Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sarah Palin wants the "half white/half black" President to "refudiate" the NAACP's charge that the Teabaggers are really just a bunch of racists. WTF?

Listen carefully at the 2:37 mark for your "Sarah Palin approved brand new made up word of the day!"

By the way since we are discussing the poor misunderstood Teabaggers perhaps you would like to see a video of Sarah Palin's pick to replace Lisa Murkowski in the Senate riding in his Humvee during the Fourth of July parade.

(H/T to Andrew Halcro for the video)

Gosh don't you just LOVE a parade!  Of course if I remember correctly the parades of my youth seemed to have had more floats and fewer automatic weapons.  Of course that was BEFORE we had a half white/half black President.


  1. Ratfish10:17 AM

    Let's "REFUDIATE' Sarah Palin!

    If Palin wants to talk about half-white's etc., maybe she can explain why her 3/4 white husband and 7/8 white children are eligible to receive 100% free medical provided by- you guessed it- the government.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    listening to her makes me want to make up words as well.. just ones i dont want to say in public.

  3. laprofesora10:30 AM

    Scarah, I refudiate that you have a functioning brain in that empty head of yours. She must have gotten a mandation to be on Hannity so everyone would forget her ghastly performance on BOR where she was ravaged by his questions. Sweet jesus in heaven I loathe this woman.

  4. laprofesora10:37 AM

    PS Gryphen, if you find yourself in her neighborhood, could you drop off a dictionary on her front porch? You would be doing us all a public service. Thanks.

  5. And who exactly created the divisiveness in this country? Sigh.

    Refute. Repudiate. She's an expert at conflating issues. Now she conflates words.

    She thinks that if you don't use the "n" word, you're not a racist. Melissa Harris Lacewell had a good comment about it the other night while talking to Keith O.

  6. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I see. Obama should be the spokesman for the NAACP because they represent blacks. Fox couldn't even get a token on the segment to agree with her. Just sick. Sick to the core.

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Yah, Sarah! You are the woman who is already known to be racist here in Alaska. i.e. to the blacks (as to their annual celebration in June) and to our Alaskan natives in the interior regarding their lack of food and heat. (All can be documented as to occuring while she served as our half-term governor.)

    And, she certainly projected herself to be racist when campaigning w/John McCain nationally against our wonderful President Obama.

    Check the facts guys - she is race challenged.

  8. Irishgirl10:54 AM

    Listen around the 2.20 mark where she talks about a "methage." Seriously, my first impression on listening to this, is that she is either stoned or drunk.

  9. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Queen $carah is her own one person race war. I wonder what is in her family's background. Anybody done the Heath family geneology?

  10. WakeUpAmerica11:02 AM

    Hey, Sarah!
    I googled "refudiate" for you and this is what I found:

    The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

    Sarah, your brain must still be brand new, squeeky clean, and still in the shrink wrap. Why are you saving it in its pristine condition?

  11. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I second laprofesora's suggestion, but make it a children's dictionary - with pictures.

  12. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Good questions, Ratfish. Exactly how does that family qualify for 100 percent free medical care?

    Will it extend to Bristol and her brood as well?

  13. Anonymous11:29 AM

    laprofesora - that dictionary you so wisely advised to be dropped off on Palin's doorstep would have to be one with pictures. I don't think Sarah is up to the adult version just yet.

  14. Yeah folks you can forget that delivery of a dictionary.

    I am not stepping foot in that crazy ass compound. However if Joe McGinniss is willing maybe I could throw one over that ginormous fence from the safety of his property.

    Just my luck it would hit one of the kids and then Sarah could say "See? I told you big words were not good for you!"

  15. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Poor Sarah, trying so hard to speak those big grown-up words. Better stick with the simpler, more age-appropriate ones, buttercup.

    It's been clear Sarah is stuck in middle-school emotionally, but with more public exposure, she's making it clear that she hasn't graduated from elementary school mentally.

  16. emrysa11:34 AM

    well I see that hannity is doing the same thing that oriley has been doing - leading her. offering up all the "facts" before she can speak. oh but of course it's simply spontaneous - there's no directive that's been handed down! I don't know when it's going to stop amazing me that there are people who can't see through this shit.

    sarah goes on and on about how the tea partiers aren't racist, yet there are endless examples of racist signs at their rallies. she speaks as if there is no evidence.

    I'm just going to take comfort in the nation article. this doesn't appeal to as many people as we might assume.

    yeah that guy running for senate. it just speaks volumes about those "men" walking around with their guns strapped to their bodies. they think it makes them look strong, when in fact it makes them look like weak idiots. I guess if I was a better person I should have pity on them, but instead I find them so repulsive that I just want to puke.

  17. she is totally wasted. high. stoned. and fucking stoopid. not a good combo....

  18. Lisabeth11:45 AM

    That woman is such a fucking idiot!!!!

    Excuse my Language, but honestly where did this ignorant creature come from!? How can anyone who loves our country, or anyone who is religious approve of the things she says? She is horrible! I read the comments at various blogs and many conservatives go on and on about hateful liberals?!!??? But they cheer Sarah Palin?
    Are they stupid? Blind? Brainwashed? The people at C4P just seem in denial to me and I'm sorry but they have to be either foolish or stupid or a product of their own racist upbringing. Because they clearly do not see what a a hateful, negative AND non Christ like woman Sarah is!

  19. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Tea Bagger's and Fox News anchors are going crazy about that Black Panther dude carrying a stick to a voting area. A stick. A. Stick. An inanimate stick that can do nothing but give you an owie or maybe even a couple of fractures and a concussion.

    But these Real American freedom constitutional lovin patriots are right on carrying automatic weapons into an Independence Day parade. With bullets. Bullets that don't pull back or practice restraint.

    It's not like voting at stations is a family affair, and it's not like I'm totally against the 2nd Amendment, but I don't want to be worried for my kids when a wing-nut decides to make a statement and assassinate or indiscriminately kill innocent bystanders at a public event.

    Why don't you call him a mulatto Sarah? A cafe latte? A half-breed? That's popular in Alaska.

    Obama can address the NAACP when Sarah addresses the fringe haters in the Tea Party movement. She can go first. Instead of just saying it's not right to categorize them as just so.

  20. Anonymous11:51 AM

    She never addressed the violent and hateful cries at her rallies, but remember that one time, on the campaign trail when a group started yelling that they couldn't hear her. . .she got all rilled up and said American patriots were dying for their right to yell during her speech?

    My point is, she took the time to criticize people she couldn't even hear or confirm were heckling her - but she saw no evil nor heard no evil with her teabagger supporters.

  21. ixnay ethay ictionaryday...evenway ookedhay onway onicsphay
    on'tway elphay atthay uedopsay-intellectway.

    (sarah-with-lipstick or commonly know as piglatin)

  22. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Sarah.. I REFUDIATE that you are a Christian!!!! Do you honestly think your actions and words are Christian??
    You are the anti-Christ Sarah and I have never called anyone that but you are pure evil!!

    I refudiate the IDEA that God had called you to do anything!! Call Reverend Muthee because the devil is in you!

    You made more sense when you were speaking in tongues at church!!! I know God would refudiate the hate and spite and jealousy that you spew daily at Barack Obama, the ELECTED president of our country!!

    You lost so STFU and GO AWAY witch!! God speaks to me and he told me he refudiates your very being!!

  23. Anonymous12:07 PM

    OK, I 100% agree with the poster who said she was lisping. She says "ith" for "it's" and "falth" for "false" as well. What's going on here? This isn't the first time I've heard her lisp, but she definitely doesn't do it all the time. Her voice also sounds different and muted. Can any medical people answer this for us? Is it anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds? Or botox? Really really weird.

  24. So I got some really good photos of those gun freaks strutting behind Miller's truck. They did not like, that I a brown faced Inuit, was taking close ups. My sweetie noticed their disgust, grabbed the camera, walked ahead of the procession and aimed the camera at them. Oddly enough they were more pleased with my sweetie taking photos. Then again, my sweetie's looks mirror his European grandfather, rather than his American Indian looking parents.

    It will be interesting to see how Joe campaigns off Alaska's road system. Will the guy totally shine off the rural Alaska vote? Thinking it won't matter? Or that if he does want to campaign off the road system, will he weigh in the fact that he will loose votes from his racist base group?

    And if Joe wins the primary, it just means Democrat Scott has trippled his chances at winning.

  25. GrainneKathleen12:13 PM

    @ ratfish 10:17
    yes, let's refudiate sowrah!

    as far as i understand, todd palin is 1/8 native american, so their kids are 1/16. i am 1/16 cherokee, but unfortunately i don't get free health care for it. and yes, how ironic it is that the palin family receives socialist medical care. they are lucky to have escaped all those death panels thus far.

    @ anonymous 10:20 - haha! you could share those words with us, though!

    sarah is reminding her sycophant, seanny, that only she is allowed to be divisive in this country. and funny that sowrah defends the teabaggers by saying first that they don't mind that there is a "half white" man in the white house, as if that would ever be their problem. she goes on to lie and say that it doesn't bug them at all either that obama is also "half black". oh no, nothing to see here, move along. just don't take a look at the videos of their lovely, "rascist" signs brought "patriotically" to their rallies "beautiful" rallies.
    another odd thing i note, why does sowrah call the teabaggers "tea party americans"? a democrat isn't called a "democratic american," nor is a republican. it's almost like a make-believe ethnicity, like irish-american, or italian-american. so what land have these patriots come from? and hey, maybe someone should check their papers - there could be some illegals in that bunch. don't i wish it were so!

  26. Virginia Voter12:17 PM

    Wow, just wow...her hatred of President Obama is eating her alive...Sarah as a parent of two "half white-half black" children I refudiate you and and that fucking grandpa of yours who created you.

    Curse you John McCain...this is all your fault...

  27. Anonymous12:22 PM

    "A beautiful party with beautiful people"
    Yeah. And magic ponies and rainbows too.

  28. Palin would certainly understand the "other side" putting out this "false information" in order to "invalidate" the movement.

    Kind of reminds us of what she did with "Death Panels". She is the QUEEN of putting out false information in order to invalidate a movement.

    Takes one to know one, bitch.

  29. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Agree with Ratfish. Much more of her real situation should be covered . The methage word is more what she likes if age is removed.

  30. Well maybe Sarah needs to get out of her little Fox bubble. Try reading some of the posts from right wing websites.

    I didn't like Bush but I didn't call him Whitie, call his wife names, or even call him names for that matter.

    You don't agree with the President no problem. Marching with rifles, signs that use the Tree of Liberty quote, talking of taking over the government. I call them on it. The day after President Obama was voted in (before he got a chance to do a darn thing) I heard people in my city which I though was pretty liberal saying they could not believe the (insert N word) had won!

    I really try hard not to hate someone but that betch gets on my last nerve.

  31. Anonymous1:06 PM

    tallimat@12:09, I think I'm seriously going to vote for Joe Miller because I don't see a down side to it. Either the Dem beats him because he's so crazy, or he wins it and he's totally ineffective because he's so crazy.

    I changed my voter registration from Dem back to Non Partisan so that I can ask for the Republican Primary Ballot. Samuels would be easier for a Dem to beat than Parnell too.

    You can change your voter registration over the phone, but you have to do it at least 30 days in advance of the election.

  32. Anonymous1:28 PM

    But she didn't say which half was which. And it must be important since she brought it up.

    It is significant that the ratio of Black to White only mattered when Blacks were denied equal rights, but Whites were given greater rights.

    Soooooooooo. The statement in and of itself proves she is a racist and or she is ignorant of the history of Blacks in this Country.

  33. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Sarah says the Obamas have power in their words and could refudiate the accusation of Racism by the NAACP.

    So by her rule -
    if a wanna quittie Gov doesn't refudiate the signs and shouts of a party she say is beautiful, and at rallies for her shot at VP that means-
    her words have not power
    she is too dumb to realize what she just said.

  34. Honestly, I don't know how you do what you do - I cannot stand to watch or listen to her idiocy. And people believe her!? What a monster.

  35. Oh, good grief! "Refudiate???"

    Right now, the knuckleheads over at C4P are scouring the internets trying to find a sit that says it's an actual word.

  36. Anne In DC5:33 AM

    Sarah Palin is just one representative of a dangerous mindset in this country concerning racism. On other forums, you should see how people are jumping all over Ben Jealous by calling him a racist because he pointed out that the Tea Partiers need to hold people accountable for their blatantly racist signs. He was nicer about it than a lot of others would have been.

    I have been told that I am mollycoddling Ben Jealous just because he is black like me, in spite of pointing out the obvious difference between criticizing racists and damning an entire race because of the actions of some. I have even been told that he should apologize for his words. I have come to firmly believe that is a tactic of racists--to accuse others of racism when these others point out instances of the racism that these people obviously share.

    As for Sarah Palin's new word
    "refudiate," you couldn't make this up in a million years. This is someone who played on racism and xenophobia during the 2008 campaign, stoking the anger and hatred of her followers. She not only shows her ignorance and that of her followers, but also the racial bigotry that they share.

    Just because her husband is part Eskimo, and therefore her children and grandson are, does nothing to
    absolve her. Not saying the N word does not in and of itself indicate whether one is a racist or not. But her actions as governor are instructive, because those actions alienated the Native Americans and the blacks in her state. She would not have said anything at all one way or another if Jealous hadn't spoken up. Her actions in this case are instructive because she has turned a deaf ear to the remarks and signs that precipitated Jealous's remarks.

  37. Randall8:10 AM

    Anybody else remember that brown sock-monkey with the Obama bumper sticker wrapped around its head at one of the McCain/Palin rallies? I remember the guy that was carrying it looking into the camera and saying "this's lil Obama, hyuk-hyuk!"

    ...wish I could find that clip.

    Anyway - somebody needs to sit Sarah Palin down, show her the many, many photographs of teabaggers carrying signs saying "we want our country back" and asking her: "back from what exactly?"

    Then show her the landslide electoral college result of the 2008 election. And the popular vote result as well...

    And ask her again, "back from what ...the democratic process?

    Then, just for the sheer entertainment value of it: ask her to explain the differences between marxism, socialism, and communism.

  38. More evidence that $arah is a birther; the birthers go off about Obama not really being black all the time. As if it will "prove" that they aren't racists.

    I am surprised that Palin said this on national tv. I am not surprised that she would think it or say it in her everyday life, but on tv?!

    I really need to stop being surprised. Just when I think she can't sink ant lower, she does. I need to begin to be surprised when she doesn't sink lower.

    Anyone getting the impression that she realizes that most Americans think she is full of shit? She keeps getting nastier and nastier. Guess the months of poor poll #s and the 1/2 filled lecture halls are beginning to register with her. She sure isn't pulling in $100k per speaking event anymore.

  39. Anonymous9:11 AM

    If the tea party crowd are not racists why didn't they demand the ousting of the blatant racists at their events instead of back slapping them or cheering them?


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