Friday, November 05, 2010

Uh oh! Mama Grizzly may have just invaded the privacy of the WRONG neighbor.

Edward Sabin, COO
Eileen O'Neill, President
The Learning Channel (TLC)

David Zaslav CEO
Peter Liguori, COO
Discovery Comm., LLC

Mark Burnett, President
Mark Burnett Productions

RE: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” // Invasion of Privacy of Joe McGinniss

Dear Ms. O’Neill, Mr. Sabin, Mr. Zaslav, Mr. Ligouri and Mr. Burnett:

This law firm represents Joe McGinniss. It has come to our attention that the first episode (titled “Mamma Grizzly”) of the above referenced television show, scheduled to air on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 9:00 PM on TLC, contains unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent. In addition, you have already placed a video clip containing this image of Mr. McGinniss on your website and it has been picked up and reproduced by the Huffington Post and many other online sites.

Mr. McGinniss was not asked if any production crew could videotape him as he read a book on the secluded deck of the house he was living in at that time. He was not aware that any camera crew was in fact videotaping him. Mr. McGinniss had a reasonable expectation of privacy under those circumstances. The mere taking of the video therefore gives rise to an actionable claim for invasion of his privacy. The publication of the video on your website and in the television show constitutes an additional wrong – the unauthorized use of the likeness of Mr. McGinniss. Finally, the manner in which Ms. Palin describes Mr. McGinniss in the episode is defamatory: Mr. McGinniss has never invaded the Palins’ privacy, contrary to the many statements made by Ms. Palin and her husband, both prior to this television production, and now repeated in the episode referenced above.

DEMAND IS HEREBY MADE upon each of you that all images of Mr. McGinniss be removed from any television show produced by any of you, and removed from any website controlled or operated by any of you. If you do not do so, Mr. McGinniss will be forced to pursue all his available remedies.

Please confirm in writing by November 12, 2010, to this office that you will remove these images.

Mr. McGinniss reserves all of his rights.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, contact this office.

Very truly yours,

Dennis Holahan

Is it wrong that I absolutely LOVE this?

P.S. By the way Dennis Holohan is not somebody the Palins and The Discovery Channel should underestimate.  He represented some concert promoters who successfully sued Rod Stewart in 2007 for 1.6 million for breach of contract.

Did you hear that Van Flein? 1.6 million bucks!

And a little birdy told me that the fact that Sister Sarah actually suggested, ON CAMERA, that Toad drill a hole in that sorry excuse for a fence makes the case just that much stronger.

Can I get an "Oh shit," from all of the Palin-bots out there?

Now excuse me while I go make some popcorn.  Because folks, THIS is getting good!


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I wonder how she's going to spin this, ah yes of course she's going to ask for money for yet more legal woes. Good on Joe though for taking action.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Olivia4:51 PM

    OH! How perfect!!!

  4. Olivia4:55 PM

    It gets better. Go to TLC's website and search for Sarah Palin's Alaska or even just Alaska. Nothing there.

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Clappity clappity clappity!

    You go, Joe! (Not away, but you know what I mean! Lol)

  6. honeybabe4:57 PM

    i think there will be a lot of people who will not only love this but follow it with great interest. karma in action?

  7. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Boo-yah,Grandma Palin.

    Even the Discovery Channel appeared to have reservations about filming Joe McG. according to the Vanity Fair article today...but you just had to stick that shot of him in the trailer, that never was shot during the video, real time, but was supplied by you to gin up your show.

    Jesus wept, Sarah. Jesus wept.


  8. AkMom5:00 PM

    That? Is AWESOME!!

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    And may I add, you are going to pay?

    Sounds UnChristian, that, no?


  10. SME1315:05 PM


    I am so glad he did this. He should sue her for defamation of character since she has said these nasty things about him on many sites. Then he should go ahead and sue TLC as well, maybe even Fox news.


  11. Gryph - If you're wrong, I'm wronger. I want to see this played out in a courthouse.

    Hooray for Joe!

  12. Puck Falin!

  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    About time someone called the Palin's on their bullsh*t. Joe doesn't have to live near her, so he's the perfect one to do it.

  14. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I can hear her now:

    "Say it isn't so, Joe."


  15. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Hmmmm, didn't the Discovery Channel claim that there was to be NOTHING political about this show...that it was merely a nice little show about Alaska. WRONG!

  16. Olivia5:14 PM

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Just when I thought the fun and excitement was going to die down because the election is over. Sarah's stupidities and freaky egomania... the gift that keeps on giving.

  17. Anonymous5:15 PM

    OT: The GOP bus is beginning its Palin steamover. On HuffPo, there's a story about GWB saying Sarah cost McCain the election. Of course, this is more ignorant drivel from 43. GEORGE BUSH and his shit policies, on top of McCain support for these shit policies, on top of the awesomeness of the Democratic candidate, cost McCain the election. But, whatevs. More stupid from a stupid.

    On topic: Go, Joe. Kick her ass.

  18. That is the most precious threat of legal action I have ever seen.

  19. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Shut up! Even worse, TLC's lawyers have surely informed mama grifter that they don't expect to hear her say one more thing about this matter in public!

  20. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I think people said that Burnett had no idea who he was working w/signing on w/the Palins. This new example continues to show the absolute chaos to everything she touches!

    Imagine the corporation is non to pleased with either Burnett, the Palins and the filming crew that went along w/her idiocy!

    I'm glad Joe came after her! Wait until his new book comes out on the Palins that he is authoring. Can hardly wait to receive it!

    Now, I wonder how many other things will come out in this "Palin's Alaska"? All of us here in Alaska know what a true liar and fake they are!

    She is running into nothing but trouble this week for which she and Toad have brought on themselves.

  21. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Olivia, scroll down the page on TLC's home page, there is a picture and there are plenty of links to SPA shit on the TLC site.

  22. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Actually if you go to TLCs website, you can see a sneak peek, but it has apparently been changed. There is no longer anything but rock climbing and fishing too close to bears. How disappointing this will be for Sarah that the show will have to be re-edited to only include nature and she will need a new outlet for her vendettas

  23. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I am embarrassed about how giddy this makes me

  24. GrainneKathleen5:26 PM

    yippeeeee joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you have the support of many. i am so glad to see you have a terrific and terrifying lawyer.

    when i saw that trailer i thought the same thing - defamation of character and ironic and hypocritical invasion of privacy.

    can't wait for your book, joe!

    what say you sarah?

  25. emrysa5:27 PM

    OMFG! gryphen this is THE BEST! that insane quitter just got a taste of what she's been dishing out. serious PROPS to mcginnis and his lawyer for being on top of things. rapid response. damn if I ever need a lawyer I know who to hire - and it ain't van flea!!!

    hey mcginnis and lawyer dude, I raise my icy cold microbrew to you!!

  26. Here's a link to the video clip:

    It shows McGinnis on his balcony and has the part where Palin tells Todd he should drill the hole in the fence.

  27. Anonymous5:32 PM

    So mommyGrizzlies go sulk in the back of their truck... and get TLC to film it so all of America can see what a poor, pitiful, picked on, pathetic mommyGrizzly looks like.

    Prayerfully considering the possibility that TLC is currently taping season two in time to catch the mommyGrizzly getting sued for defamation of character.

  28. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Yeah Joe!! We love you! You are a brilliant writer with a great reputation for fairness. Thank you for not being afraid to stand up to the Palins. They are classless bullies! I wish people in Wasilla spoke up. You set a great example. Her bad mouthing you (as she does everyone) is immoral and wrong.

    Thanks Gryphen. Maybe finally your your hard work along with karma will pay off.

  29. Anonymous5:40 PM

    This is the best news I've heard all day!! Way to go Joe!!!

    $P and gang have always said cruel things about people they don't like.Finally someone makes her take consequences for her stupid lies!!! Hope he does sue and takes all her money and the judge states she has to personally pay it!!! Hope it will not be able to be paid through a pac of some sort!!!

    $P and crew are spiteful and try to degrade all men.

  30. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Sorry the TLC webpage is still up:

  31. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Sarah how about settling with Joe? Sign over the 2 houses and move out by next week the following: the two fatherless grandkids, your unemployed house husband, your two criminal children and the kid who does not go to school. Oh, you can keep the patio furniture sittin' on the cement slab.

  32. Anonymous5:42 PM

    And More the blog:

  33. Anonymous5:43 PM

    since you just talked to Sadie, has Levi et al seen Tripp since he's been back in Alaska?

  34. Moondog5:44 PM

    I love this and am behind Joe all the way! This plus his book = GENIUS!! Can't wait to read it. Love the moniker Mama Grifter coined by one of your posters. Go Grphyen!

  35. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I dont know what olivias talking about but the websites still up

  36. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Her son fought for her freedom of speech. She is a jounalist and knows the score on all that. Someone might look in Piper's upstairs window where no boy can go and Sarah can't even open up about how it put a damper on their summer fun in the lake? What is wrong with you people? There is no way that Sarah will take this lying down.

    Fight back Sarah, don't let them intimidate you. If you think Sarah had opinions before wait until you hear her answer to this. Twitter away Sarah until the sows come home.

  37. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Remember way back when, Palin's lawyer threatened to sue everybody and anybody who said anything bad about Sarah or looked at her crosseyed and those threats never happened?

    Well Sarah, this is how it is done. You are not the almighty or all powerful Sarah Palin.


    Ya wanna play with the big boys Sarah? This is how the big boys play. ROFLOL

  38. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This is the tip of the iceberg on the harsh criticisms and reality the network faces with the lifespan of this sham of a show.

    As with anyone charmed or cursed for becoming associated with Palin, Mark Burnett and TLC will rue the day they signed this whack-job on. She makes the diva's of The Real Housewives and Jersey Shore series look Presidential.

  39. Anonymous5:56 PM

    HELL YA you go Joe! For TLC to use these images and for Todd & Sarah to slanderously attack McGinnis is outrageous! Did Sarah think she was shooting a little commentary about her oh-so-exciting life and everyone in the world wanted to hear her complain about her neighbor?

    Ya know he's ruining their summer(even though Todd was sunburned) and he might see what she's reading & working on (while camera crews are steps away-but I'm sure it's highly confidential, so just in case, better jump in the truck bed, cuz I'm so outdoorsy I can't possibly work inside!) Oh and Todd, keep the kids away-McGinnis is dangerous and the kids shouldn't play on that side of the house, even though it has the new ghetto fence, er.. immigrant border! For God's sake, you've got an entire camera crew at your house, and you drag the kids around the world unattended, but 1 professional journalist is a major threat!

    Can you imagine the hate mail she's generated to McGinnis from her rabid shit-for-brains pitbull fans? Hence the lawsuit-AWESOME way to start that run for POTUS!

  40. Anonymous5:58 PM

    If I was Joe, I would sue dumb ass for the 12 million dollars she earned last year.

  41. Anonymous5:59 PM

    The best part about this is the way the two main people dealt with it.

    Joe was low keyed and respectful, went about his business, shoed people away who wanted to gawk, and came and went without a ripple.

    Sarah and Todd went on the offensive, name called, suggested sinister motives and,as only she can do, played the victim.

    And now it's come home to roost.

    Yo Sarah! Your 15 minutes are going fast. People are sick of your act and you're running out of friends.

    Cease and disist and feel lucky that you got off that easy. Telling Todd to "Drill Baby Drill" will come back to haunt you.

    Have a nice day.

  42. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Actually, it's a shame Joe didn't wait for the full program to air officially!

  43. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I'm glad Joe got a lawyer. All summer long he turned the other cheek while she basically labelled him a pedophile, stalker, etc.

    Speaking of summer, how many of you caught the video from the lake scrolling from the Palin home to Joe's? Noticed there was no cement slab out front?

    Wonder how long before a reporter asks her how she can write or read on it (as she implied) during the summer days when it was built after Joe moved in or out?

    What. an. idiot.

  44. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Bad week for Sarah:

    Sarah is being blamed for loosing the takeover of the Senate.

    Politicians by the dozens are coming out and saying that Sarah is not worthy to be president.

    Sarah had to back down and clean her favorites on Twitter.

    Sarah has to back down from Joe the Writer.

    Brisket did not vote for the computer criminal Sarah has been campaigning hard for.

    People are laughing at Brisket on DWTS.

    Sarah cost Christine O’Donnell and others their jobs.


  45. long live snookie6:14 PM

    As Bristol would say, great and awesome!

    Sad sack's vendetta video is out there now, even if only a promo gone wrong. She really is progressing her victim-hood status. They picked this episode to make their first impression? Can't wait for the KatePlus8 and Sarah episode ratings bonanza.

  46. hauksdottir6:15 PM

    Oh, yummy! :D

    McGinniss is absolutely within his rights to demand that all images be removed, but the damage to his reputation is already done. They shot and posted the video. They will pay. Sarah Palin can not unsay those words any more than she can travel back in time.

    Someone quietly reading a book in their own backyard has an expectation of privacy. Period. But Palin's constant reference to sexual predation is over-the-top harassment and defamation.

    Not building the fence to protect her precious babies when the crackhouse and druggies were next door, while furiously slapping up an unstable eyesore to protect against a professional writer establishes her crazed obsession. Adding a spy-hole is the poisoned cherry on top.

    Trying the case in Alaska might be interesting, but I rather hope that it is filed in New York, or wherever the corporate offices are located.

    Even with the facts and the law on his side, McGinniss is going to need a lot of moral support to bolster him in the coming battle. However, even people who don't know or care about the Palins do care about personal privacy.

  47. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Hey Sarah! SAY UNCLE!

    Check and Mate

  48. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Go Joe Go! McGinnis, not the other one. She is a money machine for Van Flea. I hope Joe, not Miller, takes her for everything he can get and it costs TLC money to re-do and take out all references to Joe. I saw the entire first episode before they took it down and it IS a reality show - no question about it. Noticed the new cement patio and who planted the flowers. They must have been planted and all filming done while they were still blooming. We know the Palins aren't home enough to plant and care for a flower garden.

  49. Anonymous6:25 PM

    After a day of bad news for progressives, this puts a smile on my face.

  50. Doin' the happy dance!

  51. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Who woulda thunk it, Worst Govenor Ever is a peeping tom! Good gawd she is stoopid, she actually thinks she can broadcast the fact she wants to drill a hole in the fence.

    And the idiot cameraperson who took the shots of Joe = should be fired.

  52. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Oh please, bully Sarah will do what every bully does when someone pushes back against their bullying. She'll play victim. It's Joe's fault. He sought to live next door to them, so he should have expected the Palins to retaliate. Everyone's pickin on Sarah and Tawd, boo hoo in 5,4,3,2...

  53. Anonymous6:33 PM

    The crazy thing is that she will go on another beg-a-thon to fleece more money from her dumb following, all the while knowing that TLC and Discovery will end up paying all the legal bills.

    Oh well, the sheep can eat generic pork and beans while the queen gets more filler in her face.

  54. OMG Best news ever Gryphen! I had to post this to all my twitter and FB friends as well as buzz it. I am elated. I knew I loved Joe! Thanks for the hard work you do Gryphen as well as keeping us up on the latest news about the Palin grifters from Alaska!

  55. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Minor correction- according to the suit, Holahan actually represented the promoters who sued Rod Stewart. And even though they won 1.6 million, the appeals court reversed that award. They did win their deposit of 780K back.

  56. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Joe McGinniss or his attorney, they should tell them this from C4P.
    TLC Offers Special Preview Of New 8-Week Television Event In Select Markets

    Los Angeles, CA – TLC is offering eight cities an opportunity to visit SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA in special theater screenings of the series’ premiere episode, being held Wednesday, November 10 and Thursday, November 11. Tickets are available now and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis.

    The letter from the attorney has a date to send a letter expecting the show will be seen on that date, not earlier.

  57. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Sarah, you must learn how to age gracefully and stop this childish behavior. After all, on your next birthday you will be 47 years of age.

    How did you get to middle age without learning the basics of adult behavior?

    Time is running out. Study hard, after all:

    1. In less than three years, you will be receiving your AARP membership application.
    2. In just over eight short years, you will be eligible for the first Senior Citizen discounts when you shop.
    3. Menopause, if you haven't already begun the process, is just around the corner. Things begin to dry up, hang down, and wrinkle in places you'd never, ever suspect could, would or should wrinkle.

    Gosh, Sarah, I tell you this in all sincerity, older women need all the grace they can muster. Otherwise, we are seen as harpies and shrews. Ruh-roh, just realized, it's too late for that nugget of wisdom.

    Please prove us all wrong by learning how to conduct yourself as a literate, sane and responsible adult. It would be your best revenge, and Jesus would smile on you because he would know how hard you had to work to reach the goal.

  58. LOL I just went and watched the video and almost spit coffee all over my key board when she said this is where I come to write and do research. LOL I wish they would have done a close up so we could see if the book was upside down. LOL Still laughing about that comment.

  59. Anonymous6:54 PM


  60. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I guess that Sarah would have us believe that Alaskans routinely invade their neighbors' privacy, drill holes in privacy fences and defame respected writers for sport. All the while, "the lady doth protest too much" to a large film crew that her privacy is threatened by said writer. She will set the tourism industry in Alaska back fifty years with her nonsense.
    Show should be renamed "Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin" like Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Comic Soap Opera.

  61. Anonymous6:57 PM

    hahahahahahahahahahahha.... cripes... this is GREAT!


  62. AKRNC6:58 PM

    Gryphen, you should know by now that the 'bots aren't smart enough to be aware that their goddess is mortal and can be taken down by other mere mortals. They truly believe she is beyond reproach. She can do and say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and nothing will ever happen to her. $arah also believes she is above the law. Remember the line "I'll do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't". It's what she has been doing, as Mayor, as Governor, as a V.P. candidate, and as a private citizen. She's been playing fast and loose with her PAC money and now she's even sent out another letter asking for more money for her legal fund!! This woman has no class, no sense of right or wrong, no morals, etc.

    However, she is going down and it will be a pleasure to watch it. I said it awhile back that the powers-that-be behind the GOP would not stand for stupid $arah to get the nomination and make a mockery of the Republican party. It won't be done in an extremely obvious way because they don't want to lose the votes of her supporters but it will be done! It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

  63. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I was amazed that the program would air Palin's hysterical claims.
    TLC can't not know that photographing and displaying without permission is illegal.

    If nothing else this will force Palin and TLC to come forward with actual evidence and or proof that McGinnis invaded their privacy.

    I have been waiting for the publishers or McGainnis's agent to bring charges.

    Now they have.

    Lights, Overture, Beginners on the stage Please. Curtain. Let the show begin.

    Drat, I don't have an adult drink in the house.

  64. Randall7:06 PM

    Too bad some of these rumored Alaskans that "have something on Sarah" don't have the moxie to go after her like Joe is.

    Either that, or no one up there really "has anything" on her and all the bravado I hear on this site is just that: empty bluster and innuendo.

    Either way: go get her JOE

  65. Anonymous7:09 PM

    The gods may be with us on this one! My popcorn is at the ready...let the litigation begin!

  66. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Let the deposition begin. Mrs Palin, Are you the natural birth mother of Trig Paxson Van Palin?
    Sarah.. can I get back to you on that?

  67. Anonymous7:22 PM

    That'll teach her not to whine about invasion of privacy.

  68. Someone might look in Piper's upstairs window where no boy can go and Sarah can't even open up about how it put a damper on their summer fun in the lake? What is wrong with you people? There is no way that Sarah will take this lying down.

    Let's not forget that no one knew where Piper's upstairs window was located until Sarah herself told the entire world where it was.

  69. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Joe is da Man!

  70. Anonymous7:29 PM

    She said awful things about David Letterman too...remember sexual and her other daughter?

    Sister Sarah and Toad bring nothing but nightmares to others in everything they touch.

    This is going to be fun to watch...she really is having a hard week, but she brought every bit of it on herself!

  71. Finally, someone is not afraid to stand up and fight her.

  72. I must make an apology.

    As I was typing this post I inadvertently identified Dennis Holohan as being Rod Stewart's attorney instead of the attorney for the producers who were suing Mr. Stewart. My only excuse is that I was distracted with some other business and a phone that kept ringing off the hook.

    I apologize for the screw up and have corrected the post to reflect the actual results of the lawsuit.

    Sometimes working alone blows since I have nobody to blame for mistakes except for me.

  73. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I am embarrassed about how giddy this makes me 5:25 PM

    Don't be.
    McGinnis has behaved like a Gent and Sarah like a bully. She uses her access to the media to bad mouth people, many of whom cannot publicly defend themselves.

    Seeing the good guy fight back and get major points should feel good.

    I'm guessing that the lawyers felt like if they bidded their time Sarah would assume McGinnis was defenseless and would go to far.

    I just hope that the next time she is close to a TeeVee camera she is so wired that she starts mouthing off about McGinnis.
    That would just about be the end of her, she is already too toxic for just about anybody but Murdock, and if he is all she has got that's not enough to get her a bigger audience or an elected office.

  74. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Maybe TLC will decide it's better to cut its losses and shelf the entire series. I doubt if this is the only segment where she steps over the line into potentially litigious territory.

  75. Aussie Blue Sky7:40 PM

    Mrs Palin leaves her toxic stink on everyone ... a perfect record - and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch this time.

  76. Anonymous7:40 PM

    And the idiot cameraperson who took the shots of Joe = should be fired.
    6:29 PM

    Heck no. If they hadn't filmed and hadn't posted the film McGinnis lawyers wouldn't have had grounds for the letter and we wouldn't be crowing.
    There is at least the possibility that the TLC crew was so fed up with Sarah that they have intentionally punked her.


    Sarah wasn't fooled into anything she walked right into this with malice aforethought.

  77. Anonymous7:41 PM

    They have 5 days to change episode one or they can ignore Joe's request. I hope a boatload of journalists will attend the November 10-11 opportunity and special theater screenings of the series’ premiere and report back. First come, first serve, will the media critics be there?

    Traveling Mamas site has the video that looks like they are first time tourists in Alaska who finally see bears. Sarah's lamestream media work really sucks. I can't wait until Fox gushes over it. May Meghan Kelly critic Joe McGinniss attorney's letter.

    New reality travel show? Episode one, whine about a neighbor and falsely imply he is all kinds of dangerous to your children. That really makes me want to travel to Sarah Palin's Alaska. Can't the Alaskan tourist bureau sue her? Why are they using that dark eery photo where they all look creepy for the family reality impression? I thought they would at least stage them in a positive light.

    TLC is offering eight cities an opportunity to visit SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA
    in special theater screenings of the series’ premiere episode, being held Wednesday, November 10 and Thursday, November 11. Tickets are available now and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis.
    If you do get a chance to see a preview showing, be sure to come back here to and let us know your honest opinion.

  78. Anonymous8:01 PM

    If it was a different guy looking in Piper's room it would be OK?

    Palin's nuts.

  79. The complaint of invasion of privacy against TLC has real teeth. I'm not sure that TLC can be held liable for Sarah Palin's defamatory statements. But she most certainly can. I'll turn cart wheels when we hear that a C&D has been dropped on her doorstep. HA!

  80. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Maybe this will give pause to her evil-tongued slanderous innuendoes about child molestation and her chidren --as well as various other defamations she lightly tosses out like verbal grenades.

  81. Anonymous8:09 PM

    uh cry baby liberals

  82. Anonymous8:14 PM


    i gotta say. i love this.

    watching sarah fall is bringing me SUCH JOY!!!!

    i really should be bad.

    ok. i do feel bad.

    well, THAT PASSED!!!!


  83. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Love that he filed the suit but sort of wish they aired the first episode so the world could see what an idiot she is - plus how awful she looks without her makeup artist in tow.

    I believe there was a screening this week for journalists, for which she taped a message that said, "keep up the good work" - must be buttering up the lamestream media for some positive reviews on the pile of doo doo.

  84. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Scarah's very bad week just expanded. Palingates has a video on their site for YouTube stating they know BP was pregnant in 2007 and $P faked Trig's pregnancy. Going viral? We can only hope!

  85. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I just watched the video and Joe's face is blurred out. Was it like that before or do they think this is enough of an answer to threat to sue?

    That TLC even included this ridiculous bit of petty payback in their silly show proves that this series is all about puffing up Sarah politically. Nonpolitical documentary my ass.

    And there have NEVER been any tables on that patch o' concrete.

  86. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Still can't understand why TLC and creators of the show are not "legal savvy" and would include a clip of Joe McGinnis without his consent, especially with the guest of the show disparaging him.

    The great expertised businesswoman/town manager/mayor/energy expert Sarah Palin should know about these things. If she's that callous about business legalities, or that unclued about implying things about her neighbor on camera, what kind of president would she be?

  87. Chenagrrl8:31 PM

    How little would it have hurt the Palins to go over, shake hands with Joe, welcome him to the nabe and go about their business.

    They are like fools looking through the wrong end of a telescope: "OMG, we're the center of the universe!"

    Ugh! Here in the head waters we got some nasty neighbors but we wave and keep moving.

  88. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Alaskan citizens were supposedly featured in this "reality show" to showcase Alaska and Alaska didn't even make it on the special preview list. What is up with that? I guess you guys in Alaska just don't count. You can't give her the glamour she craves so much.

  89. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Watched episode one before they took it down - creepy. Palin(s) in almost every shot. You can't appreciate what Alaska has to offer when you look around the Palins to see the beautiful scenery. More Palin than Alaskan. And yes, anybody watching this will declare it is definitely more Reality show than documentary. Way to go Sarah. You stiffed your Alaska citizens just to get your presidential promos and you got paid to do it...

  90. Anonymous8:36 PM

    This is so funny. Sarah at the time of Joe's appearance last summer was a multi-millionnaire. They couldn't buy the house next door? Or, they couldn't afford to hire a landscaper to put up a high-grade fence all around the property? Or, they couldn't get Track to mow the lawn, so she wouldn't be seen with Trig? Or, she has to sit on the back of a pick-up truck to do her writing; why can't they afford to build a nice patio off of their bedroom? Or a screened-in porch? Or, they could have sold that property, moved to an even nicer location in the area? It DOES not make sense why these people can't find solutions to their problems, like real americans.

  91. Anon @ 6:23 PM, the "new cement patio" has been there in the Palin back yard since before the new McMansion "turret house" was built. Check it out on Google Earth.


    P.S. As a matter of fact, the video clip that's over at Huffington Post shows someone on the deck of the smaller house next door all right, but his face has been blurred to anonymity.


    Aunt Snow said, Let's not forget that no one knew where Piper's upstairs window was located until Sarah herself told the entire world where it was.

    Not only that, the window is so much higher than any vantage point, only the ceiling of the room is visible.



    A conceivable problem if there's a mirror on the ceiling of Piper's room...

  92. Anonymous8:58 PM


  93. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Check and then Checkmate!! Joe's book is coming out next year; just in time for a defamation of character lawsuit.

    And don't think for moment this case won't be highly publicized. The lamestream media loves
    controversy. This story will be a a ratings magnet.

    I doubt the GOP will have the skank's back, because it will be too close to campaign season. They will throw her so far under the bus, she wouldn't know what hit her.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Racist Bitch!!

    Oh VanFuck The Skinhead Attorney, better lawyer up because his Nazi ass will be exposed for the ambulance chaser he his.

    I can't wait see the divisive hateful racist bitch goes down.

  94. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Anon 8:09 PM "uh cry baby liberals"

    Is that all you got? You better stock up on the tissue & koolaid, cause your Jim Jones wanna be is about to go down!!

  95. Anonymous10:03 PM

    OT... If true Sarah will love calling Tripp "Ricky Hollywood." Janet Charlton reports that Tripp Palin has signed with a Hollywood agent and Bristol will be staying in LA.

    Back in the day Janet was pretty good at getting her stories right. I wonder if she is following the McGinnis/Palin saga yet.

    "Encouraged by her reception on “Dancing With The Stars,” Bristol Palin has acquired an agent and not only is SHE going Hollywood, but she had her two year old Tripp sign with her agent also. No more Alaska, she plans to STAY in sunny Los Angeles!"

    What happened to homesick and moving to Arizona?
    Will she do her own public relations, lobbying and political consulting? Will she do her own public relations, lobbying and political consulting?
    "Bristol Palin formed a company called BSMP, LLC, which is a public relations and political consulting service.
    He also confirmed that Bristol Palin "provides public relations services" and is the ambassador for Candie's Foundation. Maddow speculated/joked, "Bristol Palin is about to launch a lobbying and consultancy firm to run her mom`s 2012 presidential campaign. Theoretically possible, but probably not."

  96. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Good for Joe indeed. After he was assulted and threatened sent 5,000 or more emails why would he not immediately get a lawyer so the Palins cease and desist.

    Sarah and Todd are not going to stop demonizing McGinnis as a would be child rapist even on national tv. Meanwhile Palin's rabid supporters threaten to not only kill Joe but members of his family including his grandchildren.

    WTH? Piper can and is entitled to "play" next to the fence and not the other acreage of both their houses? McGinnis's grandchildren deserve death threats?

    I bet that Mark Burnett and TLC end up regretting facilitating this hoax.

    Truthfully reading the words or just recalling the Palins (in pursuit of living in the White House) are delusional the way to make that happen is camping with the Gosselins, I get tears in my eyes laughing imagining it much less they did it!

    When Ssarah posted she was "working in her garden", I looked at photos thinking she really means mow the grass or lawn..for they had no garden. Sarah and Todd suffer grandiose distortions and are delusional their distortions are real.

    I recognize the tall flowers for I planted many in my real garden I resally busted my rear on and it took months. Given the TLC video the Palins have quite the "flower garden". Remember the fence pictures? They had that hole at the bottom and clearly had not used a weed whacker for some time.

    The only group Sarah can be pres of is the Pathalogical Liars Club.

  97. Anonymous10:09 PM

    lol "many a thief has been caught boasting in a bar". Sarah and Todd, you keep boasting about the fence that fell, drilling peep holes and spying on your neighbor then brag. We just wait, eat popcorn while you destroy yourselves and your fictional life and the fictional books.

    These two are unfit to lead for they have the worst judgement.

  98. Anonymous10:17 PM

    @Anonymous 8:09 PM /uh cry baby liberals
    Is that you Willow?

  99. Anonymous10:17 PM made my evening. Thank you very much. :-)

    As for Mr. McGinnis, I want to thank you for doing the right thing. Somebody had to start the ball rolling against this horrible woman. I think I have your book on order (if it's available yet). Will go double check right now.

  100. Anonymous10:59 PM

    McGinniss will lose. A. He's a public figure. B. He's not identified by name. C. His face is blurred out.

  101. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I was feeling very depressed after the election, but this has made things a little more tolerable. Thanks so much for posting this. First real smile I've been able to muster all week.

    Say it IS so, Joe!!!

  102. Anonymous11:23 PM

    So why doesn't Sarah sue anyone for babygate?

  103. SME13111:35 PM

    You can still see the video on huffpost.

    You'll hear her suggest Todd drill a peephole in the fence and then say Piper needs to play on the other side of the house.

    The deal is this was nothing more than another attempt by Sarah to smear Joe's good name. I hope he sues her ass off.

  104. Anonymous11:36 PM

    not related to title but check out this link in huff post.

  105. Gryphen, I thought you'd want to know that $arah recently sent out another letter begging for money for her legal fund. How much friggin' money does she expect her fans to fork over for her legal woes after the RNC just gave her a quarter of a million dollars for the legal fund in question?

    How can anybody support this greedy bitch? She has made so much money this past year and she still expects her fans to keep sending her money for her personal use.

    I always laugh when someone talks about how $arah can now run for President because not only can she raise money with $arahPAC but she has the money she has made on her own to put into the campaign. LOL! These people don't have a clue about how tight she is with money. If she wouldn't pay for her daughter to go to college when she needed the money, do you think she'd actually spend any of her own money on her campaign? Not a penny will come from her own pocket if she runs, we can be assured of that!

  106. Anonymous1:39 AM


    Joe McGinnis, you ROCK!

  107. Anonymous2:03 AM

    For me, the telling moment is when Sarah tells Todd to put up that fence (which would have been illegal in my community, and probablly in most communities). Then, after making sure to protect her family against the prying eyes next door, she asks Todd to make a little peep hole for her, so she can spy on Joe. What a baby!

  108. ManxMamma2:31 AM

    What a great way to wake up! Thank you Gryphen. And amazingly in over 100 comments only 2 trolls!!

  109. London Bridges3:55 AM

    TLC is offering eight cities an opportunity to visit SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA

    If this is true, then the show is clearly a heavily funded political ad for Sarah.

    I think Sarah will run as an independent, and, surprise, surprise the TV networks will decide to include the Democratic, Republican, and top Independent candidates in the debates.

    Given the Independent bid, Sarah probably thinks all the publicity she has received in the last week is fabulous! All she cares about is her blind ambition.

  110. Anonymous4:00 AM

    This is a win/win/win situation for Palin, TLC and Joe McGuiness. Publicity!

  111. Anonymous4:03 AM

    The video we've seen shows this really is going to be a cheap reality show, not an Alaska wild adventure show. No hesitation to film the Palins acting like 7th graders, whispering, planning stupid pranks on the neighbor. Was there no grown up involved, even in the editing process, who wanted to protect the image of someone who wants to be President? The film crew is a reality show crew that will just film whatever unfolds with no regard for the fact that Tawd and Sarah were openly talking about invading someone's privacy, spying on their neighbor. The show episodes are probably full of this sort of thing and Mark Burnett and TLC go right along knowing their 13 year old mentality reality viewers will eat it up. Any episode probably has this kind of stuff in it and is going to be stunningly bad for Palin's image. I need to buy more popcorn.

  112. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Joe has done nothing, and I think the time has come for him to file a defamation lawsuit against her. He's got enough teeth now, and can show the judge that it affected his book sales.

    As far as expectation of privacy laws, in general sometimes the assertion is made that outside your house there is no expectation, and Joe was outside on the porch. However, in his favor is that he is not a public figure, and has some protections in that regard. He was also defamed.

    A google search of Alaska statues in the state constitution brings me to Article I, Section 22 Right of Privacy: "The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed." I understand that only Alaska and 9 other states have a privacy statute.

    Alaska apparently takes privacy very seriously. Also, as his attorney is aware, I'm sure there's all kinds of corporate regulations regarding unauthorized reproduction of images.

  113. Anonymous4:14 AM

    She will come out ahead. She is teflon. She gets away with everything and the media lets her. Do you really think that her contract does not cover all legal expenses that has anything to do with the show. She even got the gop to pay her legal fees. Good Lord. I hate what this woman stands for.

  114. Anonymous4:16 AM

    So this is not political but ther first thing that comes out of her mouth is how the US can take care of the border? Just have todd and his buddies build one with holes so we can peek at who is trying to cross.

  115. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Anonymous above said:

    "This is so funny. Sarah at the time of Joe's appearance last summer was a multi-millionnaire. They couldn't buy the house next door?"

    You must remember - the Palins are making lots of money but they are paying many people off (Van Flee, Dr. CBJ, Bristol, Levi, their own kids, etc.) They don't have money just to throw around.

  116. Anonymous5:36 AM

    The 'new' cement slab is visible in through the glass doors in the kitchen interviews. There have never been any pictures of chairs, tables or BBQs out there though, and I suspect that the picnic table and plants are the only 'new' part of the back yard.

  117. Rick Hill5:46 AM

    Ms. Palin's terrible, awful, piece of moose shit no good week....

  118. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "So why doesn't Sarah sue anyone for babygate?"

    Because she would have to prove she gave birth to Trig. And she can't.

    And you know Sarah...she loves to show how the mean Alaskan bloggers have lied about her. So if she could have proved she was Trig's mother, she would have.

  119. Rick Hill5:51 AM

    My other comment aside I am sincerely hoping that this woman doesn't go away quite yet. I hope our country is strong enough to endure her for anotherfew years so, perhaps, she can help out the GOP once again.

  120. Anonymous5:54 AM

    This will have little effect. Palin's followers will still worship her no matter what she says or does.

  121. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I'm going to lose my mind if I hear her say "flippin'" one more time!!

  122. send money6:16 AM

    10:59 PM - Send money to Sarah's legal fund so she can fight McGinnis in court. Send more money so she can sue the people that claim she lied about Trig's birth. Send her more money. She can't afford to pay Van Flein enough. Send more money. Send more money to TLC and Burnett so they can improve the quality of her debut as the Snoopi of AK.. For Pete's sake send the Queen more money so she can get her hair done. Winter is coming, she'll need a place to study and a camper on the back of that pick up will keep her protected from the snow.

  123. I just read through all of the post to dates through 10:00 ET on Saturday morning...
    Somewhere in the middle of the posts was a tidbit that Discovery was going to showe the first episode in questions in theaters around the country on Nov 10 & 11th? So if Joe is still in this version, Dicovery will get hosed! Update: On Kate Gosselein's Facebook page she was inviting people is a preview on November the 4th in NYC well before the Nov. 12th date of Joe's attorneys.

    I just went to the Discovery website and reviewed the schedules for The QQ's "Show" and can't find a mention of it ANYWHERE! Am I doing something wrong or has Discovery "Swept" the Grifter's off the channel? On Nov 14th there is NO listing for the QQ"s show.

  124. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I really don't think she will come out ahead. It may take a while, but there is a drip drip drip coming from many different directions, slowly wearing down the cachet she once enjoyed.

    Pretty much everyone is turning on her these days. She is becoming a liability to those who once considered her an asset. And she is doing all of that to herself, with her big mouth.

    Think how different it would be, even with all her skeletons and baggage, if the woman could practice the art of discretion for once. If she could hold back and behave in a more demure manner, that would go a long way to protecting her brand. Even if it were an act, so many of these people would eat it up with a spoon. Or at least she wouldn't call negative attention to herself, almost constantly. (I realize she enjoys negative attention, and also is appealing to angry white people, but she needs to curry favor with others who have the power to give her a free pass - the media, the GOP, etc.)

    Instead she is shrill and hysterical and paranoid. She has completely mis-played her hand.

    It's too late for her to take it back, even if she had the self-control to do so.

  125. Anonymous7:19 AM

    This is awesome!

    But yes the grizzeled One is probably already out there begging for money from her fans. What a grifter.

  126. ManxMamma7:23 AM

    Rebecca - the show is on TLC, not Discovery.

  127. Dancing4dollars7:34 AM

    I am interested in reading the reviews of the 8 city preview. The video and words are already out there. Sarah convinced many people that Joe could harm little Piper. The poor child couldn't even play by the fence and that beautiful garden. In many circles Joe's reputation is ruined. You can't fool the people who watch this by blurring his face, they know who he is. Joe was lucky that the Ak militias didn't act in her defense and he only had to endure a few of the kindly Tea baggers.

    She did it!

    The awesome power of reality show stardom. Bristol's work ethics paid off for her, she is now a young lady trying hard to win. The next Palin to successfully strike out on their own will be Trac Palin.

    “Bristol has hit the restart button on this show. We no longer think of her as Sarah Palin’s daughter or that young girl who had a baby with Levi as a teen, but rather as a young lady trying hard to win a competition.”

  128. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Had a pretty good look at Joe's rental house and the infamous 14-ft. fence in September while visiting family in Wasilla.

    I don't know how Joe could stand it. The yard was a pig stye. The fence was absolutely ridiculous looking - so infantile.

    You can bet the Bots ARE rabid. I've met them. Not only rabid, they are vicious. No, I'm not kidding.

    You go Joe! Sue the sh*t out of Sarah. She deserves it. This is LONG overdue. The witch of Wasilla has it coming and all her little Palinbots too.

  129. $arah, sit down and shut the puck up!

  130. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Think TLC will film Amuraka's best fambly getting served with a summons to appear in court? HEHEHE

    A gag order won't stop "above the law who speaks (as did Bushie) for gawwwwd!

    She couldn't keep her big, blabbering, botoxed gaping pihole shut if her jaws were wired.

    I'll bet she reamed old Toddy thoroughly and had one hell of a tizzy when she found out about how her cutesy efforts to discredit Joe have backfired.

    arah, you can't deny it or blame it on one of your flunkies or technical error on a Blackberry because it is out there on "the dark dungeons of the innernets", as GW bush would say and coming right out of your own big mouth!

    Don't you all know this will make Joe's book a double best seller and old pissy Sarah will claim he is only doing it for publicity and to tout his book. Well even if that were so, she doesn't have a leg to stand on, she uses every word someone says to get the spotlight, no matter how trivial or insignificant!

    What say you Sarah? How's that "drill Toddy drill so I can spy on Joe McGinnis" thingy goin for yah now, HUH?

    Don't like TAKING ORDERS Sarah? Get used to it, you will be getting a lot of them in prison! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  131. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Since I refuse to bolster the channel's website numbers or this particular television show's ratings, I will not visit the website to look at any of this. That being said, I am not certain why and how Joe McGinness has anything whatsoever to do with what this show was supposed to cover!!! Someone please explain.

  132. Anonymous10:13 AM

    And all Joe will have to do to prove defamation of character and damages from this is point to all the hateful public posts by the Palinbots and their threatened actions.

  133. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The comments on the spalaska blog are hilarious, especially on the page that explains how the show is "not taking sides" politically. Yeah right. I'm surprised the comments have been allowed to stand, since they're all anti-Palin. So enjoy while you can:

  134. Anonymous10:54 AM

    6:53PM. It does make sense, however. Since the cement slab is brand new, this translates to no reading or researching prior to the cement slab!

  135. Aunt Snow: Even if Joe were to try to look in Piper's window, all he could see is the ceiling. Look at a long shot of the two houses. The land the Palin house sits on is higher than its neighbor; about half a story higher. The balcony Joe is "spying" from is not on that side of the house. So, at best, he would be looking out a window, up... If he could see in the window at all, it would only be the ceiling.

  136. Anonymous11:34 AM

    No way in hell of TLC dodging the bullet, Mark Burnett named Joe McGinnis as the neighbor and defamed him by calling him PIXILLATED!

    Joe should make them remove that from their websites and make them pay for it as well.

    Blurring his face will not protect his privacy or identy when they identify him by name as the neighbor Sarah is always bitching about.

    Palin's Peak
    Road to Washington runs past her house



    "There's also another (pixillated) person featured in the first episode -- the Palins' "new neighbor," author Joe McGinniss, who's moved next door while he researches and writes a book about Sarah."

    2 "And Todd is like Captain America," he says of Palin's husband.

    You go ahead and puke, I'm all puked out!

    To Read more: google Palin's peak NYPost

    I could not get the link to post.
    pix·i·lat·ed (webster)
    Definition of PIXILATED
    1 : somewhat unbalanced mentally; also : bemused
    2 : whimsical — pix·i·la·tion\noun

    Examples of PIXILATED
    (a pixilated waitress who couldn't seem to get anything straight)

    Origin of PIXILATED
    irregular from pixie
    First Known Use: 1848

    Related to PIXILATED
    Synonyms: addled, addelpated, bediviled, befogged, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, confounded, confused, dazed, distracted, dopey, fogged, mixed-uo, muddleheaded, dizzy, punch-drunk, punchy, shell-shocked, slaphappy, spaced-out, stupified.


  137. Tee Hee.

    I hope he sues.

    I hope they slap Sarah Palin upside the head.

    I have to question who in their right mind would air that. Usually production is very careful about having all of their paperwork ducks in a row and evaluating footage for any possible openings for litigation.

    Who dropped the ball? Or did Sarah insist said footage and said statements be included?

    I'd sure like to know what *her* contract says. Like if they can cancel her, cut her loose and not have to pay her if they're sued or she opens them up to lawsuit or says something libelous or whatever.

  138. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Anonymous 10:59. Obviously you went to the same school that gave Palin her "communications" degree. Even if you are a public figure, you still have a right to an expectation of privacy. Joe can be filmed outside of his property - shopping, walking, whatever. He has a legal right to an expectation of privacy in his own back yard. The only surprise for me is that Joe did not go after Palin directly. Obviously, by her words and actions, she showed a malicious intent to invade his privacy, which is a very big deal. Saying his face is pixelated and no one knows who it is is BS. She publicized who it is, and by her words alone, we all know who it is. Finally, let TLC run the show at those special previews to their own detriment. Joe can claim that what she said was libelous and what is reprinted is slander. Something they don't seem to understand is that you are guilty of both EACH AND EVERY TIME such utterances or printing is made. I used to watch all the Discovery networks. They are sh*t. Obviously, they do not care about the environment, America or even honesty. I will not shed one tear when they go down.

  139. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Pixilated Palin, what a perfect description! Thanks for the new name for Scarah!

  140. The clip on Huffington post now has Joe's face blanked out and they never mention his name. They did include the drill a hole comment. (Gawd she is so stupid. I'd like to see that comment entered into court records.)

    The clip on Discovery Channel is now changed.

    I'll bet Sarah is pissed but will manage to blame it all on Joe and the Discovery Channel.

    This went from a show to an 8 part special. Wonder how many parts will be cut? You think this will air more than two episodes? More than one? Just because they're shot or even paid for, doesn't mean they'll be aired.

  141. pursang1:25 PM

    Proof positive that if you call Palin an idiot you probably could get sue for "Definition" of Character.

    This is step one of the business, entertainment, and political world finding out that Sarah Palin INC. is more trouble than she's worth. Granted she's self promoting and in a lot of ways that's important to these types but, when it starts costing them money that's where it stops. These types of businesses and people would stab their mothers in the back for a buck so do you think they'll hestitate to put a shiv in Palin's career if her words or actions cost them a few bucks?

    Finally, I always felt sad for people who idolized others. It's as if their life is so insignificant that they have to live through others and that must be a horrible way to go through life. Yet I find it hard to feel anything about Palin's fans but contempt. When you take your idolization and turn it into hate towards others that's where I draw the line.

    The cliche, "Get a Life" was so overused that it's fallen by the wayside but it applies to the Palin fans. Even if she was worth your idolization it isn't worth losing yourself to it. Please figure out something better to do with your time than to worship this woman but most of all stop taking out your bile and venom on others that don't feel the same way about Sarah Palin.

    Sermon over...

  142. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Just a note:

    I believe slander is defamatory untrue statements, gossip, rumors made verbally. Libel is such statements written, recorded.

    TLC certainly libeled Joe calling him "pixillated." They compounded the damage by taping and allowing Palin to make the blatant character defamation implied in her statement on camera about having to move her young daughter's play area from Joe's purported spying. Such a statement is bad enough in itself but taken in tandem with a previous statement Palin made insinuating Joe would be looking in the child's bedroom window --it is as vicious a libel as there is.

  143. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Thank God someone is FINALLY standing up to her! I love Joe!!


  144. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Anon 4:01 PM. Thanks for the correction! I meant the words the other way around. ;)

  145. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I am Glad i found this site.Added to my bookmark!


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