Monday, July 26, 2010

Mercede Johnston has a new post in which she refuses to be thrown under the bus in a trashy tabloid.

In this new post Mercede reads, for the first time, that she is given the blame for the fact that Levi and Bristol broke up immediately following the birth of her nephew.  As you might imagine she does not take it well.

Nope, not well at all.


  1. Anonymous6:08 AM

    ....and nor should she take it well, since Bristol continues to lie about her and not take responsibility for the mess that she alone created in her life.

    Mercede's newest blog post is a knockout, just like she is! What a wonderful, feisty and smart lady she is.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Good for her! What muck she has to deal with. Hey, Bristol, insecure much? Not surprised, limited education, teen pregnancy, wow, such aspirations in life. Petty, vindictive, hmmmm who does that sound like? Apple meet tree. Bristol and Levi need to grow up and take care of their son.

  3. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Great post Mercede....

    Nobody in the Palin family practices forgiveness... ask Mike Wooten if you need proof.

  4. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Good for Mercede sticking up for herself and not backing down. I hope she's keeping a journal and writes a book about her family and life in Wasilla. Bristol needs to grow up as does her mother Sarah, both vindictive bitches..always blaming someone else.

  5. What the hell? Why does Bristol always say "you have no education and no job" and "you have no title"? BRISTOL HAS NOTHING. She is a high school dropout, who may or may not have gotten her GED. She has no college education, she has NO JOB other than selling pictures of her son to tabloids. She has had at least TWO pregnancies by the age of 20. My most standards, she is a complete and total loser. A ZERO. Why does she insist on judging people as if she were some successful role model? That must be some freakin' mental illness. Delusions of grandeur much?!

  6. Anonymous8:02 AM

    What does Mercede think about the baby with the ruffled ears? Was there an operation or a baby switch?

  7. Lisabeth8:19 AM

    Any empathy/sympathy I once had for Bristol is gone.The girl clearly has emotional problems and is very very insecure. She lies as easily and proudly as her mother.
    Really she is sick. I have a sister in law just like this and now no one in our family has a relationship. He made his choice. Levi is as stupid and whipped as my brother. I know it's painful for Sadie to accept this, but better now than enduring years of being treated badly. She has to accept Bristol is screwed up big time and unlikely to change. It's sad.

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Poor Mercede. She is a strong one but she has an uphill battle. Levi has a set up, not so likely to man up. Not soon. He is her brother but I'm done with him. I wouldn't trust a word either Bristol or Levi have to say.

    Johnny Chandler is looking good. His story could be an eye opener and more interesting than rehashing Levi. I don't know when he started to date Bristol but it could have been 2006 and he continued to be around them. He might be brighter and more observant than Levi and know more about the Palins. He would know how he felt when she broke up with him for Levi and when she was pregnant. What was he thinking? The Gabe Gatto relationship is also a window into Bristol and the breeders of Wasilla.

    Levi is going to do the tabloid scene, he is going into music videos now, he is tabloid. Hard to fight that garbage. Levi's version of "man up" will be to keep his set up. He and Bristol will say they are putting Tripp first. Even if it is all lies they will claim they are protecting Tripp and being good parents.

    The best revenge is to live well. I'm sorry Mercede has to be on the defense. I hope she can tell her story from another perspective soon. If she does have any friends they will step up and help her. What is Johnny Chandler's excuse for no man up on his part?

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    8:02 AM Mercede was a bouncy happy teen loving all babies and delighted with what she believed was Sarah's baby when the "triggy bear" pictures were shot. The ruffled ear baby and the other Trigs are the same baby to her. She did not notice a change. I don't know how she views the blogs Gryphen wrote or the picture comparisons. She isn't saying much about that.

    Is it a coincidence that the ruffled ear baby looks more like a Chandler baby? It might be. The Chandlers may have opinions about it all since Johnny was boinking Bristol before Levi, maybe during and after, too. It is hard to pinpoint all the timing because they are all secret about that. Go figure why Johnny Chandler won't do some interviews.

  10. Leadfoot said...What the hell? Why does Bristol always say "you have no education and no job" and "you have no title"?
    I couldn't have said it better, what the hell? Bristol clearly has self-esteem issues. She is so young to be talking like a whacked out loon. Sad. Sarah abandoned her children and the lies they tell are not working out so well now. I imagine both Sarah and Bristol are surrounded by YES PEOPLE. In time it will be their downfall but it works in that tabloidie way for the moment.

    IMO Chuck Heath and Sarah don't have the educations they want the public to believe. Bristol is so far gone she doesn't get it either. If she has any kind of GED, it is likely from the 98% internet and someone else "helped" her. I've read about some weird "home school" experiences. That does not mean all home schooling is bad. Some do isolate kids and teach propaganda. Bristol needs a cult deprogrammer.

  11. Bristol is baiting Mercede. When Bristol says these outrageous things it takes Mercede away from blogging.
    That means we don't get our questions answered or read anything of substance.

    Let's face it, Bristol has zeroed in on Mercede and I'll bet soon we'll be hearing snide remarks about Sherry. There are two Johnston men and one of them needs to step up.

  12. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Tripp is too young and Keith is who the kid Levi mimics. There will be no stepping up from a Johnston male. Unless another one is hiding and will come forth. Mercede is a teenager. Her world is the Anchorage Metro, Mat-Su Borough. Her friends are friends of Palins or close. Think small high school in a place with fake religious influences. The tanning salon is like going to mecca. Nordstroms is the center of the universe. You want to go to the wedding of the century just to show off your Dooney Burke original. They all party like there is no tomorrow, crashing the reception would work, too. Colony girl vandals is a way of life. They all know how it works up there. For teens there can be a plus side to step up for Sarah. Remember Willow and the girls were protected. It makes you wonder who else gets that kind of protection.

    The big drug problems of the Valley can't be mentioned unless it is to slam Sherry. I don't know how they can get out of the fog as long as they are in the Valley. They can't move either. I hope Mercede doesn't throw away the opportunity her free speech is giving her. Bristol's mother might as well own the tabloids they will obey and give Bristol a voice. Bristol and Levi are not going to be changing right away, if ever. Things could blow any second but who knows when?

  13. Anonymous12:41 PM

    All Mercede has to do is carry on her own life, do her best, and ignore the Palins. Maybe her blog is not the best way to do that. As a middle-aged mother, I'll say it to Mercede the same way I'd tell my own child, don't engage with the Palins.

    Have seen this type of family in action, and they love a fight, love provocation, love to feel pitied, everyone on their side. You can't reason with them, you can't have any relationship with them because they thrive on conflict. It's a no-win situation. The person who is lured into their den of poison will eventually see the truth, but will get beat down and spit out, maybe several times, before they learn to run away forever.

    Maybe she would need to write a memoir soon, gather all her info and reveal it in one swoop. The blog way only makes it harder, as with each small revelation, she gets the critics undies all up in a wad.

    All I know is that these "types" like the behavior Bristol is displaying, are extremely jealous and act like childish brats. Avoid them at all costs, and it makes them even more furious. Hard to do, but, the long-term benefits are peace, health, and a good mental attitude.

  14. SME1314:18 PM

    I am glad to see she is setting the record straight. I try to be as fair and impartial as possible since none of them asked to be dragged into this mess and even Levi got a raw deal in the beginning.

    But I have lost all respect for him (not that I had much to begin with). He has no backbone. He apologizes to Sarah and that was a HUGE mistake, he continues to allow Bristol to dog him out publicly every chance she gets.

    She always manages to add the insults whenever she is discussing Levi; he has no job or education, he didn't see his son very often. And he just stands by and lets her do it. He never has gotten credit from her for paying all the child support he owed. He allows her to talk shit about his family and does nothing to correct the record.

    Even now when she claims to love him and want a life with him she is constantly finding fault with him.

    I thinks she (bristol) is just as narcissistic as her mother is. And Levi is a punk.

  15. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I bet all this drama is designed by Sarah so the world doesn't find out about Bristol's pregnancy and Bristol doesn't lose her "Abstinence Spokesmodel" gig and Sarah saves face. I bet Sarah told Bristol to get Sadie out of their lives, just like last time she was pregnant, so she wouldn't have any information to blab to the media.

  16. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Ya know I had really hoped those two would get away from the palin clan of punks but it sounds like they won't and Bristol honey you have no title or education either except what you claim.At least Sadie is honest and forthright,which is more than I can say for either you or Levi for that matter.I had thought better of the two of you.Shows how wrong one can be.

  17. Anonymous6:41 PM

    OK Gryph,, since you and mercedes are friends why don't you ask her to spill the beans on the baby she was holding in the pictures with Sarah Palin bending over her. Seem like she has some important information that she is holding onto. She could wait to release the information when sarah declares her presidential candidacy. Surely that was not sp baby, all bent over after she just had a baby. Ask Mercedes if she still has those pictures. Somebody could make a lot of money off this story. What are they afraid of.

  18. I thought I had addressed this but maybe I haven't fully explained it so here it goes.

    Mercede did not notice anything odd about the ears of the baby she was holding that day in Sarah's kitchen.

    She only held him for a few minutes that day and obviously did not think to do an inventory of his body parts. She saw the baby a few times after that when Bristol would come over to the house with Levi, but she did not spend much time with him and never noticed if there was any difference between the baby she saw in their living room and the one she saw later.

    She also always believed that Sarah gave birth to Trig, and really only had a vague idea about talk of a conspiracy. By the way this is not as uncommon as you might think in Wasilla.

    Mercede and I have not really discussed this story for a while so currently I cannot tell you what she thinks about the possibility that somebody besides Sarah had the baby, but she is absolutely certain Bristol did not have it on April 18.

    If it was true that Levi and Bristol had a baby before they had Tripp, Mercede was left completely out of the loop.

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions about what Sadie does, and does not, know.

  19. Ask Mercede if she thinks it's possible that Bristol had a baby considerably before April 18.

  20. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Mercede is at the mercy of what Bristol wanted Levi to tell her.

    Mercede's friend Johnny Chandler also knew Bristol and the Palins during the times she was possibly pregnant. He might have seen or known many things first hand. Why can't Mercede ask him for an interview? He may want to earn some money and tell his story at the same time. Can't someone help him make some connections? His pieces of the puzzle would be interesting even if he does not know the babies DNA parents. He may know something that leads to more pertinent information.


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