Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bristol testifies during trial in Tennessee. Update! Sherry Johnston weighs in.

From Knoxville:

Sarah Palin's daughter testified Wednesday against a former college student charged with breaking into her mother's e-mail account, saying she got anonymous phone calls and hundred of text messages after her cell phone number was posted online.

"There was one that really scared me," Bristol Palin testified in federal court. She said she was concerned when a bunch of boys called, claiming they were at her front door and needed to be let in.

"We live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska ... in the middle of the woods," Palin said.

A couple of things.

First the Palin home is NOT in the middle of nowhere.  It is in a wooded area right off of the main Interstate that goes through town.

Second Sarah Palin still had two security people sitting on their asses in Anchorage who could have easily gone out to make sure Bristol was safe while Sarah was on the campaign trail (She essentially stripped them of responsibilities and they would have jumped at the chance to do their job again.).  Not to mention they had access to the Secret Service who were more than likely available if needed as well.

Third I know for a FACT that Bristol was staying in the Lake Lucille home house with Levi the whole time that mom was out of town and, I also know for a fact, that Levi can shoot a damn gun!

More lies here:

Bristol Palin testified in the second day of the felony trial that she had to turn her phone over to investigators and went without phone service for weeks because her grandparents' Wasilla home had no land line and couldn't sign a new cell phone contract as a 17-year-old.

She said her cell phone number "wouldn't have been posted if it hadn't been hacked into."

"There were threatening messages and there were harassing messages and there were all sorts of messages," she testified.

I have no idea when Bristol supposedly stayed at her grandparents house in Wasilla, but once again she had Levi, and Levi had a cell phone as well as a car to drive.  She was NOT isolated.  She is simply playing the victim.

By the way I just got a tip that not only did Palin use her Yahoo account to conduct state business (Which of course we all already know) but that the e-mails that prove it are being sent to David Kernell's defense team as we speak.  And THESE did not have to be subpoenaed! 

Did you really think we would not help with Kernell's defense against these charges Sarah?

With any luck they will catch one or more of the Palins perjuring themselves, and finally they will get called on their lies in public and be punished with a little jail time.  Now THAT would be justice!

This, by the way, is my favorite quote from the article I linked to for this post:

After court ended for the day, Kernell was asked by WMC-TV of Memphis what he thought of Bristol Palin

He replied, "She's not my type."


Update:  I just got off the phone with Sherry Johnston and she told me that during the time that Sarah was on the campaign trail, and Bristol was supposedly without a phone, she was CONSTANTLY with Levi, AND that she still had the phone Sherry bought for her, AND that she had 24 hour SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION!  According to Sherry the Secret Service went with her EVERYPLACE they went, even when they came over to her house.

In other words folks, Bristol just lied under oath!

(Okay I know you guys are a little surprised by this news, and I have been keeping it under my hat for the last few months, but yes I have been speaking to Sherry and Sadie.  As a matter of fact I will have a video clip up tomorrow of Sherry discussing her feelings about not seeing her grandson.)


  1. EmilyPeacock4:27 PM

    Oh Gryphen, now you know you're going to upset the Peebots with this kind of talk.


    Good job kiddo. Thanks for the news about the emails.

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Bristol is not intelligent enough to answer a cell phone call from an unknown caller!

    Bristol is not intelligent enough to engage in conversation with an unknown caller!

    Bristol is not intelligent enough to not blab about how she badly handles unknown callers!

    Bristol demostrates yet again she is too clueless to be in charge of a child, preach abstinence or wisely spend an absurdly large child support payment.

    The only Palin stupider than Bristol is her mother.

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    So, she blew off her security detail, shacked up with Levi (who had a cell phone), and there was no available adult who could get her another one? Like she couldn't have even gone down to Walmart and gotten one of those Trac phones if she was so desperate?

    Bullshit. Playing the plagued-with-stupidity victim, and lying her ass off, just like her grifting mother.

    BTW, who wanted the house to be down a blocked road to be "isolated" in the first place? What kind of nefarious activities were they up to?

    "Not my type." Classic. And probably not the first rejection she's gotten since she shacked up with Levi.


  4. FEDUP!!!4:33 PM

    Well, I sure hope someone is doing some fact checking for the defense... and that the defense is reading their emails (since you said they are getting some extra emails from $$$arah's account as we 'speak'... ;) )

  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Bristol probably doesn't know when she's lying. Lying is the way Bristol survives each day. It's a Palin trait because there's a socio-path mother in the family.

  6. Anonymous4:42 PM

    She mentioned not having a phone. Would this be around the time that Sherry J let Bristol use her phone?

  7. Ripley in CT4:43 PM

    Professional victims. Incredible. What she's saying is all hearsay unless there is proof. Hearsay is nothing. And if someone from the gubment took her phone, why didn't they arrest anyone who made threatening voice mail... oh wait, or did she talk to them? Again, hearsay.

    Having her there is a waste of resources. They are clearly trying to pin other people's actions on the "hacker". If they succeed, it opens the door to pin all those lunatics' actions on Mrs. Palin. How poetic.

  8. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I hope the Defense team calls Levi and verifies his presence.

    I hope you send a copy of your posting to the Defense team.

    I hope the Defense team is sharp and savvy and pins the Palins up against the wall with their own lies.

    This family is an abomination.

  9. Anonymous4:53 PM

    they get away with everything and when they don't they just ignore it.

  10. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I understood during the campaign that you couldn't even turn down their driveway without being asked your business and some kind of security clearance. Neighbors that share the road access were asked for identifying information about themselves and their vehicles.

    There was a detail in a boat on the lake behind the house.

    C'mon, Bristol. You're not making any friends. Those of us that have felt sorry for you are now becoming seriously annoyed. Please don't be a liar.

  11. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Oh and bristol looks like hell, did her mother do that to her face so she wouldn't be prettier than her? She isn't even 20 years old.

  12. Threats on phones don't bother Sarah Palin. When I complained of death threats on my phone there was no reaction. Also, if Track and Willow's legal charges which were much worse than fuguring out a password for email can be deep sixed, why is she going after a college kid prank? Palin crimes are sanctioned by the government. Palins are always play victims when they feel slighted which is all the time. That is a symptom of several personality disorders including sociopathy.

  13. FEDUP!!!5:02 PM

    Just thought of something - Uncle Gryphen, could you (or someone else) google whether Bristol's cell # was out there on the Internets before this guy published the emails? I believe her buddies had it from Facebook or whatever she was on in 2007 and 8 and 9...

  14. Anonymous5:04 PM


    Please tell the lawyer to supoena info about the Palin kids misdeeds to show her double standard.

    Cutting the brakeline on 44 school buses endangered the lives (potentially) of all the students that ride those buses.

    Stealing the gallon of booze from a liquor store is a worse crime than guessing passwords.

    Willow's breaking and entering and trashing the house was a felony too.

    If Track's drug use is documented that would be a felony too.

    Sarah Palin believes young people should have the book thrown at them unless they are her children.

    It should at least help with the sentence that she has shown such a blatant double standard.

    I would love to get the documents related to those Palin crimes in the public domain.

  15. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Bristol honey, your full of shit just like mommy dearest!!!

  16. cheeriogirl5:15 PM

    What kind of mother would leave her immature teenage daughter alone in Alaska in a house in the woods, WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION, for weeks/months at a time?

    Hey Gryphen, once Bristol became afraid ( and I don't believe for a minute that she ever did), is there any proof that either the security detail or Secret Service was contacted, to head over to the house to keep Bristol safe?

    Did mom or dad come home to comfort their really scared pregnant daughter?

    I thought not.

  17. I presume Bristol has not been cross-examined yet?
    WHOA, she is going to look foolish.
    Even the Secret Service would have been right there for her (as family of VP candidate).

  18. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Is this the cell phone that Bristol loaned to Sherry Johnston? The one used by law enforcement in their sting operation? THIS is the phone number that Bristol expects to be private?

    Her testimony is going toward damages and to increase the possible sentence that may be given. If she's lying about how much damage was actually done, someone should let the defense team know.

  19. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I hope the defense counsel can penetrate the ambient sympathy for Palin in that state. Otherwise, this kid's not going to get a fair trial. The irony is that if this kid had been one of Palin's, she would have twisted arms viciously to get him off and the story buried. She's a lousy hypocrite and even lousier parent.

    Good work, Gryphen.

  20. Anonymous5:19 PM

    "We live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska ... in the middle of the woods," Palin said......

    Bristol, please don't start that crap up again... your mom made a fool of herself when she said she was against the bridge to nowhere and now you are claiming that you live in nowhere?

    The rotten fruit does not fall far from the rotten tree!

  21. Anonymous5:20 PM

    So, basically, Sarah Palin has her daughter lying for her under oath. Yet another example of what a great mom Sarah is.

    This is serious. Perjury is punishable up to five years in prison. That's a long time to be away from your little boy, Bristol.

  22. Forever Anonymous5:29 PM

    Pathetic, sick, liars- Those boys who called and said to let them in are the same ones who threaten to gang raper her.....remember? she had to change school because of that.

  23. emrysa5:31 PM

    yeah bristol, you're just as full of shit as your insane mother.

    I'm a victim! I'm a victim! whaaa whaaa mommy!

    no surprise. apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    so what are the chances that tripp is going to turn out to be a lying manipulator? about 99%, since "daddy" isn't willing to get that kid away from those psychos.

  24. WASILLA is a strip mall5:35 PM

    Bristol lives on Dead Lake.
    Sarah lover Brad Hanson's ex-wife is or was a friend of Palins,
    Carolyn K. Hanson, Republican donor to Ted Stevens
    Married to Brad Hanson, former City Council, Palmer, Ak
    Employed: Matanuska Telephone Association Inc.
    Sarah and Bristol have the best phone service in the world.

    Brad Hanson was an awful bully and worse

  25. Forever Anonymous5:46 PM

    oh, and her grandparents use moose horns for local calls and bear skin drums for long distance?

    Shouldn't Levi testify also, too? was he weeks without hearing from her pregnant fiance?

    I hope the defense knows what characters he is dealing with.

    No, no the Palins can't be this dumb.

  26. Has anyone seen the photo Bristol sent from her phone, the one of 'Trig taking his first bite of solid food'? Was it of him choking or spitting? As of Nov. 2009, over a year after the photo was snapped, Sarah told Barbara Walters and the world that Trig wasn't eating solid food.

    I wonder if they'll show the photo of Willow seemingly mocking her DS 'brother' with crossed eyes and tongue stuck out.

  27. If Gryphyn or someone else here can email the defense, they should know about the secret service detail during the campaign, which is when this happened. BS she was alone in the middle of nowhere! And the McCain campaign was camped out at Levi's house.

  28. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I wonder how Bristol feels about the threats that have been brought by her own Mother's hate speech? Or by her own Mother making a map and putting crosshairs on particular elected officials and telling her mob of fans to "reload"?? Bristol, What kind of fear do you think those families must have felt after your Mother did that?

  29. Anonymous6:09 PM

    "There was one that really scared me," Bristol Palin testified in federal court. She said she was concerned when a bunch of boys called, claiming they were at her front door and needed to be let in.

    Silly me, but I would think it is better for boys to be lined up at their door than lined up in Bristol's bed.

  30. Anonymous6:12 PM

    This is one witness that needs to be impeached. However, it is the old don't re victimize the victim.

  31. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I have a place on Lake Lucille. Most of the lots are between 50 and 75 feet wide, the homes are practically built on top of each other. It is not isolated, we're all on city sewer. In fact, Lake Lucille is in the middle of downtown Wasilla, and thanks to Sarah has a five lane highway built about thirty feet from the lake. You can hear and see the highway traffic from the Palins dock. You can walk to a store in just a few minutes. The Palin place also happens to be just a few lots down from a BEST WESTERN HOTEL!

    Yeah, we're really isolated out here in the middle of the woods in downtown Wasilla.

    Yeah, it's so scar

  32. Ok.. Gryphen...
    here is one of those ' common sense solutions ' that WonderWomb is always talking about. I hope the defense merely pulls up an aerial Google Map of the the Palin house to show how far ' out in the woods ' Bristle thinks where she is living. OM GAWDDD!!! What is that BIG HUGE two -story structure about 4 houses down from Her..??? Isn't it called a " Great Western HOTEL "..?? When did they start to put THOSE out in the woods. I thought you needed a LOT of people around for THOSE to stay open. Your AK Hotels must work differently than the ones I've seen.

    And yes.... SUPPOSEDLY Bristle is a HS graduate... but how intelligent do you have to be to just " TURN OFF THE PHONE !!! " after the first few calls came in. Good LORD!She continued to take the calls..?? ( Insert Tina Fey on SNL-Weekend Update ) OH..REALLY..? She's like her Mom... she is bragging about how Stupid she is. I sure hope little Tripp got most of Levi's genes or he is in trouble.

    **If you send more emails... send the Defense that Google map.

  33. Anonymous6:31 PM

    HA! I got it why $arah Paylin seems to be always out to get young, virile guys (like this one and Levi, as well as the young kids in her daughters schools): Toad cannot 'perform' anymore, so she *wishes* she could have a young, virile guy, but they all say thanks, but no thanks - we don't want a 60year old-looking granma in our bed...

    Since she is getting spited by young, virile guys, she is trying to show them 'who is the master', thus she is throwing the book at them with her multi-million $$$ PAC-supported lawyers

  34. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I have a couple of rentals on Lake Lucille and I gave up doing any work on the places while Palin was running for VP because you got stopped by the secret service every time you went into the neighborhood. Even the mailman was stopped. Also, the Coast Guard had a boat on the lake for the Palin's protection. It was ridiculous.

  35. WASILLA is a strip mall6:36 PM

    There is no way they did not have phone service. Ask Carolyn Hanson. Superior customer service!

    Carolyn Hanson 28.06 0-14 Female Wasilla 1. Bristol Palin

    Carolyn Hanson Director of Marketing & Sales (cc 2009)
    About MTA: The purpose of MTA is for the members to have state-of-the-art, reliable and competitively-priced communications, superior customer service, a voice in governance, capital credit allocations/distributions, and support for local, community, and economic development.
    MTA was formed in 1953 to serve residents in Palmer, Alaska. Today, MTA's service area extends across nearly 10,000 square miles - south to Eagle River, north to Anderson, east to Glacier View, and west to Skwentna. MTA stores are located in Palmer, Eagle River, and Wasilla, Alaska.
    MTA invests in the highest quality and most advanced products available in the industry, including extensive fiber optic cabling and electronic platforms to support broadband signals such as digital subscriber loop (DSL).

    Full list of 4 FCC Registered Cell Phone Towers in Wasilla, AK:
    Certifier: Carolyn K Hanson

    Sarah Palin Research Document - Her Weaknesses and Strengths
    12 Sep 2008 by patrioticamerican
    In 2002, Palin signed a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement with Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. settling claims related to the payment of telephone cooperative gross receipts tax to the city.

  36. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Long-time published numbers in Alaska White Pages.

    Charles R Heath
    (907) 376-5790

    Todd & Sarah Palin
    (907) 373-3113

    Bristol Palin IS lying.

  37. That would kind of frost Sarah if Levi and Bristol got back together.

  38. Anonymous6:48 PM

    With all of this going on for all these people and with all of the drama that Palin was spinning for herself and her kids - Nobody.Said.Nuthin'.

    Nobody. Not one person.

    Because why? Because it was a secret? Because it was a sensitive issue? Because of confidentiality? In order to protect someone? To keep small children out of media attention? Why?
    None of these reasons. There IS no reason to keep it this quiet. And NOTHING in Palins' lives were kept quiet.


  39. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Nice update from Sherry.

    Leave it to Sarah (and, by extension, Bristol) to tack on a few extra lies to make themselves out to be super-victims. Bristol was not isolated in the middle of nowhere. Bristol was not without phone service.

  40. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Also, the Coast Guard had a boat on the lake for the Palin's protection. It was ridiculous.

    I've seen pictures.

  41. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Thank you Sherry! It is nice to know you are doing well, as can be with the situation. Thinking the best for you all.

  42. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Of course, if you folks are so sure that Bristol lied on the stand, Kernell's attorney will bring this out under cross and will then subpoena Sherry and Levi.

    What time does their plane leave?

  43. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Give me a break! Bristol wasn’t afraid when she was doing the nasty with Levi while riding in a zamboni out in the cold dark night by themselves. Then Levi made the town hockey team and the local team played and lost to the New York Rangers at the Wasilla Ice Hockey Rink named after Sarah‘s lover. Levi was then recruited by the Rangers farm team and left town by helicopter, but had to return to Wasilla because Bristol got pregnant. Sarah should make a movie of Wasilla Alaska and pitch it to the Discovery channel.

  44. Anonymous7:46 PM

    When is the Bristol cross examination?

  45. Anonymous7:46 PM

    So Bristol, who is taking care of the kids this time?

    We all know that your mother hired someone to raise you and your siblings (wife of the former was in the news ages ago in your mother's own now the quesrrion is who is being paid to raise your kids?

  46. Anonymous7:59 PM

    While Palin was campaigning, Bristol was staying with Chuck Heath.

  47. Hello Sherry, we do care about you and Mercede and Levi. Please take care. Namaste.

  48. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Did I read that the Secret Service will testify for the defense?
    No need for Carolyn Hanson, Sherry or Levi.

  49. Gryphen - Can you PLEASE send this entire post (and comments) to DEFENSE team asap?
    Looks like Miss Bristol may have perjured herself. Oh my - this is a BIG FU--ING DEAL!
    I am now hitting your paypal link to thank you for your time and trouble.

  50. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Some very funny comments about this over at the - kind of assuming they are mostly made by locals of Knoxville or at least in TN.

  51. Magnan9:36 PM

    Putting my name on this one to show my utter disappointment in a girl I thought had so much promise.

    Bristol, if you read this blog:

    You've certainly changed in the 5 years since middle school. A lot has happened to you that I wouldn't wish on any teenager, but you have no right to lie under oath and risk a young man's entire future. You have no right to charge the father of your child an inordinate amount of child support and then deny him and his family visitation. Money can blind a person from seeing what is right, what is moral, what is CHRISTIAN. Isn't that what your mom is all about? Sad that you have to do this.

  52. Magnan9:41 PM

    I can tell you for a fact that Chuck had land line because we had to call him personally if we wanted him to sub for us at school. He didn't want to be "auto-called" by the computer system, he wanted to talk to you personally about taking the job. How the hell were we calling him all those years if he didn't have a phone??

  53. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Why do they lie about everything, are they all sociopaths?

  54. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Gryphen, I hope you are able to verify that Bristol also lied when she said her grandparents did not have a land line. Phone nos. can easily be found online for Sarah's parents as well as Todd's. It shouldn't be too hard to find a phone book from 2008 to confirm that these nos. were listed there as well.

    This would be more straightforward evidence for Bristol's cross-examination than Sherry's info. which would be harder to confirm. Of course B. would just say that their phone was out of order at the time, blah, blah, blah...

  55. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Wow, the Best Western Lake Lucille is over 20,000 sq. ft., has 50 rooms, high speed internet, cable tv and a 24 hour fitness room!!

    And, what's that across the Parks Highway right behind the Palin house? Looks like a commercial zone and not a tree around any of those stores.

    It's just so hard living out there in the remote wilderness of Lake Lucille. Bristol, when you were without your cell phone did you have to communicate with smoke signals?

  56. Anonymous10:32 PM

    No. The Best Western is 3 narrow lots down from the Palin Compound.

  57. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Ok three things confuse me:

    1. How would Bristol's cell phone number be made pulic by publishing emails written by and between Alaska state employees?

    2. Was the Secret Service monitoring Bristol's calls and if so, where are the records of these multiple threat phone-calls and texts? And if not, why was the daughter of the woman running for VP of the US not adequately protected?

    3. Why haven't we heard about these multiple threats before? Ten-second Late Night comedy routines find their way onto Sarah's list of 'Stuff I gotta say in front of a camera today' - and we're to believe she held a moratorium on her daughter being threatened and frightened over a period of time???

    Or was this part of the email hack story so played down the story never got to Australia?

    eesh - I've stuffed my open end ID again - rofl - sorry!


  58. Mercede Johnston10:36 PM

    Bristol was never alone not for one minute. Social security never left her side, followed her where ever she went. Bristol told me social security would run stop lights and stop
    signs to keep up with her while driving if nessesary because they would not allow her to be alone and unguarded. There was SS constantly at their house (and even our house) and also my brother LEVI was with her 24/7. Plus, my mother Sherry Johnston bought Levi and Bristol their own cell phones before the campaign and she never went anywhere without it. I even have texts to and from her during that time period. Therefore, she wasn't alone, she had her phone, And they do NOT live in the middle of nowhere. Unless having a few trees between the main road in wasilla and your driveway is considered the middle of nowhere. Bristol atleast try to tell the truth when you're under oath, Come on. It makes me so pissed how they are always trying to play the victims. They get away with so much crap it is unbelievable. When will justice really be served?!
    Mercede Johnston

  59. honestyinGov11:23 PM

    Nice to know that you have been in contact with both Sadie and Sherry and that they have not been alone through this.

    And if Bristle and the Palin Klan are in Tenn... it seems like the ' common sense solution ' would be that THIS could be the perfect time for Tripp to be visiting the Johnstons. Ohhh... unless there is a DIFFERENT reason to not let that happen.

    And BTW Bristle before you take the stand to testify, You should use your OWN advice.... " Pause ".Think REAL hard. You are under oath. This is Federal Court... not Wasilla.

  60. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Talk about "FED UP". This truly is a pathetic site. How hypocritical you are. Claiming you are in search of TRUTH when all you are doing is slamming the Palins. What about Reid or our "illustrious" leader of the House, Nancy, and their underhanded and illegal doings to get this supposed "legal health care" bill passed. If it was truly so good for us, why all the arm twisting?? Do you see any congressmen dropping their health care in favor of it?? Do you see the President dropping his plan for his family in favor of it?? It will be a cold day in Hell when that happens. Why don't you try posting a more balanced outlook on your supposed desire to fight for truth. I'm so tired of the cover ups for the extreme left wing wrongs. Wonder if you'll have the guts to let this comment post. Doubt it. Oh, by the way...taking "donations", really now. Is this your personal church site?

  61. Unless the defense is on Roofies, this is easily proven or refuted.

    You subpoena the wireless carrier for billing/call information. If there was a surge, especially from unusual numbers, then Bristol may be telling the truth.

    If nothing looks unusual... well, I think we have some reasonable doubt.

  62. Anonymous12:44 AM

    My 2005-2006 Regional Anchorage Mat-Su Valley (RAM) telephone directory has listings for both Todd & Sarah Palin, and Charles & Sally Heath.

    I'm pretty sure they're land lines.

  63. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I wonder why the Best Western doesn't advertise the fact that you can see Russia from the terraces on the lakeside rooms?

  64. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Gryphen, isn't there some way to get this information to the attorneys in Memphis?? Bristol cannot be allowed to get away with telling these lies under oath in court!

  65. Anonymous3:22 AM

    I have no doubt the land lines were all turned off due to incessant calling once the VP announcement was made. But tes, she needs to back up some hearsay

  66. Anonymous3:30 AM

    The kids in Wasilla are sharp as pistol when they do The Bristol Stomp.

  67. FEDUP!!!4:42 AM

    Gryphen, I hope you were able to establish a connection to the defense team and/or to the kid himself BEFORE the trial. Because I believe by now they will not check their emails... :(

    I also hope that the Secret Service will testify and prove Bri$tol perjured herself...

  68. Anonymous5:04 AM

    So Bristol is scared. That mean boy in the lower 48 frightens her so much that Bristol repeatedly goes on tv telling every kook in the world about sex and how she is saving herself for the next guy.

    I do not know many moms who let their little daughters go on tv talking about condoms and sex.

    Meanwhile, this mean guy in the lower 48 scared the Palins so much, it forced the Palin family to leave their home(s) and flee for Hawaii. The Palins were so scared, they left in a hurry and forgot to bring their born again virgin girls with them. The girls were devastated at home alone fending for themselves.

    While sitting on the beach tanning her pale white skin on the island that had all those icky Asian people on it,one of the girls finds a working phone in Alaska and calls Sarah who had to rush home because the daughter was so scared, she broke into a strangers house and invited her friends to sit stay with her until her mom came home. Daddy Todd was so concerned and scared for his daughters safety, he stayed in Hawaii to finish his vacation in case Bristol found a phone and tried to call him.

  69. Anonymous5:19 AM

    I see the Kernell lad has at least one lady attorney. Hope she has a go at Bristol on the stand. Doubt if
    she'd be easy on poor 'victimized,'
    silly,lying Bristol.

    (Quite a family you got there Sarah,
    one of you lies & the rest of you swear to it.)

    Sharon TN

  70. Okay obviously Mercede meant to say Secrete Service in her comment up above.

    However as you see her statement absolutely proves that Bristol lied under oath.

  71. Does Bristol know she will be cross examined UNDER OATH???Are they really that stupid? Wow, I wasn't holding expecting that much from this trial, but this is a pleasant surprise...maybe Grandma Sarah Bristol just think they are auditioning for another tv show.

    And of course, once again, the trolls will come out when their queen is getting slammed. Hey bots...of course Bristol had Secret Service...anyone with half a brain would realize that. I hope Kernell's lawyer is reading all of this, as I would assume he would since it's already on HuffPo, which means it will be on national TV later this week. Dumbasses, the whole lot of them.

  72. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Home alone in the middle of the woods. Only if the woods around the Palin house can talk, the tales it would tell!

  73. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Am I the only one thinking that cell phones (mobile phones) are used by people so they can be reached anywhere anytime??? Why would anyone assume Bristol was taking the alledged scarry phone call while at home??? When I phone my son he gets the call no matter where he is, I guess in Alaska cell phones only ring when the people are at their residences???

    This was not thought out very well by Bristol and whoever is advising her.

  74. Irishgirl6:07 AM

    Thanks Mercede for speaking out.

  75. Good morning Gryphen! Do you remember when we were all wondering where Bristol was? After her pregnancy was outted at the RNC, she disappeared. Sometime during that period of time I looked up the phone number in Wasilla on and called it. Someone answered the phone (land line). Now, being the liberal that I am, and generally not a troublemaker, I hung up. I know ... chicken. But I can look back at my phone records (my cell belongs to our business and we keep all the phone records) and see if I see that call. Bottom line though: they LIE.

  76. Oh and I love the flailing about of the troll above ... but what about.... but ...and like a drowning idiot, trying to grab onto something, anything.

  77. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Why would someone need a new cell phone contract in this situation anyway? Why wouldn't you just ask the carrier to give you a new number? There were certainly enough adults around (grandparents, Secret Service, state employees) that someone could have helped with that.

  78. Thank you Mercede for your input and especially by not being afraid to use your name.

  79. I'm not understanding how Bristol's number has anything to do with Kernell reading Sarah's emails. If it was private email, anybody she would send it to would be known to her and immediate family would all have Bristol's phone number, wouldn't they? And of course Bristol would have Secret Service protection as the daughter of the VP candidate.

    However, IF she was terrorized by any phone calls, then the obvious answer is to turn the phone off, drive down to Walmart (with her
    Secret Service officers) and pick up a new phone with a new phone number, and then let immediate family members only have the number with a plea for not passing it on. Phone records should definitely show whether she actually rec'd so many phone calls, and if they were threatening, they can be traced to the owners of the phone making the calls.

    If she was so frightened, I don't understand why she didn't tell her parents, who would naturally be much concerned and talk with the Secret Service as well as arranging for Bristol to move in with family members for the duration. Maybe Aunt Heather and Aunt Molly are sick of little Bristol and her issues.

    Todd could even have flown home to be with his frightened little girl. What an incredible campaign moment that would have been! "My daughter has been receiving threatening phone calls, obviously from islamocommunisticfascist terrorist lefties, and Todd can't be here because he has to stay with her...." Does anybody seriously think that Sarah WOULDN'T have used this? :::crickets:::

    What a load of codswallop. It's like those insane stories about the girls not being able to go to school in Juneau because they were going to be gangraped. Nobody heard a word about it at the time because it was a complete lie. I can believe that Bristol may have been pranked by "friends" but not that she received significant numbers of phone calls from unknowns. Sarah would not have failed to take advantage of her daughter's plight if it existed. The fact that she broadcast information about her daughter's pregnancy tells me that she was completely unconcerned about any feelings her daughter may have had. The only threats we heard about were from the Secret Service, who released information that they had talked to McCain and Palin both, asking them to tone down the rhetoric because threats against the Obamas had increased 400%. Tell me Bristol was threatened and the Secret Service wouldn't have helped. Go ahead, tell me that. Ask me if I believe it.

    It's breathtaking that Bristol has been so protected against real life that it never occurs to her that she could be getting into real trouble, lying in Federal Court. She's like Paris Hilton screaming for mommy as she gets taken to jail for repeatedly driving drunk. How unreal must her life be, not to know there are consequences?

  80. Anonymous7:46 AM

    If only the Palins had paid their fair share of property tax for their hidden cabins, the town could afford to hire more policemen and bring in those new fangled telephone land lines like the ones they use in the lower 48.

    Sarah and Todd, that is why you are suppose to pay property taxes!

  81. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I grew up in "the wilds" of Rogers Park, here in Anchorage. I remember those horrific decades before cell phones were invented. Why, when I was really young, we actually had a "party line".

    My God, I don't know how we all survived it.

  82. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Just a thought...when I was a kid in Alaska, we talked of being in the "middle of nowhere" because we thought Alaska was. Dreamed of big cities etc. As far as the phone, these days, if you dont have a cell, you dont have a phone (if yu are a teen used to a cell) so maybe that is what was meant by having no phone?

  83. IF Bristol received harassing phone calls saying people were right outside her door, is she not smart enough to realize that the Secret Service detail assigned to her wouldn't allow anyone within 1000 feet of her, let alone her home?

    And who are the investigators who supposedly took her phone? They should be subpoenaed to corroborate her story.

    Too many things don't add up.

    I am anxiously waiting to hear what happens with the emails sent to the defense team.

    Great reporting as usual, Gryphen.


  84. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Lets see if we can understand the situation. Mommy dearest is out there campaigning to be vice president of these United States of America. There is a coast guard boat patrolling the lake outside the vp nominee's house. There are secret service people watching the house. The Palins want us to believe that their underage pregnant high school senior daughter Bristol Palin can't call her mom or dad. Lets say that Bristol peeked through the curtains and asked the secret service if she can use their secured satelite phones to call her daddy to tell him about her scary phone calls. I think the Secret Service would call Mr. Palin and daddy dearest would find a way home even if he had to walk home. Or worst case, daddy dearest would call a relative to stay with Bristol. My guess any daddy would at least do that.

  85. Anonymous8:20 AM

    What's more scarier to an underage girl whose mother is the governor of the state of Alaska? Having unprotected sex on the mom's bed or a phone call from a stranger which you can hang up the phone.

    I guess the phone call is scarier?

  86. Anonymous8:43 AM

    So Bristol LIED on the stand! I bet the defense attorney tore her up and made her look like a fool........didn't he? After all, it is so easy to prove, just get Levi or Sherry on the stand.

    Have they been subpoenaed yet? No? Did Bristol collapse in tears under cross this morning? No?

    Why is it that every time a case goes to court - Levi's custody, Sarah's emails, all the ethics charges, the mythical FBI and IRS investigations - why is it that every time one of this matters comes up, the attorneys opposing Palin are so incompetent?

    Are you starting to see a trend?

  87. ManxMamma9:15 AM

    In checking to see if any new reports had been filed on the trial, I was interested to see this headline:

    It will be interesting to compare sentences.

  88. Deb in WI9:43 AM

    Annomous at 11:49 actually believes it is a "Health Plan" instead of a Health reform "Bill".

    Sweety, you need to watch a channel that isn't FOX and know that the health "bill" was just a few rules for the insurance companies so they don't screw the people for profits anymore. That's it. There is No Plan for anyone to get, NO Public Option, NONE. It didn't pass. There's no way a person could drop their coverage and get a bill of rules -- physically impossible. It isn't a health plan. Duh!

    Sweety, get a life and try reading a newspaper if you can.

  89. Deb in WI9:44 AM

    Levi should take Bristol to court for visitation.

  90. Heck. Bristol could have opened an upper story window and yelled for help. The security people were right there. She's a cheap little liar.

  91. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Bristol knows Carolyn Hanson, who an do anything the Palin want when it om to phones, including cells. Think about this outside of this. What an happen when you have a friend like Hanson.

    Hanson is also a perfect witness or the defense.

  92. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I feel for you Mercede and appreciate you and your Mom's courage. We have yet to hear Todd and Sarah testimony. I do want this to break through that victim act and all the unbelievable lies that have been nurtured and protected by enablers. Get it on Wasilla and help your fellow citizens purge this cancer.

  93. Anon Troll: You are uninformed, which is the nicest thing I can say.

    There is no IT to drop their healthcare for. There are exchanges set up so that people who DON"T get insurance from their employer can have access to a group plan. The new program is not in place for quite some time and it is for people who are NOT currently covered.

    You are badly misinformed so don't post until you understand current events.

  94. honestyinGov10:50 AM

    This is a VERY serious case as it pertains to young Mr Kernell. With this most recent testimony/LIE by Bristle though you really have to laugh or chuckle at the absurdity of it as well.
    " I was skeeered!!"
    Now... back to the snark though which you do well. Somehow in this story,I see an " ET... Phone Home " { Bristle... Phone Home } story as a result of this. Isn't it OBVIOUS..? You or Wonkette HAVE TO come up with something. Photo-shop Experts... get to work.
    I don't know who will play the part of ET.... that's your job. Is Granny the Extra Terrestial..? Maybe ET ( Granny ) will grab Bristle and whisk her off into the air to save her from the creepy phone calls. You can figure out the story... I sense an opportunity for some really funny snark though.

  95. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I thought I read somewhere that Bristol claims that they didn't have a land line phone. Found a comment in a blog dated 9/3/2008 that lists the Palin's (Home ??) Phone Number (assume it's a landline).


  96. Give them more rope10:55 AM

    Trends come and go.

    The attorney may want more from the next witness. Not good to just go after the one 18 and pregnant. Check the witness list. No need for Mercede or Sherry to testify. Chuck would make a hostile witness and he can explain all about how he cares or the grand kids or how thy all abandoned Bristol. The grandma, too.

  97. Anonymous11:13 AM

    All kinds of people get harassing and awful calls. Bristol needs to show a direct link. If all the prosecution witnesses lie, better to deal with the lump sum. Obviously, the prosecution has no case they can base on facts. This was put together by DoJ, not all Cheney-Bushites have been cleared out.

  98. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Sorry about the typos at 10:16 AM, broken here. Carolyn Hanson is someone that should be looked at for other than this recent phone lie by Bristol. This is serious.

  99. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Gryphen - I don't have the energy or interest to keep up with this latest swirl of ridiculousness when it comes to the Palins - so, what, exactly, is the crime? Hacking alone? Or the results of the hacking?

    I remember during the election of 08 that Todd and other family members email addresses were accidently sent out from one of the Palin kid's schools - but I don't remember a big stink ensuing.

    So the big issue isn't that their email addresses were distributed - but that the kid hacked the account?

    Also, the Palins had their land line phone number listed in various directories around the Valley that anyone could have easily accessed. (School, church, sports phone number lists, etc.)

    I guess I can see where the chap may be in trouble for hacking - but b/c it somehow allowed people to access the Palins is just plain silly. Anyone could have gone online from any point around the world, spent a little time looking up the organizations they belonged to and gotten their email and phone numbers.

    Another mountain out of a mole hill.


  100. Anonymous11:43 AM

    The new program is not in place for quite some time and it is for people who are NOT currently covered.


    The law _mandates_ that everyone obtain insurance......but what if you're poor and can't afford it? Who pays then?

    (Waves hand in air, "I know I know!")

    Who pays for the 2 million American Indian/Alaska Eskimos?

    ("Oh, I know that one, too!")

    How about folks who choose not to get insured, wait for a bad diagnosis and then go sign up?

    ("Me! Me! Call on me!")

  101. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I can totally understand why Bristol didn't trust the Secret Service and the Coast Guard to keep her safe. They were obviously getting suspicious of all us Canadian Sounding Alaskans, and the Palin's probably realized that they were quickly coming to the conclusion that Sarah was actually Canadian (exacerbated by the background check of her that showed she had Canadian Bootlegger Grandpas and Canadian Socialized Medical Care) and therefore did not believe that she was qualified for the office of Vice President, so would naturally have allowed people to just "attack at will" any members of the Palin family.

    Meg Stapleton was frantically trying to procure copies of the Palin birth certificates, as well as a document from her home town showing that Seward had really purchased the "Ice Box" from Russia way back when.

    The Secret Service were also probably confused by the fact that Russia was right across the lake and were perhaps not paying attention to the front door so much as they were wary of an invasion of "Putin's Head".

    Hey, they take a little license with the truth, why can't I?

  102. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Here's the problem, Sarah took Piper with her. If Piper was home she would of figured out what to do and told Bristol to hang up the phone.

  103. When the trolls start percolating, you know you are hitting paydirt.

  104. Anon troll: We pay now for those who are uninsured in the form of higher premiums and higher costs for hospital procedures, so everyone does need to pay to be insured since everyone will need health care and we never know what might happen to us even if we take good care of our health.

    It is the conservative talking point that we need to be responsible for ourselves, but if a hospital won't turn you away for lack of money, then the responsible thing to do is to pay into an insurance system so you are NOT a burden on everyone else.

  105. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Remember the infamous green sweater photo of Bristol which I believe was allegedly dated fall 2006? The one in which she looked very, very pregnant - most people thought at least five months along?

    I wish the story would come out about her THREE pregnancies.

    Anonymous baby number one, pictured in the green sweater, who knows what happened to it. Trig who came next. Trip who is the newest addition.

    This was actually hinted at in Tiny Fey's latest Palin spoof. When (as Palin) she talked about all the new shows she was going to run on the Palin TV Channel, she mentioned "Alaskinence....the story of a young, unmarried woman who believes in abstinence and her THREE children...."

    It was a throwaway line to most people, but SOMEBODY knows the real scoop.

  106. Anonymous2:54 PM

    the responsible thing to do is to pay into an insurance system so you are NOT a burden on everyone else.


    Agreed. I have insurance, pay every month. I don't have a problem paying for mine, I just don't see why I should pay for millions of others who cchoose not to get covered.

  107. Doesn't sound like the defense attorney even questioned Bristol's claims of distress from the phone calls. The article is short on details. Doesn't say if they verified phone records, etc.

  108. justafarmer4:45 PM

    for the anon whining about uninsured at the ER...
    my family is uninsured because insurance premiums are more than we make and they policies are useless.
    When we DO show up at the ER, we pay the full freight. NO one pays extra insurance premiums for our health care. And my family is not the only one that pays full freight for health care.
    So please just STFU about how we uninsured jack up your insurance rates.

  109. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Well, 2:54, I don't have kids. Why should I have to pay taxes for schools? And on top of that, parents get big tax exemptions for each kid they have. I don't get any such tax exemption for my cat and dog, my "children." But I end up subsidizing baby factories like those unspeakable Dominionist whackjobs. Also, 2:54, are you planning to accept Social Security when you are old enough? Medicare? If so, please don't think that the amount of money you paid into those systems comes anywhere close to the amount of money you'll take out of it. So don't think that other people aren't paying the freight for you. They are. Including other people in your health insurance plan who may not ever need to use their health insurance for anything other than minor health problems, while you could end up with a major life-threatening disease requiring years of obscenely expensive treatment. You think what you paid in premiums comes even remotely close to covering the cost of something like that? No, it doesn't. You're being subsidized by other people's premiums.

  110. I have a good friend who is an ER surgeon. He says that only 39% of ER patients pay their ER bill.

  111. anon@7:42

    "Well, 2:54, I don't have kids. Why should I have to pay taxes for schools?"

    I don't know how old you are, but someday, you will be depending on those kids who aren't yours to help you in whatever capacity you can imagine. One of them may very well be your doctor in the future.

    YOU have a big stake in whether or not our CHILDREN are educated and grow to be PRODUCTIVE citizens of our country and world. You WILL benefit from that. THAT is why you should pay school taxes.

    I can't stand it when people use that argument. It's insulting and idiotic.

  112. Anonymous12:33 AM

    The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)[1] is a U.S. Act of Congress passed in 1986 as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). It requires hospitals and ambulance services to provide care to anyone needing emergency healthcare treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. There are no reimbursement provisions. As a result of the act, patients needing emergency treatment can be discharged only under their own informed consent or when their condition requires transfer to a hospital better equipped to administer the treatment.

  113. FBI testimony yesterday at trial:

    Seems Kernell's computer got tripped up by a nasty computer virus....
    or is this just FBI bloviations!!

    I'd much rather view this type of technical testimony that can be questioned than the kid Bristol's musings.

  114. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Visiting a truly third world country really brings home the fact that it is to our benefit to have an educated society. I recall being in Egypt about 25 years ago, and not only was I constantly concerned about catching all the nasty diseases that many of the people around me seemed to be suffering from, but I would have been afraid to go to a doctor because you just knew that if he gave you the wrong medication or did something that actually harmed you, you were on your own, you had no recourse. Also, it was extremely uncomfortable eating in cafe's with starving children at the door and windows begging for table scraps. Everywhere you went, old people, disabled people, women and children were begging in the streets. The buildings were all crumbling, and our hotel room on the third floor had a balcony which appeared to be about to fall off and plunge to the street below. I saw my first dead people, they had gotten in a car accident and people just pulled them over to the side of the road.

    Every time I hear people say that they don't want to pay for schools, don't want food safety standards, don't want clean air and water standards, don't want social security, don't want building standards, don't want medicare or health care reform...........that the "free market" should just take care of everything, I think of Egypt (and many places in South America that I've visited). I'm sure that other parts of Africa have that same situation going on too. Yes, there are plenty examples of the "free market" in this world to learn from. bt

  115. Anonymous8:34 AM

    10:33, I noticed you didn't respond to the rest of my post about Social Security and Medicare.

    As for whether or not paying school taxes benefits everyone, you obviously missed the entire POINT of my post, not surprising considering what a hypocrite you are.

    Because you can extend that same argument to health care. Obviously it benefits EVERYONE to have a healthy, productive populace who can actually AFFORD good health care and not have it be subject to health insurance companies trying to find ways to deny the coverage in order to maximize their profits, and not have to risk losing their homes in order to pay for it, and not have to stay forever in horrible jobs just to keep it, etc., etc.

    But selfish, self-centered people like you only care about themselves. You expect other people to subsidize your kids but you cry foul when you're expected to reciprocate in any way, shape or form. You must be Sarah Palin.


  116. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Anon at 7:39 thank you for that excellent comment. It's a harsh reminder of how lucky we are in the Western world, and how we take so many things for granted. And yes, it takes a functioning society to bring us all the many wonderful things we have like water, shelter, healthcare, emergency response workers, road repair, etc. We DO need to care about each other and pitch in or these things just dont' happen. Sad thing is, most people bitching about contributing money to the larger pool of good now won't realize this until it's gone, and then they'll be the ones bitching the loudest at that point!

  117. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I hate to break it to you, but there are no interstate highways in Alaska.


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