Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barbara Walters interviews the President and Mrs. Obama. The word for today is "class."

I am not a big fan of Barbara Walter, but this interview was a joy to watch.

Here are parts one, two, three, and four.

I will embed part five because I want all of you to see how the Obama's talk about their family, their difficulties, and their view of the sacrifices made by our military fighting men and women. 

Now compare what you just heard to how somebody else responds to the challenges in her life.

BTW Walters should NEVER have brought up the Grizzled Mama to either our President or his wife.  These are serious accomplished people, and asking them to comment on the antics of the court jester is an insult to them, and to the American people.


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    A reader writes Andrew Sullivan: "On Thanksgiving Day, the ONLY thing everyone agreed with is when my 80 year old feeble mother-in-law shouted, "Sarah Palin an idiot!" In a multi-generational gathering of 30 rural Ohio Republicans, Mom was almost applauded at the dinner table. From the men who were in the garage drinking beer and frying the turkey to the wives and girlfriends who were in the kitchen, Palin is over. I was surprised to see her lose this group of FNC viewers."

    Finally, even the Republicans are catching on. Palin is over in the minds and hearts of real Americans.

  2. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Walters has turned into a sad parody of herself. She invokes Palin at every opportunity. I guess she thinks she'll ride that other attention monger back onto relevance.

  3. Palin's Facebook was poor me, all about how she is picked on. I admire the Obama family. How anyone can demonize the man is beyond me. Michele and Barack are decent people doing a difficult job in a difficult time.

  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    When I see a clip like part five I cannot for the life of me understand Sarah Palin's characterizations of the Obama's as bitter, angry people who hate our country. I guess it's her unbridled, blinding jealousy towards them. She is a pathetic person.

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Another example of "Sanity Restored".

  6. Thank you for this. I needed some calm common sense in this turmoil right now. They are compassionate and caring people dealing with a country in crisis. They represent us well. imho

  7. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Thank you for making the interview available. They are are a terrific couple, class act. Even Beau has class - he's so calm and well-behaved - just like our President and First Lady.


  8. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I didn’t watch Barbara Walters last night because I was turned off by Barbara asking the President his thoughts of Sarah Palin. It is demeaning! It disgusts me when the media gives this poor of excuse of human being such creditability.

  9. Yes, this is exactly what makes me mad about all this endless Palin nonsense. It's as if the media has a secret agenda to push Palin upon an uninterested public no matter what. They just keep pushing and pushing and WILL NOT SHUT UP about the completely unimportant and vacuous Palin family. They keep saying how much attention she generates, but it seems to me that the media is the one generating it by giving it endless exposure.

    And, I'm so tired of her complaining about the media abusing her children. They never have!

    I completely agree that asking Obama about her is an insult. Perhaps it is time for people to start complaining to media outlets about it, especially when they try to lower Obama to that level.

  10. They are so eloquent with their words and so calm with the way they talk with people. It made it really hard to listen to them talking, and then have Barbara Walters cut to Sarah Palin talking. The difference between their calm tones, and Palin's dying, squawking parrot of a voice is too much. I can't sit through Palin talking... but I got this this whole interview.

  11. Anonymous7:53 AM

    This pretty much sums up the difference between The President & $P. He writes a beautiful children's book dedicated to his daughters which highlights historical references and what they taught him. All proceeds go to families of the military.

    $P has someone write her a book butchering quotes, movies and using her kids as political props throughout and dissing our President at every turn. Dedicates the book to Trig. "I'm glad you're here." (so I can pimp you out for all your worth) How heartfelt....NOT.

    Since she dedicated the book to Trig and has earned millions she could have given the proceeds to a down syndrome foundation or to military families since she uses them politically every chance she gets. But no she keeps all the proceeds and uses her PAC as her personal bank account to fund the book tour never spending a dime of her own money.

  12. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Sarah is playing high school level and the Obama's have been at the professional level for years.

  13. Anonymous8:09 AM

    And how much publicity has Barack's book received? And who gets all the attention for her own book, suckering the press into covering every beat of her tour? Doing 20 interviews for every one of his?

    Barack, you got to bring it! If your book doesn't sell your charity won't benefit as much. Don't make me have to visit a messy web site to order it. I want it all over the place. You don't have to be out there. Just select young teens in every part of the country to do readings at their local bookstores and libraries. Pay them like an afterschool job. Let them spread the love and this great blessing of a father's respect for his daughters. Melly

  14. emrysa8:27 AM

    I agree that baba wawa was lame for bringing up palin in that interview. she may as well have brought up the kardashians.

    there really is a stark difference between the obamas and the palins, and it's not their skin color. the palins are trash.

  15. I, too, also, thought it was in poor taste for Barbara Walters to bring Sarah Palin into the conversation. Time for Barbara to pass the baton to someone else.

    One of area bookstores has the half-term governor's book half-price - now $13.00 (was $26.00????)

    I clicked on TLCs description of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" show and this is how the description begins ... When the name Sarah Palin is mentioned, what's the first thing that comes to mind? (Be nice, now.)

    When Sarah's flame of farce dies out, I will feel sorry for all the children who may have been named "Sarah" these past couple years in her honor.

  16. I agree, thank you Gryph, I did watch and was thrilled with the reaction from Michelle when Barbara showed the clip of the "Idiot" after she had delivered cookies to the kids. I think it might be in the last clip, but Michelle stated if you are Conservative, liberal, schools, churches everyone wants what is best for our children! Take that Sarah.

  17. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Well said, the word for the Obamas is "class" The word for the Palins is "crass" among other, more descriptive words. By the way, I just read that Bristol is DRIVING her massive truck back to Wasilla. Does she not know about the winter storms?

  18. Anonymous8:33 AM

    If you are interested in purchasing "Of Thee I Sing, A Letter to My Daughters," it's available at Barnes and Noble.

    I purchased two copies for my daughters.

  19. FEDUP!!!8:33 AM

    Very classy people, our President and First Lady!
    I only watched #5, and am very disappointed that Baba Wawa did not show the complete cover of the book, only portions of it. What kind of promotion is that??? What is the full title of the book? (I just went to and found it: 'Of Thee I sing'. Beautiful preview in there, and again: CLASSY! Nice illustrations, and very informative tidbits about the people he quotes, not just info on where to get more info. Again: VERY CLASSY! I don't have kids anymore (mine is grown-up), but am considering buying this book) )
    (Can you imagine Baba Wawa had done that to the screecher - not showing the full cover of her book? She didn't - she fully displayed HER book, so everybody could see the full title and cover.) Talking about bias!

  20. Lisabeth608:34 AM

    Gryphen- I agree with you! Why did Barbara Walters ask about Sarah? It cheapens her and her show and we should all write and tell her so.

    I just found a fascinating article from media matters which proves without a doubt how over the top Sarahs Thanksgiving reaction is!
    Please read and sorry if this was posted before--

    This article shows how Palin considers bloggers and Huffington Post " mainstream media" now because NONE of the major newspapers or TV stations even covered her N. Korea mistake!!

    I put this on twitter and I hope others will.

    Thanks for your continued efforts Gryphen. Really, I am very thankful for the bloggers who are determined to point out Sarah Palins lies and disturbed personality, as well as her lack of knowledge. I'm worried about our country. When I see that so many Americans would consider her even remotely qualified or suited for political office, I really worry about the poor education we have. I'm not against home schooling for certain kids at all, but families who use it to brainwash their children and prevent them from seeing ALL of America's people scare me. I do think in their attempts to "protect" their children they are brainwashing and poisoning their minds. If you home school, please don't take this the wrong way! Many parents do it the right way. I am just very thankful my parents were strong proponents of public education and living in a diverse neighborhood.

  21. I also admire the Obama's they are reflective of family values. They ooze class without even trying. I wish the best for them and I am ashamed by the way some are treating him and his family.

  22. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Walters used to be a great interview. After this, I'm not tuning in or watching her clips. Her asking the Obamas about Palin would be like asking Johnny Depp to critique Paul Reubens.

  23. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Everyone.. Here is the contact information I found for Barbara Walters.

    I'm going to go look for her twitter account to write her there.

    The medias elevation of Sarah is become sickening.
    And she complains about them?? Sarah would not be where she is without the media and John McCain! And also note although the Palins were in Arizona, they did not have Thanksgiving with the McCains.

  24. Anonymous8:48 AM

    In another sad, desperate attempt to get media attention on a holiday, Ms Palin spent her Thanksgiving licking her North Korean ally wounds on Facebook and creepily stalking the President. I’ll not be linking to the FB post as you can easily find her outrageously petulant post for yourself if you so desire. Just consider that the first paragraph is devoted to all of the Presidential gaffe’s her hack research team could find, leading us to the conclusion that Palin thinks she is on par with the President.

    This hopeful false equivocation is nothing but the dreams of the deluded and anyone so ignorant as to not understand that when Palin makes a mistake it’s because she doesn’t grasp the issue at hand, not because she made a gaffe, probably isn’t winning any critical thinking tests. This has become clear over her entire career, not just the last two years. To assume she had a slip of the tongue when every other time she did not know what she was talking about would be illogical and catering to the accusations of bias she takes refuge in.

  25. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Too bad that Walters asked about Palin, elevating her to a staus she does not deserve. Why even mention such an insignificant person during an interview with the First Family? Palin is nobody, not a politician, not a mayor or a governor, just a very annoying private citizen with a dysfunctional family.

  26. Anonymous9:20 AM

    It must burn Sarah how classy the Obamas look while the Palins looks so trashy. Michelle just just spells beauty (yes I said "just" twice)while poor Sarah comes out with the hoochie momma look. I know America did not forget what grandma Sarah wore to the Belmont horse races, all fake. As far as kids go, the Palins kids are drug dealers, breaking and entering fiends, school bus brake cutting thugs, underage high school baby's momma, no schoolin' kids. Did I forget to mention trailer park trash?

  27. Anonymous9:25 AM

    No comparison between Obamas and Palins. I just laugh when I think about how Retodd looked when he wore his Sarah Palin diva glasses and jelled hair.

  28. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Very good news Anon@6:48 AM. My 84 year old sister says the same thing.

  29. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I can't agree enough with everyone here pointing out how the media keeps pushing and pushing and pushing Palin in all of our faces--even the President! They gush over what a phenomenon and media genius she is. Lazy journalists love her because they don't want to do the work of understanding the tough issues of the day and informing the public about them. They just want to stir up controversy and soundbites to fill up the 24/7 news cycle. They *love* Palin because she is tailor made for the sorry excuse for political dialogue in this country.

  30. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I can't imagine the Obamas talking down to an Alaskan school teacher or their daughters getting in the face of an elderly lady. You would never see President Obama in an Alaskan airport talking down to a fellow citizen, wouldn't happen the Obamas has too much CLASS!

  31. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Those CLASSY Obama girls would never give America the finger or use the word faggot.

    Obama girls have CLASS.
    Palin girls are trailer trash.

  32. The Obamas are pure class, intelligence and real family values. Thanks for posting the clip--I never remember to watch Walters at all.

    I'm planning to buy the book for my granddaughters for Christmas, and if I have enough money left, I'll treay myself to one as well.

  33. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Agree with everyone re: Barbara Walters. My husband said the same thing about her being a caricature of herself. Someone had pointed out that ABC has clearly sold itself out to the GOP with recent activities (Breitbart, DWTS, The View, etc).

    I wrote too and complained that Barbara was essentially creating a false equivalence between President Obama/Dems and Sarah Palin. By insulting the public and the Obamas with several questions, and accompanying tape, about Sarah Palin, Walters was implying that she has similar power within her party, when of course that is absolutely unclear at the moment.

    If anything, it looks like her star is now dimming with the GOP. I haven't seen anything to indicate that anyone believes she can run in 2012 and win, except that SHE believes it. She is in lala land, however.

    Let's hope and pray that we are seeing the beginning of the end for Sarah Palin's political aspirations. I think there can be lag time before the truth of the situation and the general consensus catch up to one another and become unanimous.

  34. dancingthroughlife9:35 AM

    Back during the election (08), my brother and I were walking around the lake at our family's cottage in N. IN/MI. Many of the cars we saw had McCain stickers on them (this was before Palin)- my brother's '97 Civic with his Obama sticker didn't fit in so well :-). As we were walking, he made a comment that still sticks with me today. He said that Barack Obama is the epitome of the "American Dream."

    He's a perfect example of the "bootstraps" cliche: He was the (half black) child of a single mother, partially raised by his grandparents. He went on to attend Occidental College, Columbia University, and was the Law Review editor while at Harvard Law School; he was able to do this through scholarships and student loans. He went on to become a community organizer. He was a state senator, then a US senator, and helped put together a grassroots campaign to be elected the 'first African-American president.' He seems to be a good husband and father- you can tell by the way he interacts with his kids that he not only loves them but despite the demands of his job, he's extremely involved in their lives. I would suggest that any single woman find a man who looks at them the way Barack looks at Michelle- it's pure love and devotion. They are 'real' people, but they also display class. The President knows when to hold his tongue, even though you can usually see on his face that he's holding back a biting (and probably really good) remark/rebuttal.

    He has also put an emphasis on physical fitness, has called out young fathers to be involved in their childrens' lives, and for young black man not to place all their apples in the rap/pro athlete basket.

    When I hear the hatred displayed towards our President, I can't help but wonder what is behind it. While I understand fervent opposition to his political beliefs, there is no reason for the enmity people have expressed against him. It says quite a bit about those who make such statements.

  35. Anonymous10:17 AM

    baba wawa has become a clown.
    a caricature of what she may have once been.

  36. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I wonder if that bitch Barbara Walters asked $arah Palin why SHE is so unpopular. Doubt it.

  37. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Thank you for these links, Gryphen. A huge pleasure to watch the President and Mrs. Obama.

    No so for Barbara Walters: with all that is facing us, the idea that the only two inserted film clips would be Sarah Palin is way beyond offensive to me.

    It's like inserting a porno clip and asking the president and his wife to comment on it. They could do it, and with dignity, but it sure is tacky to present our leader with such dreck.

    The only saving grace is the rightness of the Obama response to this nonsense.


  38. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Barbara enamoured with the phony
    Palins. Remember that gag-provoking
    interview with Sarah alternating between several of her personalities
    'teenager,' 'sex kitten,' & shriekingly 'devoted mom' to Trig?
    Barbara lapped all that up with glee.
    And at the end, Sarah switches back
    into her sexy aler & purrs to Barbie,
    "You know Barbara, there's a whole lot of love out there." I've
    wondered why, when Pres."O" is referred to anything Palin says, he
    doesn't just smile & say, "You know,
    there's x-millions of people in this country, & each one of them has an
    opinion." That would silence the
    questioner & put the tundra tart i her place.

    Sharon TN

  39. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Just remember that the media has slammed other things down our throats and it didn't work:

    Bristol DID NOT win Dancing w/the Stars and never should have been on the show - she's neither a celebrity or dancer.

    The turmoil at the airports did not occur on the day before Thanksgiving even though the media did everything it could to create havoc.

    Sarah's TV show concerning Alaska has fallen in the number of viewers watching it from the first to the second segments. That show is a farce on Alaska (I've lived here since 1950!) and her family!

    I plan to write a more detailed message to Barbara Wawa...bringing Palin into the scenario with President and Mrs. Obama was idiotic. President and Mrs. Obama are such classy people. The Palin group in no way even begins to compare to them....

    Plus, plan to purchase President Obama's book for my granddaughter.

    Thank you for being our President, Mr. Obama.

  40. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Please, everyone, make a commitment to avoid turning on TLC even once during the hour of Palin's show tomorrow (except if blog owners have to). We need to show the networks that we won't waste our time watching Palin & her family anymore. As TLC sees the ratings fall week after week they will realize what a huge mistake they made creating this show, and other networks will be reluctant to push her on us to increase their ratings & make money for their networks.

    If Palin & her bots can keep Bristol on a national dance contest until the finals, then we can collectively send a message to the media that we are completely through getting barraged by the Palin family crapfest.

  41. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Watching the Obamas and listening to Sarah Palin's envious tone of the Obamas, makes Sarah Palin sound like a child in a diaper crying for her turn of attention.
    Sarah Palin makes women look bad.
    Women will never be taken serious if Sarah Palin becomes a symbol for women. Pathetic

  42. DetroitSam12:06 PM

    In the search box, type:

    In the search box on the site type:

    This link does not offer a means to send a message to Barbara Walters directly. It lists the physical address for her contacts, but not her. does not have an e-mail for Walters.

  43. Anonymous12:08 PM

    They are a class act nothing more too it. It warms the heart to hear them speak. I will be buying his new book to place next to My Letters From a Father to a Daughter by Nehru.

  44. DetroitSam12:15 PM

    Siigned up to follow on Walters' twitter but their is not link to end an e-mail through twitter.

    I unfollowed her since I really haveot interest in following her. Just thought I might be a way to contact her.

    Wonder what she is afraid of?

  45. Barb Walters is indicative of the state of our television journalism today. Tabloid sells, so she drops the discourse to that level. The viewing public wants so badly to see the Obama's be coaxed into commenting about Mama G that they will continue to bring her up until they get a response. Ya know what? It ain't gonna happen. Aside from Barack stating that he doesn't think about Palin at all, the journos probably won't get anymore out of him. That will be it, for now, but oh, if Palin becomes his opponent in 2012, that's when the fun begins; death by 1000 small cuts will be her demise. They will be small and accurately administered in order to bleed out her ignorance for all to see.

    I haven't taken Barbara Walters seriously since she started that daily harpy fest that she calls a morning TV show. She and her best friend Arianna have done more harm to journalism than any other "journalists" could have ever hoped to.

  46. I am glad that Barbara Walters asked President Obama about Sarah Palin. With a smile on his face, he answered that he doesn't even think about her. This was the smack down from hell for Sarah. With one comment, he rendered her unimportant and insignificant. Sarah must be raging.
    He skewered her with that one sentence because the last thing a narcissist can bear is to be unimportant. I love it.
    The Obamas' interview just exuded class and intelligence.

  47. DetroitSam12:34 PM

    Lat post: I sent an e-mail to Walters through the "Contact Us" link on The Vies's website.

    I did not call her any names even though I wanted to, but still, her producer will probably not give it to her.

  48. Anonymous12:50 PM

    If Mrs. Palin is so enamored of American exceptionalism, why does she want the leader of this great country to be an ordinary, average, 'just like you' person, instead of matching the country's greatness with an equally great, exceptional leader like President Obama?

  49. Anonymous12:56 PM

    There is only one reason that Barbara included Sarah in her interviews, ratings. It was the same reason that a girl who had a baby when she was an unmarried teen was considered start material for that other TV show, ratings. The ask Obama about Palin sounds like the kid in high school who asks you if like like this boy or that girl. Then she runs over to the other person to relay the comment. Going back and forth a few times, and the conversation can grow into some kind of a feud. Barbara was just trying to create tension and buzz where there was none. She recently had major heart surgery, and I don't think that she spent nearly as much time as she used to on research for her programs. Sarah Palin, or a question about her, is nothing more than a cheap grab for attention and ratings.

  50. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Thank you so much for posting these, I missed it last night because the family met with family from out of town. Compared to Palin, our President and his wife are so calm and low-key. Gives me a feeling that no matter what is going on in the world, things are going to be okay.

  51. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Here's the deal. Palin is protected right now but could that not change if anyone is not paid off accordingly or if Tawd should decide that he could have a younger woman and same amount of money if he sold her out.

    You guys want secrets about Palin but they do not come cheap. Why should people tell them here when someone will pony up a lot for even one incident. Think how much babygate is worth!!! I wish I Knew the facts. I would be living pretty sweetly right now.

  52. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Palin hates Obama because he is Black. In her poor little world, she still feels a sense of privilege over Black folks. She grew up hearing from Chuckie et al about how affirmative action took providence away from the White man. Chuckie is a deadbeat and failed to support the family. Momma Heath did all of the work. Chuckie couldnt even buy the family underpants. He may have substituted but he was never a real teacher. They have reconstructed their own universe where Blacks and Natives are given every advantage and the white man has to suck it up.

  53. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Very well put about the court jester. Bringing her up to our President and his wife, with all they have overcome and accomplished, is insulting.

  54. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Lest we forget... Barbara Walters cashes a hefty paycheck every week, whilst Mrs. Obama generously donates her time which she could just as easily spend with her young family or on her own career.

  55. Anonymous2:35 PM

    why is tawd's voice so high?

    Sarah and Heath family feasted on them on her wedding night. family tradition. That is why Levi didnt marry Bristol.

  56. Anonymous2:38 PM

    There's an article at Huff Post that is saying what we would all like to get out there (about SP's "North Korean allies" gaffe and why it matters):

    Even the people in the comments who clearly are not fans of the President are admitting Palin will never be worthy of that office.

  57. Anonymous2:47 PM

    why would anyone be worried about her kids? They are as souless as she is and it is obvious they would as soon cut you as speak.

  58. Anonymous2:58 PM

    You might be a Palin if your husband leers and calls you "juicy" on national television

  59. I appreciate all the participants in this blog, but dissing Paul Reubens??? Just tonight we quoted Pee Wee's Big Adventure ("everybody I know has a big but")!

  60. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Yep. Classy vs. Trashy.

    I sometimes disagree with our president on policy or legislation, but I am very glad I voted for him and he and his lovely family are the current occupants of the White House. They are good role models, people you'd like to sit down to dinner with, and have the kind of kids you'd like to be friends with your kids. These are smart people with empathy for others and they are working hard under challenging circumstances to do what they can to make things better.

    Palin is a narcissistic, whiner who isn't doing anything positive for anybody. Her voice, vapidity, and disregard for the truth make it impossible to listen to her for more than a few minutes, so I can't imagine having to sit through a whole meal with her, and my kids would not be allowed to associate with the likes of hers. Those attitudes and foul mouths are not allowed in my house, and I'm glad they aren't in the White House.

  61. The disrespect of the lamestream media to bring up what Sarah Palin says or does to the President and Mrs. Obama is unconscionable.

    The media knows she's been attacking them and lying about them since she came on the scene thanks to McNasty.

    As others have commented, they are hoping something will be said by the President or Michelle to gin up a controversy to garner ratings.

    Unfortunately for them the President and Mrs. Obama are much too intelligent to fall for it.

    Gilda Radner came up with the name Baba Wawa when she played Walters while ridiculing her on Saturday Night Live many years ago. That was some funny sh**. Radner was a comedic genius and passed away much too soon.

    After the sketches began, Barbara got speech therapy and started talking normally although she still has trouble with some words.

    Baba Wawa's time has come and gone but she's cloying to stay pertinent. She's a has been and needs to go away and take a nice long rest.

    Or maybe she should go on DWTS. I'm sure Palin's bots would vote her along, LMAO.

  62. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Makes me proud that this is what people around the world see about our country and our first family. What a class act.

  63. Anonymous8:00 AM

    It was a very long 8 years listening to the gaffs of Jr. I was embarrassed and ashamed at times by some of the things he said. I remember clearly watching him say "Americans have access to health care, they just have to go to the emergency room". As someone who has worked in the health care field for more than 20 years I have seen first hand the anguish of people who cannot afford the care or medication they need in order to be or get well. One of the worst things in the world to see is when a parent cannot afford care for their child.

    All this to say, I am so proud of our president and first lady.

  64. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I am very proud of our president Obama, he is a very good person:
    Jahan Hill


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