Friday, September 17, 2010

Sister Sarah is losing her mind on Twitter over Murkowski's decision to remain in the Senate race.

This tweet was from about two hours before Lisa's announcement:

Primary voters spoke. Listen to the people, respect their will; w/a 40-pt incumbent lead & $2.8 million war chest, voters chose Joe instead
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Somebody seems none too happy that her little ambush of Murkowski is not working out quite as planned.

Then AFTER Lisa's announcement Sarah must be too pissed off to tweet so she has somebody else tweet on her behalf:

"My advice for Lisa is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON'T RUN.". tweeted by Orora 9/17/10 5:28pm
41 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Of course my first question is who the hell is "Orora?"  Did Palin pop out another kid? Or is that the name of Sarah's OTHER personality?  You know the one that comes out when Sarah gets sad, or hammered, or her best laid teabagging plans get screwed up by the bitch whose father did not pick her for the Senate!
Whoever it is they are using the same plaintive tone and descriptive phrases that Palin uses. 
Of course I guess it just might be some Palin-bot that has tweeting privileges on Sarah's Twitter account, we will just have to see if "Orora" shows up again for future guest tweets on Palin's behalf.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    "My advice for Palin is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON'T LET IT SEE YOU SWEAT."

  2. Lynne8:19 PM

    Isn't the proper expression, "Don't run AWAY"?

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Too bad she can't take her own advice! The voters didn't chose her STFU & GO AWAY SARAH!

  4. GrainneKathleen8:24 PM

    but sarah, i thought competition produces better election results. an about the will of the people being spoken, there was an election in 2008 during which the will of the people was made very very clear - i suggest you follow your own advice sarah.

  5. Maybe "Orora" is another one of those spelling-challenged Palinbot dolts who's trying to be "Aurora" Borealis to Palin's North Star.

    Gawd, they're dumb.

  6. "Here's one Republican woman who won't quit on Alaska."

    Best. Line. Ever.

  7. Anonymous8:39 PM

    This is going to be funny to watch.Palin will pull out all the mean girl stops to try to bully Murkowski.

  8. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Palin just can't stand it that people are going rogue on her. COD speaking to MSM when she was told to only speak thru FOX, poooorr Karl - she is really beating him up and now Lisa. They apparently didn't take the "Obey" memo seriously...

  9. Anonymous8:56 PM

    What's with this "voters have spoken" nonsense? 60% of AK voters are independent. When did they speak?

  10. It would be nice to know how many voting age Alaskans have Twit or twit or are twits? this will just perplexes me for a long time.
    How many twits can a twitwad take before a twitwad could cut twits?

  11. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Sarah is making her move to assume leadership of the GOP. She made several comments during her speech in Iowa that indicate that she is trying to move the good ole boys out of the way. Same tactic she used in Alaska - ride on taking on the good ole boys. I think she will find she really doesn't understand that they will chew her up and spit her out in a minute... Does she really think this nation will follow her blindly?

  12. angela9:24 PM

    I think in her heart of hearts Lisa knows she won't win. But in her happy heart of hearts she seriously just wants to piss Sarah the Silly Twit off. Good times. And Sarah is easy to piss off. Well--Sarah is really just plain easy; but that's another story.

  13. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Sarah is starting to fade out quickly. Main stream repubs don't like her. With her last tweet her desperation is starting to show. I thought she said competition is healthy. Isn't that what Sarah says, competition is healthy? Sarah? Why get upset about competition? You said it was good. Right Sarah? Right?

  14. Bear: Ursa
    Northern Lights = Aurora

    Could Orora be a confusion of the bear and northern lights?

    Please don't let me get this right-- I can't think like them!

  15. emrysa9:35 PM

    hey sarah, what happened to "I think competition is great?" lmao

    well gryphen contrary to your headline, I don't think sister sarah ever had a mind to lose.

    this post is hilarious though, thank you. it seems that sarah's handlers have informed her that having a write-in candidate only splits the conservative vote, so sarah is pissed that others will have a choice - even if that choice means writing someone in. hahaha, what a fucking hypocrite. whats new, huh.

  16. emrysa9:40 PM

    angela @ 9:24 pm sez:

    "I think in her heart of hearts Lisa knows she won't win. But in her happy heart of hearts she seriously just wants to piss Sarah the Silly Twit off. "

    yes I think the point is to split the republican vote, to show palin and her idiots that they don't have the hold on things that they think they have. I'm glad to see it. they need a reality check badly. if I was in lisa's shoes I would probably do the same thing. really, what does she have to lose?

  17. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Sarah, Lisa is just "Going Rogue". She probably learned that from you. P.S. Sarah, Republicans don't like you. Form a new party with the 'baggers

  18. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I'm so glad my parents didn't name me Sarah. This name will be on the bottom of the Baby Name's list for 2010. Who in the Hell would name their kid Sarah after this fiasco?

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Is Orora a stunt tweeter? Whatever it is, she is ridiculous and irrelevant. She knows it but keeps on putting her face and name out there. Her speech in Iowa tonight was less than stellar and the crowd was not enthusiastic. Lol! Suck it up Buttercup!!! You are not going to be President. You're not good enough, people don't like you and by golly, you suck!

  20. Hmmm from the mudflats:

    Zoom Zoom says: September 17, 2010 at 7:52 PM They were probably waiting to weigh in on endorements until after Lisa’s statement. I don’t see two months being a game changer? Is it true Palin was a Dem for ten years before being tapped by Ted? Leslie Andrews, Mark B’s cousin said she was on a commity with Sarah for years & she was a Dem at that time. Andrew’s as well had some first person experiences with Bristol in 2007 when L said Bristol was very, very, knocked up drinking, smoking, helllll raising at the Palin cabin.

    nswfm says: September 17, 2010 at 9:53 PM Whoa! (FAS? Ruffled ear or Witeout? My guess would be the former for the “prop”.)

  21. When I read your heading, I thought "what do you mean, "losing"?

    Also, too, is that the (famous unpaid property taxes) cabin where the Palin Mafia bury the bodies? Like in "swimming with the fishes" in the Mafia?

    Verrry interesting.

  22. Heidi110:24 PM

    $arah, you've gone and done it - picked a fight with the WORST possible person: Carl Rove. Ever hear of "Rovian Tactics"? Hmmm...obviously not. You'll never know when it might happen, you'll never know what hit you, you'll never know where it came from, and you'll never know when it will happen again. "See Ya!"

  23. Anonymous10:29 PM

    You know, I didn't even consider that Orora was a palinbot. Considering how stupid Sarah is, I thought she herself was simply trying to spell Aurora.

    Guess I don't have as high an opinion of her as she would like, but then who would who wasn't a brain-dead, mean-spirited evangelical?

    I guess Sarah might also be in a bad mood to see how easily O'Donnell is pulling off her Sarah-imitation, some say even doing it one better than Sarah!

  24. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Every time Palin thinks she's scored a big victory, it blows up in her face.

    Her latest egg-on-the-face is her so-called victory with O'Donnell in Delaware. Not only is O'Donnell a whackjob whose been voted down by Del. voters in three elections in the last five years, but O'Donnell isn't afraid to appear on MSM networks like gutless Palin, even though Palin counseled her to "speak through FOX News."

    Palin is going to wish she never heard of the little chit from Delaware by the time it's all over.

    Murkowski is now going to throw a wrench into Palin's plans for Miller. Palin's vindictive and mean --- and meanness is usually paid back in a similar coin.

  25. My advice for Palin is the same for any grizzly who sees a hunter in the woods. GO HIDE IN YOUR CAVE.

  26. margarita mixxe10:59 PM


    Let the games begin and Lisa will be getting my vote.

  27. WalterNeff11:21 PM

    Okay - I'm done. Too many uses of the word 'bitch' in your posts. Did you not understand Stewart's plea for sanity?

  28. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Whoa - Christine O'Donnell is scheduled to be on Face the Nation.

    Guess she has bigger ones than Sarah. Sarah doesn't have the guts to face real journalists asking questions that haven't been pre- screened.

    Note: I am not a fan of O'Donnell in any way, shape, shape, form or fashion but I find it ironic that Sarah is giving Christine advice and Christine should be giving guts lessons to Sarah. Gee, Sarah, Christine's not only not listening to your advice to stick with Fox, she's flipping you off.

  29. Annie Goolihy11:46 PM

    "Don't run"? Isn't that synonymous with "Don't retreat"? Reload on facts, Ms. Murkowski. That's all the ammunition you need.

  30. Buffalo,NY2:32 AM

    You're absolutely right 8:56. All these Teabaggers are doing is winning small primaries against others of their same kind. The General Election where EVERYONE votes is going to be a whole different story.

  31. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Couldn't retreating be considered running away? Listen to Sarah, Lisa (just this once). Don't run away.

  32. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Split vote = DEM win.

    Haha go Orora!

  33. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Too bad Castle won't follow Lisa's lead and offer himself as a write in for Delaware. I bet he could really shake the leaves out of the trees up there.

  34. Anonymous3:54 AM

    9:58, my husband was saying just the other day that he likes the name Sarah a lot and this insane woman has kind of ruined it. The name "Sarah" is under the bus! No offense to any Sarah's out there (other than SP)!

  35. Anonymous4:26 AM

    About as many that name their kid Adolph

  36. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Someone should tell Sarah that Lisa is not retreating, she's reloading!

    Funny how Sarah not only gets to lose, but QUIT and still gets to do what she wants . . . .

  37. Virginia Voter5:12 AM

    I'm with all the others...Sarah, you twit, who says don't retreat, reload? Well, I guess Lisa's reloading her $1.9 million in her campaign fund, and is going to aim it right at Joe Miller.

    This is hysterical, the Republican party are truly eating their own...and I agree completely, these primaries that turn out 50,000 voters don't mean shit. The vast majority of voters don't actually pay attention to elections until a month before the general.

  38. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Sarah, let me tell you how it is, and I'll paraphrase your very own words: You're not good enough for America!

    That was a shocking moment of honesty and clarity that you had there, after the election. Never forget it!

  39. Anonymous5:18 AM

    that's right! Don't run AWAY! Stand up to the bitch. Competition is a good thing after all right?

  40. Anonymous6:03 AM

    All the non-republicans didn't get to vote on this race yet, Sarah. That means all the independents and democrats also get a vote. Remember the Reagan Democrats you love so much. They get a vote, too. Rill Americinns still get a chance to weigh in on the election. They like Lisa. She isn't a quitter!
    The only voice that I hear is yours, Sarah. Fortunately, you only have one vote, just like the rest of us. We are equals in that respect.
    Please feel free to get the Koch Brothers to do a repeat performance by infusing outside money into the election. Lisa will be watching and reporting every dollar of outside money.
    If Joe loses, the good thing is that you already have victim status since the Republican machine took out Joe. That type of whining about the good ol' boys in your party will just make them take you down even sooner. Yes, the ol' boys network is alive and well in the Republican Party. I never thought I would say this but for once I am ecstatic that a good ol' boys network exists and will take you out in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  41. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Don't chase the name "Orora." It is a distraction.

  42. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Sister Sarah is losing her lustre.

  43. Anonymous6:12 AM

    It isn't even about contested elections. It's about candidates running their campaigns to the best of their abilities, the people voting, the winner being selected and the loser conceding. As a leftie from NY, even I agree that Lisa M is acting like a greedy child.

  44. Anonymous6:30 AM

    OT but LOL. Bill Maher showed a clip of Christine, Sarah's mini-me, on his show. In the clip, she discusses being into witchcraft at one time and having part of a date on a satanic altar with a little blood on it. This is NOT an exaggeration.
    This makes the perfect ad for anyone interested in taking Christine out very quickly! Show the clip over and over asking if this woman should be your Senator. This is too funny!

  45. Anonymous6:35 AM

    OMG, best clip ever from Bill Maher. He says Christine will go farther than Sarah since "Sarah is mean; Christine is nice". LOL. He also shows Christine talking about her satanic alter date!!

  46. Anonymous6:54 AM

    To Zoom Zoom: Very funny! Ted recruited SCarah from the DEMS! LOL ROF!

    The smear will not fly. Alaskan's know Scarah's history. ANd her conection to the LIBERTARIAN party.

  47. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Chrissie chickened out of Face the Nation. She will be on Fox however so maybe she isn't such a grizzly after all. More like a dead duck.

  48. Anonymous7:12 AM

    curioser @10:43, lol!

  49. newmom7:14 AM

    Why the hell shouldn't Lisa run?

    ALL the voters HAVE NOT spoken. That's what a GENERAL election is for.

    Apparently, Lisa loves competition too.

  50. Anonymous7:16 AM

    11:29, as much as I like what you say, i must point out that COD has lost nearly as many elections as Palin has won.

    Let's hope the nasty tactics that gave Palin the edge won't win outside of Alaska.

  51. Anonymous7:24 AM

    6:12, The election ain't over until the last voter hits the poll.

    The purpose of a primary is to select the name that represents the brand. That's it. It isn't some magical contest where the losers have to go home.

    I'm going to have to question your "Leftie" claim as you don't seem to understand that the "write-in" option is what gives POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Those who aren't the popular choices of the few voters who even bother to show up for the primary.

    A write-in isn't an easy road. The name must be spelled correctly AND the oval marked.

  52. Anon @ 6:30 am:

    I disagree. Although traditionally, the losing candidate has conceded, there's no reason why he or she should, particularly after a low-vote primary where only 2-3,000 votes separates the winner and loser. Seems to me like more of a referendum on our primary system and a wake-up call to voters to actually vote!

  53. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Another Orora, a beauty from NC.

    But, as her occupations include SAVING ANIMALS, I doubt she is a Palin fan.

  54. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Leftie NY @ 6:12,

    Lisa may have vomited out some GOP heavy talking points against President Obama and the Democratic Majority as a part of her Senate Leadership deal, but she has never turned her back on any of her off-the-grid, minority constituents. In fact, she's done more for all Alaskans than her father Frank did in 30 years in the U.S. Senate and Governor's mansion and Sarah Palin did with anything - combined.

    She may be a Republican, but pragmatic Alaskans have appreciated her leadership in putting Alaska first under any Administration and atmosphere.

    We can't afford to hang our needs on a newbie Senior Senator (no offense to Begich) with that joke of a wanna-be Joe Miller.

    McAdams seems a fine enough man, and with this he sets the stage to be worthy of a statewide election in the future.

    This liberal progressive from the boonies will be putting in the effort to write down Lisa Murkowski's name.

  55. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Isn't Sarah a creation of the "good old boys??"

  56. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Orora = Aurora
    Palin uses all those celestial terms in her various shadow companies.
    Maybe someone didn't know the correct spelling of the word that was supposed to be used?

  57. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Must be "retweeted"

    Randall said...
    Thinking of voting for Murkowski?


    ...a tip from Sarah:
    write it on your hand.

    5:35 AM

  58. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sarah, dear, she's NOT running...from a fight!

  59. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What "mind?"

  60. Anonymous1:43 PM

    "In fact, she's done more for all Alaskans than her father Frank did in 30 years in the U.S. Senate and Governor's mansion "

    Translation from Alaskan - Lisa Murkowski is the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee and the 4th ranking in the Republican Senate Leadership. Lisa, like Ted Stevens brings home the pork. Alaska receives more than double in federal aid what it sends in as tax revenue. Alaska sits on a $35B Fund and distributes the dividends every year in a 4-figure check to each resident while taking money from states like Ohio, NY and Calif for its needs like roads and sewers. Rather than voting for progressive values, the progressive voter voting for Lisa is voting for the pork she wins. Tell me again why the Permanent Fund dividends aren't used for roads and schools and anti-drug programs?

  61. Anonymous2:04 PM

    This is stupid. All that is going to happen is Murkowski is going to getr her ass kicked by Palin again.

  62. Anonymous9:17 PM

    My advice for @SarahPalinUSA the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods - JUST BE QUIET (also too, wash under your fingernails) #p2

  63. Anonymous3:50 AM

    I actually think Lisa Murkowski can pull this off, provided her campaign goes sufficiently jujitsu on Joe Miller.

  64. Anonymous4:05 AM

    My Advice for Sarah is the same for anyone who has multiple personality disorder and severe psychosis: TAKE YOUR MEDS!


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