Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Levi APOLOGIZES to Sarah Palin? WTF?

From People magazine:

"Last year, after Bristol and I broke up, I was unhappy and a little angry. Unfortunately, against my better judgment, I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true," he tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I have already privately apologized to Todd and Sarah. Since my statements were public, I owe it to the Palins to publicly apologize."

"So to the Palin family in general and to Sarah Palin in particular, please accept my regrets and forgive my youthful indiscretion," Johnston says in the statement. "I hope one day to restore your trust."


For all of you who doubted that Levi were back together in the Biblical sense, doubt no more.

I predicted that this would probably happen sometime soon, and am very, very unhappy to learn that I was right. Damn it Levi, why do you have to be so damn predictable?

Levi had the chance to make millions of dollars to talk about his behind the scenes knowledge and he traded it away for the opportunity to get dumped on his ass again when hte  Palin's are finished using him.

Now we know why Sarah has been MIA for these last several days.  She was orchestrating this mea culpa from Levi. 

By the way this is not the worst of it, wait until you read Sadie's next post.  Levi is jumping through ALL of the Palin hoops.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Ugh, just saw this.

    First thing that popped into my mind was the last line of 1984 -

    "He loved Big Brother."

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    He was 'prolly exhausted

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I know there's speculation that Bristol's pg again. I didn't buy into it until NOW!

    After all the shit they said about him, this is unbelievable.

    Think with the big head, Levi!!!

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Pussy...no fucking self-respect at all.

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    He is in love, and wants to get along with the palins....maybe this time he will video tape it all for when he jumps ship again1

  6. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Yeah...Levi has to get on his knees to the Queen, yet Sarah said much worse things about Levi than he did about her.

  7. The next question to ask would be if he is going to soon move into the compound, or if the two of them will remain in the Anchorage condo? I still cannot get over the fact that the huge new house was built, but then Bristol and Tripp move out? Is Track living at the compound? Are Willow and Todd? It's time for a Wasilla Compound Update, Gryphen. How about it?


  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    So, are we talking about the claim that SP called Trig retarded? That she and Terd never slept together? that Levi was at the hospital for Trig's birth? That SP wanted to adopt Tripp? That SP often came home from the gov's office early and retreated to her room? That she was partial to Crunchwrap supremes? Thatyou ever lived at their home???? Which freakin' lie are we talking about, Levi, you little twit?

  9. Anonymous2:06 PM

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ speaks, BS walks and gives screeches for $$$$$$$$$$$

  10. Aussie Blue Sky2:06 PM

    So Sarah Palin is happy to use her daughter's vagina to neutralize an opponent? Lovely.

  11. Speechless, dumbfounded, depressed. I guess Palin's secrets are safe for now.

  12. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Sarah Palin needs to Apologize to the American People for all the hate she has caused....

  13. Anonymous2:10 PM

    When Levi or the Johnstons say anything bad about the Palins, it is, "I KNEW it, those people are EVIL."

    When Levi or the Johnstons say anything good about the Palins, it is, "The Palins are paying them to lie. Those people are EVIL."

    So predicatable.....

  14. Anonymous2:10 PM

    The Palin took Levi's soul long ago. This is only the empty husk of a man talking. If Sarah Palin can do this to Levi, think what she has planned for the United States.

    BTW, Levi, your word is meaningless. No one with a grain of common sense would believe a word you say. Listen to the laughter, it's aimed at you.

    BTW, Sarah, the cheek touching pic from the Republican convention won't ever go away. Bristol knows the score. Sarah likes them young and stupid.

  15. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Sarah can only cover the truth for so long... It's all good.

  16. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Aw, good for him. I hope this is sincerely an apology and not some crazy PR ploy ;o) Tripp deserves this the most and Bristol and Levi deserve to be together if they wish.

  17. Aussie Blue Sky2:13 PM

    I just read the article in People. Has Levi forgotten that the Palins never liked him?

  18. He's a not so bright young man who is easily manipulated by the Palin's. Maybe he sold himself so he could have his little boy in his life. Maybe Bristol is just such a hotty he'd do anything to have a "little somethin' somethin'with her. Or maybe he's just retarded.

  19. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Well Levi has been spending time in Bristol's condo and I guess the Palin poo nanni must of been too much for him and he sold his soul!

    What's next, Bristol will tell Levi to build her a 14 ft fence too?

  20. Sufferin' succotash!

  21. Anonymous2:17 PM

    On the bright side...he should be able to make twice as much money after he gets dumped the second time....
    I think she's knocked up again, also, too.

  22. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Technically is Bristol still practicing abstinence if she is doing it with her baby's daddy?

  23. Ratfish2:21 PM

    Big "completely true?"

    So what was true and what wasn't? If he's licking Sarah's boots after all the nasty things she has said about him it can only mean one thing: Bristol is no longer abstinent and Levi has been offered a job in the Evil Empire.

    Maybe he even gets to do s cameo on Bristol's awful teen show.

  24. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Now we know why Sarah has been MIA for these last several days. She was orchestrating this mea culpa from Levi.

    She does not give a crap about our soldiers! It is all about having someone write for Levi to spin things the way she wants. What a sucker to lend his name. No one said which were the lies he told, it is just general. Did Sarah apologize for the white trash and all that? Sarah will get Sadie and Sherry to shut up if they want to see Tripp.

  25. My heart aches for Tripp and the Johnstons. From experience, I know that it is hard for decent people to learn that they will never win (or even break even) when dealing with sociopaths.

  26. Anonymous2:24 PM

    The Palins don't play nicely with anyone unless there's a compellimg
    reason. Let's consentrate on facts:
    a)Sarah & Todd have treated Sherry & Mercede like dirt,
    b)the things Levi said about Sarah
    have got to be true - I mean, he didn't make-up that she referred to Trig as 'the retarted one,' or that
    she hardly ever worked more than 1/2
    a day when she was gov., or that they fought all the time,
    c)Bristol did accuse Levi of not
    paying child support & referred to
    his family as 'white trash,'
    d)Levi said Sarah knew he & Bristol were sleeping together which has to be the case as Sarah allowed him to sleep there often, which if it doesn't
    prove Sarah knew what was going on it
    demonstrates the other thing Levi commented on about how Todd accused
    Sarah of not paying attention to the kids like she should.

    There a new reason why Levi is back in the Palins' yoke again, we'll just have to wait to find out why. Darn
    dope, he should've just consentrated on getting joint custody of his son
    & kept clear of that bunch. Poor
    Sherry & Mercede :(

    Sharon TN


  27. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I suspected this might be coming IF Palin is really going to run for President (God forbid!). She has him and I'll wager one of the offsets to Levi is that there will be no Court case as to child custody and payment (remember, the Court was to be open to the public, and we know Palin would not like that!) There is no stopping this woman....we all keep waiting for the shoe to drop and she cuts everything off at the pass via payment or whatever. Levi has sold his sole to the Palin family for access to his child. Unbelievable!

  28. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I don't care what Levi said, I still want my money back from the Alaska Fund Trust! You can fool that billie, but we aint squared... I want my money!

  29. Anonymous2:26 PM

    this just makes me ill..... would someone please knock some sense into this young man????

  30. Unbelievable, I thought that Kathy Griffin had got through to him. Anyone remember how Kathy said that Levi had told her something and she told Levi to keep it in his back pocket? Maybe Kathy will speak now?

  31. Let's assume Levi has no self-respect. He's just so sprung on Bristol or so desperate to get near Tripp that he'll sell out to the Quitta Queen.

    But what about his mom and sister? Sadie says she's dealing with people snapping photos of her when she leaves the house -- and she's being threatened and people are talking shit about her.

    Where is Levi speaking out against that and protecting his mom and sister?

    When is Sarah going to apologize to him and his family? She's talked way more trash about Levi than he ever talked about her.

    And... what will Kathy Gifford have to say about it all? Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

  32. Anonymous2:30 PM

    And, Palin continues to split and divide...Levi's family. What a bitch and he is an idiot to have fallen for this.

  33. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Yup, in my mind this is a precursor to them walking down the aisle before baby #2/#3 is born.

    I wonder if a scripted acceptance of the apology is not far behind on Twitter?

    Levi has become Sarah's way of plugging one dike in her personal life. But, she will be taken down and sadly, Levi may find himself stuck attending a Palin fast food Thanksgiving dinner in Nov.

  34. It is like we have our own little prime time soap opera right here in the Valley. Think "Dallas or Dynasty"
    Sarah Palin our own little JR Ewing.
    What shall we call it hmmm?
    "Wasilla" just doesn't do it.

  35. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Hey Sarah, this is Levi, if I apologize cain I have my Republican convention clothes back again? One more question, if I am seeing Bristol again, can she keep the car you gave her for not seeing me again?

  36. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Gryphen said that ben was Bristol's BF until very recently and that getting back together with levi was very sudden. Something very wierd here.

    They obviously blackmailed him with access to Tripp and probably paid him so he'd cover if she is PG again.

  37. Tripp does not deserve two liars as parents. The apology written to be from Levi can't be too sincere because he didn't write it. He is controlled and like Sarah "talks" from behind a curtain. Do people actually believe that was Levi? Ha!

    What happened to Ben Barber? The good news is he looks like Levi. Another baby can be passed off as another Levi product if they all agree. When are we going to hear the romantic love story and when and where's the wedding?

  38. Unca Roggie2:34 PM

    It was pissing me off that Sarah Palin does something (usually stupid or just plain evil) to get attention in the press, every stinking DAY.

    She makes Paris Hilton seem shy and withdrawn.

    But then it hit me: like Hilton, the public will eventually tire of her as the flavor of the month that they've had just too much of, and obscurity will take over.

  39. Levi Be The Pappy2:36 PM


    The reason Levi apologized and wants to get in the good grace of Sarah is because.... Drum Roll Paleaze... drdrdrdrdrdrdrdr...

    Remember you heard it hear first.... drdrdrdrdrdr...


  40. Lisabeth2:37 PM

    He's an idiot. Let's just say it. He's whipped. Sarah was probably behind this plan and is now working on Sadie taking down her blog. God Levi, bad move. An apology in People?!? Get out the barf bags.

    I will be curious to see if Bristol is pregnant again. I can't believe Levi can't do better. After the way the Palibs treated him and his family??? Dumb because it won't last.

  41. Levi's likely to be even sorrier a year from now.

    But congrats to Levi on his improved writing skills. Looks like he's been taking some classes.

  42. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Levi never had proof that SP didn't give birth to Trig. Some other damning info, yes, but that, no. They are back together and he is trying to pave the way to having a cordial relationship with Bristol's family. I can't really blame him for that, especially because now he can fully participate in raising his son. He was never going to beat the Palins in court, and let's face it, like Todd, Levi is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Sarah Palin is the boss in that family. I wish him luck because he's going to need it.

    The good news is that bigger players than Levi have the Trig info. Once that's out, all of the minor scandals, including the info Levi was holding back will come out.

  43. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Levi must really have big, bad dirt on the Palins. Sarah has to be in a huge panic to be digging people out from under the bus.

    s o c i o p a t h

  44. it's the sex2:46 PM

    Levi throws his sick mother under the bus along with his dedicated sister. I doubt he's figured that out and they will have no choice but to STFU and do the we had our struggles but are now one big happy family. We love Tripp, this is best for Tripp, it is all about Tripp and love and happy family.... blah, blah, blah... Sadie is on welfare and has no title but Bristol is big enough to forgive her. Happy happy happy for Tripp.

    What a long torturous fake life they all have to look forward to.

  45. mocha2:47 PM

    I think he has never had the character that Gryphen thought he did. In another week we'll get the announcement that Bristol and Levi were secretly married in February and there is a blessed event on the way in Late October. You could have seen this coming. Levi can pay another child support payment or marry the cow, but in order to do so, he has given up his balls to the Palins. what would you expect a hick like Levi to choose? Marry into a rich family or pay through the nose.

  46. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Men will almost always choose their wives (or in this case, their baby's momma) and their child over their own family. It is a sad fact, but it is true. I think Sadie and her mother have done nothing to deserve the treatment they are getting from him. They stood by Levi when the Palins spit on him. Now for a chance with Bristol and to be in Tripp's life Levi is willing to do this? Whether or not Levi spilled the beans on the Palins, I admired the fact that he stood up to them. He did not grow up in that household, so I am sure that it was easy for him to see through the BS. I personally think that Palin nagged him and her daughter to death. Do this for me and I will leave you alone. Hence, Bristol dropping out of sight and out of appearing on The View. But more likely, Bristol is knocked up again. This is the only way he can be in his children's lives, get the custody and financial deal he wants. Why do I think this? It's because the actions go against who Levi is and the only way someone would go against their nature is if they are threatened. Levi, grow a backbone! Sarah fears you. It was never the other way around. And if Bristol is pregnant, two words -DNA TEST.

  47. Anonymous2:51 PM

    He's young and wants to see his child. He also knows that the crazy woman controls whether or not he sees his son so of course he is going to apologize. It sickens me, but I have no doubt he is doing it for his son.

  48. FEDUP!!!2:55 PM

    I can't believe this. Talking about totally p*ssywhipped!

    Totally, immeasurably, absolutely, DISGUSTED at you, LEVI!!!

    {{{HUGGGZZZ}}} to Sadie and Sherry - I can just imagine what kind of scene Levi is making with them, trying Sadie to stop her blog, etc.

    Anybody know Kathy Griffin's email address? Time to contact her, so SHE can spill the beans FOR Levi...

  49. Is Bristol knocked up again?

    Is this Levi's way to avoid another 2 grand a month in payments?

  50. You can't amke this stuff up...Wow...just plain wow. Something else must be a-brewing, but what could it be....whatever could it be?????

  51. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Does this mean he just blew the lid off of her Crunchy Wrap Supreme obsessions? Damn you, Levi!!!

    What news did he provide other than she called Trip the retarded baby, Sarah's isolation and her lack of work ethic? I'm sorry, but I don't think this matters. Nothing he said had made a dent in her armor so how does his current lack of courage or integrity matter? The good news is that Bristol isn't sleeping with all the other people who know the truth about the Governut!

    I think that this will actually help. Levi will now piss himself trying to ingratiate himself to the Palins. He will say and do anything. Since he just identified himself as a liar, his credibility is already shot so it won't matter what tales he spins.

    For some reason, I don't see this as that much of a loss. Levi isn't the brightest bulb when all was said and done.

  52. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Since Levi acted maturely and apologized like an adult, when can we expect the 44 year-old adult Sarah Palin to apologize to him in kind? She said some pretty nasty things about him and discussed this young boy on national tv as well.

    Can we expect a response from SP? Will be reciprocate with an apology of her own?

    I doubt it.

    Levi is bending for the sake of seeing his son, which can be understandable. But, at what cost?
    At the expense of humiliating his mother and sister, and those who supported him.

  53. Anonymous3:02 PM

    The best for Tripp would be the truth.

    Neither Bristol or Levi love him like that. He is doomed if he becomes like them. Not a pretty picture. More toxic secrets. When this blows again the odds of Levi holding his head up high are slim. The team Sarah people are working overtime on Sadie, she doesn't have a chance. She will have to close down her freedom of expression or turn it into apology and reuniting with Levi and Bristol. She may have been genuinely honest but there is no way she can keep that up and do for both Sarah and Bristol.

  54. Anonymous3:05 PM

    We should have seen this coming when we first saw the photos of Levi's truck parked at Bristol's condo. Next warning sign was Mercede writing that Levi had become a stranger to her, opting to be with Bristol again. So, did Bristol and Levi just sort of, kind of decide to settle their differences and oooh, that old attraction was still there? Or is it more likely that a scheming Sarah told Bristol to make nice with Levi, get him back by whatever means. Todd quit his job, and Levi is a sell-out. Sarah has some fine influence over these guys.

    There isn't any question that Sarah's legal tactics, squeezing Levi for child support payments worked. Squeezed, few career prospect-- nude photos and an ad for pistachios can only go so far. Levi was ripe and they reeled him in.

    Make no doubt about it. Levi was a loose end, and the Bristol-as-abstinence-advocate-actress-and-speaker wasn't working out. For the sake of Sarah's image with the religious right, they have to get married. Bristol's sham advocacy wasn't fooling anyone.
    As for Levi's current denial, sure, what the heck, he had his fingers crossed when he gave the original interviews. What he said in the heat of the moment is more believable that anything that he is being forced to say now.

  55. Molly3:06 PM

    Yes, I'm going with BRISTOL IS PREGNANT again, whilst the abstinence spokesmodel, whilst, therefore, lying through her veneers, and that Levi, being the gentleman, is willing to cover for her sorry sobbing a** along with her mother's sorry sociopathic a**.

    It's hard being on Team Levi when poor Mercede and Sherry are left out of the loop.

    Gee I wish Bristol and Levi all the best in their upcoming nuptials and birth of their new child--good luck, indeed. They are going to need it. I bet Sarah freaked out big time when she saw the photos of Bristol that were published of her at that pro-life thing--AND that we noticed that she had the preggo body again.

    Must be hard to turn back all that money and thingssssssss, especially when it's offered by a sociopathic possible future mother-in-law who knows you love your baby. It requires a character of steel, which Bristol obviously doesn't have, and which Levi apparently is stuck between a rock and a hard place about. Think of his choice--his son or his sister and mother. He may be being a good father, but he ends up being a not so good brother and son.

    PS The person who gets a current picture of Bristol WINS.

  56. Anonymous3:06 PM

    They're pitching a reality show. "Bristol Palin's Two Kids and Counting in Alaska."

  57. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Gryphen, please add another photo to your post. The famous one of Sarah fondling Levi under his chin at the 2008 Republican Convention. That look that she shoots him screams control. (Wonder if they just threatening him using Sherry as leverage, or are they also bribing him?)

  58. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Right on schedule for Palin's 2012 hopes. She needs him in a suit for the campaign trail. So predictable. Wonder what it took to get him back in line with his mouth nailed shut.

  59. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Something big is coming down and Sarah's trying to plug up all the holes. She better start calling the Dutch fast to build her a dike because this one's gonna be a gusher!

  60. Anonymous3:14 PM


    I doubt if Levi is the Pappy. The Johnston ladies have to keep their pie holes shut now. They were certain it was Ben Barber she was humping. That was before. Now they will have to change all that and claim the story they will be told to tell. Better yet just go away and have no say about anything. It is time for an elopement that can be announced at a later date. They can claim they were married all along and she was abstinent-only until marriage. This will turn out to be a fairy tale love story ala Sarah Palin's fantasies about the wonders of grizzly moms.

  61. Anonymous3:15 PM

    A prediction:

    In a couple of months when Bristol doesn't have a baby, everyone here will claim she had an abortion and that Levi found out which is why he got paid off.

    Conspiracy theories are so neat.

  62. Anonymous3:21 PM

    So now c4p is going to have to graciously suck up to the despised Levi.


  63. Enjay in E MT3:22 PM

    Agree w/ Anon 2:51

    Levi will choke this down in order to have a "truce" & relationship with his child (or children).

    Until Bristol tells her GrizzMom to BUTT OUT, Levi will toe the line till HE decides "how much is too much" for him to tolerate.

    Don't be too harsh on him. He's only doing what he thinks is the right thing.

    Guess this also hints that half gov. is getting her ducks in a row for 2012.

  64. it was this or a fishing trip a la the Godfather. they made him an offer he couldnt refuse.

    I also think $arah is circling the wagons against what her summer neighbor is digging up.

  65. Enjay in E MT3:25 PM

    Sorry - my comment should have read

    Agree w/Anon @ 2:51

  66. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Levi you idiot... do you think saying I'm sorry will square things with Sarah and Todd..

    Levi you are a fool. You will never be welcome in that house.

    Hate to say this but, Levi are are fucked.. and what you just did is not a winning move.

  67. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I'm glad Bristol and Levi have made up for the sake of Tripp. But they're not having sex, right? Because she's the spokesperson for abstinence, right? They won't have sex until/if they get married, right? Because people won't book Bristol for thousands of dollars to talk about abstinence if she's currently having sex before marriage, right?

  68. GermanGoodness3:29 PM

    Just keep today's date in the back of your minds, everyone. Because we'll need it when Bristol pops out baby Trizz.

  69. Anonymous3:32 PM

    ---and that getting back together with levi was very sudden. Something very wierd here. @2:33 PM ----

    I thought the same thing.
    She dumped JohnnyC and rapidly picked up Levi way back when.
    This smacks of repeat season.

  70. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Levi isn't the one with the goods on the pregnancy ruse. He could have told some enlightening stories and may have other info.
    I will be glad when they are all hauled into court and go under oath. They can lie but lies don't always hold up.

    According to Levi, Todd and Sarah never did like him. They will hate him more. Too funny that they will spend holidays together. Whatever Sarah is plotting will finish off poor Levi. Cuckolded and pussy whipped doesn't quiet say it.

  71. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Sarah did NOT trash Levi. She said its heartbreaking that he went down the playgirl road etc. Never verbally said he or his family are rednecks. Do you all really believe tabloids - including People? Theyre all biased and are not written verbatim, but with flair for drama. If there is sincerity in any of this, Levi would go on tv as he did a year ago and truly PUBLICLY apologize.

    And Bristol is not pregnant. birth control highly possible. She was never that big (secret life interview style) when pregnant with Tripp.

  72. Nan (aka roswellborn)3:38 PM

    The worst thing about that apology is that he has now set a helluva precedent... they KNOW they have him now. He just sold his soul to the she-devil.

    And about that "millions of dollars" bit... we can hardly hold that against him when weighed against seeing his son (they've got over 12 million bucks to fight him re the custody) AND... if we think less of Sarah for doing exactly the same thing (gaining millions) then we can hardly condemn Levi for passing them by. Make sense?

  73. good for Levi, I hope it works out for him. We're being selfish in saying we wish he'd write a tell all book and stick it to her, Levi is just a kid that wants to try to make it work with the mother of his child. He's not 'selling his soul', or 'being a wimp', he's just trying to the right thing for his child and I wish him the best. And really, do we need Levi to tell us what a buffoon his mother in law is? You have to know how to pick your battles and Levi stepped up and did what he thought was best. Good for him.

  74. Anonymous3:40 PM

    ** PS The person who gets a current picture of Bristol WINS. **

    That would be worth a fortune!

  75. nswfm3:43 PM

    May Levi finally get all the DNA samples he needs and may the results become public.

  76. GrannySarah3:43 PM

    sjk - you are spot on. Levi got an offer he couldn't refuse.
    And, folks, buckle your seatbelts, I've noticed the spin meisters for Palin have been very, very busy; they'll launch her presidential campaign in Feb. next year. Wait and see, Bristol and Levi and their 3 children will be up there on stage with Grandma Palin -one, bright, shiny, happy family.

  77. Nice call Mr. Levi…..and just how does that help your mom and sister or is that part of the shake-down. Discard mom and sis for the price of your (and their) soul. Sad. Your family deserved better than that since they stuck with you throughout all this knuckelheaded nonsense. Payback will be a bitch, you betcha.

  78. Anonymous3:57 PM

    My prediction:

    Bristol is pregnant again, no surprise, since this will be pregnancy number four. (Green sweater photograph fall 2006, remember? Thin as a rail later that winter. THAT baby adopted out or aborted. Then Trig and Trip.) This one might as well be named TRAP.

    Sarah is orchestrating getting the two of them married, bribing them with a nice stipend, and also reminding Bristol that only Mama Bear has the power to call up People magazine and get them to come out and take pictures of her and pay her for the privilege.

    Baby number four, however, is NOT Levi's baby. But what else is new. Trig wasn't his, either.

    Sigh. Poor Mercede and her mom. They don't deserve ANY of this crap.

  79. honestyinGov4:00 PM

    Well... the ' bun in the oven ' will have to be the last one for Bristle... at least with Levi that is.
    No more babies for Levi... he was castrated today.

    You have embarrassed the one TRUE Mother that cared for you Levi.
    Proud Son..? fuhgetaboutit. Not even close.
    And that Book that your Lawyer said you were writing....Looks you you embarrassed him today as well. Time to find a NEW Lawyer for when Sarah & Bristle tire of using you and take your A$$ back to Court.I doubt Rex Butler will ever be taking your calls.

  80. Anonymous4:00 PM

    So, that confirms that the wedding is on, and will be announced as having taken place already, - although we know better, eh? Levi's been bought and paid for. I guess everyone in Palin's world has a price.

    "youthful indescretion' is now called 'Tripp'

  81. Anonymous4:02 PM

    They are all retarded. The whole lot of them.
    Doesn't matter Sarah. Too many people know you are noe Tri-Gs bio mom. Knock yourself out trying to get all your ducks in a row for 2012. You will still be exposed and you will never be president.
    Also, too if Bristol is pregnant for the THIRD time at age 19, she needs an intervention.

  82. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Levi: "So to the Palin family... restore your trust."

    For starters, Levi, you can join Chuck Heath in a chorus of "I was there when" Trig "popped out".

  83. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Losing one boyfriend and suddenly finding a suitably malleable new one to stand up/stand in as a presentable daddy...now why does that sound familiar...?

  84. honestyinGov4:07 PM

    I'm guessing Oprah will not be having Bristle on as a Guest either.
    Oprah TRIED not to make you look stupid Bristle. You wouldn't listen though.... plowing right through that door. You ARE a Palin. It's all in the ' jeans '... or trying to get out of them it seems.

  85. This is just so sad. How much money did it take for him to roll over on his own mother and sister? Wow!

  86. icstraights4:13 PM

    EVERYONE has their price (to sell their soul)but for how long?
    T'aint over till the fat lady sings...
    Levi: I hope you know what the fuck you are doing by spawning and continuing to consort with a succubus daughter...

  87. Anonymous4:13 PM

    My mama told me there are two ways to learn lessons: the easy way and the hard way.

    I think Levi has chosen the hard way - again.

    He's a young, attractive, dim-witted but personable young man who seems truly incapable of making good decisions as yet. Life is going to hit in the chops a couple more times before he wises up.

    I thought he should have gone after a paternity test with Tripp. If Bristol is pregnant, he should - but won't - get one now.

    If B is pregnant or just have sex, I think the speeches she says she loves to give are going to dry up and she might be sued for breach of contract - b/c she sure couldn't give the type of speeches she was contracted to give.

    We just over-estimated Levi's maturity and intelligence. We under-estimated Sarah's "do what it takes to win" drive.

    I really believe she is not above using her daughter's vagina to snare Levi. Bristol, though, is immature, even dimmer than Levi and really just fit to breed (not raise children, mind you, just breed). After all, that the Palin way.

    How soon until Willow is knocked-up to take attention away from Bristol?

    Such a cute family.

    If anyone is thinking of not getting out to vote, just let the image of having that family in the WH spur you on. We CANNOT allow them to represent this country!

  88. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Gryphen - quick questions:

    (1) is Todd an orphan? Does he have siblings?

    (2) Why have we never heard anything about Todd's family?

  89. Anonymous4:18 PM

    To the people commenting about the person getting the newest picture of Bristol winning...

    That's what is so unbelievable. Granted, Wasilla is a little out of the way, but given all the rumors the tabloids should be able to outsmart that dumb girl and get a photo showing her current size.

  90. Anonymous4:22 PM

    "I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true,"... Levi

    Does that mean there were things he said about the Palins that were partially true? I'm confused as to why Levi would use that terminology. Why not just say..."not true", period?

  91. Are they all just too plain stupid to know it is all out there : on paper, on tape. Gryphen, put the picture of Sarah tenderly touching Levi's cheek at the RNC (as anonymous at 2:10 pm rightfully pointed out) then replay all the tape, quote all barbs from both sides and then ask how many people are stupid enough to realize that this so called apology is not sincere but only "made up"; forced, IF Levi is even the one who put the statment out there.

  92. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Its another rill mericun bun in the oven for sure also too.

    One, two three? doesn't matter how many mistakes are made to fundraise

    When your're ready to take the griftin and electin to another higher level, better be sure the family isn't dragging under the bus to slow it down.

    Palin Cristie 2012, with the Toad as secret of state.

  93. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Wow! A big score for the Quitta from Wasilla!

    There were probably more pressures on Levi than we can imagine. After all, Sarah has powerful friends who'd like her to be President.

    Still, I'm guessing he had *some* representation because of that face-saving word "completely"--as in, "said some things that were not completely true."

  94. granny, methinks she may be testing the waters for 2012, but she will never, ever get the nomination.

    Romney has hundreds of millions or real American dollars and bags full of her dirt.

    She is nothing more than a useful idiot, who against all advice will probably try to gain the nomination, until she realizes the media has treated her like a child, and there is real work involved.

    If she thinks KAtie was tough, wait til she meets Rachel. No way. She cant even face David Gregory!

  95. Anonymous4:42 PM

    sorry sarah but the horse is out of the barn. nobody will believe him taking anything back because he's back with your daughter. your motives, just like your poorly done facelift, are showing.

  96. Ratfish4:52 PM

    So when is Sarah going to reciprocate and apologize for all the things she said that weren't "completely true?"

    Like The Bridge and Road to Nowhere; collecting per diem for living in her own house and not telling the IRS; traveling with Bristol to NYC for a half day conference and bilking the taxpayers for 4 nights at a $700 Waldorf suite; setting up an illegal "defense fund"; asking hardworking patriotic Americans for THEIR dough for a new fund- even though she can easily afford to pay her own way. ETC. ETC.

  97. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Everybody has to apologize to Sarah. She can do no wrong and everybody else is lying. Good Grief. He has really ruined his reputation now. Really, he has to say he was lying. I am so digusted. Hope it was worth it. "and they lived happily ever after!" Will he be going on the family vacatins now?

  98. Anonymous4:54 PM

    So I wonder if Scarah will be apologizing to Levi, for the awful things she said about him?

    Levi, I hope sex with Bristol is worth kissing Scarah's a$$.

  99. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Gryphen, why is young motherhood so encouraged in Alaska? MJ wrote in her blog that Bristol and Levi were trying. WTF?

  100. Anonymous5:12 PM

    "Yes Levi, you can screw my daughter, be careful though, because the world knows that Bristol is a reborn virgin, but first you have to tell the world that you lied about me, and that I am the most wonderfullest mother and person in the world, also, too, and in addition" How could she not be embarassed by the people artcle? Proves she is a sociopath.

  101. Anonymous5:21 PM

    How much you want to bet a reality tv show about the wedding will be next.

  102. Anonymous5:27 PM

    It seems to me that Sarah Palin, for someone who constantly protests being told to "sit down & shut up," is incredibly good at getting all sorts of people who might say things she doesn't want them to, to sit down and shut up.

    It's time for people to band together & stop sitting down and shutting up regarding Ms. Palin. We need the truth. I have never seen such a venomous, divisive figure at the head of political discourse. It's time for the truth to come out!

  103. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I'm so moving to Canada....

  104. Levi used the blogging community to his own ends and then dumped everyone just like he did his mother and sister. For most of us what they did to Mercede and her mother would be enough to stay away from them. So, it appears Bristol and Levi may be a perfect match, two people with no ethics. The things Levi said about the Palins is most likely mostly true. Of course Levi is young and may also be thinking with his wrong head. I suspect this may have something to do with money and Sarah Palin running for president. Statistically this relationship will not last long and will come to an ugly end. Will they pretend they are still together when that happens?

  105. Here are my recommendations for all you morons:

    1) Levi - get a paternity test. I guarantee that this little baby #3 will be "born early" and passed off as yours. Also, get 50-50 custody IN WRITING while you are in good.

    2) Ben - SPILL IT. Sell your story to the tabloids. We want to know that you were indeed boning Bristol, for how long, and how your relationship ended.

    3) Bristol - Grow the F up. Let Levi and Tripp see his family.

    4) Willow - Anything you know is worth HUGE, HUGE money. Possibly one of the biggest tabloid payouts ever. Your mom is a lying bitch. Do the right thing. Sell the whole truth and get the heck out of Alaska for good.

    Mercede is the only good apple in the whole bunch.

  106. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Levi's balls will be on display in the Palin trophy room..right next to Tawds...

  107. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I know you said there is another post coming on Mercede's blog, but I can't help but think the end is near for her blog. Even if she stops blogging for the simple fact that her heart is broken over her brother's choice. It will be interesting to see what she has to say, but I think it is nearing the end for that blog. But I hope not!

  108. phoebes in santa fe6:17 PM

    The problem here is that Gryphen and some of the other Palin detractors were putting a lot of credibility on a 20 year old kid. You had to know that somehow he was going to let you down. He's unfortunately doing what any not-too-smart 20 year old with an illegitimate son who he'd like to see would do.

    It's as unfair to blame Levi as it was to depend on him for correct information on the Palin looney tunes.

    I have a feeling that IF Palin makes a run for the WH - and I'm sorta hoping she does because I'd love to see the fireworks - it'll be the Romney or Huckabee campaigns with their opposition-research teams that will expose her secrets.

  109. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Well, who will get the lights so we can all go home? Levi has ended the party. No one will ever care about who had what baby anymore. It's tabloid fodder only and will be seen as unreliable with Levi's turn around. I think Alaskans missed the grandest opportunity of all to help our country by holding out, and not speaking out about Palin's "gates."

    We can all go back to working on the issues in our respective states now. Best of luck to you all.

    Sorry about Alaska, but the rest of the country is burning, too, and it's time to think locally.

  110. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I wonder jsut how much Levi will bank to pretend he is the father for Baby #3. I wonder just how much Ben gets for keeping quiet about being baby #3's father. Poor Piper will have to get a bigger LV purse to carry around stepdaddy Tawds and Levis balls for Sarah.

  111. Anonymous6:38 PM

    No surprise, but I won't judge him. There are other things going on that we don't know about. Sarah Palin made an offer he couldn't refuse. I don't think it was all about money either. I can see her and Todd, making an agreement with him. He is in a hard place because he doesn't have a job, has a son, and he and Bristol may actually be in love. What do we know??

  112. Anonymous6:39 PM

    What if they plan to reveal everything about babygate? Do a special with Oprah, huge ratings, lots of tears and hugs and assertions the deception was well-intended, but through prayer they came to realize it's time to tell, etc.

  113. I sit here wondering if the Palins will ever trust Levi again....think about it...would you?

    There is something unusual going on...perhaps he needs more information for his book or needs to get his hands on documentation. Levi is Sherry's kid and she doesn't raise dummies.

  114. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Good Lord, can we please get an ice floe big enough to set these loony people adrift?

  115. Anonymous6:43 PM

    What if they plan to reveal everything about babygate? Do a special with Oprah, huge ratings, lots of tears and hugs and assertions the deception was well-intended, but through prayer they came to realize it's time to tell, etc.

  116. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Well, now we have the diversionary tactic to get people's minds off the latest in Babygatedom.

    I was wondering what Stupid would do to get the blogosphere to stop the questions about who birthed Trig.

    At this rate, she'll eventually run out of tricks. This apology seems pretty weak to me, but then again, I wasn't really banking on a group of undereducated, unambitious, oversexed kids to spill anything earth-shattering about Stupid.

  117. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I want to know what kind of piss-ass attorney Levi has allowing this to happen?

  118. Aussie Blue Sky7:00 PM

    Anonymous 5:56 PM said...
    "Levi's balls will be on display in the Palin trophy room..right next to Tawds..."

    Right next to the mashed potatoes.

  119. If Bristol is pregnant, chances are it isn't Levi's,

  120. Anonymous7:03 PM

    That despicable woman apologizes to NO ONE and she has this hapless teen make a public to-do? Pathetic Sarah. You are f'ing pathetic, petty and small.

  121. Anonymous7:03 PM

    "I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true,"... Levi

    Not completely true, i.e. we knew all along that her true passion was the Grilled Quesadilla, not the Crunch Wrap Supreme. How could you, Levi???

  122. Anonymous7:10 PM

    How much money can Bristol make off of baby number three?

    That's the end of Bristol's "Abstinence Tour"... now begins the "Single Mothers, Get Back With Your Baby's Daddy Tour"

  123. Anonymous7:14 PM

    (1) is Todd an orphan? Does he have siblings?

    (2) Why have we never heard anything about Todd's family?

    Todd was born to Jim and Blanche; They divorced (no clue when) and both remarried; him to Faye (the woman Sarah wouldn't support as candidate for Mayor of Wasilla). His father and stepmom vacation outside Alaska during winter. Bristol references them in her first interview post Tripp. Todd has half siblings (ie Diana). No idea about full or step sibs

    I have a feeling Bristol was equally behind this Levi PR stunt as much as Sarah. Team Palin thats for sure

  124. Anonymous7:16 PM


  125. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Levi & Bristol getting back together isn't a surprise. I would have been surprised if they hadn't.

    Bristol not being abstinent wasn't a surprise. Nobody in their right mind thought that she would "wait until she was married".

    I could care less if she's pregnant with #2 or #3 or #4. She's her mama's daughter, the fruit didn't fall far from the tree.

    Doesn't matter to me that Levi apologizes for what he said in the past, I'm quite sure he could have said much more if he's wanted to. This doesn't change my opinion of SP one bit. She is a lying, stupid, ridiculous woman.

  126. So Bristol will be Levi's meal ticket now? He's sold his soul to the devil family. Hope he is happy sleeping in the bed he's made.

    At least he and Bristol can co-parent from the same domicile and she no longer has to be abstinent.

    I just hope he doesn't forsake his family for the Palin's.

    Levi, livin' off Bristol's abstinence paycheck while hittin' that thing hard.

    If only Bristol and Levi understood IRONY they would laugh until they cried: into their pile of money, that is.

    In all honesty, I think this thing, this reunion and this apology was planned from the beginning. I think we've all been played like a well tuned cello (Yo Yo Ma, anyone?)

  127. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I'll focus on the part of the statement "were not completely true". Which means they were true, but he left stuff out. :-)

  128. Let me guess - Van Flein wrote that statement.

  129. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I don't think most of us were counting on Levi for anything. He's a fool, a huge fool.

    19 year old Bristol....pregnant with her 3rd. First, this makes it look even more like Trig is Bristol. Do you think her fans are so ignorant and white trash to approve of a 19 year old with this many babies? Cuz educated America thinks it's really screwed up! Bristol must really be missing something emotionally. It's sad and tragic and a wedding would not be joyful.

    That's what's up. 3 babies by age 20. What year is this?

  130. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I wish my father would have made sacrifices like that for me. I wouldn't have been stuck with just the crazy ding bat.

    Gryphen I know your angry and yeah it's pretty pussy whipped if you ask me but, could it be better for Tripp?

  131. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Think about it. Does this kid have any real choices? The mother of his child is on the biggest head trip in the history of our politics. She now has easy money which buys her the legal power to squash him. She can destroy her daughter's relationship and will certainly do harm to the father of her grandchild and his future relationship with his son. She is not a big enough person to be the adult in this saga and Levi apparently knows it will have to be him. What would you do for your child?

  132. emrysa7:53 PM

    how interesting.

    two months ago bristol shows up to the candies gig looking like she's eating for two.

    this month, after a much publicized appearance scheduled for the view, bristol is a no-show.

    one week later, levi is publicly apologizing to the quitter.

    oh yeah, something is surely up. all this ain't coincidence, and I disagree that this has to do with 2012. imo, this has to do with one thing - bristol is pregnant, ben has hauled ass, so who does bristol go to? the same guy she used before, the same guy who 3 months ago she claimed "was a stranger to her."

    yeah, soon enough we're going to hear that they were secretly married in february, and the baby is due in november. just another lie from the pros.

    levi is a dumb mofo if he possibly thinks this is going to turn out favorably for him. that family is psycho, and that's not going to change.

    RIP levi, you're done, and your kids are doomed! oh yeah, and you're a total piece of shit for ditching your mom & sister.

  133. Anonymous8:01 PM

    The people with the documentation on Trig's birth are still in control. Levi is a side-show. Palin is plugging holes in the wrong dike.

  134. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Levi is a tool.

  135. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Did Levi find a moosehead in his bed?

  136. emrysa8:25 PM

    anon @ 7:48 pm sez:

    "Gryphen I know your angry and yeah it's pretty pussy whipped if you ask me but, could it be better for Tripp?"

    yeah, it could. he could be removed from psycho family and raised by some sane people.

    and germangoodness, lmao at "baby Trizz." would not surprise me a bit if that's what the poor kid gets named.

  137. Anonymous8:27 PM

    So is Ben the daddy and Levi the white prince swooping in on his horse like he did once before? Or is Levi the daddy and Ben was screwed?

  138. Anonymous 7:39 PM ...

    I'll focus on the part of the statement "were not completely true". Which means they were true, but he left stuff out. :-)

    Wiggle room. Nice!

  139. WakeUpAmerica8:40 PM

    Hope you keep a journal this time, Levi, and keep a back-up copy off-site. I know you think you're in love, but geez, what a dumb-ass you are. You will get dumped as soon as the Palins are finished using you. Then you will have no credibility at all because you made all of us look stupid for believing in you. Kiss your book deal good-bye. Hope they paid you well.

  140. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Remember that Sarah was pregnant with Track when she and Todd married and remember that Track looks shockingly like another man.

  141. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Too much depair and handwringing here. Its sad to see more manipulation and bootlicking- but who's really surprised?

    Keep in mind the lead time to get this story in People Magazine-when did they get the call to print this?

    Emrysa at 7:53PM probably has the reason why People got the call....

    "oh yeah, something is surely up. all this ain't coincidence, and I disagree that this has to do with 2012. imo, this has to do with one thing - bristol is pregnant, ben has hauled ass, so who does bristol go to? the same guy she used before, the same guy who 3 months ago she claimed "was a stranger to her.""

    So there might have been a problem again? Then with the past week of baby gate what else also too gets done by the People interview?-

    Anonymous at 6:52 P.M. has it:

    "Well, now we have the diversionary tactic to get people's minds off the latest in Babygatedom.

    I was wondering what Stupid would do to get the blogosphere to stop the questions about who birthed Trig."

    Babygate last week probably didn't cause this interview- but it might have influenced the degree of bootlicking required from Levi.

    Always remember : Before paying for the bun in the oven - BE SURE IT IS YOUR BUN!!!

  142. not surprised at all...every player in this little story has a small town perspective on the world. Levi has accomplished his dreams -- he's a dad and he gets to be witness to Palin foolishness and tell himself that it's all for his son.

    So be it.

    And somewhere in Hollywood, Harvey Levin and a National Enquirer editor revisit their Levi file....

  143. AlaskaSundog9:10 PM

    Bristol wants out of the compound so Palin buys her a condo, helps her with publicity, etc. There is a quid pro quo tho & that is that Bristol must go back with Levi. Whether she's PG or not, brings it to term or not, Palin must have Levi under control for the info he has & the book he may write (think ghostwriter). How better to control him than thru Bristol. This is a no brainer & unless something stronger than sex & son could keep him independent, he was doomed. This sets him up with an easier life --no fighting to see Tripp, no harrassment in Wasilla, just kind of a stupid idyllic teenage life style (who needs to finish hs?) So, he's too young & stupid to behave better altho he is aware that what he's doing is not good esp to sister & mom. But, being "male" stupid, he won't understand that he's being used by Bristol at Palin's order. He sees himself thru Bristol's calculating eyes, a false mirror if ever there was one. Ignorance is bliss for him. Ramifications for everyone -- coming. The worst lost is info, but it's not like everyone believed him anyway. Nationally, their togetherness is just a soap opera, basically inconsequential. His mom & sis hurt, but they're unknown. When Levi gets left under the bus again, we'll see how he takes it but it'll probably be too late for 2012 secrets. Let's hope prospective repub candidates have been gathering the truths, plural! Now let Tripp enjoy time with dad.

  144. it's time9:47 PM

    Well, it's like this.
    Levi and Bristol are adults and living on their own now. They are also public figures that have actively pursued their own public exposure for profit. All on their very own.

    Maybe it's time to expose these hypocrites. Maybe someone should pass along their address in Anchorage to the paparazzi and get those possible 2010 Bristol preggo pics. Or other juicy pics.

    I have their address. Maybe I will be that person that gives that address to the National Enquirer and the other paps.

    Enough of these liars, hypocrites and frauds. Enough Palin bullshit already.

    These frauds need to be exposed for the good of America and the world.

  145. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Ugh, I am also disappointed.

    But as someone who is only a little older than Levi, I find it hard to blame him completely. I think he does care for Bristol, and I think he loves Tripp even more.

    He's just a young guy in way over his head. It happens all the time, unfortunately. :(

  146. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Fetal alcohol syndrome everyone. Levi was complicit in Bristol have a FAS baby and that is what they have on him. He probably feels a bit guilty also too (as in plying Bristol with alcohol to get her to put out, not knowing she was already preggers). As the world turns in Wasilla, teen meth, alcohol and preggers capitol of the world.

  147. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Anonymous 5:07 said...
    "Gryphen, why is young motherhood so encouraged in Alaska? MJ wrote in her blog that Bristol and Levi were trying. WTF?"

    It's very simple, really.

    More kids = more PFD checks.

  148. Anonymous11:05 PM


  149. Bristol uses Tripp and dangles him like a lifeline so Levi goes running after her. He will do and say anything to spend time with his son. However, Levi, did you forget that Bristol said that her parents never liked nor approved of you? Why apologize to them? Did they apologize for all the crap they put your family through? Did Bristol apologize for calling your family white trash?

    He'll be out in the cold again soon enough or as soon as $arah's purposes are served. I find it far more interesting that he doesn't actually say what he lied about. It could have been as simple as the Taco Bell addiction. Changing his mind now doesn't change what he said earlier. Levi, $arah has already lived up to much of what you said about her so she has only herself to blame.

    When Bristol throws you out again, who will you turn to at the time? The same people you have now turned your back on, your Mother and sister, who have been there for you over the last 18 months when you've needed them? Bristol is not worth it, Levi. It's a shame you can't see how she's turned into a miniature version of her evil Mother.

  150. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Well, $arah has now made enough $$$ to buy Levi off. She needs to be putting together her "perfect fake little family" before her run for the Presidency. Sickening.....just sickening.

    Levi.....get out NOW while you can. Everything that touches the Palin family turns toxic.

  151. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Ricky Hollywood just got pu**y-whipped.

  152. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Can you imagine how Levi feels? The Palins (including Bristol) threaten him with no access to his child unless he complies with their charade of lies. As any decent parent does, we do what we have to do for our children. Period. There is no "good" choice for Levi in this situation. Please give the guy a break. The Palins will throw him under the bus soon enough, when he's no longer useful to them. It's all so sad and twisted.

  153. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Johnston can apologize until the cows come home; that Palin is a lying, devious, ignorant human being is common knowledge, available to anyone with eyes, ears, intelligence and integrity.

    You lack the last two qualities, Levi. One day, you'll regret that you weren't honest.

  154. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I was always taught the most important thing a man can have is his integrity.

    So Levi I hope this is all worth losing yours over. No one is ever going to believe a word you say ever again.

    You made a fool of yourself to the WORLD!

    Your mother must be so embarrassed.

  155. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Tank... your "meal ticket" just expired.

    Levi.. fuck this up more.. marry Bristol.

    When you separate later you will be on hook for child support plus alimony.

  156. Anonymous3:25 AM

    The connection between this announcement and the start of Mercede's blogging career seems pretty apparent to me. They're expecting to make a liar out of Sadie by this action, and the poor hapless lunk that is Levi is just being led by the dick to the sacrifice. Bristol Palin is also being sacrificed by her mother to the cause but I have no doubt that, unlike Levi, she's in on the sacrifice for her own gain.

    The Palins were already reeling from the active threat of Joe McGinniss professionally digging into their secrets, but he had never been part of their lives during the time they were most desperate to keep hidden. Mercede, however, was, and I can only imagine the hours that Sarah spent sweating and fuming over the revelations in her blog.

    The only way to both neutralize Sadie and keep Levi from spilling his guts to McGinniss was for Sarah to orchestrate Levi's welcome back into the Palin fold using a willing Bristol as enticement. Although Levi's statement has the ring of the words of a brainwashing victim, I doubt if he took much persuading.

    Mark my words, this reunion will last only until McGinniss' book goes to press. Then it'll be Palins 1, Levi 0, and bye-bye Levi.

  157. Evidently most of y'all have not spent much time around kids this age and their relationship drama and stupidity. There is no rhyme or reason when a past sex relationship is involved, let alone a child.

    As noted over and over, these are two dim kids playing in a league far over their heads. At their ages they will react to new vehicles, pretty clothes, a place to play house and her mama's influence.

    They are children acting like children and being manipulated by a woman with no class. It will get worse before, if ever, it gets better.

  158. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Remember that Sarah was pregnant with Track when she and Todd married and remember that Track looks shockingly like another man.
    For what it's worth, there is a picture on alaskastock that shows a young Track (11ish) looking like a young Willow (6). and Sarah looks way pregnant. I think the photo was taken in winter 2000, way before Piper. second miscarriage perhaps?

  159. Anonymous3:46 AM

    I actually would not be surprised if Bristol called Sarah on tour in complete distress over Mercede and everything else, begging her to help stop the "lies". Bristol is still friends with Ben via FB. I highly doubt shes actually dating Levi. I also doubt she is pregnant, she just looks hefty, look at how Sarah has ballooned up and down her whole life. It appears these ladies are like most women in America. and Willow looks different everytime I see her weightwise but she's younger and has been losing babyfat. I really think the Heath ladies just has genetic issues. Explains a lot - about Sarah not wanting to gain weight and lose fans during Trig pregnancy, or in general. explains the rumor of BRistol on diet pills in 2007.

    Also, BRistol has a hard time hiding happiness (radioshow that asked her if she wanted a puppy - she lit up). and on the secret life interview, the "We're coparenting" line didn't emote a single emotion from her. Levi himself said a year ago theyll never get back together. Let's wait for Mercede next post. It should speak volumes.

  160. Let us wait to sese if the Palins offer reciprocity. Will Bristol publicly apologize for her lies of ommission about the child support she receives in the Harper's article?

    I wonder if Levi realizes he shall be held to one set of standards and not ever receive like treatment from the Palin's due to their entitlement and drive to blame others making them all at fault for what the Palins do.

    Personally I do not want this dysfunctional family who seeks to make money off their personal dramas, life mistakes using publicity opportunisticly for big bucks then screams they are "victims"..how dare any one comment on what they say!The Palins have no boundaries. They go public if money is to be made exploiting and harming people for the money.

    It would not surprise me to learn the Palins believe Bristol is entitled to have the Candies gig and can simultaneously live with her baby's daddy and formerly date claiming she does neither. When they get found out they blame a target, like Mercedes, playing the victim card as is their pattern. When Candies drops Bristol for behaviors contradicting their message someone must pay in revenge.

    America is better than this. Do not consider putting the lying, blaming, trash class, opportunists, double standards, anti education, no boundries and no morals practiced family in any national scene.

  161. Anonymous4:57 AM

    The lesson of Levi is not of the personal nature because that isn't anyone's business outside of that family..

    The lesson is that the media was willing to use the tales of a pissed off boy to attack the grandmother of his child for political reasons. It's sick, and it is yet another example of why I laugh when ANY member of the press tries to act like they are an unbiased source of information.

  162. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Mercede's latest post is up. Good for her for standing up for herself.

  163. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Mercede was told by Levi to stop blogging or she would never see him or Tripp again. Sadie says no way~she will NOT STFU.


  164. Anonymous7:17 AM

    We, as parents and nurturers, are glad that this young couple are behaving like adults, taking care of a helpless child together. Sounds like the end of a happy movie.

    But, and the big but here is, it raises the red flags, when the young dad makes an apology, especially to mother-in-law Palin, though a magazine edition. Raises red flags as to why this apology didn't happen privately, where it's none of public's business, which is BEST for the child Tripp. That baby's life has had enough public exposure.

    I'll BELIEVE Levi and Bristol, that they are truthful and honest in this latest statement WHEN they or Tripp stop doing interviews about him, photos, magazine spreads, etc. until he's old enough to decide for himself.

    If Levi's turning a new leaf on restoring trust with the family, and apologized, that speaks of him being an honorable young man. But, if for any reason, he or Bristol put his child again on that publicity train, nobody will buy this apology. Because his first responsibility is Tripp, and he and Bristol, especially Bristol, should apologize to Tripp for putting him through this merry-go-round celebrity tour. A child needs to stay home and be nurtured, and happy babies love a daily routine.

    Only then will I believe all this hype. So what benefit is it to Sarah to get this apology? To keep her perfect image intact, to ensure her integrity? Integrity.....hmmmm.....to me integrity means not speaking ill of a young teenage boy on Oprah, calling him snarky names, like Ricky Hollywood, or even dignifying him at all on a national talk-show.

    Looks like Sarah, the Offended One, feels she deserves more justification than an eighteen year-old child of divorced parents, without a full-time father, unwell mother, a family who God knows are dealing with a lot.

    And furthermore, (second coffee cup), commenters, bloggers posting on this subject are not interested so much in the Palin drama show, as they are abhored that the Palin machine claims it stands for family values. Values.....loving family so much that young boys and girls are not scrutinized by the public every other day because momma insists on being seen, heard

    While I'm on the Palin parents, didn't they start this whole bee's nest when they decided to take on the world? Who should apologize to who. Maybe they need to stand in front of microphones, do a press release make a heart-rendering apology to all those they spoke harshly of. Beginning with their precious grandson's dad, Levi Johnston, all the way up to the President of the United States.

    Then and only then the christian right, left, moderates, or any people who love righteousness and justice, would believe that she was possibly qualified in being a "fair" humble, repentant leader. Unfortunately until that happens, her vindictive, hateful, childish, divisive ways are there for all to see.


  165. I take this as a confirmation that Sarah Palin will be running for President in 2012. Tying up loose ends and keeping loose lips from flapping. This probably means more meal-ticket speeches by Palin this summer. Oy. Buckle your seat belts, kids, it's definitely gonna be a bumpy ride.

  166. Say NO to Palin in Politics9:40 AM

    Okay....... now Scarah has neutralized Levi, his word is now worth shit.

    And, she's busy turning the screws on Mercede and Sherry.

    Nothin like holding the grandchild out as bait so they shut the F up. Gotta get those unruly peasants in line one way or another.

    If it takes using Tripp to blackmail, so be it. It's effective.

    She's truly evil.

    I wonder if she got word neighbor Joe is out talkin to people and she's afraid the Johnston's will talk so she's pulling these shenanigans. She can discredit Levi damage in the process.

  167. 4:18 PM ~ SARAH WINS! She has been successful at saying don't mess with Ma Grizz cubs. Everyone kowtows and protects the "innocent" Bristol, it isn't her fault. Although Bristol is talked about with an advocacy and she is political and no doubt compensated by political organizations, that is not how the media is told to treat her. The way Queen Sarah wants her treated is like a sheltered Princess. Shame if media does their job and reveals a hoax. Bristol is no balloon boy to the Republicans. She is P.U.R.E. and the best mother and all that.

    Do you think Levi wrote that lame apology? I don't think it was even him with a ghost writer. A Sarah Teamster did that. He and his lawyer may have had to say it was acceptable and sign off on it. Did Levi even read it and grunt to signal he was alright with it? Maybe, maybe a new lawyer handled it. Did he throw his old lawyer under the bus? Did Sarah furnish him a new lawyer or what? Levi is so far in over his head.

    2012? No matter how well they can spin the latest (there will be more drama to come) this solidifies that Sarah Palin is a hick and white trash of the lowest order. More accurate to describe the out of wedlock baby makers of Wasilla as Breeders. That is the atmosphere and training (lack of) the young get in the Valley. Matanuska Thunderf_ck, meth, oxy...The more the media looks into that culture the more people will get what goes on up there. Church, drugs, slacker and on-line education and home-school. Recreations are around the outdoors and hockey is big. They like rough and violent. The true story of Bristol will one day show that she is a pretty typical Breeder, with the exception that she has money and is not a poor Breeder.

  168. ---- a reality show. "Bristol Palin's Two Kids and Counting in Alaska."

    Look out Duggars, you ain't seen nuttin' yet!

  169. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I encourage each one of you to send an email to the Candies Foundation telling them that it's not right for her to continue as their spokesperson since she's clearly not abstinate.

    Their email address:

  170. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Has anyone considered that Levi may have blackmailed SP? That he was sick and tired of not seeing his son, and played his cards... and was willing to put a little sugar out to sweeten up the deal? He's not stupid, and by cutting his mom and sister out of the loop he does protect them somewhat from what will be s**t hitting the fan over the election long haul. Maybe he's playing a much longer game. And if so, I wish him luck.

    But you have to figure he shouldn't be going on any small planes across the wilderness.

  171. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Don't buy your theory, 6:25. Levi is doing anything but protecting his sister and mother. He's thrown them to the wolves by his actions.

  172. Anonymous9:56 PM

    This is hilarious! The only queston is why Levi picked this exact moment to start sucking up to Sarah.

  173. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Levi and Bristol today in the NYTimes op-ed piece by the genius Gail Collins:



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