Saturday, November 27, 2010

Et Tu Time Magazine?

There is a rumor that Sarah Palin may actually be chosen as Time Magazine's "Person of the Year."

If true I can only assume that Time Warner has decided that it is better to allow their brand to be attached to the catastrophic Sarah Palin, for the short term sideshow style attention they will garner, than to protect their journalistic integrity going forward.

If my sources are correct this will be another love letter to the Grizzled Mama on par with the embarrassing ass kissing delivered by The New York Times.

And if the blurb about her, written by Adam Sorenson no less,  is any indication the article might in fact read like a kind of political soft porn.

For all the talk of a conservative revival this election year, the movement in 2010 has lacked a true leader — a personality big and bold enough to rally the disparate wings of the Republican Party under one flag. Sarah Palin thinks she can fill that role, but she won't get it without a fight. Maternal chieftain of the Mama Grizzlies, the former Alaska governor spent the past year playing queenmaker in a bevy of midterm races, not to mention working on her next blockbuster book and a reality show for TLC. With the power to electrify the base, cow the Establishment, incense the opposition and razz the "lamestream media" with a single tweet, Palin stands alone atop the modern GOP as its most dynamic and divisive figure. And though she continues to play coy about her 2012 intentions, there are many indications that she aspires to put her mojo to use in the next presidential race.

Hang on a second I have to choke back my bile.  Yuck, tastes horrible.

There is an opportunity for you to express your opinion before the final decision is made by going here to vote. But be aware that the publishers, while inviting your participation, do not feel bound by the point of view expressd by those who take the time to vote.

Take a look at this year's candidates (listed in alphabetical order) and give them your rating — though TIME's editors who choose the actual Person of the Year reserve the right to disagree

Currently Palin is ranked number 10, behind the  Recep Tayyip Erdoga (Prime Minister of Turkey), Lady Gaga, Wiki-Leaks founder Julian Assange, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Glenn Beck (Isn't it a little redundant to have BOTH Palin and Beck represented in this poll?), Apple's Steve Jobs, President Obama, the Unemployed Americans, and the Chilean Miners.

In my opinion EVERY SINGLE ONE of those listed are more deserving of this honor than Sarah Palin, but it is highly doubtful that any of them will bring the attention, or increased magazine sales, that plastering the grinning visage of the Queen of Mean on their cover will.

Someday in the future when asked exactly when Time Magazine "clubbed the halibut," people will point to the day they chose to sell out and put Snowdrift Snooki on the cover of their magazine, instead of in the comics section where she belongs.


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    if you were a mayor of a small town that built you a small mansion you might be a Palin.

    If Time Warner wants to put Palin on the cover, let it go. It will just make her shriller and beef up the opportunities for others to rat her out becaue she is going to suddenly stop paying them, because she will feel that she doesnt have to anymore

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I usually think cnn is a sell out, but this is a good article.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I want to throw up.

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    How can she be ranked behind Chinese human rights activist, Liu Xiabo? If she gets it and he doesn't, Time is noting but a tabloid. They may as well not have this "person of the year." He should outrank Gaga, too, but GaGa is better that Palin.

    The only thing she did right was quit as governor!

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I just voted for Nancy Pelosi because of her role as the first female Speaker of the House and because she led most of the progressive votes for change during the first 18 months of the Obama presidency.

    Had the Senate not been filled with Blue Dogs and Joe Lie-berman, we might have gotten more done before the 2010 fiasco putting Boehner in charge.

    Anyway, at least she is trailing Glenn Beck by just one percentage point. If she should edge him out in percentage points - even if she doesn't win - it will warm my heart to know that Pelosi got more votes than that bastard Beck and it will toast his cookies royally to know it. Sorry for the rant.

  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    You can vote for the most and the least, so y'know whom i voted for as the least.

  7. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Claire Booth Luce would be thrilled to have such a willfully ignorant woman as Palin on the cover for the coveted end-of-year issue. Mrs. Luce, wife of Henry (who owned Time in its heyday) was apparently a righty.
    "Clare remained active in right-wing politics and in 1964, campaigned for Barry Goldwater of Arizona, the Republican candidate for president. Later that year Clare and her husband retired to their home in Phoenix, Arizona.
    In 1981 President Ronald Reagan appointed Clare to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. With that, she moved from Honolulu to an apartment in the Watergate complex in Washington. She served on the board until 1983, the year Reagan awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom."
    So, maybe Time is just a Republican vessel----oh yeah, the "liberal" media Palin complains about is just EVERYWHERE, isn't it?

  8. Anonymous4:06 PM

    If Time puts Sarah on the cover, she will have to run. Her ego wouldn't let her not run.

    However, that said, it is a sad, sad day when Time - a magazine that was once respected throughout the world - stoops to put such a cruel, nasty excuse of a human being up on any kind of pedestal.

    I will never buy a Time magazine again and discourage family and friends to let it rot as well.

    Plus, we're lucky to have a choice to Time-Warner because we will switch our telephone, cable and internet to its competitor and tell T-W exactly why.

  9. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Gawd help us, because obviously Tawd can't/won't. Mark In Everett

  10. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I just don't know if I can let it go. I think I will be contacting them and telling them if they make her Person of the Year, I believe it is a manipulation to set up the illusion of a horse race for 2012. That sells, and they know it.

    We need to get after these people, hold them accountable.

    I think this may backfire and bring people forward who have incriminating information about her which will make a Person of the Year designation a bit embarrassing for them.

    Thank you for letting us know, Gryphen. I think there will be a response ahead of time.

  11. laprofesora4:21 PM

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for printing the cartoon from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette done by our brilliant Rob Rogers. Secondly I think I have to go barf...

  12. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Being Time's "man (person)of the year" is not necessarily an honor. Supposedly it is to take note of the most influential person; for better or worse. She has been VERY influential....for worse, of course.

    from Wikipedia: Despite the magazine's frequent statements to the contrary, the designation is often regarded as an honor, and spoken of as an award or prize, simply based on many previous selections of admirable people.[5] However Time magazine points out those such as Adolf Hitler in 1938, and Joseph Stalin in 1939 and again in 1942, and the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, have also been granted the title.

  13. Anonymous4:22 PM

    OMG--wait until Bristol's DWTS voters get hold of this poll!

  14. laprofesora4:26 PM

    Person of the Year, are you kidding me??? More like Disaster of the Decade.

    Good gawd, when the 'bots get wind of this it will be DWTS all over again.

  15. Anonymous4:30 PM

    She's rank alright. Just take a whiff.

  16. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Time has gotten into the habit of nominating provocative shit distributors rather than worthwhile individuals (Hitler, Stalin, to name a few).

    She will be in good company.

  17. "TIME's Person of the Year is bestowed by the editors on the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill....."

    FOR ILL! She would join:
    1979: Ayatullah Khomeini
    "Rarely has so improbable a leader shaken the world"
    1974: King Faisal
    "Saudi led OPEC price hikes that roiled world markets"
    1939: Joseph Stalin
    "Paved the way for Hitler's war by signing secret pact with old enemy"

    Sure, many great and admirable people have been "person of the year," but Palin will (if selected) join those who have affected the news and our lives for the WORSE.

  18. I voted for Steve Jobs, because, well, he makes my life better every day!

  19. Know that the mere act of voting for her, even giving her a low influence rating, moves her up the chart, which measures influence, positive and negative. If you don't want to see her high up the list, vote for someone else.

    However, I don't think the poll has anything to do with who is chosen. It seems more like Time's way of drumming up interest.

    If chosen, she will join past winners Joseph Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Adolph Hitler.

  20. Anonymous4:37 PM

    If this is true, I am sooooo glad I canceled my Time subscription months ago -- when she made another of their lists.

    They still send me 'We want you back' emails and they go right into the trash inbox.

  21. Anonymous4:39 PM

    It's interesting that their rankings are not according to ranking (Palin's avg. is only 39%). It must be some combo of rating and # of votes. Hence I only voted for ones that I think deserve recognition. I hate how Time mag. asks you to use only the category "Influence" as a determining factor for person of the year. What a missed opportunity to use better criteria to give credit to some of our world's best minds and leaders. My renewal notice will go back empty, except for an explanation of what I will be looking for in upcoming issues before I decide if I want to send my money for a rag that is more concerned with following sensational stories instead of meaningful ones.

  22. emrysa4:40 PM

    gryphen how can they choose her as person of the year when there are 9 people in line ahead of her?

  23. emrysa4:40 PM

    stewart and colbert are #4! they better be chosen before she is.

  24. The Time person of the year is supposed to a person who has international influence (for good or bad). Sarah is not an international personality.

  25. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Person of the Year, are you kidding me??? More like Disaster of the Decade.

    This. This right here is all that needs to be said. Brava la profesora.

    Unfortunately her barely literate fanbase WILL think it's a major honor -- these mouthbreathers don't know that Hitler, Stalin or Khomeini were once on the cover. To them, this will prove that she is at the pinnacle of popularity -- not that she is infamous for all the wrong reasons.

  26. Anonymous4:43 PM

    The GOP Establishment "blue bloods" are cringing more than everybody else combined!

  27. Also too, remember when Sarah had Sponge Bob Square Pants up her shirt? So nice to see that he has been liberated and now precedes her in the parade. I bet it got really hot under there.

  28. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Yes, Palin will be in the primaries. The GOP wants to keep things lively heading into the primaries, but ultimately, they will side with a "kinder, younger Republican" because they know they need someone younger (than the usual old Republican men) and they also need that person to be a white male. But she will add her usual level of crazy tabloid "fun" to the race. Bleah. Why anybody would consider her "fun" is beyond me, but the powers that be definitely want her in the primaries. She won't be asked to be VP this time, though.

  29. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I have been watching deadly women on id this weekend, mainly because it is cold and nothing else to do. All the deadly women have something in common, they don't trust anybody and they suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder.

  30. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Whats sad is, there really are no already-known leaders who are sincerely worthy of the title. My vote is for the everyman

  31. Anonymous5:13 PM

    If we all vote randomly and Palin's fans vote as a block, out votes will not outweigh theirs. However, if we vote in a focused mannner -- all of us for one person, that will make an impact.

    Mathematically, in order for our votes to have the most chance of winning the battle, it would be best if we all vote for the person who is already #1 right now: Recep Tayyip Erdoga (Prime Minister of Turkey).

  32. sallyngarland,tx5:18 PM

    Palin goes on almost daily rants through FB, twitter or speeches bullying, criticizing and lying to reinforce those. It is verbal abuse--relish in criticism/bully. The media needs to be called out for pushing/promoting her and be made to confront it as abuse.( The media is lazy. She's easy to report on because they don't put in much effort.)

    Palin is, to me, is an abusive stalker--taunting and never lets up--on the President, other politicians and the American public and it is sick and twisted.

  33. Anonymous5:24 PM

    It isn't like a Nobel prize – even Hitler was Time's Person of the Year.

  34. Anonymous5:25 PM

    For a woman who spends 75% of her time trashing the media, why should the media sponsor her? Shouldn't Time feel an obligation to chose people who have demonstrated a dedication and commitment to positively benefitting others? Palin has had 2years of opportunities in the spotlight to raise money and awareness to benefit positive causes, instead she spews lies, hate, bigotry, divisiveness and victimhood. She is a self centered psychopath who has nothing positive to offer our country.

  35. Anonymous5:27 PM

    prior: Supposedly it is to take note of the most influential person; for better or worse.

    That was my understanding, and if so, I don't see how she wins. She hasn't been that influential. She may have helped Tea Party candidates in the House, but it hurt the Republican chances to take the Senate. Better to have fewer Reps in the House and control of both houses, than more Reps than needed in the House and not have the Senate majority. Besides, that's just America. Her influence on the world is negligible. She has no foreign policy experience. She doesn't even have a foreign policy.
    She wasn't influential enough to get McCain elected. Heck, she may have cost him the election.
    I imagine anything is possible, but I don't see generating publicity and giving speeches to the choir as something that is influential. There's a difference between generating headlines, and making a difference and being influential.
    Maybe, as we suspect with DWTS, her minions will vote en masse. But I don't think the designation goes to the one with the most votes. It's not a reality show (I hope)

  36. Ripleyt in CT5:38 PM

    If this happens, I hereby promise to have a Sharpie in my bag at all times, in order to draw a moustache on every copy I see.

  37. Anonymous5:39 PM voting for something....sounds vaguely familiar. (wonder how it will turn out?)

  38. Anonymous5:41 PM

    OT: Acting Commissioner of ADF&G! A Palin appointee with no biological degree. Degree in Education from a Lutheran College? Really Parnell?!!! Suck my A$$!!!

    Palin is still leaving her stench behind local state politics via lapdog Parnell. Why do all the men that worked for her look more feminine than her and/or 'molesters'...

    BTW: There is a shitstorm brewing down here in SE AK b/c Kennsington mine was trying to 'eliminate' fish monitoring that affect 3 watersheds that flow into Berners' Bay...DEC signed off on it. All thanks to Jackie Timothy, SE Regional Manager of Habitat. Her 'recommendations' started the process of allowing the mine to no longer have to monitor fish in three spawning creeks into the bay.
    BTW: She happens to go to the same church (Mormon) that the Operations Manager and Enviro oversight of the mine goes to: YES, church buddies.

    Time for a complete flush of the states agencies starting with Fish & Game...

  39. As has been pointed out this is not exactly a popularity contest, and being chosen "Person of the Year" does not mean you were chosen for providing a positive influence.

    But if my sources are correct, and Palin IS chosen, the write up will not be a negative dismissal of her realty show celebrity status, but rather a mostly positive description of her influence on politics that will give her substantial new credibility, and put her face and message onto the living room coffee tables of people who have thus far been paying little, if any, attention to her.

    And if ALL these people know about Sarah Palin is that Time Magazine voted her POTY THAT is the kind of positive publicity that her crappy reality show could never have provided.

  40. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Time's not stupid. Its editors just watched Peebots get Bristol Stomp into the DWTS finals. They're salivating over how many issues they'll sell to the cult members if Palin's the WOTY.

  41. Anonymous5:53 PM

    according to the des moines register only 400 people showed up for her book signing today. People here in Iowa expect things to be done a certain way, I don't know if her media strategy is going to work.

  42. Anonymous5:55 PM

    To all readers: Have you ever seen a pre=World War II issue of Newsweek or Times? Check it out. But be prepared: you may find it surprising how both publications supported the Nazi regime.

    SOme things do not change. History repeats itself, unless we learn from history.

    So far the USA's record seems to be
    zip - zero - nada.

    WHile Palin is merely the puppet; the masters are the same a s they were in 1938.

  43. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Well, wasn't Adolph Hitler Time's Person of the Year back in the day?

    It's not necessarily an honor.

  44. igettit25:56 PM

    Yawn. Ho Hum. Time has been fading into irrelevance for ages. (We dropped our subscription several years ago, not for political reasons, but because the content had become so thin.) They are trying to gin up attention, and Palin is one way they think they can get it.

    Instead of giving them any feedback at all, I think it would be smarter to just ignore Time and concentrate on trying to get the facts about her sorry history out.

  45. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I'm so torn. Part of me wants her to run and win, because -- Obama's second victory would be a breeze and her nomination would probably cause the GOP to crumble.

    But then I think...The first woman to be a major party nominee for president is going to be this dipshit? And I shudder for the souls of the feminists who came before her.

  46. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Yeah, so, anyone who did not vote this year is at fault. anyone who does not speak the truth about the Palin's is at fault. Anyone that doesn't speak out for equality and equal rights is at fault.

    Welcome to the second Civil War.

  47. Anonymous6:13 PM

    To be effective, it would help if there was some suggestion on how one should vote so we aren't scattered. I voted for "unemployed" and who could argue for that?

  48. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Does this mean we can all vote for the PERSON OF THE YEAR?

    So DWTS was BOT training for bigger games?

    Cross training!

    Get real, people, TIME WARNER, CNN, and RUpert Murdock are Palin's lamestream media that are her bread and butter and she is ther little ho.

  49. Anonymous6:49 PM


    Time Magazine North Korean of the Year

  50. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Those of you who could expose Babygate might be able to stop this.

  51. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I'm not too surprised by this. Don't forget that they often have divisive figures and she is THE most divisive figure in America today. Not every TIME person of the year is a hero and if they run her, that will reinforce my point. In my opinion, Lady GaGa is more influential.

  52. Well maybe by NOT GOING INTO PANIC MODE Gryphen- that head of steam can evaporate as opposed to becoming next weeks screaming headlines (underneath the Korean War that's about to happen).

  53. My first thought is i wonder what that costs?

  54. Anonymous7:10 PM

    O/T but just saw this tape from The View, Bristol backstage w/winger Elizabeth Hasseleck.

    Interesting exchange in the beginning; Elizabeth teases/praises Bristol for giving short "airtight" answers... Bristol says her mom laughed at her middle finger comment, but says "the rest of my family" wasn't too happy about it.

  55. Anonymous7:32 PM

    All I know is I don't buy anything with Sarah Palin on it.

  56. Anonymous7:36 PM

    How is Sarah Palin different than Tokyo Rose?

  57. Anonymous7:56 PM

    At least we know that the Alaskan Dispatch won't cower to the cowards anymore.


  58. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Sorry that was the Alaskan Daily News.



  59. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I think we are rapidly approaching media fatigue with Mooselini. The indicators will be rapidly dropping numbers for her TLC show and poor book sales.

  60. Anonymous7:59 PM

    She would have been important in 2008. Because of Sarah, many moderates and independents who would have normally voted for a Republican just couldn't. It was because of Sarah.

    And, if Time does put her on the cover, they should be bombarded with letters and emails reminding them that it was Sarah who endorsed and promoted Tea Party candidates like Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle and Joe Miller. She cost the Republicans the Senate.

    To put Sarah on the cover because she is such a disaster, screwing up elections for the Republicans, endorsing unqualified candidates, two simple minded ghost written books, putting her daughter on Dancing with the Stars when it was clear that Bristol couldn't dance... none of this should be rewarded or applauded. If Time wants to put someone on their cover who exploits the media for shameless self promotion, I nominate Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson.

  61. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I just deleted my IPhone Time magazine app. I'm just about ready to delete Huffington Post too. The other day, Huffington had TEN Sarah stories- really ridiculous!! I just looked at the NPR app and there aren't any!

    Sometimes I think we all pay too much attention to her as well. Maybe the media would stop if we stopped. So I am going to start by reading more NPR news and focusing on other issues.

    By the way, this N /S Korea thing is very scary! We can't afford another war. You never hear about cutting defense- it's no..lets just toss the unemployed on the streets and cut social security so seniors and the disabled have an even rougher time.

    Sarah is a diversion but enough is enough. I think we have to call out the media on what they are covering about Sarah. She's trying to threaten them to only cover positive things. Is she winning?

  62. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Sally in Texas you describe it well. This sick twisted woman is an abusive stalker. Why doesnt the media VET her like they should. Most of them are rolling over on their backs for Sarah. We need to support the ones that tell the truth and call out the lazy media who think she's their meal ticket.
    If she became president, we'd be another North Korea with FOX as our state sponsored TV news station.
    Think about it.
    Screw Time! If they elevate her to that level, I think they will regret it. Especially if it comes with a puff piece!

  63. Anonymous8:39 PM

    It is not the votes, look at the average rating. The top is 88 and Palin is 37 on a scale of 100. Colbert and Stewart are 86 last time I looked.

  64. Gasman9:11 PM

    Do the assholes that run Time not realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot if Palin is their "Person of the Year?" They will take any vestigial journalistic credibility that remains at that sorry excuse for a once great magazine and they will flush it right down the crapper.

    It will sell many copies of that issue as the brain dead Palin acolytes snap up copies, but it will hasten the demise of Time.

    I guess I need to wait and see if I should start printing up a mess of "Fuck Time Warner" t-shirts or not.

    R.I.P. Time magazine.

  65. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Hitler was Time's Man of the Year in 1939 or 1938.
    Time's Person of the year is about who's been most influential—for better or worse; it's not necessarily a popularity contest or a mark of positive achievement.

    Personally, I think it's the Banksters who should be Persons of the Year because their machinations have condemned at least an entire generation to lives of economic stagnation.

    On the other hand, if Palin is anointed Person of the Year by this supposed paragon of 'lamestram media', and if it's seen (as it often mistakenly is) as an accolade, her mindless supporters will be in a frenzy of confusion.

    If anointing Palin Person of the Year gives her more rope to hang herself, I say, anoint the bitch!

  66. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Time already gave up its journalistic integrity. Palin wouldn't help them get it back, since she has none.

  67. "...not to mention working on her next blockbuster book..."

    Sorenson writes for Time but he is clearly also a psychic and has already determined the yet to be published book will be a blockbuster. Disturbing.

    He also considers her TLC show important without knowing how it will ultimately do in the ratings and without considering that she is a co-producer.

  68. Anonymous10:22 PM


    You're right about Claire and Henry Luce. They did damage to many innocent people with their reactionary magazine and other activities;they were probably tied to the CIA.

    An excellent book on the Kennedy assassination, and the undermining of his presidency, that gives some details of Henry Luce's shadwowy dealings is JFK and the Unspeakable
    by James Douglass.

  69. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I am really getting sick of this as to Palin. She is appearing everywhere on a daily basis via the media. I'm truly beginning to think there is nothing we can do to stop her. What in the hell is wrong w/the U.S. - dumbing down of society, corporate takeover, the media slanting the story on Palin w/o vetting her - why isn't she in jail as to things she's done in AK - where are the IRS and FBI investigations?

    Think I'm going to stop reading this stuff due to not a damned thing changing other than her continual ascent.

  70. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Time Magazine has also granted the title of Person of the year to Adolf Hitler in 1938, and Joseph Stalin in 1939 and again in 1942, and the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

  71. Anonymous12:13 AM

    The Media is determined to shove Palin down our throats in spite of all the signs showing a lack of public interest. The latest polls still have her headed downward. While 40 something percent might look favorably on her, nearly 50% have an unfavorable view and nearly 70% do not want her near the White House. Only 3 million bothered to tune in to the second episode of her "wildly successful" show and her book tour is nothing to brag about. So what gives? I guess she is just another celebrity at this point. I used to wonder about all the attention wasted on the likes of Paris Hilton and then decided it wasn't worth the effort. Don't hear too much about her anymore anyway.

  72. Well, I gave Palin and Beck a 1 and the rest a 100. If more people did that we'd move them out of the top 10.

  73. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I suggest people should take this as nothing more than Time trying to cash in on the Palin phenomena. While she may not be a good or beneficial influence, one cannot deny that she has been an attention-getter. So what. That doesn't mean she's destined for anything. By making a big deal about it and getting all outraged, people are just giving her more power. Go vote for your favorite and put it out of your mind. It does not matter. The lack of interest in her show and book events are better indicators of how the public feels.

  74. London Bridges3:20 AM

    Q: What is the only difference between Brittany Spears and Sarah Palin?

    A: Brittany was lucky enough to have had an intervention.

    Oops! Brittany has talent, also, too!

  75. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Gryphen, are you that shocked? I wouldn't be surprised if TIME named Bristol person of the year, just to fuck with people

    Anyway, This "honor" is to be bestowed on someone who made an indellible mark on the world. I actually think Sarah perfectly fits that in a number of ways: some of her facebook posts sent the country into mass panic/outrage/_____. Shes been credited with the loss of the senate and the reluctance of HCR. (Even though the former is a bit of a stretch). Her public persona is that of living with NO FEAR. She'll say anything (whether it's an mistake or genius we'll never know). She has the GOP paying her bills and gets other candidates to pay her travel costs. W went on the rcord to retract negative sentiments people claimed he said about her. She made the Pakistani Pres lose his shit and would probably have the same effect on other world leaders.

    I think her new title should be "Americas whore". The president hires her personally to fuck all the money hungry, power driven nasty world leaders and subdue them long enough to infiltrate.

  76. Anonymous3:43 AM

    We are responsible for Palin's popularity. The more we click on articles about her, the more the media gives us. I voted for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert for giving us a moment of sanity.

    Inside the beltway

  77. London Bridges4:22 AM

    The envelope, please! The winner IS:
    Bristol Palin! Bristol's mother had been slated to get the honor, but the judges noted Bristol, Todd Palin's first child, had surpassed her mother in talent: dancing versus flute screetching, stretching the truth, language skills, and hiding a pregnancy.

    Congratulations, Bristol!

  78. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Ironic that she complained about wearing shorts on the cover and now she'll be person of the year, largely because of those shorts. (And heels, and push up bras, etc).

    She'll probably be chosen, but I don't think it's a good thing for her at all. She's overexposed. It's not like people will look at the cover and think, oh who is this exciting woman in the GOP? It's not 2008, it's 2010. They'll look and say, oh, there's Palin again.

    I clicked on your blogroll with PalinQ&A, and David Brooks talks about Lisa Murkowski's win representing a political failure for SP, and why he thinks she is NOT running. But he also says this interesting bit:

    "I think Obama, the best thing for him is to have her trundle along there and maybe, if not win the nomination, control the Republican nomination, because, as Mark says, and as we saw in Delaware and Nevada and various other states,
    the sort of candidates she sponsors is not the kind that win over independents."

    So she is a disaster with Independents. The real Independents, not the fake ones like the Tea Party. As time passes, the media will move away from their false reporting that the Tea Party are Independents, and start talking about the REAL ones.

    So if Conservative Brooks knows this, that it would be in Democrats interest for her to "trundle along," the question remains - how deeply involved will the GOP allow her to be in 2012? I think, not too much. Jeb Bush, or others will take the stage.

    So think about that. If room is to be made for other GOP candidates to grab the limelight, and for the GOP to try to be more moderate and inclusive, and maybe even try to grab some of the hispanic vote like they did when Jeb was first governor, then there's less room for Sarah. And when you think about the overexposure Sarah's getting sort of wonder why is she doing everything all at ONCE, the show, the book, DWTS, etc, - it may be because she knows this. Maybe she knows the clock is ticking and she's trying to get her piece of the pie before time runs out and she has to step aside.

  79. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Gryhen is right. If Sarah is on the cover as person of the year, even if it isn't for positive reasons, it will give her the much needed credibility to run for office. People will see her pic on the cover and think, "If Time thinks she the person of the year, she must be pretty great." It will influence the way many people view her.

    Hasn't this gone far enough? We are watching her rise to power before our very eyes. Think about how four years of a Palin presidency would negatively affect the country. She talks about loving freedom, but would fight against freedom for many, including gay and minority citzens. She talks about upholding constitutional rights, but wants to take those rights away from women and from those who choose not to worship as Christians.

    Democracy?? Sounds more like a dictatorship to me!!

    Now...there are people out there who have information about Sarah that would discredit her enough to make it impossible for her to get the nomination to run. They have a decision to make. Stand up against Sarah's wrath and tell the truth, or sit back and watch our country go down the tubes.

  80. Anonymous5:07 AM

    The Iowa papers commenting on Sarah's trip to DeMoine and what presidential candidates are doing:

    "Unlike most of the more than half-dozen Republicans mentioned as 2012 presidential prospects, Palin has made no inquiries about the caucuses to the Iowa Republican Party. Other than asking in July whether the September speaking invitation remained open, Palin's small circle has had no contact with the state party."

  81. Anonymous5:33 AM

    If Time wants to do this it's going to happen. The voting doesn't matter (they say so themselves - they will choose the POTY, the poll is just for shits and giggles, apparently). So vote if you want to, but know that your vote might not count for anything.

  82. Anonymous5:44 AM

    The link to time mag disappeared, why?

  83. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I went and voted on each candidate, and was shocked that Lady GaGa scored so high. At least Quittypants was no where near the top. Go Team Stewart/Colbert!!! They kept me sane through the Bush years.

    Totally Off-Topic. Jessica Beagley of Anchorage sent in a video of herself "correcting" one of her adoptive children. This clip was featured on the Wednesday, November 17th "Mommy Confessions" of the Dr. Phil show. The audience was horrified. I see the ADN article characterizes Dr. Phil as "exploiting" Mrs. Beagley. Her husband is a cop and she is a Youth President in her church (Mormon). I fear ADN will sweep this story under the rug as an uncomfortable topic. Could you keep your ear to the ground, regarding what happens to the Beagley kids?

    P.S. The most stunning thing about this is Mrs. Beagley was sending in this clip as a GOOD example of how to discipline a child. She is totally stunned that Dr. Phil and the studio audience want to call Child Protective Services on her.

  84. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Boycott her show and her book. She is nothing but a media whore and everytime she talks to fans or is interviewed she is pushing for people to watch her show or buy her book. She doesn't deserve to be recognized for crap, all she has is a good publicist.

  85. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I think this not a small point re: Iowa. She isn't behaving like a potential candidate, or at least one who believes she will represent her party. She does herself no favors when she doesn't treat their customary process (and state officials) with respect.

    That says to me she already knows they don't want her, that if she were to run it would be from a Tea Party third party position.

    Go ahead Sarah, split the vote.

  86. Anonymous6:25 AM

    How can Beck even be on the list? He spews lies, biogtry, hate, division and incites violence to a larger extent than even Palin. A young man slit a Muslim taxi driver's throat in NY simply because he was Muslim, another was recently arrested for an assasination plot on Obama. These are Beck fans and followers who believe they are doing his work. He needs to be fired from Fox and be taken off the media and certainly should never be ackowledged by Time for his extremely negative effect on the American people.

  87. Is any one keeping track (all in one place) of the turn out for her book signing - so far I've seen 150 at one event and 450 at another - those are pretty pathetic turnouts - and would be interesting to a summary posted some where that is updated as the book signing events take place

  88. Virginia Voter7:25 AM

    Lady Rose:

    In answer to your question, it looks like 150 people were early in the line for Sarah in Pheonix, but then the reports were that "hundreds" waited to get their book signed:

    Same in Tulsa, no specific numbers, just says hundreds, and it looks like Sarah signed them at a Christian book store there:

    And, it looks like a "couple dozen" fans were out in Kansas last night waiting in line at a grocery store:

    I could do a post on the Sarah Palin fashion and hair disasters alone.

    It looks like this time, they are only giving out about 500 wristbands for signatures.

  89. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Palin will be "CHOSEN" as Time's person of the year the same way Bristol was "CHOSEN" over better dancers on DWTS! By Grizly's rabid cultists!

  90. newmom7:38 AM


    Calm the heck DOWN. The Media has been breathlessly reporting on Palin since day one. In spite of Palin's lamestream media spin, she's enjoyed nothing but adulation from most. And what, other than money, has it gotten her???? Look at the FACTS: low polls, lame ratings, and thinning crowds. Face it, money and a complicit Media can't buy you love. She has been over exposed. The more we see, the more we no likee.

    Stop the outrage over something that does not matter. For one, it actually proves the point that she is influencial and two, makes you look like babies. Sorry, love you guys but there it is.

    The only response that will register with Time is if Palin is largely IGNORED. NO UP OR DOWN VOTES.

  91. newmom7:57 AM

    Virginia Voter@ 7:25a, apparently they can't unload even 500. My take is that Team Palin senses the dwindling interest and will hide behind "only 500 wristbands to be issued."

  92. thanks Virgina Voter - sounds like her book tour is a giant flop no matter how they try to spin it - wonder why the msm isn't covering that apsect of it

  93. Anonymous10:15 AM

    She was on Entertainment Tonight's Weekend show; the "haters" comments flow from her naturally. Disgusting.

    She's like Beck; an entertainer, a grifter and full of nutty sound bites.

    She'll crash and burn, just like other entertainers.

  94. Anonymous10:18 AM

    If Sarah got Time's person of the year she might have to refuse it she would be in interesting company that she abhors including numerous commies and Democrats, Feminists, Nazis sympathizer, people of peace, and Community Organizers as well as the man she loves to hate the 2008 winner, President of the Unites States, educated, literate, well mannered Barack Obama.
    And almost every one is a highly educated elite, and many are Blue Bloods.
    Zounds! Foiled Again

    2008: Barack Obama
    2007: Vladimir Putin
    2006: You
    2005: Bono, Melinda and Bill Gates
    2002: The Whistleblowers
    1998: Bill Clinton/Kenneth Starr
    1993: The Peacemakers
    1992: Bill Clinton
    1989: Mikhail Gorbachev
    1988: The Endangered Earth
    1987: Mikhail Gorbachev
    1985: Deng Xiaoping
    1983: Ronald Reagan/Yuri Andropov
    1981: Lech Walesa
    1979: Ayatullah Khomeini
    1978: Teng Hsiao-p'ing
    1975: U.S. Women
    1970: Willy Brandt
    1967: Lyndon Johnson
    1966: Young People
    1964: Lyndon Johnson
    1963: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    1961: John F. Kennedy
    1960: U.S. Scientists
    1957: Nikita Khrushchev
    1948: Harry S. Truman
    1945: Harry Truman
    1942: Joseph Stalin
    1941: Franklin D. Roosevelt
    1939: Joseph Stalin
    1938: Adolf Hitler
    1936: Wallis Simpson
    1934: Franklin D. Roosevelt
    1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt
    1930: Mohandas Gandhi
    1927: Charles Lindbergh

  95. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Good. Inflate that phony woman as much as possible. Her fall will be that much more enjoyable to watch.

  96. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Anon 4:00
    I just voted for Nancy Pelosi because of her role as the first female Speaker of the House and because she led most of the progressive votes for change during the first 18 months of the Obama presidency.

    Me also too.

  97. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Guess I'LL SAVE SOME EXTRA CASH, No way in hell would I ever order a subscription to Time now.
    Th media is nothing but a bunch of whores.


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