Friday, April 23, 2010

Sarah Palin defends Franklin Graham and his right to call Islam "a very evil and wicked religion".

In case you have not heard Franklin Graham, Reverend Billy's less oratorically gifted son, was disinvited to the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer service.  The reason why is that after 9-11 Graham, like a lot of evangelical bible thumpers, attacked Islam calling it "a very evil and wicked religion".

"It wasn't Methodists flying into those buildings, and it wasn't Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith."

Now keeping a man who attacked an entire religion away from a multi-denominational, religiously tolerant  prayer service might seem like a no-brainer. 

So cue the no-brainer defender of Franklin Graham, Sarah Palin. (From her Facebook account, of course.)

My, have things changed. I was honored to have Rev. Franklin Graham speak at my Governor’s Prayer Breakfasts. His good work in Alaska’s Native villages and his charitable efforts all over the world stem from his servant’s heart. In my years of knowing him, I’ve never found his tempered and biblically-based comments to be offensive – in fact his words have been encouraging and full of real hope.

It’s truly a sad day when such a fine patriotic man, whose son is serving on his fourth deployment in Afghanistan to protect our freedom of speech and religion, is dis-invited from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service. His comments in 2001 were aimed at those who are so radical that they would kill innocent people and subjugate women in the name of religion.

Are we really so hyper-politically correct that we can’t abide a Christian minister who expresses his views on matters of faith? What a shame. Yes, things have changed.

- Sarah Palin

My how unusual it is too see one crazed dominionist defending the hateful speech of another crazed dominionist.  But hey, maybe Sarah is right this time, maybe Franklin Graham should NOT be judged by words that he spoke during those very emotional times back in 2001.

Perhaps he has changed his tune and become much less judgemental and much more gracious toward religions that do not share his particular belief system.

From Fox News April 22, 2010.

See?  If the Islamic people will simply accept that Jesus Christ is the son of God and embrace him as their own personal savior Franklin Graham will have no problem with them whatsoever.

The ball is in your court Muslims!

What an idiot.

P.S. Here is Celtic Diva's take on this from over at the Mudfalts.


  1. Why the hell, as a secular nation, do we have a National Prayer day?

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Oh, Sarah Palin has never been insulted by Graham's comments? I guess that's the standard these days. If it insults Sarah, it's BAAAAAD. If it doesn't insult Sarah is GOOOOOOD.

  3. Dear Sarah: Your ignorance is showing. If you are going to condemn a faith for the actions of its followers, we must look at what the followers of other faiths have done b4 we hold any other out as better.

    Can you say "crusades", "inquisition", "sex abuse"? Guess Roman Catholocism isn't any purer than Islam.

    Can you say religious wars: the 30 Years' War, Tudor & Stewart England, the Troubles in Northern Ireland? Plenty of Catholic vice Protestant fighting.

    What about Israel & Palestine?

    Oh, and we mustn't leave out atheists: Stalin, Mao, etc.

    Oops! Islamic or non-islamic, theist or atheist, mankind just can't seem to help killing one another. Maybe something other than religion is behind it. You betcha also, too.

  4. Speaks arrogantly
    Such absolute certainty
    Send him your dollars

  5. nswfm2:20 PM

    What religion was the jackass who flew his plane into the IRS building in TX? Just curious, Franklin Graham and Granny Grifter.....

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    She is such an idiot!!!!! Can you imagine this woman trying to have good relations with foreign leaders? Islam is practiced all over the world! It's the second largest religion.

    She is really showing what an unsophisticated ignorant redneck she is!

    I thought America was for all religions. She really doesn't even get what it means to be patriotic. For one thing, patriots don't lie under oath and tell her children too.

    Yes Sarah things have changed. Thanks to you there is more hate then ever directed at anyone who doesn't agree with YOUR view of the world and religion.

    I pray every day. And I give thanks to God for choosing the right leader in 2008.

  7. Anne In DC2:47 PM

    When has Palin allowed her cluelessness to stop her from sticking her nose in just about everything?

    It must never have occurred to her that atrocities have been committed in the name of ALL religions. Well, the Kenyan minister who prayed over her before she was elected as Alaska's governor has a reputation for harassing and even causing the deaths of women he considers witches in his native country.

    Naturally, she would defend the likes of Franklin Graham, because he possesses exactly the same narrow-minded and ignorant mindset that she does.

    There are plenty of sincerely devout people of all religions who live and let live, but they are overshadowed by the hate-filled fanatics, even those who don't actually kill or hurt people physically. Sarah Palin is one of those so-called Christians who spew hate and inspire others to harm people.

  8. OT - Did you know that Geoffrey Dunn's book on Palin has been pushed back til Feb, 2011?

    You might want to check out the Amazon site.

  9. subjugate women in the name of religion.....hmmmm sounds horribly familiar.

  10. WakeUpAmerica3:09 PM

    Sarah, are you so hyper-stupidly dumb that you can't see what was offensive about Graham speaking to a military that is comprised of numerous religions? Good grief woman, put your head back in the toilet and flush. Rinse and repeat.

  11. Wilderness Lover3:28 PM

    Because the 911 hijackers were Islamic, of course that means ALL people of the Islamic faith are evil. So...because a few priests have molested children, that means (according to Graham's warped thinking) ALL Catholics are child molesters. I happen to be of German heritage. So I guess that makes me a murdering, Jew-hating Nazi. Because ALL Germans are, right??

    This kind of deranged thought makes me so angry. I teacher ESL and US Citizenship classes. The Islamic people who come to my classes are hard-working, gentle people who are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Isn't that the reason most of our ancestors came to this country? Unless Mr. Graham is a Native American, he is not a true American either.

    People of the Islamic faith don't deserve to be terrorized by ignorant racists like Graham and Palin.

  12. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Sarah really doesn't care whether Graham attends the prayer meeting. She just cares that he supports her, helps fill her coffers. It is amazing that she can say this crap, and that he can say crap. Just amazing.

  13. I could care less what Sarah Palin supports!

    Of course I'm more worried about the fact that Franklin Graham and other Christian leaders are supporting Sarah 'scandal factory' Palin with multi millions and their own reputations.
    This is frightening to me the level of delusion over taking these folks.

    For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of leaders and teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
    2Tim 4:3

  14. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Evangelicals make a lot of money off of God. Sarah isn't any different--scam artist.

  15. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Highly paid hate speaker Palin will be on Greta tonight to discuss her day in court.

  16. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I must admit that even the Swag-Hag's staff has gotten to a level of stupidity that few people reach in a lifetime... They seem to have reached it so quickly it's stunning..

    BUT, the neither the Swag-Hag nor her staff can say anything of truth about Graham because it's Graham's LEAR JET that started the Swag-Hag's fly-about book tour!! AND, I'm sure, still to this day, carts her fat ass around parts of the US others won't fly into..

    The queen of grilled cheese sandwiches can ONLY see what's in her bank account and could not care one iota about what others think or say. Why do you think she pays 'consultants' so much money out of her legal defense PAC and never donates to real candidates?? Somebody has got to defend this pile of trash...

  17. emrysa5:53 PM

    puke. palin is one f-ed up chick.

  18. She defends Graham because he is a grifter just like her. He was caught taking two $500,000 salaries for two full time jobs with CHARITY organizations.

  19. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I watched her on Greta--she said "I was telling the truth " about 3 or 4 times about court. She is seriously sick.

  20. Mac And Cheese Wiz6:44 PM

    I'm tired of hearing this BS from the evangelical element in America. Their argument is flawed on almost all issues. Homosexuals in committed relationships affect their marriages exactly how?
    Muslims practicing their freedom of worship affects their freedom of worship exactly how?
    Their simplistic reasoning, that muslims and others are fine people only if they accept Jesus as their personal savior.

    To me, there's one love, one love of god, and both are expressed in many ways. Even Atheists are expressing their love by expressing their free will to choose not to believe, and this doesn't make them bad people nor evil in any way.

  21. Anonymous6:49 PM you're defending radical Islam? Figures.

  22. Anonymous 6:23. yeah I saw that! My rule of thumb is that whenever Sarah constantly states that she is telling the truth that means she is lying.

    And Anonymous 6:49, you are just precious. Not terribly bright, but just precious.

  23. Anonymous7:16 PM

    If words are coming out of Sarah Palin's mouth she is lying.

  24. Gasman7:25 PM

    Mr. Graham and Mrs. Palin,
    It wasn't Methodists that blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, and it wasn't Lutherans, or Presbyterians, or Catholics, or Jews, or Hindus, or Bhuddists, or Shinto, or Muslims. It was an attack on this country by a Baptist. Should we not therefore demonize all Baptists? Are not Baptists thereby members of a "a very evil and wicked religion?” How few people of any faith are required to indemnify the whole religion? Do you share in the collective guilt for crimes committed by people who share your religious beliefs?

    This attitude bears absolutely no resemblance to the life and words of Jesus Christ, someone you both profess at least a passing familiarity with. I find it hard to believe that Jesus could look upon your ethnic and religious bigotry and declare, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

  25. I thought people who testify or are involved in a case are not to go on tv to broadcast their side. Or is it just jurors who are not to discuss anything?

  26. Anonymous8:23 PM

    If Franklyn Graham wants to share the gospel with people, it should be to those who seek to hear about it. Even Paul, who admonished young Titus, who was like a son to him, to take care of the christian flock in Crete.

    Paul heard that a prophet of their own said about the Cretians: "The Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies". Paul, shocked after he heard that this witness was true. He says, Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith. He said that there were many unruly and vain talkers, whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses teaching things which they ought not for filty lucre's sake. Titus 1

    This happened back in Jesus' time, and Franklyn Graham is doing it again today. Calling Islam very evil and wicked religion, stereotyping them into one package and saying basically they are all this or that. It's hurtful and offensive.

    If Franklyn and others want to really have an effect and preach the gospel, either they act like a disciple and go give their riches away, living from town to town modestly, or stop claiming they represent Christ while becoming these elitist spokesmen getting their air time on Fox News, and owning jets, and million dollar homes around the globe. Total hypocrisy. Lots of that going around lately.

  27. Anonymous2:14 AM

    FYI Gryphen -
    Did you happen to catch Mahr last night... just watch the last 10-15 minutes of the show, just before "new rules". Babygate was touched on... *just* a little bit... but it was enough, imho!!

  28. Anonymous5:09 AM

    All humans are basically good peace loving beings who want to live good lives. Religions are control mechanisms and once we wake up and realize this, we can take control of the utter mess we are in. Think critically people: of all the religions in the world, they can't all be right, right? You've been duped and continue to be duped into endless wars based on lies.
    The entire country should read Jesus Interrupted. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and what the priests learn in seminary and what they preach to you every Sunday don't mesh. There probably was an historical Jesus , but his tale is likely far different than the ultimate human written story that surpassed all the other human written stories to become "the Bible". Do people know of the Gnostic gospels Many now do because of Dan Brown's popularity. Those are other tales of jesus' life that don't mesh so well with controlling the populace, so they were branded heretical by the winning gospel writers. The message in the gnostic gospels from Jesus is that WE are in charge of our own destiny, not some god in the clouds. Well, that won't be conducive to controlling people.
    Please americans, start reading, ask questions, the info is out there but YOU have to find it. You are being controlled by religion. Free your mind and your ass will follow.
    You are familiar with whisper down the lane right? The gospels were written in some cases centuries after the person known as Jesus live, by people who knew sopmeone who knew someone who heard about ...........yeah. Wouldn't hold up in court.

  29. BAustin7:20 AM

    Why is Gretchen wearing a low cut cocktail dress to interview an evangelical minist.....

    Oh never mind.

    So basically, Graham likes muslims as long as they're christians. Right? Can't wait to hear Sarah chime in....

  30. Ratfish8:09 AM

    Don't you remember back in the old days when she was still governor, and she was being criticized for ignoring the plight of people in bush communities who were hungry and unable to pay energy bills?

    And who came to her rescue, and trotted her around the bush in his private plane distributing bibles and cookies?

    Why, Franklin Graham of course.

    Let her hate muslims too, also, you betcha.

    It's the "Christian" thing to do.

  31. The Franklin disinvite had absolutely NOTHING to do with free speech of freedom of religion.
    I work at the Pentagon, and his views do not represent mine and I consider them intolerant. There are muslims who work at the Pentagon who consider his views towards their religion hostile. These are government employees, service members, and decorated combat veterans.
    Inviting him to the Pentagon is a disservice to all the Muslims who work there every single day. And no one who works at the Pentagon will have their freedom abridged by Franklin’s absence, either. There are chaplains and a ministry team that serve all faiths and creeds there. The Pentagon is a federal facility, not a public place. You couldn’t protest Franklin’s presence there if you disagreed with his views (like I do) or you’d be arrested. You cannot even enter the Pentagon if the authorites decide not to admit you, and you may be asked to leave at any time.
    The National mall is less than two miles away from the Pentagon; Franklin should get a permit, hold a prayer rally there, in a public place, and anybody who wants to attend can go, from the Pentagon and the rest of the Federal buildings. And people like me, who disagree with his message, would be free to protest his presence.


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