Thursday, June 24, 2010

Palin must return $386,000 in donations received before she resigned as Governor of Alaska! Update: The Return of Meg Stapletongue! And another update! And yet another update!

From ADN:

Former Gov. Sarah Palin is settling an ethics complaint by agreeing to return more than $386,000 collected in a legal defense fund before she resigned last summer.

The settlement, between Palin and the Alaska Personnel Board, was announced this afternoon.

An investigator for the board, Timothy Petumenos, said today that the fund was illegal because it inappropriately used the word "official" on its website, wrongly implying Palin's endorsement as governor.

Palin's attorney says she will return the funds.

The settlement says the fund collected $386,856 before she resigned, and $33,546 after, according to a report released today with the settlement. As of March, the fund had spent $87,680 on legal and other expenses, the report says.

Just when you think that there is no justice in the world. 

This is awesome news! 

Unless of course you are Sarah Palin who is having yet another unbelievably bad week. Boy that karma is a bitch isn't it?

Update: WTF?  Meg Stapleton has risen from the dead and written a post on Palin's Facebook page to pimp for a NEW defense fund?

As you know, we love a good fight, but we must pick our battles carefully. As a chief executive, Governor Palin makes the calls, and she knows that this battle, though important to her personally, does nothing for the country. She has bigger battles to fight, battles to restore our strength internationally and stand by our allies, battles to stop the downward slide of our economy, and battles to take back control of Congress.

However, I know and you know that no public official should ever have to bear the financial brunt of these attacks. And Governor Palin can lawfully raise money now through a brand new – not official but let’s call it “real” – legal defense fund without any risk of offending an investigator or state law. And such a fund now exists at

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Alaska Fund Trust. Your heart was in the right place. And Governor Palin and her family have been overwhelmed by your generosity. If you want to, you can contribute to the new fund. In the meantime, we will try to contact you to get your donation returned from the old trust.

Now – back to motherhood for me! And common sense.

P.S. One last thought as we approach the anniversary of Governor Palin’s “reloading,” thank God she had the fortitude and wisdom to look down the road and see what she did – the state’s bills would have amounted to millions upon millions more and her personal legal bills would be personally insurmountable. I don’t know who would want to hold office under these circumstances and with loopholes our Alaska legislators refuse to close.

Something does not smell right here.  Stapleton could not get away from Sarah fast enough when she resigned back in February. I wonder how much Palin had to pay her to get her to come forward now and assume her old role of Palin spokesperson?  If in fact that really IS Meg who wrote that Facebook post that of course.

Update 2: Gee in all of the excitement I almost missed it.  The Defense fund only paid out $87,680 in legal AND other expenses?  Didn't Sarah complain to anybody that would listen that she and Todd owed over $500,000 in legal fees?  And isn't THAT one of the main reasons that she gave for quitting her job?

Simply put every single thing this woman says is a lie.  Period. And anybody dumb enough to donate to this new LEGAL defense fund should not be allowed out of the house without a caretaker.

Update 3: This from the Alaska Dispatch.

Palin solicited the money claiming she needed help paying legal fees to fight ethics complaints filed against her as governor. But the findings of the independent counsel note "a contract for legal services was issued by the state of Alaska to Clapp, Peterson, VanFlein, Tiemesson & Thorsness to represent Gov. Palin in connection with these matters for up to $100,000 at public expense."

No invoices were ever submitted to the state by the law firm.

There you go Palin-bots.  There it is in easy to comprehend black and white.  Your precious Sarah is a complete and total fraud!


  1. she's a fraud2:24 PM

    Palin is a FRAUD.

    Then again, you already knew that.

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM


  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    The dumb bitch thought she could keep all the money she would be collecting AFTER she resigned.

    THAT'S why she resigned.

    What a Fcking Retard.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Her legal fees have been 87K??
    What happened to the millions she and van Flein were whining about to get people to donate to her?

    That is gonna piss some of her supporters off biiiiiig time.

  5. Not so fast, there's a new fund now. It doesn't seem that old donations can be rolled over but MegMouth did a facebook post and people are responding fast and furious to still support the Grifta from the Silla. I guess food stamps give a person much more discretionary income than most of us have. She's Queen of the Stoopids for certain. "A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted" (or something like that...

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    No this is just wrong, why isn't she being punished by more than just returning the money. This is bullshit. She doesn't care about 386k, hell she has plenty of money.

    What type of punishment would anyone esle get for this same type of FRAUD?

    She always skates doesn't she?

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I find it amazing that Todd was copied on private Alaska government emails and that was fine. Todd used heavy handed tactics trying to get his former brother-in-law fired, and that was fine. But set up a legal defense fund, using her title as governor, finally, that was too much.

    What do people in Alaska have to do to get nailed for wrong doing? Ted Stevens walked, as have some of your other crooked politicians. For that matter, Alaska is not the only state with the problem of holding their leaders to account. Gov.Sanford has just gone missing, again, and his state deoesn't seem to care. Senator Ensign engaged in wrong doing, first his affair, and then trying to bribe the family of his former lover, finally getting a lobbying job for a former staffer in less than the two required years.

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    fake baby will take her down.

  9. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Yep. We all knew she was quitting over that illegal fund when she gasped through her manic resignation speech on the banks of Lake Lucille last July.

    Her 'bots have to try ONCE MORE to rationalize and explain Palin's poor decisions and greed. Ask yourselves, Palinbots: How can she be such a savvy politician when she keeps making these stupid mistakes?

  10. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I can't figure out what makes me more sick, her still being called Governor or the reference to her as a public official.

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Of course $$arah is going to pay back ALL the money....just like she returned ALL the clothing that the RNC bought her.

    In fact, she will probably swindle the whole amount from the poor idiots that support her and keep it ALL>

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    She has made over $12 million in 1 year, but needs a legal defense fund? WTF? I know her clueless followers will contribute, but that old "we can't let the left bankrupt her" makes absolutely no sense. How many more ethics complaints are left? Where are all the new legal bills going to come from? Why hasn't she paid them off with the money she's been making from speeches? Does she know something else we don't.

    I also love how the new buzz word is that she was a "Chief Executive". I would say Chief Quitter would be more fitting. How handy that they had that new fund set up right away.

  13. "In the meantime, we will try to contact you to get your donation returned from the old trust."

    The effort will not be supervised in any way, of course, other than possible 'where's my refund?' requests.

    And...a big Yippee! She can keep the money donated after she resigned and the new slush fund will be completely unrelated to her being governor. Her fans can support her and her family forever and ever.

  14. GrainneKathleen3:09 PM

    "As a chief executive, Governor Palin makes the calls"
    what is $arah chief executive of? the palin compound? she acts as if she still has the authority of governor behind her, or should i say that she still sits on her throne as queen of all alaska. her offer to obama to have him call her so he could be schooled about how to deal with oil spills and oil companies really took the cake and put to rest any doubts i had that she might be totally insane. and she is insane.
    and now this bogus new fund! it will be very interesting to see if anyone will spare their kid's lunch money to help out the embattled ice princess. she has no shame. i guess the insanity makes that moot.

  15. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Honestly, I'm glad that these swindlers have set up another fund. The dipshits who send Palin money richly deserve to be taken for every last cent.

  16. Finally. Now folks will know she is lying when she claims to have never been found in violation of state ethics laws. She got away with that lie for too long.

    Anonymous @2:34, I think Palin will be furious about paying this $$$ back. She has plenty of $$$, but that doesn't mean she likes parting with it for things that don't benefit her.

    Imagine all the tank shirts she could buy with this $$$! Oh, wait, she isn't wearing those anymore because the mean ol' journalist moved in next door!

    I would love to see a harsher punishment for Palin, but at least she is being found in violation this time. At least she can't play a game of semantics with this, although she will try. The word "illegal" is pretty straight forward.

  17. Anonymous3:23 PM

    After Meg left, to be with her family, right, I thought $p said she could speak for herself. lol

  18. Anonymous3:25 PM

    As rich as she is now and she dares to ask for money for her defense fund?!

  19. Deb in WI3:31 PM

    I knew it. They are making it sound like it is a simple word error and they have the gall to create a new fund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why???? She DOESN'T NEED THE MONEY, yet they are still begging for it. WHY??? Wake up people in C4P! She's using you! Do you own more than one house and several cabins? Do you make 100,000 a day?

    A nice Christian would never beg for money if they are rich, they should be giving YOU money! She knows a lot of her supporters don't have money, but does she care? No. She's still begging for your last dime. Ask yourselves why. Do you think she cares about you?

    She's now proved with the new fund that she's a no good greedy individual, and she calls herself a Christian? Jesus would never set up a defense fund.

    Be real Sarah supporters, don't feed your kids rice just to send your grocery money. She's laughing at all you poor people sending her your hard-earned money. She's rich, don't send her money! If you do, send Donald Trump and Bill Gates money for their cable bills, please! Be good people and send the mortgage payment money to them because they NEEEEEEED your money!

  20. WakeUpAmerica3:33 PM

    GRYPHEN, did you see this at the new legal defense site? Isn't it an outrageous lie or am I mistaken?

    "More Background
    Now the State of Alaska says she's not even allowed to defend herself.

    Alaska is perhaps the only state in the U.S. where the Attorney General does not routinely represent the governor when accusations and complaints are filed against the governor under the operative ethics statutes. This means that the governor has to personally pay for her or his own defense.

    Not only was Sarah Palin required by law to respond to each and every lawsuit filed against her by left-wing activists, but she also had to personally foot hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills to defend herself.

    That's money the Palins simply didn't have."

  21. emrysa3:33 PM

    lmfao, gryphen! a freakin millionaire is now asking her fans to contribute to her legal defense fund? I tell you what, if palin's fans really think she should be given MORE money to defend herself then they really are stupider than I thought. maybe this will make some of them see the light, tho.

    who is heading up the new fund? is it meg? perhaps THAT'S the reason she really resigned...

  22. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Iceberg you say?

    It's not even big enough to be called an ice cube.


  23. angela3:35 PM

    I'm sorry. but there is no bad in Sarah trying to bankrupt her stupid bots.
    I LOVE IT!!!!! The woman is rolling in money and she's still trying to get poor people struggling in this economy to send her money to defend--what? She's learned the first rule of cheap rich bastards---always use stupid people's money instead of your own.

    She a CLASSIC GRIFTER! And her bots are classically stupid. We should encourage ALL of them to give money to 12million dollar Sarah's slush fund. They should give till it hurts. I mean really hurts. You know, until their water is turned off and they can't feed their families. I'm sure Sarah will give them a hand when they're homeless.

    I love it!

  24. Anonymous3:35 PM

    "In the meantime, we will try to contact you to get your donation returned from the old trust."

    Yep, the use of "try" is very important in that sentence. Shady to the core.

  25. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Well, if $89,000 was used to pay her legal fees, that would mean she still owes $410,000. So, why can't she afford to pay the balance with her own money? Why hasn't she paid her bills yet? They must be accruing a lot of interest each month unpaid.

    Cannot believe anyone doesn't question why she hasn't paid these bills yet!

  26. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hey - what about the following from the ADN article?

    “In the settlement, signed by Palin, she agrees ‘to continue to decline to accept funds donated prior to the date of her resignation from the governor’s office’.”

    Doesn't that seem to indicate she thinks (pardon the awkward phrasing but I am trying to stay with the excerpt quoted) - it is okay to NOT continue to decline funds donated after her resignation? (meaning she thinks she can keep those)

    Sounds weird to me.

    Oh - and what about all that interest accrued to the account (surely they put it in an interest-bearing trust account).

    Plus - "Meg" says they will "try" to return the funds to the various donors. Uh-huh, right - bet they didn't keep good records.

  27. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Remember, this means Sarah is just the victim of those seven nationally-known attorneys who created the Fund and gave an okay to the website. Poor little victim Sarah. All those so-called smart people made her look bad again. It's just never her fault.

  28. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Hey, anon 3:33, I'm glad you're getting a laugh out of this. You know who else is? Sarah Palin. At dupes like you. All the way to the bank.

  29. Sooooo, God closed that door, eh?

  30. Anonymous4:20 PM

    fyi.. if you want to send meg stapleton a tweet, her twitter account is @meghanstapleton

    she has followers but doesn't follow anyone - interesting.

  31. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Anon @3:33pm

    The actual iceberg has been there all along. The iceberg is that Palin is too stupid to even pull ice cream cones at our local Dairy Queen. Palin has a few minds behind her right now, and lots of conservative money, but even these people are starting to question whether the Quitta from Wasilla can ever actually sit down and learn enough to even run in 2012, much less win. The Karl Roves of the world can only do so much behind the scenes. Methinks these people might be finding her "less trainable" even than Bush was, and that's sayin' somethin'.

  32. I haven't read the comments yet, so I don't know if this was mentioned. Stapleton said, "...nothing illegal and nothing unethical occurred because not a penny has been distributed." What utter lying bullshit! The ADN mentioned that over $87,000 of the fund had been used.

    And this is interesting on the new fund's FAQ's.

    "This fund ("The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund") has been set up to refund donations to the previous fund and to raise money for the significant legal fees associated with ongoing legal challenges faced by the Palin family."

    WTF? The new fund will reimburse donations to the old fund? Kind of sounds a little like some money laundering is going on.

  33. Anonymous4:25 PM

    If it was true that her 'lawyers' gave her bad advice, don't you think she'd fire Van Flea??? Unless that happens, it's clear she's lying.

  34. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Gotta read, folks. She collected some money after she resigned. She can spend that legally. The prosecutor said she 'couldn't have known' she was doing anything wrong and if Cole hadn't labeled the fund "official," everything would have been fine.

    She has to return the money. Big deal, the donors can easily just send it right back.

    No fine. No warning. Nothing.

  35. London Bridges4:29 PM

    Sarah needed bigger artillery for her her defense. Hence, The Globe cover headline about her "Boob Job!"

  36. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Someone mentioned that a Christian wouldn't ask for money. (Deb in WI)

    I disagree, the thing I remember most from Sunday School is the little box of envelopes with my name on them that I had to put money in every Sunday. I always felt bad that I didn't have more money to put in the plate.

    I'm surprised that Sarah doesn't pass the plate at her events & speeches. Can you imagine???? I'm sure she would think it was okay to do. (I shouldn't give her any ideas...)

    Christians do ask for money, but they use it for good. Something she does not know the meaning of.

  37. Anonymous4:36 PM

    "who is heading up the new fund? is it meg? perhaps THAT'S the reason she really resigned..."

    the new fund is exactly the same as the old fund and is headed up by Crawford. Same players, just a new name to scam with.

    Remember when stupid said she had to pay nearly $500K in legal fees? Guess it was only $87K. JUST ANOTHER LIE per usual.

  38. Anonymous4:36 PM

    @ anonymous 3:33 PM

    Your comment shows nicely how you differ from people with actual integrity and character.

    Today's ruling is a reaffirmation (and celebration) of ethical guidelines and their importance for holding public officials accountable to the citizens who elect them. Palin is a fraud, and it caught up with her.

  39. Anonymous4:40 PM

    "Iceberg you say?

    It's not even big enough to be called an ice cube.


    Chuck??? Tawdry??? is that you?

    This ice cube is just the beginning. Wait until people find out what she did to the baby....

  40. Twice on the new fund's website she is referred to as "Governor"; no where on the site does it state that she is no longer the Governor of Alaska.

    Does she have to pay taxes on the monies collected on this new site?

    The total, unmitigated gaul it must have taken to set up this new bald-faced begging site!

  41. Wilderness Lover4:44 PM

    Anon 3:34 said, "Well, if $89,000 was used to pay her legal fees, that would mean she still owes $410,000. So, why can't she afford to pay the balance with her own money?"

    Why should she? She knows there are people stupid enough to give her money. Why should she spend her own?

    Obviously many of her Bots are much better Christians than she is. They believed Sarah was in need, and gave what they could to help her. If Sarah was really more than a Christian-in-name-only, she would have paid her legal bills herself, and donated the money in the defense fund to charity. Think of the people that money could have helped!!

    Palin's tremendous greed and lack of compassion for others truly disgusts me!!

  42. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Yes, Meg Stapleton's "try" to return the funds sounds really slippery. Is there a kind of legal rep or referee who ensures that the donations are returned? Will proof of these records be released to the public? Or are Alaskans and donors supposed to just believe what her lawyer says?

  43. Andree McLeod - This voter from the lower 48 wishes to applaud you for your commitment to ethics and your perseverance in the face of much pressure. You have endured much at the hands of Sarah Palin and her supporters. Once again you have been vindicated.

    Extra kudos for being a Republican and holding Sarah Palin, Republican, to Alaska's ethics laws. Too many people - both Republican AND Democrat - put party loyalty ahead of principle.

  44. Anonymous4:49 PM

    As has been said here multiple times - all true - Karma is a bitch...

  45. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Paln returns more than $386,000?

    Oh crap, that is a lot of bendy straws!

  46. Baaaaa! The comments from the sheeple on Facebook are amazing

  47. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Bots are blaming Obama, saying this is no big deal and they can't wait to send money to the new fund. OMG! These people are delusional and completely clueless. Their poor saint is a victim. Nevermind the fact the her slush fund was found to be ILLEGAL and against the law. I smell a deal....they left her alone and went after the fund.

  48. Oops! Sarah Palin committed so many ethics violations I can't keep straight who filed which complaint. Kim Chatman deserves the credit for pursuing the AFT ethics violations. So Kim - This voter from the lower 48 wishes to applaud you for your commitment to ethics and your perseverance in the face of much pressure. You have endured much at the hands of Sarah Palin and her supporters. You have been vindicated.

    Andree - You still get kudos from me. And Celtic Diva - kudos to you, too. And to any other filers of ethics complaints. trying to keep Palin behaving ethically was quite a chore!

  49. Anonymous5:09 PM

    4:22, she will have to start running for 2012 next year. Not muc time to learn anything, especially for one with, uh, limitations. Not happening.

  50. The State of Alaska would have paid her legal bills - her Dept. of Law is set up to handle the complaints FOR her. But, nooooooo - scarah filed a complaint AGAINST HERSELF (after she was found GUILTY of abuse in Troopergate), hence the legal fees she incured.
    I see the AFT monies that WERE spent included "expenses," NOT just legal bills - well, the bots do NOT care if it was used for plastic surgery or crunchwrap supremes.
    They will eat rice and beans, they will walk on glass for her, DIE for her - it is one sick cult, and nothing short of de-programming can save them.

  51. Anonymous5:39 PM

    How stupid does one have to be to contribute the the funds of a millionaire???? God help us all!

  52. nswfm5:42 PM

    Figured it was time for my favorite comment from the excellent (former) Bree Palin Blog from around the time the PolitiFact Liar of the Year, $P was on her ghostwriter's "book" tour:

    From BreePalin's comments on the bs story about Trig:

    Joe Christmas said...
    Just insult us again you lying fraud. I
    know it is unlikely it will be babygate that brings this psychopath down, like taxes brought down Capone, but this is a load of crap.

    As an ER doctor, an I can say that after 25 years, I know something about the human condition. When a woman is in labor, i.e. contractions, that is true visceral pain. I can recognize it from across the street.

    Anyone who has had a gallbladder attack, a kidney stone, a bowel obstruction, or any woman in labor will understand, there are no speeches, getting on planes, or holding hands tenderly. If there's praying to be done, it's to the Patron Saint of Anesthesia.

    Of course, the idiocy of claiming you can pass thru labor calmly without anyone noticing is just one of several reprehensible points about the 'Wild Ride'.

    -- What kind of stupid person doesn't go directly to a hospital with the onset of labor? "Any idiot would know that." That kind of decision-making wouldn't be appropriate for a 3rd grader, much less any kind of public official.

    -- The risks you incur on your child, yourself, the passengers, the crew. No Fucking Way.

    -- Audrey's (Palin Deceptions blog) comment that this vainglorious clown would never risk legs akimbo, meconium stained, hoping a flight attendent can repair a rectal tear, delivery mid-flight.

    She would be the laughingstock of the world as well as the total humiliation of ruffling her bumpit.

    Liar, liar, liar.
    Quitter, quitter, quitter.

    I've left the typos in because you can tell this ER doctor was completely pissed off while typing the comment.

  53. Anonymous5:46 PM

    omg on c4p they are blaming the whole thing on obama and that most of the fees come from running against him.
    somehow Obama bought off the board and they ruled against her.
    she is such a fraud. also Mega mouth said that none of the funds had been distributed. It is true, there is a sucker born every day.
    by Mega mouth "First off, let’s keep in mind that this is about a legal defense fund. According to the Summary of Findings in the decision released today by the Alaska Personnel Board, nothing illegal and nothing unethical occurred because not a penny has been distributed." She will never really admit they found against her. What a grifter.

  54. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Let's hope the 'lamestream media' runs with this one HA HA HA HA

  55. Ratfish6:12 PM

    Meg Stapleton has been manic ever since her boyfriend Ed O'Callaghan had to go back to the Big Apple. What a rant!

    Meg personally set up the fund, met with all the attorneys, and- with Palin's help- screwed up royally by not following a simple suggestion from Van Flein- check it out with the AG's office. And now- the great defenders of REFORM and OPEN AND TRANSPRARENT GOVERNMENT attack both the investigator and state law.

    And Meg- read the settlement. It says you "shall return" the illegally and unethically obtains money you and Palin swindled from patriotic hard working Americans. SO DO IT! "TRY" HARD.

    And then go back to motherhood. And forget the common sense. You have none.

  56. Ratfish6:15 PM

    And in the settlement agreement Palin had to admit that the funds could have been used for any expenses of the Palin/Heath clan and friends, not just the legal expenses Stapleton is still lying about. What losers.

  57. womanwithsardinecan6:22 PM

    She put this off as long as she could. She can spin until every bot is dizzy. She still abused her position and violated the ethics act. Taking one for the team is hilarious. She is the team. She's taking it because she has no choice. Yes, she has plenty of money to pay, and her bots will remain delusional. Life goes on. But we were right about this one and for once it went a little bit our way in spite of the Palin Spider that reaches out and chokes anybody who crosses her. If I were a Christian, I would have to say that there is an extra hot fire waiting for her. I've got the marshmallows. Who has the hot dogs?

  58. Aussie Blue Sky6:32 PM

    Stapletongue has returned to the fray because the new Petumenos report hints that she did her dirty doings incompetently.

  59. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I love how VF shook the heat off of himself by blaming other lawyers!


  60. SO....if there is ANY doubt that the 2012 campaign has begun...MS has made it clear....Ah'm jus' sayin'....

    "As you know, we love a good fight, but we must pick our battles carefully. As a chief executive, Governor Palin makes the calls, and she knows that this battle, though important to her personally, does nothing for the country. She has bigger battles to fight, battles to restore our strength internationally and stand by our allies, battles to stop the downward slide of our economy, and battles to take back control of Congress"

  61. sewnup7:15 PM

    Palin's Putty Stapleton said "... – the state’s bills would have amounted to millions upon millions more and her personal legal bills would be personally insurmountable. ..."

    Really? Millions upon millions?? What was she planning to try to pull off that would incur the necessity of millions upon millions?

    Not that I doubt she'd have the lack sense to do such a thing (psychiatric patients frequently bankrupt their families with such shenanigans, so that's not news) but I would just be oh-so-curious to know what plans they had in the works to precipitate such costs.

  62. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I wonder the $ amount to be repaid when her non-Todd spawns' medical bills come due. DNA folks

  63. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Hmmmmm, isn't this a bail-out for the poor Palins?

  64. I believe that the $87,000(more or less) was incurred by the trust.

  65. Sorry Gryphen.......I wanna say F Alaska.

    How many outsiders stepped up to stop her as VP pick? A lot!

    Then after the failed McCain/Palin ticket, where were the Alaskan's in denouncing her, in stopping her, in outing her, in denouncing her? (except for a handful of bloggers).

    I'm tired of this crap.

  66. Anonymous8:16 PM

    You know, I hate to rain on the parade, but I don't think this will make much difference in the long run. WE follow this stuff and feel like its a victory, but.....

    I polled several people today that are pretty politically aware and follow what's going on and their perception is that yeah she's a creep and she got her "hand slapped" and has to "pay some fine" and one person noticed that she would have the new fund. But no indictment, so really how does this stop her?

    With all the other big news--BP, McChrystal, job bill defeated, World Cup this is kind of buried. And just seems like a hand slap.

    Which makes it all the more important to bring an INDICTMENT and expose the personal stuff--babygate, abortion, drug use, etc. that will show her personal craziness & hypocrisy. THAT will bring her down !

  67. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Just got back from haraSmaeT and Meg's long-winded rant scored eleven persons saying that they would throw their pennys into millionaire SP's latest begging cup. (Shakes head in dis-belief..)

  68. Anonymous10:18 PM

    What's gonna happen when all of the stupid people are both stupid AND poor because they've given their pennies to Sarah?

    They'll all look to kindhearted liberals to save their butts by giving to food banks and fighting for extended unemployment benefits, and welfare benefits, that's what!

    Rich, rich irony.

  69. How is her returning unspent funds costing her anything? She just didn't get away with taking that money, it cost her nothing to give it back. She lied over and over how much it cost the state, so she most likely lied about how much it cost her. John Cole said her legal bills had been taken care of. She lies so much there is no reason to believe anything she says. Why would they need to set up a fund to pay back a fund that didn't have any money taken out? Why does someone with millions and millions of dollars, plus pays for everything including legal fees out of SarahPac need to ask for even more money from her faithful followers? Nothing is ever her fault and President Obama is to blame for everything, even Troopergate. Notice how it was all leftest who filed complaints against her when most were Republicans. They also got Thomas Paine dismissed, but he was fine when he dismissed a lot of the other complaints. When things are not going her way they are replaced with someone who will rule to her liking. I hope when they are indited they bring in someone from out of state with no ties. Her followers keep talking about Chicago politics, but there are no states as dirty as AK and that's a fact. It would be funny if the Murkowski's turned on $arah after she has thrown them both under the bus. I bet they have some dirt to dish on her. A lot of people won't come forward, because they are guilty of many things too.

  70. mommom12:03 AM

    She should be giving thanks that the complaint was filed when it was,if she had had spent the money from the fund,she would have faced stiffer penalties,but the fund was frozen after the preliminary findings of fraud last year.

  71. Anonymous12:38 AM

    "As a chief executive, Governor Palin makes the calls...
    Was there some kind of agreement between Sean Parnell and Sarah Palin that she would manage Parnell's administration? This is what this makes me think of and I've been thinking it for awhile.
    Yes, something is very very wrong with our state administration.

  72. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Everyone should know why Palin refused the state's offer to pay her legal bills: it was easier to hide her expenses and motives with a personally paid lawyer. It's much harder to play unethical games with the state's money and attorney general. That fact is the only thing transparent about Palin.

    Look at Petumenos's actual report. The sheer amount of lies which Palin, Cole, and Meg Stapleton have engaged in and continue to engage in is staggering.

    Petumenos should be drummed out of the legal profession for letting Palin get away with as much outright lying and legal manipulation as she has achieved in this case.

  73. Anonymous12:41 AM

    You know, she's actually not beyond accountability. If the good people of Alaska and elected representatives could collectively bring about that action.

  74. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Someone help me out here, I seem to vaguely remember that there was a computer problem with tracking the fund donations! Am I misremembering? Which would make it very difficult to have refunds finding their proper owners. What happens to the funds that can't be refunded?


  75. justafarmer12:58 AM

    I'm sorry...I must have missed something...
    didn't Ms. Cole insist earlier that not a dime had been dispersed from the fund???

  76. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Saint Sarah's adoring disciples need to be beat about the head with an education.

  77. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I hate to look a scandal horse in the mouth, but is this really the iceberg we've all been waiting for?

    The PBots won't care about something like this, even if it cements it for the rest of us that this woman is the world's greatest grifter. I hear they already think Obama conspired to hurt poor little Sarah by rigging the investigation (as if Obama would waste his time on anything Sarah-related).

    Is there anything else brewing, Gryphen? Please tell me the "big one" is on the horizon.

  78. London Bridges2:51 AM

    Sarah did not want to use the publicly funded defense fund because then the truth could be part of the state's records. She wants to be able to closely control her lies!

  79. Anonymous2:51 AM

    If ya read the message from Kristan Cole on the Alaska Fund Trust website, Kristan says, "
It is worth noting the first investigator of the complaint against Sarah Palin worked for the law firm which represents Barack Obama. "

    Somehow "THEY" tried to blame the POTUS and as silly as it seems and for what it is worth they got to mention his name! So what Palin's cronies, just close the crooked illegal site and be done with it and give the people their monies back!

  80. Anonymous2:57 AM

    I read the settlement and there was no mention of returning the trampoline the Wasilla Hill Billies looted from the Governor's mansion when they ran for the hills with the other goods they stole from the mansion. Dang it, as an Alaskan citizen, I demand my trampoline back! This is not Hollywood and we are not giving away free stuff to the Grifter family!

  81. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Andree McLeod, we thank you for your time and service. As we speak a team of officials are holding Sarah down while another team is unclenching Palin's sweaty fingers to release almost $400k from her clammy hands. If it were up to us, you would receive 10% of the refunded funds just for your perseverance.

    Our thanks,
    The Alaskan people held in bondage by Sarah

  82. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I don't care about any rulings or jibberish about who ya want to blame. The man said pay me my money back that I gave to Sarah. I need to get my teeths fixed.

  83. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Did "YO YO MA", the wanna be no talent actress daughter of the recently shamed Sarah Palin receive any money from the fund to fight her baby's daddy who is now shacking up with Bristol?

  84. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Hey! Can I now have my quarterly Alaska Fund Trust reports now!

  85. Anonymous4:11 AM

    So, Sarah Palin vomits a ridiculous "position" on policy and it's all over the news. Turns out she's a grifter and has been stealing money from people,'s...barely anywhere...

  86. Anonymous4:18 AM

    From the Alaska Fund Trust web site:

    "...However, at Sarah Palin’s request, we are going to stop collecting funds in the Alaska Fund Trust and start collecting funds to pay her legal expenses with the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. We are not legally obligated to do so, but we do so on our own accord out of respect for the woman for whom we intended to help."

    That's the Kristan Cole view of this mess. Cole is the trustee and has NOT filed required public reports for the first trust.

    So we have an illegal fund and NO ONE gets fined or jailed. Sweet deal!

  87. Anonymous4:44 AM

    This is a cut and dry case that the fund was misleading that it was official, thereby found in judgement to not be legal.
    Now team Palin is using something simple to manufacture high pyschodrama slinging mud at everyone they can far and wide starring Sarah as the victim of a witch hunt, singled out from eveyone else in the country. This finding is being used to Palin's advantage that not only the state of AK but the nation does not believe Sarah has a right to defend herself drawing parallells with the Clintons (read 'them'/democrats).
    Team Palin needs to con people the Personnel Board was in cohoots with Obama using his personal lawyers (bold lie).

    This demonstrates to me that even when found guilty of any misstake Palin can't own up to anything resorting to demonize, falsely accuse as many people as possible while exalting herself to sainthood and playing her victim card.

    No one but people working for Palin had anything to do with how or the language they chose to set up her fund. They don't know how to take one for the team i.e. be accountable driven to lie, spin webs of lies casting Palin as the victim and others as demons from hell.

  88. Anonymous4:53 AM

    the more money her bots give her, the less money there is for other RILL candidates, so good deal!

  89. I've been told by Palin supporters on many occasions that she is now a 'private citizen' and therefore cannot be held to the same standards as a political representative and that any criticism leveled at her is invalid & unwarranted. If Sarah is a private citizen why does Stapleton continue to call her a Chief Executive and Governor. I was under the impression that Palin had resigned half way through her term.

    The intricacies of American politics can be quite confusing to outsiders.

  90. Anonymous6:39 AM

    PAY the property tax on your hidden cabins beotch!
    PAY the illegal money you stole from America beotch!
    Take down the illegal beggar fund trust site beotch and tell YO YO MA she can't act!

    Andree and the Alaskan People has spoken.

    SHUSH, don't say a word!

  91. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Many years ago, lots of people made donations by check rather than cc. I heard of cases where those opposing a candidate would write $1 checks to that candidate's because it cost more to process the check than it was worth to the candidate.

    I wonder if there is a similar way to gum up the Wasilla Thrilla's new Slushie fund. Fifty cent credit card contributions? Anyone know?

  92. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Anonymous said...

    " Did "YO YO MA", the wanna be no talent actress daughter of the recently shamed Sarah Palin receive any money from the fund to fight her baby's daddy who is now shacking up with Bristol?"

    Poor Judge didn't know how to respond when he discovered they ARE MARRIED. Need to get a divorce to settle custody and visitation...doncha' know.


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