Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Like I said something crazy is definitely happening on 9-11 in Alaska.

I had been given a tip almost a week ago that Joe Miller and Sarah Palin were attending an event in the Curtis Menard Sports Center.  However when I called yesterday I was told there was no event planned.

Really?  Well then what in the hell are these people talking about?

Evil cannot be wished away, it cannot be loved away, it cannot be talked away, it must be destroyed!!!!

Who We are:

CPG (Conservative Patriot Group) is a nonpartisan, grass roots independent advocacy organization that is committed to electing conservative candidates, advancing conservative ideas, promoting traditional American values, advocating responsible resource development and supporting a strong military. CPG has members statewide.We welcome your support and interest in our group.

Listen to CPG live radio talk show every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m on KBYR, 700 am.

SEPTEMBER 11: 12Noon-2PM

Holy shit!  Just what in the hell are these lunatics suggesting? Is the "evil" they are talking about destroying the religion of ISLAM?

Okay well with this part of my tip confirmed let me tell you what else my source told me.

Supposedly both Sarah Palin and her butt boy Joe Miller are going to attend this event in the sports center named after the man that she coveted for most of her young life, and then afterward they are going to drive in a giant motorcade from Wasilla to Anchorage to attend the Glenn Beck event at the Dena'ina Center.

Which means that apparently much of Beck's audience will be made up of these wingnuts from the Valley who will be arriving in MY city on 9-11 to "commemorate" the death of 3,000 Americans in New York.

This is well beyond the regular kind of crazy, even for Wasilla! This sounds like the same kind of insanity that inspires the minister in Florida to advocate the burning of Korans as a way to commemorate this same day.

And by the way thank you to my visitors who found this information. 


  1. ManxMamma6:30 AM

    Thanks for posting this Gryphen. We should all be very afraid - if this isn't enough to convince people that it is essential to our way of life that they get out and vote this November, I don't know what will. Personally I'm a bit to hold to become a stay-at-home, bible-reading mamma to my kitties!

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I like that they're "nonpartisan" but "committed to electing conservative candidates, advancing conservative ideas..."

    Why pretend and then put that out there?

  3. Molly6:40 AM

    My Grandma used to say that all the loose marbles rolled to California. We need to come up with something for you Alaskans (not all of you, of course)

    I'm quite sure "God" is weeping over this sort of hate/fear/ignorance disguised as "Christianity". I know I am.

    PS Gryphen--I like Karen Armstrong's writings too, but they are quite hard to get through. Have you read her autobio "The Spiral Staircase"? Recommended.

  4. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Ugh That pastor of the Dove World Church makes me sick. I emailed him and am hoping for a reply. Why advocate the obliteration of a religion when your own religion has proven just as dangerous and controversial

  5. Trigiscute6:56 AM

    The Frontiersman advertised this event on Monday.

    Scott McAdams may be attending the event.

  6. What ever happened to the invitation extended by Margaret Thatcher to come to England for a photo shoot? [sarcasm alert] Did SP get too many better offers?

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM

    If quitter palin is so troop oriented then why has she not twittered or face booked against it if it will put the troops in danger? She couldn't twitter fast enough to defend dr Laura and her racist rant.

  8. emrysa7:02 AM

    "Which means that apparently much of Beck's audience will be made up of these wingnuts"

    yep and the media will make it out to be that these are just some "random" people coming together, when they're all members of some psycho group.

    I'm telling you, damn near everything is manufactured. regarding the "shell groups" set up to have sarah speak to audiences: I wonder if that's the plan for bristol. shell groups created to manufacture that she's "in demand."

  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    This is GREAT NEWS!! For Real Americans. I say bring the crazy with a side of freedom fries. Then lets juxtapose that with REAL footage from old Nazi rallies. This really is a good thing Gryphen. Scary yes, but good. Politicizing 9-11 is the absolutely best thing ever for her to do; talk about waking a sleeping giant!

  10. Anonymous7:10 AM

    All we need now is a chorus from the Mormon Tabernacle singing "onward christian soldiers" as palin enters the arena wearing blood red and displaying all of her bling.

  11. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Gryphen, check out Gross's response to Gina Louden.

  12. Anonymous7:12 AM

    What a load of baloney. Traditional American values? Like what? Hating others based on anything NOT like the clowns that promote this? Lying, grifting, crummy parenting, seeing threats and conspiracies behind every bush, whining about the media are values I should emulate? Sorry, but I don't want to live in the 1700's. Besides, the founding fathers wanted America to advance. They were all either self-taught or had college degrees and were well read and believed in scientific advancement. Yes, and some of them also owned slaves.

    Sorry but there is nothing conservative about hatred and using religion to make hatred acceptable. Both Miller and Palin are clowns. Beck is simply insane.

  13. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn7:16 AM

    Thanks, Gryph, for alerting everyone to this. I've never in my lifetime seen such an ongoing, unstemmed fountain of hate being promoted by the big-$$$ Neocon media. Who is to determine what's evil? Would that definition change with the whims of self-proclaimed leaders Beckenstein or Bumpitina? How do they plan on "destroying!!!!" said evil? Would it be, to quote Mike Malloy, "Guns and knives and cutting and bleeding and death and destruction?"

    I have to admit that I started reading the first page of the site and then got too upset/angry to go any further. What we need is a motivational poster with an image of one or two of those delightful sheeple who love wearing their bigotry on their t-shirts, the "destroy!!!!" quote mentioned in the posting, and the headline: "Hey, disillusioned voter! Do YOU want to turn the country over to THIS?"

  14. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Heaven's Gate II?

  15. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I don't think it's just Islam they want to destroy, it's also everyone else who does not believe exactly like they do.

  16. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Common sensse tells me that when two people are being secretive (Beck and Palin) what they are planning or plotting is up to no good. Beck was misleading and dismissive about MLK's anniversary day feigning ignorance while secretly planning to exploit MLK and lay claim to ideologies he has formerly opposed.

    Around the world people are going to see these extremists and believe the USA has lost it's mind, all reason and rational thought has flown out the window. I wonder if we'll have a KKK for muslims to destroy "all" of them like the Jews Hitler labeled as evil and to blame for Germany's woes.

    I anticipate assassination attempts on our POTUS who Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and Fox have sought people be conned he's a muslim, doing evil..those death panels and all...

    With our intelligence capabilities, military, CIA, FBI how can people be fooled a secret muslim=terrorist was elected president?

    The Honor rally in DC was a sham..a calculated show to embrace MLK's ideals, recruit token negros (Alveda King is an idiot) to possture as god loving peace people embracing black people by the diabolical Beck, Palin and masters.

    Look beyond for it's been smoke, mirrors and ptting on a show to posture while intending something quite the opposite.

    What can others do to counter this hypocrisy and chicanary?

  17. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Is the CPG another one of those shadow organizations that pop up solely to pay Sarah to speak?

  18. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Wow. Thanks Gryphen for being a man of peace. I can't understand how a conservative group make the "destroying evil" statement their theme.

    I always thought they were pretty much all christians. Didn't they ever read:

    John 18 - "If my(Jesus) Kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight".

    Matthew: "Do not resist one who is evil".

    1Peter: "He(Jesus) did not retaliate. He made no threats".

    Psalm: "The soul of the Lord hates those who love violence."

    "Love your enemies; pray for your persecutors".

    Rom. 12:17 - "Return no one evil for at peace with everyone."

    Where are you christians? What has hijacked you?

  19. Anonymous7:31 AM

    This is incredible! I agree wholeheartedly with another comment:

    It's gonna backfire in SP's face big time! Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

    On the Gross reponse to the VF piece, it's going viral all over the place. Hope you post about it too.

    Gross never met Dr.Gina! So she lied!!

  20. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Line the route with "Worst Governor Ever" banners!

  21. Linda Arizona7:47 AM

    I think that it's all code for destroying the Obama administration and getting rid of all progressives. Oh, yeah, and getting rid of anyone who disagrees with them.

    Trouble is brewing, splashing, spluttering out--and someone's going to get hurt. Like a distant storm, it's on its way.

    Please, Alaskans, step up and speak out!

    Stay safe, Gryphen!

  22. laprofesora7:53 AM

    What's with all the secrecy? Doesn't that raise questions about the sanity of these people and their intentions?

  23. laprofesora7:58 AM

    So Alaskans, are you going to continue to let Scarah Paylin define your state by her hateful, racist, money-grubbing actions? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP TO HER??? Safety in numbers; meet her hateful message with passive resistance and she can't come after all of you! (Although it would be amusing to watch Tawd run around and try to get everyone's pictures and names). Seriously though, it's time to take your state back!

  24. jmon668:00 AM

    Thanks to Anon 7:11 for posting the link to Gross' follow-up to his Vanity Fair piece - most interesting!

  25. Aussie Blue Sky8:06 AM

    What better way of making sure the ignorant come to the gig in Anchorage? Imagine if the Anchorage venue was half empty on such a great date for exploitation ... it's not like she doesn't already know that Anchorage doesn't like her much.

  26. Rick Hill8:16 AM

    Make lemonade or in this case sell ammo.

  27. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I smell this conspiracy brewing: the idea is to urge the crazies on the OTHER side (the extremist Muslims, not the extremist "christians) to do another "9-11" type of atrocity.

    And, just like the OIL SPILL starting out being the fault of the BUSH era lax regulations of the oil industry, but then overnight (or rather, OVER FOX) became OBAMA's FAULT... will only be one or two news cycles before we see protest signs reading:


  28. Anonymous8:25 AM

    7:21 yes you are exactly correct. Unless the people behind this crap start to tone it down, this flash mob of hatred will consume everything. That's the way it works with mob behavior.
    Perhaps that is what the backers of this vulgar and vile movement want. That way they can come in like saviors and redo everything the way they want it. Sort of like Napoleon after the French Revolution. Have the stinking peasants destroy everything then go in and redo it and make yourself the boss.

  29. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Could you Alaska locals go to this and bring big posters with the verses from the Bible about peace and love and forgivness?

    I am no longer a Christian, but this Jesus guy is pretty great and if they really believed in him, I would be happy to live in a Christian country of love and care the poor!

  30. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I think these Hatriots are using the Curtis Menard Sports Center PARKING LOT as a staging area for the big motorcade and are too cheap to actually pay for the arena. They'll be using private property without permission, but what official is going to risk the bad publicity of kicking "christians" off the property?

  31. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I believe America is now the home of the 'Christian Taliban' and Uneducated Sarah and her puppet masters are the ring leaders. I believe a hard campaign is in order on our part to consistently associate her with that label. Uneducated Sarah has been looking for a new brand/persona lately since the others she has created have failed so miserly and I believe we can hook her up.

  32. No anonymous 8:47, if my source is accurate the Joe Miller campaign paid around $1,000 to rent space in the sports center. They will be inside.

  33. emrysa9:09 AM

    anon @ 8:25 am sez:

    "Have the stinking peasants destroy everything then go in and redo it and make yourself the boss."

    there is certainly a history of the "big guys" getting the "little guys" to do their bidding.

    who screams the loudest about the inheritance tax? people who will never see an inheritance.

    who screams the loudest about the capital gains tax? people who will never experience any kind of capital gain.

    and the big guys just sit back and reap the rewards of having a seriously stupid populace who is so easily manipulated. they barely have to lift a finger - the stinking peasants do all the work.

  34. Anonymous9:19 AM

    burn the Reichstag?

  35. Maybe they kept it secret to keep the national press coverage at bay....then we can hear the noise of thousands of people attended and followed to Anchorage in vehicles with their headlights on as in a funeral procession. Who's paying the police for security protection....the taxpayers?

  36. DetroitSam9:27 AM

    FYI: Of the approx. 3,000 people who died on 911 in the WTC, more than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks with 310 foreign nationals, EXCLUDING the 19 hijackers.

    I think we do these all of the people who died, including those from other countries and their families, a disservice when we continue to ignore the fact that not everyone was an American.

    Acknowledging this does not diminish the lost of the thousands of Americans.

  37. Anonymous9:58 AM

    It dawned on me while reading an article about the silence of the repubs on the burning of the Quran in FL that Sarah and Glenn are planning to show their support in Alaksa on the same day.

    For 2 people who just held a rally to support the troops, Palin and Becky have been awfully quiet about endangering our troops by this book burning.

  38. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Have any bloggers been checking the campaign finance filings of Joe Miller?

    Also too on the same topic-

    The Curtis Menard Sports Center (with the windows and other parts seeming similar to those at one Lake Lucille 'housegate' for rill info) is a publicly owned facility.

    The rental documents ought to be available to the curious. Who rented, who paid, WHEN, and so on.

    However when I called yesterday I was told there was no event planned. HMMM.

    Call back today?

    Campaigns are required to do certain filing things correctly- how's Joe Miller doing?

  39. Dove World + Westboro = Bad Craziness. They sure are coming out of the woodwork now.

  40. slipstream10:40 AM

    Gosh, that giant motorcade sounds like fun! Especially because the southbound lanes of the Glenn will be closed all weekend. Traffic will be diverted into one lane (using the northbound lanes) between North Eagle River and the main Eagle River exits. Of course, the Worst Governor Ever will claim it's a plot against her.

  41. Anonymous11:13 AM

    "Rememberance" Rally? Guess common sense conservatives don't concern themselves with correct spelling (which must remind them of those pesky "educated elites")!

    remembrance Noun
    1. The action of remembering something.
    2. The action of remembering the dead, esp. in a ceremony. a retired teacher, these mistakes jump off the page at me! It's a curse.

  42. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I thought McGinniss had rented the house next door for 5 months. I wonder if he would have left early if hew knew about this.

  43. Anonymous12:17 PM

    6:37, that simply speaks to their ignorance. they don't have a clue what "nonpartisan" means. lol.

  44. TNbluedot12:43 PM

    anonymous@8:47 - "Hatriots" - love, love, love it!!! SO true. Best word since palinistas and paliban. Thanks!

  45. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I do believe this latest mockery of our country will push "many of the Wasilla facts" to be exposed. I think this will just be the icing on the cake for citizens of Wasilla to stand up and speak the truth about the crazy woman they have been protecting.

  46. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Heaven's Gate II?

    7:20 AM

    Hey, I've got some quarters for their journey.

  47. Will palin receive ANY monetary compensation for appearing at this rally?
    Did she receive money for the rally in Aug?

    Is this another shell pacs that Michael Gross was talking about in the Vanity Fair article?
    Has anyone peeked at palin's financial disclosures lately???

  48. Anonymous2:11 PM

    You know the Bible does say that " When the anti-christ comes, if it were possible it would fool the elect . All of these sheeple following beck & queen babble-on, should stop and re-read their Bible (and the constitution while they're at it).

  49. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Their motorcade will probably be filled with gun totin' nut jobs and palin and Miller will feel no blow back. The media is protecting Palin because without Palin in the 2012 election, they know they won't get the ad revenue they need. Palin makes it interesting. That's why they promote her and protect her.

    Another note, if Scott McAdams wins, he will turn out to be a Blue Dog just like Begich. Alaska is better off with a nut job Senator than America is with another Blue Dog. Don't act surprised like you did with Begich.

  50. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Anon 9:58 -

    Read a comment on HP that said he/she wouldn't be surprised if one of the suspiciously quiet right-wingers suddenly SAVES THE DAY! and gets the Quran-burner to stop at the eleventh hour.

    Wouldn't surprise me either.

  51. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Is Sister Sarah charging a fee to get into her Wasilla gathering? Looks like the gathering in Wasilla is just a show of force for her. A "see you people may not love me but lots of people love me". Get your video cameras ready.

    Does anyone know how many tickets they've sold to the Anchorage part of the rally?

  52. It is on the facilities schedule that CPG has booked the turf court from 11-3. It's on. I may just attend to view the craziness myself.

  53. Anonymous8:58 PM

    All I can say is Holy Crap! What is going on? Scary that there will be people attending this . I am hiding in my house on Saturday!


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