Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rachel Maddow does the best job I have ever seen in explaining why "Drill Baby, Drill" will do NOTHING to give America energy independence.

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I do not usually insist that people watch one of the videos that I embed, but this time I do. I INSIST that you not only watch this, but that you to tell your friends to watch it as well. Especially your Republican friends. It is literally that good.

In fact I would pay a year's salary to see Sarah Palin watch this video and then try to point out where Rachel went wrong. If you think she almost lost it while being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly THIS would definitely make her head explode! And that would easily be worth a year's salary!


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Holy Crikies Gryph she is going to implode!!!!!!

  2. womanwithsardinecan7:38 PM

    Fungibles, Baby, Fungibles!
    People ignored this last year when it was brought up. Let's see if Rachel can make a dent in the great oil mythology.

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Same topic as the Daily Show the night before, using the same clips.

  4. angela8:05 PM

    I believe Olbermann talked about this weeks ago. It still amazes me that the majority of us are clueless about the way the world oil market works.

  5. emrysa8:24 PM

    great video gryphen. you insisted, I complied. just imagine if the news networks were reporting reality in the same vein that rachel is - this country would be much further along.

    thank you rachel!

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    It is amazing to find out how little the American people know about a subject such as oil and to think we have been fed this 'bull' all these years. Thank God things are more open today and we can learn much more if we are so inclined. Thank you, Rachel!!! (I watch her daily and totally respect her - due to her education and the fact that she researches things and doesn't just spread the 'bull' that Fox does - as an example.) I will make sure my friends see this and I'm a senior, living in Alaska and retired. I have the time to educate myself further and I worry that so many younger people don't due to their obligations or inclinations. I love seeing that people are appearing to catch on to the fact that Palin is a liar, has no clue what she is talking about, left a mess in Wasilla and the Alaska government and is in no way an expert on the oil industry. What a joke she is her!

  7. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I thought that Jon Stewart really nailed it when he showed eight presidents all promising to create independence from foreign oil interests. I think that it was Keith who added some other politicians, Sarah included, who have made the same promise.

    The Republicans have refused to raise the efficiency standards for cars (meaning that cars have to get more miles per gallon of gas). Years ago, Bill Maher offered a suggestion that would be the motivation for the auto industry to start producing hybrid cars. He suggested that the next time that the Federal Government placed an order for a fleet of vehicles (they buy 20,000 for the Postal Service, for example),the order is for hybrids. Detroit would be tooled up and ready to go in a year.

    We ought to be offering tax incentives for the production of energy efficient cars, machinery and factories, and tax the big polluters. We should be developing alternate sources of power; Europe is years ahead of us in solar and wind. But, politicians who take election bribes, I mean donations, from big industry will never vote this way. Time for election reform, too.

  8. WakeUpAmerica9:15 PM

    One thing troubles me about this clip, but I am no energy expert. Seems to me that if we weren't contributing oil to the international pool of oil, we would be at risk of being cut off or at least limited if enough people were pissed off at us.

  9. This is good, but she misses the fact that if we have to use 25% of the world's oil, we should try to use everyone else's first, and save our own for later. It goes without saying that conservation/reduction/efficiency is the critical priority for this country, otherwise we are going to hit the wall when shortages cause other countries to stop exporting, since we import 2/3 of our oil.

  10. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I would so vote for this woman for president :)


  11. I got a small hint about this, when I watched a Canadian documentary explaining how the cost of gas at the pump is so much different than we all think is the case.

    Our hindrance in understanding such things, is how we tend to view a "multi-national" company, as "American" just because it SOUNDS like one that must be based here, and therefore slanted toward favoring Americans.

    Such entities have but ONE SLANT OF FAVOR, and that is BOTTOM LINE PROFIT. To hell with Americans, or the safety of its employees, or the environment--its what makes MONEY that counts and nothing else.

  12. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I've done my part over the last 30 years by purchasing the most fuel-efficient vehicles I could afford. My current car is a Toyota Scion XA. Because, I believe, of the political influences of both the auto and oil industry, I still have little choice but to fill up at the pump. I want alternatives. When I was in college, I voted for Barry Commoner for President because of his argument that if the federal government would subsidize photovoltaic research we'd see affordable solar energy alternatives. Same arguments now for subsidizing fuel-efficient vehicles.

    In Europe recently, I saw solar hot water tanks atop many buildings in the Greek Islands, motion-detection controls to turn the lights on and off in public bathrooms in Italy, and when in Mexico, I stayed in a small hotel on the beach powered by wind turbines on the roof. Yet just yesterday I heard my neighbor proudly telling his daughter that he had upgraded the rental car for their trip to New England from an "econobox" to a mid-size -- "It's even cheaper!" he crowed -- and this is someone who claims to be concerned about oil dependence.

    So yes, I say, put a sin tax on oil and gas akin to alcohol and tobacco and subsidize energy alternatives. Improve transportation infrastructures. Decentralize "the grid." Put some damn windows that open in office buildings. Offer me some personal alternatives!

  13. Anonymous4:47 AM

    So when $P says "Drill Baby Drill, Drill here and Drill Now!!" It isn't for the good of the American people. Its for the good of the biggest multi-national racket in history and she's their biggest born-again-momma-griz-gun-totin' pimp! How's the propaganda thingey workin' for ya sister Paylin?

  14. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Remember Sarah's pathetic little scribblings on her Wasilla City Council meeting note-taking where she started hatching her larger campaign aspirations? "Fresh New Face" "New ideas" "Energy!"

    She has the same staid, dried up old ideas as all the fella's in Rachel's montage, it's just delivered in her physically pretty package - pretty until she opens her mouth.

    Let's keep at Sarah's record shall we? Twenty-four whole months (and that is generous since Todd was shouldering most of the decision -making duties as the State's "CEO" and let's not count her time out of State as a VP candidate, or when she returned, til the day she quit.

    Let's look at the State of the State when it comes to energy production and use also, too there. When she (with or without a title) can bring Alaskan energy use out of Third World Country levels, she can brag about her expertise.

    During Sarah's VP campaign, Alaska's only refineries, Tesoro Alaska Co. and Flint Hills Resources were under investigation as to why Alaska's gasoline prices remained high when those in the Lower 48 dropped 11% compared to Anchorage’s 4%. The investigation revealed that refineries -- not gas stations -- kept prices high. They blame ‘market forces’ for not only high prices, but a loss in their stock value.

    In a State legislative hearing held on September 7, 2008, executives from Safeway Stores, which owns gas stations, said they pay a higher wholesale price in Alaska than they pay in the Lower 48. Safeway’s national director for fuel pricing stated that the Alaska prices were higher because of the limited refining capacity. This predicament illustrates how the lack of refineries negate the costly alternative of having to ship gasoline into the state from Seattle. You see that? Alaska more often, depends on petroleum products from OUTSIDE the State.

    Where Anchorage enjoys the benefits in accessing wholesale fuel, ($4.20: Average price in Anchorage on September 10 compared to $4.40: Average price in Anchorage two months ago) off-road system areas remained at the mercy of costly transportation avenues (by emergency air or by barge) to import petroleum-based products from the Lower 48.

    Despite the existing and massive energy potential in the State, there has always been a very critical energy access and dependency issue.

    This article from Dec. of 2008 is perfectly representative of how prohibitively expensive and appallingly inadequate the power infrastructure exists in most of Alaska, the poorest parts of the State - just above Todd's native homeland region. The prices were so bad, the economy and Subsistence activities so wanting - but here Todd was burning hundreds of gallons of petrol and lubing his sno-go with Venezuelan products in his cute little Iron Dog race. Not for one second did he think to bring the world's attention to his ancestral plight.

    He and Sarah have a disgustingly negligent record on Native issues. Being 1/8th Native or whatever blood quantum Todd and the kids are (and being married to it) does not a Native Policy make.

  15. Anonymous5:57 AM

    What are we supposed to do as the world's largest oil consumers?

    Practice apologetics to those who mean to destroy our Christian nation of exceptional patriots? Is this a mandation against the Big old gas guzzling American Trucks we drive and ride without seatbelts and babyseats?

    We "Drill, baby, Drill" and we'll show those foreigners the guts of rill constitutional Americans bleeds red, white and blue! Let me fill up over at Tesoro first. . .

  16. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Let me guess. Maddow doesn't own a car and never rides in cars or buses or anything fueled by petroleum. She's very high and mighty these days, and I consider myself a fan. Maher, Olbermann, and Maddow may share my political sensibility, but what separates them from Beck and Limbaugh once you set aside ideology? Blah blah blah. Enough already. My ears hurt.

    Jimmy Carter had this country on the right track energy-wise 35 years ago, but the American people scoffed and turned a hard right. President Obama also has it right, but you'd never know it if you listen to the progressive crowd, who are famous for whining from their ivory towers. The American people don't give a hoot about energy independence. It doesn't matter how many oil-covered pelicans they show on the news. They just want cheap $2.75 a gallon gas.

  17. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Okay, I'm sure this is an uneducated question, but here goes: How is it that OPEC is able to band together to set prices for their oil, if it all goes to a multinational market? I'm old enough to remember the OPEC crisis of the '70s.

  18. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I've got one word that would resolve at least 15 to 20 percent of our energy problems.....Hemp. Yes that demonized plant that has been banned from growing since the 1930's. Google hemp (not to be confused with cannabis) and you will see that hemp is an excellent provider of ethanol and lubricating oils. It only uses half as much water as corn or sugar cane, and will grow in temperate climates. Alas, hemp was thrown out with the proverbial baby with the bath water when pot was criminalized. There are over 300 uses of this amazing plant and our government chooses to instead classify it as a drug, lol. You could smoke hemp all day and it would at best give you a headache. Wake up America. This plant could jump start a whole new economy.

  19. Cutler Cleveland on why we can't be energy independent:

  20. Our Prius is getting 50 + MPG. This is our second one and we have noticed an increase in mileage.
    Why can't we have a goal of increasing our MPG's?
    Why can't we have 75 MPG or even 100?

  21. Anonymous12:19 PM

    i guess i have allot to learn as i never knew this.
    how is it if everyone contributes to the same oil 'pool', and OPEC sets the price per barrel, that the cheapest gas prices are found in the middle east?
    i'm more confused now than ever,,

    bill in blize


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