to a fetus.

    to which I would add, either way, if Sarah really *had* been pregnant, her nonchalance on this point would indicate she just didn't care at all about the baby's safety.

  76. Another point worth bringing up: what are the odds that a woman who has undergone induced labor would refer to that birth as her easiest? You've referenced a quote from her before saying how easy "Trig"'s birth was...but ask any woman who has had labor induced and she will tell you that it is a fairly painful and difficult experience, more so than a natural vaginal birth. The best summary I can give is that the contractions are much "sharper" - less of a gradual increase in pain and more of an abrupt spike. Can anyone else who has had an induction back me up on this? Trust me - from what I understand, an induction would NOT be called the "easiest" birth by a mother of 5. (although I could most certainly imagine that coming from a mother of 4 who has never actually been induced herself...ahem...)

  77. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Both of mine were induced, so I can't compare them to one that wasn't. But, I will say that you are right about contractions being very sharp- the sudden onset when the pit kicked in was intense. So fast with my second one, by the time I waved the white flag just a few hours into it asking for an epideral,it was too late- I was at 9cm. I'll say it was quick, but not easy.

    Palin didn't birth that baby. Plain and simple.

  78. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Bristol didn't miss 5 months of school - Todd found out she was spending too much time with Levi so they sent her to live Sarah's sister in Anchorage. She went to West High.

  79. sunnyjane10:26 PM

    And what are the odds that any husband would insist that his in-labor wife fly back to their home state to have the baby? What are the odds that any WIFE in labor would even consider such a stupid idea?

    I don't think Todd has a quick enough wit to say, "We can't have a fish-picker born in Texas."

    Any parents in their right minds prefer a safely delivered Texas Shit-Kicker to a risky delivery in Fish-Picker Alaska.

    If it really happened the way Sarah tells it, they risked having a Flying Flicker over who-knows-WHICH state!

    What are the odds that Rick Perry actually made that statement when she exited the stage in Texas and NO ONE ELSE THERE HEARD IT?

  80. Anonymous10:34 PM

    So which is it? She had MONO like mama $arah says?....if that is true...why would she move her to a different school....to expose West High kids to the mono but not the Wasilla kids? Makes no sense. When you actually have mono you are sick at home in bed, not at school.

    She is not in the West High School year book and not one person has come forward and said they had her in class with them.

    Sp, once again the story is changing? Not buying it Mr. Anonymous.....We're not that stupid. You now there is a story to hide.... We ALL know.....

  81. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I wish this subject was over and done with already.

  82. Rarely mentioned is the sleep deprivation...Sarah went back to work three days after the birth...she wasn't getting up in the middle of the night...no way.

  83. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Great post, Gryphen.

    So very well-organized and compelling that I will now feel comfortable in sending on your link to people that I know.

  84. m at 9:16, I'm of the same opinion. There's no way an induced labour can be deemed to be easy!

    My first child (way back in the 60s) was induced 4 weeks pre-term and those contractions were pretty fierce, far more intense than the contractions I experienced with my second child, after labour started in the middle of the night with amniotic fluid drenching my bed.

    Btw my first child weighed 4 lbs 14oz at birth, and although she did not go into an incubator, she was only allowed home after 2 weeks.

    Sarah did not give birth to TriG!

  85. m,

    I agree with you. My firstborn was not induced, the second child was. When the pit kicked in it was with the swiftness of a runaway train & extremely intense. Labor was much shorter than with my firstborn, but from the first pain to the last, the contractions were more intense - "sharper" and closer together (1-2 minutes apart)for the 4 hrs. it took to deliver.

    There is just no way Granny gave birth to Trig or any other baby after Piper.

  86. Anonymous11:06 PM

    EXCELLENT overview, Gryphen. How ANYONE could believe she wa actually pregnant is beyond me. Sigh.....

    Another great story to compliment this one is at www.terminalhypocrisy.blogspot.com Wow....what a smackdown on the Corrupt Bitches Club!!

  87. Anonymous11:48 PM

    good narrative...

    but to be clear: 4500mi roundtrip unlikely sanctioned medically for 8mo pregnancy...
    flight back (4500/2) w/contractions etc. unlikely too...

  88. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Thanks Gryphen for your hard work on this fraud upon the American people.

    I would like you to discuss more about how Bristol seemed to disappear from school for the 5 months during this same period.

    There is no way that baby with the deformed ear is the same baby as the one she has now.

  89. Excellent summary, Gryphen!

    Also, too, Indy_Girl remarked:

    "Anonymous said at 4:32 PM
    'She could have leaked urine' RIGHT... but, she did NOT bother to get it tested."

    There's a safe, easy way to test for amniotic fluid leakage, suggested by my ultra-careful OB/GYN: Introduce a Q-Tip only as far as its cottony tip into the vagina. Or one could roll a tissue into a small tight cylinder. If it emerges very wet, it's likely to be amniotic fluid rather than urine or sweat, and one needs to hustle to the hospital, pronto.

    Premature rupture of membranes, however slight, poses a risk of infection, so a clean Q-Tip or tissue minimally inserted pose are no riskier than wiping with toilet paper. (TMI? Who started this story, anyway? Not me!)

    $P's "pregnancy" and "leakage" are just more lies piled atop the myriad lies that she emits as easily as she breathes...

  90. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Great post, Gryphen.

    I watched that wild ride video back during the campaign. I knew then that woman and her husband were not telling the truth.

    Two babies I delivered, both were four weeks early, both weighed over 7-1/2 lbs. and both times my water broke. The first one was born about 16 hours from the time my water broke; the second one about 11 hours. They were born seven years apart, and I had a different doctor with each. The first time the doctor told me I could have breakfast, orange juice or coffee, that's it. And to go to the hospital when the pains became regular which was about 6 hours later. The second time, the doctor told me to go directly to the hospital.

    I remember sitting on towels so when I think about her day, i.e., getting dress wearing depends and heels, riding an elevator down to breakfast, going to a meeting room, standing up, sitting down, eating lunch, walking up on stage, making a speech, walking off stage and out to an elevator back to a hotel room to collect stuff, going back down an elevator and walking out to a taxi. Getting in a taxi and riding to the airport. Getting out of a taxi and walking through an airport and finally getting on the airplane, flying hours to another airport, exiting a plane, waiting around in a lounge reading a book, walking to another plane, flying hours to another airport, walking through another airport, getting in another car, riding another hour or so, picking up kids, and riding on to the hospital to be induced later. And all those seat belts across a mushy abdomen? I was 20 with my first; she was 44 and already had four kids, 2 miscarriages. Oh, she might have made it through the meeting, but not all the way back to AK. NO WAY!! SHE WAS NOT PREGNANT!! And that photo proves it!

    Besides, what HOT 44 year old woman would take a chance having a baby on center stage in front of all those men and cameras? Odds are ZERO!

    Tawd cancelled the regular security folks for this trip, too. Guess that saved the good folks of AK some money if changing those airplane tickets cost extra.

    Thanks for this post, Gryphen.

  91. Anonymous2:45 AM

    What strikes me as preposterous is their assertion that the reason for rushing back to Alaska is so the child won't be born in another state of the union.

    And these same two a**holes are forever proclaiming their love and concern for REAL Americans.

    Wasn't Palin the one telling Couric something like 'we have newspapers in Alaska, you know'? So, in this most serious situation, they're the ones getting all parochial?

    This is stupid even beyond their limits.

  92. and to whomever,

    "about birthing willow"

    i thought SP's own published words stated that is was a kayak -not a canoe-

    this may seem extra trivial to non-paddlers, but i promise there is a HUGE difference between sitting in a canoe and being firmly planted in a kayak. anybody taking a kayak out on AK cold waters would have a "spray skirt" tucked tight around them.

    and a spray-skirt "tucked around" a full term belly? i can't even imagine it! i invite other kayakers to weigh in, as i am fairly sure this is just another lie.....

    yuck. but be it canoe or kayak this further proves her "reckless motherhood".

    so she wanted a "4th of july baby" and "kayaked like hell" to bring on labor?

    ok. so what if it worked?

    was she planning on delivering that babe mid-waters? or on a shore with no medical personal? (the babe in question was willow).

    think about her own words "wanting a 4th of july baby" where the hell was she planning on having said baby? this is an important reflection on her total judgment....

    did she want her babe to be born mid-lake with zero medical personal upon an intrinsically unstable tiny water craft?

    come on, that is just weird, and that babe wasn't even trig.....

  93. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:48 AM

    I'm still half asleep and didn't have a chance to access the blog much yesterday, but I sense a clue in the beginning of this post--probably posed to the Nat'l Enquirer reporter? Hmmmm...maybe not enough java yet??

    The NE should call the article "The Immaculate Deception." That is, if it's ever written and published, before the Religious Reich puts a kibosh on it. And, I've never had kids, but if I had a high-risk pregnancy and my water broke prematurely, I wouldn't be flying or calmly reading a book. I'd be in transit to the nearest hospital and dang well near hysteria.

    Great work/reporting as always, Gryph--hope the lid is blown off this seething sack o' lies in the MSM once and for all. Many thanks!

  94. emma_m3:02 AM

    Most excellent post!

    Here's another. What are the odds that a 44 yr-old Governor actively pursuing the VP nod would risk said VP nod by traveling several thousand miles when 8 months pregnant with a special needs child in order to give a political speech, then undertake the "wild ride", from ruptured membranes to return flights with layover to whizzing past the only neo-natal hospital without any medical assistance, putting said unborn child at risk of severe, or worse, consequences?

    As many working mothers know, others are quick to find fault with a woman's decision to return to work after the birth of a child. Taking questionable actions, making questionable decisions to further one's political career, resulting in the death of an unborn, special needs child? Villified.

    For the sake of the VP nod alone, the only way she would have gotten on that plane and bypassed the only neo-natal hospital was if she was 110% sure that there was zero risk to that unborn, special needs child. And, the only way she could have known that was to know that she, herself, was not pregnant with said special needs child.

  95. Anonymous3:35 AM

    So it appears everyone agrees that Palin is a complete fraud.

    So Gryphen...what are we going to do about it? Let her continue to get away with it? There has to be something you can do to bring her story down. She has obviously bribed or threatened her family into silence, but there has to be others who can provide information.

    What are the odds that on one who works at the hospital had any stories to tell about helping to bring the govenor's baby into the world? Or taking care of the baby in the nursery? My sister is a nurse, and she'll mention that she took care of so=and=so's baby.

    But of course, if Sarah didn't actually give birth to Trig, there could be no stories.

    Keep digging Gryphen. Someone HAS information. You just have to find him/her.

  96. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Let's look at this from a statistician's standpoint. Gryphen. why not have a statistician calculate these numbers? You have made at least ten "What if?" statements. Lets assume that the odds for each, being generous or liberally minded, is one in 100. Statistically then, what are the odds of ALL TEN being true? I believe the answer is one in 100 times 100 TEN times or considerably less than the proverbial snowball's chance in hell, Sarah's future final resting place. Gryphen can you have someone calculate this? Thus if all are not true, then at least one item is not true. Is this proof that Sarah was NOT pregnant. not PROOF, but EXTREMELY unlikely.

  97. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I recall from the email record evidence that the Texas trip was NOT the last scheduled during her 'preganancy.' Unbelievably, she had ANOTHER cross country trip scheduled to speak, I think, in Washington DC later in the month. . .

    If she WAS pregnant, she clearly had no concern for the safety of the baby she was carrying.

    Pro-Life, indeed!


  98. Anne NC4:48 AM

    Anonymous @ 10:06, Bristol was said to have mono and that is why she was living with her aunt. Of course, just because $arah said this certainly doesn't mean it's true.

    M, in regards to having labor induced, you're right on target. My first labor was induced and I went from slow, intermittent contractions to full, hard on labor with very intense contractions in a matter of minutes. Any woman who has had Pitocin administered and can compare it to another delivery, will tell you the same. Nobody would ever call it easy unless they hadn't experienced it themselves...like $arah.

  99. The link to the Dallas News posted a couple times is from a conference in Miami AFTER the 2008 election.

    Not during her "pregnancy."

  100. Another photo that needs to be front and center is the screen shot of her getting out of a chair in what I remember was part of the Elan Frank shoot. It is very clear that there is no belly at all when the jacket is open, she is bending where a pg woman could NOT bend.

  101. Eva Marie: BINGO! I got pg at 44 after 3 failed IVFs and two other miscarriages, BUT my hubby is "needy" so there was plenty of opportunity to fertilize! and I think all the hormones and acupunture and Chinese herbs added up to help also, too.

    If Todd was sleeping in the recliner then it is very difficult for an older woman to get pg. Not enough good eggs left, timing has to be just right.

  102. Here is a partial list of all the EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES that Miss Wasilla managed:

    1.A woman normally gets bigger sooner with each pregnancy, she didn't
    2. A woman's labor goes quicker with more prior births...not her, she knew she had hours and hours on a plane.
    3. Preemies with other issues don't leave the hospital in a day, hers did!
    4. Preemies don't look plump at first, but hers did!
    5. Older woman have a hard time getting pg at all, unless there is lots of sex and usually the couple is actually timing and trying to get pg.
    6. Vain women don't make themselves look even bigger by wearing huge ill-fitting jackets and monster scarves, but she did. A look she never had prior in all her bad clothing days.

    sure there are more...

  103. I agree completely with the poster who said enough already, you guys need to crack this one open and expose her. How long has this been going on? We need to know the truth before Trig enters puberty!

  104. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Don't forget Lilybart:

    7.Her teenage daughters had no idea she was pregnant. Even though at least Willow was in the house, she never saw her mother in her slip or nightgown or anything to see a pregnant belly because SP was able to hide it so well! Then again, in SP's book of fairy tales, she did mention that sharp-eyed Wills, who was able to notice DS in a newborn, did say her mother was 'porking up' or some BS.

  105. Anon 7:42: we have more than one nail in the coffin, but the media is skittish. Look at the vilification of Andrew Sullivan for just asking questions.

    There are photos of a NON pg Palin but no one wants to go there. Most editors in news are men and men get sqeamish, AND men have little direct experience with childbirt so they don't know all the impossibilities either.

    She is getting discredited in the media lately, so soon, someone will risk it.

    Don't forget, the Mccain campaign knows, they tried to get her to prove it to them. If I were running for the second highest office in the land and they asked me for my daughter's birth certificate, I would give it to them, who wouldn't?

    Someone who didn't have one, that is who.

  106. Catherine: You can get more info on the ears, in a past post here on Immoral Minority.

    Ears do not heal.
    Surgery is not allowed until 5 yrs.

    Why is the baby frail after looking so plump at birth?

  107. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Anonymous 3:35 got it right.

    The reason there are no stories from hospital workers who may have helped to birth Trig, or nurses who may have cared for him in the nursery, is because the event never happened. At least not at the hospital that Sarah said it did. It's very hard to prove a negative.

    The only thing that could be done is to solicit questions or comments from any hospital workers who were on duty during that shift. It's strange that on the supposed date of this birth event, nobody seems to remember anything about it. At least no one has come forward. But why would anyone?...They didn't see anything because there was nothing to see, so there was nothing to talk about. Short of ordering ALL personnel working at the hospital that shift to write out their recollections of what transpired that night, there is no way to disprove Sarah's lie. Because it's very hard to prove that something DIDN'T happen. Much easier to prove something you've seen.

  108. BAustin7:03 AM

    Great post Gryphen....

    The part that bugs me is the mono. IF Bristol really had contagious mono during the last 5 months of Sarahs high risk pregnancy, it would be easy enough for the Palins to put the rumors to rest about Bristol living in Anchorage. Simply say "because Bristol was contagious, we sent her to stay with aunt Heather/Mollie so Sarah wouldnt get sick while pregnant". I'm surprised there aren't kids spilling the beans about Bristol.

    Again, taken one at a time, I'm sure that some of the items on the wild ride check list are possible. As a whole, there is absolutely no way! Any mom will tell you the story is completely fabricated.

    I am waiting for the truth to come out from Gryph, the national enquirer, or McCains camp (after his defeat!)

  109. deebee7:33 AM

    Once the amniotic fluid begins leaking the birthing process has begun. My 37 yr. old wife, the mother of two other full term children, went from no contractions to "breaking water" 2 weeks early to birthing our son in 25 minutes leaving only me to assist the delivery before any qualified help could arrive.
    I find Sarah's story highly improbable.

  110. I'm on your side. I believe you.

    However, let me be the devil here.

    Assuming Palin was pregnant and she did all of those things....your viewpoint assumes she wanted the baby. My viewpoint is that she didn't.

    Mine is that she did everything to endanger the baby. She knew it was going to be a special needs baby. She's anti-abortion so she can't go that route. What does she do? Everything that might result in a "natural" abortion, miscarriage or the death of her child. It certainly explains avoiding the neonatal Hospital, the trip, even suppressing the signs of pregnancy.

    But Tripp survived it all. Poor Sarah, foiled again. What do we observe now? Again, assuming the child she totes around *is* Tripp. She lugs it around like a loaf of bread. No shoes and socks. No glasses. He's not getting the special developmental therapy he should be getting. She really doesn't care about this baby.

    If you take my stance, she did everything to let nature take her baby naturally, so she could be the grieving Mother. And she continues to be neglectful. What if Tripp should get a respiratory infection and die? Oh, how awful. Sarah the victim. God's will. Just think of the sympathy she'd gain.

    I'm sure you're right. But if you're not, I think my viewpoint also fits well within the character of Sarah "all about me" Palin.

  111. Oops. That should have been Trig, not Tripp. Gryphen, correct please.

  112. Sorry mlaiuppa, blogger does not give me the option of editing the comments section. I can either publish or reject but beyond that the content cannot be changed.

    However I am sure that when people read your correction they will understand. I think we all have trouble keeping the babies in that household straight.

  113. Ferry Fey9:05 AM

    There is not one single aspect of Sarah Palin's alleged pregnancy and birth of Trig that is plausible or credible.

    And taken as a whole, the story she tells is total fantasy, without any acceptable corroboration.

  114. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Trig Palin is Diana's son born 16 months before she was arrested. SP did not give birth to Trig. Diana was only in her early to mid-30's when she gave birth to him, but was a meth addict and had to steal to support her habit.

    The results of meth addition resemble DS symptoms, but the long range forecast is not known.

  115. Gryphen,

    I am one of those middle aged women who had my fifth child at the age of 40.
    The slimmer you are, the quicker you show. Also, the more children you have, the quicker you show.
    There is not one grain of truth to $$carah's story. She was NOT pregnant with Trig. She is a known liar and this may be her biggest lie to date.
    I am so sick & tired of this nasty, lying, evil woman (ooh, I hate calling her a woman!) I wish to God someone in the know would finally speak out!
    Why are they waiting? She will never regain political power. She did herself in. No one needed to help with that!
    She'll always have her 'bots, but even some of them are starting to turn away from her.
    Please Gryphen, try to get one of them to talk!!

  116. odds against palin11:54 AM

    Excellent article! The odds are against palin when her corrupt ploys run out.

    CBJ and palin have multitudes of questions to answer, for one, why was labor induced as she was in labor? Daisydem said... NOT 5 pregnancies and this latest one being high-risk : in her own words in her book, this would have been her 7th pregnancy, with one miscarriage and with one fetus being "aborted" because it was not living. If this is true, that could make any successive pregnancies "high risk."

    The "wild ride" is beyond WILD. I never believed her after that chitload of chicanery.

    Nobody has been able to tell how palin went from the March26 trim look to the April13 gusto gut. I also, too, find the "erik99559" incident another red flag... why scrub palin's "proof" of shifting stomach size? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

    Of course, no one palin has a reasonable explanation nor will they try hard to find one (it is impossible). They will only say they are not convinced by the part the pictures offer, they obviously see the shape of a baby but just can't put it into words. This looks like a baby to a palinite.

    "Compare and Contrast with timelines"

    Thank you for all you do, Gryphen. Whether or not the pictures sway is one thing. What matters is getting the prime suspects and enablers under oath. Has palin even mentioned the ruffled ear (elephant in the room)? You know that is HUGE if she stays quiet! GO GRYPH!

  117. Anonymous11:55 AM

    And I think we have a winner! Anon 9:07 - that makes more sense then anything said to date! Enough of this speculating over whether or not Sarah was preggers or not...she obviously was not! Months ago someone said that the original Tig looked more like FAS baby then a downs syndrom shild, perhaps they were right all along.

  118. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Ooops, nearly forgot...as the child of Diane Palin, the baby would still be eligible for Alaska Native health benefits.

  119. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Why doesn't someone sue the Dr.? It would appear if this Dr. has lied about all this information, then numerous laws would have been broken.

  120. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Ooops 11:57 AM

    Diane Palin does not have the same mother as Todd. Where is the Native blood?

  121. Anonymous1:18 PM

    IF the child was adopted by someone with native blood, he is covered. Considering SP lies about everything, this is just one more lie added to the heap.

    Plus, we don't know who Diana was with to conceive the child. Maybe HE had native blood.

  122. FEDUP!!!1:21 PM

    OK. First of: Thanks Uncle Gryphen for re-posting the time line as a 'what are the odds' article!

    Second: Everyone is asking about the MSM and why they do not touch this topic with a ten-foot pole, not even the Enquirer.
    We know they don't want to do it, so... Why not go to media OUTSIDE of the US, say, go to GB for the Guardian, or the Sun, or whatever; or go to 'Down Under' and see who might publish it there (Ozmud, are you 'game' to see if someone will touch it there? The way Gryphen formulated it is very compelling, and we simply can send a link to the different publications (also include P-G maybe).
    If you can't get the local media to sit up and listen, maybe they will listen when overseas publications beat them to it...

  123. luna1580: if she said kayak you are so right. I am not even sure a pregnant woman could get in a kayak! Not at 8 or 9 months. A canoe, yes, you could get in, not sure you would want to but I have a canoe and they are open. A kayak basically surrounds the seat; it is a tight fit.

  124. Anonymous2:35 PM

    A trivial point about Todd's "Fish picker" crack.
    Texas, as all the states and countries that border on the Gulf of Mexico has a significant fishing and shrimping industry.

    Texas has fish pickers.

    Just another of the many geography and fact ign'rant Palin family moments.

  125. Anonymous2:58 PM

    As a family physician with some OB experience, I can assure you that no practicing doctor gave her the kind of advice that prompted "the wild ride". You're right on target with all the multiple absurdities in her story.

    As the father of a child with Down syndrome, I can tell you that my son was born 2 months premature and was under six pounds, very small compared to other newborns. He was in the NICU for two weeks, which is actually not too long when you consider he had abdominal surgery to remove a blocked intestine. So while the baby looks a little large to me in the picture, it's feasible to me that it's legit, and that he could be in the hall. (Especially when you consider that her doctor, based on previous "experience", is clearly incompetent! Not the best source for advice on how to care for a DS baby.)
    Regarding the ear issue, I will say that DS kids are noted to have "floppy ears" as a possible symptom. This is due to a laxness in the cartilage of the ear, the same laxness in the joints and tendons contribute to double jointedness and poor muscle tone. But that ear didn't really look "floppy" to me, it looked more deformed. And they don't "firm up" in a few months.
    I assume you meant to say that they AUGMENTED labor at the hospital. This is common if the labor is going very slowly for some reason ... which would seem to be the case if her timeline was true and she's only lying about receiving the medical advice she says she did. You have 24 hours after membrane rupture to deliver, and if her contractions weren't good enough, they'd augment it with a pitocin drip. Hard to believe it wouldn't happen on her sixth delivery with ruptured membranes, though.
    Finally, my wife and I CRINGE as parents everytime we see her and Trig on the news. The way she holds him is awful, and he never seems to have glasses or hearing aids on when I see him. I can understand not putting on hearing aids for a loud political rally or event (my son wears hearing aids and loud noises surprisingly bother him, even if they're not in), but particularly in the formative years you want to have vision and hearing corrected so that visual processing and speech development can go on as normally as possible. Also, he should be getting therapy at least weekly ... physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Hell, anecdotaly I can say the most high functioning children I've met with DS are the ones who had parents who aggressively pursued therapy ... to the point of hiring a therapist as a nanny! It's been shown that early intervention WORKS, and routine helps DS kids learn. WHY is she jetting around the country with him?

  126. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Assuming for the moment that all Palin says is true.
    Then her behaviour recklessly endangered the life of the fetus to such an extent that it borders on the criminal, and may even have been criminal.

    An act Sarah Palin, publically, would abhor in any other woman.

    The behaviour she describes is totally selfish, she was more than willing to throw the health and even the life of her fetus under the bus of her ambition, ego mania and lust for secrecy.

    Personally, I think her story is another example of many of Palin Reality Syndrome in which she makes up a "truth" that makes her appear brave, martyred etc. But because of her inability to foresee collateral consequences actually makes her look worse, if true, that the truth would have.

    In other words the Palin Reality Syndrome enhances the probability that the Wild Ride story is false, since the expression of the Palin Reality Syndrome is Palin's reality.

  127. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Assuming for the moment that all Palin says is true.
    Then her behaviour recklessly endangered the life of the fetus to such an extent that it borders on the criminal, and may even have been criminal.

    An act Sarah Palin, publically, would abhor in any other woman.

    The behaviour she describes is totally selfish, she was more than willing to throw the health and even the life of her fetus under the bus of her ambition, ego mania and lust for secrecy.

    Personally, I think her story is another example of many of Palin Reality Syndrome in which she makes up a "truth" that makes her appear brave, martyred etc. But because of her inability to foresee collateral consequences actually makes her look worse, if true, that the truth would have.

    In other words the Palin Reality Syndrome enhances the probability that the Wild Ride story is false, since the expression of the Palin Reality Syndrome is Palin's reality.

  128. Anonymous4:49 PM

    IF she were pregnant, then she was trying to kill the baby.

    However, she has not been pregnant in 8 years...so she's only guilty of deception, common practice with her.

  129. Luna, you're right, it was a kayak. The picture shows Sarah in one seat/opening and Chuck Jr. and Bristol in the other seat/opening. She was kayaking "to try to kick up the contractions." What a mom.

  130. Well done, Gryphen. Your persuasive powers have never been greater. You've taken the torch - you are now the leading advocate for the truth in this bewildering matter. I am proud of you.

  131. Ferry Fey8:29 AM

    "Then our third child, pretty little Willow Bianca Faye came along. I went into labor with her on the Fourth of July while kayaking with the Menards on Memory Lake. I so wanted a patriotic baby that I paddled as hard as I could to speed up the contractions, but she held out until the next day." -- Sarah Palin

    Willow Palin was actually born 3 days later, on July 7.

  132. Anonymous8:56 AM

    After she was picked by McCain I heard this story and was immediately skeptical.

    In its entirely it's a load of crap. If she really gave birth that day then the embellishments were the lie. In other words she never had her water break or went into labor until she was back in Alaska....but she lied about it to make herself sound tough and mavericky.

    But if the whole thing is a lie, you still have trouble proving it. The medical profession now has all the HIPPA regulations protecting a patient's privacy. I think you can get charged with a felony of you give out medical info. So even if the hospital staff knows something they won't be able to disclose it.

    So some other source would have to leak the truth.

  133. I am late to this party, but YES! YES! YES!
    I have ALWAYS said that there is no reason to bring up "fake pregnancy" to people who have no prior knowledge of the issue. It is too easily dismissed, as "No way a sitting governor would do that!"
    Just relate HER OWN STORY of the WILD RIDE. From there, all sane people will draw the same, logical conclusions that we have drawn.
    Great post Gryphen - this post is the perfect one to send to any doubters who still think Palin is a sane person.
    Liar, fraud, hoax and grifter - a quitter who was found GUILTY OF ABUSE OF POWER by AK Legislators.
    A nasty piece of work. That is the real SP.

  134. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Let's think about this: Who was Sarah covering for? I believe that Todd had a mistress who got pregnant. The baby was supposed to have been quietly adopted but this was no longer possible after the DS was identified. If the birth mother kept him, she would have had to eventually identify Todd as the father in order to get disability benefits. That would have destroyed Sarah's reputation, so a home had to be found for the baby. Eventually they realized they had to keep him but it was late in the pregnancy, so Sarah had to try to put together a pregnant look (generally with poor results). When the birth mother went in labor, Todd and Sarah were in Texas and had to hurry home. At the hospital, their lawyer would have had all the papers ready for them to have a sealed adoption. There are severe legal penalties for disclosing medical information, so I'm sure there are many medical professionals who know the truth but don't dare risk revealing it. Don't ask to see a birth certificate--a sealed adoption would not reveal the birth mother. Ask to see the health insurance papers covering the birth.

    But I'm still baffled by the ruffled ears.

  135. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I'm in the 'reborn doll' camp.
    Went to the Gov's picnic in Fairbanks
    on July 26th, 2008. This was the fourth picnic
    in three days in four different venues (Juneau,
    Anchorage, Palmer/Wasilla, Fairbanks).

    The picnics were major, three hour affairs.

    Got there just at the end and got Miss Sarah's
    book autographed for my dad. Todd was
    standing behind Sarah, holding 'Trig', who
    was, in spite of the noise and extreme travel
    schedule, etc., sleeping soundly. The thing is,
    how Todd was holding him -- in a football
    hold, with Trig's head in the crook of his elbow
    and feet at the end of his fingers. 'Trig' fit in
    that space just fine. And he looked VERY much
    like the infant in the 'hospital hallway pictures'.
    Not much bigger at all. At the time, i didn't think too much of it, knew he was a preemie and hadn't
    yet seen the 'hospital hallway' pics. But I was totally
    shocked when the family dragged 'Trig' onstage
    just five weeks later at the Republican Nominating
    Convention. NO WAY was that the same baby !

    Interestingly, it's impossible to find any official
    pictures of the happy first family at any of the picnics. The News-Miner did have a very small
    photo a day or two later, which did show Todd
    holding Trig, but it has disappeared from their
    archives. Whoever scrubbed the archives was VERY

    Had never heard of 'reborn' babies, but happened
    to see a show on them on Dateline in Sept. 2008.
    The show featured people on the street who were
    completely fooled by these dolls. That is when I realized what was probably going on, and when I
    remembered that EVERY article about Miss Sarah
    and 'Trig' from early that summer said that the
    baby was 'sleeping peacefully'. NO exceptions.

  136. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Well at least she didn't kill the baby which is what most of the liberals stand for.

  137. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Pretty vitriolic tone and nasty innuendo.. Tone it down. Liberals do not kill babies. and do not advocate for that or like it,.. they are for womens right to choose what to do with their bodies, and ultimately their lives. Righties want the government out of their lives in a lot of ways ,well this is one way that lefties want to be able to make their own choices.

  138. Anonymous2:07 PM

    If Trigg is Bristol's and she's in Arizona with her DWTS beau and Sarah is on her fake running for POTUS bus ride... who is taking care of Trigg?

    Why isn't Piper in school?

    Just curious.


  139. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  140. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The lack of birth certificate sharing nails it for me. Besides the other odds, it seems virtually impossible that she would not share it if it said what she wanted it to say. It's not the same situation as poor Obama, who didn't know where his birth certificate was (among some of his dead mother's things). They all know where it is.

  141. So who's kid is it ?


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