Sunday, September 05, 2010

Spanx Sea O' Pee!

I have sort of been less than enthusiastic about blogging today.  Of course such things are bound to happen occasionally.

But then I received a Google alert that mentioned my name, and found that a certain pro-Palin website was confused as to why I, and other bloggers, had not made much of a fuss about a certain revelation in the Vanity Fair article.  The one below to be precise:

For Sarah, the campaign bought about 30 pairs of shoes, roughly $3,000 worth of underwear (including many Spanx girdles), a pair of Bose headphones costing more than $300, and even her incidentals and toiletries.

You know I don't usually like to give the pro-Palin sites a whole lot of credit, but they made a valid point. Why HADN'T I made a fuss concerning the mention of the purchase of "many Spanx girdles" during the presidential campaign?

So let me make that fuss right now.

Exactly why would a woman whose abs were so INCREDIBLY tight that she could  appear completely non-pregnant until her seventh month of pregnancy need such a thing as "many girdles?" Did she just suddenly need a garment that she had never required before? (You know due to those amazing abs of hers.) Or were Spanx girdles a part of her wardrobe well BEFORE the campaign?

Well let's see if this video created by my fellow blogger over at Hypocrites and Heffalumps helps to clear up that mystery.

Hmm interesting.  And what about that weird sound it makes when she slaps her "belly"at the 1:26 mark?

Here take a close up look at that oddly shaped belly. (The picture has been lightened to show the belly area better but nothing about the contours or shape have been changed in any way.)

Once again, Hmmm.  Unless she is giving birth to Spongebob Squarepants, that belly certainly does not appear to contain a baby.  And it kind of makes me wonder if wearing a Spanx girdle, with perhaps something stuffed inside, might not create a similar shape, and even make that weird sound when you slap it?

It is certainly something worth considering.

By the way below is a picture of a Spanx girdle showing how it would fit.

And after seeing the picture above how do you now view the picture right below taken on March 26. just twenty three days before Trig's birth?

We have often pondered exactly what Palin is wearing in the above photo, and perhaps Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross has provided that answer.  What do you think?

Well like I said I was fresh out of blogging ideas for today, so thanks Sea O' Pee! I could not have done it without you!

Well, I COULD have, but I probably wouldn't have. At least not today.


  1. I weighted less then a 100 lbs for my second pregnancy. I had tight abs from working out. At 5 months it looked like I stuck a ball under my blouse. I don't even want to remember how big I was 2 weeks before birth!!

    Sponge Bob Square Pants comment just cracked me up. Good catch about the need for girdle for old tight hag I mean abs!! I didn't even think of that. Maybe why you are the blogger and I am not.

  2. Enjay in E MT8:07 PM

    That is interesting - and very possible based on the spandex shape, however, manufacturers do in fact make a spandex maternity girdle.

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Bwahahaha! Gryph, you are just "belly baiting" here and I love it. Hey pee-ers! Bring it on. Let's hear all your Queen loving Todd blessing explanations for the spongebob belly and all those Spanx.

    I bet that guy in the Blue Shirt at the Bowling for Jesus event (remember him.... Lol!) has a limp and impotent reaction to all of this.

  4. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Shushannah's twitter is enlightening in that she begins to expose that Alaskans have no problems stretching the truth when it comes to Sarah. But that's a given. People are sexist and cruel when they feel they've been wronged - even though their lives would be fine and dandy if they'd just forgive, forget, and move on.

  5. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck8:25 PM

    who slaps their belly when they are pregnant? really.....who does that?

    crazy sarah does.

    didn't the "baby" jump when she slapped it?

    and where was her "facial flush" after the birth? seriously.

  6. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Kind of OT (maybe) but what do readers think Bristol is wearing beneath her sports-shorts in the most recent photo on RADAR where she is exiting practice for DWTS.

    There are several click-thru photos, and in one her outer-shorts are clinging to (and exposing) her under-wear. They are form-fitting and longer than "boy-shorts" Are THOSE Spanx? Just curious.

  7. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Somebody (or several somebodies) at C4P are going to be in big big trouble with SP and RAM! Now they are giving clues to "the enemy". Hard to be believe they can be that stupid, but there it is!

  8. Somewhere, in a house on Lake Lucille, a sofa was missing it's cushion for a while.

  9. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I never slapped my belly while pregnant. I would pat it softly or rub it, or just hold it, especially if I could feel the baby. But SLAP it??? Good heavens no!

    Course, I wouldn't have ignored my water breaking and then waited 6+ hours to give a speech and then take two 4+ hours flights, and then drive over an hour to get to a clinic that isn't equipped to handle the delivery of twins, much less a high risk pregnancy and an at-risk baby.

    Just does not make sense!

    Even if I were only delivering Spongebob Squarepants.

  10. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I guess this is what the Vanity Fair article meant by juvenile?

  11. AnnieGoolihy9:15 PM

    I'm not sure where everyone is going with the campaign Spanx. If anything, they could be "evidence" that Sarah actually did give birth in April. Not that I believe she did. Spanx and a pregnant daughter don't prove she gave birth to Trig.

  12. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Not sure she was into Spanx when she was wearing the pillow(s); I would think she would have had a much smoother and compressed shape. That square pillow just seems to spill out too much for Spanx... I think she work Spanx during the campaign to minimize undergarment lines - no panty lines and no giggle at all...

  13. wakeUpAmerica9:22 PM

    I was in excellent shape and had very tight abs from swimming a mile every day up until the day of delivery with my first child. My tight abs kept me in my regular jeans for 41/2 months. By month 7 there was no way on earth that my tight abs were holding that 6lb 10oz baby in. By month 8 there was no doubt in anyone's mind that I was very pregnant. I too was quite slender. We all know Sarah is a liar, but what is with those "other" people? How can anyone be so needy that they have to be delusional followers of this idiot? Rhetorical question.

  14. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I thought the talk about her not being the mother of her baby was a lot of crap, but after seeing this video I am starting to believe she may not be his mother. The other problem I have is why would she use a girdle when she was pregnant, if she did, and wouldn't that possible put the baby in danger. Every passing day it becomes clearer she is something other than than the mother she pretends to be and how sad it must be to her children. When you look at the outcome of her two oldest children it becomes even more obvious that she is a very sad and disturbed individual.

  15. Anonymous10:20 PM

    The comment that was odd in the VF article paraphrasing) "Sarah didn't want the hotel maids to touch her undergarments...only wanted her assistants to touch undergarments". Michael Gross made a comment that SP was "somewhat obsessive about undergarments" (again paraphrased). Who obsesses about their undies?

    Unless there was something built into the undies. Maybe artificial butt? And/or push-up bras? The woman is strange.

  16. Anonymous10:44 PM

    That's one SQUARE uterus! Looks like a travel pillow. Heck, it probably traveled to Texas with her.

    If her witless fans can look at this photo and believe her baloney, they deserve to go bankrupt sending their pennies and dimes into her.

  17. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Just visited my pregnant daughter in another town. It's been about six weeks since I've seen her. She is in her late twenties, and at seven months pregnant - her belly is much larger and rounder than this photo of Sarah. My daughter is very slim and in great shape- yoga teacher type, who has taken belly dancing classes- a tight abs person.

  18. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Yup.....Baby.....or.....Alaska Airlines pillow....about the right size and she could have accidentally "borrowed" it from a plane.

    Sarah....we know......we know....

  19. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Doesn't anyone else find it strange that the RNC was paying for Sarah's underwear, you know, clothes that no one sees? Didn't she already have underwear of her own?

  20. Heidi11:03 AM

    Great concise presentation, Gryph. I put in a plug for you on the Vanity Fair article comment section. I'm positive it will open some eyes.

  21. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Has anyone ever seen her run? Not one single running picture. Ever.

  22. Anonymous4:30 AM

    A pillow would not make that funny noise when slapped.

  23. Anonymous4:45 AM

    I think that what's contributing to the challenges you have uncovering the real story, is that Sarah Palin is both mental and a habitual liar. She'll lie just for the sake of lying. So given that, anything is possible.

    It's not a pillow because it wouldn't make a slap sound. Sarah's face appears pregnant, but her belly doesn't so much. Is it possible she's so vain she's wearing a girdle right over her pregnant stomach?

    Sarah's obviously lying about something because her nervous laughter and high voice give her away. She's guilty about something. Maybe she's just feeling guilty because she hid the pregnancy until she could make up her mind whether to have an abortion or not. If anyone found out she did have one, that would be the end of her fundie support. Maybe she went through with it just for that reason, but secretly hoped she'd miscarry along the way. I hate to say that, but it would explain the risks she took with travel and skipping the better equipped hospital.

  24. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Palin and her minions are such morons. If she had needed Spanx on the campaign trail, having had her fifth child 4 months or so earlier (ha), she WOULD have needed Spanx. Not because she was "fat", but b/c she would have had a good deal of pouch to her tummy still (abs of steel or not). The funny thing is that this Spanx thing would make sense if she had been pregnant with Trig. But the only thing that her 'bots can see is that someone insinuated that their Sarah is not PERFECT 24/7. Idiots.

    Also, too, 8:22, Shushanna Walsh is talking out her woo hoo.

  25. Anonymous5:01 AM

    9:11, It isn't going to sound juvenile when the story does break about Palin lying about her pregnancy.

    But i guess your only comment would be to call us juvenile as you can't quite explain why Abs of Steele Palin, who could keep her belly flat with an entire CHILD in there, yet needed her daily spanx in order to face the public. Yeah, let's ignore the elephant in the room or you just might have to question the Quit Queen.

  26. Virginia Voter5:07 AM

    OK, when I first saw Sarah Palin stride onto the national stage with John McCain two years ago, something just struck a nerve with me, and I knew absolutely nothing about her...I had no idea who the governor of Alaska was, male or female. What struck me more than anything, speaking as a mom, was that she looked amazingly thin for a 44 year old woman who just had her fifth child four months ago. That and the "deer in the headlights" look on Bristol's face while she held Trig with that large blanket in front of her. It was weird, I knew something was it mother's intuition or whatever. And before everyone starts on me, I have had many friends and relatives who have snapped back to shape withing months, including my 36 year old cousin who was wearing a bikini this summer 4 months after having her third child in four years. We've seen many celebrities like Heidi Klum, Bethanny Frankel, Gisele Bunchen, Gwen Stefani,etc do the same. However, all of them looked VERY pregnant by their 6th or seventh month. Sarah's case is very different, especially since we have seen her pre-Trig pregnancy and post partem pictures. Women tend to carry the same and gain the same if not more with subsequent pregnancies.

    Taken by itself, the spanx comment was innocent enough...most women wear them for formal occasions, and with certain styles of dresses, pants and skirts, no biggie. But, when Sarah boasts of her tight abs hiding her pregnancy, why would such a woman of steel, an avid runner, fisher, and hunter even need them? I found the washing undergarments comment more revealing of her paranoia and general craziness.

  27. Anonymous5:08 AM

    One has to be a complete moron to view the Elan Frank video and not see that Palin is lying through her teeth.

  28. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Again I call BS on her 'waking up at 4 in the morning [in Dallas] with a strange feeling low in her belly, accompanying her water breaking - praying to God that nothing she loves so much be in danger of a miscarriage.' How dare anyone, her fans, the MSM, allow her to write these words and give it as a gospel example of her iconic maternal love?

    She did not call an ambulance, or a cab, she didn't have Todd drive her over to the nearest hospital AND HAVE HER EXAMINING DOCTOR call and consult Dr. CBJ in Wasilla? How dare they play with their special needs / at risk premature fetus like that. It wasn't in their hands or God's to make these decisions. A responsible couple, much less a self-touted 'leader' and mother of four would put it in the hands of the nearest Doctor.

    On the other hand, she wasn't pregnant, they had a secret adoption/love child/sensational gimmic brewing and this hatching scheme played well in her pro-life, sainted, self-sacrificing Mama Grizzly bonafides.

    She needed something other than her paper thin executive resume to catch the eye of the Conservative establishment.

    Cunning Sarah could have pulled it off if her lies weren't so meandering, confusing and supported. And what kind of wife/mother and touted Chief Executive keep her pregnancy and fetus' condition a secret and take the voice of God to explain it away?

    Unstable. An unstable person whose greatest fear is to be considered average. Nope, just a hockey mom from Wasilla wasn't going to cut it.

  29. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I think Palin was weird about who handled her underwear on the campaign because she was afraid someone would get her DNA and Trig's, maybe the other children too.

  30. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Even with my fourth baby bump, I marveled at it's roundness and always caressed it - even absent-mindedly.

    Never smacked it, sounding oddly like some water balloon.

    The shape is unrelateable, WTH is with her stomach and costume choices?

  31. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Ironically, those that are thinner and petite show their pregnancy moreso. Look at supermodels, regular models and our thin neighbors next-door.

    Retired lawmaker Rep. Nelson served during Palin's Governorship, she was petite and thin and it was her fourth? You could tell she was pregnant a mile away. Sarah avoided being next to her for several months, rightfully afraid of comparisons. LOL.

    Sarah's lies are always so over the top, exaggerated, incongruous and defy logic.

    Quit making things up Sarah Palin.

  32. Anonymous5:58 AM

    it's obvious when she is NOT wearing spanx - she jiggles all over - her recent trip to the hairdresser showed her big ass swinging her brown pants

    this is NOT a tiny woman - she may be only 5'4" tall, but she's broad and has cottage cheese thighs

    a runner? only in her dreams. She has never completed a race anywhere at anytime. She quits 1/4 way through.

  33. Anonymous6:03 AM

    To be fair, I wouldn't want anyone handling my delicates either.

    Too many perverts out there, and eBay for swiped paraphernalia.

    Plus she probably was constantly soiling herself for the whammies she knew she had to sell with bravado.

  34. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Gryphen, the photo with the little girl captured Palin with posture that would create that appearance also.

    The revelations of 3K undergarments purchased and intimate detail of spanx girdles spoke to me of Palin's hypocrisy boasting of her "tight abs" and spin of being the epitomy of work out woman. More importantly Palin made public statements she did not want or ask for the clothing yet she became opportunistic to get excess then angry feeling entitled to keep everything. The Palin's tok advantage for the entire family. It would be understandable given short notice for the RNC convention the campaign outfit them. Come on..two months worth or carte blanche? Palin and her clan denied any pursuit of the perks, lied by ommission of taking advantage intending to shove all accountabilty onto the staffers. BTW the staffers have admitted their part and have not been willing to take on Palin's blame of her behavior.

    Spanx can be a woman's best friend to eliminate panty lines, a tummy pooch, a roll from excess weight.
    3K is a hell of alot of even $100 bras, $45 panties, spanx hosiery @ $26 or $50 spanx slimmers for tummy control.

    I have another point to make: while Palin postures as a 'regular person' boasting she is a natural "tight abs" gal the type of personality who won't ever give credit to the stylist, top hair colorists, top hair stylists, make up artists, manicurists, undergarment enhancers, enormous budget for wardrobe. Nor her parents, the "Mexican" sitters, nannys, hiring a nanny to supervise homework etc...she needs to pull one over she is super inhuman, does it all herself..heck she is out fishing to help pay the bills too! Or the boasting of the "bus tour" admired for enduring long bus rides with small children..lying by ommision about the Lear jets. The dishonesty, boasting paints her as utmost superior and she knows she can be envied, and admired spinning her webs of misinformation.

  35. There was no spanx involved. The pillows are too squishy and the spanx would have compressed them.

  36. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Of all the evidence I've read to convince me she was NEVER pregnant with Trig, this is the most damning. Not only because a pregnant woman (at least, not one who LOVED the baby they were carrying!) would never tap their stomach DELIBERATELY the way she did, but because her eyes keep shutting when she's speaking. SHE'S LYING, folks! This charade of hers will go down in history as one for the books!

  37. Anonymous6:58 AM

    In addition to the Spanx controversy, what about the major hypocracy of Palin's self proclaimed "Mama Grizzly" role in contrast to the reality described in the article?

    -She doesn't regard school attendance/scholastic achievement important; took kids out of school (even though 1 was already failing) to drag them on the campaign trail, ignore them while using Blackberries all day & force them to sit through dozens of screeching speeches.

    -Kids have been in & out of various schools, living off & on w/various relatives & now stay w/grandparents because they're closer to the school?

    -Has violent fights with husband in front of kids, w/horrendous language & behavior.

    -Doesn't make dinners or help kids w/homework, according to previous interview w/ Levi.

    -Drags Trig around like a sack of potatoes & probably drugs him so he doesn't cry or fuss at events.

    -Lies constantly in front of kids, throws tantrums, trashes former friends/coworkers, confuses them with false public persona.

    -Brings kids to hockey game she knew she'd get booed at, to use them as human shields.

    -Is self absorbed, self centered, irrational, mean-spirited and crazy!

    Can her supporters still buy her "Mama Grizzly", Family Values, Christian Hockey Mom BS with all these blatant hypocracies?

  38. Anon 5:41... My theory on the underpants... Just how many movies have we all seen and what do the perverts do? Let's see, we had Burt Reynolds inhaling in the Demi Moore movie "Striptease".... another movie I remember "Klute".

    Since Sarah seems to have this thing about voyers, impotent, limp, little girls, etc. it makes sense that she is paranoid.

  39. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Can you imagine the amount of stupidity it takes to wake up every day and "believe" in the myths of $arah Palin? Her bots must have to walk around with their hands over their ears, blindfolded, muttering "I can't hear you, I can't hear you"...How could anyone think that a 44-year-old woman with a square pillow in her stomach is pregnant? I showed my mom that photo and the one with younger Sarah Palin on a porch actually pregnant & huge--my mom laughed because the square pillow shot is so ridiculous.

  40. emrysa7:15 AM

    gryphen, you once posted a picture of a hot water bottle to suggest that's what the square belly is. I think you are correct. hot water bottle inside a girdle.

    then 1 week before trig is presented she gets an empathy belly for the gusty photo. she's insane.

  41. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I think this is a better image of what she was wearing:

  42. Anonymous7:55 AM

    This is from 2008:,0

    "Sarah's Spanx.

    True Story. A friend of mine just returned from a weekend in Pittsburgh where she apparently checked into the same Marriott hotel room where Sarah Palin had just checked out. Housekeeping had not yet cleaned the room and so aside from an unmade bed, an empty can of Coke and a towel strewn bathroom, my friend made a surprising discovery – a discarded pair of black Spanx in the garbage.

    “Seriously…you found Sarah’s Spanx in the trash?” I asked my friend. “Did you take them? You could’ve auctioned them on Ebay! What size was she?”

    My friend – who does not want to be outted on Spanxgate – has been kicking herself that she didn’t snag the slimming control top and auction it online. She realizes she could have given the money to the Obama campaign or better yet, to charities that support women who can’t afford Spanx. No doubt, Sarah’s undergarments cold have fetched some serious cash from everyone from an apolitical panty fetishist to a rabid Right Winger. And the media would have gone berserk."

  43. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I'm sorry and do not mean to insult blonde women, but in the video Sarah sounds like a blonde bimbo as if she is trying to be Marilyn Monroe.

  44. That smacking sound! She's not tapping her belly; she's smacking it! I'm not proud to admit that the sound seemed so bizarre to me, I tried to recreate it. The only thing that comes close for me is smacking my cheeks and ...and smacking them so hard that it stings.

    The Spanx could be the answer. Gryphen, do you want to test some out with various stuffing material...perhaps fabric, water, silicone, or an air pillow like this:

    If the sound can be reproduced, I envision a viral belly-smacking YouTube video...dedicated to c4p, of course.

  45. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I would like to believe this conspiracy but don't you think someone would have come forward by now. Too much money to be made and too many people needed to pull it off. And we did land on the moon!!!

  46. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The truth will come out only after..."THE PUBLIC (SP SUPPORTERS) DECIDES THAT IT IS READY TO BE SHOCKED" a quote from Jack Anderson's book 'Peace War and Politics: An eyewitness account.
    On exposing Joe McCarthy.

    The people who refuse to believe anything negative about SP don't have anything else to believe in right now....there is no one out there that they can relate to. So they will not believe that this woman does anything wrong.

    But these same people will turn on her if/when she gets in any position of power and begins to act like all of the people that they hate right now. When she throws them under the bus and replaces them with corporate America and doesn't "BLINK", and she will... when they are no longer useful to her and she no longer has a need for their pennys, nickles and dimes.

  47. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Many insightful, witty, thought-provoking comments here. Thank you for helping to educate those of us who have never been pregnant.

    For those who call Palin a "hockey Mom" - the only reason she can be called such is because the materials that were used to build her home are so similar to the materials used to construct the sports arena where hockey is played. THAT is what makes her a "hockey Mom" - nothing else.

  48. laliari10:47 AM

    The way Sarah talks about her pregnancy in that video is strange. Her speech is slow and breathy which is completely at odds with her normal behavior which is more on the speedy side. She just *sounds* like she's telling a story.

    Her eyes are also a big giveaway to me. Notice how droopy her eyelids get? It's like she's trying to seduce someone.

  49. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Anon @8:29: "I would like to believe this conspiracy but don't you think someone would have come forward by now."

    Yes, I can't understand why no one has come forward--to vouch for the birth with a simple birth certificate.

  50. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Yes, I can't understand why no one has come forward--to vouch for the birth with a simple birth certificate.

    Palin doesn't have to prove shit to anyone. I would do the same thing.

  51. Anonymous8:37 PM

    2:31, if she wants to run for public office, she'll have to prove a lot of shit to everyone, the discerning voters at least, otherwise known as the 80%.

  52. Anonymous9:16 PM

    If someone was accusing me to this degree of lying about giving birth to my child, you can bet I'd produce every bit of evidence I could:

    doctor and hospital bills, pictures of me pregnant, pictures of me holding the baby right after giving birth, the birth certificate, affidavits from my midwife and doctor and nurses saying in no uncertain terms that I gave birth to that child when and how I say it happened, insurance EOBs, etc., etc.

    I'd present all of this and then tell my accusers to suck it.

    Of course, Sarah doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, but you would think a pitbull like Sarah would love to throw all of that in the face of her detractors. That would end it and give her fans something else to cheer about.

    Yet, she hasn't done it. Why do you think that is? Hmmmm?

  53. OMG! As a couple of the comments have described early, the soreness of a distended uterus at such a late term would not have me patting it absentmindedly as she did. I would usually be rubbing it while sottovoce coaxing the twin who was lying transverse like the cross of a "T" to his brother's head down vertical positioning) to get his feet away of my liver and gallbladder.) Granted, I had a twin pregnancy and a nexus of elastics where the maternity bra, the maternity underwear, and the maternity pantyhose all met under the breasts and was constantly sore and itchy. Why aren't the multips (OB shorthand meaning women with multiple pregnancies) whose gimpy-eared newborns grew up to be swans, weigh in here about that gesture which to me betrays the falseness of her pregnancy? Tell me, mother grizzlies, would you slap your pregnant bellies like that? Her belly at best sounds like mine does after a dinner of Indian food followed my too much water to wash the spiciness out of my mouth when I ate too many hot pickles (mmm, my mouth waters just imagining it.) The theory about her not wanting her DNA to be harvested from her underwear is a plausible one but I think that she didn't want her illusion that her $h!7 don't stink to be refudiated by the lamestream media. I agree, why let anyone else buy your undergarments unless your trying to indulge your inner diva, and why let anyone else wash them?

  54. oh rats! I could have ended my last comment with the Homer-esque "mmm... pickles (gurgling noise)" Curiouser, you could also intersperse a clip of Homer when Dr Hibbert does a fat test on him and taps his belly and Homer squeals "ooh, look at that blubber fly!"


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