Thursday, May 06, 2010

Paranoia thy name is Palin. Update!

This from the Daily News Online:

Media incursions, invited and uninvited, are a real and present fact of life for the Palins, even at their remote lakeside home, 45 miles from Anchorage. An iron gate that Palin’s husband, Todd, is installing on their wooded driveway, and “No Trespassing” signs provide only token insulation.

A Fox-TV camera crew is encamped at the house so Palin, a Fox contributor, can do live interviews.
And paparazzi have actually driven by on the frozen lake ice to catch a peek inside the house, Todd Palin said.

Palin recounted, incredulously, two especially unwelcome visitors who showed up at her front door with a camera rolling: comedian Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston, the very estranged father of Tripp, the 28-month-old son of Palin’s teenage daughter. Bristol.

“Then we find out that (Griffin’s) agent is the brother of Obama’s chief of staff, you know, connecting the dots,” Palin added by way of explanation. Fortunately, Palin says, no one was home. (Griffin left a note).

Does this wingnut really think that just because Griffin's agent is the famous Ari Emanuel, brother of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, that the President actually has some control over what Kathy Griffin does for her show?  The President is dealing with oils spills from Palin's "drill, baby, drill", buddies, while also dealing with terrorists created by her Republican buddies, and ignoring death threats from her Teabagger buddies, he does not have the time to tell Kathy Griffin to stalk the Palins.

Remember the President does not come home halfway through his work day to lie on his bed eating Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes, and bitching about the blogs.  Nor, by the way, will he quit halfway through his term to whore himself out to the highest bidder for profit.  He actually wants to do the job he was elected to for. I know, crazy right?

And as for that "paparazzi have actually driven by on the frozen lake ice to catch a peek inside the house" comment, I was taking pictures of the OUTSIDE of the house to show the construction.  Trust me we had no desire to see INSIDE the house. After all replacing cracked camera lenses can be expensive.

God what paranoid delusional narcissist!  No wonder Elton John would not give her the time of day.

Sir Elton John lost sight of his British etiquette when he snubbed former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin at the TIME 100 gala Wednesday night.

"It's nice to be at an event where you meet some unusual people, like Sarah Palin," said the Brit, immediately following his remark with an eyebrow raise.

When asked who he wanted to meet most at the gala, Elton followed with another jab saying, "Not Sarah Palin but anybody else would be fine."

Ouch!  That has to hurt!

Update:  God the ignorant woman was even wrong about Emanuel being Griffin's agent. (Scroll down and read about Steve Levine.  Her REAL agent.)  Why am I not surprised by this?


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    28-month old son? If Tripp was born on 12/27/08, shouldn't he be 17 months old?

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Apparently, Ari Emanuel isn't even Kathy Griffin's agent. Which makes sense. Kathy Griffin is "B" list at best and Ari Emanuel only handles A listers. What a friggin' moron that Sarah Palin is.

  3. ICanCountTo284:49 PM

    If Bristol has a twenty-eight month-old son, that "Tripp" was born in December of 2008.


  4. Uh. . . .
    I don't think Ari Emmanuel is Griffith's agent.
    And even if he was . . . WTF!?
    Up the meds Sarah, up the meds.

  5. Ummmm....Bristol's "28-month old son" -?!?! What?!

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I believe, Steve Levine of ICM is Kathy Griffin's agent.

  7. nswfm4:56 PM

    G, take down this lying fraud, just like this guy did to that lying fraud:

    We're counting on you!

  8. Anonymous4:59 PM

    So Bristol herself whines to People magazine about her 16-month-old son (in the post right below this), while her parents cry victim about "unwelcome visitors" who include the father of her 28-month-old son. Careful, Sarah & Todd: too much playing victim, and the truth can accidentally slip out.

  9. Anonymous5:04 PM

    It is also a HUGE insult to Ari. He is famous in his own right and has been long before Obama was elected. He is the inspiration for the character Ari Goldstein on Entourage. What a dumbass!


  10. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Hahaha! It's all about YOU Sarah!

    The Whitehouse laughs when they read about you dearie. Don't you worry.

  11. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Love it Gry. Thanks for the UPDATE. Elton did the right thing, fer sure.

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Complete loons and it will grow only worse in their minds....deep end kinda shit!

  13. LloydW5:24 PM

    I don't have a problem with the old gal babbling herself into the hooch cow. Sir Elton is a wise and honest man, the world can use more of that.

    Bristol said: **Little Tripp, she added, is now "walking" and "learned how to go downstairs recently."**

    Does she have a nice two story condo?

  14. Anonymous5:36 PM

    As you quoted, the article states:

    "Palin recounted, incredulously, two especially unwelcome visitors who showed up at her front door with a camera rolling: comedian Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston, the very estranged father of Tripp, the 28-month-old son of Palin’s teenage daughter. Bristol."

    Is Tripp's reported age a typo? By whose count can a baby born in Dec. 08 be 28 months old by May 2010?? Did they mean to say the father of "Trig, the 28 month old son of Bristol"? There's always been speculation that Trig was born prior to the reported birthdate of April 18, 2008. . . Hmm

  15. Anonymous5:42 PM

    She must have cameras up as well since she knows Levi was with Kathy and yet no one was home. It must be hard living in a paranoid state 24/7 like she does. My God this woman is beyond a nut case.

  16. IcanCountTo285:46 PM

    Sorry: I meant to say that (28-month) "Tripp" would have to have been born in January 2008, and the second (16-month) "Tripp" would have been born at the end of December, 2008.

  17. emrysa6:03 PM

    this is one of the things that bugs me about these lying shits, gryphen. they put out the lies and no one calls them on it, so it is floating out there as "truth." like obama is really going to send out the team to keep track of delusional hicks like the palins! can't wait to see the pac numbers at the end of this year. bet the quitter will be shittin her pants as it becomes evident that she's not what she thinks she is.

  18. I think she just watched "Blow"...

  19. meanwhile over at CNN the comments re: bri$tol are nearly 100% not pretty for her. They aint buying it. When is $arah going to prison?

  20. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Gryphen, please do an update or new post identifying Kathy Griffin's correct agent.

  21. Anonymous6:24 PM

    If no one was home, how'd she know Obama sent his covert operative Kathy Griffin (no offense, but Kathy Griffin? An Obama operative. Connecting the dots? Really Sarah?) out with a camera crew?

  22. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I believe that Griffin already announced on national TV that she went to Palin's house while in Alaska to invite Palin to the show she was doing in Anchorage. (She indicated Palin not being home and leaving her a note!) Palin was indicated not to have shown herself at the show and Griffin's tone was totally light hearted about the matter. (Almost tongue in cheek!) The Palin announcement of this 'horrid intrusion' upon their property, by Griffin, is old news as it occurred a few months ago. And, once again, they play the victims. Poor Sarah and Todd! You have sought the attention, so live with it!

  23. Anonymous6:27 PM

    My fault, I see the part about the note, but did the note say there was a camera crew?

    Still though, President Obama will always be president, and Sarah will always be a piece of trash scumbag.

  24. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Well Trig is probably about 28 months now since he was likely born in January so that must be the baby they are referring to.

  25. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Gryphen, I hope that Andrew Sullivan picks this up and links to you. The fact that Palin thinks Ari Emanuel is Kathy Griffin's agent and that Obama is behind Griffin's visit to her lakeside palace shows just how delusional she is.

  26. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Haha, I love miss Kathy. I really think she is on our side, doing her part to make Sarah a joke. Team Griffin + Levi all the way!

  27. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Yeahhhh, Ari Emmanuel has plenty of time to put his CLIENT up to trespassing on Sarah Palin's property. He gotcha Sarah!! Ohhhhh, the elaborate planning by the Mastermind, President Obama! I wonder what Kathy Griffin found? Do you think she got a picture of the bear rug? Wow! Ari and Barack, what a team!

  28. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Let's not let that "28 month old son" line go away so quickly. During the Knoxville Trial, Bristol was outraged that a photo of her newborn son was displayed on the internet after the kid "hacked" Sarah's private (and government) email.

    Bristol has now slipped up twice. New born son when the picture was circulated in Sept.2008, months before Tripp was born. That mean that Bristol was already a mother then. Baby Trig? Baby Ruffled Ear? Posters at PD always thought that Trig was born a few months earlier than April, 2008.

    28 month old baby. It's not a Freudian slip. Bristol has been tortured by her mother plenty by now. Please look at this picture of Bristol, posing for Candies:

    She is being paid thousands of dollars to be their spokesperson. Surely they provide a make up and hair person to make sure that their spokesperson looks good. Sarah, did you have anything to do with picking that frumpy, tight dress?

    All of these interviews with Bristol come right in time for Mothers Day. Except her message is supposed to be "Do as I say, not as I did." Unfortunately, she glamorizes single teen motherhood by claiming that she lives in a condo, holds down an 8-5 job, pays money for formula (when Tripp should be off formula by now). Happy Mothers Day, Bristol. Instead of complaining about paying so much money for child care, I know a nice family that would baby sit for nothing. They might even provide some toys for Tripp. Let them have a Happy Mothers Day, too.

  29. Gryphen, you know as well as I do that she wasn't wrong about Kathy's agent: she just made it up and she lied. That is what she does about EVERYTHING!

  30. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Wow, no wonder Sarah looks tired all the time. It must be difficult to hold up her swollen head. Not only is it swollen due to her overblown ego, it must weigh a ton considering the s**t it contains. Must smell a mile away as well - maybe that's why she has to use private planes.

    I wish someone in her family (husband, parents, aunts/uncles, cousins maybe) would stage an intervention and get her into therapy. She is going to implode one day soon. If they care about her, they really need to get her some help.

  31. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:00 PM

    I believe she wasn't EVEN in AK when Kathy came up there! Another fricken LIE!!!!
    YOU LIE SARAH PALIN and now toad is getting into it....

  32. Sarah honey, It's just going to get worse, not better if you keep up with this whole celebrity charade. You know, you could always just quit.....

  33. womanwithsardinecan7:29 PM

    Sarah is as dumb as a box of rocks and as paranoid as a borderline personality. You make the call!

  34. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:39 PM

    Ok SHE WAS NOT EVEN in AK during that time!
    Mar. 2,Met w/fox for Tv show
    Mar.3 Met with cbs
    Mar. 3 on Tonight show
    Mar 4 met w/nbc griftin' at oscar suite in LA CA
    Mar. 5 Ohio Right to life
    Mar. 5 Kathy's show w/ Levi intro

    Mar. 8 canada
    So BIG fucking surprise the Bitch LIES again!
    She was not even there when Kathy came to Extend a invitation to her show!!!

    YOU LIE!!!!!

  35. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I guess we can thank Sarah for telling us when Trig was REALLY born: premature, to Bristol, 28 months ago. Which is about what I'd figured. Since Tripp, too, was also obviously very premature, it all now fits very well.

  36. womanwithsardinecan7:47 PM

    How would Sarah know? She is always roaming across the country in first class plane seating or private jets. She stops by "home" occasionally to make sure Todd doesn't do too much "roof fixing" while she is gone. Tripp is in Anchorage with hard workin' Bristol. Trig is apparently in Anchorage with Aunt Heather. Piper is usually on the road with Sarah, so no need for anybody to give her help with her homework. Sarah needs a beehive from Jessica between other attempts at hairdoo-ness, plus the Wasilla Taco Bell is the only one that makes moose crunchwrap supremes for the so-called "avid hunter" who never picks up a gun. Sarah has fallen in love with NYC and LA, and no effing way she is actually coming home to Live. Visit, fine. Pat the "retard" on the head, fine. Sign Piper's school missing notes, fine (Piper can actually do the beehive "do" now, so Sarah REALLY needs her on the road). Occasional "Alaska" interviews from Fox, next to the dead lake. Then off for another $100,000 screechfest with the 12 talking points (only three at a time fit on the hand). Toad, please make sure Bristol has her diapers and baby food for the kid. Tell Track not to get photographed drunk with his war buddies. Remind Willow she's grounded, so no using Bristol's Escalade. Somebody send the monthly check to Van Flea. He's such a moaner and wants his money. No on Piper's request for another puppy. No room next to the mashed potatoes, and no room in the airplane cargo area without a fee. Not paying fees on fleabitten fuzzballs that serve no useful purpose. Send a case of Red Bull to RAM's house because Sarah needs inspiration for book 2. Send some sunblock too because Sarah can't go to WalMart without her incognito McCain visor.

  37. Way to connect the dots, Sarah! You've proved, once again, that we really need you as Commander-In-Chief.

    Another link documenting KG's agent:

    Oh, wait! These links must be a plan to fool keep Kathy Griffin's real agent secret (oh, my, he's a secret agent) and hide the White House-Griffin conspiracy.

    What kind of reporter doesn't ask follow-up questions to comments like the 'connect the dots' conspiracy and Sarah's 28-month old grandson?

  38. Gasman8:12 PM

    I can see it all so clearly now. This is all part of the vast liberal plot to get Sarah Palin, the virtuous martyr for all that is righteous. The only reason Mrs. Emanual had that many children was so that one could be White House Chief of Staff and another could be Cathy Griffin’s agent. Just like Obama’s mom faked the Hawaiian birth announcement nearly 49 years ago so he could surreptitiously become POTUS, even though he is Kenyan. Now THAT is commitment to the conspiracy. What foresight that woman had!

    What’s that you say? Emanuel is NOT Griffin’s agent? It’s someone else? Well, Emanuel is still a socialist prick and probably still part of the conspiracy. Anyway, Steve Levine, Griffin’s real agent represents several negroes and a LESBIAN! We know what kind of pervert that makes him! God knows what kind of kinky things Levine, the negroes, and the lesbian do in Hollywood!

    I’m sure Limbaugh is right; Obama WANTED the oil spill as part of his nefarious liberal plot to..., oh hell, what the fuck did Limbaugh think?

    This is all a sign that the the FEMA death camps are almost ready to start operating! Is it any coincidence that NONE of the teabagger candidates won in Tuesday’s special election? NOT ONE! It is a clear sign that Obama, William Ayers, Reverend Wright, and ACORN are all secretly changing the votes and stealing the elections from the teabaggers! And also, too, this would explain why Sarah Palin is not drawing the crowds she used to: ACORN!

    The new Obamacare death panels can’t be far behind! Quick, granny, run for the hills!

  39. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!! Palin is so into herself it is not even believable anymore. She just craves the media attention, she would crumple into pieces if they ignored her. She would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the papparazzi chase her - that would be SO glam. She fools no-one.

  40. Curiouser: that was what I got to wondering a few minutes ago. Has our "press" become so unprofessional that they don't even follow-up in an interview. I mean I guess we know the answer to this question and it is yes: they are allowed only scripted interviews/coverage of Palin and company, but accept it willingly? There's no one out there who is "free" (remember freedom of the press back in the day) and ethical enough themselves to say, wait ... this isn't what Sarah said in her past interviews or what Bristol is saying today conflicts with what she said a month ago/a week ago? The bloggers are the only ones pointing out obvious and recorded lies on the parts of both Sarah and Bristol. And the interviews or speeches are becoming more replete with lies.

  41. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Okay, I'm going to be the lone dissenter. Weird, because I hate Sarah Palin with a white hot fury. Lately, though, I've been thinking that she's just a pawn, being fed lines but some opportunistic Christian-y weirdo political hacks who figure they can make a quick buck off her while doing very little work. Not that that means she's not at fault for saying stupid stuff. She's a grown woman. But...I mean, think about it. Obama was popular, he had 60 seats in the senate, a 40 seat majority in the house and it looked like he was poised to steamroll over the republicans. Then some nobody loon in NY state comes up with this idea about "death panels," but no one cares (see that she's a loon and a nobody) then Sarah blabs about it...and...people start to gather on lawns and medians...

    So Gryphen, what's the consensus in AK...Does Sarah have someone's hand up her ass?

  42. that why there were trailers set up down the road from my house??!! I should probably find my birth certificate so I can be ready for my death panel meeting.

  43. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Kathy Griffin joked about the knocking on the Palin's door on TV. I believe that I saw her on the Joy Behar show. She was up in Wasilla with a camera crew, filming "a date with Levi in Wasilla" for her "Life on the D List" TV show.
    Kathy told the story in a humorous way, even describing that she left a note on the Palin's front door after finding no one home.

    New York Magazine has a full length feature article about the commercialization of Palin. One point in the article is that as soon as Sarah got her hands on some real money, she started a big building campaign, working on the house next door (property purchased some time before). The reporter made no secret of saying that he could hear the noise of the saws cutting lumber from his vantage point at the Best Western, a stone's throw down the row from the Palin Complex. With a good camera and telephoto lens (add a tripod for stability), and one can see plenty of stuff from far away. Binoculars work well, too. Watch out, Sarah!

    So, no need to worry about security cameras (though I am sure they have some). Kathy left a note. And, she told the story on TV. Kathy appears on other shows as well (Larry King, for example), so it was no secret. A reporter described what was happening from the Best Western.

    Always playing the victim, Sarah makes it sound as if her private life was invaded. It is Sarah who paraded a tired little Trig around the campaign trail and the book tour. She takes her children along as props and then complains about family privacy. She weaves family stories, real and imagined, into her speeches, describing to the Women of Joy (transcripts at Palingates) how she needs to hold hands with Piper in order to pray. Sarah has shared intimate stories about her family and then is outraged at a lack of privacy.

    A note to Sarah, if you need a role model regarding a high profile woman with class who kept her kids out of the public eye I nominate Jackie Kennedy.

  44. Anonymous8:35 PM

    The nasty mouth looks like a snake ready to strike.

  45. I love Elton John and now I love him more.

  46. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Here is an article from LA Times April 26 describing Kathy Griffin's visit to Wasilla:

    If you want to read a dozen more articles about the story from last month, just google "Kathy Griffin Visits Wasilla." This story is weeks old and no secret. If Sarah is finally getting around to getting offended, it has taken quite a while. Or no one was willing to cover the stupid story until now.

  47. The real problem with the Kathy Griffin agent lie is that USA Weekend went to press with a fact that was so easy to check. What is wrong with USA Weekend's staff of reporters and editors that they forget basic journalism?

    I will continue to get my news from the BBC. Which would do a great job interviewing that cretin Palin.

  48. She is a kook. Kooks attract kooks. This will continue. But "stuff" is leaking out. They ain't smart enough to keep this under wraps forever. The BS of BS (Beautiful Sarah... thank you Malia Litman..., is being exposed more every day.

  49. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Wow Palin has Kathy Griffin show up at her door. The horror. President Obama has old people with guns show up near his house.

  50. Anonymous9:35 PM

    A note to Daisy Dem, Our press has become so unprofessional. I live near Chicago, and I was surprised to read on HuffPo about our local hometown CBS station (not the national network one).

    We have two candidates running for Obama's Senate seat (the one that our former crooked governor would have liked to sell to the highest bidder.) The Democrat's family runs a bank that recently failed and was taken over by the government. The Republican, a current congressman named Mark Kirk, has been making that the centerpiece of every statement to the press.

    Today, local CBS announced that if that is all that Mark Kirk has to say, the bank has been pilloried, and they refuse to cover him until he has something to say about what he will do for the American People.

    Before you start cheering for one brave little local station, by the end of the day, Network CBS got wind of the story and made them tone down the statement. HuffPo said that they "walked it back a bit." Still, if Kirk calls for a press conference and just goes on about the bank, he will not be covered by one local station. Now, if only other TV stations, newspapers, and other media outlets would become so brave. They should also spend some time fact checking, but I am dreaming.

    (I know, they are sponsored by large corporations. The bottom line is making money and covering the person who says the most ridiculous thing. It is almost a contest to see who can be a bigger fool than the last one. Right now, I'm voting for Lieberman & Brown who want to take away someone's citizenship just because. The media will never go broke printing garbage).

  51. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I've got a cabin on Lake Lucille. Anybody can go out on the lake, it's open to the public. If you want privacy, you really shouldn't turn yourself into a celebrity spectacle and live on a public lake. Hint, hint, please move away. bt

  52. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Barack Obama is African American! I'm guessing, if any black people come within a mile radius of the Palins, they'll be Obama's friends spying on her worship.
    Just thought everyone should know...

  53. Anonymous3:25 AM

    While Bristol may have nice stuff, she still lives without the love of the father of her child. A neighbor of mine, single mom, lives with her parents in a small house down the road from me. Her baby's dad shows up every single day to take care of the baby with his mom. They'd get married, but he wants to make sure his job is permanent and that he can care for the small family on his own. She does work a part time job, but dad comes over to sit with his son whenever she is gone so her parents can live their own lives. They are a very happy but not materially wealthy family.
    I asked the single mom if she would trade her life for the fame, wealth, and life style of Bristol Palin. First she asked me who the hell BP was and after I laughed loudly I had her read some stuff about BP. After digesting that information, the single mom said she would never in a million years trade the love and warmth of her family for the cold cash of BP.

  54. 10catsinMD3:48 AM

    Geeze, I thought that Levi was welcome to visit Tripp ANYTIME! So what's the fuss?

  55. So now we know Trig is definitely Bristol Palin's 28 month old son, she doesn't work in a doctor's office, and Willow is up in Alaska partying her ass off while everyone's on the pity publicity tour.

  56. OT, but there was a funny Sarah Palin joke on 30 Rock last night. Anyone else catch it?

  57. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Anon at 9:35 PM...

    I also live in the Chicago area. And I have stopped watching WGN, even though I love, love, love their goofy morning show, because they told two -- TWO -- whoppers. One, that taxes were lower this year because of the BUSH tax cuts, (Are you EFFING kidding me!!!!!!) and that taxes would be higher next year because they were going to expire. And TWO, that Mark Kirk "hasn't said" whether he was in favor of repealing health care. When what he said -- in a secretly taped speech -- was that he was going to lead the charge...GAH!!!

    I encourage everyone to stop watching or reading whatever news outlet tells an out and out lie about a politician. Write a letter to them and make the choice to seek out real, true news sources.

    Also...Isn't it weird that no one's asking about Mark Kirk's sealed divorce papers? For everyone's information outside IL, in 2004, the republican primary winner running against Obama had to quit the race when it came out that he took his wife, Jeri Ryan, to a sex club 3 or 4 times, even though she told him she wasn't into it, and she, btw, cried the first time. No word on Mark Kirk's unfair...

  58. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Anon. @ 5:55 - I can't comment on the second issue re Mark Kirk since I don't live in Illinois, but the comment about taxes is partially true. Taxes were lower in 2009 because of the Bush tax cuts, and then even lower due to the Making Work Pay Credit Obama gave. Taxes will be higher in 2011 unless the Bush tax cuts get extended. There is a proposal in the works to extend the Bush tax cuts for married couples making less than $250,000 and singles making less than $200,000, but there is no guarantee that will happen.

    But you have to admit Bush was watching out for himself. Basically, he said "let's keep the taxes low while I'm president, and then leave the budget deficit for the next guy to clean up, making him unpopular for raising taxes even though the expiration date was entirely my doing."

  59. Anonymous8:52 AM

    As someone else said, the really sad thing here is not that Sarah Palin said it, but that USA Weekend printed it without fact-checking. Anyone have Andrew Sullivan's email address - I would love to send this to him. One of his big themes is the abdication of responsibility by the press. As an ex-journalist in the glory days, this makes me want to cry.

  60. Forever Anonymous11:58 AM

    Anon@ 8:52 AM ....

    Andrew sent me here, via link

    HE writes:
    Bonus paranoia point here(link to IM)

  61. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Too bad Elton chose to snub Palin. Not many people outside the right-wing ideological bubble ever get near Sarah. She might benefit from some unscripted encounters with the real world...or her head might explode, ala matter meeting anti-matter. Either way, I'd like someone to try when they get the chance.

  62. Anne In DC3:20 PM

    A self-absorbed, self-important narcissist like Palin thinks the world revolves around her. Therefore, the "liberal" or "lamestream" media is always out to get her. That phony meme of victimization is how she appeals to her decreasing flock of nutty followers.

    Gryphen, you should read the nonsense that some of her followers post. According to many of them, Obama is obsessed with Palin. But in
    Bizarroland, down is up and up is down. Even after 18 months since McCain-Palin lost the presidential election, she is still seething with anger and disbelief that someone she considers her inferior won the election. That's why she badmouths him non-stop. According to her and many of these same followers, Obama is trying to destroy her. Actually, I think she will eventually self-destruct sooner or later, and no one will have to help her.

  63. Anne in D.C., you must be talking about Cons4Palin, right? Their delusional stories about how President Obama is obsessed with her and what she's doing are hysterical, yet scary, because they really believe this crap they write.

    Palin knows that Emmanuel's brother is not Kathy Griffin's agent but she'd rather post it knowing that if the media issues a correction, it certainly won't be headlined anywhere. This way her idiotic followers will still believe the President is stalking her.

    I'm sure the "28 month old son" bit is a slip but it is more than likely the truth as it would mean Trig was born just before January which is what was pretty much being estimated anyway. It also means Bristol had plenty of time to get pregnant with Tripp.

    I wonder what the real situation is with the family compound bit. I can't imagine Track who has kept himself removed from the family, suddenly wanting to move into an apartment next to Mom and Dad. Also, with $arah saying that Bristol is financially independent, why would she spend all that money on an apartment? Sarah doesn't strike me as the generous type who would actually buy something for her kids unless it was a bribe.

  64. Anne In DC5:59 AM

    To AKRNC:

    I am writing not only about them, but also numerous posters to various TOPIX forums. On both Cons4Palin and TOPIX, her supporters do the intellectual equivalent of twisting themselves into pretzels trying to defend the indefensible.

    Why, just yesterday, a loon on TOPIX compared Palin's lineage with Obama's, saying hers was solid and his was not. I immediately responded by saying that Americans have various lineages and there was nothing wrong with anyone's. After all, it's Palin's character (or lack thereof) that is the main topic of Gryphen's blogs. I couldn't care less about her lineage.

    You are so right that her idiotic followers will always find a way to perpetuate the bizarre, fictional narrative that Obama is stalking poor little Sarah. What makes them look even more foolish is that they want to perpetuate 2 contradictory myths about her. One is the gutsy, gun-toting outdoorswoman who would wipe up the floor with Obama. The other is the one about Obama and the big bad liberal media stalking poor little Sarah.

    As for that family situation, I think that unless the kids remove themselves from the immediate influence of that dysfunctional family unit, they will be saddled with serious emotional problems for years. It must really suck to have an uneducated, self-centered grifter for a mother and a do-nothing for a father.


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