Saturday, June 26, 2010

A reminder of just how much our President has accomplished in his short time in office thus far, courtesy of Rachel Maddow.

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Thanks to the commenter who reminded me of this segment.


  1. I love Rachel and I love this President even more. Obama...yes we can!

  2. as an outsider i'm amazed how hard everybody has been on him...even Chris Matthews had a guest on yesterday who praised him.
    His problem is he doesn't blow his own horn.I have a lot of faith in him but I'm afraid of what the impatient masses will vote in if things keep going the way they are.

  3. Twain is right, I am behind our president but the pace is so slow I am afraid of what the idiot voters will do in 2010 and 2012. It's scary how voters could think the rethugs can do a better job. How quickly people forget. We are where we are because of the GOP!!

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    It's about time. I have no problems with criticisms of PO, but liberal pundits too often lose perspective on how much he has accomplished despite bitter opposition. Not to mention that most of the problems were passed to him directly from GWB and GOP policies. Even the Gulf oil spill which has occurred on his watch is a direct result of the GOP's policies of deregulation and lack of oversight.

    As an aside, Keith Olbermann showed a segment of the FOX morning team with a banner across the bottom of their screen which said something like "It only took a day for PO to replace McChrystal. Why can't he plug the leak as quickly?" When the FOX team asked McCain on camera this question, to his credit, he said they were not the same. BUT, this is the rank stupidity and propaganda which is being beamed into people's houses everyday!!

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Thank you, Gryphen.

  6. This seemed like an opportune time to express my appreciation for the work involved in maintaining this blog.

    I very much enjoy reading Gryphen's blog. I echo DiAnne in my support of our President and Rachel.

    I'm proud to say I live in western Mass. where Rachel makes her home, not so proud of our newest senator, Brown. Forewarning, he's shaping up to be the Bay State's Palin.

  7. Pat in MA2:42 PM

    It was so refreshing to see this on Rachel last night, 'bout time the guy got some credit for dealing with one mess after another left by his predecessor. imagine what could get done if the Republicans stopped basing their votes on simply being against something because the President is for it.

  8. The point is that he has not been campaigning. He's been taking one thing at a time. Maddow's list was very impressive, and when it is campaign time it will be longer.

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    It's even more impressive when you take into account the obstructionism that IS the Republican (and ConservaDem) Party in Congress. I think the path to governmental reform would be on a much faster track, and Obama's accomplishments greater, without those obstacles.

  10. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Thanks Gryphen. I'm agreeing with all here, and wish that the liberals would not be so quick to demonize him. The GOP gives not one inch, but when I hear liberals going off with how disappointed they are, I have to wonder if we won't regret it on election day. There was far too much expected from this president from day one. And there has been no let up of disasters- from day one. I think he is doing the best he can, that anyone could, in the situation he is in. No president will make everyone happy all of the time. I'm going to let him get through this term before I decide anything. And I will never badmouth him- there is NOTHING to badmouth. He has carried himself and our country with dignity and done what he thinks is right, which is more than I can say for the last president.

  11. Aussie Blue Sky6:28 PM

    Thank you for posting, Gryphen. It's a keeper.

  12. Every public speaking Republican/Conservative today, lies about President Obama. If anyone of them dare say anything other than their talking points they find themselves fired, threatened, or publicly ridiculed. The greedy wealthy would rather see all of middle class reduced to nothing than give up even a small percentage of their money. They include Tony Perkins, and other "Christian" organizations. Today we don't have just one McCarthy but hundreds. I feel they are all doing the devils work. The Republicans will stop at nothing to regain power. Tom Tancredo and others are just waiting for November in hopes of taking over the senate. They will start proceedings to find anything they can to impeach President Obama and strip him, Biden and all civil officers out of office. They accuse him now of bribery, treason, and high crimes against the Constitution. They are the greatest threat this nation has ever had, we must work very hard to make sure everyone votes. We out number them we just have to vote. If they regain power the middle class will soon no longer exist.

  13. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Thank you for posting this and for your continued good work. I don't post very often, but I always read and love this blog. Our President needs all the support we can give and his accomplishments are huge but drowned out by all the crazy right wing noise.

  14. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Jo, I hope everyone reads your comment and takes action to turn out the moderate and progressive vote even though these are mid-term elections and historically have low voter turn-out and usually go to the party out of power.

    I agree with you that we cannot afford to let them gain significant increases in power. It's an uphill battle now. Imagine how bad it will get if they get more votes in Congress - the American people will suffer because everything will grind to a halt for two years.

    I don't think they could repeal anything, but they will do their damn hard to try. Please take Jo's concerns to heart and keep working hard to keep these goons out of office. We do not want to go backwards or deeper into the darkness they created last time around, do we?

  15. Anonymous5:11 AM

    and gay people keep getting more of the rights and this will continue to happen with PO

    Even the right wing in England just came out, so to speak, with a plan for rights for all, they are getting over their homophobia, will our right ever do that?

  16. SME13110:52 AM

    If you take a look at Palin's FB page you will see her groupies are quoting the first part of this story - what Regan did - as if it was Obama. They're attention span is so short they can't even watch a short video clip all the way through.


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