Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greta Van Susteren braves the wilds of Wasilla in search of the shrill voiced Alaskan Cuckoo bird.

In this second half of Geta's interview with the Wacky Wasilla Witch she, of course, broaches the subject of the New York Islamic cultural center and elicits a response from the least qualified person in the country to offer their opinion.

VAN SUSTEREN: We're back live in Wasilla, Alaska, with former governor Sarah Palin. And once again, President Obama has put himself in the middle of a controversy, this time over the planned mosque near Ground Zero in New York. Now, on Friday, President Obama came out strong in defense of Muslims building that mosque. Then Saturday, when things seemed to get a bit heated, the president clarified his statement, saying he would not comment on the wisdom on the decision to build a mosque there. Governor Palin?

PALIN: Well, you know, it sounds cliched to say that the president is disconnected from the American people on this issue, but how else do you describe it? He just doesn't get it, that this is an insensitive move on the part of those Muslims who want to build that mosque in this location. It feels like a stab in the heart to, collectively, Americans who still have that lingering pain from 9/11.

A "stab in the heart?"  Now see THIS is Palin's version of "religious tolerance."  She obviously lays the blame for the attacks on 9-11 on ALL Muslims in the world, including those living in New York City who actually endured the attacks and undoubtedly lost loved ones on that fateful day.  But because of their religious beliefs, Palin feels that it is acceptable to paint them all as terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers.

(By the way if you want to REALLY understand how religious intolerance can feel like a "stab through your heart" you should educate yourselves on what the introduction of  western culture and Christianity did to the native people of Alaska.  I wonder if Todd Palin feels a "stab through his heart" when he passes a Russian Orthodox Church or the local Wal-Mart?)

PALIN: Well, what the president seems to be suggesting is that everybody needs to be so tolerant of others' beliefs. That is fine. Then let him take that lesson and try to apply it to the debate on the other side if you were right now and talk to that imam, those others who want to build and choose that precise location for their mosque that is so offensive to so many people, and ask them to be tolerant. Ask them to understand America's feelings on this. And see if then the president can use some of his influence in a more positive, less divisive way. That's one way that he can help bridge this divide.

So in other words Sarah Palin is all for religious tolerance so long as it is OTHER religions being tolerant of HER religions intolerance and xenophobia? 

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I think it certainly says the president doesn't pay attention to polls because I think (INAUDIBLE) American people overwhelmingly are opposed to it. I mean, I think the numbers -- I haven't seen the numbers today because I've been on the road with you -- actually, up in the air with you. But I haven't seen the numbers, but he certainly - - I mean, he's making decisions independent of the polls.

PALIN: No, I don't believe that.

VAN SUSTEREN: You don't believe it?

PALIN: I believe that's why he made his comment Friday night. He knew immediately because his advisers told him, You went too far on this. So the next morning, he tried to backtrack that. And now, curiously, he's not coming out and saying -- we want to know -- Mr. President, we have a right to know. What's your position on this? Again, we all know that there is that 1st Amendment right to build a church, a mosque where they want to, if it's legally appropriate. But what is your position on this? Should they? Do you support it? And we don't have the answer from him.

You know if Palin were a person who was fit to be the President of this great country she would understand that President Obama should NOT express his personal opinions on this debate.  His job is to defend the Constitution, not take sides in a local conflict over New York City real estate.

Besides doesn't Palin have "sticking your nose in and overreacting to issues that don't even concern you", already covered?

P.S. I know that some of you have trouble getting he videos to play, so if you click here you can read the transcripts as well as see the first part of the interview that i did not include in this post.


  1. Olivia7:28 AM

    Shouldn't the Constitution be at least as "hallowed" as the World Trade Center?

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    "Those Muslims"

    Hateful Sarah.

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    She talks as if the people wanting to build the community center (Palin's Mosque)aren't Americans. But then again, that's been her whole problem, anyone else with a slightly darker color isn't part of the whole 'apple pie of America' Palin version.

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Oh, Greta, how low you have sunk, sucking up the the likes of Sarah Palin.

    And exactly whose hearts are "those Muslims" stabbing? Christians? White People's? New Yorkers of the non-Muslim variety? Americans of the non-Muslim variety? Sarah's? Is Sarah now speaking for all Americans?

    This is insanity.

  5. angela7:41 AM

    STFU Sarah you stupid, insipid blight on the landscape.

    (Sorry, but when will we be free of this breathing rotting corpse of a hater?)

  6. BAustin7:41 AM

    She is just such a hateful intolerant boob. "Why don't they used any of the other 100 mosques in New York?" You mean like how a presbyterian would just go to a fundie church instead?

    I mean really.....she almost doesn't even try to cover up her racism these days. We've crossed off mexicans. muslims, blacks, and johnstons so far. Has she tweeted about prop 8 yet? I'm sure we need to add gays to sarahs list.

  7. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Wake up. Look around. Palin is dead right on this issue.

    Democrats are running away from this as fast as they can.

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    She is such a fucking retard. The more she speaks the more liberal I become. I hate to use the word hate, but I HATE her. Yes, wrong plane. Wrong Alaskan. Sue me.

  9. laprofesora7:52 AM

    Paylin's "reasoning" is juvenile and overly simplistic. She does not possess the capacity for complex mental processes. That is why she appeals to the ignorant and uneducated, they can understand her. It doesn't matter if she's right or wrong, it is enough that she pays attention to these fools and they reward her with their adulation. It's incredibly frustrating, but we have to remember that the system works: when given the opportunity, the American people overwhelmingly rejected this under-qualified beauty-queen-wanna-be.

  10. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Sarah's stupidity stabs me in the heart...

  11. Anonymous8:08 AM

    This is a FASCINATING read on how narcissistic mothers abuse their kids, in subtle ways to others. I wonder if Track, Bristol, Willow, etc. find any of this familiar?


  12. Anonymous8:09 AM

    She's a pawn. Getting paid for being on Fox because "the power's" agenda is to discredit President Obama and the Democrats. Brainwashing ignorant Americans. Communism & Scientology tactics of mind control.

  13. laprofesora8:17 AM


    I'm wide awake, thank you. You see, in the Democratic party we tolerate the dissenting views of others. Harry Reid expressed his disagreement with the President's position. He has not been ostracized, demonized nor vilified. We respect his right to have his own opinion. Scarah Paylin is only right on this issue if you completely deny the Constitution. She is right only if you support religious intolerance, racism and oppression. And for the record, I seriously doubt $P has been right about any substantial issue ever.

  14. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I live in NYC and I just don't feel "stabbed" and yet, a friend of mine was the manager of Windows on the World, and she died that morning.

    All kinds live peacefully together here, which is what I love about the city.

    FEAR is driving this hate but when you live with Muslims and every other cab driver is a Mohammad, you have no fear!

  15. First quote: "those Muslims"
    Second quote: "those others"

    Kinda says it all, huh? Xenophobic, anyone?

    Interesting drill down on poll about the mosque.
    Majority of Americans - against
    Majority of New Yorkers - against
    Majority of Manhattanites - FOR

    And all this noise from the party of 'local gov't' and private property rights.

  16. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Palin,... just the name sends me over the cliff.

    She sticks her head and mouth into everything.Things she knows nothing of and refuses to learn about.
    I, may not be a college graduate, but I know and can recognize a moran, creatin, half-wit, natural born fool when I HEAR ONE....

  17. Anonymous8:35 AM

    All I can say is the "Alaskan Cuckoo Bird" went to a different bible school than what I attended as a child!

  18. The next time Sarah wants to add to her compound on the shores of the Dead Lake, do we get a poll to see how the rest of America feels about that?

  19. imnofred8:38 AM

    I am to the point that I cannot even stomach watching her, even for a minute or so. She is disgusting. Her statement about Obama using his intelligence in a "divisive" way is laughable when her whole purpose of living is to divide this country for her own political gain.

    Again, it's not the President's job to approve or disapprove a community center, not a mosque being built. His job is to uphold the constitution, which Sarah has no respect for.

    I guess she got her religious tolerance from "god" or her "faith"

  20. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Just a little something to consider:


    This is an issue for the people of NYC to decide. She should stay out of it. 2 blocks in NYC is the difference between one neighborhood and another (I know, I used to live there).

    Personally, I think our President is upholding the 1st ammendment of our Constitution that is being so bandied about these days.

    IMHO, having a cultural center built NEAR the "hallowed" ground of the WTC would be a collective middle finger to all religious extremists from the people of the USA. What better way to say "United we Stand"? But that's just me...

  21. Tyroanee8:41 AM

    I'm completely convinced when Fox displays Palins name on the screen with the (R)...
    It stands for Retarded.

  22. Well $arah, the president is doing his job.

    He is supporting and defending the constitution, with true faith and allegiance.

    His personal "opinions" are not part of his job.

    Of course we KNOW that an "oath of office" means nothing to you, because you proved that by quitting YOUR "job" as governor of Alaska.


    for Congressmen, Senators and the President of the United States as set forth in the US Constitution:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.
    "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States"

    "I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same"

    All current politicians making statements that the "mosque" should be built "somewhere else", have broken their oath of office.

    By making such statements they are SUBVERTING the constitution instead, by exerting political pressure in order to SUPPRESS Americans of the Muslim faith, their first amendment rights.

    Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  23. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Instead of going to Alaska, why doesn't vansustern video the walk from ground zero to the community center, just so America can really see what they are talking about? For that matter have all these people complaining done just that? I know Keith did.

    (looks like palin got the dead animal out of the closet just for greta)

  24. Anonymous8:48 AM

    She is still "pissed" because President Obama won/t answer her personally.

  25. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Ah, the right wing loons in full flight...

    They don't want a Muslim faith center built on "hallowed ground" despite it being a constitutional right.

    This is the same party that voted down healthcare to first responders who are suffering because of their efforts on said "hallowed ground".

    Stay classy rethuglicans.

  26. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Dana Milbank had a really good column today on this subject.


    M from MD

  27. I wonder if it's a stab in the heart to Miss Ground Zero that there's a betting parlor so close to her 'hallowed ground.'


    Her pandering to the bigotry is disgusting, but there's no greater punishment for it than having to live with her calcified heart of bile.

  28. Anonymous9:04 AM

    And a little something from a conservative column on the subject:


  29. Anonymous9:04 AM

    It is timethat we start insisting on the truth rather then the spin...A cultural center established in an extisting structure four blocks from the site of the former Twin Towers IS NOT A MOSQUE ON GROUND ZERO!

    We must repeat that everytime they mention this fantasy mosque.

    And then remind them that COnstitution quaranties everyone freedom of relegion even Muslims.

  30. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I'm with you anon @ 8:47. Why doesn't GVS take a trek around this 'hallowed ground' instead of going all the way to AK to listen to a retarded know-nothing racist liek Palin blather on and on and on. They both are jet-skiing toward zero credibility.

  31. Randall9:09 AM

    hallowed ground...


  32. nswfm9:10 AM

    Not sure why anyone even wants to hear a word of what she has to say. Someone in Asia sent me this:


    She's a world-wide joke.

  33. nswfm9:19 AM

    AK, here's your chance to correct the mistake. I read this earlier and thought of your former mayor-half-gov:


    "To an otherwise successful. sociopath and narcissist, image and impression management is everything. Such individuals assess their own worth through the eyes of others. Without the constant attention and praise that serves as their life's blood, life (in prison or out) is not worth living."

  34. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Anonymous @ 8:19
    "All kinds live peacefully together here, which is what I love about the city."

    Indeed, you have hit the nail on the head. I grew up in New York City, and the rest of the nation could take a lesson in tolerance and coexistence in diversity from the city and its citizens.

    Sarah, Fox, Republicans... they are a black hole of negative energy who will not rest until they have sucked all the life and intelligence out of this nation. May that black hole collapse upon itself soon and send the lot careening into some parallel warped universe far away from here.

    AnneG in Colorado

  35. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Did anyone catch it when Sarah said "Mother Nature wins up here, and you don't mess around when she says you're not going to fly because the weather's bad , you believe her and then you take your time, do it right maybe the next time"
    Why did she find it necessary to say this, was it a snide remark because Stevens died flying in bad weather? Was she un-invited to the services and put this Greta Alaskan tour together to save face, being so busy and all.

  36. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Leave those godless, socialist, elite city-slickers alone! It's not as if they're "real" Americans or anything.

    As for the sacred, hallowed, ground zero-there's nothing better than spanking brand new office towers with plenty of commercial office space for rent.

  37. Anonymous10:02 AM

    it is amazing how fast $arah's hair grows! it must have grown 10" in one month. she should be studied; she could be the cure for baldness.

  38. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Stabbing at the heart. Sarah should know something about that. She stabs all day long at the heart of the elected President. She stabs others on national tv, while her 15 year-old daughter stabs at the heart of a family whose home she may have vandalized. What about Bristol using US and People mags to sell her personal life stories. Her marriage plans, then oops, no marriage plans. Criticizing her baby's father? How is that going to stab at the heart of Sarah's grandchild some day?

    Her judgments of others may come back to roost on her doorstep if those skeletons of hers are ever exposed. She talks about her disappointment in the President. Imagine the disappointment of her donors, followers, supporters when her s#it hits the fan? That'll be the disappointment of the century.

  39. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I can't listen to her drivel so I didn't hear the tape. But the fact that someone wrote the headline "Former AK Gov Palin Slams Pres for Ground Zero Mosque Remarks" is wrong on so many levels. Each and every word is a joke.

  40. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Sarah's looking a bit chunky, there. Are you "pregnant" again, Sarah???

    unable to log in

  41. Anonymous10:17 AM

    So, "most Americans" don't want this community center to be built? Even if that is true, WHO CARES? This isn't a popularity contest, this is religious freedom in action. This is part of the "freedoms" Sarah Palin loves to screech/ask if people love.

  42. Anonymous10:18 AM

    The Populist Spokesmodel rears her stupid jingoed xenephobia once again.

    Just as the abortion rights and the second amendment had nothing to do with a ho-dunk town's mayoral race, Limited-Grasp of American rights and way, and due process Sarah jumps in and elevates a non-federal or State's rights issue. It stirs up anger and stabbing of hearts everywhere.

    It sure do get her face on the teeves and series of tubes though.

  43. why does van susteran call palin governor? do we call all ex-govs "governor"? do we still say president clinton?
    i don't get why this is allowed

  44. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Ironic. I have a Muslim friend in NYC and he assures me that in the city, this issue has been a non issue. The media and the talking heads have turned it into THEIR issue. 'Nough said.

  45. Anonymous10:31 AM

    >> "I wonder if Todd Palin feels a "stab through his heart" when he passes a Russian Orthodox Church or the local Wal-Mart?" <<

    I wonder if Todd Palin feels a "stab through his heart" when he hears the name Brad Hansen.

  46. Anonymous10:35 AM

    One more time, all together now...

    It's NOT a Mosque, it's a Community Center!!!

  47. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Greta's main reason for traveling to Alaska is most likely to attend and cover the funeral of Senator Ted Stevens. Palin was probably secondary. Senator Stevens service will be held tomorrow and VP Joe Biden will be in attendance along w/other dignataries.

    Palin's attendance will be something to watch as she was not in good sted w/Senator Stevens and probably would not be warmly received by the Stevens family. He didn't trust her which most of us in Alaska already knew.

  48. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Actually full term governors can be called by the honorific but not those who have quit.

  49. Anonymous10:55 AM


    Have you seen this. I don't believe in multi-baby-ear theory...but this....is something.

  50. Anonymous11:42 AM

    ¨Most Americans¨ preferred Gore over Bush, remember Sarah?

  51. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Mr. G this is OT but could you do a writeup on this and post the link?




  52. The 'GZ Mosque' = Death Panels of 2010.

    As Gryphen pointed out yesterday, the President never backtracked.
    So Palin says Greta started this problem by her tweet misrepresenting the President's speech on Friday.

    @gretawire BREAKING NEWS ! PRES OBAMA: Obama Backs Mosque Near Ground Zero WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on... http://fxn.ws/cry0ir

    1)Misrepresent Pres. Obama;
    2)Pres. Obama restates position; 3)Accuse Pres. Obama of backtracking.
    4)Get Palin to hype the lies

    Me - sick to my stomach.

  53. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I think I'm figuring out something very important...although I'm sure its been said by others, more eloquently:

    The internet, and (sorry, Gryph) even blogs like this, has everyone suddenly able to express their opinion...not just to the people who are in earshot and unable to run away, as in the past--but we are all suddenly (SUPPOSEDLY) important critics, and micromanagers of the President of the United States, and everyone and every issue.

    I want to scream loudly enough for even a dummie like her to hear:

    SARAH PALIN! The President of the United States does not have the time nor the inclination to read your silly Facebook page! You act like a spoiled teenaged girl who thinks all the boys adore you, just because some with names like Clem and BillySueJoeBob fawn over you, in their complete idiocy.

    But that also goes for the toilet plunger salesman in Droopyballs, Arkansas, who is all up in arms and writing what he thinks is his significant personal reaction to a New York zoning issue about a community center.

    Okay, all at once, now: everyone slap themselves!

  54. Oh...Post title is hilarious!

  55. Anonymous12:09 PM

    You know that new black family that just moved into our all-white neighborhood? It's like a stab in the heart to all those of us who wanted our neighborhood to remain pristine and all white. And you want to talk to me about tolerance? Those black people should be the ones practicing tolerance and respecting the fact that we want our neighborhood, the precious place that we LIVE and RAISE OUR CHILDREN, to remain as is. What's wrong with them anyway? This is our America, don't they know that? I mean, sure they have the RIGHT to move in next to us, but the question is SHOULD they? I mean, why would they WANT to? Their whole intent in trying to move into our neighborhood needs to be examined. Just what are they up to anyway.....

    Sarah Palin and all the other pieces of crap spewing this shyt are the same type of people who bullied blacks out of white neighborhoods and expected Japanese-Americans to understand why they should be in internment camps. For all of their rhetoric, the are fundamentally UN-AMERICAN! History will judge them, and sadly people like Harry Reid harshly for this.

  56. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Just how does one know what the "9/11" families want? Has there been such a poll? Who qualifies as a "9/11" family member.

    Do you have to be the family member of someone killed? seriously injured (and then there's defining "seriously injured") injured. afraid and running down the street? someone who's business on harmed? someone who's business was on the path while people were running away from the Twin Towers. work in the twin towers?

    Do those "victims" or "survivors" of the Pentagon and Plane count?

    Assuming we can decide on the definition of "victim" or "survivor" of 9-11, who is a family member?
    Spouses for sure. and children.
    What about parents of adult children? Grandparents? neighbors, friends. religious community? colleagues? those who worked in the same office.

    And then there's the question, why do families's feelings count more than the feelings of those who live in Manhatten? or NYC? or New York?

    Who gets to decide who's feelings count?

    I'm not suggesting this should be decided by feelings. I think the Constitution is more important. This is one of the precise reasons the Constitution protects fundamental rights.

    I'm just suggesting their "feelings" arguments is as porous as cheesecloth.

  57. mommom12:46 PM

    Coming from the daughter of 2 people who made money off of the 9/11 attack,this is priceless."Real Americans" would have donated their time,but her parents were right there at the government trough getting over paid as contractors to kill rats.They were obviously not too upset to take money for helping shoo seagulls off the debris and trap rats.

  58. Anonymous12:48 PM

    We still address ex President's by the term President (all of them). I'm not sure exactly why but, at least as far as Presidents go, it really is only fair and honorable. Don't ex Presidents have security detail for life once their term is up? We have strange customs in this country

  59. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I worked in the building directly across the street from the WTC. The building I worked in sustained so much damage that we had to work in NJ for over a year while they replaced everything with exact replicas of tiling, light fixtures, paint…. However nothing can remove the shock of coming down the elevator which faces the wall of windows that now show the hole where the WTC once stood.

    When we went home at night, you can still smell the results lingering in the air. The sky had this yellowish hue for about a week. We looked up all of the time. We walked around numb once we were allowed back into the building.

    None of that compares to not being able to worship whenever and wherever I want to. if the COMMUNITY CENTER is forced to relocate because there’s a mosque housed in the building, could you imagine the precedent it would set for future houses of worship?

  60. Dear Sarah:

    What does this have to do with helping Alaskans?

    P.S. Your voice is like a fly buzzing by Pres. Obama's window. Insignificant and undeserving of a swatter.

  61. AKRNC2:04 PM

    Palin can't tell you the difference between what President Obama said on Friday night and Saturday. There was no difference, he was simply reaffirming what he said on Friday and repeated it on Saturday. $arah is just repeating what the media said, she has no thoughts of her own. When will Greta make it known she has breached ethical standards in interviewing Palin in such a positive manner all the time considering her husband has financial interest in $arahPAC and AFT? $arah, I thought you were all about ethics, at least you pretended to be and yet now you've given up all pretense.

  62. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Ok, I always hate when people get hung up on her looks and all that, but this woman gets plastic surgery or something cosmetic done about every month. She is scary and unnatural - she looks like a wax figure of herself.

    Anyway - her comment about the other Manhattan mosques is meant to stir the racist hearts of her followers. How does she know what the other mosques have done or haven't done on behalf of education, promoting tolerance, reconciliation and understanding? She sure wouldn't be aware of it, nor would she have cared had anyone reached out to her. (God knows she didn't reach out to them.) She is so busy hogging Fox's airtime that they probably wouldn't have a chance to notice if something like that were even happening!

    They are so surreal, her TV appearances. Someday people will watch these archived tapes and be amazed she got as far as she did. Are we sure she isn't some sort of robot?

  63. Anonymous at 11:52am

    What in the world have the people in Arkansas done to you to get your dander up?

    Most people in Arkansas buy their
    toilet plungers from Wal Mart not from a door to door salesman.

  64. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Americans just need to step back from the emotional debates, and realize what's going here: The GOP is PREDICTABLY stoking fear-based cultural issues because they are a party in disarray with nothing else to offer at this time.

    ---scary illegal immigrants
    ---scary Muslims
    ---scary "anchor babies"
    ---scary New Black Panthers
    ---scary gay marriage
    ---scary gays in the military
    ---scary Black Muslim Socialist President
    ---and on and on and on

    Meanwhile the Democratic Party is trying to actually implement policy and help regular Americans,

    Folks need to understand and recognize these tactics. Point them out to everyone you talk to. It's so clear and obvious once you get people to step back and actually look at the issues the GOP are pushing. They are SCAPEGOATING. Period!!!!

  65. Enjay in E MT3:52 PM

    SP is attempting to act "perplexed" on this dilemma on why the President won't give his personal opinion. The President/ acting presidential, by not taking off the Pres. hat (as you did when Gov.) He knows he represents ALL the citizens in this country and no matter which way he may feel personally, it does not matter because the constitution protects their rights.

    Also, her behavior reminds me of someone throwing a stink bomb in a "mob crowd" and watching them go at each other.

    She is an instigator.

  66. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Please do not call her a witch. It is an insult to all Pagans and witches, who believe in doing no harm.

    She just does not qualify being called a witch.

  67. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Sarah,there is a church across the street from where the twin towers were located. Maybe that church should be closed as not to offend the Muslim people who died that day. It is okay to have a Catholic church near ground zero but not other faiths.

    Did anyone notice that Greta was flying on Franklin Graham's plane?

  68. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I don't understand why she keeps asking the president to do something about it. it's not up to him. it's up to whatever department in NYC takes care of these things. The president, currently not a citizen of NYC, can only state the law and his opinion. what in the world does she expect him to do...and if he did it (get involved) would she then expect the same if he had an opinion and wanted to get involved in the location of the church of her witch-doctor pastor?

  69. emrysa6:12 PM

    so many good comments here, it's difficult to give props to all of them - but I must say that anon @ 3:21 pm is one of many who nails it.

    a fear based cultural issue, that's all this is. has absolutely nothing to do with correcting any of the problems we have in this country. such a waste.

  70. Anonymous6:22 PM

    9:54 AM Anon, perhaps Gryph knows if the weather was bad the night of $$ wild ride from TX. Ya know,can't have a fish picker born in TX.

  71. Sorry Anonymous 5:00.

    I really wanted to call her the "B" word but then my XX chromosomes visitors get all defensive and I guess I kind of figured there were fewer Wiccans visiting my site than females so I took the coward's way out. Sorry. Though let's face it, I could have offended you either way.

    However if it makes you feel any better, I picture her more as the kind of witch you drop a house on, as portrayed in the "Wizard of Oz", rather than a cute bookish lesbian witch ala "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

    Does that help?

  72. emrysa6:36 PM

    well I watched with the sound off, and it looks to me like sarah is 8 months pregnant.

    oh, and the fake background. why do tv stations even bother with that shit anymore? it just looks ridiculous.

  73. Anonymous7:28 PM

    The is off subject but I'm curious to know reactions, especially in Alaksa - to Palin re ANWR on Greta - According to Palin it is barren land with little wildlife and ripe for drilling. Is this true? What do the environmentalists in Alaska say? It looked barren but I wonder what wildlife is below the surface and at risk of drilling. . .

  74. Anonymous7:49 PM


  75. Anonymous8:58 PM

    In my opinion, these anti-mosque people are just plain childish. So I guess I can hate all men because a man molested a child? That is the same thing as blaming all Muslims for what happened on 9-11. Islam didn't kill all those people. Bad people killed all those people. What is it those right-wingers are so fond of saying: Guns don't kill people; people kill people.

  76. WakeUpAmerica9:56 PM

    Ok, I would like one of our computer nerds on this site to take that video and replace "our president, President Obama" (and any other term she uses referencing the president) and replace it with "I" when Sarah is speaking. Replace it with "you" when Greta is speaking. Oh yeah! It fits perfectly.

  77. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Can't wait till Piper writes a book about "Mommy Dearest"????

  78. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Gryphen (from Anonymous @ 5:00).

    I understand what you are saying, and appreciate the response/apology/explanation.

    There has to be a word to describe her that does not demean other women. Too bad I can not think of one.

    I am probably overly sensitive, but seeing what she is trying to do to the Muslims, I think it is only a matter of time before burning witches starts entering her lexicon.

    And you are right, just like the terrorists, just because someone of a particular religion does something horrendous, that does not mean that all people of that religion are equally horrendous.

    Sarah can be the Wicked Witch of the Ice Cold North.


  79. Anonymous1:15 PM


    In profile, the Bumpit looks like a helmet. Weird.


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