Monday, February 28, 2011

Frank Bailey's manuscript and how it helps to prove that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to her fifth child.

See? I was too pregnant!
  As all of you are aware I have bitten my tongue and refused to write about what is revealed on the leaked pages of Frank Bailey's hopefully "soon to be published manuscript."

However as I have played by the rules, and respected the authors right to control their intellectual property, others have not demonstrated such restraint.  Which has led to some unfortunate assertions having been made without an appropriate challenge.

There are a few to choose from but the one that I want to focus on with this post is the assertion that Bailey's book "Quashes gossip about Trig Palin's birth,"

Shushannah Walshe writer for the Daily Beast, and occasional Palin kool-aid drinker, wrote the following:

Although most of the tell-all is incredibly scathing, Bailey—who was not only an administrative staffer but also booked personal travel for the Palin family and worked around the clock to please his boss—aims to put the gossip about Bristol Palin giving birth to Sarah's fifth child, Trig, to an end. He writes that he visited Sarah Palin at the hospital just hours after Trig was born and spotted Bristol sitting in the waiting room. There is absolutely no way Bristol had just given birth, he says.

While factually accurate, the statement fails to mention how conflicted Bailey was by what Sarah Palin was saying officially, and what his own eyes were telling him.

Now I am not going to cut and paste to make my point, or quote directly from the manuscript, but since this assertion is out there let me give you a little more information about what IS in the manuscript, and what is NOT in the manuscript.

When Bailey learns of this "pregnancy," it is only ONE DAY before Palin announces it to the world.  And as we have heard numerous times before, from numerous sources, according to Bailey NOBODY knew she was with child. Nobody.

Even the closest members of her inner circle express absolute shock at the news, and gossip to each other that she is not showing AT ALL. Now once again this is not news to those of us who have followed this story closely but it does reaffirm the impossibility of this pregnancy. (In fact there is a conversation that Bailey had with Sarah back in 2006 which should give pause to anybody who believes that Sarah gave birth to Trig.)

Sarah Palin on March 14, 2008
 Frank goes on to talk about seeing Sarah Palin during her pregnancy , and even describes visiting their infamous cabin on Safari Lake in March, and seeing how carefully Todd treated her as proof she must be pregnant.  Bailey also talks about his multiple sightings of a "skinny" Bristol as proof that Sarah must be Trig's mom. (Remember back in those days the only two choices ever discussed were that ether Bristol or Sarah MUST be the child's mother. So in Bailey's eyes if Bristol is clearly too skinny to be pregnant, then ipso facto Sarah MUST be the mother!  Tah Dah!)

Now let's talk about what is NOT in Bailey's manuscript.

Nowhere does Bailey talk about Sarah suffering with morning sickness, a constant need to pee, or any of the discomfort that ANYBODY who has been pregnant, or worked with pregnant women (like I have), know all to well is a constant part of the "beauty of childbirth."

Also missing is any reference to any of the staff "feeling the baby kick," or talk about a pregnant Sarah struggling to get into a car, or out of an airplane, or into a chair.  Now perhaps Frank is a little dull on these points, though he does have children of his own, but these little descriptions would do much to support his personal belief that Palin gave birth to her fifth child.  Yet they are not there, why?

Well in my opinion they are not there because Frank never saw any of that. None.

Now let's address some of the other leaks from the book and how they support the seemingly absurd idea that the sitting Governor of Alaska would fake a pregnancy. 

And once again let me apologize to the authors, but this information is now out in the blogosphere and really must be taken into consideration to truly understand this topic.

As revealed, once again by Shushannah Walshe, Sarah Palin had her staff write glowing letters about her job performance and policy decisions, and then convince supporters to let them sign their names to them.

Now roll that around in your mind a little.  When Palin, and her staff, did this they knew full well that the people whose names appeared on the letters could easily reveal the truth about them, yet they did not seem to be worried in the least that it would backfire on them. And up until now it hasn't.

Okay you say, that is kind of unethical and deceptive, but it does not rise to the level of actually faking a pregnancy while holding public office.  And to that I say you are absolutely right.

Take a moment to ask yourself this, "What is the most defining Sarah Palin trademark?"  In other words what do you immediately visualize when you think of this famous icon?  Did you say her glasses?  I bet you did.

From Wonkette:

One of the “friends” on the dearly departed “Lou Sarah” Facebook account, Kermit Ketchum, is mentioned multiple times in former Palin advisor Frank Bailey’s leaked book. Who is Kermit Ketchum? According to Bailey, he’s an elderly man and longtime friend of the family. Bailey’s manuscript describes Ketchum as the one who saw a (presumably doctored) pornographic photo of Palin sent by email to the campaign. Later, Ketchum allegedly repeats gossip from Sarah’s mother saying that Sarah had Lasik surgery and just wears glasses for show. They’re not a prescription — they’re there to make her look smart.

Okay now, did that send you reeling?

Just think about what kind of a person wears glasses, virtually all of the time, JUST to appear more intelligent even though she does not need them. In other words, she wears them for the sole purpose of creating an illusion.

Does THAT seem like a person who might consider faking a pregnancy, JUST to create an illusion?

Remember she only had to wear that fake stomach for a couple of weeks, but she has worn those damn glasses for much of her life. (At least in public.)

Now at this point you have to be asking "How?" As in "how" does anybody mange to keep all of this quiet. "How" does anybody sleep at night knowing that somebody might spill the beans at any minute?  "How" does a person become such a chronic liar that all of these deceptions seem reasonable to them?

You know there was a time when Audrey, from Palin's Deceptions, and I would have long talks in an attempt to understand what would have compelled Palin to fake her own pregnancy.  And every once in a while Audrey would stop and say "But Jesse, that is just crazy!  Nobody would ever do something like that!"

And I would respond with, "We are not talking about a regular person.  We are talking about Sarah Palin.  And considering what we KNOW for sure about her, is there really ANYTHING that we could disregard as being too crazy?"

And after learning this new information from the Bailey manuscript, do any of YOU believe there is anything too crazy when it comes to Sarah "fake glasses, fake letters to the editor, fake baby bump" Palin?

So are you all caught up to where I am now?

Good, because we are about to take a trip a little further into the Palin rabbit hole.

Now you all know that I hear rumors. (Lord how I hear rumors!) And sometimes those rumors pan out, sometimes they don't, and sometimes they are just too crazy to even consider.

At least at first. 

Now about a year or so ago, I heard a rumor that fit into that last category. It was a doozy, but I realized that even if true, there was just NO way I would ever be able to prove it. No way! (I even had a person who swore that it was true in an e-mail, but back then I considered it a waste of time to pursue it.)

However, just recently this rumor has reemerged.  And with the information that has leaked out about Bailey's book, I am much less apt to consider that this particular rumor is false, because it fits in well with the established pattern of Sarah Palin's bizarre behaviors.

Some of you have already read the back and forth discussion in the comments section. But for the rest of you here it is in its unedited form.

FYI -- I read this 'comment' a couple days ago:

"Whoever gave birth to Trig, it couldn't be Sarah. Remember, she had said that she 'not only had her tubes just tied, she had them cut, and the ends burned - or some such measure to make SURE she wasn't going to be having more babies.

"Didn't she have it done during the delivery of piper??

"All of us who have kids that went to school with Sarah's kids know to be absolute factual gospel truth: Sarah Palin had a tubal ligation after her last baby (Piper) was born.

"She then took several days off work- more than she took when she "had" Trig. She bitched at Todd afterward saying HE should have gotten the snip since it was so much easier for men."

"Trig may actually have BEEN born at 7.5 months....but he wasn't born in April '08, and he sure as HELL did not issue forth from the tied, cut, and burned fallopian tubes of Sarah Louise Heath Palin."

10:17 PM

10:17PM is right on the money.

My two were in the same school as two of Sarah's at the same time. She volunteered for revolving carpool and bailed every single time. She called one morning saying she'd be unable to drive her planned day the next morning because she'd had "a tubal". I remember her saying it in that whiny fake accent she used to elicit sympathy: "Well, I've had a two-bull". I just rolled my eyes and got someone to fill in.

Two weeks after that when her next shift came up, she called again and this time it had gone from "a two-bull" to "my surgery". "I'm sorry, I can't make it 'cause yaknow I had surgery recently..."
I remember some of the other moms and I joked that when her NEXT shift came up, she would be calling saying "I can't drive due to the recent double AMPUTATION of my tubes..."

As for why I won't go on the record...and I think the other people in my position feel the same way: basically, it's fear.

We have all seen someone become unemployable and/or pariah in their community because they "crossed" one of the Palins. Most of us still have one or more kids still in school or college, and we all know Sarah goes for the jugular...which for most of us, is our kids. I know it seems unlikely that Palin would still have power given that she quit, but trust me when I say the "long arm of Palin" is still reaching very far in Wasilla these days.

I do hope Sarah's insane fake pregnancy will be revealed in national media soon. But I have a hard time believing that my going on the record about her tubal will make a difference. She would instantly brand me a "wee wee'd up" librul who just wanted to spread an ugly rumor. She would play the victim and claim I was "attacking her special needs baby". (do you notice how she keeps calling three year old Trig a "baby"? It's to foster the "young mother with sweet babe in arms" image. She did the same thing with Piper, saying "my baby is sick" or "I have to go, my baby needs me" when Piper was four years old. She even let Piper have bottles and sippies well past the appropriate age, in pursuit of this "image")

Anyway, she would say I was lying just to try and make her look bad. She would sanctimoniously sneer "prove it! Put up or shut up!" knowing that only her medical records would prove what I was saying.

Most of us in the valley are scared for CBJ, as she knows EVERYTHING...and Sarah doesn't like loose ends. But if CBJ ever DID decide to pitch her license to the wind and tell the truth about Sarah, Trig, etc...Sarah will be done. Even the most hardcore, ironclad, koolaid-dipped bot will abandon her.

8:08 AM

I am the person who posted about Sarah talking her "tubal" to death. There's one other detail I'd like to add: Sarah talked about breastfeeding and pumping ALL the time, but I don't think she nursed any of her kids for long, if at all. She bought giant tubs of Enfamil and I remember Piper smelling of that foul stinky formula (nutrammigan? I'm sure I spelled that wrong)

Anyway, my point is that Sarah has been trying to foster a certain image long before she hot the national stage. I really do think she has a mental disorder. I cannot adequately describe the way she used to go on and on and on about how breastfeeding was so rewarding, it was the most amazing job a woman could do, my nipples are sooo sore but it's worth it because I'm providing my child with the best...blah blah, etc etc. And she'd have a tub of formula RIGHT there in the diaper bag!

Not only that, she had the nerve to chastise other moms who formula fed. THAT is the Sarah we all know- "let me tell you what a bad mother you are for formula feeding while I sit here and give my baby a bottle of formula".

I remember once with Piper she actually said something like "I hope Pipe takes the bottle I pumped...she's been my pickiest about wanting her milk straight from the tap!"

Meanwhile, as she takes the bottle out, Piper goes after that thing like a grizzly after a gimpy salmon...LOL. She could hold it herself and everything.

Just another example of how it is vs. how Sarah SAYS it is. And the two shall never meet on common ground.

4:05 PM

I am the person who posted about Sarah's tubal. (Gryph, you were saying you wanted ME to email you, or the person who quoted my post..?)

Ok I'd like to address a couple of points. For the person who asks how I sleep at night: how DARE you presume to know what it's like to be in this position. You have NO CLUE how far Sarah still reaches in the valley. Look how many of us are from Wasilla (based on Gryphen's logger counter thing) yet so few speak up about living here because everyone suddenly thinks we "hold the key" to finishing Sarah Palin.

But hear this, friends...and Gryph can back me on this..MANY of us HAVE reached out to journalists or authors about things we know...and they are not, repeat NOT interested.

Instead of questioning US on our ethics or devotion to America...try to think of the view from here: we've seen Gryphen's "two babies" post...and we all thought....WHEW. It'll be over now. The media simply can't ignore THAT..

And we see others who have tried to speak up about Sarah suddenly seem to have a LOT of "bad luck".

Gryphon knows for a fact that Sarah Palin is infertile via her own choosing- a tubal legation and burn. And that she has been that way for far longer than Trig has been a gleam in anyone's eye.

If GRYPHEN knows it and hasn't been able to get this bombshell news picked up by the right people...then why would I- a stay at home mom with NO media connections- risk my family's well being?

I'm just saying...think about us before judging us so harshly.

8:58 PM

For those of you unaware of what the term "tubal ligation" means it is usually referred to as "getting your tubes tied" and it is a MUCH more reliable form of contraception than being 45 year old woman whose husband consistently sleeps on the downstairs sofa.

Now a couple of things t consider about these comments.  They COULD all be from one person.  They COULD all be a bunch of BS.  They could even be a red herring thrown out there by a Palin-bot trying to get me off of the sent of a real scandal.

However read them again, and ask yourself if they seem legit. Because they kind of do to me.

So here we are at a potentially defining moment.  After all of these years the true Sarah Palin is being revealed to a skeptical public by at least three major books, her supporters are fleeing like flaming rats from a sinking ship, and she is being openly mocked on network television.

She has never been this vulnerable, so the time for the proverbial fork is now.

Let me once again appeal to the women from Wasilla who spoke out so passionately in the comments section. Please contact me via my e-mail at  As hard as I have worked this has never been a one man operation in the strictest sense.  I have always relied on input form you, my visitors, and right now I am asking you to take the plunge and possibly someday be able to tell your children that you helped to remove a poisonous blot from the landscape of American politics.

Believe me your identities and locations will be protected. All I need is about two or three of you to tell your story.  I will edit out anything which might reveal your identity to the Palin family, or supporters, and I will make sure that your information gets picked up by the national media.  (Currently there is a lot of interest in finding out new bits of scandalous information concerning Sarah Palin, so there are a lot of perked up ears in the media.)

And while you are thinking it through, consider this;  The whole country blames Alaskans for helping to unleash Sarah Palin on the world, and not doing anything to stop her while she bullies the American media into submission.  How great would it feel if we Alaskans finally stood up and defeated this Frankenstein monster that we helped to create?

Like I said, I can't do it alone.  But with your help we might be closer than ever to putting all of this in our rearview miror. Come on Wasilla!  The world is counting on you!


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Is Sarah Palin the Only One Endorsing Sarah Palin for President?

  2. Molly9:39 AM

    Great post, Gryphen.

    Everything that that poster(s) says sounds just like the sociopath we've come to know (Sarah, not the posters!)

    It is TOTALLY believable that Sarah would take advantage of a car pool and then never take her turn.

    It is TOTALLY believable that she would promise to bring cupcakes for the bake sale and then call up another mom at the last minute and make HER do it instead.

    It is TOTALLY believable that she would be consumed with how others perceive her rather than what the truth is, up to and including covering up for someone else's pregnancy, not out of any compassion for that person, but out of FEAR of how that pregnancy would impact HER IMAGE.

    Tubal ligation? I remember commenting waaaay back on Audrey's site that it seemed to me that Piper was already the oops--I mean "bonus" baby in that family, given that Track and Bristol were one year apart, Bristol and Willow are two years apart, and Willow and Piper are, what, seven?? years apart. THAT is most probably what motivated a tubal at that point.

    Whining about having to be the one to get snipped? Priceless......

    Again, thank you thank you thank you Gryphen and the so far anonymous women of Wasilla.

    I'm still waiting to hear from the aerobic women "friends" who would have seen her "not pregnant" during her workouts that she says she did while pregnant.

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    So, what's it gonna take? It's gonna take getting those Palin friends who were appointed to the political positions in the valley out of office, off of the committee, off the planning board. Parnell will also protect her to his dying breath because he is implicated in her malfeseance. Until we have a recycle of those Palin sycophants, no one will come forward as they are too scared to loose their job, their pension, their next committee appointment.

    Also, most of these folks all go to the same handful of churches. Churches who preach several times a week to their flock that Sarah is Queen Ester and she is doing God's will, no matter what the cost. These churches also exert quite a bit of power / influence over their followers.

    We need one of them to get so disgusted over the twisting of morals, ethis, CHRISTIANITY, to just confess already! But as we've seen in the past, these types rarely confess to anything they've done wrong until they are confronted with the un-alterable truth.

    Still, Palin's worst enemy is herself, and I don't doubt that as her "star" continues to fail, as she continues to be the brunt of jokes and derision, that she'll implode, hopefully on national TV.

    - Hedgewytch

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Frank said a few other things about attempting to quash rumors and prove she was pg, to which she would offer to show her stretchmarks. So, his book offers more evidence of fakery and cover-up than not.

  5. OverMountainMan9:44 AM

    I'm a little perplexed by this statement,

    There is absolutely no way Bristol had just given birth, he says.

    I remember reading a slightly different version, It said " There is absolutely no way "SHE " had given birth.

    When I read that I took it as a play on words on Baileys part, Being that "She" could have meant Bristol or Sarah ? Please read the passage again and see if you or I am correct about the wording, Thanks, I'm a big fan by the way !

  6. This tubal news is such a bonus, because even without this piece of data, it is clear SP faked the pregnancy. The flat-profile photos make it impossible for her to have delivered a 6-pound baby a few weeks -- WEEKS! -- later.

    Plus all the circumstantial info. It's just all so clear. And the tubal is consistent with all of it, both the photo proof and the circumstantial stuff.

  7. Ferry Fey9:46 AM

    I'd like to point out that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is in more danger while her testimony is still potential, rather than when it is made public. She's still the one who is the most danger to Sarah right now.

    I hope that she will consider the meaning of the medical ethics she is sworn to, and the effect her long-term lying has on the young women she tries to help. Let them see that hard as it is, honesty is still the best policy.

    Gryphen, shouldn't this posting have a CBJ keyword as well?

  8. shailey9:48 AM

    I want to encourage you to speak out as well and Gryphen will keep his word. Shailey.

  9. Don't forget her tale in Going Rogue of faking basketball injuries in high school to skip band practice. And her father helped her do it, so she must have thought it was OK to fake.

  10. Punkinbugg9:51 AM

    So, this means the "Mat-Su Spectacular" was staged for Bailey, her parents, Mercede and the media around April 18-19.

    Notice that every person who is convinced she had that baby cites this one particular event? (and no other?)

    That must have been one heckuva show. Thanks, Doctor Cathy!

  11. SME1319:53 AM

    Wow a tubal huh. That makes perfect sense. I always wondered why we hadn't heard of something like this because common sense (and we know how much Sarah loves common sense) would dictate having a tubal after piper came at such a distance from the others.

    It cracks me up she milked the tubal and couldn't do anything for weeks after that. I checked in at 7am for mine and was home at noon. And felt fine. That is how most women are with a tubal.

    As I mentioned to you the other day Gryphen there are only a few ways to prove Sarah didn't have Trig. This ties into that because getting her medical records would be proof she never had 5 live births and/or had the tubal. But again CBJ would never risk her license or her safety to expose Palin............ unless she had no choice due to the vetting process of a potential 2012 candidate. Hmmmm maybe we should hope she runs, but I don't see it happening.

    What a shame we don't have an insider at the insurance company or hospital.

  12. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Well, there's just no way to know if this person is BS'ing you. Because you would be surprised how many people get off on making up totally fictional things online. They can be very convincing.

    So there's that. I also find it difficult that this person is too scared of the "long arm of the media" to go on record, but yet identifies herself as someone in Palin's former carpool? Doesn't she worry about revealing that?

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Interesting post about the glasses. Palingates has a video of the tawd's first irondog win and scarah is there without glasses.


  14. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I appreciate your pointing out the timeliness of urging the local populace to begin to come forward now with what they know or suspect. There will (hopefully) be strength in numbers and her popularity is certainly at a new low.

    It's certainly possible she now wears glasses for looks (ANYTHING is possible with her)but I don't believe she ever wore the specs for vision but they were needed to help straighten her "lazy" eye. On her first book tour I remember seeing photos of her at an event and she was wearing unfamiliar glasses and in EVERY photo, her one eye was crossed. My guess is that she was wearing glasses (old ones?) that were not working for that eye. If she did have lasic, I don't believe that would cure her need for glasses. I think lasic is used for myopia and cataracts, neither of which she likely had. I believe surgery can correct the muscle imbalance causing lazy-eye so maybe she had that. But, she's still a dumb brick.

  15. Anonymous10:11 AM

    This is a persuasive post, Gryphen. I have one question: Some claim that they have "proof" from reliable sources, even sources in AK government. My question is: Why can't they quote their source and attribute the quote to an "anonymous source." That is what all the newspapers do, so why not?

  16. first off why should we believe palin has this "invisable " power to get ANYONE that tells the truth about her?
    where did she get it from? and why?
    you are still here and other blogs too, remember.

    but that aside the reason i read you and the others is because this woman is the most bizarre person in the history of american politics.
    i to this day can not get anyone to answer a simple question, "why was this bizarre mentally ill(yes she is ill) picked and pushed on the people?
    no simple silly answers like she makes them money..ok..cause she does not.
    real answer only!

    and last, ALL this stuff you write is simple stuff for a real investigative journalist or even a private hire investigator to find out.

    so the point is everyone in the media and everyone in politics(high levels) would know it all yet they ALL decided to defend her for 2 long years even as she wasthisclose to being president(cancer old man mccain).


    why palin and thats why i still read this stuff .

    i want to know why this woman obviously mentally ill ignorant of even basic facts (didnt know there was a north AND south korea!)so bizarre in her real life that few believe it, was picked and pushed on the people as the real deal!

  17. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hey, you Wasilla people who know the truth about $arah...if you come out with the truth about $arah's faked pregancy and it gets too hot in Wasilla, you can come stay with me in Texas. We ain't scared of those Palins and would give 'em boot up the butt if they tried to mess with us.

  18. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I've read the manuscript and agree that Bailey's thoughts on Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" do nothing to change my mind. She was not pregnant with Trig. He says he saw a bump. Well, I say he saw the pillow that she had stuffed under her shirt. Interestingly, he was not privy to the filming of the segment with Andrea Gusty. That was not a bump that you had to know about to notice it.

  19. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I think the msm is afraid to touch this story because it's so "out there". The reporter I've been working with said that she would leave this with President Obama's birth certificate. I still forwarded the link to IM just in case she was "just curious".

    Hopefully some reporters see this and want to actually REPORT!


  20. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:18 AM

    Gryph, I appreciate all of this, for sure, as I'm sure we all do. As far as "teh crazy" going too far re: Ms. Palin, trust me, NOTHING sounds too bonkers to believe when it comes to her bizarrely crafted career path. What I'd like to know is: WHO or WHAT is grooming SP for her Queen Esther role and trying to push her as the NeoXtremeXtianFreak POTUS, and WHEN did the grooming start? I'm banking on long before she was mayor of Wasilla--probably during her fancy pageant walkin' days. I'd also love to know how far these tentacles reach, and how much $$ is being spent to squash stories in the MSM. Remember, there was the "Witch Doctor spell" video, the video of Sarah giving out Xtian Warrior swords to youth members of her church, and the AIP welcoming speech--all of which were neatly ignored in the press at a time when the Right was busy attacking President Obama for attending Reverend Wright's church and meeting Bill Ayers years before.

    Now we have concrete evidence of the non-birth of Trig--at least to SP. I can verify that I had the same type of tubal ligation, and it was very painful. It was done laproscoptically (sp?), and for years afterward--when the atmosphere was just right--the area would become slightly painful again, like any old incision. This slowly faded over the years, but it also backs up Shailey's story of unexplained tenderness in SP's abdominal area during her massage. That said, who IS Trig's real mom? I always felt somehow that it wasn't Bristol.

    About the LensCrafters ruse: if you'll notice, any photos of Sarah show NO distortion of her eyes whatsoever in the lenses of her glasses. I'm sure she never had a drastic enough prescription to make it look like she was staring through the bottom of Coke bottles, but it does look like there's nothing but window glass in her expensive frames. 'Nuff said.

    THANKS, Gryphen--and all who had the balls to comment and email. I tip my (real) glasses to all of you. Keep plugging. The truth WILL out.

  21. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Not speaking out is one thing, but lying on behalf of Palin is just inexcusable...especially for a medical professional:

    "New York Fashion Week insiders were buzzing about a rumor that Palin had Lasik surgery years ago and wears glasses only for show.

    Alaska optician Joy Leedham, who fitted Palin's specs, disputes that claim, telling USA Today that Palin is nearsighted with a slight astigmatism."

  22. abo gato10:21 AM

    Boy, we know she's nuts, but that's a real special kind of nuts combined with hubris and arrogance to think that you can pull off a fake pregnancy after half the people whose kids go to school with yours know you had, and have heard you complain about your tubal ligation!

    Wow. She really does live in another world, doesn't she? One that has no spacial relationship with reality.

  23. Rationalist10:21 AM

    This is a great post, Gryphen. Thank you. And thank you, posters from Wasilla, for your honesty.

    I guess all I would say is remember how it went with the Catholic Church. For generations, sexual abuse of children was an open secret - so open that it was common fodder for jokes - but somehow the Church retained its Teflon coating. Then enough brave people came forward - mainly men (imagine how heartwrenching it was for them) - and the tipping point was reached. These two-and-a-half years of Palin have been long and frustrating, but I really believe that Gryphen's right and the conditions are right to tip the scales. There is strength in numbers. One "wee-wee'd up" Wasilla mom is easy to dismiss. A dozen of them are not.

  24. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Your comment is right on @9:39. I remember that 'bonus' baby comment too. It made sense then and makes even more sense now since we've had the dubious pleasure of getting more insight into this nut over the last two years! The age gaps were the giveaway to me. As folks say -- oopsies, er blessins', happen.

    I always thought she'd had a tubal ligation after 'Pipe.' Why on earth would a woman with more ambition than brains with her heart set on a governorship or other higher position risk another pregnancy? High office aside, she never struck me as someone particularly maternal once those babes were able to walk and talk. The anon Wasillan who commented seemed pretty above board to me too -- I particularly loved the part about the Enfamil in the baby bag while nutcase went on and on about the joys of breastfeeding. Stupid Sarah would've hated me because I'd be asking her what the formula was all about if she was such an advocate of breastfeeding (sociopaths HATE having their realities questioned.)

    Uncle G. I also liked the part about the cabal writing letters and having supporters sign them... sounds a lot like a certain last-minute, poorly written medical letter we are all too familiar with.

  25. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I was so glad to read this post, Gryphen, but I would not be surprised if your plea to come forward falls on exhausted, fearful ears. Why? Because SP is a person without a conscience. No trick, lie, or threat is beneath her.

    She melting away with every day that passes, but I do not expect to know the full story of her wretched life until her kids are in their 30's or 40's and all her political appointee's are out of office.

  26. Anonymous10:26 AM

    If this is true I wish these ladies would just go on record already. I'd wager that more people around here dislike like this nutjob than are enamored with her. She's like Brad Hanson in Palmer; he has a handful of supporters but less and less people are putting up with the arrogant bullying. These are two narcissistic peas in a pod.

  27. Anonymous10:26 AM

    If Sarah would truly had been pregnant, I think she would have soaked up all the attention which comes along with being pregnant, being the narcissist that she is.
    Great post!

  28. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Great post. I can only hope that several citizens of Wasilla band together to make an irrefutable case against Sarah soon, because as you say, her image is very vulnerable right now.

    Do nothing, and I bet she recovers some of the luster by mid-2012, then what?

    It isn't easy. There are indeed real risks, but having that piece of lying poop as a national pundit or leader is a far greater risk to everyone, including the Wasilla moms.

    Bullies stay bullies because they use fear to dominate. Facing the fear, even if it means temporary risk or setbacks, frees you and you get to live the rest of your life with more confidence, solid courage and self-respect.

    I know, I've done it in a small town. We did move, but we did so to get a better life. We were able to take out the bullies in the town's administration by calling in the state watchdogs, and received many thanks when we visited years later.

    We did have to start over (because we wanted out of the small town life and to get better opportunities for ourselves and our child), but I doubt that it will come to that in Wasilla because of the national spotlight. Funny how the light of truth shrivels up the darkness perpetuated by the bullies.

    I will not condemn or judge anyone who cannot at this time find it in themselves to stand against Sarah and tell the truth, but I will send positive energy to anyone willing to try. If we back them, they stand a much better job of surviving the little shock waves their truth will create. They might even be hailed as heroes. I know I would call them such.

  29. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Jesse, considering that this is your job and you are making an income from this blog, you have now set yourelf up for the lawsuit. I have brought this blog to the attention of Frank Bailey and now it's looking really interesting for your future.
    Have a great day!

  30. Anonymous10:32 AM

    "Also missing is any reference to any of the staff "feeling the baby kick," or talk about a pregnant Sarah struggling to get into a car, or out of an airplane, or into a chair."

    Even more than that, ... did he mention any of the numerous ob appointments that a pregnant woman would have? She would have had to miss at least 2-3 hours every other week or so.

  31. Tyroanee10:33 AM

    Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to let you know that I was on to your fake eye-glass wear when I watched your comedy show "Sarah Palin's Alaska". Not only was I offended as an American by the lies and backstabbing methods of retribution you have to anyone that steps into your path, but the shear gall you have towards the environment as a whole.
    You were seen on a 4-wheeler rushing through the mud and water, and not pair of signature glasses? It was then I knew, those are strictly for show.
    Now if I was an Alaskan, I would be on high alert with this person on my back... but if I had the information on the Palin's I would definitely sing- Loud and clear for all to hear.
    BTW Sarah- I'm an American Farmer, live in Oregon and I would take you on any-day! Even with your 6 inch heels, I would tower over you by 7 inches- but I digress, I would kick your ass to the curb with my shear knowledge, not my brawn. Liberal women are not only smart- we are beautiful inside and out.
    Off for my massage... see ya later Sarah!

  32. California Dreamin'10:37 AM

    I bet that's why she didn't submit her medical records, just that phony letter supposedly from CBJ.

  33. Whew...there's a lot here! Thanks, Gryphen!

    Bailey says Bristol didn't appear pregnant in the hospital on April 18 or in the cabin sometime in March. He can logically only say that she didn't appear visibly pregnant to him. Why didn't he also rule out Sarah as Trig's mother since she didn't appear pregnant either? Theoretically, Bristol could have given birth prior to Bailey's March visit to the cabin. Theoretically, the birth mother could be someone entirely unrelated.

    The comments about the tubal ligation sound very credible and all the details are completely believable. I'm skeptical, however, unless the commenter emails you and allows you to confirm portions of her story (kids ages, schools, etc,). Sarah could easily use a false story about a tubal the same way she successfully used Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp to discredit questions about her pregnancy with Trig.

    Sarah obviously already knows who could 'out' her. It would be dynamite if a hero or two or three or more came forward. There's more safety in sunlight.

    I have a good feeling about this.

  34. Anonymous10:40 AM

    This is a great post, Gryphen!

    I have been reading the Bailey manuscript (yes, I have a copy), and the other thing that can't be conveyed by a single quote is that she is basically lying to herself, time and time again. She actually thinks that she is running an ethical campaign, as if saying it to herself and everyone else makes it so, and then she is somehow free to just go ahead and do whatever she wants.

    I am only half way through and she really does have a problem with being truthful about the most trivial of things. It's like she really doesn't know the difference between truth, exaggeration, and outright falsehood -- like a three year old!!

    In my estimation, she really believes these things much of the time. She thinks that her saying them makes them true.

  35. BAustin10:42 AM

    I believe there are some close up photos of Palin and her should be able to tell if there is any magnification in the glasses or if they are props to look smart. She must have a very mild prescription IF she really needs glasses.

  36. Enjay in E MT10:44 AM

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

    A couple strategic snips here & there and the whole web will collapse. I don't believe there is anything she will NOT do based on the last 2-1/2 years. Quitter-Queen is one very sick puppy.

  37. Anonymous10:44 AM

    "getting your tubes tied" and it is a MUCH more reliable form of contraception than being 45 year old woman whose husband consistently sleeps on the downstairs sofa."

    Actually both are very effective!

    "(Currently there is a lot of interest in finding out new bits of scandalous information concerning Sarah Palin, so there are a lot of perked up ears in the media.)"

    It is the ONLY thing that anyone is interested in since she is NOT a serious political figure.

    Of course, with the time-line in question, a skinny Bristol in March does not "prove" anything, either.

  38. Anonymous10:45 AM

    My only comment about the glasses is, she wears them ALL the time, not just for the cameras. She wears her trademark ones and others. She wore rimmed ones on SPA. Now, lasik doesn't last forever, eyes typically do worsen again, even just years later. I had lasik when I was 20 and 5 years later my eyes went from 15/20 to 30/20. or something slightly worse. She wouldn't be the first person to wear glasses or do something to be taken more seriously. Many women undergo voice training and such things to not sound like a flighty, highpitched person. In a world where people pick apart a politician's everything, this is pretty benign and even commendable.

  39. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Gryphen -
    Powerful article. Thank you and I hope you hear from the people who have the info on Sarah.

  40. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I am still trying to understand the lingering fear of Sarah Palin in Alaska. What, specifically, has happened to people who have crossed Palin? I haven't heard one example, except for Troopergate. What exactly are the people of Wasilla/Alaska dealing with? I don't mean this in an aggressive or accusatory way, I literally don't understand what Palin could do at this point.

  41. Anonymous10:53 AM

    What will be interesting is HER explanation of why she faked being pregnant. It's sure to be a doozy.

  42. Anonymous10:54 AM

    That was my guess she didn't want to show her medical records because she had had her tubes tied after piper.

  43. Sarah Palin Also Has a Secret Twitter Account So She Can Follow Herself

  44. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Please come forward, Wasilla commenters. Gryphen will protect you as much as he can, and we have a whole community now that will want to help you if Palin even thinks of hurting you now.

  45. I can totally understand the risk involved in coming forward for some one in a small town - I wish there was someone who knew the facts (with proof, such as dates and photographs of Sarah at an event or something to back up not being pregnant) and that person was relocating to the lower 48 for a new job or something so they could come forward with the truth without fear.

    I agree that now is the time - the media may listen more now - even the Republicans are starting to take her down (i.e. Coulter saying Sarah is only pretending she might run in order to make money - higher fees for the speaking engagments).

  46. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Thanks for picking up on this thread of comments. I thought the poster definitely sounded believable.

    Hoping some of them will "come out of the closet" and fight back loudly and vigorously to end the reign of terror of the ex-governor quitter.

  47. These women won't be enough.

    You'll need to find Trig's real mother and she'll need to come forth with the details of how Trig ended up with Sarah.

    If you don't have both, you've just got a big fat she said she said on your hands.

    And you know how good Sarah is at bobbing and weaving to avoid the consequences of the truth.

  48. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Wearing fake glasses isn’t necessarily earth shattering. It happens frequently these days. A fashion statement is a fashion statement. You bring up public image and private image. I find it interesting that in public, Sarah doesn’t go ALL OUT to appear like a perfect wife, mother and person. But in private photographs and family events, that aren’t meant to be made public, she is a devoted, loving wife and mother. They are happy in private moments. I think THAT is the image. Sarah wants America to view her as a not-taking-shit, hardcore, prowoman, ballsy person. She can’t look submissive to men, even when she looks submissive in private photos with Todd.

    Question: I know many Alaskans wouldn’t vote for her again, for similar reasons why bill Clinton will never be elected and guiliani wont either. Too much drama and bs. However, literally TONS of people still call her and them friends. The kids friends fervently defend them, they visit them at home. The kids have the same friends since toddlers. Oh and btw, Im pretty sure Bristol’s AZ residence is a vacation home. She’s ‘been in AK for awhile and was only down there for a couple weeks.

    Also, it is not that accurate when you say there are tons of people who fear the Palins. There are tons in the valley alone who don’t even know them, there are tons who are still friends with the family. There are tons who have vacationed with the family at various lakes around AK for years. Im not denying there is fear and im not calling people liars, but to say there is an overwhelming fear is crazy. AKans would call it crazy. I have too read the manuscript and feel it wont make a dent.

    I do feel Sarah Palin’s presence will hinder other people from even considering a political career because they fear their past associations and personal lives will be viciously attacked like her. When Sarah’s in the rear view mirror, are we all going to forge a new path to destroy the next person we deem unfit for office? Do you not see how all this makes us look? Turn the mirror on yourself. Sarah’s not anymore evil or corrupt than anyone else. Jealousy is a cancer and one that will ensure this country is never healthy again.

  49. I am a mom. No way was that rip pregnant.

    I ran two businesses and could outwork that grunt in a heartbeat. We had a lake place and big garden from which I made preserved food from every year.

    I took my turn in Fargo and the lake at bake sales. Even left a pie on top of the station wagon once ... on the way into town to deliver it! (Kids were raising a ruckus!)

    Sarah, if anyone ever had a reason to be jealous, you do. I am much better looking
    than you and hold a man who loves me dearly at night. And I possess the where with all to wear contacts because I am smart. I did go to an elitist school and you didn't. Ha. Ha.

    But you tried at hokey shithead schools. Six times. All of those credits could not have transferred. We know that, but you don't. Dumbass.

    You were pregnant? My ass.

    I am Lucille Ball.

  50. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Well, well, we're finally coming full circle, it was really just a case of "when"...

    For my 2 cents, I've always believed that there was no way she gave birth to Trig. In her 40's and her FIFTH child she'd be a balloon by 5 months! Those muscles just don't shrink after 4 kids! And just look at her other prego pics..Nope, I don't believe it.

    So who's kid is Trig? This may sound outlandish but I have my own theories.

    And most plausible in my book is it's Track's kid and the girl/mother was paid off and legally contracted to give up all rights and keep her mouth shut! I do believe the Palins would be more than willing to ruin her life if she ever peeped about it, but someone knows ....

    And shortly thereafter the troubled Track Palin is shifted off to the military. Hmmm. Funny how we don't hear much about Track.. Maybe it's because his OWN birth is also a large "whose the daddy" question...

    And get this why would Bristol have the AUDACITY to ask Levi to sign over all rights to Tripp?? Has she seen this work before? She obviously didn't have ANY qualms about it saying publicly "I've asked Levi [Johnston] to do it many different times, just get it out of the way," she says. "Just sign over his parental rights..." Wow, "just get it out of the way". To me that seems pretty nonchalant, ho-hum it happens all the time attitude. Really? Why on earth would you think taking someones child away from them FOREVER is a Ho-Hum deal? ....Just Saying.

    Then again maybe Trig is Bristol's, but I don't think so. If it is then it is easy to believe that Sarah would have blown an ever-loving gasket when Bristol became pregnant "again?" with Tripp. Even if Tripp was Bristol's first pregnancy it would have been a knee-jerk reaction...NOT AGAIN! I'm trying to BE someone here people and you guys are not helping! Well sending Bristol off to military wasn't an option..sooo she figured out a way to use her pregnancy and Levi to her advantage.

    This woman is scarier than shit and if you lived in Wasilla I'm sure you would want a wide berth from her. I would! It's 2011 and we're basically looking a town held hostage by 1 women!!!! That's pretty nuts... fear does funny things to people, especially parents!

    BUT.. If you want your freedom returned collectively you would realize your strength in numbers and help Jesse put and end to the cancer that has plagued Wasilla and malignantly infected the rest of the country as well. Put an end to the damage she does.

  51. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Remember, Sarah did have a pregnancy before Piper and after Willow that didn't term out.

  52. Anonymous11:12 AM

    This is not a "friend of a friend" story, I know this woman. She is a pediatric nurse. One side of her family hails from Dillingham and they've 'known' the Palin's for generations and are even distantly related.

    She was pregnant the same time Sarah 'was,' and when they came across each other my friend gave the courtesy greetings and then launched into 'normal' pregnant lady talk.

    Sarah was fine and cordial enough (for speaking with a 'native,') but once my friend started trying to share the joy and discomforts of pregnancy - Sarah shut down as if truly offended. She was rude and got away as quick as she could.

    My friend was so perplexed, couldn't believe she was blown off so obviously. In hindsight, she figures that Sarah wasn't pregnant, not only because she didn't look it, but because she didn't share the 'joy' she and Bristol (except for when the Palin ladies remember to bring it home by calling it a mistake and a burden) ooze from their pore's as walkers of the Pro-Life culture.

    My theory? Sarah Palin and her Tribe are not only NPD, but pathological liars - who only are able to sleep at night because they think they are chosen by God and all sins in pursuit of fame, power and wealth is excused because of it.

    Anonymous Wasilla posters post anonymously for a reason. Hell hath no fury like a Heath/Palin scorned.

  53. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I am a former Alaskan who has been watching the Palin road show in horror from afar. I just want to offer my encouragement to those who have info to please, (anonymously if need be,) speak out with what you know!... Those of you who were privy to the day to day lives of this family have the chance to unwind the web of lies surrounding Sarah Palin.

  54. That certainly sounds like legitimate anecdotal information to me. And the whining and begging off sounds just like her.

    Courage to you, Alaskans, and I agree--please help remove this clown from the national stage. Maybe she'll then move to AZ, then AK would be a better place.

  55. Anonymous11:17 AM

    B @ 9:51 -

    Sarah also feigned being 'intimidated' by such big men like Wasilla Police Chief Stambaugh and Steve "The Bullet" Schmidt in her career so as to gain sympathy in getting rid of them or out of her hair.

    I think we can all agree, Sarah Palin is afraid of no one but herself. Dancing on a razor blade, even with God in her corner, can get exhausting. She's waiting for the day all the goods come in on her, and the worry eats her up inside and makes her uglier and uglier - t'wer it possible.

  56. Anonymous11:19 AM

    What is Frank Bailey's motivation for supressing the false pregnancy facts? He claims to have overcome his mindless allegiance to Palin Yet, he attempts with clear omissions and overt "facts" to mislead the reader. For example, a "skinny" Bristol is irrelevant, but Bailey presents it as "information".

    I would just LOVE to make Bailey answer a live interviewer's question: "so would YOUR wife board a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak without a prior medical check?" (not to mention over-40, multiple previous births, history of miscarriages, Down Syndrome, 5+ weeks pre-mature, no NICU equipped hospital)

    I won't be buying the Bailey book (nor will I read the scraps on the web). Bailey can peddle his agenda to the gullible. He knows perfectly well that Palin wasn't pregnant. He's a cheerful liar that hasn't earned my cash.

  57. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I had this done in my 20's then went to have it "undone" in my 30's. The surgery is massive, the cost immence, and the possibility of it working is 25-50%. Therefore I did nt do it. And neither did Sarah. So who delivered the baby?

  58. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Good luck with the "tubal" angle, but HIPAA prevents any hope of "proof" via medical records. And there is no hope of photographic evidence or video/audio admission by Palin.

    But discussion of the "tubal" will again pressure Palin's pyschosis. Palin's compulsion with countering "rumors" is the certain end to her lies.

    We've got 50 years. Palin will make (even more) mistakes.

  59. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Anon... Gryph did not reveal anything new from the manuscript. The quotes are his property, as it appeared on his blog. I seriously doubt you know Frank Baily, and even if you did, he might just swat you like the Gnat you are.
    Glad to see the Palin girls have cleaned up their language for your blog, Gryph.

  60. 11:10am is well known over at Palingates. He/she is not Alaskan (they always use AKans to refer to us, that is his/her signature).

    This person broadcasts absolutely bizarre things about how life is in Alaska, but doesn't seem to actually reside here. He also seems to have a pretty well defined notion of life in the Palin family, presumably from perhaps being admitted as a friend on a person Facebook account.

    Not sure why he/she keeps on popping up and trying to redefine what life in Alaska and Wasilla is really like, but thre are lots of us that can refute your odd view of our world.

  61. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Failure rate of tubal ligation is 2-10 per 1,000 women/year. She'd just say the tubal failed.

  62. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I believe that Sarah had a tubal. I never thought she gave birth to Trig. But even if you got the carpool ladies to give statements about what Sarah said, all that would prove is that Sarah got out of carpooling by saying she had a tubal-- it wouldn't prove that she HAD one. I'm not sure how that will ever be proven since medical records are protected.

    Still, it would be nice for people to hear the truth from people who have contemporaneous memories of what Sarah said.

  63. emrysa11:31 AM

    not knowing WHEN exactly bailey claimed to see bristol: I suspect he saw her after she gave birth and during the 6 weeks that sarah's "pregnancy" was public, which is why bailey doesn't think trig's mother is bristol. bailey just didn't know that trig was born much earlier than april 18. I still think bristol is trig's mother. the rumors of bristol being preg in early 2008 (which sarah addressed to her press agent who was a reporter at the time), levi saying that sarah wanted to adopt their kid, bristol sitting in the car and not coming in levi's house in december because of "surgery below her chin", bristols bizarre comment about tripp "being so healthy" when he was born - like she was surprised she had a healthy kid - all lead me to still think trig is bristol's. I don't agree with the 2 trig's theory; I've examined trig pics ad nauseum and it looks like the same kid to me. I suspect he was being fed via iv for a while in the hospital, and when the palin's brought him home he lost a lot of weight as seen in the triggy bear pics. still looks like trig, just emaciated.

    I also suspect that one reason sarah keeps pushing bristol into the limelight is so bristol will make enough $ that she won't become desperate and write a tell-all so that she can pay some bills.

  64. Anonymous11:32 AM

    The "Sarah Palin has friends" theme is silly. Palin is a sociopath. There are people that are absorbed by her dazzle (like Frank Bailey was) and there are people that see her mental instability. Noone around Palin will ever be as "friend" because a sociopath does not know how to be a friend.

  65. FEDUP!!!11:32 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen, for the long-awaited post.
    Just right up front to those women of Wasilla/the Valley: Go to and open a new email account just for this ONE purpose. You can fake any type of info gmail wants - just make sure you remember it, in case you forget your log-in password!

    I had heard/read about the fake glasses of Palin when it was being discussed on the palindeception blog. It was shown conclusively that there was NO DISTORTION AT ALL of her eyes - hence NO prescription glasses, but just plain window pane glasses.

    That said... Gryphen, you have hinted more than once that you were in contact with serious media outlets. Can you give us a bit more news now - when will they finally post anything? Are you in contact with local/national/international media?

    One more thing: I also read the account of Bailey in the hospital. He was NOT there AT THE BIRTH, but he came in SOMETIME LATER that day. So, he in reality DID NOT see her deliver from her own womb.

  66. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Belmont Stakes, I say again, Belmont Stakes!

    One would have to be sarah stupid to even consider such a stunt.

  67. Anonymous11:33 AM

    "Jealousy is a cancer and one that will ensure this country is never healthy again.

    11:10 AM"

    The idiocy of this statement leaves me speechless, so I'm thinking it was written by a Palin.

  68. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Well, isn't Frank Bailey just the most observant little reporter! He noticed a "skinny" Bristol. Well, Frank, newsflash. There's pics of Bristol in the Palin kitchen in April 2008 looking "skinny". Frank, your "exciting tidbit" is just old tired news.

    Poor Frank. He wouldn't know the truth behind the faked preganancy if Palin every step of charade.

  69. Anonymous11:40 AM

    It's like the 80s again. I look at pics of me as a 3 years old and see a bottle of milk or juice in my hand. a bottle at 3??? I call my mom out daily for that.

    What's interesting is, Bristol still calls Tripp a baby, despite him being 2. and her friends with babies call their toddlers babies. i dont understand. I've also heard Bristol and Sarah refer to kids as lovebugs and monkeys. While there are millions of different terms of endearments, I find monkey to be weird.

  70. Anonymous11:41 AM

    For Bailey to say that Bristol had not had a baby the day he was at the hospital - of course not. Remember, the discussion by many is that Trig was born prior to April 18th. This is easily detected by looking at the pictures of him supposedly be introduced to the world and on the campaign trail. He was far to big for the introduction at 6 lbs and far too big to be only 4 months old.

  71. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Here is hoping the fine folks in Wasilla will reach out to Gryphen as it is time to expose Sarah for the fraud she happens to be.

  72. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I read the leaked book, and agree that it doesn't dispel the rumors. Her staff (who saw her daily)was shocked that she was pregnant and much of the e-mails about her pregnancy were concerning the rumors about Bristol. Offering to show her stretch marks to prove she was pregnant and not Bristol. What about a sonogram or showing her pregnant belly. She chose stretch marks because she knew the picture it would bring up in people's mind. No one would dare ask her to show her stretch marks. Frank even comments that it was weird and kind of gross imagery as well as a strange way to prove her point.

    Frank is also a man, and less likely to question anything to do with her pregnancy. About him saying she looked pregnant, movie actresses play pregnant women all the time. They LOOK pregnant, but they aren't. It's easy to look pregnant. Much harder to not look pregnant just before giving birth which is obvious from the photo evidence.

    Claiming Todd was concerned about her riding a snow machine because she was pregnant was ridiculous and doesn't prove anything. He was just playing his part. Frank visiting her in the Hospital means nothing as well. He didn't see her give birth or see a birth certificate.

    Seeing Bristol in the hospital not looking pregnant means nothing too. We all know she gave birth much earlier, and teenagers bounce back pretty fast. I find it curious that the article about the birth included a statement that Bristol was there and described her appearance. That always seemed a strange thing to include to me. I believe it was another Palin plant to address the rumors.

    The book proves she manipulated the media through fake editorials and even a completely fake story about Piper's lemonade stand. It also proves that she was desperate to keep up her "perfect" image no matter what and the truth never got in her way.

    If anything the book solidified my feelings about this charade of a woman and made it much more likely to me that she would fake a pregnancy to either protect her image or further it with the pro-life crowd. She is a very mentally ill person and I hope some of these insiders will find the strength to come forward.

  73. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Fake glasses, fake belly, fake breast milk, fake breasts....

    The pattern is clear.

  74. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I lived in Wasilla for five years and moved to the lower 48 about a year ago... Wish I could add something I knew or saw but unfortunately, the only thing I can say is before Edge Fitness opened, and before she was gov, she was in the same weightlifting class I was in at the AK club (powerflex). And the only thing I can say about that was she just never caught on how to do squats right. Wish I had more to tell!!

  75. FEDUP!!!11:49 AM

    I just had a thought.
    Remember, Ms Tripp (Shailey) went to the NE with her story, and somehow she got burned. That is what is preventing the other women in Wasilla from coming forward to the media. They might be worried that the MSM will portray THEM as being cuckoo, and that the Palins and their minions will actually prevail with THEIR stories. (Remember, we KNOW about her (one?) fake FB account, and we also know that she has a long history of influencing voting by packing the polls with her own opinions (put into the mouths of others).

    So... To the women of Wasilla: Keep on exposing Palin with your comments on blogs all over the country. Read news stories about her in other online publications, and comment on them NATIONWIDE. All you have to do is open a (fake) email account with a fake personality (just like Palin is known to have done...:/) and PUT OUT YOUR COMMENTS! Sooner or later, with that many comments out there then, the MSM cannot ignore you anymore.

  76. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I hope those women who know Sarah will contact Gryhen and get more of the truth out to the public. Gryhen has the contacts and will protect you and you can trust him...his last name isn't Palin or Heath.

  77. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Sarah is going down. But she is just the tip of the iceberg. And just as her credibility is untouchable so will be Fox News' for their association with her. Our country is becoming more of "Theoligarchy" with every election. People need to start paying attention.

    Take a look at the likely right wing evangelical GOP Presidential candidates promoted by Fox and funded by the Kocks and Murdoch. This is some scary stuff.

  78. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Frank Bailey admits he is quite clueless by presenting absurdly inadequate "proof" of a Palin pregnancy.

    The other "facts" and opinions in Bailey's book are probably just as much a fabrication.

    Good luck to Bailey, though. Many people will pay to read his fantasy.

  79. After reading the posts included in today's blog, I find myself so stunned by the evil treachery that SP gleefully perpetrates on her "friends" and neighbors. I finally understand the ugly ramifications faced by these poor souls. Clearly, they would be front and center if SP did not inflict the town with her bitter retribution. Ugly here insinuates more than the physical aspect. The image of the Wicked Witch of the West poking her broom and spewing threats to the people in OZ pops into my head when thinking about this. These people are completely haunted and live in dire fear. I hope they will be freed from this emotional prison soon

  80. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Jesus Christ! I just got goosebumps!

    Well, now we now why Sarah never intended to release her medical records. Might be one thing to have CBJ cover for her on Trig's birth, but she likely would have had a ligation done by an actual OB/GYN or general surgeon. She's was probably worried she couldn't get two docs to go along with her charade.

    Good luck with the Alaska moms, Gryphen!

  81. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Palin's glasses don't matter to me. Perfectly sane people do don glasses for no reason except ego.

    Palin's faked pregnancy indicates a level of mental instability that disqualifies her from public office.

    Big difference in scale, that's all.

  82. On 2nd thought...I question Sarah using a tubal ligation to get out of anything. It's the opposite of what I know of least, of what she presents publicly. I would expect she'd have used her 'important' mayoral duties to get out of carpooling before she'd admit to physical weakness.

    Be careful, Gryphen, and get a real, verifiable name before you use an anonymous source.

  83. laprofesora12:00 PM

    Turn the mirror on yourself. Sarah’s not anymore evil or corrupt than anyone else. Jealousy is a cancer...

    Anon. 11:10

    I do turn the mirror on myself, quite often in fact, to make sure I'm striving to be the best person I can be. But this isn't about me. It's about the biggest phony and fraud that this country has seen in my lifetime. She IS evil. She IS corrupt. Anyone with eyes has seen hard evidence of it. Just because YOU say it isn't true doesn't make it so. Do you really think people will read your post and say, "well, gee, some anonymous person on the internet says Sarah isn't evil so that must be the truth"??? Wake up. And PLEASE, PLEASE, all you 'bots, come up with something more credible than we're "jealous" of Sarah. You sound pathetic and painfully immature.

  84. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Jesse, considering that this is your job and you are making an income from this blog, you have now set yourelf up for the lawsuit. I have brought this blog to the attention of Frank Bailey and now it's looking really interesting for your future.
    Have a great day!

    10:31 AM

    Boo Fucking Hoo Lou Sarah or is this Mckinely777 or Sarah herself or Willow or Brisket?

    For those who do not know who is McKinely777, she is Sarah's other alter ego besides Lou Sarah. They all share the same email.

    "...Now, we’ve found a Twitter account registered to that same e-mail address: mckinely777, which is listed under the name “sarah.”

  85. Quiet112:01 PM

    My apologies if this is a double post, had trouble leaving comment:

    I've always suspected Palin had a tubal. I had one myself at 42, and I only have two kids, not four!

    And my two cent: I don't think the tubal or the fake pregnancy will ever come out into the open. Don't forget who selected Palin as his running mate: John McCain. With the support of the GOP. They will never let that information out, because it could ruin them.

  86. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I think Frank Bailey is a brave person. I'm guessing his wife must agree with him. I admire him for waking up and sharing what he knows.

    He seemed offended by her fake Christian values. Hopefully fellow real Christians will follow suit and take the blinders off.

    It's terrible that the Palin's grew so powerful in Wasilla and surrounding area.

    It's high time people stop propping them up.

    I totally believe what your Wasilla commenter is telling us. It sounds just like the Sarah we know. I thank her for sharing and hope more come forward.

    Wasilla and Alaska need to be done with the Palin's.

  87. angela12:03 PM

    Sarah Palin has a personality disorder that does not allow her to see around the corner or back up the road. Chaos always reigns.

    She may think she can get out of the medical vetting if she tries to run for POTUS because she managed to get out of it for VP. She's not thinking that they are going to be WAY up her bodily functions. Sarah thinks she can shame everyone by calling them perverts if they want a full rundown on her medical records. Wite out abortions, and tubasl are her past.

    She has made sure through fear that what was an everyday known (her tubal) has become words of fear by those who were witnesses. And if someone says something . . . . Look at those women she went to the gym with and considered themselves friends-all gone, but one. Its because they ALL knew she could no longer have children when Trig rolled along.

    Sarah is a psycho for the ages.

  88. Ferry Fey12:06 PM

    Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, if you are reading this:

    As someone who deals with families of girls in crisis, you know what some of the horrible consequences of their past mistakes or misfortunes can be.

    But if you lose your medical license for telling the truth about the lies you told for Sarah Palin, it will not be anything as traumatic for you. There is plenty that you can do without a medical license. If people know that you lost it for telling the truth, there are many who will still respect you for it.

    It's a small price for being able to look yourself in the face in the mirror again.

  89. Anonymous12:08 PM

    @anon11:32 - Exactly!! Just what I was thinking. Sociopaths/narcissists do not have close friends. I was married to one and though he seemed like he would be a fun/good/intelligent person to know, he did not have any close friends.

    Consider her private FB page with only 12 "friends"??

    That's why we don't hear much from people in Wasilla, friends from college or anywhere else for that matter. No one really knows her. I would think some long-standing friend, if she had one, would have come forward long ago and vouched for the Sarah they knew. The only people standing up for her are the ones dazzled by the charisma that accompanies sociopath/narcissist behavior. These are people who don't know her on a personal level.

    She's simply fabricated of smoke and mirrors, that's it.

  90. Anonymous12:08 PM

    enid said: "But you tried at hokey shithead schools. Six times. All of those credits could not have transferred. We know that, but you don't."

    I've wondered about that too. I transferred after 2 years to another college and the college I transferred to (btw- I went from a private university to a state college that would be MORE willing to accept transfer credit) only gave me 1 year's worth of credit that I could use so I had to go a 5th year to finish. I can't imagine how long it would take to cobble a degree from 4, 5, or 6 schools. Each transfer would most likely knock away credits from the one before.

  91. Anonymous12:09 PM

    One of the Wasilla moms commented that if CBJ ever wants to give up her license and talk, Sarah will be brought down or something similar to that. I'd just like to point out that with HIPPA, CBJ would be the world's biggest fool to reveal confidential patient information. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would not only open her to federal criminal prosecution (jail and/or fines), but to civil prosecution as well if Palin sued (and she surely would, I would if a doctor released my info- regardless of the reason and she's got a lot more at stake than I would since I've never lied about my medical history for fame and glory).

    So, it's lovely to fantasize that one day CBJ will spill the beans and then you'll have an MD on the record that Sarah lied, but it's just not likely to happen. I'm not sure about licensing requirements or sanctions for doctors who publicly lie or sign an affidavit affirming false information, but as far as I know CBJ hasn't done that yet. The letter "confirming" Trig's birth didn't name him specifically, did it? I thought it was very vaguely worded.

    It's up to you, Wasilla moms!! Break the info anonymously and go on record once the Palin long-arm has been amputated! You'll have the protection of a grateful nation!

  92. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Wow Gryphen, whoever the comments, whether one person or more, they sound very realistic to me. Palin is a liar- narcissistic to the core. These comments sound exaclty like something moms in the carpool, little league, dance class etc. would know about the other moms. I hope the feel safer to get in touch now that so many people are really seeing Palin for who and what she is.
    If you're reading this ladies- jump in! You can be the straw that breaks this camels back for good!

  93. angela12:11 PM

    ANON 11:26

    Nope she would have told the world that her tubal failed and it was truly a miracle that Trig was here and that she kept him after not wanting anymore children.
    It would add to the myth. And you know her whole life is a myth.

  94. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I've always wondered how she could afford so many pairs of designer glasses back before she got rich. The fact that those are just plain glass makes total sense now. She only had to pay for the frames themselves, and not for prescription lenses.

  95. Hooray. I hope your appeal is answered .... very soon!

  96. Anonymous12:26 PM

    This always reminds me of "in broad daylight" when on skidmore mo the town bully was gunned down and the whole town covered up for it

  97. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Obviously CBJ has as many morals as the Palins.

  98. Gasman12:30 PM

    If some national level reporter, whether from the MSM or some lesser such creature such as from the National Enquirer feels that this story has legs and can be proven, they WILL run with it. As a rule, the press has become exceedingly lazy and seem to want things handed to them on a plate, but if the story is compelling enough and simple enough for them to grasp, Palin is toast.

    One possible reason that the press has been more than a little squeamish to tackle this story is that it makes them all look like morons for not vetting Palin in the first place. Just like McCain, the MSM figured that since Palin had gotten elected governor, she simply COULDN'T have any major skeletons in her closet. To cover the faked Palin pregnancy now would require them to admit their laziness since August of 2008 and their seeming inability to recognize the giant bleeding elephant in the snow that is this story.

    The details will come out, but it might not be the MSM that gets the credit. This would actually be a great opportunity for some enterprising journalism student or two to tackle. It would be a career launcher and it would rid us of the pathological pestilence that is Sarah Palin.

    Come on reporters! Think of the byline you'd get for harpooning the sociopathic phony that is Sarah Palin!

  99. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I understand the way the people in Wasilla feel, even though we live in Anchorage. I never said anything negative about the woman back when she was governor because my husband gets a lot of state work.

    Now that she's "Private Citizen Palin", I don't fear any repercussions anymore, but I'm in Anchorage.

    Palin's power will wane as time goes by........I doubt if she'll run for any podunk position less than President of the USA at this point. Or maybe some of these women will move away from Wasilla.

    A group of them should get together and write their own book. Personally, the daily whining of supposed Super Mom Sarah would be rather entertaining and more interesting to a lot of us than her political shenanigans!

  100. FEDUP!!!12:43 PM

    Anonymous @ 10:53 AM said...

    "I am still trying to understand the lingering fear of Sarah Palin in Alaska. What, specifically, has happened to people who have crossed Palin? ..."

    I will not go into any details here, but there have been many, documented incidents. Unfortunately, with the Palins having the clout they have/had, it is almost impossible to prove anything with certainty. It goes from sots fired at people to fires being set, and, yes, even murder... It has been documented both here on this blog as well as on other blogs. Several blogs shut down because of death threats to the owners, when they got too close to finding something out. Even Gryphen was a victim, but he did not let himself be intimidated. (Thank you, Gryphen - and keep your eyes/ears open all around you!)

  101. Anonymous12:48 PM

    You know, for as long as I knew Sarah was a total fake, I've always wanted to see her go down fast and hard. But now, I actually rather prefer watching this slow, torturous downfall of hers. Call me sadistic, but I love knowing that every day Sarah is deeply immersed in paranoia (and Sarah, yes, we know you are). It's very easy to imagine that Sarah spends several of her hours every day doing nothing except reading about herself online.

  102. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Crazy Sarah's sell-by date really is past: I was in my Costco today, in the heart of one of the red-red-red cities AND counties in red Texas - and none of her books. Not one. I know because I always look for them so I can bury them, whatever store I'm in. Really, not one. Huckabee's book, Rodney Crowell's memoir, etc. Just no Sarah. Made me smile.

  103. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Sarah Palin Also Has a Secret Twitter Account So She Can Follow Herself

    Now, we’ve found a Twitter account registered to that same e-mail address: mckinely777, which is listed under the name “sarah.” What does Sarah Palin use her secret Twitter account for? Pretty much just to follow her other Twitter account. She’ll do anything to increase that follower count and seem more popular, we guess. Or she just really likes herself. Both?

    By the time we got to the mckinely777 account last night, it hadn’t posted any tweets, or they had been scrubbed before we got there. The account followed SarahPalinUSA first, of course. It also follows the Drudge Report and Newt Gingrich. It didn’t have any followers of its own when we came across it. But really, who would follow a dummy account that only exists to follow SarahPalinUSA?

  104. Anonymous12:52 PM

    @11:10, what IS it with you Palinbots and the "jealousy" accusations? You give yourselves away every time.

    Nobody here is jealous of the Palin family. Far from it. I think that what you are exhibiting is a classic case of projection. You obviously admire them. Dare I say you might be...... jealous?!

  105. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Now Sarah has a fake Twitter too, you betcha!

  106. Gryphen I for one do feel that the post are real. I can understand the fear that these people have coming from a small town myself and those who have all the power. Especially when your children are at risk of the Palin wrath. BUT with that said I would urge this person to get a hold of you as well. As far as I can see you have always honored your word to people. AND I am also one of those people who have blamed people from Alaska for leashing that monster and her family on the rest of the Country. I want them to not only take their village idiot back but to take her down...however they have to do it. I'm not judging them...but I am asking them to step up to the plate and take the power back from the palins!

  107. Anonymous12:57 PM

    If there really are women in Wasilla who know that Sarah Palin could not have given birth to Trig, and can testify to that fact just by the kinds of things they have been writing on this blog, has it never occurred to them (or her?) that the minute the public realizes that SP tried to pull a fast one at the expense of children, she will have instantly lost any power she has to hurt anyone else? That she will be rendered absolutely impotent? If this is a Wasilla church-Jesus-fear thing, I say it's time to switch churches, and even towns. What a miserable way to live ones life, in fear of a crazy person. What a bad example to set for your own children ... selling your integrity for fear.

  108. London Bridges12:57 PM

    Fake glasses. Sarah could wear contacts.

    Piper? Could the reason why Sarah took Piper out of school and all around the country is that Todd is not the father and refused to watch her when Sarah was on the road?

    Sarah is so unusual that nothing is too bizarre to believe.

  109. Anonymous1:03 PM

    If anyone doubts the fear a bully can instill in a small town and the tragic results that can occur, I suggest you google "Ken McElroy".

  110. onething1:05 PM

    Gryphen I am confused as to what rumors you thought were too crazy to be true. That she had a tubal years ago and didn't let that stop her from faking a pregnancy? I don't find that so strange.

    I think the real story here is where the writer says that they have tried to go to the media and they are not interested. This is some serious stuff, folks. The media is supposed to be the 4th leg of a democracy. If they are bought and paid for, controlled, and news is suppressed, then how are things any different from the old Soviet Union? At least there, the people KNEW the press was controlled.

    As to Bailey believing the Trig pregnancy, I can see him going for it at the time, but he really has no evidence at all and the wild ride alone should give him serious pause. I put little stock in what he wrote in this book, and won't consider it until he submits to an open interview with a competent interviewer. And even if Bristol is the mother of Trig, she might have had a few weeks to become skinny again if Trig was born earlier.

    And there's another thing. It looks more and more like Sarah has some sort of disorder, and it looks like a sociopathic type of disorder. What is really important for the human race to begin to understand, is that there is a small percentage of people in the population with this type of disorder, and the usual moralizings that are appropriate for normal people are a waste of time for them. Rather, what we need to do is learn to spot them and make sure they are never in positions of leadership or authority over normal human beings with a moral conscience!

  111. Frank Bailey is NOT a brave person. A brave person would have been willing to stand up to Sarah and/or walk away from her immoral and illegal dealings, to say nothing of her general craziness and chaos.

    He's a grown man and he knowingly enabled Screech's shenangigans for years, not months or days… years! He even had a chance at a cushy office job once she got elected gov., but no! he pushed and pushed to be let BACK into this maniac's inner circle.

    Bailey himself has some real serious issues. Some kind of masochist, I'd say. All he talks about is how hard he worked for Screech and how much he ignored his family, and then he talks about it again, and again, and again. This guy *wanted* to be the doormat that Sarah strode on in her stilettos every day: he sought out her abuse.

  112. onething1:25 PM

    I would like to say one more thing worth pondering about psychopaths. They do not feel real, deep emotions. What they feel are shallow feelings. They do not have, therefore, the rich and rewarding inner life that most people have. Yet they see all around them people referring to love, and honor and honesty. But if they don't ever feel the genuine article, how can they know that what they feel is not the same thing? In other words, they may not fully understand that they lack something crucial. In this way, they may be able to lie to themselves and be genuinely surprised when no one takes them at their word. They don't know what it is to say something and really mean it.

  113. onething1:40 PM

    "Turn the mirror on yourself. Sarah’s not anymore evil or corrupt than anyone else. Jealousy is a cancer..."

    Projection much?
    This could only be said by someone as internally empty and morally clueless as Palin herself.

  114. Be assured that having Sarah Palin in the White House, in any capacity, would be the ideal situation for the GOP establishment. They would have complete control over her, that means the Koch brothers "also too". That does explain why she is still around.....and just think, all they have to do is pay her and her family. They would perpetrate this on our country without a spot of guilt. How sad.

  115. Anonymous1:57 PM


    I live near Wasilla, and can attest to the 'fear of $palin' in the area. Dare to say one word against her and you are marked. Yes, her minions are everywhere, in all the local businesses. I was planning to put up a sign in '08 with the universal red circle with slash and her name. I was HEAVILY warned by friends not to do so.

    IMO, it is the religilists that have been promoting and protecting her - dominionism is real, prevalent, and frightening in this area.

    Her intense narsissism is perfect for their goal to gain control of all aspects of society. She is too self absorbed to realize she is being used. Used by the dominionists, used by billionaires who now completely own all our politicians, and in turn using/abusing/intimidating all around her either by 'charm' (like a snake) or intimidation.

    I hope those people who know the truth will come forward IN FORCE and break the dark hold $palin seems to have over this area. It will have to be done by many in order to make an unimpeachable case for the truth.

  116. Anonymous2:08 PM

    O/T: Sarah's got a fake twitter account "mckinely777". She just has to praise herself.

  117. Anonymous2:12 PM

    From a PR standpoint, these women (as a group) have a very compelling story.....Alaska moms bravely banding together to fight for truth, in the face of potential backlash. It's a classic whistle-blower's tale.

    They are Sarah's ultimate foil because they ARE who she pretends to be. If just one major media outlet would break their story, the floodgates would pour wide open.

  118. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Come on Wasilla Moms! Contact Gryphen and tell what you know, he will keep your identity a secret. Don't let this 'twit' keep having this power. She's a bully, there are ways of stopping a bully, take .05 seconds and google it, DO THE RIGHT THING

  119. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I really do believe what the women say about Sarah's comments regarding having a tubal (two-bull). And, if they went public with their story, Sarah would deny that she ever said those things, no matter how many witnesses heard the comments. It will be their words against hers. The doctor's records are private.

    We have already seen Todd the bully in action. He was menacing towards a school teacher holding a "worst governor ever" sign. Yes, they will defend the Palin image that they have worked so hard to craft.

    If anyone asks why people cannot speak out against Sarah, I recommend watching the reruns of The Sopranos. There was an episode where there was an eye witness regarding a gangland "hit," and when he realized who the people were that he saw, he suddenly forgot anything that he may have seen. He didn't even have to get a reminder or a roughing up to remind him how forgetful he could be. That show was fiction, but it is based on fact. We know that there are cases where there are witnesses, and the witnesses require protection and relocation. They receive threats. Sometimes, doing "the right thing" when there are children involved requires some real serious consideration. It's too bad that bullies can shut people up, but I understand people wanting to keep their jobs and protect their families.

    There must be other ways to prove that Sarah wasn't pregnant late 2007 and early 2008. There must be photos of her drinking coffee, a no no for pregnant women. Her official appointment calendar should be subject to open records, and I'm sure that she "forgot" to schedule regular prenatal checkups, especially when she "learned" that she was "expecting a special needs child."

  120. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Several things: first, since it is rumored that Piper is home-schooled, and Willow possibly as well, how could the Palins harm or make life miserable for the children of any Wasilla whistleblowers? I understand death threats against the adult whistleblowers, but children?

    Secondly, a tubal ligation would have been performed by a surgeon, not a family practitioner like CBJ, correct?

  121. Anonymous2:29 PM

    CBJ better lawyer up. I guess she doesn't really want to be a doctor anymore anyway - gettin' paid by the Palins to keep quiet. Disgusting!

  122. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I still think the most interesting photo re the whole Trig birth thing is the one of Levi Johnston wearing a plastic hospital ID bracelet the day Trig was supposedly born. Hospitals don't hand those out to visitors. They are for immediate family, i.e. dads of newborns.

    I also think that in the bigger picture of this whole Palin bizarro story, the real creep is Chuck Heath.

  123. Rationalist2:42 PM

    That's what I think too, Anon @ 2:12.

  124. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Now that's what I'm taling about! I wrote a couple of weeks ago saying that your timing was all wrong when you came out with the Shailey Tripp bombshell story on a Friday! (And who knew that a 30 year Egyptian dictator was going down at the same time? - bad, bad timing!) Glad you came out with this story on a MONDAY when everybody's fired up for a backlash against these Republican thugs and what they're trying to do to this country.
    Good luck with getting this story to grow some legs and get more people to at least question Palin's stories and do some research on their own.

  125. Anonymous2:47 PM

    One thing I think you have to consider is the possibility that Sarah lied about having the tubal ligation. Birth control isn't a super evangelical thing to do; not saying they don't use it, but there's a reason their churches are growing and it ain't cuz folks are flocking to their message. They're making new congregants themselves.

    Sarah wants attention and sympathy, not pain and work. I can easily see her lying about having the procedure. She gets the sympathy, she gets to make "girl talk," and she gets out of work.

    I have no doubt your emailers are telling the truth about what Sarah told them, but Sarah's truth may not be reality.

  126. Anonymous2:48 PM

    This doesn't have to do with the topic of $ister $arah's deceptions. But indirectly it might. Could this be a sophisticated campaign to divert attention from all $ister's recent P.R. fiascos? This is probably not a coincidence.

    This is probably a BSMP designed $arahPac funded publicity campaign. Fail!

    Another organized attempt by Palin supporters to demonstrate how important and popular she is!

    P.S. Wonkette is NOT your friend $arah.

    Some 'highlights' from Wonkette:

    • Hang a sign inside your back window, or use temporary soap to write a message safely on the window;

    WTF is "temporary soap"?

    Remember, moron is spelled "MORAN"! Also too.

    Wonkette reports the idiots organizing the idiots suggest:

    Do the math. If a car is 17 feet long, and 10 feet is maintained between each vehicle, it takes only 195 cars to stretch one mile. Imagine 500 tractor trailers pulling over for one hour! That’s over seven miles!

    Hope they are not driving while doing the math! Or while they are using "temporary soap" to write slogans on the windshield.

  127. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Most of us in the valley are scared for CBJ, as she knows EVERYTHING...and Sarah doesn't like loose ends. But if CBJ ever DID decide to pitch her license to the wind and tell the truth about Sarah, Trig, etc...Sarah will be done. Even the most hardcore, ironclad, koolaid-dipped bot will abandon her.

    See, I don't get this statement.
    CBJ HAS pitched her license to the wind. Every single SECOND that she allows the fake medical record and the advice that it was "not unreasonable for SArah to fly" to be Associated with her said medical license, she has pitched her license to the wind. I will never understand her. CBJ had to be complicit in the big fat ruse at Matsu wheh and where operation take possession of Tri-G took place.
    Jeebus flippin Christmas yourself why you can. Come clean. There is shit you can say to clear your name that has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON HIPAA. Say your name was forged on the medical letter for god's sake. Why on earth you wouldn't is BEYOND me. You can say that when/if Sarah called you, you told her, becasue you are an educated physican, to GO GET CHECKED OUT AT A HOSPITAL....but she obviously didn;t.
    It's really not that hard CBJ. With the nmonsense that is associated with you, you should feel sooo lucky that you have any practice left. And feel lucky you are in some podunk city in a podunk state. This shit would not go down in any metropolitan area in the lower 48.
    Come on CBJ. SAve yuor reputation!!

  128. I always believed the reason Sarah did not want to show her medical records back in 2008 were because records would of revealed abortions and some type of operation to hinder getting preggo.

    Bristol might have NOT JUST given birth but she could have a couple months back. My other options for trigs mom would be Sarah's sister, Tracks girlfriend at the time whoever that would have been or the cousin Bristol was staying with in 07/08, or someone Todd had been sleeping with?

    Through out history people have gained power like Sarah Palin by doing the exact same things she does. She uses both positive and negative publicity to stay in the spotlight.

    She has created a cult like following and they will stand behind her. She has found people with bags of money that can cover her messes up.

    But I think after the AZ shooting Sarah's light fizzled alot. Ever since then it seems like her power has faded. But people like this can come back. But I truly don't think Sarah will. People are waking up and even her cult followers.

    Thank you Gryphen for all your work. That church fire has something to do with Trig I believe and also That nurse that died in a fire?

  129. Anonymous3:01 PM

    CBJ obviously can't disclose the grifter's medical records. But she could testify about the letter that Sarah released under CJB's name, in which CBJ allegedly said that Sarah gave birth to Trig. ("She had.... one pre-term delivery at 35 weeks gestation in 2008." We all know CBJ didn't write that letter. Whoever wrote it didn't even get Piper's birth year right. That letter was written to perpetrate a fraud. CBJ would be breaking no laws if she merely said that she did not write it or issue it. That's all she'd have to say. Criminals can't claim "confidentiality" just by signing the name of someone to a letter.

  130. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Sarah has friends, Sarah has admirers, Sarah had constituents. Droves of people with oodles of love for Sarah Palin were taking pictures of her all through Jan-April 2008. Alaska must be oozing photos of a pregnant little Governor.

    Take for example, the Spouses' Luncheon. We can see the photo flashes in the video. Where are those photos? When Wasilla was crawling with media after the VEEP pick, not a SINGLE friend of Sarah Palin coughed up a single photo of a bulging Palin tummy in April 2008.

    The TOTAL lack of prego Palin pictures can't be attribute to small town fear of bullying. The pictures simply DO not exist.

    Comments from/about friends of Palin are fantasy.

  131. Anonymous3:17 PM

    From Gasman at 12:30

    One possible reason that the press has been more than a little squeamish to tackle this story is that it makes them all look like morons for not vetting Palin in the first place.

    From this particlular anon poster:

    Exactly. The "legitimate" MSM never retracted their inaccurate reports about the Gulf of Tonkin or the lies that got the US into Iraq or any of the many other wild stories they so often spin. They don't want their many failings to be _that_ obvious.

  132. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I don't doubt she got herself "fixed" after Piper,
    but why didn't anyone come forward during
    the election? If something makes it to the NE,
    it eventually makes it to the LSM & blogs.

  133. Anonymous3:29 PM

    The truth is, frank bailey didn't do shit for how long? He remained friends/confidantes to this couple her whole reign. He helped tood decide where to vacation, he helped with troopergate, an honest man doesn't wait this long to "let loose"

    I do not understand how alaska is SO split on Sarah. There's really no grey area. The people who have always supported her will continue to. The people who regularly comment here will always hate her. Nothing will change. Good people and americans don't appreciate personal attacks. The media ignores anti sarah sentiment because of 1)ratings 2)because she hasn't shown herself to be unlike any other corrupt politico.

    People relate to her. She is human as everyone is.

  134. FloridaDem3:30 PM

    I admit there is a lot of crap about Palin that screams pathological liar. And I certainly hope babygate explodes. But how do you get a room in the maternity ward without a baby? Even if you get one doctor to be on record as your obgyn, what about the entire hospital staff? Every nurse on that floor, on every shift, would have to have access to her medical records and attend to her physical needs and the needs of a baby. How would you pull that off? You can't just plop down in a bed, not pregnant, and later someone whisks a baby in the room and gives it to you.

    The process to GET a bed in the hospital is complicated too. You either show up at the ER and only after being examined do you get a room, or your doctors schedules a date for surgery in advance. The latter was my case when I had major surgery. From the front door to the bed, I saw the admitting desk, the billing clerk, an LPN, an RN, various aides, and even an administrator who popped in. They all saw me and all saw my records.

  135. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Anon @2:24: I get what you are talking about with mob witnesses clamming up without even needing to be directly intimidated. I know that happens in real life.

    But that is the mob. Sarah Palin was the Governor of Alaska. If she and her husband and associates are that criminally corrupt and if people have actually been murdered and shot at, as mentioned in another comment on this thread, then a whole lot of people from the police force and state and local governments must also be that criminally corrupt to let them get away with it. I'm still not convinced that's the case.

    I think the Palin's have gotten a lot of mileage out of threats and rumors of their ferocious wrath, without ever really having to carry out those threats. Sticking with the mob analogy, the Palins would have taken metaphorical "hits" themselves by now from other mob bosses because no one woman/couple is going to control an entire town/state uncontested for this long. Someone has got to have leverage on them. Someone else would want in on whatever scams they've got going on. So far, the Palins just seem to keep coasting along.

    I'm not judging anyone for not speaking on the record because I believe their fear is very real. But, I still haven't seen enough evidence that the Palin's warrant that kind of fear at this point. I think they keep the rumors of their retribution going because it works so well to keep people quiet.

  136. MsMacaroni453:47 PM

    I love this blog and I live in Kansas! Thank you Gryphen for keeping the "heat" on Pay-lin and her family. When she first came on the scene, I discussed her pregnancy situation with my daughter who is an OB nurse. My daughter and I were incredulous that Pay-lin would board a plane while "leaking" amniotic fluid. Could have led to infection for herself and the baby! I think the Repugs are just giving her enough rope to hang herself until they can get organized about who they want as their candidate in 2012. They have all the help (monetarily) and support from Murdoch and the Koch brothers! Keep up the good work.

  137. Anonymous3:48 PM

    about the glasses... My daughter had a friend in high school who got tortoise framed glasses, plain window glass, as a "fashion accessory". But she outgrew the affectation.

  138. Anonymous3:52 PM

    There are 2 newsworthy reports being highly discussed in the media today. Both make me think of Palin.

    1) Bernie Maddoff, from prison he describes himself as a victim, nothing he did was very bad, no one lost their principle, me, me, me, me. Most interesting, he constantly pulled his family into his dealings, kept them close, used them relentlessly, lied to them without hesitation. Experts called upon to analyze his mental state describe him as a classic narcissist.

    2)Muammar Gaddaf, lied without hesitation in his ABC interview with Christiane Amanpour. Denied reality. Despite proof that the world sees and hears, denies his country is in turmoil, denies he has ordered violent reprisals, denied reality.

  139. Anonymous3:54 PM

    The woman who described the escalating drama of her tubal......what next, had my tubes amputated! I believe her.

  140. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the crazy woman.... I swear Sarah is on drugs. ha ha ha

  141. Anonymous3:57 PM

    @3:29, "people relate to Sarah Palin"? Well, ya got that right! She is a moron and morons love her for that. Hey, look at that! Sarah Palin is a moron and people pay her to speak! She is so real. She's proud of her ignorance and so am I! She's the best.

    Your defense of her is ridiculous (she is NOT human, emotionally speaking).

    Also, you make little sense. Bu, then, none of you Palin defenders do.

  142. Anonymous3:59 PM

    3:30pm - I worked at a hospital all through college, on the cancer ward, and I can assure you it's not that hard to "borrow" a room. You just have to know someone who works on that unit.

    I witnessed a friend of a nurse use a room for about an hour as part of an elaborate prank on her husband. The nurse just made sure to stick her friend in the private room at the end of the hall.

    Census was low. Nobody knew the difference.

  143. Anonymous4:00 PM

    @3:30, are you the Governor of an incredibly corrupt state? Because, otherwise, your experience at a normal hospital as a normal person and that of the sitting Governor of AK steamrolling a podunk little hospital are not equivalent.

  144. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck4:04 PM

    remember when that magazine cover came out and faux news was all a bluster about how her wrinkles showed and that Time was a big meanie for trying to make doodlehead look old?

    well, i think we got punked cause what the cover really showed us was that her eyeglass prescription is the weakest prescription known to mankind.

    THAT is what was showing and we didn't see it.........HA

  145. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I recall seeing the photo of Levi in the hospital wearing a hospital bracelet. This was before his other "acknowledged" baby was born.

    Anyone know where that photo first showed up? I'm thinking it was from Mercedes Facebook. Anyway, it is one of the many intriguing details, especially since Sarah has said she barely knew Levi during that time.

    ALSO, still on the glasses thing. Although her lenses do not seem to have any perceivable strength, I believe they are to correct her wonky eye and not myopia. I've seen childhood photo of her and she is wearing glasses.

  146. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Anon @3:29:
    No, I don't think people relate to Sarah Palin. As she has become increasingly over-exposed her poll numbers have sunk lower and lower. People probably *would* relate to the other mothers who had to deal with her, though.

  147. FloridaDem you asked excellent questions and some of them I really cannot answer conclusively.

    However know this, Sarah Palin, and her church, had almost complete control over this little hospital. The board of directors were all members of Palin's church, and big supporters.

    CBJ herself owed her "physician of the year" award to Sarah Palin, and seems to have felt beholden to her.

    This supposed "birth" took place at 6:30 a.m. when there was probably only a skeleton crew on staff. There were three other babies listed as having been born that day at Mat-Su Regional but Trig's name was never on that list. (And later the link was taken down.)

    I have only heard of ONE other staff member that might have been in Palin's room that night. This person, a nurse, has never been identified and, if rumors are to be believed, has since disappeared from Alaska altogether.

    In other words, yes it is possible. It would mean that there were a handful of people in on the deception, and probably a few more helping with the cover up, but since all evidence proves that Palin was NOT pregnant, and could not have given birth, the only choice left is that it was faked right there in that hospital.

    Palin could never have pulled it off at Providence or Alaska Regional hospitals in Anchorage, which is undoubtedly why she and Todd drove past them and out to the little podunk hospital in Wasilla.

    By the way CBJ had hospital privileges at Providence, which means she could have, and should have, directed her patient who had been leaking amniotic fluid for somewhere north of eighteen hours to stop there and NOT to drive to Wasilla.

    Nothing that CBJ did for her patient makes any sense. She did not have her get checked at a hospital in Texas, according to Palin allowed her to fly from Texas to Alaska after she started leaking fluids, and did not have her stop in Anchorage instead of driving out to a hospital in the Valley that did not have a Neonatal intensive-care unit which Trig, born with a hole in his heart, should have had access to immediately after being born. Don't forget he was also a preemie.

    Is that too crazy for you FloridaDem? Yep me too. But the question is do you believe it is too crazy for Sarah Palin?

  148. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Florida Dem @ 3:30

    Her peeps were on the hospital board. I'm sure they could provide a room for the Governor. She was also "admitted" late at night when there would be fewer eyes and ears. The administrators or the doctors could claim she was getting special treatment because she was the governor and she wanted everything to be super confidential. She wasn't some schmoe off the street. She had inside connections which is why she chose to bypass a hospital in Anchorage with an NICU to go to a community hospital without an NICU despite the fact that she'd been leaking fluid for many hours and was knowingly carrying a high risk pregnancy which could result in the baby being born in distress.

    The only other option is that she wanted the baby to die so she put it in the greatest health risk possible by traveling with leaking fluid and going to a community hospital ill-equipped to handle a high risk birth. They don't even birth twins there, but for some reason we believe they took on $P's high risk birth? She was supposedly eventually induced, so there was time to get her to another better equipped hospital.

    There was no birth, the baby wasn't in distress because it was born months earlier and I bet she didn't actually stay long in that room.

  149. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I bet that the power the Palins wielded over the locals while she was mayor, Governer, and VP pick was very real and intimidating.

    But now? She and her family are a laughingstock to much of the nation. Not only are Republicans diminishing her importance (both in polls that show her sinking in popularity or from comments from Repub bigwigs on TV), but even Christians are seeing through her (recall the report about the group who are pointing out that she really doesn't have a pro-life stance in her actual political record).

    So my guess is that, especially in the past year, her ability to have minions threaten or pressure people who dissent has waned. Sure there are probably a few, like Parnell, who will be implicated themselves and so it's in their own personal interest to support Palin. But I bet even those are in a catch22, because they also can see Palin's image collapsing and they also need to have a way to save face and not go down with her.

    So Wasilla people, I bet the threat isn't there for you NOT to speak out like it was 2 or more years ago. And especially if several of you speak out together. Something to rethink....

  150. Anonymous4:28 PM

    That WAS NOT a 6 pound baby in the picture with Sally & Chuckles or the picture with Scarah & Tawd on April 18th BS Birth Day introduction. That baby looked about double the size.

    That WAS NOT a 4 month old baby paraded onto the stage in late August 2008 on the Presidential campaign.

    That is why Bristle on April 18th did not appear to Bailey to have just had a baby. The Trig is older than what we have been told. Trig's birthday is not April 18th.

  151. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I am sure a lot of us have noticed that Sarah's glasses have little or no correction in them. There is none of the usual distortion that real glasses create when looking at the wearers eyes and.
    Since she does at times seem to be slightly cross eyed it is possible that one lens has a prismatic correction.

    There is a constant thread of how Sarah punishes people in the valley. What king of power does she actually have now that she is out of office?

    What pull or push does she have to get somebody fired for example?
    Is it just Tod threatening people (What does he threaten?) and stalking, like he did Wooten or is there more to it than that?

  152. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Has anyone considered if the threats against people who speak out are also perpetuated by fake Palin email accounts? Maybe she and her family are doing the bulk of the fear mongering and there's no real boogeyman behind it?

  153. Anonymous4:41 PM

    admit there is a lot of crap about Palin that screams pathological liar. And I certainly hope babygate explodes. But how do you get a room in the maternity ward without a baby? Even if you get one doctor to be on record as your obgyn, what about the entire hospital staff? Every nurse on that floor, on every shift, would have to have access to her medical records and attend to her physical needs and the needs of a baby. How would you pull that off? You can't just plop down in a bed, not pregnant, and later someone whisks a baby in the room and gives it to you.

    The process to GET a bed in the hospital is complicated too. You either show up at the ER and only after being examined do you get a room, or your doctors schedules a date for surgery in advance. The latter was my case when I had major surgery. From the front door to the bed, I saw the admitting desk, the billing clerk, an LPN, an RN, various aides, and even an administrator who popped in. They all saw me and all saw my records.

    3:30 PM

    Very very simple. Look at who is on Matsu Hospital Board. Close off a small section of a ward, a few rooms, no one knows. Say you have a private duty nurse. Viola.
    The Board was complicit.

  154. jadez4:46 PM

    no need to post this but...i think you should really think about getting this blog into the 21st century by getting a better comments section.

    you still cant comment or reply to other posts after all this time??

    weak buddie.

  155. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I would be careful. I could easily craft a set of letters like that, knowing what you want to hear. Especially if I was a woman, like Sarah, that now has a history of such antics. On the other hand, all it takes is one small town dead-ender, paid with very little money, if paid at all, as a friend of a friend to hurt someone very badly. And, Sarah and her family attrack such crowds. What about that gossip columnist lady that was killed in LA last fall--what did she know? How about the nurse that was there at the hospital that burnt up in the house? Dead is dead. I see no good coming from someone coming forward that eventually gets themselves hurt. Palin is a sociopathic sadist--kind of like those black widows that go after men with their sex appeal and then kill them because they hate them. She hates men and respects those that have what she wants. Hopefully the ying and yang of the universe will take care of her.

  156. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Million Dollar question? So if she ever runs for President, won't this show up on her medical records? Or will she have to lie about that too?..that's why she'll never run...

  157. Anonymous4:49 PM

    The fact is the GOP picked Palin for VEEP despite the well-known "wild ride". McCain's team believed that risking the life an unborn infant is NOT an obstacle for national office. Why? Because Palin's right-to-life credentials were guarunteed by a Downs infant.

    If Sarah had presented a normal infant to the world in April 2008, she would not have been the VEEP pick.

    But until we know when/where/how the Trig(s) was/were acquired, we won't know whether Sarah Palin secured the VEEP nomination by shrewdness or sheer dumb luck.

  158. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Question? If you have your tubes cut or burned, does the woman need to start on hormone replacement?

  159. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Years ago, I worked at a very well known hospital where people from all over the world would come for treatment. There were special suites for the wealthy and royal. Everyone on the floor did not have access to the charts and records. Only certain people were assigned to care for the people in the suites and to see the charts.
    I read somewhere in the blogs that Sarah had appointed friends to many positions including the board of the hospital. There could have been special arrangements made for the fake birth and no one outside of a few select people need know the details. All the personnel involved are bound by hipaa rules so no one on the outside would be made aware of any of it. Since she was governor at that time, it would have been easier for a doctor and/or an administrator and/or board member to insist on or arrange special treatment. It really wouldn't matter how odd it seemed, hipaa forbids any of it to be discussed.

  160. Anonymous4:50 PM

    If the pregnancy wasn't Bristol's then presumably it was Willow's or did Sarah convince herself that being seen as the loving mother of a damaged child she could get the kinds of affirmation and sympathy she is addicted to. (Papa and momma Heath aren't looking any too "functional" as Sarah disintegrate.)

    If that is the case she is sicker than even I though, and like many I have always though she had multiple screws loose.

    I have said before there will be dissertations and may volumes written about the madness of George Bush, but if this is true about Sarah, there will be volumes written about the madness of Queen Esther.

    She is looking more and more like someone who was severely abused as a child and has created her own reality. If that is the case I can sympathize. But her place would be in therapy not in a Governor's mansion or the WH.

  161. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I just want to say one thing about Trig that's been on my mind: incest.

    That alone is one thing that would make any politically ambitious mother go to the ends of the earth to conceal if it happened in her family.

  162. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I strongly believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. I do not believe that Bristol had him because she gave birth just a few months later. However, if we must speculate, there was another very young person who could have given birth to Trig that would make the whole family be so secretive and cover it up. She may have been really young at the time, but I have heard of 9 and 10 year girls who have given birth.

  163. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I bet Curtis Menard could not have left the state quicker, when she got knocked up with his kid. This is the only time I have ever sided with a guy on this topic and I suspect he paid dearly for one night of sex with ole crusty pants. Curtis must have known that Palin was crazy. Many people come back but didnt he stay in Colorado, to stay away from her? I wonder what his widow thinks about Sarah?

    It must be rough Sarah to be rejected by Curtis because you were not pretty or smart enough. Here you are at the height of your beauty and you have to get him drunk for him to touch you.

  164. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Nothing that CBJ did for her patient makes any sense. She did not have her get checked at a hospital in Texas, according to Palin allowed her to fly from Texas to Alaska after she started leaking fluids, and did not have her stop in Anchorage instead of driving out to a hospital in the Valley that did not have a Neonatal intensive-care unit which Trig, born with a hole in his heart, should have had access to immediately after being born. Don't forget he was also a preemie.

    Yup, boys and girls, lets play a little game called "my physician said" :

    The rules are that palyer number one is going to pretend you have certain symptoms of various medical conditions. But player #1 does't actually have these conditions. Then player number one is going to say their doctor gave them advice that constitutes malpractice. YOU are palyer number two. Would you as the doctor of a pt with a fake condition take responsibility for the medical advice???"
    Scene #1
    Player #1: You are pretending to be a type 1 diabetic, on insulin since age 10. Your blood sugar is 600. You call your dootor before taking two flights home.Your hotel is next door to the Cleveland Clinic. She tells you to eat a hershey chocolate bsr to make you feel better. Later she is on record as saying "it was not unreasonable for you to fly".
    If you were the doctor , would you let this advice be dplaettered all over the world or would you speak up as your pateint isn't a diabetic.

    Scene#2. Player number one tells the world she has hodgekin's disease. She says she had chemotherapy last week and that her blood counts are dangerously low. She calls her doctor saying she has a fever of 103, chills and bruises all over her body. What should she do? Player number ne says her doctor told her it was "not unreasonable for her to fly" home on two airplanes without first being checked out by Sloan kettering and then Mayo clinic, all on her travel plan paths. If you were player #2 , what ould you say about this advise ascribed to you?? When you know player number one doesn't even Have CANCER?

    Ok, do we gwt the gist of this game boys and girls? Keep assigning ridiculous advise to someone who doesn't even have the condition. If you were the physician, wouldn't you CLEAR YOUR NAME????

    If Palin wasn't pregnant, it can't go against HIPAA to clear your name of advice that you never gavew to a pregnant woman.

  165. Anonymous5:07 PM

    O/T but hilarious...

    Road to Ruin…Just Stop! Event on 3-13-11
    Here we go folks, its a good time to “Just Stop”. Stop the breakneck ride down the “Road to Ruin!”

    We want everyone to get into their cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, Semis, box trucks, and any other vehicle, and drive to your nearest highway or main route;

    • Don’t go far, just enough to get in a safe position to pull over to the shoulder, and park, engine running, headlights and flashers on;

    • Hook up a boat trailer, a snow mobile hauler, or anything to make the line look miles and miles long, bring your tractor-trailer;

    COMMENT from Wonkette:

    GuyClinch 101p · 4 hours ago
    They forgot one bullet point: Place one end of rubber hose on tailpipe and bring the other one in through the window! That'll show them how fed up we are!

  166. Anonymous5:12 PM


    If CBJ did not deliver Trig from a pregnant Sarah Palin, then it will not be a violation of HIPAA to say
    "I did not deliver the Baby Trig Palin from Sarah Palin" (or whatever the correct medical terminology is).

    If that is an accurate statement, then it isn't a violation of Sarah Palin's privacy because an event that did not happen is not subject to privacy.

  167. Anonymous5:15 PM

    To emarosa:

    If Trigg had lost that amount of weight after his discharge from the hosp. the Dr or Dr's would have insisted he be re-entered as a patient. for a new born with the problems he had' I found it amazing sarah and him out and about at work, with all the problems. thought, and still do she was a very irresponsible mother.

  168. Anonymous5:15 PM

    @4:50, no. Having a tubal ligation or "tubes tied" doesn't affect a woman's hormones.

  169. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Anonymous 4:58 PM "I strongly believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig."

    Well, that does make the rest of your opinions difficult to comprehend.

  170. Beltower Kowenhed5:24 PM

    Open letter to The Screechy Wretch and Lou Sarah, also, too:

    I know this Gryphen character has to burn your ass real bad and I have a can't-miss plan to help you turn his popular blog into a veritable internets ghost town. When we get thru with him, Scarah, I promise, NO ONE will come to read his insights, I mean, lies about you! All you have to do is come clean. TELL THE TRUTH! That's all! Tell the world who birthed Trig, admit youre a money hungry fake, there're no death panels in Obamacare and promise to never ever ever never speak in public or threaten to run for political office ever again, ever. Boom! That's it! Gryphen and all of his whiny progressive blogger buddies disappear overnight along with all them radical muslin Obama-lovers who read them. C'mon, Snooki, you can do it! Tell the truth just this once and rid the world of your relentless detractors once and for all!

    (worth a shot, right?)

  171. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Anonymous said...
    If Sarah would truly had been pregnant, I think she would have soaked up all the attention which comes along with being pregnant, being the narcissist that she is.
    Great post!
    10:26 AM

    Good point. Would the Governor Grifter have passed up a shower,so she could end up with a hit lite of people who didn't give her something?

  172. Olivia5:27 PM

    @anonymous at 4:50
    Having tubes cut, burned or removed have no effect on hormones. The ovaries are the hormone producers.

  173. Anonymous5:27 PM

    CBJ is sitting pretty. There's been no challenge to her medical license(s). But if CBJ "spoke out", her life would become quite complicated.

    CBJ has plenty of reasons for keeping her mouth shut.

  174. We already know Sarah is mentally unstable. If she believed it was necessary to fake a pregnancy/birth in order to win the prize of the VP candidacy and ultimately the presidency, nothing about the scheme could be considered too crazy for her.

    It probably would have been a simple matter for CBJ to inform Mat-Su Regional that she needed a room for the GOVERNOR and privacy was essential...or for Sarah to call the administrator and request the room herself. Since no procedure was performed, there wasn't even a need for a nurse or other staff to be involved.

  175. Anonymous5:34 PM

    HIPAA does not apply to medical events that never happened. CBJ could tell the world that she did not deliver Trig because it it claimed she did and WGE told everyone that CBJ told her it was ok to fly.

  176. Anonymous5:36 PM

    another thing that comes to mind, this whole faked hospital birth.. does that mean that her health provider was also billed for services that were not performed.. cost of room, delivery, nicu etc? maybe somebody needs to start emailing her healthcare provider so they can check their billing records.. the crookedness just gets deeper and more colorful.

  177. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Just a comment to those who are confused about how SP could check into a hospital without line staff awareness: I am a former hospital administrator who ran a 356 bed hospital in Arizona which also contained a rehab unit. In my years there we had a number of high profile patients (politicians, musicians and actors) who were admitted for a variety of medical reasons. In order to safeguard their privacy and anonymity they were usually admitted to a wing with a low census and their charts not on the regular nursing unit. The primary reason to maintain that privacy was not to keep their admission to the hospital from staff but to make sure the general public who were either patients themselves or their friends and family who were visiting had no access to them. A quiet wing in a small hospital with a low census could easily be secured, especially since we know that SP had close ties with the hospital board. My understanding was that she was in and out of there in 24 hours with her preemie, DS baby who was allegedly jaundiced and had a heart valve issue....pretty unlikely that would happen.

    As to the pic of Trig with the Heaths. 7 1/2 months in a pregnancy is about 30 weeks. The baby is between 3 and 3 1/2 pounds at that stage of fetal development. Completely viable outside the uterus but would likely need a little supplemental oxygen and possibly even a respirator given the DS. If the mother goes into early labor, the doctor will try to hold off the labor as long as possible and try to mature the lungs artificially with a surficant that is missing at that stage of fetal development unless, of course, holding off labor is dangerous to either mother or baby. A rupture of the amniotic sac would preclude that. A 30 week preemie has underdeveloped lungs and needless to say a baby of that prematurity is not released from the hospital the next day rather would be in a NICU and subsequently a step down care unit for a number of weeks at a minimum.

    I am the mother of a 25 week preemie (who is now 28 years old and a teacher). She weighed 1 pound 12 oz at birth and was sent home on oxygen 4 months later weighing just over 4 pounds. At 4 pounds she looked like a little doll. My sister also had a preemie at 30 weeks who weighed in at a little over 3 pounds. He is now 29. At 3 months he weighed a little over 6 pounds and looked roughly the size of the baby the Heaths were holding.

    I contend that nothing about this story makes sense. In reality, if she was indeed pregnant, the wild ride story is far more damaging than a faked pregnancy as it points to a complete lack of care and common sense. But I remain convinced that there is no way she was pregnant. The Gusty photo taken just days before her trip to TX is proof enough for me. She went from flat belly to a 7 months belly in a matter of 2-3 weeks and this definitely pregnant woman as seen in that photo was not in any discernible state of pregnancy to the Alaska Air flight staff on her journey back. Tell me how someone with the belly she displayed in the Gusty photo walks down the aisle of an Alaskan Air jet without anyone guessing she's pregnant. And how does a pregnant woman who is leaking fluid, remain in her assigned seat comfortably from TX to Seattle? Just not possible.

    I sincerely hope that these Wasilla women come forward to Gryph, knowing that there is safety in the light and expose this fraud.


  178. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Sarah doesn't have to do anything to prove that TriG is her baby than she doesn't ask of other people.
    Show the birth certificate.

    Honestly CBJ will not, the hospital will not, and if they want a career the nurses, secretaries, etc. will not under penalty of federal law reveal medical information about Palin.

    Think if your were in Palin's place. If you or a friend or family member wished to keep some medical matter secret, an STD, an abortion, HIV, a family history of something like Alzheimers, would you want that medical information available to the public?

    I will keep saying this as long as the are commenters who keep wanting to get information leaked from Palin's medical records. You are expecting people to risk jail and to destroy their careers to satisfy our curiosity.
    Please, let's just don't go there.

    It's not that hard to take the same attitude as medical professionals. Unless you have a need to know, just don't go there.

    Even if somebody leaked some medical information to Gryphen or some other blogger. They are not bound by HIPAA but they could get the pants sued off them and the should.

  179. Anonymous6:20 PM

    There appears to be no love lost between John McCain and Sarah Palin. I really doubt that John has any interest in being part of a cover-up for Sarah.

    There continue to be hints that this story has layers that go deep, possibly including covering for more than one family member.

    The idea that the fire at the church may be related adds another interesting twist to ponder.

  180. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Regarding all of the mentions of CBJ and HIPAA: Does anyone know how HIPAA works in relation to fraud/events that didn't occur? Could CBJ say, "I did not deliver Trig Palin?" or "I did not give Sarah Palin the o.k. to fly because she never called me to ask."? Is that covered by HIPAA? You'd think there would be an attorney out there who could answer such questions for her.

    CBJ seems to do admirable work in her practice, so I can see why she wouldn't want to risk her career in order to take down a corrupt politician, but you would think she'd want to defend her reputation. What doctor would want to be associated with the wild ride?

  181. Anonymous6:30 PM

    If CBJ did not deliver Trig from a pregnant Sarah Palin, then it will not be a violation of HIPAA to say
    "I did not deliver the Baby Trig Palin from Sarah Palin" (or whatever the correct medical terminology is).

    If that is an accurate statement, then it isn't a violation of Sarah Palin's privacy because an event that did not happen is not subject to privacy.

    Simply confirming that a certain patient either is, or is not, your patient when you are involved with their care may violate the privacy rights of the patient.

    In this case it is assumed that such a statement might confirm a faked pregnancy. Or maybe it would confirm some details of a real pregnancy. Either way, if there is ANY kind of health care provider/patient realtionship IT WON'T HAPPEN.

    If this person has any type of practice relationship with any other practicioner OR health care facility that is involved with that patient- IT WON'T HAPPEN.

    How many psychiatrists discuss anything about their patients in the media unless there is a court proceeding because something bad has happened? This specifically includes whether anyone is either their patient or not their patient.

    Thinking that any medical professional having any relationship to these patients will speak on the record is FANTASY. The only way this will happen is in a court of law after it has been argued in front of a judge.

    All the other evidence for a fake pregnancy and whatever else has been done may come out. Just don't expect clear medical proof of a fake pregnancy from the medical establishment.

    Just to be clear, I believe for a number of reasons that this pregnancy was faked by Sarah.

    The wild ride is not just a superhuman woman story, it is simply unbelievable.

  182. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Thanks for your great comment, "Sheesh
    @6:02 PM". The MOST compelling evidence (and there is a lot of compelling evidence) is the post-delivery summary you gave. Don't we ALL know babies that were kept several days for observation for less risky health concerns. I just don't understand how ANYONE believes Trig was ready to go home, no tubes, NADA, the next day.

  183. Anonymous6:39 PM

    don't forget that palin was induced....which just adds a touch of super-crazy to the stew when you think of the hospital where the "birth" occurred.

  184. Anonymous6:46 PM

    3:30, Florida Dem, can you say Linda Menard? She's on the Board of Mat-Su Regional Medical. She's also the same woman who rigged Palin's Miss Wasilla win (the Menards ran the pageant).

    Not sure why you think that all hospital staff look at everyone's records. I don't think that's true, and for sure, if Linda Menard was on the Board, you can bet she got Sarah a bed AND made her hospital record classified information.

  185. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ""Jealousy is a cancer and one that will ensure this country is never healthy again.
    11:10 AM"

    "The idiocy of this statement leaves me speechless, so I'm thinking it was written by a Palin.
    11:33 AM""

    The screed was almost convincingly unbiased till it got to "Jealousy." That is a Palin Bot bells and whistles word.

  186. Anonymous6:54 PM

    1. $palin had the BOD of the local hospital in her pocket. SHE made sure her fellow "christians' were appointed to the BOD when she was mayor. That's why the hospital does not perform abortions. And does what she wants when she wants. The TriG hoax was easy.

    2. Why can she still hold people in such fear of reprisal?

    a. Her lapdog is now governor. She knows WAY too much for him to not continue to support her.

    b. One call from her lawyer can get 'christians' in the corrupt APD to lie about the Shailey Tripp scandal. And then they lied again to cover it up.

    She did a lot of favors to get people placed where she wanted them. Those placed thusly aren't going to turn on her (they make a lot of $$$ thanks to her corruption), and those who received favors aren't going to admit it.

  187. Anonymous7:02 PM

    PS - Linda Menard is the wife of Curtis Menard Sr. They are long-time family friends of the Heaths and their son, Curtis Jr, is rumored to be Track Palin's father.

    I think those are all very good reasons for Linda Menard to facilitate Sarah's fake birth.

  188. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Gryphen, Didn't Dr. CBJ do an interview with ADN and she showed up with an attorney and she would not confirm that she delivered Trip? How does that interview play into?

  189. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Just tell theses women from the valley there is a lot of money in it for someone with the goods on her. I bet if they wait until she is running for President there will be somebody willing to pay a lot of money

  190. Anonymous7:13 PM

  191. Anonymous7:14 PM

    incest in the valley. nooo never happens lol

  192. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Speaking of her brood, Todd had Piper at her b-ball practice at the ATT center today. He's looking way thin- not healthy at all. Maybe he's stil worn out from losing the ID. Poor schmuck.

  193. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Well, I thought Baliey said he saw Bristol lying on the couch in the waiting room. What if, knowing he was going to visit, Sarah and Bristol simple swapped places? What was she wearing that day? Unless it was tight jeans and a nice fitted tee- standard wear for teens in Wasilla- then maybe she DID just give birth...

  194. Anonymous7:28 PM

    "I strongly believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. I do not believe that Bristol had him because she gave birth just a few months later"

    Sure, if by "few" you mean "8 and a half." I know some people are convinced that Tripp was born on his stated date (well not the one by his aunt, the next day) but he never appeared in public until February -- two months after his alleged birth.

  195. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Joe Schmidt, SP's ex-boyfriend, is Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections. He oversees the prison system in Alaska. He could make life miserable not only for people who have friends or family in the system, but for anyone who works for the DOC. Duty assignments, overtime, performance reviews - a word from the top and your work life becomes hell.

    Just one example of the Palin reach into Alaska life and why people would still be careful not to get on her enemies list. That won't change until the appointments she made change.

  196. emrysa7:32 PM

    anon@ 5:15 pm sez:

    "If Trigg had lost that amount of weight after his discharge from the hosp. the Dr or Dr's would have insisted he be re-entered as a patient."

    if the doctors actually saw him after he left the hospital. sure babies are supposed to have follow-up appointments, but this is insane sarah palin we are talking about. if she ever showed any ounce of love for that child I might think differently, but I think she didn't (and still doesn't) care if he died.

  197. Anonymous7:56 PM

    If Sarah did have a tubal, than the number of people who know she faked her pregnancy with Trig is huge. Think about that group of women--forget what they call themselves--who said they'd been friends with her forever. They'd know. All the mothers who heard her whining about her too-bull know, too. I'm sorry, but Alaskans are a bunch of cowards.

    We keep hearing about how scared everyone is of the Palins. WHY? Can we have some examples, please, of what they have done?

    And on the glasses: I'm a nearsighted woman who wears glasses. When I give a talk from a podium with notecards, I can't wear my glasses. They're fake. She looks much better with them on than off.

  198. Rationalist7:58 PM

    Great explanation, Anon @ 6:02. thank you.

    Hey everyone - Next Chapter at has been discussing this very topic. She hasn't posted in awhile, but read the February 8th entry and the one or two before it.

  199. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I asked Chuck Heath about the birth of Trig and he said looking straight into my eyes that he was in the delivery room when Trig was born. And then he looked away as if to demonstrate that he was grossed out. Specifically he said that he said he "was there when Trig came out". Is it possible that Sarah let him in the room when she gave birth? And do you suppose any other woman would let him observe the event.

    I think Chuck may have taught Sarah some of her skills in dishonesty.


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